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August 16, 2010



surely, both houses are. wm Jacobson is insisting that Angle has a shot over Reid. Paul seems to be doing better and Crist seems to be doing worse,Whitman is now polling ahead of Boxer, etc etc. All things come to those who wait---- and fight hard.

It would move things up considerably if the RNC promised to repeal Obama if it attains majority status in both houses..


I don't want the republicans to take the Senate - I think that might help an Obama re-election. I do want them to take the House and subpoena power.


I can't recall where but I recall reading from a credible source that only once in one hundred years when one party swept the other out of a Congressional majority by big numbers did it fail to take over the Senate as well.


**to repeal ObamaCARE*****

Danube of Thought

It's Fiorina who's leading Boxer, Clarice. (Hard to keep these babes straight.)


1894, is a closer parallel, that 1994 or 1946,
Now we need the Senate because they confirm
appointees from the Supreme Court to the Cabinet, like Gates

Uncle BigBad


I liked the original "repeal Obama" better.


If the reps do not take the Senate Obama can simply veto all the steps the Reps need to take .

The voters in the muddle who are critical are not able to make the kind of distinctions you imagine. The press will blame everything on the Democratic Congress and those not paying attention will decide that since there is no change why bother fighting it?

As soon as the Dems take over Congress they shoul sharply reduce the WH staffing budget BTW and haul in the czars so the people will see how the Administration is staffed at the top with folks no one in their right minds would even give a security clearance to...and then they ought to examine some choice programs like Take Fraud Imam Rauf on a taxpayer funded round the world trip.


I do, too, Big Bad, but I think it's beyond their powers to do that.

In case you hadn't heard, Thursday's action on the New York Stock Exchange registered a technical anomaly known as the Hindenburg Omen. ... It takes two Hindenburg Omen trading days within a 36 day window to trigger the end of life in the markets as we know it.
I guess this means that none of this matters.

You heard it here first, the GOP will not gain control of Congress in 2010.

Excellent. Let them think that. It will make them that much more complacent between now and November 2nd, and their tears on November 3rd that much sweeter.

Captain Hate

With Michael Steele in charge, anything is impossible.

Danube of Thought

Even if the GOP takes both houses, Obama can still use his veto to stop anything the seek to do--it takes a two-thirds vote to override. The most I am hoping for in 2010 is the house, which will at least provide subpoena power and control of the funding process.

The stars line up very nicely for taking the Senate in 2012: many more Dem seats to defend than GOP.

Danube of Thought

*they* seek to do


Let's not forget Cornyn, betting on Crist, Specter, Hutchinson, the other guy in Kentucky


Jane linked this in the last thread, but I wanted to make sure everyone saw it. Dems should be getting really nervous about future subpoena power:

PJM Exclusive: Congressional Report Blasts the Propaganda Presidency, Accuses Administration of Abuse of Office

Issa's reports have been conveniently ignored by the MSM up until now, but I bet this has at least a few WH lawyers scrambling.


Thanks, Dot. You're right of course. More coffee!!!

Jim Ryan

I met the VA-5 GOP candidate this morning: State Senator Robert Hurt. Nice fellow. I told him to take a meat axe to the budget when he gets to DC next winter and takes Perriello's place.

Go Senator Hurt!

Danube of Thought

Raz this morning:

Support for repeal of the health care reform bill is at its highest level in over a month, while the number of voters who believe repeal will be good for the economy has reached a new high.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely Voters shows that 60% at least somewhat favor repeal of the health care reform law, while 36% oppose repeal.

Those numbers include 50% who Strongly Favor repeal and 26% who Strongly Oppose it.


Perhaps we will just have to impeach the guy. It's not like there isn't enough evidence.

BTW Obama is once again raiding foodstamps for Michelle's campaign to narrow your butt while hers gets wider.


You all seem to have much more faith in Republicans than I ever could. They almost never fail to disappont me. Who, pray tell, can lead us out of this bondage? A Newt? Sister Sarah? The Huck? A dearth of inspiration.


"You heard it here first, the GOP will not gain control of Congress in 2010".

I suppose not. They don't take office until 2011.


Why would the DOJ clear Delay of any wrongdoing now? Something is fishy. It's not like they had to make a decision, it's been going on forever?


The Reps ought to make much of the foodstamps business. After all we all know the kids butt program was designed to give something for MO to do besides buy more ugly clothes and odd wighats and to pay off the SEIU cafeteria workers and garbage collectors. (Those kids will not eat that stuff.)
If you want to do something about overweight (largely poor) kids--make their neighborhoods safer so their working moms do not have to keep them confined inside after school.

DoT on the veto thing--if the sweep is big enough there might well be enough Senate Dems who prefer more time in office than appeasing Obama for his remaining 2 years in office.


From NRO - Rep. King on repeal of Obamacare:

Rep. Steve King (R., Iowa) tells National Review Online that the “first plank” of the House GOP’s fall agenda should be to “repeal Obamacare.” King, a member of the Tea Party caucus, says that repealing the health-care law is “very close to a universal position on the part of Republicans.”

“Everybody voted against it,” King says. “That plank needs to be nailed down first. We need to pull it out by the roots: full repeal. If we can agree on that, then we can put in the next plank.”

Republicans are planning to release their policy agenda after the August recess.


Soylent pkg #2 shipped out today. We get a bit of a discount with the large flat-rate boxes (12.50 for military addresses vs. 14.50).
Here is another idea...how bout sending b-ball caps that highlight something special (or mundane) from your local area? I picked up a Cherrydale Hardware cap...so I obviously went with the mundane! Attach a personal note.
Anyway, just a thought.


Jane--good point. My suspicion is that that public integrity team ( prosecution of Stevens, Libby,DeLay) has been under investigation by the Special Prosecutor selected by the Stevens' judge and he has completed his investigation and report. I suspect he found out what we guessed about that prosecution and it was of a piece with the Stevens' one.

Rick Ballard

"Republicans are planning to release their policy agenda after the August recess."

As they should. There is very little sense in stepping in before your opponent has stopped repeatedly smashing his head into the wall. (The exception is Angle, trying to counter Dingy's repurchase of his seat.)

I'm quite pleased to accept Sarah's leadership in absorbing every Alinskyite low blow thrown. There's not much point in others painting targets on their backs prior to what is going to be an anti-incumbent more than pro-party election.


I'l take the '30-'32 cycles. The economic situation comes much closer to '30 than any other and there will be no quick fix.

Rob Crawford

And the comedy just keeps on rolling on: ya know how we joke about trolls being on Axelrod's payroll? Nah. They're on the Department of Justice's payroll.

For real.


Tiffany Russo, former campaign blogger for John Edwards, was hired by the DOJ’s Office of Public Affairs (OPA) to direct its “new media efforts.” The report notes that these efforts include Russo searching online for news items and blog entries critical of the president’s agenda, and then attacking the author or contents either anonymously or through a pseudonym.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Exclusive: Feds clear DeLay after six years



Keep the suggestions coming. I'd like to bring a bunch of stuff to you when I come in Sept.


I'm very disturbed that Willam Welch, the prosecutor in the Stevens case is still working for the DOJ - on National security issues. WHo is investigating him?


And Brenda Morris, down in Alabama, all we need is Allen's FBI debriefer for the whole
gang to get together


“first plank” of the House GOP’s fall agenda should be to “repeal Obamacare.”

I think repeal of Obamacare ought to be part of a theme of accountability, making government accountable to the will of the people again. That theme would encompass things like budget cuts etc.

One plank I would like to see would be to transfer oversight of Fannie and Freddie to the executive branch. So we could hold someone accountable. Bush pursued that idea back in 2003-2004. That would at least bring up the subject of the culpability of Congress for the mortgage crisis. Campaigning against that transfer would imply support for the system of oversight that led to the mortgage crisis.

Rob Crawford

One plank I would like to see would be to transfer oversight of Fannie and Freddie to the executive branch trash heap of history.



I believe that there is an ongoing internal investigation as well as the special prosecutor's investigation. The blog Mainjustice, as I reported yesterday , reports that later is done but still I see no evidence of his report having been turned over to the Judge nor of its having been made public.

I suspect in the course of at least one these investigations the public integrity section was forced to lay on the table why they'd investigated DeLay and what evidence they had and there being none why they hadn't formally dropped it .(The mainjustice blog said he special prosecutor was looking at that section's work going back years and covering a variety of cases.)

I wonder if the SP did turn over his report to the judge in private and a grand jury has been empaneled--he was supposed to advise whether or not criminal charges should be brought against the attys involved in the Stevens case.)


One plank I would like to see would be to transfer oversight of Fannie and Freddie to the executive branch.

Oooh I like that, altho I have no doubt that Obama will never be held accountable for anything.


**reports that the latTer IS done****

Jim Miller

One of the most interesting possibilities -- if you are a political junkie -- is that the Republicans gain (net) 36 or 37 House seats. (The need 39, net, to gain control.)

As it happens, several Democratic House candidates have already said that they have their doubts about keeping Pelosi as speaker.

Would they switch parties? Hold out for a different Democratic candidate, for instance, Steny Hoyer? Most likely they don't know the answer to that question themselves.


On why the repeal of Obamacare will just keep buiding steam:

http://hotair.com/archives/2010/08/16/it-begins-fda-may-pull-avastin-approval-over-cost-concerns/>It begins: FDA may pull Avastin approval over cost concerns


Ok, for some reasont the link didn't take. Second try:

http://hotair.com/archives/2010/08/16/it-begins-fda-may-pull-avastin-approval-over-cost-concerns/>It begins: FDA may pull Avastin approval over cost concerns

Rick Ballard

Jim Miller,

The rotten core of the prog bloc will retain the 80-100 seats concentrated in the bluest of Blue Hells. That's a very tough obstacle for Hoyer to overcome. What would it take to make Liar for Life McDermott switch?


breitbart's big peace says the Dutch govt is a big funder of the rauf Mosque and that the group thru which they funneled the money has failed to file its reports with the govt. I sniff another big money laundering op behind the scenes.
http://bigpeace.com/nmay/2010/08/16/the-dutch-connection-the-funding-of-the-ground-zero-mosque-part-1/>WTF at the WTC site?


Avastin has a strange history with breast cancer. IIRC, the FDA board originally did not approve it for use in advanced breast cancer but the FDA chief overruled his own board.
When new studies came in recently that confirmed Avastin doesn't extend life and it's unclear whether it improves quality of life, the board voted overwhelmingly to rescind.
Perhaps it works well enough to be used but there does seem to be pretty decent evidence that in advanced breast cancer it doesn't do much and that evidence was around before Barry got into office so it wasn't just his FDA questioning it.
If it is now being rejected based on it's cost then the FDA is overstepping its bounds.

An Immigration tower rising above NY, hearings.. bringing tourists.....

We need to triple foreign aid again. Who cares what the President asks for?

Danube of Thought

The utterly inimitable Pat Condell goes on one of his priceless rants, this time about the Mosque of Triumph. How does this guy do this without a teleprompter?


I agree with Clarice that the size of a November victory would have some effect on Dems remaining in office.

I keep thinking that, not just the number of seats changing hands but, the individual vote counts could cause some to do a little soul searching.


I recall that about Avastin, too. I think the future lies with nano technology and not pharmaceuticals for cancer treatment, just as I think joint regeneration, not replacement, will soon be the medical option of choice.

The problem with options though, is that they should be in the hands of doctors and patient and not the govt. The FDA should be concerned with safety and efficacy, not cost IMO.Though of course the more the govt role in healthcare provision is the more cost will determine what is available. That has been a universal wherever there is govt provided healthcare.

J612 45 15 OK

The foreign aid budget is on a five year entitlement cycle and voted on just before the Presidential elections.

J612 45 15 OK

The entitlement is for health care and drugs people need to stay alive. The President isn't for this?

Damn canisters


Thanks for that link DoT, that Condell guy is amazing.


Amazing,DoT, I blogged it along with the Big peace article though I can't tell when or if it will be published.

Demon  strate

An Immigration tower rising above NY, hearings.. bringing tourists...a commemorative coin......museum.......


LUN if you want a laugh.

Apparently this morning NPR was doing a report on GM and its stock offering and referred to it as "Government Motors".

Who says you can't get accurate info from NPR?


Wonderful piece by Condell. Thanks for letting us know about it, DoT.


By the tine November rolls around Obama will have completed Locking up our land.

Hint: They are not talking about him providing border security.


pagar--lay off the bold.


Clueless or evil, can't it be both, in the LUN

Captain Hate

Who says you can't get accurate info from NPR?

Even Pravda West inadvertently lurches into the truth at times; now maybe more frequently after Daniel Schorr has joined his fellow Nixon's enemy list members in Hell.


Yes Ma'am, but Zero makes me so mad.


Shhhh...don't talk about the Rangers. We don't want to jinx them.

Dave (in MA)

The Boston Globe is trying to gin up a controversy about gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker's website containing an image of a woman wearing a T-shirt that compares Obama imagery with that of Hitler. (The same paper that never reported that Deval Patrick's website contained 9-11 TROOFER propaganda.)

Army of Davids

Here in West LA we had a fun day..... the president is in town for one of those $25,000 a plate fundraiser with the Speilberg, Streisand crowd.... The president needs Boxer's help to create new green jobs don't ya know.

Traffic was basically shut down most of the day for his visit. And it pretty much @#$%&! up everyone's schedule. Was interesting watching people hurl insults and flip off other drivers. These same people will then vote for more hope and change.

Maybe the Chinese will give us a mulligan down the road because the president is such a good fundraiser.

Oh well....Babs Boxer sends her best and invites you to come to California....we lead the way don't ya know.

California...come for the sun...stay for the social justice.

Army of Davids

Repeal ObamaCare.

Repeal Donald Berwick

And take back that screwed up 40%+ hike in the minimum wage too.


If taking over the Senate is a bad idea in 2010 (because "we" don't want the blame), then why not use the same logic for 2012?

Why take over the Presidency? We don't want the blame.

Why ever hold power?

We don't want the blame.

A "winning" strategy for sure!!!

And, BTW, wouldn't it be nice to have some more votes for blocking Obama judge nominees in after this 2010 Senate election? I mean, if we can some how muster the strength to "take some blame"?

Army of Davids

African American male (teen early 20s) unemployment and the 40%+ hike in the minimum wage.

A problem for Democrats?

You betcha.

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