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July 16, 2010




My better half subscribes to a financial advisory newsletter that absolutely "something" earth shattering is going to happen next month. And the idea is that Israel is going to attack Iran--in August.
These aren't tinfoil hat type folks by any means...
And I agree with you and Clarice--Zero wouldn't have the stomach to participate in anything like that.

narciso the harpoon

You know Myers missed his calling, he should have worked for the Washington Post, in the LUN


They're mounting at least a faux a comeback. Angle behind Reid, now, and isn't Rubio behind Crist, and didn't we see that Fiorina and Whitman are both behind this week? Things seem to be going in the wrong direction, unless these polls are all bogus.




narciso the harpoon

Actually Rubio is back up with Rasmussen, I take Dr. Jacobsens view that the Angle thing
is a blip, don't know about the rest



I seem to recall the 1994 blow out having a similiar dynamic (others more active might have a different take). The party in charge not really watching the warning signs, the polls showing some dems gaining ground, then in September the bottom dropped out of the Dem polls and they slept walked into the election. This time around I don't see Obama making a post-election fundraising stop in Texas telling the crowd he's sorry and that he thinks he spent too much.

However this is 2010 not 1994 and I'm a bit worried that the Dems are sitting on something (I find it wierd that not a name, at least as I am aware, from the UBS tax cheat list has leaked-it'd be stupid to think that not a single elected Republican is not on it) that they'll launch soon in a not dissimiliar way to how they pulled off 2006. Not sure if it would work, but then, Obama got elected.

I just probably need to get out more.

Parking  Lot

((Too bad. Smart guy. Well spoken and good debater. Good historian. Loves animals.))

I'm sure you've heard Mark Levin's scathing condemnation of Gingrich, but if you haven't here is the link.

Mark Levin Rips Newt Gingrich As A "Phony" And "Has-Been"


Old Lurker


As usual, Mark is dead on.

narciso the harpoon

The way I recall it, and McClatchy never let me forget it Section's 'friends don't let friends,. . " it was almost an inexurable rise
to power, in 2006, Now the Contract didn't
roll out till September back in '94, and it
had mostly been dismissed

Rick Ballard


I'm expecting the Full Alinsky as well (it's not as if they have any other cards in the deck) but a Kendonesian commie is just a commie and commies really do rely on static analysis and the dialectic as the "answer" to all problems. The dialectic says that the masses will come to love Big Brother as the provider of all security and the Three Stooges are certainly behaving as if they actually believe that crap.

Toss in Larry 'Honey I Shrunk the Endowment' Summers and Christine 'I Really Didn't Believe a Word of All those Papers Co-authored With My Husband' Romer alternating with Turbo Timmy in offering economic advice to a man with a very low intelligence, especially with regard to economics outside of simple Marxism and a fair argument can be made that this really is WYSIWYG - an Insane Clown Posse thundering over the cliff at a gallop.

Parking  Lot

((Pawlenty and Daniels don't show me much in the way of presidential timbre (love that word--it's been supplanted by gravitas). John Thune? Nah. Nikki Haley? Hot, but no dice.

Mayb Lowell Weicker will ride to the rescue.

there is talk about Herman Cain as a possible dark horse.


In the last election I liked Rudy Giuliani. I'm socially conservative too, but at least I knew where he stood. I have more respect for someone that stands their ground than someone swaying with the media.
Anyone yucking it up with the media is a NO from me....



I heard that some bad numbers were released today (spending and confidence?). Thought that this was supposed to be "Recovery Summer".

Hope all is well and that you are settling down in your new digs (I think you said that you were moving a while back?).


Rep. Elijah Cummings: 'Best Way Tea Party Can Fight Their Racism… Is to Help Folks Get Jobs'

If failure to create jobs is the metric by which we measure racism, this Democrat Congress seems to qualify.

In, er, spades.


I just assume they will steal this and every election going forward, until we no longer bother to have them. And they will still them on every level, with every tool and every crime imaginable.


"A Minnesota town is outraged over reports that an illegal immigrant was implanted with a penis pump – paid for by taxpayers.

Shakopee Police Chief Jeff Tate said the expense to taxpayers was more than $50,000.

“It’s shocking,” he told FOX News Radio. “It’s certainly disturbing as well. You know it’s not going to set well with the public at large.”

http://radio.foxnews.com/2010/07/12/penis-pumps-for-illegals/#ixzz0trzWe7OP>Brilliant move, suing AZ, ERIC

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

The best way Cummings can fight his racism is to help folks (of all races) get jobs donchathink?

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Just one more illegal di**head.

Rick Ballard


Settled in and settled down enough to comment a little more. Thanks for asking.

The FOMC report was actually more of a bellwether than the two data series you noted. They're either tossing in the towel or prepping us for QE II. I doubt that more monetization will have much impact.

There is a possibility that the PPT will be curtailed and the market allowed to settle to where it would be absent intervention. That would be at the 7500-8500 level and if the drop were engineered to occur in mid September we might see people turn to Big Brother in fear. The NYT is hinting at that possibility.

It would be a very risky move, IMO.


The best way Cummings can fight his racism is to help folks (of all races) get jobs

The best thing that can be done about his racism is to get somebody else his job.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet


Almost all the moves they have left are risky, aren't they?

And that's even better, bg. He is not alone either.


People who claim that "everything's okay, we'll survive Obamam, Pelso, Reid, and Holder" are missing the point.

The point is: At what cost?

Germany survived Hitler, the Nazis, and WW2.

Russia survived Lenin, Stalin, Stalin's Purges and 5-Year Plans, and the Cold War.

Cambodia survived Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge, and the Killing Fields.

Sure, we can survive. But the country won't be the same, and countless numbers of Americans will most likely end up dead or much poorer because of the ordeal.



Glad all is well. Moving sucks.

I don't know why I was thinking about this but I was wondering if the BLS does a mid-year adjustment on their numbers? I seem to recall that the WH re-deployed the "jobs created or saved" and some Journalisters were beating the drum that greedy businesses were hoarding cash (among other reasons for "funployment"). Was wondering if a whisper number is going around...

narciso the harpoon

All right, on a lighter although not necessarily less annoying note

Rick Ballard


The BLS does its catch up on the birth/death model in Dec/Jan but the July number (reported the first week of August has been low or negative historically.


The Dem strategy appears to be to use the Full Alinsky beginning in September. We'll find out how particular the Rep vetting process was by October 1st. I doubt that any of the new Rep candidates will come within a light year of the dirtiness exhibited by a Kilpatrick or a Conyers or a Rangel but there may be a few who might match the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States in malfeasance. Not quite as dirty as the Secretary of State but not spotless white either.

I believe that the September/October Alinsky barrage will be too little too late but the Reps better bring something aside from a rubber Scout knife to the artillery barrage.


Narciso, Your link, unfortunately, allowed me to view more links.

I may laugh myself to sleep, if I can't kick my you-tube addiction.

narciso the harpoon

I found it on another blog, it gets kind of grim at times, Max Von Sydow could narrate

 Ann  Squaredance

Apologies if someone has posted this today and I missed it but I love Dr. Zero:

The Republican candidate for president must be determined and sober about the magnitude of the change facing us, but also able to draw strength from an enduring belief in the spirit and capability of the American people. It’s not hard to be a “happy warrior” when you stand in the front ranks of such a mighty force. Our candidate must understand the fatal flaws of Obama’s ideology, not just the weaknesses of individual bills he has supported. A comprehensive knowledge of America’s socialist history, from inception to its current death throes, will be required. The Republican candidate must be able to explain why individual Americans will succeed, where the State has failed. It will be necessary to describe the love of liberty to a people who don’t universally share it. They must learn to celebrate freedoms judged too dangerous for their feeble minds by the Democrat Party. They must learn to focus their will against a leviathan State that has no intention of dying quietly. Like Sarah Palin, they must be ready for their very humanity to be questioned, through dark insinuations of greed and racism.

We certainly do need some serious people to apply for the Oval Office job that will be opening in 2013. Mitt Romney disqualified himself when he failed to speak out against ObamaCare. Next, please.

Anyways, good advice.

Serious Human Beings

narciso the harpoon

Ditto, Ann, I posted that at the beginning of the thread, but it bears repeating, how are you doing btw

 Ann  Squaredance

Speaking of U-tube addictions, I hope Palin is watching the Margaret Thatcher videos:

Margaret Thatcher: Free Society Speech (1975)


Dr. Zero

With all due respect Ann, Obama has no Ph.D. or M.D. Not even Harvard would do that for this idiot.

There are still some very nominal standards for higher degrees.

 Ann  Squaredance


Oh sorry, didn't mean to repeat but you are right, Doctor Zero bears repeating.

I am as mad as Jane and Squaredance combined. I want our Republican senators and congressmen to shut down our government and not do one more thing until January 2011.

I am also afraid that the media and the left are hoping for some kind of race war.... United we win, divided we fail Alinsky strategy.

But I still have faith in God and the American republic so don't let my hair on fire fears make you think I have given up.

narciso the harpoon

This is who we were referring to Dr. J., about {/a} the other one is just plain zero, I got past the last redirect virus, and I even got
kilfile back, hallelujah

 Ann  Squaredance


I have thought for a long time that the anonymous Doctor Zero at HotAir should come clean with his real name or at least change it to something more pro-American than our dear leaders nickname...zero!


I get to tote out my favorite JOM Gulf of Tonkin link

Charlie (Colorado)

I'm starting a pool on her cabinet resignation date. Who's in??

Between the election and the new Congress.

 Ann  Squaredance

Karma baby!


This is not the beginning of a beautiful friendship: Madhuri, an Indian elephant, swings a monitor lizard about by its tail at a park in India

Narciso: This picture says it all for me! We all see November. Niters :)



Still way behind on the thread (bgates you are wonderful!) but yesterday Dennis Miller did a great segment really dumping on Carolina Congressman Bob Etheridge. Dennis was masterful at playing that obnoxious creeps words in full from ">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oqIP9yagkQ"> that nasty youtube video, then doing some great comedic riffs on the belligerent drunken a-hole. That turned into a nice opener for his interview of Renee Elders which turned out well and she did just fine. Looking forward to your writeup.

Captain Hate

A Minnesota town is outraged over reports that an illegal immigrant was implanted with a penis pump – paid for by taxpayers.

If there was a fitting place for bizarro-world garbage like this, it's in this skidmark of a state. Way to go, Minnesotans: Keep electing grifters like Jesse Ventura and Al Franken to positions of responsibility, idiots. What could go wrong? Hey, maybe dipshit Garrison Keillor can work it in on one of his Lake Woebegone leg-slappers in which you're the butt of that fat turd's jokes.


Here it is , daddy.
http://www.americanthinker.com/printpage/?url=http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/07/renee_ellmers_rx_for_no_caroli.html>Renee Ellmers


Ann - That Dr. Zero piece was good. I liked this line, "We are being crushed by engines of regulation, taxation, and corruption"

That might be my next Tea Party sign.

Rick Ballard

"I want our Republican senators and congressmen to shut down our government and not do one more thing until January 2011."


Make it 2035 and I'm all in. The problem is that the hinge of the Muddle is 18-40 yo females. They 'swing' on feeling, not thought. BOzo plays them like a fiddle (although much less successfully today than in '08) and his weekly radio address today exemplifies the disdain in which he holds their intellectual ability.

Extension of unemployment benefits beyond the current 99 weeks (gee, that's, lessee, about two years) cannot be justified as an "emergency action". The heartless Reps aren't blocking the extension, they're just trying to make the Dems use their BOzo re-election stash to pay for something rather than moving it off budget with the "emergency" flimflam.

The MFM will move heaven and earth to make sure the Muddlettes are never troubled by actually firing a synapse about the matter - they'll keep the focus on the pathos and bathos aspect and the "cruelty" of denying the soon to be permanently unemployable a little more cash to go with their food stamps and housing vouchers.

Will "Just Say No" work?


well, Rick, here we go right on cue:

By Alister Bull – Sat Jul 17, 6:08 am ET
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama stepped up criticism of Republicans on Saturday for blocking jobless aid, hammering home a Democratic election year attack line that casts the opposition as the party of the rich.
"Too often, the Republican leadership in the United States Senate chooses to filibuster our recovery and obstruct our progress. And that has very real consequences," Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet address.
Senate Republicans have blocked at least three Democratic initiatives to extend unemployment insurance, citing the need to curb government spending amid a record budget deficit.
"Think about what these stalling tactics mean for the millions of Americans who've lost their jobs since the recession began. Over the past several weeks, more than two million of them have seen their unemployment insurance expire," the president said.
Obama has made job creation his top domestic priority and has traveled re


One possible futurist scenario ...

Votes are confidential but electronically stored. When an elected official turns out to be a disaster or criminal, a small percentage of future votes by those who voted for that official will not count.

For example, 3 years later the public at large grades the Obummer admin as -20. For the next 2 election cycles only 80% of those who voted for Obummer will have their votes count. (randomly selected) No Obummer voter will know whether their vote actually was counted. (Counted or not it will be stored and subject to the next grading)

Sort of an adaptive version of the three fifths compromise.

3 years delay is a bit of a guess ... long enough for the "blame Bush" to wear off and not so long for the "Clinton nostalgia" to set in.

Of course such a system would also eliminate voter fraud (in our "perfect" future)

Parking  Lot

((Will "Just Say No" work))

no but talking about ostentatious and extravagant White House parties and kobe beef night do the trick

Parking  Lot

Oprah's ratings are at an all time low so that could be a positive sign.

Captain Hate

As usual, Mark is dead on.

Mark and Tammy Bruce are, by far, my favorite radio personalities to listen to because they cut right to the meat and don't fart around with meaningless blather. I used to listen to Medved but he wastes too much time arguing with idiots that you can tell from the first syllable aren't playing with a full deck. Hewitt and Rush's schticks irritate the hell out of me although in Rush's case some of them are a bit amusing (I realize my opinion is not shared by most here); Prager sounds too whiny and Bennett probably causes a lot of car accidents by putting people to sleep behind the wheel. Beck does good work but he's such an emotional basket case I wish he was back on the sauce. Savage is pretty much a complete idiot. I listen to Laura but she often suffers fools unnecessarilty; although she goes on to shows like The Spew to hammer those witless harpies. Dennis Miller is good but no station around here carries him plus I can only listen to so much; I really really do have a life.

Did I miss anybody?

Parking  Lot

((The problem is that the hinge of the Muddle is 18-40 yo females. ))

Which in a normal world would be a perfect and natural constituency for Sarah Palin. Thus the necessity for the propaganda wolves to destroy her.

Rick Ballard


The "hinge" represents about 30% of the demographic and includes a ton of "just tissue" disposers. Sarah is a reminder that the "choice" that they exercised to compensate for their lack of foresight wasn't "the only thing I could do". She'll never be popular with the "life of no consequences or consequence" gang.

Feelers - thinking is not a requirement and may result in exclusion from the group.


"No , goy, she really is ignorant." - Clarice (et al.)

I haven't claimed otherwise. An ignorant, blind ideologue is just as dangerous as any other kind. Perhaps more, since it's ultimately impossible to reason with such a person and other means must be employed to prevent them from damaging society (further).

Nowhere does this woman (stupidly) claim that the victory in Viet Nam was an American one. Ignorant or not, that is the significance of her diatribe.

IMHO, the danger in labeling her and people like her as "simply" stupid or ignorant is that we overlook the blind obeisance to ideology that animates their ignorance.



Did I miss anybody?

Hannity. I like Rush the best, but your points about his being self-centered are true.
I like Dennis Miller too & Beck (don't get Tammy Bruce anymore) That said, I think it is healthy to have all types on talk radio. Each draws a little different crowd & that is a good thing. Like different denominations in churches. As long as a core "mere conservatism" is held....the give & take around the edges is healthy.

I agree with Levin & Hannity, but I have a hard time listening to them! I like the conversational tone and humor of Miller. Jane's style reminds me of Miller.

Captain Hate

How could I leave out Jane!?!::fingerguntohead::

Janet, Rush's use to me has declined because of teh interwebbz; when I had to depend on the MFM for news he was able to bring to my attention things I wouldn't have been aware of (although he depended a *lot* on the WSJ). Now he tells me stuff I already know (thanks in part to the wonderful people here) and takes forever to deliver the message (he stutters a lot and laughs at his own lines; two traits that I don't consider endearing). Plus I can't forgive him for witlessly trying to buy an NFL team with that prick Dave Checketts, who stabbed him in the back; anybody stupid enough to trust a maggot like Checketts is too delusional for me to give a lot of credence to.

narciso the harpoon

Well true Captain, but since no one here has a big enough microphone to air these details out, he's still useful. Are we supposed apriori, to assume everyone is a untrustworthy
business partner

Captain Hate

Checketts was a douche when he owned the Knicks and I wouldn't have trusted him as far as I could throw him. I know that and I'm a nobody; I would expect at least the same level of diligence from Rush who should've had good advice at his disposal. I think he was blinded by his idiotic lust to own an NFL team, which is as far from a conservative ideal as you can get.

Parking  Lot

Did Rush ever blow one whistle about the CRA and the sub prime fiasco that was coming down the pike?


I don't know if Rush did, but did our Congressmen & the MFM?
I just refuse to beat up on our side of the aisle. Rush did not get us into the madness we are now living through. He is not the enemy.

Captain Hate

No, Rush is not the enemy nor did I ever mean to imply he was (I seem to be having a hard time communicating effectively).


Hahaha Captain...I was responding to Parking Lot. Your communication skills are just fine!
You and PL are not the enemy either.

(We've been out on the motorcycle taking a long ride & stopping for barbecue. We're always taking long trips for barbecue!)

Captain Hate

Thanks for the response Janet; I got your FB message.

narciso the harpoon

I was trying to research that aspect of the CRA, apparently Media Matters and Huff Po, turned all sorts of orange range, about that

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