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August 30, 2010



Yesterday, Jennifer Rubin had a great piece (citing the NYT which thought it was flattering Oman) to the effect that he's uncomfortable as commander in chief. While, I'm petrified about the umbrella genius in that slot..so there's two of us.

(BTW Hit, great work on that chart.I'm stealing it.)


BHO will be as effusive for our brave men and women in the armed forces as any other craven politician would be. As to the Iraqi people and GWB, he'll be as petty, obnoxious and nasty as any other left-wing activist. He is as nasty and classless as he is left-wing and incompetent.


I'll bet he references "cleaning up the mess" more times than Petraus or the troops ...


He cut and ran. Is that praiseworthy?


He'll talk about what a wonderful success Iraq is and take credit for it, leaving out the part that Bush did all the hard work that made it possible, and that he opposed.


Just catching the first hour of Local Talk, (background music is "No One Knows What Goes On Behind Closed Doors---hee, hee, hee). Anyhow, the discussion now is about the possible necessity of changing the Republican Primary in Alaska from a closed Primary to something else. That got me remembering a comment from last month trying to decipher Alaska's Primary Process in response to Strawman asking what kind of primary process we had, so if you'll excuse me for reposting that: from 07 Aug:

"Strawman you ask a good question.

Wiki says Alaska has "A Jungle Primary", but SFGate says we have a 'wide-open' "Open Primary."

The Michigan Department of State website says we have "a Blanket Primary", but website E-How says we have a "Closed Primary."

The National Council of State Legislatures website says we have "a Party Choice Primary", but website Free Citizen says we have "an Open Primary with Party Registration."

Website Thinkmatter says we have "an ‘open primary’ for Democrats and a ‘closed primary’ for Republicans,"
while The Washington Policy Center says "In Alaska Primary's some parties have chosen to be listed on a joint ballot, while others require a separate ballot listing only their candidates." And website Caselaw just gave up trying to describe the damn thing and said we have " a self-selected closed, open or partially closed primary system."

Looking for clarity I clicked on Alaska’s Primary Election History which says we had:

"A Blanket Primary", replaced by
"A Single Ballot Open Primary", re-replaced by
"Another Blanket Primary", superseded by
"A Party-Rule Ballot Primary", undone by
"A Blanket Primary", booted the Hell out again by
"A Party Rule Ballot Primary", well and truly murdered by
"A Combined Party Ballot", which insanely morphed into a combined head of Medussa-like monstrosity comprised of "The Republican Candidate and Ballot Measures Ballot"; "The Alaska Democratic Party, the Alaska Libertarian Party and the Alaskan Independence Party (A-D-L) Candidate and Ballot Measures Ballot"; and "The Measures Only Ballot" available to all registered voters.

That last may be what the hell we have now but who the heck knows? I sure don't, and I don't think anybody in America does either. My head hurts:(


daddy, still trying to get away from the desk--I found this for you.
http://hotair.com/archives/2010/08/30/bombshell-alaska-libertarian-party-says-no-to-nominating-murkowski/>no, no, Lisa


how about a Mukluk and Parka Primary?


'Surely you can't be serious,' that this is what they are discussing, yes the rimshot is intended

Army of Davids

Democrats are politically vulnerable on the 40% + hike in the minimum wage under Pelosi/Reid.

It's good economic policy (especially right now) to reverse that stupidity.

Danube of Thought

This guy has passed up so many opportunities to show grace and class that at this point I think we can assume he just doesn't have any. I'll be surprised if there's any in evidence in this speech.

Problem is, AoD, that there's a huge chunk of the electorate that thinks the only result of a hike in the minimum wage is that everybody who is earning it gets a pay raise.


So what is the line on the number of "I", "my" and "me"-s ?

Terry Gain

Well of course in those desperate days as civil war raged in Iraq and George Bush had no clue, some of us had the courage and foresight to tell Iraqis to step up. And they did. And the rest is history.




Well, that's exactly what he did. You fucking cunthole.

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