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July 15, 2010


Jane says obamasucks

I can't tell you how mad I am about this financial services bill. How come you are all taking it so well?

narciso the harpoon

You're right this makes healthcare look like a mulligan by comparison, when I heard that Ben Nelson was the final vote, I was furious

Captain Hate

Channeling your inner Chaco, CH?

I didn't mean to insult anybody, honest. Or kill the thread (although we've got way too many active ones).

Soylent Obamacare


Just wanted to let everyone know I'm headed out tomorrow for AFG to go fight the racists. I'll be sure to let everyone know if it is, in fact, in Asia.

If you want to be on the email distro, contact Clarice or Jane.


Jane, I just cannot keep walking around with my hair on fire 24/7. i can't. It seems that every hour on the hour is another outrageous present from the Administration.

Captain Hate

I can't tell you how mad I am about this financial services bill. How come you are all taking it so well?

#1. I'm not taking it well
#2. I'm not happy about Scott Brown being a partial RINO but he's still better than Coakley.
#3. The gruesome twosome from Maine have got to go
#4. Future history books (assuming that sanity prevails) will look on this time with stunned disbelief that a financial reform bill was named for Barney and Chris. Maybe they'll call it Frankendodd's monster. Kind of like having a Boss Tweed campaign reform bill.


Soylent - stay safe. God speed.

Captain Hate

Go with God's blessing, Soylent; you're a hero.


Is dumping on OL for not being able to find something that's been an integral part of the internal combustion engine since at least the Model T really the fight you wimmens want?

Pretty sure model T's had petcocks. Could be wrong, though.


Soylent, via con dios. XOXOXOXOX

Keep those emails coming and let us know what to send you and where.


Soylent! God bless you & thank you for serving!! I'm on Facebook and our email is theshagamsatgmaildotcom (except use the symbols)...so let me know if you want care packages. It would be my honor to send you some every now & then.

narciso the harpoon

Godspeed, Soylent, maybe it will go through this time


LUN is unbelievable...Obama has made his cook the Senior Policy Adviser for Healthy Food Initiatives.
Sam Kass is the guy that was dancing around the rhubarb! Good Lord....


xoxoxox, Soylent.


Here is the rhubarb story -

"After the rhubarb was in the ground Mrs. Obama and some of the children performed what she called a "growing dance" around the wooden planter. The group chanted "grow, rhubarb, grow" several times, then circled the planter and finished by throwing their hands in the air.

White House assistant chef Sam Kass, who oversees the garden, joined in for the last round of the dance."

I don't have the words....


So, Senator Scumbag (Specter) is negotiating for life after death-in-the-senate and using his votes for bargaining chips (ala a "yes" on Kagan).

There has to be a special hell set aside for creeps like him.


I just got my free copy of the socialite mag DC with a whole story on MO, Kass and the foodie revolution in DC. It's enough to encourage me to diet.


And, another thing ....

Ben at Politico won't tell you, but when Kathy the kommedienne called Scott Brown's daughters prostitutes she was talking to John King and his wife Dana Bash (CNN). Dana thought it was really, really funny. John just smirked. Don't you love the media?

Old Lurker

Soy, take care.

Will you be able to stop by occasionally? We would love to hear that you are OK, and what it looks like over there.

Otherwise email Clarice so she can report on you.

To repeat, take care.

And thank you.

Captain Hate

Pretty sure model T's had petcocks. Could be wrong, though.

Dammit Po; of course you're right. I was just going on a guess anyway; I'm old but not *that* old.

Jane says soylentisourhero

Soylent; you're a hero.

More importantly, you are OUR hero.

Stay safe.

Danube of Thought

Keep your head down, Soylent. Hold 'em and squeeze 'em.

No cantering.

Break a leg, Soylent.

Rick Ballard

You'll be in my prayers, Soylent.

hit and run

God bless you Soylent.

 Ann  Squaredance

God bless you, Soylent, and keep safe. Let us know where to send things and I will send you that cheesecake from Katzinger's Deli or anything else you guys want.

You are in our prayers and my family sends their humble thanks for your service. xxxooo

Please put me on the email list: annatjom@gmail.com


God speed, Soylent.


God bless, soylent.


A big hug and God speed, Soylent.


Our Hero...


from the 4/15 Tea Party.


You're in my prayers also Soylent. And pictures would be super!


God speed, Soylent.

Rob Crawford

Take care, Soylent.

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