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July 13, 2010



I feel a sudden surge of disinterest coming from the tort bar ... don't call us, we'll call you


In other business news ...

Corporations not hoarding cash

Over the past couple of weeks, a lot of people have been talking about how corporations are sitting on $1.8 trillion in cash reserves and that if we could just get them to feel more confident, we could unleash a massive private-sector stimulus. The question, of course, was how to do that.
But Barry Ritholtz presents some compelling evidence that today’s reserves aren’t anything out of the ordinary. Rather, they’re the continuation of a long-term trend toward businesses hoarding money.

I love this logic, businesses are not hoarding because they have been hoarding all along.
Next, we will find out that the “rich” aren’t really “rich” because they have been “rich” all along. I could live with that .. anyway to end “class warfare” is welcome. But please, don’t extend this logic to “serial killers.”

Buford Gooch

So, stupid people are blaming others for their idiocy, and the lawyers jump in on the side of the stupid.


Funny you should post this. I experienced an acceleration issue with my 2004(not among the recall group)Corolla coming back from Arkansas Monday the 5th. I put the vehicle in neutral, shut off the engine and pulled over to the side of the road. And waited for three hours in the Texas sun for a tow to Lufkin. Apparently the nut that holds the throttle actuator pulley on the throttle body in the engine compartment came off and the cable fell down behind the pulley and got hung up in the torsion spring that acts as the spring return on the throttle. The Toyota dealer fixed it for free and said he had never seen that before. But if it can happen to me, it can happen to others.


Rorschach, what happened to you is trivially easy for a mechanic to diagnose.

The "sudden acceleration" cases that Toyota was being demonized over were unexplained because there were no such obvious explanations.

Once again, the usual suspects--opportunistic safety Nazis, leftist business-haters, and unprincipled journalists--cooperated to defame a fine company.



for a tow to Lufkin.

Sure love your neck of the woods, Rorschach. Nacogdoches is as pretty a town as I've ever seen in Texas.

Glad you got your Toyota safe again.

Rick Ballard

Psst - Toyota, Honda, KIA, Nissan, Suzuki, Hyundai, Mazda and Mitsubishi all use Alar in their paint. This can lead to spontaneous combustion and exploding gas tanks as well as mesothelioma, black lung and the bubonic plague - pass it on.

Steve Rattner Ron Bloom
Govmo Czar


Has exploding alar caused you and your loved ones injury?

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hit and run

Nacogdoches is as pretty a town as I've ever seen in Texas.

mrs hit and run and I met in Nacogdoches. We fell in love in Nacogdoches. We got married in Nacogdoches.

But our anniversary is not within a two week period centered around the Fourth of July . . . unlike just about everybody else here.


That's so cool, Hit. I take it that you met at SFA. Now I think it's an even nicer town. :)

hit and run

Yes,I am a Lumberjack.

Naca-nowhere really is a great town.


--Yes,I am a Lumberjack....--

...and he's OK.
In fact I'm OK, he's OK.

Still looking to order my Lumberjack's baseball cap one of these days, hit.


OMG, Neo. I almost hit that link until I noticed that it led to Ezra Klein. Seriously, if he had his cranial cavity inserted into his anal cavity he'd need a plexiglass belly button just to see which direction he's facing.

I refuse, on principle, to read juvenile "intellectuals" who have zero useful practical experience in the world. Life is too short for that.


Oops. "inserted any further into" his anal cavity.

Brian G.

And let's not forget the hatred of George W. Bush will never go out of style.


JorgXMcKie: sorry about the link
I'm going to have to leave hints to toxic sites


I really just went there today for the 1st time was was overwhelmed by the blatant illogic. To think that somebody is paying this cretin for this dribble just boggles the mind.


The Law Firm of Lerach, Edwards, Clinton & Gore* is here for you 24/7....operators are waiting for your call now.....

*Lerach, Edwards, Clinton & Gore are not licensed in any of the 57 States and may use other attorneys.


I follow Ezra Klein on twitter just as I do a few other liberal commentators just to see what they're up to.

The other day he was tweeting he would be on Kudlow's show so I had to see what this fellow looked like on air.
It was amazing that he seemed pretty reasonable in his comments after a question from Kudlow. His head didn't spin around or anything...
Could not find the video of David Stockman versus Klein but here is Kudlow's "take" from the exchange.

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