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July 14, 2010




But I think Al Qaeda is racist and essentially arab-centric, and that is not a bad message to get out there to a group of nations who are eternally sensitive about such things. Ever notice who the oppressors are in the Sudan, and who the victims are?

Sometimes, the instinct to oppose at al times, is not a good thing.

narciso the harpoon

A bit of a problem, with that talking point, in the LUN


Try again Appalled. TM has doled out just the right amount of sarcasm and scorn here. The subject is al Qaeda, you know, mass murderers, genocidal maniacs, islamofascists, etc etc. This is not some Oxford Union debate, this is life and death, civilization against nihilism, light against the dark. Just ask my neighbor whose husband was on the 102nd floor of WTC1 on that sunny september morning, or Daniel Pearl's family or thousands of innocents maimed and killed in Iraq and Afghanistan by AQ bombers because they don't believe the right things. Our President is an 'effin muppet, and to pretend otherwise is lie.

Danube of Thought

It strikes me as pure religious fanaticism, scarcely related to race in any way.

Tom R

It is standard procedured for progressives to play the race card whenever they can't debate the issue with substantive ideas.

This is just par for the course for Obama.



Actually, the guy sounds more like a terrorist gofer than anything else...


And, in such a battle, you use any means available to making your case. And, in talking to people in Kenya, Congo, and Benin, making the point theat Al Q are a bunch of racist rich Saudis, rather than pushing the genocidal fanatic talking point might help Obama more with convincing his audience.


You look at the makeup of the KKK these days, you can see that racism and religious fanaticism often come in a package deal.


Hey, a little sympathy for our beloved President here. He's struggling to find a way to oppose Al Qaeda that doesn't conflict with his belief in the beneficence of Islam, and that all the world's problems are due to either George Bush, wealth inequality, or racism. No doubt his advisers have explained to him that it's not a good idea to try to pin AQ on the first two, so what's left?

Racism is the only form of evil that Obama can acknowledge.

Rob Crawford

They really do think "racism" is the worst possible sin, don't they?



I think we need to send NASA Administrator Bolden over there to reach out to them.


There you go Appalled, treating the job of CINC as this month's contestant at the Oxford Union debate. Next time a bomb goes off, I'll blame Barry O first and enablers like you next-- the AQs they do what they do, so "blaming" them is pointless. We'll see what good Barry O's "audience" is in stopping the next bomb.

narciso the harpoon

There is a certain pattern of behavior, but they are not unique to AQ, it's much more
'old school' than that, in the LUN


I think we need to send NASA Administrator Bolden over there to reach out to them.

Exactly Matt. Drop flyers in their native tongue telling them that their ancestors were smart....star naming, algebra, calligraphy. That ought to settle them down.



The Bully Pulpit is part of the President's job. Heck, even Winston Churchill knew the importance of a good speech now and then as part of a war leader's duties.

And, given the number of drone attacks this administration has used, they have not been shy about going after Al Q and company in the most personal way possible.


Obama attended a rabidly Afro-centric church for over 20 yrs.. How many times must Obama have listened enthralled as Uncle Jeremiah railed against devalued blacks being used as cannon fodder in Vietnam, colonial Africa, and in America from its inception? There's nothing he believes more.


I was just thinking.....if this Administration was a book, what would be the title?

My thought was "A Confederacy of Dunces".

Off to listen to the green energy poo-bah's generate more CO2.

narciso the harpoon

Yeah were's the cap for that, Matt


So you think Obama calling AQ a bunch of racist is good use of the Bully Pulpit?
AQ is racist - OK. They are a lot of other, worse, things that come way before racist. I haven't heard Obama (or anyone else in the administration) calling them out on that, have you?

Captain Hate

Ever notice who the oppressors are in the Sudan, and who the victims are?

Oppressors: Muslims (the vast majority of whom are peaceful according to scientific troll polls; how can you argue with SCIENCE, wingerzz??)
Victims: Christians & animists


Gee I hope Obama never finds out that Al Queda likes to capture little boys for their elderly Taliban men who dress the little boy in girl's clothing, paint their faces with girl's make-up while screwing the little boys dressed in girl's clothing as the means for sexual pleasure.

This discovery would certainly reflect poorly upon Obama's Manly-Mentor Frank Marshall Davis and his pal-gal Kevin Jennings.

Not to mention how this would expose the general behavior of Harvard-Inbred's 57th State of Being Creepy for the Kiddies.

Harvard-Inbred kindergarten teacher "Hey kiddies! Today we will learn how to safely shove your fist up another butt-hole because everyone shoves fist up butt-holes. Teacher will show you how, now pull down your panties and open wide!"


The CINC should stick to drone attacks to kill AQs and leave the inane debating points to naves like you Appalled. The problem is that BarryO believes that the drone attacks are a political necessity for US elections, not to protect the innocent against AQ. BTW, that makes him far more cynical than the Bush Admin which really believed that killing AQ was a mission to protect the innocent and speeches were polite platitudes -- BarryO's cynicism is a worthy debate subject for the Oxford Union. Sadly, BarryO believes his primary job is really this speech making nonsense. That's why TM's sarcasm was right on.


Movie title?

The 3 Stooges in Washington

Obama, Holder & Napolitano


Obama was never going to be a "post-racial" president, because he's by far the MOST racial.

Heh, she's post racial, too.

The Confederacy of Dunces are the elite who universally denigrate the emergence of a true genius, Sarah Palin.

Rob Crawford

I was just thinking.....if this Administration was a book, what would be the title?

Everybody Poops.


A Barry Rotter series, featuring his nemesis Maha Rushlimbort.

Rob Crawford

Or maybe one of the Captain Underpants books.


"I was just thinking.....if this Administration was a book, what would be the title?"

Das Kapital

Natural Gasps.

Que Blammo?

Captain Hate

I was just thinking.....if this Administration was a book, what would be the title?

Looking at the adjacent bookshelf I can't decide between "A People's Tragedy" or "A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again".

Old Lurker

That was a slur on Confederates, Matt.

Parking  Lot

It's not just the outright accusation that is odious, it's the subtler logical associations: if AQ is racist, then the "racist" Tea Partiers must be terrorists.

narciso the harpoon

Jennifer Rubin, has got a good grasp on this, in the LUN


OT - but wasn't this convenient to some?

Quick spy swap halted inquiries into Hillary's fundraiser


Parking  Lot

House of Race Cards

A Tale of Hubris, Paranoia and Wretched Excess in the White House


What a myopic point of view ..

Al-Qaeda isn’t a racist organization, they hate everybody

Thomas Collins

Appalled, I don't think this is a message that is going to resonate with Africans. The R-card is best played by Sharpton and Jackson to shake down American white folks who have a lot of money or power (or both) and a lot of white guilt. I suspect most Africans, possessing more common sense than our effete elite, will ignore our Prez's remarks about racist al-Qaeda and focus on fighting al-Qaeda in alliance with us if they decide we are the strong horse or, if they conclude al-Qaeda is the strong horse, coming to some sort of understanding with al-Qaeda.

The NAACP can’t bitch about “the Man” anymore because the Man is Obama.

Wow !!

read the whole thing (daily beast link) .. Wow !!

Tom R

For this administration's book title, I would go with "A Series of Unfortunate Events" (childrens books by Lemony Snicket)


Right now the book/movie could be "Being There."

When this nightmare is over, let's hope it's not

Book: An American Tragedy
Movie: The [Death] of a Nation


The good news?

The Obama administration has finally come up with a pretense upon which they can justify REALLY fighting a war on terror.

And nothing demands action more than a "racist".

Funny thing is though, I don't actually believe they'll ratchet anything up here. Someone in the administration probably just happened to connect these dots and someone else thought it couldn't hurt to throw the idea out.

At least now liberals can't moan about anything Obama does in this regard. Its a piece of insulation....nothing much more.

Captain Hate

Jennifer Rubin, has got a good grasp on this, in the LUN

narc, TM had already linked that in his post and I agree that she understands what's at play here, unlike the clueless AllahPuke's witless meanderings.

Soylent Obamacare


Al-Qaeda franchise made up of east Africans. The actual perpetrators of the Uganda bombing. Did I mention they are made up of east Africans, not Arabs?

Jeebus...this guy has a whole government at his disposal to tell him these things.

And while I'm at it, let me just reiterate that Muslims invented Zero. You can assign any meaning to that sentence that you choose.


Kenya is in East Africa.

Coincidence? LOL

narciso the harpoon

I missed that the first time, around, amd you would think he would read a briefing book, then again, Hillary had to ask about our lady
of Guadalupe

Thomas Collins

Following up on Soylent Obamacare's point, what we refer to as al-Qaeda is really several affiliated organizations that may have members of different races and ethnicities but are united under a single center of gravity, namely, Islamism.

No, that won't do. Any reference that in any way suggests that there are organizations that view Islam as mandating conquering or killing others is not permitted. So, let me reformulate my thought.

Following up on Soylent Obamacare's point, what we refer to as al-Qaeda is really several affiliated organizations that may have members of different races and ethnicities but are united under a single center of gravity, namely, . . . er, . . . that's it, I've got it . . . MAN MADE DISASTER-ISM!!!

Danube of Thought

You look at the makeup of the KKK these days, you can see that racism and religious fanaticism often come in a package deal.

I haven't noticed a lot of Klan religious activity of late. And they're not noted for killing white Christians with abandon in the way that AQ lays waste to Arab Muslims with nary a qualm.

Danube of Thought

Raz: Boxer up by seven; Angle by three.


--Kenya is in East Africa.--

Maybe, maybe not, fd. Have you checked with bunkerbuster?

Thomas Collins

See LUN for more on the unmentionable aspect of Islam.


I’ve been looking for an upside from this racism stuff and well this is a stretch but ...
Now that al Qaeda is a racist organization, Eric Holder may now take them seriously, so …
Does this mean that KSM’s trial in NYC is off ?


I’ve been looking for an upside from this racism stuff and well this is a stretch but ...
Now that al Qaeda is a racist organization, Eric Holder may now take them seriously, so …
Does this mean that KSM’s trial in NYC is off ?


Al Q are a bunch of racist rich Saudis,

Yeah, I know that's the message he's trying to convey, but anybody who is in Africa is going to be working with African recruiters and organizers.

And it isn't as if the rich Saudis haven't killed other Saudis, or used them to, say, ram a plane into the World Trade Center.

So I get what he's trying to do, but it only works if people can't see what's going on with their own two eyes.


I mean, Obama could make the argument that the men recruiting child soldiers are racist too, right? They are using African children for cannon fodder. But he doesn't because it's too simplistic.
As is this.

Rob Crawford

You look at the makeup of the KKK these days, you can see that racism and religious fanaticism often come in a package deal.

Perhaps, but back in its heyday its primary concern was maintaining the absolute political power of the Democrat party.

Rob Crawford

I honestly can't see how "al Qaeda is racist" is going to mean a hill of beans on a continent where tribes are still the primary political division. The largest number of victims of Mugabe's tyranny isn't among whites, but among Zimbabwean blacks that belong to tribes other than his.

narciso the harpoon

It was the Confederate militia, not unlike the former Baathists that made up 'the Iraqi
resistance' they so terrified the voters in three states in 1876, that they could later
charge voter fraud, and negotiate the Hayes
deal, which ended reconstruction


Hopefully the last time I'll waste your time talking about this new Darwin/Evolution crappy bestseller I'm reading, but since this link is on Al Qaeda, let me lead off with the opening lines of Chapter 3 from this "Science" Book:

"Many American politicians have gloated that Zacarias Moussaoui, the Frenchmen accused of involvement in the Twin Towers disaster, will certainly go mad in his solitary confinement in the Colorado 'Supermax' prison. As the judge who passed sentence said: "You will never get a chance to speak again...and will die with a whimper."
Men do fall into insanity in such places, but much as vengeful right-wingers might celebrate their mental decay, many among them would be dismayed to learn that Moussaoui will lose his mind for Darwinian reasons."

Then a few pages on: "Kick a dog and it crouches and turns down the corners of its mouth; torture an Al Qaeda suspect and he does the same."

I hope it is simply not me that is floored at the disingenuousness of this world class Brit evolutionary "scientist." If there were many American politicians gloating over Moussaoui's sentence, somehow I missed it, and as a guy who was waterboarded myself, I don't recall if my lips curled doglike under that "torture" which I don't consider torture. Too bad the author, while trying to explain exactly how humans are animals, couldn't have instead have focused on the gleefully gloating lips of various Al Qaeda "suspects" on video as they enthusiastically sawed off the heads of various innocent victims. But of course that might not have fit his "Science" narrative.

"I have never read a book that made me gasp with amazement so often." John Carey, SUNDAY TIMES.

"If you were to read one new book on Darwin this year, this should be it." Christopher Hudson, DAILY MAIL.

"An important book...The delight in reading this is the zest with which Jones explores facts and sets them together to yield more than anyone could have expected, in true Darwinian style." Gillian Beer, GUARDIAN.

"Wow. Goodness me! Fancy that! Well I never! This is what you will be saying at every page of this brilliant, remarkable, profound and deeply unsettling book." Andy Barclay, IRISH TIMES.

Steve Jones is the author and he may be a "scientist" but he is also a despicable, prejudiced, disingenuous political hack.

We need a term signifying the completely untrue and/or unnecessary inclusion of political propaganda and lies that have no place in current books except to smear conservatives. I suggest the term "a McCartney" as in ">http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/2526642/posts"> “After the last eight years, it’s great to have a president who knows what a library is,” McCartney quipped."


Works for me, daddy.

It does appear that there are none so isolated from reality as British and European "intellectuals". But then that was the story last century, too.

Danube of Thought

Speaking of racism in the news, here's a surprising item from partisan hack and all-around moron Cynthia Tucker in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

By the time its annual convention in Kansas City is concluded, the NAACP will have held a series of votes, endorsed a slew of resolutions and discussed any number of issues. But only one will be remembered: Its resolution condemning “racist elements” among the tea partiers. It was inappropriate, narrow-minded and divisive, a move that will only cement the aging organization’s growing reputation as a repository of partisan hacks. It will do far more harm than good in a political environment already simmering with contentiousness, suspicion and race-related grievances.

They really do think "racism" is the worst possible sin, don't they?

Actually I think they believe it is simply the most fabulous tool.

Danube of Thought


Retail sales fell in June for the second straight month, more evidence that the recovery will slow in the second half of the year.

Retail spending dropped 0.5 percent in June, the Commerce Department reported Wednesday. That followed a 1.1 percent fall in May. Excluding autos, spending was down 0.1 percent in June. …

The June decline in retail sales was larger than the 0.2 percent fall that economists had expected.


the guy sounds more like a terrorist gofer than anything else

He's described as an "explosives expert" who was captured after an 8 hour gunfight with Pakistani police.

Also, he doesn't know how to drive.

Maybe you thought he looked like a terrorist gofer.


this new Darwin/Evolution crappy bestseller

There must be some common dysfunction that explains the need to depict humans as no different from animals, and America as no different from, say, Zimbabwe. Humans are just lucky and evil exploiters of nature; Americans are just lucky and evil exploiters of the third world.

And for an example of a "McCartney," I remember a gratuitous slap at Reagan in "The Kite Runner," fitting with its attempt to connect Islamic extremism to white supremacists (as opposed to, say, actual born and bred Muslims).


If the only tool you know how to use is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Rob Crawford

Actually I think they [the left] believe it [racism] is simply the most fabulous tool.

Sadly true.


Kenya, Tanzania, US, Bali, Jakarta, Mumbai, London, Madrid, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Morocco, Uganda.

Those are the sites of some of the AlQaeda attacks. They have both targeted and used people from those locations, of those nationalities and cultures.

Just an FYI.


"Racism" is also an interesting twist now that they don't want to blame Gitmo anymore.

Danube of Thought

Arnold is now at 22/70--exactly where Gray Davis was when he was recalled.


This is trully appalling and a slap to Islam. I thought Obama was trying to get on the Islamists good side...or maybe he can't find their good side..

Letting Africans go to Allah first is not a BAD thing in Al Qeada's eyes. The ASfricans who get to be martyrs are the lucky ones.

Only a race-centric American fool would say going directly to Allah through Jihad is somehow bad.


The left still can't admit that the most basic tenant of Islamic Jihad is to die for Allah and that is great, not bad.

They can't admit that is the main motivation, because they would have to admit they are at war with an IDEOLOGY and a religion.


LUN Spy swap puts a halt to fact finding.

This point was raised here at JOM


I think O meant "Islamist" ,not "racist",but his lips won't let him say that word.


It reminds me of the politician who said that Soviet Communism was evil because there was no Mother's Day in Russia.



He could be perfectly swell at blowing things up. But he had not much to do with determining what to blow up.

In other words, he was a useful t/fool -- hardly an Al Q leader.


Despite her national profile, Tucker has been pretty good at skwering Atlanta's sclerotic civil rights establishment for years. Her article is not out of character.


Thank you fellow Americans--per The daily Beast, the Washington DC metro area is now the richest area in the nation,

You made us what we are.

Keep sending us all your $$ and cents..

narciso the harpoon

They usually don't rise to the top ranks of the Organization, like Saudis, Egyptians, Libyans do as a general rule, but I don't chalk that up to racism


""They usually don't rise to the top ranks of the Organization""

You are limiting your organization structure to living here on Earth, while their's elevates Martyrs beyond the mere living.

Its like being promoted to get you out of the office....


He could be perfectly swell at blowing things up.

So you meant "gofer" in the Caddyshack sense. No, that's spelled differently. He's a "gofer" who can't really go fer things, but is "perfectly swell at blowing things up".

But he had not much to do with determining what to blow up.

You'll have to take that debate up with the former AG and head of the FBI, who "announced that reports indicated that Ghailani was one of seven al-Qaeda members who were planning a terrorist action for the summer or fall of 2004".

If a black African is building bombs and planning attacks, that makes al Qaeda more racially inclusive than Obama's good friends in the lily-white Weathermen.


More racially inclusive than his friends in the Congressional Black Caucus, too. And the New Black Panther party. And the NAACP.


If it wasn't so funny it would be pathetic. For the people who hold their positions due to affirmative action (like our beloved current President) throwing down the "racism" card is much like a "get out of jail free" card in the game of Monopoly.

When other people aren't playing the game they are perplexed and confused. They have brought a "get out of jail free" card to a gunfight. Predictable results follow.

Mwalimu Daudi

Considering the fact that Messiah and His followers in the NAACP have beat the word "racist" to a shapeless pulp through overuse, this latest accusation against al Qaeda means nothing. A racist, as one wit noted, is nowadays defined as someone who is winning an argument with a liberal. Why not call them global warming deniers, or health care reform obstructionists, or tax-cutters for the rich, or shills for Big Oil, or friends of Big Business, or right-wing Bible-thumpin' Christianists, or some other boilerplate lefty accusation?

Now if Obama had called al Qaeda a bunch of Republicans, then we would know He was serious about destroying them. Although I don't think al Qaeda will collapse just because the New York Times prints an editorial calling them the Religion of No.

Nick Reynolds

I think we should send Rev Al and Jesse over there to get this thing handled, post haste!!

Mwalimu Daudi

The label "racist" is so widely used by Democrats and their media enablers that it has become synonymous with "citizen".


Obama had to go for the racist angle; George and Laura Bush had already decried their - or at least the Taliban's - sexism during the prior administration.

He couldn't mention their homophobia as long as his administration is defending the Defense Of Marriage Act in court and foot-dragging on the repeal of don't ask - don't tell without opening himself up to credible charges of hypocrisy.

And of course it would be religiously intolerant to mention their religious intolerance.


More Al Qaeda have been waxed during the first 18 months of this administration than in the 8 years of the last one, and still dumb sumbitches like Tom Maguire aren't happy.

Thanks for providing the winning dumbshittery of the night, though, Tom. A real gem.

narciso the harpoon

A lot of the No 3s in the organization, the red shirts, most recently Mr. Yazid do seem
to get iced, mostly by 'air raiding villages
and killing civilians'


by 'air raiding villages
and killing civilians'

Almost sounds like something Genghis Khan would do if he were living today.


So, sacramento, were those chickenhawks coming home to roost?



we are expending approximately 1 $500,000 - $1,000,000 missile per Taliban/Haqqani/Pakistani casualty, and half the time we may or may not have targeted the right persons.

AQ is in Yemen and Saudi and Somalia and Sudan these days. There is a minimal presence in Pah-ki-ston, even according to your exalted sources within the Administration.

Know the frickin political and human terrain before you open your gob next time.The Uganda hit was a part of the AQ reach out and blow someone non AQ up program.

Bohemond of Taranto

Since al-Qaeda is now racist, does that mean the Left will finally support the War on Terror?

But seriously, folks, it's becoming apparent that the Dem strategy for the fall is "all racism, all the time." I'm sure they really are trying to lead people to make the connection "Tea Party = racist, al-Qaeda = racist, Tea Party = al-Qaeda."

Or it could just be that Mini-Mau-Mau really does see absolutely everything through a racial prism.


"More Al Qaeda have been waxed during the first 18 months of this administration than in the 8 years of the last one, and still dumb sumbitches like Tom Maguire aren't happy."

Fungible functionaries splattered and replaced the next day- big f'in deal. How many captured and interrogated? Zero. Obama is using Predators like Clinton used Tomahawks- remote-control pretend-war.

(Incidentally, while our UAV systems have been improved continually over the last decade, so they can do much more than they could circa 2002- guess which Senator voted against funding them? Bueller? Bueller?)


the Administration linkage of poverty and terror

The elitist Administration discriminates against the economically challenged.

mark l.

they clearly are racists...

look at the command structure. Nary a black man to be found.

Judging by the video of the new black panthers, there are certainly black men capable of saying "death to america" without a teleprompter. Only ubl and zawahiri get to give the big speeches.

take a look at the underwear bomber. the didn't even give him a bomb that worked. clearly they are saving their working equipment for the non-blacks.

9/11? 19 hijackers, and not one was black. Zacarias Moussaoui? the one black guy, gets left behind and no one tells him anything.

clearly al-queda has never heard of affirmative action.

mark l.

Adam Gadahn, a white jew, get his own aq franchise in africa!!!



Now there's a fresh approach! Just play the old race card and those terrorists will give right up! The man's a genius.
Lux E Cigaretter

Soylent Obamacare

More Al Qaeda have been waxed during the first 18 months of this administration than in the 8 years of the last one,

What a silly statement.

I'm curious where one could find any kind of scorecard to back up such a claim. Particularly since the majority of actual AQ targets are hit in places we're not supposed to be, by people we'll never know, in operations you've never heard of.

Further, not every asshole blown up in Western Pakistan is actual AQ. So if you want to count AQ, and AQ sympathizers (HIG, Haqqani, Taliban), let's don't forget to adjust the ledger for George Bush as well, to include every AQ sympathizer snuffed in Iraq, Horn of Africa, and the Phillipines (Abu Sayyaf) during the previous administration.

Finally, shouldn't all of Obama's bowing, and lightbringing, and apologizing, and NASA outreach, and thoughtful understanding of the Muslim plight actually be reducing the rolls of AQ without drone strikes?

I mean, any knucklehead (including George Bush) can lay ordinance on Miramshah, Pakistan on any given day and whack an AQ, or AQ supporter. I thought this Administration was all about prosecuting the right war and doing it smartly. Or was that just another campaign promise Obama has reneged (racist!) on?

Soylent Obamacare

By the way...

Abu Sayyaf?


Al Shabaab?

Obviously, RACISTS!

narciso the harpoon

You know they don't count how they took out Hamza Rabia or Abu al Libi, in those calculations, they knocked out one of those quarrelsome Mehsuds, but left the other one


why all this racist talk now? (And you must know that the NAACP would not have raised it with MO there unless the WH gave its approval.)
Its their standard rile up the base and get them to vote ploy.
They've lost everyone else and the base can't seem to get out of bed for mid-terms. (Usually, not enough walking around money to make it worthwhile.)


They are going to jerry-rig the districts for 2012 so no problemo. Or is it jimmy rig?

(Reuters) - Pakistani censors have banned an Indian comedy film featuring a lookalike of al Qaeda mastermind Osama bin Laden, the film's distributor said on Wednesday.

The ban had been anticipated on grounds that Islamist extremists could use it as a pretext for attacks.


Walwater Media's production, "Tere Bin Laden" ("Without You, Bin Laden"), revolves around a television journalist whose sole ambition is to gain residency in the United States.

The journalist, played by Pakistani pop star Ali Zafar, films a video with the lookalike, which quickly goes viral online, and attempts to migrate to the United States.

Journalists making things up. How preposterous.

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