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July 24, 2010



Idiots. Luckily neither of them is in the Senate anymore.

Here's my plan: get the Congressional nitwits out of it altogether. When better energy sources are found it'll be by petroleum companies , not jerks like these.

Rick Ballard

"Where is the revenue-neutral carbon tax?"

Hopefully, it's sitting in a dusty file cabinet next to the "Hey, let's increase home ownership rates via the issuance of crap MBS - we can insure it all with CDS!!" file. Better social engineering through increased fees and commissions pumped through Wall Street shouldn't be on anyone's to do list.

Those penis tropes must have missed the mark.

Russell, where?

Them's pyrites, Bob.  Let it be.  It can hurt you.

Diamonds are forever.

Captain Hate

Dole and McCain should disabuse the geniuses in the RNC of ever running codgers from the Senate for President. Unfortunately they're incapable of learning from their glaring errors.

Of course, we didn't have a free press then, either.

Bob was a fine candidate in '96. Clinton sold out to the Chinese for the grubstake to torpedo him early.

Captain Hate

Dole was a terrible candidate. I voted for him over human garbage like Clinton but that's setting an extremely low bar. Unfortunately being a good and decent person isn't enough to get people to vote for you; if that were the case almost every elected office would be very different from what it is now.

narciso the harpoon

Ditto, Captn, and yes I said this in 2008, but I like Brad Thor was voting for Sarah,
so that makes the nausea go away. He had some
good people in that effort like Rumsfeld and Schueneman, but he had some first class baby RINOs as well

Danube of Thought

I've always subscribed to H.L. Mencken's dictum that losing presidential candidates should be hanged, in order that their grief not adversely affect the young.

We got there about five years too late as far as his grief affecting the young, though.

Well, we are busy hanging Gore, except that it seems the deed was already self-inflicted.

Bury that shocker.

We came to bury him, not to praise him, and found that he was just a big stiff after all.


from both sides of the aisle, we see both a policy and political imperative

Possibly the last funny thing George Carlin ever said was, “The word bipartisan means some larger-than-usual deception is being carried out.”

Given the size of the deceptions the Dems are capable of on their own, that's a high standard - but I think Congress is still up to it.

we are allowing other countries to out-compete us for good clean energy jobs

Look at Spain. Sure their unemployment rate is around 20%, but without the sustainable green program maybe it would be 25 or 70.

Christ, Bob Dole. What was Bob Dole thinking? Bob Dole would pair up with Bob Dole's good friend Tom Daschle, who people around the country everybody in Washington loves, to come up with some great plan to restore the American windmill, candle-making, and whaling industries to the preeminence they enjoyed the last time "clean, renewable" (but by all means non-nuclear) sources met America's electricity needs? You'd think Bob Dole would be reluctant to return the country to the standard of living it endured in the late 19th century; age must have clouded Bob Dole's memory of Bob Dole's youth.

Gabriel Sutherland

No way.

Any proposal from Daschle and Dole is a gift to the farm lobby.

Just say no to ADM and Cargill. I'm sick of floating their global gambits. They can pay for their own risk.


Tom Dascle is listed via WikiPedia as working for DLA Piper, who are actively involved on behalf of our clients in a wide range of energy industry transactions, including "Clean technologies."


I say we begin work on clean coal burning cars immediately. The Germans and Japanese had a budding industry in these vehicles in the early 1940's as I recall.

The way the Sierra Club has orchestrated the shut down of offshore drilling, inshore drilling, North Slope drilling, angled drilling, shale fracturing for NG, and nuclear energy, maybe we could design cars to burn Sierra Club members.

narciso the harpoon

I don't all that patchouli burns cleanly, Matt, talk about about a 'Modest Proposal"

narciso the harpoon

All right we have officially lost our minds, in the LUN


i'm thinking the most cost-effective measure would be to generate power by burning politicians.


The two stupidest people from the Senate ghosts past, should STFU and leave the policy making to true conservatives. Honestly, I am still shocked that McCain's challenger didn't hammer him when McCain brought up quotes from that old sod Dole, who lost to Clinton in 96, instead of from Reagan. That shows where McCain's heart really is, in the elitist progressive statist camp, not with the down home conservative crowd. As for the 'energy policy' it is bs on a cracker.


--Those are the problems? What about America's unwillingness to put a price on carbon emissions, by way of either a tax or cap and tax?--

A gigantic new tax: yeah, not having one of those is definitely the problem we've been suffering under.
And since wind, solar, ethanol and other 'renewables' already have massive tax subsidies we in essence already have a carbon tax, but by all means the last few years have certainly demonstrated the great benefits of market distorting government incentives so we should double down with a carbon tax.
Why in a few years our wise and beneficient leaders can make the energy sector as healthy and vital as they made the home building industry.


One of them is a blithering idiot and the other is a venal blithering idiot.

Thomas Collins

The odds that any carbon tax would be revenue neutral approximate the odds that John Kerry will sell his yacht and turn his attention to league softball and league bowling.

Captain Hate

Possibly the last only funny thing George Carlin ever said was, “The word bipartisan means some larger-than-usual deception is being carried out.”


Renewable energy? Two words: breeder reactors.


What do you have against gay reactors?

Strawman Cometh

they can't handle spent rods


(* rim shot *)


"Green" lobbyists, repeat after me: You can't raise your standard of living by creating outputs that are worth less than the inputs that went into them. Even if they're all shiny and solar and stuff.

Strawman Cometh

Stewart Brand (WEC) is on cspan2 talking sense energy (nuke) and gm food to Seattle moorons.

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