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July 17, 2010




The statements do not line up with their previous actions.

It's all a strategem. Do not believe it!

narciso the harpoon

"dogs and cats, living together, human sacrifice, mass hysteria" no I don't think its' genuine

Captain Hate

What was the snide remark that the human skidmark, Harry Reid, a blight among humanity who deserved a bit part in "There Will Be Blood" as a grovelling little mendicant, said about Thomas and the quality of his written opinions? Whatever it was, it was on par with Keith Olbermann hilariously defending his obviously worthless degree as not having come from an Ag school; as if there isn't a single good farmer that couldn't intellectually clean Bathtub Boy's clock.


Speaking of signs of the Apocalypse, it appears that it may be time to change that "plug the damn hole" mantra to something more up-to-date. How about "protect the damn coastline" ?

narciso the harpoon

I came up with that one Captain, also the preacher in Poltergeist 2, who was an evil
banker (is there any other kind) on Miami Vice

Anedenanthera Peregrina

Oil refinery national security monopoly accuses BP of terror and your still looking?


This is the Mother Ship: You are not in Kansas anymore.


he now favors removing all content regulations on broadcasters...we hope his philosophy prevails except for the content of political advertisements. The government's gotta keep a boot on the neck there, unless it's something completely uncontroversial and undeniable like calling some leading Army guy a traitor.


">http://oceanaris.wordpress.com/"> Matt has a good meditation up about a Carbon Footprint scam ongoing at San Fran International Airport. If you're a human, and you care about GAIA, then much like medieval sinners you're encouraged to buy Carbon Offsets to heal your conscience about using Carbon to fly around the planet.

Then in Instapundit I read ">http://www.onlinesentinel.com/news/white-house-wanderers-tour-acadia_2010-07-16.html"> this story, telling us that a special private jet was used to fly the President's dog, Bo, up to Maine to join the First Family on their vacation.

No word on if Carbon Footprints apply only to humans and not to pets, but if so, then I think we have finally entered George Orwell territory---4 legs good, 2 legs bad. Yep. The Apocalypse is upon us.


PLUG THE DAMN HOLE is still fitting. And this Obama hole is killing Hispanics at an alarming rate.

It is the American open border crowd that is directly responsible for most illegal immigrant deaths.


Why is Obama and the other excuse makers not asked why they believe they should be absolved of responsibility for all these deaths?

With the border sealed and protected, these people wouldn't be attempting this activity that is getting them killed.

Its time for the media to hold the open border crowd responsible for their racist policy that causes so many Hispanic deaths.

The absolutle hypocrisy of the Obama adminstration policy is breathtaking. Keep the border open for people to sneak across, but crack down on employers for hiring them..thus creating an illegal alien welfare community dependent on the government.

Its sickening.


Clarice's Pieces is up at Am. Thinker.
That NASA pdf is unbelievable. Where is our media? Where is the organization Americans united for separation of church & state? Reaching out to Muslim nations?
Lies, lies, and more lies.

Cecil Turner

I'd be a lot more sympathetic to the Times if their principles were more in play when hyperventilating about the Court upholding other First Amendment cases (e.g., Citizens United).

narciso the harpoon

You know nothing we read at first glance is true, anymore

narciso the harpoon

What was the name of that series, once upon a time, "Now it can be told"

< a href"http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2010/07/nyt_confirms_steven_chu_frustr.html" ny times comfirms steven chu frustrated oil spill
cleanup {/a}

narciso the harpoon

Sorry, try again, these things are tricky

Nyt confirms steven chu frustrated oil spin
cleanup" {a/}


Cecil right--and bgates right and funny.

My goodness. If someone were smart he'd offer the JOM regulars a spot on TV opposite The View or one of the other morning shows peopled by brain dead , well-coiffed vapids.

Eh. [reaching to the choir I am.

Janet, Steve Gilbert who spotted the NASA stuff does consistently great work ferreting out what is before everyonr's eyes but no one else sees.

narciso the harpoon

< a href "http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/07/american_jeopardy_what_is_fasc.html">
ameican jeopardy what is fascism"> american jeopardy what is fascism


and Dana Milbank is weighing in on the billboard in Iowatoday.

"The Tea Partyers eventually took the billboard down -- to hush the national uproar they provoked..."

What national uproar? Just because some reporters say there are complaints... doesn't make it so. Do a few reporters + the reporters friends = a national uproar?
Milbank also throws in Godwin's Law.
Like Porchlight said, "Should there ever be another Hitler, he will probably coast to power on the strength of "civilized" people's fear of violating Godwin's Law in polite society.".

narciso the harpoon

This was the Ap's take on the Myers case, which suggests the following headline from an alternate universe,

"Former Secretary of State Alger Hiss, steps down, on suspicion of being a Soviet agent"


Great job as always Clarice!

What about that Louis Oosthuizen?


In fact, I bet Milbank wrote that piece to try to provoke a national uproar. The NASA story is skipped over in the WaPo because THAT story would actually produce a national uproar & show the Obama admin. to be a bunch of liars.


Here is narciso's American Jeopardy: What is Fascism link. It is very good.


I am sure Howie Kurtz is gonna do a "fair and balanced report" this morning:

Tomorrow, CNN's Reliable Sources is going to examine Fox News's coverage of the voter intimidation case involving the New Black Panther Party. Host Howard Kurtz will ask whether the story has been over-reported by FNC or under-reported by other media outlets.

Kurtz will talk with Bob Schieffer, chief Washington correspondent and host of CBS' "Face the Nation" who was criticized this week by Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly for not asking AG Eric Holder about the case when he was a guest on "Face the Nation" last weekend.


Thanks, Jane.

You might look at the PJM article by Professor Bainbridge on non-delegation and the so called finance reform Act...It would be something your listeners should hear.


It was clearly underreported--not because of the significance of the case itself--bit because of the conduct of the DoJ and in contrast to how it would have been handled by the press had white racists been involved.

That's the truth--Go out and play who cares what Kurtz or the other yappers think.

Captain Hate

Chris Wallace is as dumb as a plank. He doesn't understand that the Bush tax cuts didn't result in decreased revenue to the Feds; in fact the revenue increased. Tony Snow's dead body could moderate FNS better than this rotten apple from a diseased tree.

Shep, Jerry Rivers, and Cwissy: Fox's axis of douche.


As I was told repeatedly in my oh so correct humanities classes in college, racists are white people. Its all about power and the man standing on the neck of the oppressed minority. Minorities have no power so they cant be racists? Get it.

These putzs on the tube and in print, did not contest that contention now and do not still to this day. They will seem puzzled by what all the fuss is about.

The first order should be, upon taking back control, should be to remove tenure rights at every institution of higher learning in the country.


substitute "then" for now, and I think I have communicated what I was thinking.

Cecil Turner

I loved this from the WaPo ombudsman:

If Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and his department are not colorblind in enforcing civil rights laws, they should be nailed.
Does anybody really believe the current Administration is interested in colorblind enforcement? (Or, for that matter, that the civil rights division ever did it?) Seems to me the question is whether or not it's okay to state unequivocally that there would be no enforcement of voter intimidation by minorities . . . and the resounding "ho-hum" from the media suggests the answer is: "it's okay."

Old Lurker

Cap'n, tyou continue to speak my thoughts. This time about Fox.

Cecil Turner

The best part of the Milbank piece is this line:

Isn't there a grown-up to rein in these backbenchers when they go over the top?
Remember back when our Fourth Estate thought speaking truth to power was courageous? Now they're trying to find a way to make the few naysayers shut up (presumably so we can continue toward the leftist utopia). But ooooh, those billboards are so meeaan! No danger of any adult analysis at the Post anytime soon, apparently.

narciso the harpoon

Michael's line to Kate 'now who's being naive,' seems to fit with Alexander, but he is marginally better than Overholser. I wonder
though does Wallace really not know, or is it
just a talking point. If it was Gibson, I'd say 'what do you mean by that' but I don't think that is true. Than again that was Nyhan's default assumption wasn't it


Clarice - it's too dang hot in my neck of the woods to go out and play today, but that doesn't mean I will be watching Howie anytime soon.

I got my morning guffaws over at HuffPo. On their Style page they front a photo of the Obama familia at the top of a lighthouse. Everyone looks pretty bored, except Michelle who looks to be clinging to the railing for dear life. Must have been pretty breezy too, because strands of her hair escaped from her tight little bun and stick straight up as though she is in fright. Add to that her toothy grin that looks like a grimace - and well, it is quite the photo! snort.


--He doesn't understand that the Bush tax cuts didn't result in decreased revenue to the Feds; in fact the revenue increased.--

Dishonest lefties will ignore that fact CH.

Slightly less dishonest lefties will claim that while revenues are higher, their projections of revenue growth, which are purposely static and therefore wrong, were higher without the tax cut than with it.

I'm still looking for an honest lefty to determine what he might think. Anybody seen one?

narciso the harpoon

Only Obama when speaking to Joe the plumber and to Gibson on the capital gains tax, I know
it's an odd interpretation of 'honest'

Captain Hate

Iggy, I love the "but, but, but OMG look at the deficit!!!11!!" that doesn't take the increased spending into account (in which, yes, the Repukes were complicit).

hit and run

Matt has a good meditation up about a Carbon Footprint scam ongoing at San Fran International Airport.

From Matt's meditation:

Transiting through SFO the other day, I noticed a number of kiosks where one can purchase carbon offsets for one’s flight. To feel good if you are crossing the country costs @ $12.00, or 30x the actual going rate. To feel good for a Transpac flight might cost as much as $20.

There's a better way. It's cheaper and much more personally rewarding for your feel-good carbon offsetting. If you're interested,http://thevimh.blogspot.com/2010/04/introducing-thevimh-carbon-offset.html>the details are here.


Ha, hit. Does the Arbor email link go directly to Clarice's Scams-R-Us?

And isn't James Lewis on a roll today?

In what?, three issues, c, your piece has become the thing to read.


"He has made it clear he now favors removing all content regulations on broadcasters. "

emphasis on NOW....

If these chuckleheads had ever listened to the man, they would know 1) Thomas has always favored this, and 2) that is the conservative position.

Instead they treat his remark as an oddity, something out of their experience.

I really really really hate the NYT.

Danube of Thought

From RCP:

Jimmy Carter's National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski: "I think we're now going through a phase in which there is a sense of pervasive malaise, which affects different groups in society in different ways."

Minus 16 at Raz today.

Danube of Thought

I posted some stuff on the Sat. Morning Open Thread about the requirement that all revenue bills originate in the House. It appears there's a way around it (it was used in the first bailout bill) and if Ignatz's recollection is correct, they used it with Obamacare.


Thanks, kim.


DOT: I did find a link to the "shell" bill plan at Heritage. LUN


oops - here's the LUN

Danube of Thought

CCal, thanks for that--I remember it now. I'm not entirely certain that's what they ended up doing, but sooner or later we'll find out.

What I recall clearly is that their goal was to avoid at all costs having to have the senate vote a second time, because of the Scott election. But I'm sure they would have covered their bases on the origination issue; even if they weren't calling the mandate a tax, there were many other provisions in it that were clearly revenue measures.


we're going through a phase
there is a sense of malaise
which affects different groups
in different ways.

I would have thought rhyming would be kind of a sore subject for a guy named "Zbigniew". (Banana-fana fo-fbigniew/Fee-fi-mo-mbigniew/Zbigniew!)

narciso the harpoon

lol, bgates you're trying too hard to get on that list

Rick Ballard

BP to BO Stuff It

The plan appeared to contradict a directive from National Incident Commander Thad Allen, who yesterday ordered BP to “immediately” resume capturing oil after concluding a well test that has successfully sealed the well. Allen gave BP permission to extend the test by 24 hours.

U.S. officials at the Joint Information Center for the spill had no immediate comment on BP’s statement.

The cap is holding and BO's designated crisis enhancer just isn't satisfied with blocking skimmers from going to work and ignoring sources for booms. I suppose he senses the opportunity to completely destroy the Gulf economy slipping away.

Both, both, both.  My God, Both.

The Department of Energy has reportedly, by the Sunday Times, halted funding to the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit, of the CRUtape letters and ClimateGate. So, I wanna know if Chu is twisting Jackson slowly, slowly, in the wind or if the inmates are in charge of the asylum?


Rick- Thanks for posting that. Was just reading the same story over at Upstream.

Still can't get over all these workers with nothing to do but try not to get too far from the tent.

Plus all the brand new Kubota tractors hauling around trailers full of coolers. Must also be some sort of mandate that the portapotties be replaced daily.

Clarice- Enjoyed your Clarice's Pieces.

On the green emphasis, did you see the story on Maryland moving to impose an environmental studies mandate to get a high school diploma?

Not a particular course but permeating all classes. Which is probably even worse.

narciso the harpoon

Can you do more than a double face palm I'm just asking, in the LUN


And let's not forget all those big luxurious, air conditioned with plush reclining seating buses that are parked everywhere there's a good take out point.

They may not be paying claims for damages but there are clearly some very lucrative contracts.


How interesting Rick.


are those the same buses that were sitting in that New Orleans lot in the middle of Hurricane Katrina?

It would seem to be a Pulitzer in the making to investigate the webs of contracts and corruption down there. Hundreds of millions spent, on what?


Chris Wallace is as dumb as a plank.

Mike Pence didn't do us any favors either.

OTOH this Louis whose last name cannot be pronounced is positively spectacular.

Old Lurker

Rick, the key to that story is in the last line: "The Macondo well has produced the biggest oil spill in U.S. history, spewing 35,000 to 60,000 barrels of oil a day into the Gulf, according to a U.S. government-led panel of scientists."

I think it was Bloomberg whose story about the order to uncap and collect the oil which went on to say that would allow the government to determine exactly how much oil was being vented.

Recall also that in the beginning, we were told that the ultimate liability assessed to BP will be based on the actual size of the spill.

So somewhere between 35 and 60 creates a field day for defense lawyers, should they ever be engaged.

Maybe BP is growing a spine in self defense.

Captain Hate

I don't see where they have any choice OL; they've tried to play nice-nice with McDivot only to see him obstruct every opportunity to limit the problem. In a way they deserve a heaping plateful of shit for backing the jugeared prick in his campaign although I can't in good conscience blame anybody for not trusting McCain.

I did some Y2K and subsequent contract work for BP and they are by far the most consultant friendly place I've worked; so they built up a stockpile of goodwill with me that they haven't quite completely destroyed.

bio mom

Wallace also didn't correct Clyburn's lie that the 8 years of Bush lost 8 million jobs.

Rick Ballard

"Maybe BP is growing a spine in self defense."

It's more likely they finally did a rational analysis of the size and type of parasite which they embraced. The pressure readings coupled with the viscosity parameters would provide the data for the arguments as to the flow rate range for the well bore.

Determining the cash flow rate for welcoming the embrace of the vampire squid that is the Obama Administration is actually easier. It's "everything you've got now plus everything you ever dreamed of having".


Taking $20 billion ante offer was a real sucker's play.

RSE - Have you read the Codevilla piece? It's worth the time. I was left with a desire to raze our institutions of higher indoctrination, salt the earth around them and then try and arrange to have them nuked from orbit.

Captain Hate

Mike Pence didn't do us any favors either.

Eh, I thought he was ok; he was in a tough position being opposite a complete dumbass in Clyburn. I mean, to resist laughing at the stupid comments is a struggle; and you have to figure out if you're supposed to respond to such inane lies or just go on and make your own points and trust the audience to reject the stupidity on their own.

On a similar topic, I've noticed a number of energy tv ads recently sponsored by the Petroleum Institute or some similar name. They seem to be fairly well done but as I see the name at the end I think "At this time can we trust the public to not react negatively to them because of the Gulf situation". I wish the RNC would start using articulate and well-known conservative figures like Gary Sinise or Chuck Norris in some issue ads.


I wish the RNC ads were written by Hit and bgates and TM. Just saying.

ridicule is now our best friend and the target is enormous....the entire political class.


Another sign ? ...

Mystery trader buys all Europe's cocoa
Even Willy Wonka might struggle to use this much chocolate. Yesterday, somebody bought 241,000 tonnes of cocoa beans.


and you have to figure out if you're supposed to respond to such inane lies or just go on and make your own points and trust the audience to reject the stupidity on their own.

My mother told me yesterday Chris wallace was her proof that she gets both sides of the story. She would not ever have thought Clyburn was lying given the reaction of Wallace and Pence. I like Pence but I thought he sucked today.


DoT here's the govt brief on Obamacare:


”I'm still looking for an honest lefty to determine what he might think. Anybody seen one?

Bill Lockyer(D), the State Treasurer of California, in a fit, started being honest last year.

Good stuff.

Danube of Thought

Thanks C. Will try to read it tonight.

Young Lurker

Captain- do you have any quick links to data substantiating the claim that these tax cuts increase revenue (and lead to increased job creation, if you have it too)? I'm currently in a viscous argument with some idiots on Huffington post about this issue and I've been called every pejorative name under the sun for suggestion letting said cuts expire when unemployment is as low as it is might not be wise. However i don't have time to find the the data, laid out plainly enough for that audience's understanding, since i'm doing my homework for school (DrJ and OL will be pleased to know!) I only take brief stress-relieving breaks to mess with lefties on HP.


Thanks Rick.

So many good lines I finally bookmarked it.


Not a yellow school bus in sight. These are truly luxury coaches and when I've seen them in use they might be a quarter full.

Also I do not know why the NAACP is complaining about BP not hiring a sufficiently diverse work force for these walk the beach (or actually stand, lean on your rake, and gaze until your 20 minutes is up).

Diversity and the appearance of previously leading a hard-luck life seem to be the primary criteria.

I have been told that many of the workers are being brought in from out of state but have not yet seen an SEIU purple T-shirt.

Bill in AZ sez it's time for Zero to resign

Young Lurker, here is one posted a few weeks ago. Someone else had something along the same lines just this morning, but darned if I can remember who.

Captain Hate

Bill thanks for providing YL that link; I was out walking the dog and wouldn't have had anything handy anyway. I'll be amazed if any lefties at HuffingPoo will be swayed by facts. It's all about feeeeeeeelings to those imbeciles.

Rick Ballard


I'd use Table 2.1 from the BEA site. Use the annual series with a data range of 2000-2009 and line 1 (Personal income) and line 25 (Personal current taxes) to illustrate the fact that the government sucked more blood at 12% in 2006 than it did at 14.4% in 2000.

You will not convince the brain dead progs who will insist upon a static analysis formulation rather than believe their lying eyes but the numbers are there.

Bill in AZ sez it's time for Zero to resign

YL - I should have added "...and whatever Rick Ballard comes up with" :)

Rick Ballard


I like your link better. You posted while I was fumbling around looking for the right table.


DoT, Barnett responded to my email suggesting the 16th amendment would go against the govt tax argument:

"You would think so, Clarice, but for some reason this is the kind of issue that the Supreme Court historically shies away from. "

Old Lurker

YL, as Bill says, if Rick offers a link, go with it.

That said, you are better off writing your paper than wasting time on the idiots over at Huffs. If you like wasting time with nincompoops, just hang around here until Sylvia and/or Bunkerbuster arrives. We have a regular Israel hating quasi-troll who is a regular here too, so choose your poison.

Now get back to the books.


Old Lurker

Bill, I keep forgetting the Goy's Blog. Shame, there is often very good stuff there, like the one you linked.

Danube of Thought

I see that Barnett has a long piece up now at Volokh on the tax argument.


--Now get back to the books.--

Heh. Don't know if I've ever seen a whipper-snapper told by pop to do her homework in front of, potentially, most of the planet.
Cool new dad tool. Let us know if it works OL.

God is Great and turbulent.

Let me tell you, too, those viscous arguments can start out slippery enough and before you know it you are bogged down.


narciso, I don't have an email for you, so I sent a "triple face palm" to Tom for you, as well as an appropriate, I think, double face palm.


Old Lurker

She's 3000 miles away, so I am safe in the short term Iggy.


Thanks, DoT. I like to think I was his muse on that. Let me check it out.


Ah--no that was the post he did this morning,DoT which I tried to tell you about on another thread.



Old Lurker

YL, if you come back, pay attention to Kim's advice at 6:36 re fights at HP and sites like that..

Danube of Thought

Clarice--I'm behind the curve on this a bit, and am on iPhone so it's hard to catch up. I inferred that when Barnett wrote the analysis I saw today he had not yet read the gov't brief, and was relying on the NYT article.

Just from the table of contents it looks like the gov't makes the commerce clause its principal argument, and throws in the tax theory just to touch all the bases.

What other thread did you post this stuff on?


Probably the Sat thread..I did post a link to a website aca something that has links to every pleading filed in all the challenges to the law,

As to Barnett, I just posted a link to the Volokh article and noted that he had agreed that the 16th Amendment was probably troublesome for the tax argument though the SCOTUS generally has avoided that issue.


Here's the link to all the pleadings.


Danube of Thought

Very useful link, Clarice. I now realize that I missed a lot of stuff posted today on the Saturday open thread.

I'm not sure about exactly what Obamacare says on the subject, but my wife and I are thinking that henceforth we will decline to be weighed in any doctor's office, just because we don't want the government to have any BMI data on us. And we're both pretty damn fit.

Danube of Thought

The latest preview of Obamacare by way of Massachusetts.

JM Hanes


How about "protect the damn coastline" ?

How about drain the swamp?


USA Today: ">http://www.usatoday.com/printedition/news/20100716/1aheat16_st.art.htm"> "The Globe Sizzles to Record For The Year".

"The world is hotter than ever. March, April, May and June set records, making 2010 the warmest year worldwide since record-keeping began in 1880...Global temperatures … have been rising for the last 100-plus years. Much of the increase is due to increases in greenhouse gases."

BBC Today: ">http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-10679088"> "Antarctic Cold Snap Kills Nine in Argentina".

"A spell of extreme cold weather has brought ice and snow to much of Argentina, killing at least nine...Deaths have also been reported in Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia...The unusually cold winter weather in South America follows one of the coldest winters for years in many parts of the northern hemisphere."


We had the coolest June in California history as well and much of the country was moderate as well, so go figure.

then again, if the NOAA id infiltrated by the Sierra Club, WWF, and NRDF, I am not at all surprised. David Fenton has the whole scare tactic scenario dialed in. The more my senses differ from that which I read, the more suspicious I get of that which I read.


Yeah, but Washington and the NE corridor had a Heat Wave and anything that happens there is what happened everywhere.

Get with the program!



Am with you. I absolutely believe nothing I read or hear from the MSM mouthpieces---plus I've usually read it all the day before on some blog link with more info and better sourcing.

Just for interest, yesterday seeing somebody's Link to a new Meryl Streep movie painting Lady Thatcher as a bitter, sad, nutcase, I started looking at other products of Hollywood. I am way behind the Movie scene, but I easily found Oliver Stone having just done "W", then doing a "Hugo Chavez" laud, supposedly Ahmadinijad's story is next, and now he's working on "Oliver Stone's Secret History of America."

Then of course there's the new Valery Plame as hero movie, (starring Sean Penn) and soon her aid in the new anti-nuke weapons movie, somehow funded by the guys who did Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" BullS@#t! And Gore's praising Leo Di Caprio's new Global Warming Catastrophe movie, "Inception? I think. Not to mention Michael Moore.

Anyhow, no wonder nobody knows squat. If thats the fare my kids are faced with as movie choices, how the heck should they know anything different? I just wish somebody would do a sizzler on the CRU leak, "sexed up a bit", and really showing the intentional corruption and hiding of the data.

Excellent job BTW on the latest meditation. Really enjoyed that.

Young Lurker

Dear Bill and Rick- thanks a bunch! I really appreciate it. I should hire you guys to do the background research for this pesky thesis I'm writing. Just kidding, OL! I've totally already done all my research.

Great and turbulent- thanks for the advice! I just like to play in the HP blogs sometimes.. makes me feel better about myself in comparison.

Have a great week, all.



REPORTER: Mr. Gibbs, does the President feel responsible for the thumping you took in yesterday elections?

GIBBS: The President was very pleased and he and this entire adminstration worked hard to get out our voters.
Remember many were predicting we could lose 100 - 150 seats, so a loss of 44 seats is not bad compared to the blitzkrieg we were facing.

Danube of Thought

Minus 15 at Raz today.

Captain Hate

Another Clyburn howler that Cwis Wallace let go unchallenged was that illegal immigrants have served in Iraq & Afghanistan. I assume he meant in our military although, if not, he might have a valid point. How can you debate a lunatic like that.

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