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July 12, 2010



Bring it on, Whitey.
White on, baby.
This ain't no Ebony and Ivory.
Race relations have not been this strained throughout the country since, say, Watts. Can you say Watts. Of course you can, cracker. Cracker pride. Cracker studies.
We'll be drinking out of white fountains here shortly. Oh, complaining about an ungrateful, unmannered black man is--by definition--racist. The Cleveland owner acted stupidly. That is an adverb, right? Just axing. Hey, I'm only trying to get along. Can't we all just get along? Burn, baby. Oakland, 2010. Were those Tea Party racist there in the street complaining about the verdict? Just the way ole Whitely took to Sixth Street when O.J. was set free.

There's somethin' happenin' here. Don't stand in the doorways, don't block off the hall. I went through all of that, happily, but not to get to this. Not this.

Rob Crawford

They really don't care about those pesky things called "facts", do they?

I think you've got it.

Hey, spaghetti graphs hide a multitude of crimes and declines in climate science, too. Must be the lefty brain.


What's criminal is that they've allowed the Atlantic to sink so far so fast.

narciso the harpoon

He's working for Andrew Sullivan, doesn't that prove he has no integrity

Comanche Voter

Dave you're a dipstick. Forget the fancy timelines since they're a bit complicated for you.

Focus on this as I spell slowly so your dinosaur sized pea brain can understand.

T-H-E-R-E--I-S--A--D-I-F-F-E-R-E-N-C-E--B-E-T-W-E-E-N --"D-O-W-N-G-R-A-D-I-N-G"--A-N-D--A--D-I-S-M-I-S-S-A-L.

There, got that? I won't hold it against you that your lips moved while you were reading it.

narciso the harpoon

It was still good, when Michael Kelly was on it, then they forced Steyn out, Sullivan went
crazy, Yglesias followed suit in his own way, Douthat became thoroughly useless, as he let
nazgul strength trolls flood the zone


T-H-E-R-E--I-S--A--D-I-F-F-E-R-E-N-C-E--B-E-T-W-E-E-N --"D-O-W-N-G-R-A-D-I-N-G"--A-N-D--A--D-I-S-M-I-S-S-A-L.

His confusion is understandable; he was essentially dismissed from the WaPo, and now he's at Sullivan's place, which is a downgrade.

Jim Miller

Here's a post on one of the cases of black discrimination against whites in -- of all places -- Mississippi. Here's what John Fund, quoting Justice Department officials, said about the case:

'The U.S. Justice Department, which sued Noxubee officials under the Voting Rights Act, has called conditions there "the most extreme case of racial exclusion seen by the [department's] Voting Section in decades."'

If Adams is telling the truth, the Justice Department will no longer investigates these kinds of cases.

Rob Crawford

From the link Jim posted:

The local political machine is run by Ike Brown, a twice-convicted felon.

Um, WTF? A twice-convicted felon?

I realize this guy is playing king-maker and not actually serving in any elected office, but, again, WTF?


Come on, give 'em a break. All the other Dem apologists are ignoring this case and they are bravely rushing into the burning building. OK, they appear to have passed out from smoke inhalation, but still...


This is all very new to me and this article really opened my eyes.Thanks for sharing with us your wisdom.


Comanche, have you ever read the
Education of Hyman Kaplan?


Finally! This case could easily bring down Holder and even the entire administration - unless of course it is totally ignored by the people who decide what is important in this country - Katie Couric, Bob Scheiffer and Keith Olbermann.

Some, at least, have seen the light.  He's no lightbringer, he's a darkdamner.

I labelled him a racebaiter in the middle of his breakout Phillie(?) speech. I hope all those who assumed white liberal guilt are proud of themselves.

And, since he seems to have bought the DoJ.

Jane, I'm waiting for Schumer to figure out that the Clintons are better for the future of the Democratic Party than this crew in charge, now.


Boy I'd give a lot to see Schumer defeated. He really grosses me out.


The more I think about this, the more convinced I become that Bill Ayers is behind all this.

He basically groomed Obama and promoted him, through Michelle and the Chicago system, and basically wrote at least one of the "autobiographies" that propelled Obama to the presidency.

All with the intent to destroy America and start the race war that the Weather Underground always wanted.

Obama, Holder, Michelle, Valerie Jarrett, Van Jones, and a whole host of appointees, advisers, and the usual race baiters like Farrakhan and Malik Shabazz are driving a racial wedge between Americans that we haven't seen since the days of the Rodney King event.

Post-racial? Hardly.

Gabriel Sutherland

I don't get it. Can someone help me out?

What is wrong with reading Media Matters' take on "conservative misinformation" and then having liberal bloggers, by which I mean liberal bloggers that edited a conservative newspaper in college which is sort of like a Russell Kirk Conservative Record of Live Birth, use Media Matters as their source to construct a straw man case taking down a claim never filed?

Please don't waste too much energy trying to help me. I know this sort of question is like asking for liberals to no longer be alive since asking them to study primary sources is like asking them to plug their oxygen tank into Dick Cheney's tailpipe.

But do humor me.

narciso the harpoon

True, Fd, but Ayers on his own isn't a big enough player, he was a self proclaimed revolutionary, like Lenin, except his brother
was killed by "the man," like Che, so Soros and /or Strong has to be the ones pulling the strings

Gabriel Sutherland

Oh yes. This nugget deserves it's own head banging session.

Julie Fernandes is a former student of sort of, quasi, make believe, titled, deeded, fast tracked, personally created, "professor" Obama.


Gabriel Sutherland

Don't think of Ayers as "just a revolutionary". Ayers opens his doors to all the time so it doubles as a radical cocoon incubating the next generation of progressives that, god willing, won't have to practice backyard bomb assembly.

To them, the state is always flawed unless they're in charge. Then it becomes perfect. It can do no wrong.

narciso the harpoon

I went over to the Guevara wiki to check on a detail, it really does show the results of the handiwork of the Cuban Institute of Cybernetic Science, no one would understand
that Guevara did anything wrong except for some pre Minitrue Time clippings from the Luce era


The lie of Ayers being "just someone in the neighborhood" showed America just what our "newspapers" were good for. They are just tools for the hard left.


"Joseph Stalin once remarked, "The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything." "

"A group backed by Soros is gearing up to steal the 2012 election for President Obama and congressional Democrats by installing left-wing Democrats as secretaries of state Across the nation.

The project has all ready proven it's self, with the Ohio SOS fracas in 2008 and now it has again been proven in Minnesota.

Bring down this wall.  Where's Gunga Din?

We are banging our heads, G, trying to put out the hair on fire.

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