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July 24, 2010



There is much more to this Sherrod the bigot's hassles than meets the standard of the lamestream media's desire to report: Ask Shirley Sherrod about New Communities Inc. and the Pigford SCAM...

You know when you're supposed to kneel, right WJ?

Let your hatred, Be all cleansing.

Wine Jelly

"This is a family site,"

Yeah, we've all heard conservative rhetoric about their 'family values'.


JM Hanes

I think trolls should get their own distinctive avatar. TypePad could add it to the blog owner toolbox.

Jim Miller:

Baker County must have been an unimaginable racist sinkhole, if it was still "bad" Baker County by the time I got to that part of the world. I think it's hard for a lot of people to imagine just how bad it was even after it got better. Thanks for the link to Lowry.


Pistolas are being removed from the gun case.....Fair warning.

Chubby (formerly Parking Lot)

and we've heard quite enough about your perverted sexual practices, thanks anyway

narciso the harpoon

Gatlings with armor piercing rounds, 'just to be sure' Clarice

Wine Jelly

"Let your hatred, Be all cleansing."

Not cleansed from all racism yet. You?

Captain Hate


Strange that you capitalize that word; it must remind you of BOzo.

Wine Jelly

Capitalized due to the depth of odor.

JM Hanes

"And they didn’t return the calls and e-mail..."

Did the singular "email" strike anyone else as a slightly odd usage here which might suggest Dowd only knows of one? Even folks referring to her column automatically change it to "emails."

narciso the harpoon

It's back to acceptable Thalosian buzz for those on killfile


"Breitbart gets a pass with fellow racists."

If exposing racism is racist, what's left. It is my hope that this episode will do for the word racism what the movie "Blue Velvet" did for my desire to say the word fuck.

Danube of Thought

There has to be a record of the grand jury proceedings, for starters.


well fuck you 'just one minute

I need a Hall of Colors.

How can I ever make a money maker out of my Museum of Ironies when the public is so unappreciative.

Crimson carrot

"Did the singular "email" strike anyone else as a slightly odd usage here which might suggest Dowd only knows of one?"

Only the pathologically myopic would focus on that nugget, or perhaps a racist in pathological denial.

Danube of Thought

I have a hunch that the costs of making false, knee-jerk accusations of "racism" are going to be very dear, and the first payment is going to come due on November 2.

Feigning Family Values

"If exposing racism is racist"

Breitbart exposed himself. Oh, can I say that on a family site?

Captain Hate

Hmmm, there must be a tear in the screen door letting all these buzzing flies in...


--If we are talking about the same thing, the initial data was that she and her husband each got $150k while the typical settlement was about $27k.--

What I read was that she and her husband received a total of $300,000 for pain and suffering. But most of the settlement was for lost income and property. I didn't see a total for what they received from that portion of the settlement.
Like the rest of this story, who knows what, if anything, is accurate?


An article by Julian Bond titled, "SNCC: What We Did - Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee"

SNCC organizers spent their first weeks in a new community meeting local leadership, formulating with them an action plan for more aggressive registration efforts, and recruiting new activists through informal conversation, painstaking house-to-house canvassing, and regular mass meetings. Registering rural southern blacks, a SNCC worker wrote, "would greatly liberate American politics as a whole. At the very least, these new voters would defeat the powerful, hidebound, Southern Democrats who were holding the reigns of Congress and the Senate on the basis of being elected year after year from districts where Black citizens were denied the franchise. The Southern Democratic legislators weren't just holding up civil rights legislation, they were a serious impediment to any kind of meaningful social or economic changes." SNCC and other organizations fought white terrorism and helped create a willingness to risk danger in order to register to vote. By one estimate, reported in Pat Watters' and Reese Cleghorn's Climbing Jacob's Ladder: The Arrival of the Negro in Southern Politics, "a majority of the unregistered had at least been confronted with registration's challenge" by 1965.

Cleo is only one fly with many names.

Racist Apathy

"screen door letting all these buzzing flies in..."

This Outhouse has a screen door?


Honky. Dead honky.

Remember when that was funnly?

narciso the harpoon

Back in the day, even Marion Barry had a moment of integrity, but as with John Lewis, who has really tarnished the scutcheon of his
convictions they are vile demagogues now, Bond really comparing the GOP or the tea parties to the Taliban, if that were true,
as the Times imagines itself, they wouldn't dare


This Administration has played an entire deck of race cards. I have a proposal. Let's make the race card a trey.

Before they got the Vote

"Back in the day"

Yes, the good old days when minorities knew their place, and White was right.

Jim Miller

JM Hanes - You're welcome, of course.

Changing the subject, I think that "e-mail" in the column is plural.

I often say "email" (omitting the hyphen) when I am talking about more than one. (For example: "Some days I get a lot of email, especially after I put up a post on Sound Politics.") And I sometimes say "emails", too, especially when I am counting them. (For example: "There are six unanswered emails in my in-box.")

I suspect many others are just as confused as I am on the proper plural(s) for email. (Though almost everyone agrees that you no longer need the hyphen.)


Oh, death racist where is thy sting?

Danube of Thought

What "Blue Velvet" did for me was make me want to get one a them gas masks.

Simpletons appreciate her intellect

"Though almost everyone agrees that you no longer need the hyphen.)"

Palin dispenses with the hyphen, just as the Tea-Bagging Bard coins new words like
'refudiate' with all the aplomb of a high school graj-ee-at. (sic)


This troll hates women. Might be Bill Clinton.

narciso the harpoon

Ot, anyone bother to ask Geithner, so the rich don't pay the tax


Yes, jann and popps and others point out that Breitbart published it, explicitily saying it was NOT so much about Shirley Sherrod, but about the reactions of the audience at the NAACP function. And after viewing the entire clip, it’s clear that Ms. Sherrod came off better than in the edited version. But Breitbart's original contention remains true that the audience at the NAACP function or dinner did laugh and murmur some not-so-funny things in the edited clip.

But motor-monkeys like Howard Dean and even Sherrod later have to come back to the old script, which ignores the fact that 90% of white racists until very recently were Democrats, including perhaps the "white farmer" being referred to so often.

The shrill lack of any restraint on the Democratic media/agitprop shows how panicked they are. The "big smear" they used to whine about concerning Sen. Joe McCarthy, who was an absolute gentleman compared to Howard Dean, et al.


Too little, too late, and way too mealy mouthed still--

New York Times, by Staff Original Article

NATIONAL The Political Times column last Sunday, about a generational divide over racial attitudes, erroneously linked one example of a racially charged statement to the Tea Party movement. While Tea Party supporters have been connected to a number of such statements, there is no evidence that epithets reportedly directed in March at Representative John Lewis, Democrat of Georgia, outside the Capitol, came from Tea Party members.

____In fact there is no evidence of a single epithet racial or otherwise having been directed at Lewis then---Still we are edging to a walkback of the lies.

Stop pretending to be tolerant

Plato, upon observing politicians campaigning in poor neighborhoods while clothed in rags, even though wealthy, chimed;

"Your vanity shows through every hole in your garment"

Thus would he see conservative racism.


Remember "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day"?

I say let's pick a day and call everyone a racist all day. Unless that has already happened.


Oh death, where is thy sting? Oh grave, where is thy victory?
you thought you had a hold on me but you were wrong, I’ve been set free

Fling poo all you want trolls--we are free at last!!

Danube of Thought

Just saw Howard Dean (via TiVo) Howard Dean getting confronted by actual facts from Chris Wallace. Like watching a baby seal get clubbed.

Stop pretending to be tolerant

"we are free at last!!"

Uh, you've been free at little longer than those whose throats you want to keep your boot on.


The tide is turning when even Chris Wallace steps up to the truth or consequences plate--thank you Andrew. (And no thanks to the white toga crowd and they know who they are.)

narciso the harpoon

Tried to access the Albany Herald's archive, but a robot txt blocked it

hit and run

http://www.tnr.com/article/politics/76528/fox-news-racial-hysteria-paranoia-fear?page=0,1>EJ Dionne agrees: it's Andrew Breitbart's world and they are all just waiting to be told how high to jump:

The traditional media are so petrified of being called "liberal" that they are prepared to allow the Breitbarts of the world to become their assignment editors.

This high,chumps.

But it's all down hill from there.

This is racially inflammatory, politically motivated nonsense... When an outlandish charge for which there is no evidence is treated as an on-the-one-hand-on-the-other-hand issue, the liars win.

Wait. What?

Nope,Dionne's not talking about the false charges of tea partiers hurling racial epithets at black congressmen (in fact, he believes that unsubstantiated claim). On the contrary,Dionne is talking about the sworn and corroborated testimony of J. Christian Adams in the black panther case.

TM (back in the Nearing End Days Thread):
Paul Krugman, a towering figure in the Self-Invented Reality Community

Dionne may be less towering,but he's certainly just as inventive.

Stars and Stripes News Media

Chris Wallace? Fox News finally stepped up to the truth or consequences plate?



This is interesting to say the least. From Page 7 of the SNCC article I posted at 12:57 pm

At its founding conference, SNCC first announced its identification with the African liberation struggle. "We identify ourselves with the African struggle as a concern for all mankind," they said. At SNCC's Fall 1960 conference in Atlanta, a featured speaker was Alphonse Okuku, an Antioch College student and brother of Kenyan labor leader Tom MBoya. The mass-meeting program said Okuku "brings to our attention the great significance of the African struggle and its relationship to our fight." SNCC Chairman John Lewis told the March on Washington in 1963, "One man, one vote is the African cry. It must be ours!"

Wiki tells us Tom MBoya was a friend of Barack Obama SR

In 1959 Mboya organized the Airlift Africa project, together with the African-American Students Foundation in the United States, through which 81 Kenyan students were flown to the U.S. to study at U.S. universities. Barack Obama's father, Barack Obama, Sr., was a friend of Mboya's and a fellow Luo; although he was not on the first airlift plane in 1959, since he was headed for Hawaii, not the continental U.S., he received a scholarship through the AASF and occasional grants for books and expenses. In 1960 the Kennedy Foundation agreed to underwrite the airlift, after Mboya visited Senator Jack Kennedy to ask for assistance, and Airlift Africa was extended to Uganda, Tanganyika and Zanzibar (now Tanzania), Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia), Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), and Nyasaland (now Malawi). Some 230 African students received scholarships to study at Class I accredited colleges in the United States in 1960, and hundreds more in 1961-63.

That SNCC's Fall 1960 conference in Atlanta took place on Oct 14, 1960. When was our president born again?

JM Hanes

Great stuff, Rocco. As usual!

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Tom's post and this thread must be threatening to Alexander and his astroturfers.

AstroTrollism aint what it used to be.

narciso the harpoon

This is what life was like back in the old country, of Kenya, in the LUN


This thread is on Instapundit - I think that is what attracted all the fruit flies. (Not blaming, Insty for that mind you, but it shows they do monitor his site for the next swarm formation.)

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Good catch, cc.

Danube of Thought

Looks like congress isn't coming up with the funding for the Pigford settlement.

Wisdom for the Self-Deluded

'but it does show they monitor his site'

Haven't visited his mausoleum in years.
Don't need to. JOM is sufficient in delusional trogdlodytes.


uh oh, DoT, Shirley isn't getting that $13 million? Look out!

Captain Hate

This thread is on Instapundit - I think that is what attracted all the fruit flies.

Axelrod himself was posting the other night how poorly the troll-in-training was doing so I guess they brought back Daniel Schorr's rotting corpse from Hell. Evidently even Satan has standards.


soros really is getting less and less for his money these days.

When do you suppose he'll abandon media matters and all their half wit staff?

Danube of Thought

Not sure about Sherrod's payout status. As I understand it, a lot of money has been paid out already, and she and her husband may have received all or part of theirs.

JM Hanes

Speaking of Instapundit, he links to Good news! Charlie Rangel says stepping down would be un-American. Long may that flag wave!



Hummm...maybe it's starting. Carlson got the Journalist archive (or some of it at least). Not sure how quickly he could unwind his positions in Obama and the DNC however. His "non-profits", the DNC, and Obama are far to entangled for quick liquidation.

And the media is still going around on Sherrod. The most competent and first "post-racial" administration ever can't even fire a black female political appointee, who serves at the pleasure of the president and can be fired for any reason or no reason at all (except when you are a Republican president and want to fire some US Attorneys that aren't prosecuting vote fraud cases), without it becoming "a crisis". Didn't hear much of a peep when Obama cashiered Walpin. Wonder what the Obama Administration was using the story to hide?

How did Santelli do? Missed it.

Rick Ballard

I'm trying to come up with the King Corollary to Godwin's Law. Something like "The evocation of racism is inversely linked to the character of the person evoking it" (eg Jackson, Jesse/ Sharpton, Al)

Did you guys know that every time a dimwitted troll evokes a response another moron gets his credential?

Chubby (formerly Parking Lot)



The document, acquired by a well-placed US source, threatens to undermine US President Barack Obama's claim last week that all Americans were "surprised, disappointed and angry" to learn of Megrahi's release.


I don't think Sherrod got her money. The settlement was entered just days before she took office last spring.The earlier payout was IIRC in 1999.



Unsurprising. When the release was first announced the BP part leaked within a few days and even then the British papers were saying that the US was fully aware of the deal. More to the point, if Obama or Clinton wanted to stop the deal, it would have stopped.

A megaphone can drown the facts

"How did Santelli do?"

He does better on FOX, because they let him ramble on without a leash.


Rick :"Did you guys know that every time a dimwitted troll evokes a response another moron gets his credential?"
Doncha Pickering us..


Rick Santelli is the bond market reporter for CNBC.

Are the trolls bored today, the infestation seems worse than normal.


RichatUF: The troll is only one, I think - same blue avatar - regardless of name. Probably Cleo off his/her meds again, or things got boring and stale over at Protein Wisdom.



Wait till daddy finds out about that.

A megaphone can drown the facts


Git yer red hot Tea Bagger news from MSNBC


Late Thursday, the Senate stripped $1.2 billion for the claims from an emergency spending bill, along with $3.4 billion in long-overdue funding for a settlement with American Indians who say they were swindled out of royalties by the federal government.

I thought Jesse Jackson said just the opposite, so I stand corrected.

Santelli seemed out of place and bit off topic to me. Anita Dunn is truly annoying, she groans into the microphone when others are talking.

Is anyone surprised the WH backed the lockerbee bomber. Obama loves anyone who hates americans.

Chubby (formerly Parking Lot)

no... but surprised there is a written letter to prove it

Assassin Party

Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth belonged to a political party not unlike
the modern Republican Party, the defunct Whigs and the Know Nothing Party. This is your legacy, Tea Baggers.....

By the age of 16, Booth was interested in the theatre and in politics, becoming a delegate from Bel Air to a rally by the Know Nothing Party for Henry Winter Davis, the anti-immigrant party's candidate for Congress in the 1854 elections.[20]

Booth also railed against Lincoln in conversations with his sister Asia, saying, "That man's appearance, his pedigree, his coarse low jokes and anecdotes, his vulgar similes, and his policy are a disgrace to the seat he holds. He is made the tool of the North, to crush out slavery."[83] As the Confederacy's defeat became more certain in 1865, Booth decried the end of slavery and Lincoln's election to a second term, "making himself a king", the actor fumed, in "wild tirades", his sister recalled.[84]

An avid anti-abolitionist, Booth attended the execution of John Brown.


Great job with your column Clarice.



It begins in a forrest, where the woodchucks woo.

[good to see the troll picked up on "dead" honky]

The South shall rise again !!!

"Obama loves anyone who hates americans."

I'd be careful about calling yourself an American.

The South shall rise again !!!

Booth was no racist. He was a misunderstood conservative, no amnesty assassin.

narciso the harpoon

The thing to keep in mind is Al Megrahi, is a former?? Mukharabat official, no mere hitman,
Fhimah I'm not sure of. Then again we've been friendly through Kappes with his boss
Musa Kusa, since 2001, who also ordered the La Belle bombing in Berlin, through his contacts in the Stasi. From Susskind's account, ( I know,take that with a grain of salt) was the one who gave Ben Bonk, a fellow
MSU grad, the name of Ibn Sheik Al Libi,

narciso the harpoon

Confirmation of the first part, Fhimah was Mukharabat official as well, in the LUN


When in doubt, check to see if Clarice wrote something up at AT. Back on 6 September 2009.

The South shall rise again !!!



Wonder if Journalist was invovled in shaping that story? I seem to recall NPR was helpful to the administration. A few days to work out the "angry" Obama story line then spiking any follow-ups.

narciso the harpoon

It really is a pitiful farce when we come right down to it, in the LUN

Chubby (formerly Parking Lot)

everyone will be doing a 3 month countdown ... that might last for 10 years


Hey Matt, if you are around there is an interesting response/comment to your post at you too.


Insty now links to Clarice's latest.


FYI all...

Don't challenge Ms. Sherrod's story about her father. See the LUN

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Beautiful, Narciso. And originated neither from BRRRRRRReitbart nor FOXNews but from the London Times.

WIll it ever see the light of day in a US Newspaper? Surely not the NY Times or WAPO.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Another misdirection from Appalled. No one here has ever questioned that part of her story.

Rob Crawford

Probably Cleo off his/her meds again, or things got boring and stale over at Protein Wisdom.

Jesus -- Jeff still tolerates that POS at his site?


Jim Rhoads:

Really? See LUN


The invasion is my fault for tempting fate - just yesterday I was wondering about Cleo and how we hadn't seen her for awhile.


How do you read those, Appalled? I didn't see any actual information.

Btw, I'm not doubting that the guy's name was Hosie Miller, or that he died in 1965, or that he was murdered, or that it was by a white guy, or that it was over some cow-related conflict, or that the murderer was unfairly cleared by a racist white grand jury. I'd just like to see some evidence. Is it in that link?

Without the evidence, I'll admit I'm skeptical. After all, how many politicians have embellished their stories about being Vietnam warriors, baseball players, etc. Jesse Jackson wiped the blood of MLK on his own shirt to enhance his reputation, and look where it got him. Al Sharpton's career was based entirely on a convenient and ridiculous lie, and look where it got him.

Considering the total market value of the racial grievance industry, it isn't a big stretch to wonder if anyone else happened to embellish their struggle-cred just a tad.

I'll be happy to stop questioning Ms. Sherrod's story if the links you posted show the evidence. I just couldn't figure out how to read them.



Nor could I. It would probably take a trip to your friendly government depository library to get a look at these hearings. Not everything is on the internet quite yet.

What this does indicate, though, is that this event raised itself to the issue of government hearings back in 1966 (not exactly typical). And, to me, that suggests that nothing is to be gained by Breitbart (who probably would be best served by leaving this lady alone) launching an investigation that requires things not immeidately accessible with a web search.

    There's also a story she tells about 40 white men burning a cross on her mother's yard shortly after the murder, and her mother makes a few calls and has enough black men come that they "surround" the group and move them off the property.

According to jmh, these rural farmers were dirt poor.

And, they are black.

Yet, they have a telephone around 1964?

I'm white. We were often "poor". We lived in the suburbs. We didn't get a phone until ~1970.

And, blacks "moving" 40 white men in the deep south of 1964-ish? I'm skeptical.



What I saw, from the little bit I could read, was she was denied government welfare because there was a "substitute" father in the house. Nothing in what you linked indicates how the father died. That I could see, anyway. Her mother was denied welfare and she fought it.

The Worth County Board of Family and Children Services considers a period of two years prior to receiving assistance after closure of a case due to a substitute father in the home. After two years, if you can prove that your pattern of living has changed and the father of your last child is not...

That's the evidence of her father's murder by a white racist and exoneration by a white racist grand jury, and we'd best leave it alone? That's your point?

Something tells me there's a lot to be gained by understanding this lady's background, her decisions regarding the doling out of funds while at the USDA and in powerful positions before that, and the financial settlement she and her husband won for the collective.


Breitbart did the country a favor exposing the cowardliness of the WH and the NAACP.

I am sick of the hypocrisy of the left and those on the right that have to condemn this fellow. He laid the trap and the WH and the NAACP went for the bait. And he showed us how easy it is to co-opt these idiots.


In fact, wouldn't it be logical to wonder whether that that last line continues with "...residing in the state of Georgia" or "...providing any financial support to you and/or your family" or something along those lines? Why mention the "last child," anyway?

I don't see how this corroborates anything she's said. In fact, I think it raises more doubt.


Another wonderful article! Thank you for spreading the truth so that the real story is out there in the media.



Without reading the entire page about Mrs. Miller, it is hard to know exactly what it was going to say. I am trying to figure out the timeline, though. The hearing was in 1966.

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