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July 29, 2010


BB Key

Too bad Kevin Drum did not have the JurnOlist crowd around on this.....


I love it when lefties' are hoist by their own petard.
The problem is they're too stupid to understand when that happens...


Damn. If only he had voted for Dick Cheney instead of The Won.

It seems he's not just losing the middle.

The comments from the Mother Jones readers are amazing. I quit after about 20, but not one of them supported Obama.


If Kevin Drum doesn't shut up they might put him on that list of American's the Administration thinks is OK to assassinate.

But at least he won't have to worry about having to be Waterboarded by that barbarian Bush---unless of course he volunteers and joins the Army---then its OK.


I love it when lefties' are hoist by their own petard.

They will just say it's fine cause Bush did it.

Read 'em and leap.

Amazingly, Jane, that is not the thrust of the comments.


Honesty for a change? I'm shocked.


What Mr. Drum didn't understand was that Dick Cheney wanted information to control terrorists, the Obama Admin. wants information to control everybody.


George hits the nail on the head!


Well, one commenter did say that when Democrats get elected they always "cave in" to the illegal demands of the right wing and such. Evidently he can't find a Left wing govt in the world that violated privacy.


"wants information to control everybody."

I don't believe that is true. IMO, they care nothing about the bad guy.


Now that you are doing Instapundit shtick, are you going to tell us when Amazon is having a sale on digital cameras and Mazda Rx8 accessories?

Army of Davids

We may have the highest gas taxes, lowest bond ratings and second worst K-12 in the country..but we do have social justice and sunshine.

California....Home to Senate Ethics Committee ChairMaam Babs Boxer.

Come to California for the sunshine..stay for the social justice.


I read things like this from Mother Jones and it really makes me wonder. I have been thinking that our intellectual class, whether this is coincidence or causality, seems to pay a whole lot of attention to what our politicians say and how well they speak and not much at all to what our politicians do or have done. I think this may be because they are so used to dealing with words that they mistakenly think that words equal actions. In the case of this administration, I remember reading about how he spoke to well and it would be nice to have a president who can make a good speech or he is an intellectual so he will be pragmatic and get things done or he will be able to talk our allies and enemies around to his way of thinking and will improve the standing of the USA. Notice that not one of these things really resulted in actually accomplishing anything with this guy and given the disastrous people he has named to his administration nothing will. Also notice that not one has anything to do with being responsible for what you did.

I would rather have a dozen Joe the Plumbers runnng things than any of this crew. At least he would accomplish something. Meanwhile the gnashing of teeth from the left is becoming louder and louder.


Funny they talk about the right wing spying on the citizens. It was RFK who taxed JEH with spying on MLK and the hippies and his staff. It was Bill Moyers who had the FBI run checks on all his own people. It was LBJ who taped everyone in his office. If was FDR who started taping when the technology came out. It was Truman who supported McCarthy and the HUAC and Ike who stopped them. I think the Mother Jones people need to study their history.

narciso the harpoon

Well Truman supported the loyalty oath, relying on Clifford, a more accomplished
Rahm Emmanuel of his day, his unwillingness
to examine the legacy of the previous 20 years
made McCarthy almost inevitable.


Honesty? So far as the reference to Dick Cheney goes, this is pure lying slander.

Cheney is fine American and one who was working to stop assaults on this nation. He was forced to undertake this difficult struggle in a most difficult time, hampered and harassed all the way by an internal opposition whose positions varied between the idiotic and the treasonous, and whose motivations were always self-serving and irresponsible. Both his challenge and the righteousness of his response to could not be more clear; few sane and decent American can fault his judgment and prudence. To the extent that the national LEO and Intel "community" can be trusted at all, it is surely true that under his and W's watch these powers would have been kept in check and used for good.

It is blindingly obvious that Obama has wholly other interest at heart here. Obama has in fact ended the War on Terror and has gone so far as to openly curry favor with our e foes and to officially seek "forgiveness" from out Islamic enemy. He has kowtowed in public to them as an official act. He focus, interest and intent in this matter are clear.

The bizarre projections of evil onto Dick Cheney is one of the clearest demonstrations of the monstrous nature and character of the Left and the Democrat Party.

As to the notion that Obama, once elected, has "pursued Cheney's policies", well now, we can rest assured that the converse would never be true.

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