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July 10, 2010



You are right to beware Clintonian parsing.


Forget who looked into it, but someone wrote that while urban crime rates are flat, the crime has rate gone way up in unincorporated areas of Arizona. That's probably the Clintonian parsing you're looking for.


I forgot who wrote it up but someone did write this up today and found a beheading. h well, it's probably lost in the recesses of my vacant old head and I', too tired to try to backtrack and find it.


After reading the article I think I can state confidently that Dana Millbank is playing every bit as fast and loose with facts and statistics as he is accusing Jan Brewer of doing. So is the headline tomorrow going to be:

"They're Losing Their Heads in Washington, Too!"


Here it is, TM--Tapscott in the washington Examiner linked this morning by Insty.
http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/blogs/beltway-confidential/MEMO-TO-MILBANK-Youre-a-head-behind-the-facts-on-Arizona-violence-98148009.html>Milbanks is a head behind the facts


"Next, there's Brewer's claim that "the majority" of people immigrating illegally "are coming here and they're bringing drugs, and they're doing drop houses and they're extorting people and they're terrorizing the families."

Employers are being penalized for hiring illegals, only so lawn care workers can be utilzed at one time, etc, etc. I presume people have got to be employed before starting to draw unemployment.

Where is it that the illegals are supposedly thought to be getting legal sources of income?


When Milbank puts the same effort into fact-checking Obama and Holder when they lie about the AZ law, he might begin to attain a shred of credibility.

Until then, he seems to be the sort of person the word "earsling" was invented for.

Danube of Thought

I have a hunch ol' Jan went a bit over the top. But she's doing a great job.



"The Arizona Guardian Web site [link] checked with medical examiners in Arizona's border counties"

Now *that* is the kind of gung-ho investigative reporting that cost Nixon his Presidency! When facts need checking and someone has to do the digging ... call someone else and hope like heck they have a clue.

Funny how news reporting now so closely resembles Empire Archeology in Asimov's Foundation series.

Jane says obamasucks

I read it too Clarice. It might have been at Hot Air, because I remember the picture.


See above, Jane--Tapscott I think


Why the Arizona Guardian, and not the Republic, from the looks of it, it seems like
a paper that is directed against effective Republicans like Brewer, an endorsement of the Dream Act?


Weird. The Guardian was only founded in 2009 and it seems is very politically oriented. There are several stories responding to accusations of various politicians.

They seem to be pushing Brewer's Republican opponent for the governorship.Something smells fishy.Sounds like someone should dig deeper on this one? David Fenton? MoveOn?


Your suspicions seem on point, Matt, inthe LUN


Has Milbank been to Nogales, El Paso, or near the routes where these crossing happen? Likely not. For Milbank, Obama and all the others drenched in disgust over Arizona's foolish attempt to protect itself, there is no problem. It is all made up. Leave him out alone all night in one of those areas. Actually, because it is so safe, he could stay there with Obama.

No hay problema. It's just all too theoretical for them. I swear, these are the guys in Model U. N.


Leave him out alone all night in one of those areas.

Love, love, love it.

Although, to be fair, Milbank would probably be afraid outside in his backyard.

JM Hanes

I believe what the article cited at HuffPo calls the area south of Interstate 8 between Casa Grande and Gila Bend must be the Sonoran Desert National Monument. Pajamas Media published a piece about it a couple of weeks ago (Arizona Park a ‘No-Go’ Zone), and about the dismaying appearance of a white supremacist group who seem eager to take up the enforcement slack. Apparently narco traffic is not the sole reason for the closure, but perhaps folks should be querying the BLM for crime stats!

When Visiting Southern Arizona
Bureau of Land Management public lands lie adjacent to 44 miles of the international border with Mexico.  Visitors should be aware that narcotic smuggling activities occur within this national monument.  If you see any activity that looks illegal, suspicious, or out of place, please do not intervene.  Note your location and call 911, or report the activity to a law enforcement range as quickly as possible.

Be Aware, Be Safe
• Cell phone service is often out of range in many remote areas of the monument.
• Know where you are at all times, follow good safety procedures and use common sense when making decisions.
• Do not pick up or approach hitch hikers.
• Keep valuables, including spare change, out of sight and lock your vehicle.
• Avoid traveling outside of well-marked roads and routes.
• People in distresss may ask for food, water or other assistance.  Do not make contact.  Report the location of the distressed people to the nearest BLM or other law enforcement authority.
• Report ANY suspicious behavior to the nearest BLM office or contact Law Enforcement Dispatch at (623) 580-5515 as soon as possible.

When that's what passes for recreational advice in Arizona, maybe a little hyperbole is in order.

JM Hanes


"There's also this wonderful item about preemption in footnote 5 of the De Canas case"

After wading through filings and rulings in the Libby case, I decided that the real red meat is always in the footnotes! Ditto for the IPCC climate change report.

JM Hanes

Oops! Sorry, wrong thread.

Jack is Back!

Perhaps Milbank has the border and the World Cup confused?

Its at the world cup where people lose their heads and use their heads. And Spain is playing The Netherlands tonight for the championship and they use to have a colony in North America named Mexico. So, it is perfectly understandable that he could get all of this confused.


I wonder what the rules for carrying firearms in the BLM areas down there are. I mean, if say, 8-10 guys were out potshooting with clay birds or target shooting and they came upon a bunch of bandidos, how would all of that play out?

I can just imagine coming up to a couple of Border Patrolmen and saying "these here illegals had these backpacks on that were full of illegal narcotics and we just happened to come upon them. What would you like us to do with them?" I do believe Attorney General Holder would have himself a fainting fit.

Way back in the days of the Arizona Territory, they would have called up posses to keep this shit under control. Today, the GD Federal Government cops out immediately. There is something very seriously wrong with this equation.


When my dear friend, and political foe (she voted for Gore, Kerry, and still loves Obama) is in agreement with me on the AZ legislation, well then we are in a weird(Hunter S. Thompson-esque) period. She was persuaded by the cold, hard reality that her friends are facing in their day-to-day life in Tuscon.


Facts? Wingnuts don't need'em. Priceless...


Funny how Milbank immediately shows his rascism. He is only concerned if white people are being beheaded. If their Hispanic, he's fine with that.

Did he attend Robert Byrds funeral?


I sure would love another AZ law saying that due to the feds failure to act and Mexico's Co-conspirator status with illegal alien smuggling. The State of Arizona will present a bill to the Federal government and to the Country of Mexico for all expenses related to the apprehension, prosecution and incarceration of illegal aliens.
The State will publish the information on a website stating the illegal aliens name, false names and SSNs provided, picture, country of origin and complete public criminal record along with an itemized list of all costs associated with the alien.

The State will also publish the status of all claims made against the feds and foreign governments who both claim they
want to be responsible for these persons along with a tally of how much money they have put where their mouth is.

Once turned over to the feds, the state will update the information with the federal disposition, whether the person
was deported or let go within the United States.


Funny how Milbank wasn;t concerned that Obama is stoking fears of illegals with signs like this:


Why is Obama trying to scare us that Hispanics might be dangerous??


This week's CP is up and once again bgates does my work for me:

Bill in AZ sez it's time for Zero to resign

Leave him (Milbank) out alone all night in one of those areas.

What these elites don't understand until it happens to them, their kid, their parent, their niece, nephew, etc is that if someone got caught in one of these areas for any number of reasons, these areas are off-limits at night to SAR. We'll drag him out in the daylight though - well armed.

I wonder what the rules for carrying firearms in the BLM areas down there are. I mean, if say, 8-10 guys were out potshooting with clay birds or target shooting and they came upon a bunch of bandidos, how would all of that play out?

BLM is like state or federal land in AZ as far as hunting and firearms unless restricted for some reason like bald eagle nesting area during certain times of year.

I know of at least two occasions where hunters either hunting or scouting got too close to a "farm" (pot) in a remote canyon and took fire. They returned fire in one case and were pinned down for a while. This area is 20 miles south of me where we frequently search for missing or injured hikers. Rough, beautiful country.

Melinda Romanoff

Very nicely done, Clarice.

Clarice's Pieces.


Thanks, Mel. Once again bgates saves the day!


Hhmmm - from HotAir:

“The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office was notified and they took possession of the head on that same date. We suspect that the head may have been placed along side the trail as a warning to other drug and alien traffickers using the trail.”

A spokesman for Rep. Bishop told me they had confirmed the details of the incident described by Lowell.

Curious, I contacted Lowell and asked him if he was willing to talk to Milbank. Here’s what Lowell said:

“I would be happy to talk to Dana Milbank and, in fact, I would like to invite him to a picnic. We could walk a mile or so up Peck Canyon from the Atascosa Ranch headquarters past where the body was found, which is being autopsied to the place where five (or more) innocent Mexicans (who claim they had broken only a few Federal laws) were fired on about two weeks ago by gentlemen in black camo shooting AK 47’s,” he said.

Lowell added that “there’s been one other shooting incident seven days ago in about the same place. We will supply the weenies and potato salad but Dana will have to walk about 200 yards ahead.” (via Fausta Wertz)

Old Lurker


Clarice's latest is featured at Lucianne's.

Rock Star.


Nice job Clarice.

Matt's latest is up at You Too and mine as well.

Melinda Romanoff

Ok, did naybody else send Al Gore a welcome note?

I mean it's only the courteous thing to do.

I know I forgot.


Congratulations on the Lucianne link, Clarice!


Jane, both those pieces are very good. The AT editor takes off on Sundays or I'd blog them to him. Maybe you and matt ought to contact him (say I sent you) and see if he'd care to reprint those as blogs.


Hey, maybe Clarice will hit a trifecta and be mentioned by Rush tomorrow too.

Certainly, wouldn't be the first time!


bgates and Clarice! What a team. You make us proud.


caro, Once again I am just bgates' straight woman. *RATS*


"We suspect that the head may have been placed alongside the trail"

Illegals are treated better in California. Here's one that just got four million dollars of the taxpayers Money.

Do illegal immigrants think this is a great country,or what?


pagar, My guess is there's a great deal more to that story than was reported--like gross negligence on the part of the jailers or maybe even complicity in the attack.

Once a person is taken into custody the state is responsible for what happens to him. It makes me furious to read smart talk about" bubba" sodomizing a fellow, unpopular, prisoner, for example. We really do not do enough across the board to prevent abuse by fellow prisoners.


Clarice, I agree that the person in custody deserves to be protected from all.

My thoughts are more in the area of if this person had not been in California at all, we would all be better off. But he is here and some group of people have decided that 4 million dollars is what he deserves because the custodian failed to protect him. We are told he has the mind of a four year old. Most four year olds do not have 4 million dollars. Who has the money? What are they doing with it. My guess is the illegal will have a less miserable life than he would have otherwise, but someone else will live high on the hog forever, thanks to the American taxpayer who had absolutely no say in the entire matter.

JM Hanes


"It makes me furious to read smart talk about" bubba" sodomizing a fellow, unpopular, prisoner, for example. We really do not do enough across the board to prevent abuse by fellow prisoners.."

I could not possibly agree more. Public attitudes on this subject are really disturbing. How many crime dramas on the tube include the scene where a police interrogator threatens a recalcitrant suspect with the prospect of some big guy just waiting for him to arrive? It's become almost accepted, and apparently acceptable, conventional wisdom that sodomy and sexual abuse are the real punishment, not incarceration.

JM Hanes


My guess is the illegal will have a less miserable life than he would have otherwise

And who knows, maybe Mary Jo Kopechne would feel it was worth it.

MIke G

Somehow I don't find it that reassuring to know that "The guys who behead people all the time in Mexico have, so far, not brought their habit to the state of Arizona-- that we know of!"


Sadism, especially institutionally sanctioned sadism, is awful for the victims and undermines the entire notion of law enforcement .

Every time I read something like that I recall a report of a first time drug offender receiving a long sentence in Texas. He was slender and small and was being sodomized--with the knowledge of the staff--every hour on the hour for days. He begged for help which didn't come and finally killed himself. All for possessing some grass.

Mark Tapscott

Tom, thanks very much for the link. Your analysis makes a lot of sense. There is no definitive evidence of drug-related beheadings occurring on the U.S. side of the border, at least that I am aware of, and I made no such claim in my post. And there is no proof that the head found by the Arizona rancher I quoted was linked to a Mexican drug cartel. My point re Milbank was simply that his dismissal of any possibility of truth in Brewer's assertion was quite possibly premature, especially since the rancher's story had been confirmed by a congressman.


"And who knows, maybe Mary Jo Kopechne would feel it was worth it."

a. I don't feel she would.

b.Somehow, we got way off track. Nothing in the award to the illegal has anything to do with reforming a prison system that allows rapes and beatings of a prisoner. IMO,There is no way that illegal has control of that 4 million dollars. Someone else does, what are they doing with it and how much they are being paid to do it, is my question?


Why so narrow... immigration related / drug related???

How about evidence of beheadings that occur on either side of the open border between the US and the outlaw paradise to the south.

How much of this sort of thing do you need to see to justify a rational state government to be alarmed for the welfare of the populace they are charged with protecting?

How far away does a headless corpse [or a bloody bag full of heads] have to be in order to allow one to fail to take the matter sriously?

just askin'


Let's try dropping one of those heads in the parking lot at the WaPo to test how close it has to be in Dana's estimation before it's worrisome


Milbank. Wake up!!!
We (The Sovereign United States) have been invaded by Illegal aliens.12-20 million out of 300 million.

A country without a border, is , well,NOT a country.

Who gives a rats A$$ about "beheading" in Az.

The point is, it does happen in Mexico, frequently, and if we don't gain control of our border, it will SURELY spill over here.

Focus on the FOREST and not on individual trees when viewing this issue.

We are in grave danger from this flood of illegals.

They use public / social services..
That is, they TAKE from US taxpayers..

They do way more than do jobs "Americans" won't do.

The Black community's unemployment rate is at DEPRESSION levels.
The youth of our country is also unemployed at DEPRESSION rates of 25%.

The illegals work...then SEND Billions back to their home countries, erasing the "multiplier" effect of money.

That is, it does not get recycled thru the US economy and slows the velocity.

We need to wake up and ENFORCE our laws, FEDERAL and State.

We are a NATION and Society built upon the Rule of law.

Once we start selectively enforcing "laws" as we see fit, the wheels of civilization will surely come a -cropper.


I know a rancher who lives on the river down in South Texas. One day his dog brought him the head of a Mexican woman.

The ranchers in that area are real tired of finding dead immigrants on their places. These are usually not drug related deaths, though--mostly dehydration, and in some cases the female immigrants are raped and murdered by the "coyotes" they paid to smuggle them through.

Feral hogs eat the bodies, and scatter the bones. That may have been what happened to the woman whose head was found by my acquaintance's pooch.

Some neighbors of ours in West Texas had their workers held up and robbed at gunpoint by illegals passing through.

Whether it's alien-on-alien murders, robbery, or dehydration deaths, it's not a good situation. No one likes this shit going on.


No one likes this shit going on.

Apparently some in the political class aren't terribly bothered by it.

JM Hanes


a) That was comment was from a HuffPo piece according Mary Jo Kopechne a "footnote" in the Ted Kennedy hagiography, which, not surprisingly, got a lot of attention at the time.


Actually, JMH, I believe the phrase originated in a preposterous piece in the Boston Globe on Kennedy's birthday suggesting that Kopechne would be proud of Kennedy's achievements had she lived.
I'll see if I can find it. The author deserves unending humiliation.


"If she had lived, Mary Jo Kopechne would be 62 years old. Through his tireless work as a legislator, Edward Kennedy would have brought comfort to her in her old age.”
-- Charles Pierce in a January 5, 2003 Boston Globe Magazine article.


According to Wiki, Pierce claimed it was ironic:

"The passage was widely misinterpreted as laudatory of Kennedy; the full context makes clear that it was intended as irony. James Taranto, an online columnist for the Wall Street Journal, wrote, "Charles Pierce must really hate Ted Kennedy," and described the excerpt as a "paragraph of pure poison." In an e-mail interview with Dan Kennedy (not related to the senator) of the Boston Phoenix, Pierce confirmed that he considered his reference to Kopechne as being a harsh observation about Ted Kennedy. Pierce criticized several conservative commentators who had cited the passage as an example of liberal media bias and added, "My respect for Mr. Taranto grows by the hour." Nevertheless, the conservative Media Research Center made it its "Quote of the Year" in its 2004 DisHonors Awards, given to "the Most Outrageously Biased Liberal Reporters of 2003."


And...? Since when does a State have to make excuses for enforcing the law?

JM Hanes

It's certainly a similarly repellent sentiment. Clarice.


Hard to believe that was meant as irony, isn't it? And in the Boston Globe of all places..which of its pinhead readers would consider he was pulling their legs?

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

What was the context? It surely could be read as irony...but then again.

As Taronto often says, "Mary Jo Kopchne could not be reached for comment".


The context of the piece "Kennedy Unbound" was a celebration of Ted's 40 years in the Senate.
http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/magazine/articles/2003/01/05/kennedy_unbound/?page=1>The tragedy of the Kennedys and the Globe

I believe Taranto's comment was tongue in cheek and Pierce grabbed at it because the phrase was sycophantic and preposterous.


I guess that if they kill themselves just south of the border, then the border has never been safer.


"a celebration of Ted's 40 years in the Senate"

The Russians are the ones who should be celebrating

" to carry a message to Yuri Andropov, the General Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party, expressing Kennedy's concern about the anti-Soviet activities of President Ronald Reagan."

No one did more to help them while in the US Senate. Kennedy, Byrd, and dozens of other names just scream "Term Limits". American taxpayers are will never ever pay off the debts ran up by these leftists and yet there are Americans celebrating there disservice to America.


Why didn't Chris Wallace ask the white house guy today if the President feels personally responsible to every crime victim of illegal aliens because he allows them into the country?

This White House is constantly blaming others sir, how about blaming yourselves for once for every illegal drug dealer, every illegal rapist, every illegal muderer, why not be a man and say YES, the President is allowing these people into the country because he WANTS to, not because he's powerless to stop it.

Grow up, take reesponsibility for your policy sir! Just admit that these people are coming to America and causing all kinds mahem and crime against the citizens because you simply don't want to enfocre the laws you took an oath to God to enforce.

Ari Tai

Do the autopsy, coronor reports have a catagory for mutilation? When someone has a free hour go look up the police reporting by SMSA. Wonder how Chicago looks? Or East LA.

re: Milbank and the adjective "immigrant."

Amazing turn of a phrase. Be interesting to get his notes out of the dumpster and see if he or the editor underlined the word. Would guess it didn't occur without some thought and coordination, and that they knew of other reported beheadings - what else are interns for? Wager Rush has a dozen voice cuts of reporters using the same phrase tomorrow. Reminds me of the arguments over what the word "is" means.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Pretty hard to argue it was irony, then.

BTW, isn't tongue in cheek kinda irony light? I always thought of it that way.


Yes, I agree on tongue in cheek. I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. What I meant was that Taranto was joking when he dismissed Pierce's comments as being ironic, suggesting Pierce hadn't meant that preposterously sycophantic phrase and Pierce grabbed onto that, claiming he had been intentionally ironic. Pierce, I think, did that because he had to be embarrassed when the parsing of the phrase took hold.


Oh, sure, irony. Unintentional irony.

Page 7 of 13 --

And that's the key. That's how you survive what he's survived. That's how you move forward, one step after another, even though your name is Edward Moore Kennedy. You work, always, as though your name were Edward Moore. If she had lived, Mary Jo Kopechne would be 62 years old. Through his tireless work as a legislator, Edward Kennedy would have brought comfort to her in her old age.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

I was trying to make the point that Pierce's sentences themselves could be ironic if not taken in context.

You pointed out that the context made it clear that it wasn't ironic, and I agree with that. Tha context of Taranto's comments makes clear that he intends to be ironic, as does the comment itself.

I surely could have been clearer.

Captain Hate

Oh yeah, irony for sure; if by irony, he meant 'trying to make a bloated murdering predator look like a hero to his most famous victim by outrageously assigning words of forgiveness to her'. Everybody knows that's what irony is; I'll look it up in my OED and post it as soon as I find it. I know it's there because the Globe would never mislead anybody on ol' Teddy.


Yeah, the real irony was that Pierce was serious.

Captain Hate

Ext, and it made it through at least one editor who thought it was just a fine sentiment and would provide some comfort to Ted as he burns in Hell for eternity.


It should go down in history as the worst suck up ever to a Dem thug. Unfortunately, Obama's still around and it might yet be topped.


I think Bill Clinton's suck up to Byrd supersedes that, then againhe worked for a segregationist senator, Fulbright, that 'saw
the light' most likely because of his deep contempt for most free peoples, he of course
ended his days as a lobbyist for Arab interests. Rush pointed out that Clinton's statement was more autobiographical then first admitted


Drudge is headlining...http://www.drudgereport.com/>DEM GOVS WARN: OBAMA SUIT VS. AZ IS 'TOXIC'

Seems Obama has left the golf course for the day.

NYT: In private weekend meetings with White House, Dem governors voice deep anxiety about suit against AZ immigration law, worrying it could cost party in fall elections... Developing...

Well, maybe not. It doesn't say Obama. Just WH.


If some state Governor decided to stop enforcing speeding laws (after all, these people are just trying to get to work and make a living), or mine safety laws (afterall, these people are just trying to compete with Chinese mining), or environmental laws (afterall, people are just trying to better their lives), it wouldn't take two seconds for the press to blame them for every accident that maims or kills someone, every mine accident, and every environemntal disaster.

So why do politicians get a complete pass when they decide to not enforce immigration laws.??


Pops opines: ``So why do politicians get a complete pass when they decide to not enforce immigration laws.??''

1. It's a good measure of how far out of reality Pops is that he thinks any politician would get "a complete pass" on the immigration issue. This is what the wingnutosphere does to identity conservatives. It weaves them so far into an unreality coccoon that they're comfortably in denial about a wide range of key political issues. Outside your coccoon, Pops, politicians from Phoenix to South Dakota are running scared on the immigration issue.
2. Longer term, the reason federal politicians haven't been forced to block immigration more strictly is very, very simple: businesses, constituents and the economy benefit from illegal immigration, which keeps labor costs down for key Republican constituents. On the Democratic side, more often it's concern about aggressive enforcement spilling over to harassment of citizens who look Latino or have Latino names and, more broadly, concern that Latino voters will punish such efforts at the polls. Many Republicans, like both Bushes and Reagan, know the GOP has a decent shot at getting Latino votes because of Catholic opposition to abortion. They don't want the stench of bigotry to scare off Latino voters. I think that's changing now because so many moderates have left the GOP, leaving behind old white men who are insecure about their place in society and feel exceptionally threatened by people from different ethnic groups...


Violence breeds violence, as they say. Beheadings take a machete or something more than the average concealed weapon. While the public terror aspect is all too true, one can not discount the intent of killing the victim by loss of blood through the carotid artery supplying blood to the brain, and or the jugular vein taking blood from the brain.

Domestic violence is catching. No doubt about it. Just a cursory search and one finds many many women victims in Arizona are being targeted at their throats; cut, stabbed, slashed.

Outside of their immigration status (not stated), how disturbing is it that 3 young men, 19, 20, and 23 yrs old, turned to slashing their illegal immigrant victims throat for allegedly sleeping with their mother?

Mental illness is no excuse for going for the throat twice on consecutive days after you did 7 years for a drive-by shooting. Now he does life.

But as most Hispanic gangs do, let us take a cue from Califailure where throat slashing is all in a day's work.

The fact the heads are literally rolling on the ground in Mexico does not reduce the Gov's statement in my eyes. What level of violence are you prepared to live with? Or what level of violent culture are you prepared to raise your children in? That is the question.

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