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July 22, 2010



Olbermann is the Father Coughlin of the Left.

Danube of Thought

I'm not so sure Beck comes off that well: it appears that he really had never heard of the Dreyfus matter before. And he misquotes Olbermann's "Captain Alfred Dreyfus" as "Richard Alfred Dreyfus."

But the laughter is contagious, particularly when you consider how many more people Beck reaches than Olbermann does.

Old Lurker

That's a slur on Father Coughlin, Matt.

Chubby (formerly Parking Lot)

for sure ... Olbermann's pompously absurd comparison of Sherrod to Dreyfus was Monte Python territory


I thought it was hysterical when Beck pounced on the fact that Lawrence O'Donnell is already measuring the drapes for the Obermann office.

Captain Hate

I must admit I really enjoyed Beck skewering that pompous eggplant-shaped loser. I guess the history courses offered at a fingerlakes area ag school don't give the students much perspective; although maybe the sane ones end up doing better.

Frau Edith Steingehirn

I thought the "Dick" Dreyfus part was a joke, DoT. I need to laugh a lot these days.

Yangtze of Pondering

It appears that Danube of Thought has never heard of Richard Dreyfuss, and therefore, missed the joke.

Danube of Thought

As I heard him, he first referred to him as Richard, then said " why didn't he just call him Dick?". But no matter.


Yeah, cause Richard Dreyfus is an Richard Alfred Dreyfus & then Dick. Beck's radio program can be super funny.


I thought Father Coughlin was the Father Coughlin of the left.

I agree that it's a bit embarrassing that Beck hadn't heard of the Dreyfus affair, though "Yangtze of Pondering" is the funniest part of this whole thread - with a close second being the comparison of a life sentence on Devil's Island with the sheer living hell of a three day furlough from a desk job at the Department of Agriculture.


The title indicates there could be people who like Keith Olbermann. That is a scary thought.

Dave (in MA) --->>> BO Stinks <<< ---

A moonbat friend of mine put a link to "Keith Olbermann Gives The Right-wing Hell" on his Facebook page.

I never new Hell was supposed to be so hilarious. I guess I should have paid closer attention in Sunday school.

Danube of Thought

Danube of Thought has never heard of Richard Dreyfuss

I've heard much more than I ever cared to hear from that pest. He claims to be distantly related to the Captain.

Dave (in MA)
I never new
knew, you big dummy.
Extended dance mix...............

You o, you owe, you o i l, you want, just give me what you O.............what I want.........

Captain Hate

He claims to be distantly related to the Captain.

I'm always the last to know these things...

SALT... Fuck Yeah....xtender

You knew..........You know...........Russians know nothing about birth certificates and treason......

CIA figured there may be an O pattern, but no one else was owe.......

Captain Hate

Is this a new luciferian?

Rob Crawford

Olbermann is the Father Coughlin of the Left.

No -- Father Coughlin was the Father Coughlin of the Left.

(His biggest beef with FDR was that FDR didn't go socialist enough.)

Chubby (formerly Parking Lot)

but truly ... comparing Sharrod's minor dustup to the Dreyfus affair ? THAT IS TOTALLY OVER THE TOP

narciso the harpoon

I recall he played I believe Picquart in a film about a dozen years ago


O/T Breaking NEWS!

NY Congressman Rangel may have an ethics problem. Don't miss this exciting event! Do not adjust your set-updates will follow in 30 or 40 years.


LOL, Pagar.

Danube of Thought

Those house ethics investigations are famed for their rigor and impartiality. We can be assured that the truth will come out, and that an appropriate punishment will be imposed.


an appropriate punishment will be imposed

Life sentence on Devil's Island, or two consecutive days of interviews on CNN.
Po-tay-toe, Po-tah-toe.

Danube of Thought

Looks like the federal judge in AZ is skeptical about SB 1070. The hangup is with the separate state crime, which has struck me as the Achilles heel of the thing.


" hangup is with the separate state crime,"

I don't suspect there were a whole of people who really thought the Obama administration was going to allow the people of Arizona or anywhere else in America to defend themselves against the Mexican drug cartel.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Can't she just strike down that part, DOT?

Ellie Light

Oberman is the only man who makes Larry O'Donnell seem almost sane.


Ed Shultz says Jim DeMint's "waterloo" speech was racist because DeMint said "it will break him." Apparently that is a reference to breaking a slave.

What will Ed say to
Olbermann the racist.


If you don't like Keith, you will like this even more.

I'm jealous.

New phase for cryptic, same old great links.

Captain Hate

Damn Jane, that Daily Caller is comedy gold. I may have to add that to my favorites and give that ninny Ace the bum's rush (although I *really* need a forum for my inner trash-mouth). Make no doubt about it: I hate the Journolist a-holes but I applaud their smackdown of the Edward R Murrow of Retardville.


It is nice to know those journolisters have standards.

I blogged about just that this morning.


If the only problem with the Arizona law is the state crime, the legislature will re-enact the law without that provision. The Feds will need a wholesale repudiation on Constitutioal grouds.


JOM needs spell check, especially for me. My mother warned me. I told her I would have a secretary.

Constitutional. Is that right?

Captain Hate

Countdown to Keef's Howard Beale Moment


Ted Baxter, maybe...

Wudda maroon.

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