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July 24, 2010


Strawman Cometh

ur expectations will be fullfilled.

Strawman Cometh

or un

Danube of Thought

As Sherrod herself has made clear, the problem is that Obama ain't down with the struggle. No slave blood there. Brother don't know the rural South.

Carol Herman

Fired by COOK.

And, using the White House "paraphenalia," to GPS locate a traveling driver on her cell phone.

Kudos to Shirley Sherrod for not driving into the highway's guard rail.

And, the best quote so far? "Shirley, she jests."

America, Fuck Yeah!

Soylent care package:

'To showcase the efforts of those who support military families, Jill Biden and First Lady Michelle Obama have worked with the Corporation for National and Community Service to create a website dedicated to military families and veterans at http://www.serve.gov.
Biden noted that the site is a work in progress, but she urged people to share their stories about how they are supporting a military family, “whether it’s offering to mow their lawn, or bake cookies, or just go over with a movie and popcorn, or organizing a care package event in your neighborhood.”'

Yes, it's all stories of service, equal for all..................


America, Yeah!

Soylent you are single, right?

Strawman Cometh

Despite the !, you seem insincere. Corrections appreciated.

Georg Felis

It's fairly easy. Political appointees "serve at the pleasure of the President". Only the President (or impeachment) can remove one from office. For pointers, the ABA has put together a very nice guide to the Federal Appointee process.


Well, if has a wife and he's all the way over there ' bake cookies, or just go over with a movie' or whatever.


Thank you our WARRIOR HERO! That's Andrew to you, WE LOVE YOU ANDREW!!! Sherrod is a liar as the whole video shows. The more she talks the worse it get's. The subject is dead, we aren't racists and we all know it, and it's so lame to even talk about it. It's time we get rid of the "special" groups for good, I think we're pretty evened out don't you, yea. In case you didn't notice, a year ago it all changed. We will not let them attack, lie, steal or manipulate any more. We know that it's not going to be easy for some people to change their ways, we have the rest of our lives to do it. That will give us enough time to teach the next generation what they need to know. We will never ever give up,we aren't a fad that will go away, they will never shut us up, evah! And another thing, with that same attitude there's only one person that's going to be in that house on the hill in 2012, and if the GOP thinks they will stop her they better get their Depends out. grrrr :) PS: WE LOVE YOU ANDREW!!

Dave (in MA) --->>> BO Stinks <<<---

“Hey you White House,
ha ha,
charade you are."


One more thing, OUR SOLDIERS AND THEIR FAMILIES DESERVE MORE THAN A COOKIE! That's so disgusting for crying out loud stop it. Hang in there gang, when the time comes we will honor you as you should be. You deserve the best and that's what you'll get. Thank you all for your service and our freedom.


sometimes a cookie is all that stands between man and madness.


For another Lefty unexpectedly criticizing the Administration, check out this 2 minute video on Tammy Bruce's site of ">http://tammybruce.com/2010/07/carville-slams-obama-again-now-on-moratorium.html"> James Carville slamming the Administration for gross incompetence in the BP Oil Spill, and for "killing folks down here" by shoving through their 6 months Drilling Moratorium.

Not difficult to watch at all, and especially fun is seeing perennial weasel Anderson Cooper reacting to Carville's unexpected outburst of animosity towards the Administration, and lamely trying to justify why the Administration should be able to shut all drilling down for 6 months or as long as it takes to figure out the problem. A nice deer in the headlights smackdown by Carville of that little piss-ant. But this is not about Anderson Cooper.



tee hee


It appears I am a lone voice crying in the wilderness, but I think Sherrod should not hold a position in our government.

I do not understand the need people feel to defend and coddle this women who clealry defines herself by her race and judges most issues based on skin color and thinks whites are rampantly out to discriminate against blacks.

She admitted discriminating against soemone based on their race, but then later changed her mind - why that qualifies her as a saint I don't get, except the fact that she's a liberal.

If she were a conservative, there isn't a rock big enough in death valley for her to hide under to avoid the media condemnation.

Even today she smears all white people at USDA as a bunch of racists out to hurt black people...seriously? Wouldn't this be considered deranged thought?

Captain Hate

You're not alone Pops but they screwed up by immediately firing her without an internal investigation; she should've been suspended while her manager and HR examined what happened. Her subsequent statements have really damaged her credibility and she would be well advised to keep her simple yap shut.


Just in the few days that Sherrod has talked to the media, we have been enlightened about how she manages to find racism in America...She identified the following racists in quotes over the last week:

Andrew Brietbart is a racist.

Glenn Beck is a racist.

Fox News is racist.

Bill O'Reilly is a racist.

The Republian Party is racist.

Those who opposed Obamacare are racist.

Most whites at the USDA are racists.

President Obama may not be a racist, but he's not 'down for the struggle', so he's basically in bed with Whitey.

And Shirley Sherrod, the only person to publicly admit she discriminated against someone based on ther race...is the only non-racist in her scenario.

Here is what Brietbart said when they orignally posted the video: (Hardly any lack of context):

11:18 a.m.*: Breitbart posts Sherrod video,
We are in possession of a video from in which Shirley Sherrod, USDA Georgia Director of Rural Development, speaks at the NAACP Freedom Fund dinner in Georgia. In her meandering speech to what appears to be an all-black audience, this federally appointed executive bureaucrat lays out in stark detail, that her federal duties are managed through the prism of race and class distinctions.

In the first video, Sherrod describes how she racially discriminates against a white farmer. She describes how she is torn over how much she will choose to help him. And, she admits that she doesn't do everything she can for him, because he is white. Eventually, her basic humanity informs that this white man is poor and needs help. But she decides that he should get help from "one of his own kind". She refers him to a white lawyer.

Sherrod's racist tale is received by the NAACP audience with nodding approval and murmurs of recognition and agreement. Hardly the behavior of the group now holding itself up as the supreme judge of another groups' racial tolerance. """


Breitbart certainly removed the 'racist tea party' stories from the top of memeorandum which was his intent. He's outlining a winning push-back strategy. Good for him.


I'm with you Pops. Then again I don't think Obama should have a position in this administration either. I must be a racist.



This week's Clarice's Pieces

sherrod's stories about trying to alert Vilsack before the tape was released is full of contradictions
and things which require further explication. There's no credible account for how she knew about what Breitbart was doing for example.

I think someday we may find out that this was some internecine dispute inside the Ga USDA or even the NAACP.


I hope Breitbart is looking into the story about Sherrod's father, Hosie Miller, being murdered in 1965. Shot in the back by a white neighbor, whose name we still haven't seen, over some sort of vague cow conflict, it's been reported as a fact that an all-white grand jury refused to indict the unnamed man, as was "common" at the time. (One article adds that it was common at the time, before the 1964 Civil Rights Act was passed, although this supposedly happened in 1965.)

Besides the fact that the still-unnamed and possibly still-alive man was never brought to justice - yet they apparently haven't attempted to rectify that, even though there's no statute of limitations for murder - Ancestry.com lists Miller's county of death and county of residence as two different places, while the story Sherrod tells implies that the shooting happened at the boundary between the two farms.

All the stories I've read about this have reported as facts things that are alleged by Sherrod or her mother, who have both gained from this poignant story, yet these facts remain unverified.

There's also a story she tells about 40 white men burning a cross on her mother's yard shortly after the murder, and her mother makes a few calls and has enough black men come that they "surround" the group and move them off the property.

I don't say the woman's lying about these things, and I hope she's not, but it wouldn't be the first time a convenient yet not real history helped a career along. I'd like to see some verification of these stories.


Clarice's Pieces


Excellent, Clarice.


Thanks, ext.
My guess is if anyone examines here carefully, Sherrod will prove something of a fabulist.


Spectacular Clarice!


Thanks, Jane.


Clarice: All of your "Pieces" have been great, but his one simply is the best yet. Very well done!!!


ah, typos! his = this


Oh and Clarice, I believe you are on Lucianne this morning too.

Captain Hate

Certified lunatic and stuttering a-hole Howard Dean getting major pawn-job on FNS. Time for more self-medication for yeeeeaaarrrrrgggghhhh.


Clarice's Pieces with the first h.

Captain Hate

As everybody here should know, I'm *not* a fan of Newt and consider him running for President, which yeeeeaaarrrgggh just endorsed in concept (which should tell you everything you need to know), preposterous; that said, if he's the originator of the phrase that he just used regarding McDivot, "trickle-down bureaucracy", that is outstanding.


Howard Dean just made a fool of himself on Fox News Sunday. He blamed Fox for the Sherrod firing. Wallace asked him if he was aware that she was fired before Fox uttered a word, he stuttered and blamed it on the fear of Glenn Beck. Gingrich then chimed in: If the white house is afraid of a news personality, how are they going to deal with the world's problems.

Captain Hate

**Shock Alert**

Jesse Jackson not spending promised time helping to raise bastard daughter but mumbling incomprehensibly with marbles in mouth on FNS.


Ah, thanks sbw. I copied hers, used that to fix the link in my own browser, then used it again to create my comment. :-P

Chubby (formerly Parking Lot)

((It appears I am a lone voice crying in the wilderness, but I think Sherrod should not hold a position in our government.))

even Bill O'Reilly after apologizing for not doing his homework about Sharrod, as soon as he did his homework, called for her to be investigated for ethics charges, for violating the terms of her employment agreement. She is caught on the full tape politicking about how terrible the Bush admin was etc. etc. etc. and O'R says that is a clear violation of the Hatch Act.

Bill O'Reilly Apologizes, Attacks Sherrod



WOw - Jesse Jackson just said $3b in reparations were distributed on Thursday in the Pig farm case. Gee, I wonder if that was a demand of Sherrod.



You need to read back. You are not the least bit alone.


" the story about Sherrod's father, Hosie Miller, being murdered in 1965. Shot in the back by a white neighbor, whose name we still haven't seen, over some sort of vague cow conflict, it's been reported as a fact that an all-white grand jury refused to indict the unnamed man, as was "common" at the time."

If this actually happened, it would have been in the NYT. This sort of thing did not go uncelebrated in 1965.


Jane, Chubby was quoting "Pops."

Chubby, for some reason, uses double parens instead of quotation marks.

Captain Hate

Jesse, who's never worked a day in his life, attacking Cavs owner Dan Gilbert who obviously refused to pay any shakedown money to get Mumbles to STFU. I'm sure Gilbert figured out that nobody oan understand a damn thing Jesse ever says.

Chubby (formerly Parking Lot)

((There's also a story she tells about 40 white men burning a cross on her mother's yard shortly after the murder, ))

the first time I heard that my BS Detector started going DING DING DING


Hey MarkO, you're a legal eagle. How would they know the composition of a grand jury, anyway, never mind that one considered the case? Isn't grand juror anonymity one of the reasons these things are kept secret?

Chubby (formerly Parking Lot)

Jane .

That was POPS I was quoting...

narciso the harpoon

You know, Captain, you're kind of like the Andres Cantor announcer, screaming "Gol" for these sort of shows, sounds like a real Roberto Duran moment for both "Sherman McCoy"
and the veteran Mau Mauer

Captain Hate

narc, it's so rare that Chris Wallace doesn't act like his commie old man doesn't have his hand far up his offspring's ass and is moving his jaw, that I have to express my sense of pleasant disbelief. Maybe there've been a lot of letters & emails on just that.

Chubby (formerly Parking Lot)


((Chubby, for some reason, uses double parens instead of quotation marks.))

I like using parentheses because they look like quoatation marks but are bigger and more visual ...

Captain Hate

I think I used one too many "doesn't" @ 9:42


That sounds like a rally memorable exchange, Capt. Thanks for reporting it. Isn't it something how most of the press has utterly ignored the Journolist scandal about deliberately and falsely charging racism for political ends and at the same time accuses Fox of what that network demonstrably did not do?


Here's one of the stories about Sherrod's father's murder, with nary a fact in evidence. And here's now it closes:

We've talked and written so much in the last decade, in the context of the Middle East especially, about the cycle of violence -- about how death and destruction and watching loved ones die sow the anger that causes the tragic pattern to repeat.

But there was a war right here in this country, too, not so long ago, with a surprisingly long list of victims. That violence is what started Shirley Sherrod on the road to who she is today -- it compelled here to stay in the South and fight, which is understandable, but then it led to her redemptive vision and her notion of transcending race, which -- given what happened to her own flesh and blood -- is nothing short of remarkable. Ironically, a surprising number of positive things have come out of this bizarre Sherrod tale -- but nothing more positive than resurrecting the forgotten memory of Hosie Miller.

narciso the harpoon

Fox is driven by a certain split in sentiment, the Hearstian populism that is typified by Beck, Hannitty, et al, and the more somber establishment mien that Britt

Captain Hate

Beck must really be driving McDivot's people crazy because they seem to have forgotten about bashing Rush lately.

narciso the harpoon

That is the thing that offends my
sensibilities, it's not 1965 anymore, although
neither the late Sen. Byrd or Fulbright or
Governor Hollings had anything to do with that


Beck seems to use "admissible" evidence. He always plays the video or the sound bite. He does not merely characterize the quotation. In that sense, he is far more dangerous than anyone else on Fox. Because he is on television at 5 in the East, he commands a large audience. Rush is good at using evidence, but he is on the radio.

Melinda Romanoff

Just wait 'til Meet the Press comes on, they're setting a trap for Santelli on the "Roundtable of Love" with Anita Dunn and the head of the Urban League, among others.

He's going to try and run around the trap but I don't think they're going to let him.


In 1965, the story of a black man, shot in the back by a white neighbor who went unpunished would have been front page news. In fact, there likely would have been a federal case filed. Especially, if a local grand jury [read wizard] had failed to report charges.

If you can't find it rather quickly, I suspect it did not happen as currently reported.

Captain Hate

Isn't it something how most of the press has utterly ignored the Journolist scandal about deliberately and falsely charging racism for political ends and at the same time accuses Fox of what that network demonstrably did not do?

And they can't stop themselves from doing it even after presented with the facts. The only thing that's been discouraging is how some people (and I'm looking at Ace and his co-bloggers) get jobbed into scrutinizing the minutia of was Sherrod "really" being racist on the whole tape or not. As commentor baldilocks (a black female) pointed out: STOP GETTING PULLED INTO THIS FALSE ARGUMENT. All it is is subjective obfuscation in which one side will never back off. I'd really like to see use of the term become grounds for total ridicule and evidence of not being able to debate things based on facts.

narciso the harpoon

It's not accidental, it's deliberate, we've seen with Richard Clarke, when his off the record comments praising the administration,
they ran the treackly accusations instead. When Armitage appeared in the Plame matter, he is still unperson Ogilvy to some. When one
clarifies that Sarah didn't say 'She can see
Russia from her house' they run the Feyism. In many ways Nyhan's side can't handle contrary evidence, not us

Chubby (formerly Parking Lot)

wow Clarice, your putting together all the "pieces" of the labyrinthine Shirley Sharrod story was a masterly feat.

sometimes a cookie is all that stands between man and madness.
That would be the Thin Mint Line, I guess...
narciso the harpoon

Meanwhile the Times knows other folks unlike
the 'malevolent' Tea Partiers are just misunderstood, in the LUN

JM Hanes


"I'd like to see some verification of these stories."

I can pretty much validate one part of Sherrod's past. Per Wikipedia, she's from Baker County, Georgia, in magenta on the map below. In the late '70s, I spent a lot of time in Dougherty County, in red, near the small "city" of Albany where Sherrod "studied sociology" at Albany State U. and met her husband.

Dougherty & Baker Counties

In the 60's, again per Wikipedia, Charles Sherrod was coordinating civil rights protests in what became the "Albany Movement." The police chief there arrested so many people that he had to farm them out to other prisons. He threw Martin Luther King, himself, into jail three times. So, this was a period where racial tensions -- and white resentment -- were at their at their height, nowhere more so than in southwest Georgia.

When I arrived more than a decade later, it was still one of the most stunningly racist areas I've ever lived in -- and black farmers were at the very bottom of that heap. There were people around Albany who would have told you Baker County was even worse. Before driving through it on the way down to Florida, I was given this advice: "Just fill up your gas tank before you get to Newton, and DON'T STOP for anything till it's long gone from your rear view mirror."

Like you, I think there are a lot of narratives that deserve a whole lot more scrutiny than they get, and Wikipedia is not exactly gospel. When it comes to Sherrod's family history, however, I have no trouble believing every word of it.

Danube of Thought

I agree that the story would have been front page news. I can still remember the reporting of actual events of that kind from that era. Medgar Evers, the three freedom riders, and before that Emmett Till. The truth on all of this is going to come out fairly soon, I would think.

Minus 20 at Raz today.

Danube of Thought

Good one, Clarice.


Ms. Feldman,

A timely and powerful piece. Thank you for your efforts.

Danube of Thought

Here's another story about Sherrod, with a few more interesting facts. In this version, the murder occurred in 1963.


Ms. Shirley Sherrod (or Sharrod)is a racist and unfit to hold government office at any level. Her views and comments disqualify her from holding any position that has power over any other citizen -white, black, brown, yellow, whatever. PERIOD.
Until we collectively get over looking at people as groups and not individuals..this will never work....



Minus 20 at Raz today.

Day is not complete until I read DoT's Raz report.


Don't see the link, DoT.

bio mom

One correction for Clarice. The Sherrod video posted by Breitbart did indeed contain the part where she speaks about her epiphany. There all the time. The hysterics simply ignored that and concentrated on the earlier part of the narrative.


Excellent CP, Clarice.


Politico on 7/20 after Sherrod's firing but before the apologies barrage:

"Agriculture Department spokesman Chris Mather said Sherrod was let go because of what she said in March that was captured on the videotape, not due to her actions in regard to the farmer two decades ago. “She was asked to resign because of the comment she made when she was a political appointee. It’s not what happened decades ago. It’s the comments she made in March.”

Vilsack claimed later the WH didn't influence Sherrod's firing, but the WH surely influenced the jettisoning of the USDA's initial assessment of her comments, about which Vilsack/Mather agreed with Pops.

Danube of Thought

Sorry Ext, I forgot to link to the article and now I can't find it. It appears Free Republic has been looking for facts and can't find much.

JM Hanes

When it comes to asking serious questions, I'd start with that Masters in "community development" and the precise character of "New Communities" farm business. There were some truly bizarre communal projects being set up around that time. I seem to recall a black muslim group which acquired a significant amount of property for a separationist enclave. One of its tenets was that "food is poison" -- which is not exactly a farmer's creed. I'm not sure how far off the ground it got, but I wouldn't assume such movements were homegrown.

The size of the eventual settlement suggests there was plenty for opportunists of every stripe to like. Sherrod is apparently in line for a major chunk of money, and it would be worth investigating how the rest is to be distributed, who the beneficiaries are and how they qualified for inclusion. It sounds like she's had a lot of money to pass around professionally too, and no small conflicts of interest. The Spooner saga may have had a happy ending, but that's just one small brush stroke in a much bigger picture.


Just for the record, very early on, before this story was even picked up by "main stream media", Glenn Beck on his show said that the Sherrod story needed to be investigated more fully before anyone rushed to any conclusions.

Danube of Thought

Here's the Wikipedia account of the Pigford class action lawsuit, in which about a billion dollars has been paid out. It's my understanding that Sherrod is one of the "Track B" plaintiffs. I certainly hope we learn more about her USDA duties and responsibilities in the coming days.


"I don't say the woman's lying about these things, and I hope she's not, but it wouldn't be the first time a convenient yet not real history helped a career along. I'd like to see some verification of these stories."

Echo. Sherrod uses these stories to justify her hatred of whites, but it simply doesn't follow that for someone so traumatized, the catalyst that reformed her was a white farmer ill-served by the white lawyer she sent him to.



If we are talking about the same thing, the initial data was that she and her husband each got $150k while the typical settlement was about $27k. This morning Jesse Jackson said they paid out another $4b on Thursday - I question the timing.

And if we are not talking about the same thing, I apologize.

Jim Miller

Here's more on that area of Georgia in the early 60's from Rich Lowry.


Thanks all. BioMom, I believe video 1 cut off before the full epiphany disclosure..just as she started down that path. It was that which caused the Anchoress to suggest we all hold fire until we had more.

I'm with jmh, about the times..

In 1965 when I was graduating from law school, I interviewed at the Civil Rights Division. John Dorr reported back to the professor who had recommended me that since Goodman, Cheny And Werner had just been murdered, they would not allow white woman to go down south to handle these cases and that he thought I'd be bored sitting around DC rather than litigating.

These were hot, dangerous times.

But that was 4 decades ago.

Jim Miller

Oh, and kudos to our host for this line: "MoDo is part reporter and part high school cafeteria gossip, but the bit about unreturned phone calls and emails does not seem made-up."

What a nice summary of one of our favorite columnists.


See, if Obama had slave blood, he woulda been down with the struggle and woulda recognize Sherrod name. That's why Sherrod coulda remind him that she got experience he don't. That why he run and talk to her. So this whole story just show like that black LA Times reporter ask if Obama black enough and it asnwer that question too. He ain't. Breitbart help America see that Obama naked on race. He don't have the street cred and he don't have the backgkround knowledge. He racist but he don't know history details. He know how to accuse America but he don't know a whole lotta stuff. Guess that why he got Chelle.


This seems to be how she earned her masters, Earn a Degree While Working in Rural Community Development

And more on New Communities and the settlement.

JM Hanes


Even if we weren't talking about the same thing, which I think we are, more info would be nothing to apologize for!


FWIW, the 82 yr old GA Agriculture Commissioner is stepping down after 42 yrs. Lifelong Democrat Tommy Irvin was nationally known segregationist Lester Maddox's legislative aide until Democrat Gov. Maddox appointed him Ag Comm.

Crimson Carrot

"the 'malevolent' Tea Partiers are just misunderstood, in the LUN"

Only underestimated, certainly not 'misunderstood'.

Evidence, the lack of accountablity shown here, without exception.


I would ask Maureen Dowd, if I could, how the NAACP could make the same mistake as the White House. I mean if the WH doesn't recognize Sherrod's contribution because they aren't authentically black, how come the NAACP condemned Sherrod as well? Is it they
"weren’t familiar enough with civil rights history to recognize the name Sherrod"?

Wine Jelly

Breitbart gets a pass with fellow racists.

Chubby (formerly Parking Lot)

((Breitbart gets a pass with fellow racists.))

"Tainting the tea party movement with the charge of racism is proving to be an effective strategy for Democrats. There is no evidence that tea party adherents are any more racist than other Republicans, and indeed many other Americans. But getting them to spend their time purging their ranks and having candidates distance themselves should help Democrats win in November. Having one’s opponent rebut charges of racism is far better than discussing joblessness." Mary Frances Berry

"Pick one of Obama’s conservative critics, Fred Barnes, Karl Rove, who cares — and call them racists" Spencer Ackerman, JournOlist


At tea party rallies, we ought to carry a sign reading "Don't Pickering Us"..Remind people of the dastardly use to which the race baiters have put the charge.


Danube of Thought:
As Sherrod herself has made clear, the problem is that Obama ain't down with the struggle. No slave blood there. Brother don't know the rural South.

Good point. He just doesn’t know rural America. Period. Recall his “bitter…clinging to to guns and religion” remark about rural Pennsylvania.

Wine Jelly

'Tainting' seems a flaccid word for the hard-on Tea-Baggers have for the White Race.

Wine Jelly

"race baiters"

Tea-Baggers are bait fishermen in a fly-fishing world.

Captain Hate

This isn't a public toilet, Rancid Fruit; close the door on your way out.

If this is Sunday it must be time to hate Belgium.

We get the morning's benefaction from Wine Jelly.

narciso the harpoon

And Van Jones, is crawling out of the woodwork
to insist he was a 'victim' like Sherrod. THe LUN was too a lively colloquoy with an Al Sshaab leader, the kind the order the massaacre in Uganda the other day

Chubby (formerly Parking Lot)

(('Tainting' seems a flaccid word for the hard-on Tea-Baggers have for the White Race.))

This is a family site, we are not interested in your sex practices.

Wine Jelly

"close the door on your way out."

Not before I spray ecnough room freshener
in this Outhouse.

Army of Davids

Teen unemployment is up to 25%.

3 minimum wages in 4 years from Pelosi and Reid.

It is particularly brutal on African American male teens.

Stupid economic policies have consequences.

This is a serious problem that consistently goes under-reported. A challenge to journalists who fancy themselves "social conscious"....give this story the coverage it deserves.

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