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July 16, 2010


Captain Hate

I'm not sure why the NYT is complaining about a search engine that's just in the tank for lefties as they are. Ordinarily I'd consider that might be a principled argument but this is the Duranty Times we're dealing with.


I'm sure Maxine Waters has a reasonable take on this.

Danube of Thought

It is an iron-clad article of faith at the Times that the interposition of government will always do good and will never do harm. It's just a matter of putting the goog guys in charge, and every single government regulator is not only a good guy but is omniscient and unfailingly competent. No evidence to the contrary will be considered.

Thomas Collins

Captain Hate, I suspect the Sulzberger oligarchs think that anything that impedes use of the web helps them maintain their privileged status. I think the oligarchs understand that leaning left and green is just the current hustle of the oligarchs.


I am picturing a bunch of Google techies showing up for work in Silicon Valley wearing blue helmets. All carrying the NY Times.

I am picturing the rest of the techies laughing at that bunch for being so right-wing.


I found this headline amusing. LUN

Strawman Cometh

I'm not sure why the NYT is complaining about a search engine that's just in the tank for lefties as they are.

Because, unlike the NYT, Google makes money while in that tank, and many others.

Parking  Lot

Google is a scary entity. It has too much power and control over too much information and is sucking up more every day via its huge number of free offerings. When Google and gmail went down soon after the last election, my paranoia was in high gear and I thought the new admin and Google were partnering a dry run of an evil strategy to take over the world by inflicting communications chaos.

But building up yet another new and costly payrolled and politically biased government agency to babysit Google is not the solution.


The NYTimes, Lord knows how they are still in business, has been passed up by so many other media outlets. Most people just don't pay attention to what they say except socialist/liberals. They have no credibility except their name & that doesn't mean much any more. Of course, they want to destroy the competition.....it is quite obvious

I R A Darth Aggie

Deer NYTimes,

I tried Bing. For a while. I really tried to like it. Maybe due to my Bing-fu sucking, but Bing's results sucked. Reliably sucked.

I had to go back to Google. And now that I have an Android phone, I'm attached to Google at the hip.

matt the organ grinder

In order to save the internet from itself, the United States Government is going to have to step in immediately and nationalize it. It will then be combined with the Wall Street Banks, the automobile companies, and the health care system.

The new organization, Govzilla, will fall under the authority of the Postal Service and have its own financing arm in Fannie Mae & Freddy Mac.

Nothing to worry about at all.

Parking  Lot

((I had to go back to Google. And now that I have an Android phone, I'm attached to Google at the hip))

yes the Google parlor* is very enticing

*Come into my parlor
Said the spider to the fly


NYT has a market cap of $1.38B (as of this morning.) IIRC, the market value of their RE in Manhattan is ~$1.2B.

What's the "value" of their "news business"?

Danube of Thought

A month or so the Google app on my I-phone failed. Applecare told me to uninstall it and go to the app store and download a new one.

There is only one Google app available there, and it sucks. Has Google done this deliberately to Apple and AT&T?


--Has Google done this deliberately to Apple and AT&T?--

No way! That would be evil and we know google doesn't do evil.


I don't think Google searches need to be regulated, but I am bothered by the way they've cleaned their caches to benefit those they prefer to have political power.

Thomas Collins
"The new organization, Govzilla. . . ."

And Govzilla's logo will sport the photo currently in the middle at the top of Drudgereport. See LUN.

Jack is Back!

Regulation? Isn't that what Metamusil is for?


NYT has a market cap of $1.38B (as of this morning.) IIRC, the market value of their RE in Manhattan is ~$1.2B.

What's the "value" of their "news business"?

And that real estate was a gift from the City via an urban renewal eminent domain scam. LUN

Bill in AZ sez it's time for Zero to resign

Most people just don't pay attention to what they (NYT) say except socialist/liberals.

...and John McCain. Oh wait...


What's the cost to the Administration of the Az lawsuit?

- -- A slight majority of Californians favor Arizona's controversial law that makes illegal immigration a state crime and allows police officers in the Grand Canyon state to question people's immigration status based on "reasonable suspicion," according to a Field Poll released today. However, the results are close and clearly divided along partisan lines. California voters approve of the law by a 49 to 45 percent margin. A 62 percent majority of Democrats disapprove of the law, while 77 percent of Republicans said they favor the law. Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2010/07/16/BAFV1EEU9E.DTL#ixzz0ts5uP4EZ

When 4% is "CLOSE" to the journos.

Frau Regierungsfeind

It seems Google knows more about me at present than the O-government. I'm waiting for it to merge with the Berwick Borg to block intertube access until I get up from the keyboard once an hour and walk around the block --even in today's 3-digit weather.

Captain Hate

Clarice, AoS had a story of a recent poll that included in the 'disapprove' count people who wanted the law to be even tougher.


yeah--well right now it's signalling me to get my behind out of here and into the pool for my laps..

BB Key

Walter Kendall Myers gets life for spying for Cuba, wife gets 6 years

afirmative action ?

Charlie (Colorado)

What's the "value" of their "news business"?




Speaking of "newsiness", AP just ran another article on Palin's speaking fees at Cal State Stanislaus. We are now 2 1/2 months after the fact, and the story just keeps on rising to the top of the cesspool.

This is just one more example of the Leftist agenda. Keep on repeating the same meme as if it was something new and allowing it to settle into the weak minds of the idiocracy.


Clarice, They're targeting you!

Just caught a new AARP propaganda ad on the tube with one of the paid actors saying that if you support AARP it'll allow you to do "more laps in the pool."


Re Myers--who was really less complicit--She got 81 months. His juvenile outburst aimed at a racist appeal t Reggie walton, the judge to whom it was probably most offensive, at the sentencing probably got her another 2 years.

From Human Events (speaking of regulation):

GAO Report: Carbon Capture Increases Power Costs up to 80%
by Connie Hair

A new Government Accountability Office (GAO) report released today found that carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) schemes favored by Democrats under their proposed cap and trade national energy tax boondoggle would increase electricity costs, reduce electricity output and increase water consumption.

Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), ranking Republican of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, and Sen. George Voinovich (R-Ohio), released the GAO today covering the status, cost, and reliability of current CCS technology for coal-fired power plants.

The release states, “Based on GAO's survey of stakeholders, including utilities and state regulators, current CCS technology would increase electricity costs by 30 to 80 percent, reduce electricity output between 15 and 32 percent, and increase water consumption at power plants.”

JM Hanes

Tthe Times has probably never gotten over the shock of discovering that when they decided to wall off MoDo, Rich, Friedman et al, no one would pay to read them.



I thought I remember reading that they decided a few months back to try that trick a second time. Anyone know if they were they stupid enough to do it?


daddy, I'll move to Belize first.


Interesting to me that finally the US Press is starting to pay a bit of attention to the release of the supposedly dying PanAm Lockerbie Bomber, now that a charge has been made that Big Oil bad guy BP was behind it all the time.

When the guy was simply outliving his supposed 3 months you had to scour the international press to find mention of his still alive status.

When the Doctor who said he made the 3 months to live diagnosis, admitted that he was paid to say that (by the Libyans), you still had to dig that up in the international media as it was missed by the US MSM.

But now that BP is alleged to have been involved in the premature release of the Bomber, simply flip on any American media source, ">http://www.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/europe/07/16/uk.lockerbie.mistake/index.html"> CNN, MSNBC, FOX etc, and there it is. Funny how the fraudulent release of a terrorist who murdered 243 innocent humans (mainly Americans) has been of such little interest until BP can be dragged into the mix. Before you know it, maybe we'll get some more faux "outrage" from Obama.


wish you'd submit that to AT, daddy. It's an excellent point.


maybe we'll get some more faux "outrage" from Obama

"Was BP involved in this?"
"Whose ass should I kick?"

He asked witheringly.

Danube of Thought

What was Gwendolyn Myers's racist appeal to the judge?


It was Mr. Myers

according to my friend who was in the courtroom,he talked about how they did what they did to help the poor oppressed Cubans.Then Myers laid it on about how he was helping A-As in jail.

Insulting and transparent - something a 14 y-o would try

narciso the harpoon

It would be a trust fund brat, like Myers, who would try this sort of stunt,


Yes,narciso. a true jerk.

Captain Hate

they decided to wall off MoDo, Rich, Friedman et al, no one would pay to read them.

Poor Pinch; so much blah blah and so little interest.

Captain Hate
Walter Myers told Walton he and his wife were motivated not by "anger at the United States or a feeling of anti-Americanism," but in support of the Cuban revolution.

"Our overriding objection was to help the Cuban people defend their revolution and forestall conflict between the two countries," Myers said. Both he and his wife, he said, "share the same love and solidarity with the Cuban people."

"We share the ideals and dreams of the Cuban revolution," he said. "We are equally committed to helping the struggling people of the world."

But Walton said he was "perplexed" at how Myers could say he was helping the Cuban people by giving "highly classified" material to the Cuban government.

"The Cuban people felt threatened by the U.S. and they have good reason," Myers replied, charging that the U.S. has "pursued regime change," invaded and "trained persons to carry out hostile acts. "From a Cuban perspective there is a great deal to fear from the U.S.," Myers said, adding that he hoped to "alleviate some of those fears," by "assessing the nature of the threat to Cuba."

But prosecutors portrayed Myers as a son of privilege - he is a great grandson of Alexander Graham Bell - who toyed with revolution as a way of spicing up his life.

Harvey noted that Myers - after being contacted last year by an FBI agent posing as a Cuban agent - cajoled Gwendolyn Myers into coming out of retirement to spy once more.

"He said, 'I was actually thinking it would be fun to get back into it,"' Harvey said. "That's what he said what, fun. He sold out the United States because he thought it would be thrilling, and he should pay the price for his treachery."

What an idiot; although I'm sure that more people in the State Dept. were symps than otherwise.

Dave (in MA) --->>> BO Stinks <<<---

Happy Friday.


Sad to see ol' George without the "WTF!" cartoon.

Jim Miller

A side note: I don't think that the New York Times editorial writer understands the meaning of "algorithm". The search routines that Google has built almost certainly use hundreds of algorithms, probably thousands -- but they don't constitute a single algorithm.

(Algorithms are often compared to recipes. If we extend that analogy to Google, then their search routines might be compared, loosely, to an immense cookbook, organized around some common theme.)

narciso the harpoon

We just need to reference Wieland, Rubottam, at the beginning, also Wayne Smith, who seems
to hang around like a "bad penny' and not a few agency personnel as well, like Robert


Algore has no rhythm


Nah, Jim, algorithm singular or plural are both accurate. That's the whole point of system engineering -- every detail of every piece must work, AND all of the pieces must fit together correctly.

(And to give you a little peek into the geeky brain -- the fun of it is the head rush that comes from quickly cycling from close-up detail to far out big picture.)





Will get to work and give it a shot. Sorry it took so long to get back, but immediately after posting the wife took control of the new puppy and gave me permission to go climb Flattop. I leaped at a moments notice...

I am no mountain climber, but even though I now have one bum knee, I can still get up and down Flattop and then to the Mooses's Tooth for the quick snort of accomplishment.

I have been lucky in my life to do a few other interesting but not difficult climbs, which are somewhat similar to ">http://farm1.static.flickr.com/207/529253448_913f930d90.jpg"> Flattop.

For instance, ">http://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/00/15/b6/f3/view-of-the-acropolis.jpg"> The Acropolis in Athens from the back side. Always fun, exciting, and sweating like a dog.

Flattop is closer in effort though to climbing http://images.travelpod.com/users/rmisaac/1.1243423374.masada-in-daylightx-snake-path.jpg "> Masada via the snake path, then fooling around the Acropolis. Really, really, really enjoyed Israel as a young College Kid on an archeological dig, but in deference to the Acropolis, a very early memory that really stands out, is of our whole family heading home from Bangkok at age 7 and stopping at the Acropolis. An Aunt was a Classics Professor traveling with us at the time and the fun family story is her saying to the Tour Guide, "Oh no Sir, you are wrong. Socrates taught over there, in that section of the Agora. He demanded that as punishment instead of death he should be wined and dined and given boarding up here on the Acropolis, but it was down there that he taught Plato and his other students." Ergo, my initial love of ancient history.

Even closer to actual Flattop in terms of sweat I might mention ">http://www.planetware.com/i/photo/ancient-corinth-corinth-gr263.jpg"> Acro-Corinth, their ancient protective mountain which if I recall correctly had a famous sort of Temple of Prostitution on top which lights at night could be seen from the Athens Acropolis 50 miles away---something like that. Anyhow, the wife and I did that one and it killed us 1 afternoon when we were young.

And then of course there's ">http://s3.images.com/huge.64.322878.JPG"> Victoria Peak in Hong Kong, which is also a very sweaty and fun climb, without the marvelous ancient history behind, but closer in general than the rest to a nice cold Guinness.

Cheers to hill-climbing. Lets all climb up on the Hill and string the bastards up. I'm buying the first round afterwards:)

narciso the harpoon

I'd never seen that view of the Acropolis, daddy, btw that other planet link is 404


The Acropolis in Athens from the back side

I've heard it's very popular to approach from that angle in Greece.

I recall their government got to their German investors that way recently.


Exciting Pooping Lego update (including Bonus Snowzilla sighting!!!)

ADN reports that people in Winchester England are even stupider than City Politicians in Anchorage.

Brit Artist Gormley of "Habitat"http://www.adn.com/2010/07/14/1367291/a-habitat-for-real.html?commentSort=TimeStampAscending&pageNum=3&&mi_pluck_action=page_nav#Comments_Container "> (Poopin' Lego) Fame, has somehow swindled the city of Winchester, England, into constructing a 60 million dollar hotel, part of which will be a massive recreation of Gormley's Habitat statue, big enough so that trendy morons can pay exorbitant prices to sleep overnight inside the rebuilt statues abdomen and poop inside his thighs. I'm not making this up. For more on the finest in modern London Hotels, click ">http://community.adn.com/adn/node/152348"> here.

In addition, there is a nice view of our city in the background of this ">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBll2JNFOc0"> "Pooping Lego versus Snowzilla Deathmatch." May the best critter win.


Well, Typhuspad, are you or aren't you gonna post it?
Are you feeling lucky?
Make my day.


What's wrong with this picture?

U.S. authorities shut down web host with 73,000 blogs over music/video copyright matters with some of the sites. Link.

Washington Post is about to publish sensitive U.S. intelligence data which could endanger many lives, in print, TV (Frontline) and a website on Monday, 7/19/10.

(Links via DReport)
Here and here.


The pathos in the State Dept's letter to contractors is undescribable. How can they safeguard their operations and keep security in with such treason by Washington Post.

"Office of Origin: DS/EX
Announcement Number: 2010_07_059
Date of Announcement: July 15, 2010


Notification of Major Media Outlet Story On Monday July 19, the Washington Post plans to publish a website listing all agencies and contractors believed to conduct Top Secret work on behalf of the U.S. Government. The website provides a graphic representation pinpointing the location of firms conducting Top Secret work, describing the type of work they perform, and identifying many facilities where such work is done.

...all Department personnel should remain aware of their responsibility to protect classified and other sensitive information...."


And the memo from the communications director of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence is utter defensive drivel. They should be working on an injunction to prevent it!!!


Is the Washington Post now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the PRC?

Jack is Back!


I think you're getting Winchester and Westminster mixed up. Best hotel in Westminster (if anyone is interested) is probably the Landmark (get an Atrium view). Or you can try the Marylebone, where you can walk to Orrery and have lunch on the terrace before you venture down the high street to Daunt's (they don't make bookstores like this anymore with the exception of Hatchards).

If you're going to the British Museum a lot then try Montague on The Gardens near Russell Square - they have a wonderful bar and terrace dining overlooking Montague Gardens and their installations of sculpture. For those in the Knightsbridge mood, I can absolutely recommend the Berkeley because it has an indoor pool, church view terraces and the Boxwood Cafe. Its pricey but nicey.

In the World is Going Crazy Dept: I read in the Telly that a Somali immigrant couple complained to her majesty's government that their subsidized flat was in too poor a section of London and in less time than it takes to make chicken tikka masala they were ensconced in a 2 million quid house in Notting Hill. No news of when the movie is coming out but Will Smith is rumored to have the lead.


Perhaps the NYT should put up a 1/2 page of space for an "opinion winner" which is picked at random (I understand this is some place in NY). The editorial board would have no say but could offer suggestions to the content provided by the "opinion winner".

I mean, do this in the name of diversity .. multiculturalism .. damn it, For The Children.


Re: Washington Post upcoming treason:

The above-quoted State Dept. memo went to its employees.

This one is from ODNI to contractors:

"Foreign intelligence services, terrorist organizations, and criminal elements will have potential interest in this kind of information. It is important that companies review their overall counterintelligence posture to ensure that it is appropriate."

(What's that? Bend over?)

"Specifically, we recommend that companies affected by this publication and website assess and take steps to mitigate risk to their workforce, facility and mission, to the extent consistent with your contractual relationship with ODNI...."

Good grief - our Armed Forces and U.S. citizens are at risk. Stronger response is required.


BR, What is even the point of the WaPo putting out this info? Is there some story?


"Is there some story?"

Seems the villians wearing black hats in movies and TV lately (even 24) are private contractors doing defense work for the guv.

narciso the harpoon

'24, the A Team, NCIS, even one where the vampires weren't the worse villain, Moonlight'
remember Brad Thor, who talks up a private
intelligence novel, in his last novel, uncovered a similar approach by CIA against
Pentagon sources at the Times


So they are bad guys because the media has a "private contractors doing defense work are evil" stereotype in their head?

Well, they are in good company...
Tea Party
Bible believing Jews & Christians
Private contractors doing defense work
Active military
Pro-life organizations
Conservatives in general
Anyone opposing illegal immigration

Captain Hate

Ok, I guess I shouldn't hold my breath waiting for the DOJ to file any motions against the treasonous fucks at the WaPo or appointing a special prosecutor for outting people doing work more dangerous than some blowzy deskbound whore in Langley. Maybe we should just put together a list of the home addresses of the WaPo employees and what schools their children attend, and make it available to AQ, NAMBLA and all the registered pervs. Why play nice with these pricks?


Fiona Glenanne might suggest a better idea.


Washington Post's Treason - Capt H, I like your fire.

Here's a short article quoting from US Code Title 18, Part I, Chapter 3, § 793: Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information. Ten year prison sentence.

Here we are on Sunday morning. Washington Post has 24 hours to abort.

Mark Johnson

Hey, thanks for the link back to my blog. Regulation is bad enough, but regulation of things the gov't doesn't understand is the absolute worst.

-Mark Johnson, "The Blogger from Bing"

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