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July 12, 2010


Danube of Thought

Way to go, Jane--good for you!


Congrats Jane!! Wow!!

This Bud's for you; er, Bock, you rock.

Uh, did they mean 'Gourd Schwang' as in 'It don't mean a thang if it ain't got that schwang'?

hit and run

I knew Jane when...

Maybe now Scott Brown will listen to you.

And if not now,then soon. It's only a matter of time.

Jane says obamasucks

Thanks guys. There goes my weekends, but this is something I really wanted, so I'm thrilled.



I hope the Fifth Circuit throws Salazar in jail for contempt---re the new moratorium. Or, Hit and I could tie him to the BP well head.

Captain Hate

I'm afraid I just can't look at a picture of Olympia Snowe without feeling a sense of despair. God in heaven...

DoT, by mistake I clicked on the WSJ site and there was a picture of that dried-up crone looking about as attractive as when Ruth Buzzi used to play the old spinster with a net on her hair on Laugh-In. All the viagra in the world couldn't overcome the sight of that which is seared, seared in my memory.

Captain Hate

Thanks hit; how could I forget The Gourds dammit!! D'oh!!


I knew Jane when... her name was Jane Says Obamasucks!


via Drudge..Zuckerman admits he wrote one of Obama's speeches

What does Ann say...everything is a fraud.


I think Jane may need a JOM pseudonym soon, like Rush has.

(I listen to him often, and I could swear he sometimes comes close to reading from here. Not to mention he likes Clarice.)


Jane, Jane, Jane!!!!!!

hit and run

That does it. I'm outta here.

http://www.riehlworldview.com/carnivorous_conservative/2010/07/trangendered-terrorist-gives-idaho-town-a-scare.html>Trangendered Terrorist Gives Idaho Town A Scare


Catching an 8am flight tomorrow to head back home.

::double sigh::

But due to the wonders of booking flights using miles,we'll be travelling first class from here to Dallas,without it using us more than the standard amount of miles for a flight (procrastinating to book our flights really paid off!).

Free bloody mary's at 8am for me and mimosas for mrs hit and run? What could go wrong?


Take me out to Durgin Park afterwards and I'll be your very best guest, Jane..Just saying.. Doesn't even have to be Durgin Park.. It could be someplace nicer..


If you ever need a white, cracker, whore, teabagger, I will be your guest. Heh!


Great news Jane and wishing you much success!


Traveling with 2 kids and you have to ask, Hit? Hope it's a great trip back.

Jane says obamasucks

Do we even still have Durgin Park? Maybe at Fanueil Hall. I will call on you often Clarice.

You can all be my guests - but first I need a theme song.

And Rocco you will be able to hear me - and call in!

Rob Crawford

Yes, Rob. The hero was a policeman with the Amalgamated Regional Militia.

Oh, not just the Gil the ARM stories. His cross-reality-disguised-as-time-travel series had a UN Secretary General who, being the sixteenth in his severely inbred line, was a barely functional moron.

1970's science fiction or next decade's documentary?

Same in this case -- science fiction, or predicting history?


hooray Jane!

Speaking of wiccans, landed at SFO this PM and sure enough, on the BART into town had a couple across from me, purple hair, piercings, army boots, and cute little stars around their necks....asked 'em if they knew Xenu....

hit and run

Crap. I don't know where the camera is located in this feed in the overall capping operation -- but something in the system is leaking.

http://www.bp.com/liveassets/bp_internet/globalbp/globalbp_uk_english/incident_response/STAGING/local_assets/html/Skandi_ROV2.html>Skandi ROV2

I mean,other outlets are saying no oil is leaking (some twitterer said CNN is reporting that,but I haven't checked) -- and sure enough,from the live feeds of the well I've been watching,it does look like the oil is contained. But this new one hit and run jr just noticed,there's a lot of oil leaking out.

BTW,here's the http://www.bp.com/sectionbodycopy.do?categoryId=9034366&contentId=7063636>BP site with all of their live feeds.

Jane says obamasucks

Is anyone else utterly convinced that this administration is conducting a race war?

Rob Crawford

Porch, what is Mr. Porch's band's name?

The Gourds!!!!!



If true, that just purged The Gourds of a particularly negative association they have in my mind.


Congratulations, Jane!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, if you ever need two white, cracker, whore, teabaggers, I'll come along with Janet!


Can you believe the dog ate my birthday cake? :(

Danube of Thought

As Krauthammer has pointed out, it doesn't matter whether this new moratorium does or doesn't withstand its initial court battle, and it doesn't matter whether an appeal succeeds or not. As long as the administration has signaled its intention to pursue it, nobody with a floating rig is going to wait around to see how it all comes out. They're already weighing anchor and heading out for more hospitable waters, and they won't be coming back any time soon.

Rob Crawford

Congratulations, Jane!



Yes. But, I'm taking Cracker Studies this fall.


Well I'll be happy to say "I knew Jane when...". With that lovely voice of yours I'm predicting a super hit!

I'm extending an open invitation to all JOM folks who may be interested in attending the Pendleton Roundup 100th anniversary this year--I would be so glad to show you around.
It is a wonderful event and you can contact me:

glasater at pockinet dot com :-)

Captain Hate

Is anyone else utterly convinced that this administration is conducting a race war?

I'm convinced they're trying in their own inept way; and I know that it's always been a wet dream of Billy Bombthrower.


Congratulations Jane! That is fantastic news.

Yes, Cap'n, it's the Gourds. I searched on YouTube for something representative but came up blank. Here's an old video of a very Texas song once featured on Bush's iPod. Mr. Porchlight is the youngun in the blond wig, "punching" the camera in the shot in front of the Washington Memorial (I love that one). Here's something unrepresentative, but featuring Mr. Porchlight singing one of his own songs at a private party at the Austin City Limits studio not too long ago. It's a goof-off by the band, only vaguely in tune but kinda fun.

Thanks for the kind words, Hit. We have to get you to a show one of these days. Too bad you are on your way home...they're playing Boise this coming Saturday I think...


Thanks for those who helped on tracking down the 2008 Democrat caucas fraud expose.

I had the Dr.">http://www.noquarterusa.net/blog/2008/07/28/dr-lynette-long-seeks-a-researcher-to-investigate-caucus-fraud/">Dr. part right.

"Dr. Lynette Long Seeks a Researcher to Investigate Caucus Fraud"

More Here

"Also of immense note is Dr. Lynette Long’s careful, incisive and THOROUGH investigation of this same subject located at Caucus Analysis."

Caucus Analysis site comes up password protected, anyone know how to get a password?

Jane says obamasucks

Holy cow Glasater -

Tragedy and farce.  It's the Big Kahuna.

A race war, an anti-capitalist war, a war against American exceptionalism, a war against democracy, a war against science, and all for what, the dreams of a pig who believes in socialism for the masses and oligarchy for the elite.

hit and run

For the record, that transgendered Idaho terrorist is closer to glasater than me.

I mean,just to set the record straight,geographically. ;-)

We have to get you to a show one of these days.

It would be a dream come true.


Is it your birthday Ann?


No, I have wakes now. Everyone that comes has to drink a shot and say something nice about me. Sometimes it takes a few shots. :)


Thanks to PaulL at 0136pm I can search JOM, if you need that info.

The election of Sen Franken was apparently made possible by felons as someone noted here earlier today. Same exact tactic worked in 2004 in the Washington State race.
And again, the same old sorry nothing can be done about it Garbage

"and the state has to make sure that existing system, that flags convicted felons so voting officials can challenge them at the ballot, is effective. In 90percent of the cases we looked at, the felons weren't flagged."

What would be the incedntive for Democrats employed by the state flagging felons?

America is being destroyed by election fraud.

Meanwhile, we're being told that we cannot believe what the NASA chief says. Anyone want to bet that he is more believable than anyone in the WH?


incedntive = incentive


No, I have wakes now. Everyone that comes has to drink a shot and say something nice about me. Sometimes it takes a few shots. :)

I'll have none of that! A huge Happy Birthday to you!! No shot, and I can say with confidence that Ann has raised a lovely shoe-loving daughter...and that is quite a feat...or feet! (ugh!, forgive me!)
Staying with the shoe theme - You are also the boots on the ground for conservatives ...and that is very important!

So Happy Birthday!!

 Ann  Squaredance

Pagar: Glad to see you back here at JOM. I always read your posts.

glasater: What a wonderful invitation. We could all use the sight of a few cowboys these days. Just seeing you take pictures would be a thrill.


Jane: There is no doubt in my mind that this administration is using the race card to shut us up. If you read MO's speech at the NAACP today, it was filled with us against them. The one day that she could unite all of us she pandered to the crowd. It was cruel and unforgiving. Covered over by the nice sounding Let's Move slogan, it is just wealth re-distribution with the sad old stories of her walking to school barefoot in the snow. Which I do not believe for one moment. Arggh!

I also think Holder is a card carrying member of the new black panther group. Call me crazy but every action he takes is a soundbite from that vile org.

OK, after that rant, I am back to being squaredance!

hit and run

I'm cracking up. For those with long memories -- and I would suspect no one here has one this long -- you might recall a conversation between Soylent and me reminiscing about our 20 year highschool reunions. I mentioned an old http://justoneminute.typepad.com/main/2008/06/just-say-no-car.html?cid=118855426#comment-6a00d83451b2aa69e200e5536f01c28834>classmate named Misty.

Hilarity ensued.


Just got a facebook friend request from . . . Misty!

She'll get to see me in my Gourds t-shirt before a number of you will.

narciso the harpoon

She doesn't feel 'proud of her country' anymore Ann, now that the charade is substantially over. THey give themselves away for those who pay attention



I join you and Soylent as members of the class of '87. And my name is not unlike Misty's.

But I wasn't known by that nickname in high school.

So I plead total ignorance for the second time on this thread...


Ann, is it really your birthday? Happy Birthday!!! You cheer me up every day here at JOM!

Rob Crawford

it is just wealth re-distribution with the sad old stories of her walking to school barefoot in the snow.

Uphill. Both ways. Over broken glass. In 90-degree, 100% humidity. While dogs chased her. Racist dogs.

But, hey, what a country it is that from such humble beginnings, she went on to get a $350,000 a year job that just required her to show up on occasion.


Some day I may tire of ranting on Michelle Obama and pie,but today is not that day!

An MO & pie thread is a great one to celebrate Jane's radio coup and Ann Squaredance's Birthday!

 Ann  Squaredance

Awe, Janet, you are so sweet. Thanks.

You should try the wake thing though, it is a trick I have learned from the left. Remind everyone that this might be your last day. Make them feel really guilty and they show up with presents and messages of "you are to important to fail carp". LOL

Of course, I am kidding but I am still mad at the dog. (That cake was sitting in the middle of a marble island. I don't see how she got to it. She didn't even break the cake stand.)

Hey, let's get the JOM ladies and their cowboy boots and join glasater for the dude roundup. Woo Hoo!

narciso the harpoon

Dogs are very resourceful, Ann, tey find a way
specially when food is involved

hit and run

she went on to get a $350,000 a year job that just required her to show up on occasion.

To be fair,she didn't just show up. She was in charge of devising ways to turn away poor people from her hospital.


We are not killing “terrorists” or “Islamists” in Waziristan; instead our “overseas contingency operations” are aimed at reminding Muslims that their own past contributions to science have led to breakthroughs like Hellfire missiles.

 Ann  Squaredance

Well, for the second time today, I should of refreshed the page.

Hit: I forgot about the "Misty days". I started to read that thread and my eyes started to get misty when I saw PUK's name.

Porchlight: Thank you and back at ya.

Narciso: I think my beloved dog is part pony. She might of jumped the island. :(


She was in charge of devising ways to turn away poor people from her hospital.

All while shoeless and suffering from exhaustion after walking to work...what a woman.


Go, Jane!

World domination!!


It only took a couple of years to go from "Constitutional scholar" to "doesn't understand a simple sentence in English".

Coke, meet brain.


Jane, Hit and Ann--you guys are terrific!

And you're right Hit--when the crunch comes I'm heading for Northern Eye-Dee-Ho, an hour and a away... :-)


Thanks Ann and happy belated birthday.

Jane, your move sounds like a good one.

I still see no outrage on the blogs I check about the news from the Minnesota elections and the felons voting for Franken. Apparently, we are at the point where there is no way to stop voter fraud. We're to just sit here and watch a fraudulantly elected Senator destroy America. The project to gain control of various Sec of States has paid off big for the Democrats again.


Yay Jane,

Great news! Congrats.


The Dems NEED all the illegal alien workers they can citizenize. Being the Party of Death they abort their own babies and must get future (preferably uneducated) voters somewhere, anywhere they can.

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