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June 23, 2010



maybe those horns would drive the Taliban nuts

Cecil Turner

McChrystal out, but Petraeus in. Good!

Petraeus was already in charge of CentCom, and hence overall US commander in theater. Now he's supposed to spread himself over two full-time jobs (no doubt with extra road trips to DC thrown in). I don't see how he can do it.

Tom R

Even though McChrystal is now officially relieved of command, the problem of Eikenberry and Holbrooke is still present. It won't even happen, but Obama should fire those two and make McChrystal ambassador to Afghanistan. All the reports indicate he has the best working relationship with Karzai of any American official so it sounds like he is the best man for that job.


Didn't it look like Petreaus had been taken hostage?

He wasn't even allowed to speak. He couldn't even say he agreed with the President. He just tapped 'H E L P M E' in Morse Code on his leg.

After oBama, Hillary and Bite Me smeared Petreas during the surge, he should tell them all to fight their own damn war.


Ohh, and hey Obama...PLUG THE DAMN HOLE!

If you sit by the river long enough.

Ah, yes, Betrayus. I wonder if Obama contributed to that ad.


I thought he looked Presidential enough

That should be read as "Presidential...enough", and even that requires what Hildog once called a willing suspension of disbelief.

Obama must have terribly conflicted feelings about Afghanistan - it was the site of a war between his fellow Communists and his fellow Muslims, and now it's the site of a war between his fellow Muslims and the country he's supposed to pretend he cares about.

Things Could Always Get Worse

They will.

Charlie (Colorado)

I don't see how he can do it.

He'll appoint a theater commander in all but name, or he'll appoint a staff officer vice-commander of CENTCOM and in either case he'll delegate the hell out of it.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

When are Pelosi/Reid/Obama going to put up a bill that repeals Murphy's Law?

Funniest thing I've read in awhile. Thanks for the belly laugh.


The Editor of the Wasilla Paper who had to apologize for an Op-Ed joking about Sarah Palin being allowed to use deadly force to control her creepy new neighbor ">http://www.adn.com/2010/06/22/1335818/writer-of-palin-editorial-out.html"> just "left his job."

"But both Mitchell and Frontiersman publisher Kari Sleight said Tuesday his June 14 departure had nothing to do with the editorial.

"I absolutely, 100 percent, unequivocally stand by my statement that his separation in the relationship is not related to the Palin editorial," Sleight told The Associated Press.

Neither would say whether he quit or was fired."

Anybody got a spare "I believe" button?


Wow, isn't time Obama hit the links...it been a long week and he must be exhausted.


Amusing story at Hotair about Barry not only whining about Petraeus and the surge in 2007, but also how unseemly it was for Bush to be talking about about "kicking ass" as President.

hit and run

http://www.nationalreview.com/media-blog/230217/flashback-2008-olbermann-accuses-bush-pimping-petraeus/greg-pollowitz>Keith Olbermann...

Mr. President, you had no right to order General Petraeus to become your front man. And he obviously should have refused that order, and resigned rather than ruin his military career. ...

The man does not understand that serving officers cannot double as serving political ops is not so much his fault as it is your good exploitable fortune. Mr. President, you have hidden behind the general`s skirts ...

That, sir, is not only un-American, it is dictatorial. And in pimping General David Petraeus, sir, in violation of everything this country has been assiduously and vigilantly against for 220 years, you have tried to blur the gleaming radioactive demarcation between the military and the political.

...from 2008,speaking to President Bush

Cecil Turner

. . . in either case he'll delegate the hell out of it.

Won't work. Both jobs are significantly (predominantly?) diplomatic in nature, and require the commander's presence at various places. That was exactly the complaint the article centered on pertaining to the state dinner in Paris. (Aside: I used to work for ComPacCom, and his days were a full 14+ hours scheduled so tightly he had to preplan his bowel movements; and then he'd have obligatory social events in the evening . . . cured me of ever wanting to be a flag officer.)

Petraeus just took over another full-time job, so he now has two staffs and HQs geographically separated on different continents (ISAF-Kabul, AF; CENTCOM-Tampa, FL). I won't say "physically impossible" because I'm inherently an optimist. But that doesn't mean I can see a way to make it work.

hit and run

In 2007,http://www.senate.gov/legislative/LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_cfm.cfm?congress=110&session=1&vote=00344#position>the Senate voted to condemn the General Betrayus ad.

The resolution passed,thus condemning the ad,with 72 Yeas and 25 Nays,with 3 Senators not voting.

Clinton voted against it.

Obama and Biden did not vote.



For Kwame Kilpatrick that is. Feds just indicted him on 19 charges. LUN.

Parking Lot

((Obama and Biden did not vote))

and they both voted just 30 minutes before to derail the bill.


More trouble ahead with this piece ...

In a shot across the bow to the insurance industry Tuesday, President Obama warned companies facing higher costs in part because of his health care law not to hike their prices, saying “we’ll be watching closely.”

Backing up his rhetoric behind the scenes, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is quietly working on a new regulation to determine when insurance price increases are “unreasonable” and potentially prohibited by law.

The move may provide political cover heading into November’s elections as the President tries to keep the public from linking recent premium hikes to his newly-passed health care law.

But critics warn price controls could lead to either rationing or insurance companies going out of business, and point to Massachusetts’s experience with insurance price controls as a cautionary tale of what happens when pricing “turns political.”

Rob Crawford

President Obama warned companies facing higher costs in part because of his health care law not to hike their prices, saying “we’ll be watching closely.”

Thug in Chief.

Danube of Thought

But critics warn price controls could lead to either rationing or insurance companies going out of business

"Could" should read "are certain to." It's an immutable law of economics.


Why is mandating expensive new provisions and then refusing to allow price increases to cover them not confiscating (insurance companies') property?

Now all those fancy pants big firm lawyers who contributed so much to the light bringer's campaign will recoup their investment defending against his thievery.


Why is mandating expensive new provisions and then refusing to allow price increases to cover them not confiscating (insurance companies') property?

He already set the precedent with the $20 billion he confiscated from BP.

Defining thuggery down - it's the Obama way.

Rob Crawford

Why is mandating expensive new provisions and then refusing to allow price increases to cover them not confiscating (insurance companies') property?

Talk to the GM bondholders and the BP stockholders.


this from a brigade level officer last night regarding McChrystal:

"Wondering how this General McCrystal thing will end up. I hope they don't remove him because that could be one of the worst moves in the war effort. Brilliant man, West Point, Havard, seen all sides of the Army and different agencies. Can't really believe that some staffer asked if he was competent enough to run the war effort. Clowns. Anyway. Good to hear from you and look forward to your next email."


BP didn't fight..Perhaps the Gulf states showed the way.

Dave (in MA)

I just threw this together by request for a friend who wanted it on his facebook page.

Dave (in MA)

Too wide, direct link.

Old Lurker

What the looters don't understand about the difference among these companies is that Medical Insurance Companies don't have tons and tons of real assets to draw from to support structural losses. In short order they run out of cash to pay the claims, and it is hard under those circumstances to attract new investors. Duh. The end.

BP and even the auto companies have/had real assets that can be converted to cash over time to pay the looters. Not unlimited...but more than the insurance folks have available.


Dave, That is great! How do I post that on Facebook?

I loved your bike gear on the other thread too. Heh

Old Lurker

You are good, Dave.


Never mind. My daughter did it for me. Thank God for Naomi!

Steve C.

"That’s the strategy that we agreed to last fall"

When leaders speak about their decisions the correct pronoun is I.


Hey Old Lurker.

When's gonna be the time to buy real estate?

I'm assuming it's not yet.


tyeppad still sucks.


tyeppad still sucks.

Captain Hate

For Kwame Kilpatrick that is. Feds just indicted him on 19 charges.

That's great news but I'm afraid there's no way Sir Golfsalot doesn't pardon him on the way out.


--For Kwame Kilpatrick that is.--

I can't keep track of all the Dem scum bags without a scorecard.
Pray tell, what high office did this Nubian leprechaun abuse?

Captain Hate

Mayor of Deeeeeetroit. There's still the matter of the murdered stripper that's never come to a satisfactory conclusion, n'est-ce pas PD?

Old Lurker

Po, I'm looking, now, at pockets of mostly neighborhood retail generating inflation protected rents that sell necessary goods and services and which are in stable built up areas with no chance of new centers nearby. And we are going all cash because the last thing we want are lenders even when their money is dirt cheap. More than in years past, the credit of the tenants is very important. Trouble is, properties that meet these criteria are hard to find and harder to buy. Mostly I'm looking for long term stable returns that are protected from inflation. Me and everybody else I guess.

Thing is, unless all those conditions are met, I'm leaving the cash under the mattress. Things are too uncertain otherwise, and taking normal development risk is harder than I've ever seen when it comes to dealing with local governments. Don't get me started.

Danube of Thought

I don't know what Nixon's authority was for his price controls (nor for FDR's). Anyone recall? I'm not sure Obama can do this unilaterally...


--and taking normal development risk is harder than I've ever seen when it comes to dealing with local governments--

I've been astonished at the stupidity and consequent rigidity of local governments in not relaxing fees and zoning requirements to encourage any kind of development.
Apparently the improbable theory they're operating under is 100% of nothing is better than 50% of something.

Danube of Thought

Both FDR and Truman imposed wage and price controls pursuant to congressional enactments. As for Nixon, I found this:

It was never clear that the president had the authority to do such a thing, short of wartime necessity. Strangely, however, the freeze was never challenged in court, perhaps because of its initial popularity. In any case, its subsequent failure discredited the idea so completely that it has never been tried again in the United States. Whip Inflation Now was weak tea by comparison.

If Obama does this without the congress, he'll certainly be challenged in court. Should be interesting. I don't believe he can get the congress to authorize it (certainly not after January, 2011), although those people are capable of astonishing stupidity.


I can't,DoT. Ostensibly it was to restrain inf;ation but even though it only applied to big corps and unions and even though 93% of the applications were granted it proved a bust.


it has never been tried again in the United States

Carter put price controls on oil, did he not? That worked out real well (both for him and for the country).

Old Lurker

Iggy, I am frankly shocked at how three seperate jurisdictions are treating us on three cash paying ready to go projects. My partner of 30+ years and I agree that were we younger, we aren't sure we would have chosen this business under these conditions. Life's too short.


Well, OL, investment in small biotech companies has a much lower BS quotient and a much higher potential reward. There may be some minor risks, though...

Captain Hate

jimmyk, I think price controls were on oil pre-Carter and that Reagan was responsible for removing them.


--Iggy, I am frankly shocked at how three seperate jurisdictions are treating us on three cash paying ready to go projects.--

The microcosm of local government's insanity in the face of fiscal disaster is why I'm not at all sanguine about the shock of our impending debt catastrophe changing DC behavior in any meaningful way. I'm sure they'll ride us, the taxpayers on whose backs they cling, right into the tarmac at mach 3, if they get half a chance.


Jim DeMint tweet: (a few minutes ago)

Democrats just voted 57-40 to raise taxes on capital gains and dividends which could kill over 680,000 more jobs.


Is there any speech he gives these days without the "Make no mistake" line? Has Favreau run out of new transition phrases?

Jane says obamasucks

Democrats just voted 57-40 to raise taxes on capital gains and dividends which could kill over 680,000 more jobs.

Who was the 41st republican?

That's a signature line.

Did he learn that line at his mother's knee, or at the end of his step-father's temper?


Let me be perfectly clear: I will make no mistake. Some have said I must either make a mistake, or make no mistake. I reject this choice as false. And a distraction from the real issue facing us. Which is cynicism. I will extend my hand if BP will unclench its ass. Unprecedented. At some point, you've made too much money. The time for making money is over. Now is the time when the time for talking is over.



Obama is doing just what Chavez did when he came into power, but on a titanic scale.

It is to "sort of like", it is not "dangerously following" it is exactly the same thing.

We are in serious trouble--we are now facing one of the grimmest hours in our history. We may not survive it.
When will the business community get together and stop this? When will they learn to fight it tooth and nail? If they think timidity will save them from these bandits, they are quite mistaken.

Wait until the democrats push through a VAT in their lame duck session, and you can bet that they will, along with cap and trade and card check. Throw in all of this, more regulation, energy costs, more taxes, the roll back of the Bush tax cuts and it is certainly clear that soon we will be facing a depression. We may be facing decades long limping economy, poverty and the destruction of the middle class. This is not "incompetence", this is a Bolshevik takeover. Unless it can be brought out into the open and firmly rejected by the broad mass of Americans, the Republic is doomed. Not even civil war would save us. Obama and Co.has corrupted the very notions of government. He has irreparably diminished our political institutions. How hideous are the Democrats. They are surely the most despicable people on this earth

oh and Petraeus cannot win over there with the obstacles that Obama has set up for him. He is being set up as a fall guy, taken out of political action and weakened as a potential political candidate. If he were smart he would wait a few months, then resign and tell the nation just why, but then if he were smart he would have refused this. He will in the end not help the trops or the mission, though obviously he is pure of heart and intentions and is a great patriot.

In time McChrystal will look to have done the right thing.

Old Lurker

SquareD...you forgot the Presidential pardon for all illegal aliens.


The plaintiffs in the drilling case are accusing salazar of defying the Judge's order.
http://www.politico.com/blogs/joshgerstein/0610/Obama_accused_of_defying_court_on_drilling_ban.html>Quick lying Ken make up some new facts

JM Hanes

Missed the new thread, so pardon some repetition from the old one.

Thanks for the Yon links, Cecil & Deb.

There may be some hard feelings over Petraeus' speedy elevation, but when it comes to White House politics, it looks like he's pretty savvy to me. He's certainly kept himself out of the headlines! I suspect he's managed to position himself as one of Obama's trusted, fatherly, mentors.

I have no idea how he'll handle the CentCom/Command competition for his time, but I was sorry to see him leave the field when he took over. I get the impression that there are relatively few who understand COIN strategy thoroughly enough to adapt the manual to a very different territory -- and who also excel at actual command. There are unique obstacles in Afghanistan, but Petraeus has natural gifts in the vision department, and it strikes me as a real advantage to take command after your predecessor's operations have clarified the challenges.


Imagine for a moment, that you are McChrystal, or Petraeus, and the person inside the administration that is seen to best understand your strategery is - Joe "bite me" Biden.

Melinda Romanoff


I'll have more specific information on the Admin's "ping-pong gambit" tomorrow, when I get some more info from those that are plugged into this.

And I'll have more on the Nixonian economic playbook that's been pulled out by Team Rahm (and believe me, he and Austan, consider themselves the true experts on controlling economic activity), later. Too many hours in the hospital lately, family, and nothing major, thanks be...

Charlie (Colorado)

Silly sonuvabitch just lost me a bet, by for the first time ever actually doing what I thought was the right thing.


LUN for a site that will appeal to some here.


Thinking about the Doj filings in the oil drilling case it seems to me that disciplinary complaints are in order, As the court noted the representations made to the court about the scientists' agreement with the moratorium were so demonstrably false Salazar had apologized for saying that A DAY BEFORE the govt repeated that false claim to the Court

Lawyers--esp gvt lawyers-- are deemed officers of the court and are forbidden to knowingly make false representations to the court.


Did I hear him right in a segment, saying Afghanistan, was in a 'civil war' that's why
there wasn't a military solution available.
Interesting there's a segment where Hastings points out that Obama didn't understand COIN


Regarding the Nixon price controls--I vaguely remember an anecdote during the end of Reagan presidency and into Bush 1 there was some communication of the KGB and our intel sharing secrets from the Cold War and it went something like this:

A KGB agent revealed that those price controls by Nixon lengthened the soviet regime. IOW the USSR would have collapsed sooner economically if they had not been imposed.


So was this a setup from the get-go? A Rolling Stone piece, which doesn't have McChrystal himself making any insubordinate comments, gets whipped up by the MSM into a huge deal, with even Republicans on board saying that McChrystal should be fired? Then Obama gets to act all Lincon- and Truman-like, and finally gets to kick someone's ass - just coincidentally an ass he's wanted to kick all along? And finally Petraus, the one general who's politically viable, gets bogged down into an acting slot, and is set up to take the fall if Afghanistan goes bad?

All over a Rolling Stone piece, of all things?



I can't find the vote count on the DeMint tweet earlier. If I find it, I will post it here later.


The Washington Post said

"Speaking in the White House Rose Garden after a 30-minute meeting with his national security team in the Situation Room, Obama indicated that he had effectively lost confidence in McChrystal's ability to implement the surge in forces that Obama approved at McChrystal's request late last year. "

Interesting that most of the article then went on to quote Obma's specific reasons, which were because he had lost confidence in McChrystal because of his inappropriate conduct. Welcome to the world of newspeak. For once the president was clear and his propaganda machine showed its own bias.



That was awesome!


"He already set the precedent with the $20 billion he confiscated from BP"

I was wondering when the proscription will start. Well, the moment has arrived. Tony Hayward is lucky that he lives in modern times, so that only his company, and not his life being is being forfeit.

Caligula in Chief.

Comanche Voter

This clueless Twerkey (an amalgam of "Twerp" and "Turkey") couldn't find his ass or Afghanistan with both hands.


I'm sorry, but Ann Coulter should lose the false eyelashes. Crazy.


sorry to hear about our family illnesses, Mel. here, it's workmen and kitchen disasters. occasioned by fancily engineered new appliances.(Oh for the days when these things were simple and designed by American engineers to be used by even the most illiterate clunkhead in the world.)


Sue, she looked like a $20 hooker with those things, didn't she? LOL



Good description. They were horrible. With her money, she shouldn't look horrible.


Snort. Is there anyone surprised by this?

Blago calls Obama ‘hen-pecked’ by Michelle


About all I can do is say "ditto" to Sue re: bgates and Ann Coulter.

Ann's eyes are of a shape that false eyelashes simply shroud in heavy oppressive darkness rather than frame and highlight.

Now - on to serious subjects. How do we get this monster (Obama) impeached?

Danube of Thought

They're going to need a new CentCom, and although officially Petraeus will "report" to him, Petraeus will do as he wishes. And I predict that there will be no problems at all between him and CentCom.

If Obama is serious about the whole thing he will get both Eikenberry and Holbrooke out of there. Holbrooke needs to spend more time with his family, from now until he assumes room temperature. What a never-ending pest.


From a Facebook link -

Armed Forces Tea Party- McChrystal has gotta go, Joe Barton has to go, Joe Wilson has to go, but all the architects of the destruction of this country? No, they get to stay! Obama, Pelosi, Reid? They all have to stay.


If Obama is serious about the whole thing

Well, then.



Breaking News: Justice Department asks judge to delay a court ruling that overturned moratorium on new drilling in the Gulf

Government seeks delay in moratorium ruling

The Justice Department says a delay would serve the public interest by eliminating the risk of another drilling accident while new safety equipment standards and procedures are considered. The papers were filed with the U.S. District Court in New Orleans.

What due you think will happen?


Obama is serious about Afghanistan. Unfortunately, I think he seriously wants the US to lose the war.

For him, the US needs to be humiliated so his apologetics can be appreciated by his fellow Muslims.


Ann, I think DoJ hasn't a chance..The ruling on irreparable injury by the judge was solid.


Ann, Great skipping rope picture on the Big Morning thread. You find the best pictures. I was just glad Michelle didn't have a fly on her face. That is my new standard....
"Well, at least he/she doesn't have a fly on their face."


So it turns out relying on the Government's models of the spill, turned out to be a big
error, big surprise, http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703900004575325131111637728.html

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Let me be perfectly clear: I will make no mistake. Some have said I must either make a mistake, or make no mistake. I reject this choice as false. And a distraction from the real issue facing us. Which is cynicism. I will extend my hand if BP will unclench its ass. Unprecedented. At some point, you've made too much money. The time for making money is over. Now is the time when the time for talking is over.bgates @7:31

Super. And don't forget, "unexpected". It's got to fit in there somewhere.


"...money is over. Now is the time when the time for talking is over." As President Obama finished his speech a fly unexpectedly landed on his face.


Thanks, Clarice.

Janet, Here is another:


Don't ya just love the fact that she is skipping rope while all this carp is going on?

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Janet's comment reminds me of the Flyface character in Dick Tracy late in its run. As related by Wikipedia:

Whereas in the 1940s when Gould introduced an odoriferous, chewing tobacco spitting character, B.O. Plenty, with little significant complaint from readers; the later introduction of the crooked lawyer named "Flyface" and his relatives, all of whom were surrounded by swarming flies at all times, created a negative reader reaction strong enough for papers to drop the strip in large numbers.

Sounds like the first family, doesn't it? BTW, Chester Gould who drew Tracy was from Chicago. Maybe he was prescient.

Danube of Thought

I agree with just about every word in this bit from Victor Davis Hanson.

As to the DoJ request for a stay, the chances are quite a bit worse than slim and none.


Well, DC has become a total circus. The deck chairs aren't even being rearranged as we sink....we are now skipping rope.

Melinda Romanoff


No offense, but that sounds just like a leaky dishwasher on a hardwood floor. We had our go of it when the new one arrived, was installed, and leaked immediately through the cracked transmission. Cracked from dopes using the forklift to pick up two units on the short tongues of the lift instead of just one.

Unless the your install was muffed.

And don't tell me you bought a brand that starts with "M" or "B".

Here's a tip for appliances: Everyone has a favorite appliance repair service, and this applies to non-corporate repair only, who will answer the phone themselves and answer things honestly. (if you don't know one, get to know one, they know all the short cuts)

When shopping for a new appliance, call that service. Ask them a couple of questions, and insist to pay them for this information up front, say forty or fifty bucks for fifteen minutes on the phone. Here's the first question: "What is the brand of [insert needed appliance here] that you work on least?". Second question: "Would you own one yourself?"

This eliminates a whole lot of fluff when playing with appliances. Mind you, I will do repairs up to, but not including, washing machine transmissions. Those items are where it becomes cheaper to replace, than fix.

And thank you for the kind thoughts but, Mom might have brought the Whooping Cough to CA.

Danube of Thought

Seems clear beyond a reasonable doubt, doesn't it, that Al Gore is guilty of sexual assault?

Where there's smoke there's fire, I say. Somebody get a rope. A strong one...

Melinda Romanoff


A true petard, if ever I've seen one. Well put by VDH.


Melinda Romanoff

And I fade.

Rough couple of days.

G'night all.


Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic:

Even more about McChrystal: now it can be told. The story about him voting for Obama is not contrived. He is a political liberal. He is a social liberal. He banned Fox News from the television sets in his headquarters. Yes, really. This puts to rest another false rumor: that McChrystal deliberately precipitated his firing because he wants to run for President.


Mel, it's a fine appliance--a fisher paykel but it is rather delicate with one unit on top of another permitting each to run separately and somehow in installing a new sink the drain hoses got out of position so that when the water was turned on it flooded (marble floors in kitchen and no real damage except a mess downstairs) . When the water was turned off and on again for the installation of a new refrigerator today we had a repeat--though we caught it before the water gushed out. Both times I needed the plumber to turn off the water as the shut off valve is hard to get to and it wasn't acceptable to turn off all the water in the house. Finally the appliance repairman showed up and told me about the drain... Fingers crossed that he's right.


Dot, I have my suspicions. She repeatedly refused at the time to be interviewed by the cops. She was paid $540 for a massage..Seems high to me for a "massage". I suppose she has some of Gore's DNA on her pants but as I recall the cops weren't interested in that , indicating that would't be dispositive under the circumstances (whatever that means).


A chance to succeed in Afghanistan. LUN.


From the WSJ link above.

BP and government agencies responding to the spill have scrambled to assemble enough oil-containing boom and the ships and hardware needed to keep oil out of marshes and off beaches.

Apparently, the WSJ isn't immune to the spin.


VDH, I think, misses the point. There probably isn't enough time left for this gambit to work, anyway, especially after Obama cut staffing levels and who knows what else.

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