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June 20, 2010



Might be a good idea for Obama to spend all his time golfing. Maybe that way he would remove his boot from the necks of business long enough for a recovery to begin.


Rahm has decided the Dems best chance is to rope the GOP and BP together. Will it work? Could an idiot like Greene win a Dem primary?

Old Dad

Malia said "Hoh." I'm telling.


Let me be perfectly clear: my enjoyment of the game of golf does not prevent my focus on just one thing, and that is devising a plan to replace America's energy infrastructure with a comprehensive system of magnifying glasses and mirrors to capture the sun's limitless power, all of which will be paid for by oil companies using a new tax which will require less daily revenue than these giant corporations collect from consumers each and every decade. Golf should not be a partisan subject. Many Republicans played golf while in office, including men who were later convicted of felonies like Duke Cunningham, and the present Congressional leadership who play golf when they're not actively obstructing my attempts to heal America. Nobody wants to see finger-pointing about golf.
If anything, golf serves as a reminder of what natural beauty should look like. Humility prevents me from reporting that I often turn in scorecards in the high 50s, but I can at least say that I don't ever hit it in the water like some kind of retard. My frequent playing partner, and the man I selected as the most qualified chief executive in the nation after myself, does sometimes get it wet, and often times while Joe is deciding whether to take a drop he says...something about oil on the water. It's poignant in the way that retards can be sometimes.
Let me reassure America that at this time of crisis, I retain my focus on forcing employers to hire more people, plugging the holes in the health care bill that allow our enemies in the teabagger movement to claim it doesn't do everything we promised, restoring our relations with foreigners who aren't destroying their own countries with hateful, racist free market policies, bending my low irons from right to left, and throwing a party for anybody who had a platinum album from 1971-1975.

John Bibb

The more Comrade Obama (PBUH) golfs and vacations--the better for me and for the American People. I wish He were gone 24/7--but the 2012 election should provide long lasting relief.

hit and run

Ahh,that's a good,solid productive weekend. Put in the drip system for the back deck. Since we'll be heading to Idaho for a week and a half,that helps ensure that the plants won't succumb to the heat while we're gone.

Relatively,that's a pretty small thing. Then again,I'm not POTUS,I accomplished that for which I was given responsibility.

What did POTUS accomplish this weekend? What is he responsible for?

I hope he broke 100. That seems to be his top priority.

As for bgates,brilliant as always.


bgates!!!! You outdid yourself.

Cecil Turner

Yep. Definitely wrong, in a right sort of way.


No attack on golfing ever fed a hungry child.


An interesting contribution from Chris from
"Day by DAy" whose strip became kind of iconic at one time, in the LUN


This is just a cup of epic fail, right here, in the LUN

Frau Arschtreten

But in India, there were calls for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to follow Obama's strident example and gain full retribution for the victims of the 1984 toxic gas leak in Bhopal, which killed an estimated 15,000 people.

"Kick ass for Bhopal," pleaded Sunita Narain, director of the Center for Science and Environment, in an editorial in the Hindustan Times. (narciso's 6:30 Link)

Now everybody wants to get into the ass-kicking. Watch out, here we come...
Kick ass for Arizona.
Kick ass for California.
Kick ass for ______________.

hit and run

Dustin Johnson falters. Tiger ain't got nothing going.

Els and Mickelson are the lurking giants.

Graeme McDowell is leading. Too many vowels in his first name for my taste.

Gregory Havret is right there. But a Frenchman in a major? Ghosts of Van de Velde?

Davis Love III is running out of holes at 5 off the lead. But that's who I would root for.

hit and run

Els pulls an "Obama".

Graeeaaaaeeme McDowell just hit the bunker.

Come on. Where are the JOMer golfers?

hit and run

Ok,fine,I'll experience the culmination of the US Open JOM-less.


Tiger may be seeing red on more than just his shirt.. in the


hit and run

Here comes 60 year old Tom Watson,up 18 for his final(?) US Open.

I love Tom Watson.

hit and run

God Bless Tom Watson.

Captain Hate

If Tiger captures the Open on Fathers Day the terrorists have won.


I love Tom Watson too! And feel just terrible for Dustin.



Tony Fratto is tweeting:

I won't miss Tom Watson. Have seen him be rude to fans way too often.

Didn't know that.


Here's another contestant for your column, in the LUN


S'pose that makes sense Narciso in Left wing TV Talking Head land.

So to Cynthia Tucker the true enemy of America isn't Illegal aliens committing crimes, nor jihadi terrorists trying to murder us here and abroad. The real enemy of America is obviously the great majority of Americans.

hit and run

If Tiger captures the Open on Fathers Day the terrorists have won.

Looks like we're safe from man-caused disasters winning.


So, daddy, speaking of the absurd, do you think they will botch the new season of Futurama, as they did with at least the first
few films



Your link makes me want to break out the cardigan, turn the heat up to 70 even though it's a beautiful 80 degrees with a crystal clear sky in LA today.

I think I'll drive around the neighborhood at 55 a bit later on.

and daddy, according to David Fenton, that what you are supposed to believe.

Captain Hate

hit, is the wind causing everyone to shoot so poorly today?

hit and run

No one is under par.

US Open,baby.

hit and run

I don't think it's the wind. I've been cooking,so I haven't paid as close attention as I might have.

People keep hitting poor shots. Pressure? Tough course?

Someone else should help me here.

But hitting a nice clean straight middle of the fairway/green shot seems to be eluding everyone.


Poor club selection. Poor execution. Wind is not much more than yesterday.

I'd rather see an Open played with everyone firing at the pin. This "toss it up toward the green and see what happens" is what duffers do daily. This Open is being won based largely on luck (bounce of the ball, roll over the "broccoli greens) not skill.

I'm not putting down McDowell etal, but the USGA needs to think about the purpose of this tournament. If it to see who can survive GAIA, then you should be happy. If however, you want the skill of the players to shine through, this wasn't it.

One of the announcers for ESPN Friday night said the only thing missing on #14 was a windmill...



Probably, but the daddyettes and I are hoping against hope. BTW, the gals named our new super cute yellow lab, Fry. Had a nice Flattop walk with him this morning. An amazing chick's magnet!

And if you're looking for your head exploding biased Alaskan Media story today:

Todays ADN has a story and link to Levi Johnston's sister's new blog site, and tells us that her site is both "attractive and readable," plus includes supposedly new Bristol Palin dirt.

Then, to cut through any pretense whatever of objectivity, the piece continues about the sighting of multiple Repub's at a local coffee shop:

"The Café del Mundo on Benson isn't just for latte-slurping liberals anymore. Wednesday morning it looked more like a mini Republican convention. At the same time, at different tables, sat former House Speaker Gail Phillips, Dan Saddler, a candidate for Nancy Dahlstrom's House seat, and former legislator/gov candidate Andrew Halcro with current lite gov candidate Jay Ramras."

It then concludes:

"Then Hollis French, Democratic candidate for governor, walked in and the universe righted itself."

If you care, that trash is ">http://www.adn.com/2010/06/19/1331814/alaska-ear.html"> here.

hit and run

There's a bit of discrepancy between...

Poor club selection. Poor execution.

as the reason players are scoring poorly...and...

This Open is being won based largely on luck

How many players made the right club selection and struck the ball well ... who didn't score well?


I think we're in one of the other universes, no other explanations suffice

Manuel Transmission

Just got my first call from Raz! Couldn't hit the buttons hard enough to reflect my displeasure with Owebama.


Well hopefully its an alternate universe where the new episodes of Fururama all turn out to be great.

Captain Hate

I'm not putting down McDowell etal, but the USGA needs to think about the purpose of this tournament. If it to see who can survive GAIA, then you should be happy. If however, you want the skill of the players to shine through, this wasn't it.

I think the USGA has cast its lot with scenario #1.


Manuel, did you pick age, party id, sex, etc. to impact poll, or were you honest?

hit and run

ManTran* ... that really is an awesome first experience.

I'll never tire of saying I was part of the first Raz poll where Obama went negative.

(I will spare the gratuitous link this time,however)

My strongly punched strongly disapprove made all the difference,I've convinced myself.

*Time to come clean...the first tea party in DC,Jane kept referring to ManTran who would be coming. And I thought....a transsexual? Ok,whatever,I'm down with that....before realizing that she was referring to Manuel Transmission.


Not really. I was largely referring to Tiger and Dustin with the poor club selection, poor execution ...the overall sense of the tournament is "throw it up there and see what happens." The commentary has largely been advocating for "throw it up there" with Johnny Miller stating time and again not to fire at the pin but just to land it on the green, and two putt. The landing zones are small, the affect the green and rough will have are largely not subject to mastery by the player. You can hit a ball perfectly and still have a poor result based on nothing the player did wrong.

I know you can have that in normal weekly events to some extent, but normally players are rewarded for being able to land the ball in a postage stamp sized area and having it roll and bounce based on the spin of the ball, not the crustiness of the greens.

I don't want the USGA to allow for -20s scoring, but this was more like watching NASCAR to see the big wreck take out an excellent driver through no fault of his own. It happens, it's part of the sport, but it does not result in the best athlete being identified and rewarded.


And I must add, that when Miller says the best result of the second shot on a particular hole is to land it in the bunker, punch out and 2-putt, then the game has been perverted into something that isn't quality golf.

hit and run

I honestly didn't see a bunch of players landing the ball in the same postage stamp sized area with wildly differing results.

The best example of a case where the right club and good execution was punished through no fault of the player would be?


#7. Most of the players were landing on the back of the green today (same small area) and the "broccoli greens" as one player dubbed them, resulted in some strange deviations on the path's of similar putts. Miller was caught off guard several times with the results of putts from locations that had been putted from previously.

This weekend's Open was just not my cup of tea. Players should be able have a much higher probability of successfully making a one putt than about one in seven. I just don't like the "dump it in" style of play. Like I said, that style is much too similar to how I, or anyone who hasn't risen to the tops in golf, are forced to approach many greens. These guys should have a much more predictable landing result than "somewhere on the green." At the Masters, they seem to be able to hit target areas on the green, not "the green" as a general result. Big difference in quality of play for me...


And yes, I realize para one and para two are divergent since I call for predictable landing results in para 2 and cite them in para one as supporting right club and execution... problem was that was one of the few greens that had that problem. The rest were "dump it up on the green" scenarios which, for me, there were way too many of.


Has anyone here questioned their past objections to Newt? Watch this: Newt

He sounds just about right to be now. Has Obama made us so mad we would vote for Newt? Or how about Major General Paul E. Vallely

Interesting times!


Has Obama made us so mad we would vote for Newt?

Not if there's somebody else without a D beside their name on the ticket.

Captain Hate

I just don't like the "dump it in" style of play. Like I said, that style is much too similar to how I, or anyone who hasn't risen to the tops in golf, are forced to approach many greens.

I think that's a valid criticism. I agree that this was a particularly unmemorable Open. At no time today did I think I was watching anybody at the top of their game (granted I think coverage began after the guy got the double eagle).

Has anyone here questioned their past objections to Newt?

No; for every smart statement he makes he'll counter that with jaw-droppingly dumb garbage.

Granny Jan

You Tube: Obama Sings Take Me Out to the Ball Game (really!) 1, 2, 3 Strikes, You're Out!

My video on this subject, although my last one "Great Momnents in Presdential Speaking" was the home run. This one is just a double.

Ralph L

daddy - did you plug the damn hole"?
I can't believe Malia would say that about her mother!

Manuel Transmission

PaulV, sorry, I was being my true self and didn't even think to spin the whole thing. (Banging forehead) I would love to see how the answers alter the subsequent questions. I did notice that after a certain point the 'anticipated' answers tended to show up at #1.

Manuel Transmission

Hit, whatever floats yer boat. ;-)

Anybody that ever met me would know that was definitely the lesser of the two likely interpretations. In any case, I will buy the first beer when we finally get to meet.

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