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August 07, 2010



A bunch of lovely blue avatars...I am in good company!

Rick Ballard

"everything liberals are suppose to hate"

The stinking socialist progressives ripped the meaning of liberal apart when they stole it as a substitute for socialist progressive after Onkel Adolph had taken socialism to an unfashionable place. They debased and destroyed the term (as is their wont at all times for all things of any value) to the point where they had to return to "progressive". If you rotate the stinking socialist three sided prism it will show either socialism, communism or fascism and the fascist side just loves authoritarian islam.

No stinking socialist has ever loved freedom or liberty - they love the theoretical order flowing from the state.


"ext stops for Feisal Abdul Rauf, imam of the plan for a mosque and Islamic center near Ground Zero: Courtesy of the U.S. State Department, Rauf — a.k.a. Imam Feisal – is scheduled to spend the rest of the summer on a swing through the petro-dollar palaces of Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, and Qatar.

For more details, here’s the column in which yesterday evening I broke this bit of news (I have not found it reported anywhere else so far — which leaves me wondering why, amid the emoting and editorializing splashed all over the MSM by defenders and commenders of Rauf, no one seems to be asking where he’s actually disappeared to): “Further Travels of Imam Feisal.”

Rauf’s summer itinerary suggests odd priorities for a man who, in the name of harmony and bridge-building, has stirred up a furious debate in the U.S. — and then quietly left the country last month, leaving many questions unanswered about such matters as where and how he plans to raise the $100 million he’ll need to realize his dream of a high-rise Islamic hub right up the street from where the Twin Towers stood.

Neither Rauf nor the State Department seems eager to publicize his summer trip to Saudi Arabia and points nearby, though his tour appears imminent — as in, he’ll probably be touching down in the Middle East this coming week, and he’s not due back till early September. My source for this information is the New York office of his Cordoba Initiative foundation, and his wife and co-director at the Cordoba Initiative, Daisy Khan. But they didn’t exactly volunteer the information unbidden. Rauf himself came briefly to the phone last week, at his Cordoba Initiative office in Malaysia, when I tracked him down there on a hunch — after his New York office said he was traveling, not feeling well, and could not be reached. As soon as I asked about funding, he said he was in an “important meeting,” and got off the phone."
http://pajamasmedia.com/claudiarosett/news-flash-ground-zero-imam-heading-to-saudi-arabia-uae/>Look what you're paying for

 Ann  Mongrel

Come on, Extraneus, I think I am pretty tame compared to what they have done to Sarah Palin.

Remember the outrage at the 150,000 wardrobe and she was never considered a fashion icon or health expert.

I have never gone after her children either. I deliberately cut Sasha out of that photo. (And any reference to her No Child's Fat Behind)

I admit that my exuberance at painstakingly documenting Michelle Antoinette's hypocrisy gets a little catty but so be it.

You will think I am a pussy cat if Sarah Palin is ever elected to a high office.

narciso the harpoon

True, Ann, the people like Robin Guvhan, who are actually paid to do this, are truly savage
about this, to Katherine Harris, to Judge
Robert's family, and I imagine even to Sarah although I don't recall exactly how she covered her


Look where your money's going:

Part 1000

"Despite President Obama's pledge to retain more hi-tech jobs in the U.S., a federal agency run by a hand-picked Obama appointee has launched a $36 million program to train workers, including 3,000 specialists in IT and related functions, in South Asia.

Following their training, the tech workers will be placed with outsourcing vendors in the region that provide offshore IT and business services to American companies looking to take advantage of the Asian subcontinent's low labor costs.

Under [USAID] director Rajiv Shah, the United States Agency for International Development will partner with private outsourcers in Sri Lanka to teach workers there advanced IT skills like Enterprise Java (Java EE) programming, as well as skills in business process outsourcing and call center support. USAID will also help the trainees brush up on their English language proficiency.

USAID is contributing about $10 million to the effort, while its private partners are investing roughly $26 million.

"To help fill workforce gaps in BPO and IT, USAID is teaming up with leading BPO and IT/English language training companies to establish professional IT and English skills development training centers," the U.S. Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka, said in a statement posted Friday on its Web site.

"Courses in Business Process Outsourcing, Enterprise Java, and English Language Skills will be offered at no charge to over 3,000 under- and unemployed students who will then participate in on-the-job training schemes with private firms," the embassy said.

USAID is also partnering with Sri Lankan companies in other industries, including construction and garment manufacturing, to help create 10,000 new jobs in the country, which is still recovering from a 30-year civil war that ended in 2009.

But it's the outsourcing program that's sure to draw the most fire from critics. While Obama acknowledged that occupations such as garment making don't add much value to the U.S. economy, he argued relentlessly during his presidential run that lawmakers needed to do more to keep hi-tech jobs in IT, biological sciences, and green energy in the country.

He also accused the Bush administration of creating tax loopholes that made it easier for U.S. companies to place work offshore in low-cost countries.

As recently as Monday, Obama, speaking at a Democratic fundraiser in Atlanta, boasted about his efforts to reduce offshoring. The President said he's implemented "a plan that’s focused on making our middle class more secure and our country more competitive in the long run -- so that the jobs and industries of the future aren’t all going to China and India, but are being created right here in the United States of America."

http://www.informationweek.com/news/software/integration/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=226500202>Training people for outsourced IT jobs

Danube of Thought

I have no info as to where the indispensable Mark Steyn is at the moment, but the new issue of National Review arrived today. His regular back-page column, "Happy Warrior," has been replaced by "Athwart," featuring the wonderful James Lileks, who I hope gains a lot of readership.

Haven't yet determined whether the editors say anything about the change.


Drudge has a story about Michelle outsourcing a new coat from a London designer. If Michelle and the girls and 40 of their closest friends go along on Obama's Indonesia/Australia trip, I wonder what that'll cost us?

narciso the harpoon

Ah this is an example of what 'our betters' opine about without any basis, in the LUN

Rick Ballard

"Her clothes don't have the aura of sophistication like that of Michelle Obama's sheaths and pearls." (from Narciso's link)

Ann - please keep showing us Moochelle Antoinette's "aura of sophistication" as often as you wish. I kinda miss the camo webbing girth cinches. They highlighted that bustle thing she wears. Who would have thought that the bustle would ever come back?


Louie Louie...Sun King Obama... h/t Insty

Barry Dauphin

And attending the gathering for the First Lady: "...and bestselling spiritual guru Deepak Chopra, who had all flown in for the fund-raising Starlite gala in aid of children's charities."

But wait, there's more!:"One name on the guest list that could raise a few eyebrows among US diplomatic circles is Adnan Khashoggi.

The Saudi Arabian businessman, 75, who made his name as an arms dealer in the 1980s, was linked to the Iran-Contra scandal in which the Reagan administration allegedly sanctioned the sale of weapons to Iran in breach of an international arms embargo."

No word if Bawbaw Wawwaw was there.

Melinda Romanoff


Besides your "Pieces", I read Claudia, Dorothy, and Caroline before I come here. They are THE sources for qualified, well researched articles, every time they put finger to keyboard. (If you don't know Caroline, add her to your favorites, you will never be disappointed.)

If Michelle is now Marie Antoinette, the Austrian child bride, I would like someone to point out the current day Marat or Robespierre. Mocking them early would be a good thing.


Thanks, Mel.

DoT I went to Steyn Online, his personal website and it says:
MONDAY, 05 JULY 2010
Now that summer is here, SteynOnline is taking a break for a while, as I attend to some personal matters."

He is so prolific a writer and travels so much, let's hope he's taking a long overdue break .

narciso the harpoon

And this goes to show, that snark doesn't stay on this end of the Atlantic, in the LUN

Melinda Romanoff

Deb's photo link:

 Ann  Mongrel


We should co-write a book on the news coverage of Sarah Palin and Michelle Antoinette. You have all the articles archived and I have the pictures.

That last link is a keeper. Sarah Palin's Unassertive Fashion Statement By Robin Givhan

and Thanks Rick!

Melinda Romanoff

Oh, and Clarice, this is for you, and you alone.

A video archive of The Two Fat Ladies, if you never saw them, revel in the irreverence. If you have, savor the loss of Jennifer and know her work.

Other than that, just enjoy their love of life, and food.

 Ann  Mongrel

Mel: Let me help. :) Good One, DebinNC, I always like your posts.



well those fashion writers are really on to something. I can just imagine the line to jump MO's bones stretches around the block whereas the line for Sarah....(Sarc).

Mel, I remember them well. I cold never imagine how they manages to cycle around after those glorious meals.

I've been cooking up a storm for company tomorrow.
Julie Child's Tomato quiche ala provencal; braised short ribs; potato gratinee,mesclun salad, artisan bread and mixed fruit clafouti.


Melinda Romanoff

Thanks Ann,

I guess I was using the "big" wrench.

(Psssst. How do you tweak the size?)

 Ann  Mongrel


Speaking of "Look what you're paying for", you could do an entire article for Clarice's Pieces on the corrupt carp our government is spending with American tax dollars.
GM to Build New Vehicle at Plant in Mexico

Melinda Romanoff


A couple of big G&T's with a brace of smokes will conquer the world, from the sidecar position where Jennifer liked to sit.

I gave up the latter habit, but never liked gin.

narciso the harpoon

Ann, how do you deal with people like this, Charlie Crist is disturbing enough as a candidate, in the LUN


"everything liberals are suppose to hate"

Rick has it right that "If you rotate the stinking socialist three sided prism it will show either socialism, communism or fascism and the fascist side just loves authoritarian islam."

Perhaps because the right tends to say what they believe they may take what the left and Muslims say too much at face value.

From Postmodern Jihad:

THE RELATIONSHIP between postmodernist European leftism and Islamic radicalism is a two-way street: Not only have Islamists drawn on the legacy of the European Left, but European Marxists have taken heart from Islamic terrorists who seemed close to achieving the longed-for revolution against American hegemony. Consider Michel Foucault and Jacques Derrida, two leading avatars of postmodernism. Foucault was sent by the Italian daily Corriere della Sera to observe the Iranian revolution and the rise of the Ayatollah Khomeini.
This from Lois McNay
Afary and Anderson argue, to the contrary, that rather than being anomalous, Foucault's views on Iran are predictable insofar as they consistent with other troubling tendencies that run through his entire oeuvre. Unlike his contemporaries, Foucault never engaged with the issue of colonialism and had a simplified grasp of the Muslim world derived mainly from his visits as a 'sex tourist' to Tunisia. His idea, not entirely unfounded, that Muslim societies were more tolerant of sexual relations between men than Christian ones ...
And this from the idiot Frum:
Foucault was at work upon the books he regarded as his masterwork, his History of Sexuality – a history that treats the emancipation of women in the later Graeco-Roman period as a catastrophe that put an end to the happy classical period when reproductive sex was regarded as an unpleasant duty, with pleasure to be sought between men and boys.
To view the left, Islam, and gay activism as completely seperate entities that occasionally seems to attack JudeoChristian culture in a random unconnected way ... may in fact be shortsighted.

Melinda Romanoff

No economics tonight is a good thing, and I will fade quickly.

G'night all.


This is a bit of an odd link, but for Palin fans (and Reagan fans), there is a FreeRepublic commenter who goes by the handle Brices Crossroads. He frequently posts on Palin and seems to be a longtime political observer. I wish he'd come over to JOM sometime (although it's possible he has/does).

At any rate, I think he's excellent reading and a real shot in the arm:

Brices Crossroads on FreeRepublic


It's not just that the enemy of their enemy is their friend, it's that they share the identical goal; the destruction and conquest of Western civilization.
Like all would be conquerors they share the hubris that once they've vanquished the enemy they'll dominate and rebuild the remains. I'd put my money on the dervishes, jannisaries and assassins over the Kossacks.

Ann (and Mel) thank you for those photo shops; hilarious. I want full size posters. Was there a link?

Strawman Cometh

Also from Narciso's link, Sarah's clothes "do not announce themselves with the confidence, assertiveness and listen-to-me-ness of Sen. Hillary Clinton's bold pantsuits."
And hear I thought the RQ was just hiding her ankles.
Back to Michelle. Having viewed the movie, and then reading a little of the history and her bio, I must say that in comparing her to bulldoggy, we are doing a grave injustice to Marie Antoinette.

narciso the harpoon

I saw them, on Don Surber's blog, ubut I have to look where he linked them

Danube of Thought

I am watching (TiVo delay) Fox News Watch. I find myself hoping devoutly that both Ellis Henican and Kirsten Powers contract embarrassing and lingering venereal diseases.

narciso the harpoon

Yes the Royal Coupple much like with the Romanovs, were self absorbed, possibly negligent people risen to power too soon,
Pobestdenev, Nicholas's tutor, imparted the wrong lessons, but these folks are another
'cup of tea altogether'

Danube of Thought

Separated at birth?

--Julian Assange and Bill Maher

daddy the wanna' be heretic


One of my siblings, a massive Obama supporter, was just let go from a high paying job at a major Hospital. My sibling is very bummed and is now expressing "great disappointment with Obama and what he is doing to the economy." An amazing turn-around. 18 Months ago this sibling wanted to take a leave of absence from that high paying job in order to completely devote time and energy to getting Obama elected.

As a result today I was contacted by all my siblings for my concurrence in selling a bit of combined family property, all in order to ease the financial burden now facing the former Obama supporter. The sibling orchestrating the sale, being married to a Lawyer and also possessing a Master's degree, is also a massive Obama supporter. She was working hard at the deal, angry at the decrease in property price due to the economy, and commenting how we need to do this deal prior to Obama raising taxes on everyone come 2012. Having difficulty holding my tongue, and enjoying the scales finally falling from 1 sibling's eye's, and the scene of the second sibling angrily navigating through the particulars of Obama's miserable economy, I made a few comments hammering President Zero.

The Obama supporter took offense, and stated that it was wonderful that Obama had given us free Health Care so that the fired sibling wouldn't have to worry about that Thank Goodness, to which I responded , if Obama hadn't shackled us with this idiotically expensive and unworkable Health Care scheme in the first place, the sibling would still be working at the Hospital, enjoying outstanding paid for Health Care and Retirement benefits etc, and we wouldn't be scrambling to dump such a valuable but unfortunately currently under-valued family asset. The great thing is that for the first time in living memory, the jobless sibling finally viewed things my way, and the exceptionally educated Obama supporter was shocked.

Yippee. Almost worth taking the economic bath in our upcoming property sale to finally see that.

narciso the harpoon

daddy, since you've been in a comic book frame
of mind, lately, what do you think of this, one half suspects Victor Doom is the health
care czar, in the LUN


Transfers into.............

daddy the wanna' be heretic


Your link doesn't work for me, nor for ">http://www.moviegoods.com/Assets/product_images/1020/300385.1020.A.jpg"> Sue Storm, the Invisible Girl. Please try again.

daddy the wanna' be heretic

Off the top,

Does anybody remember what facility exactly Mother Teresa was trying to build in Manhattan, and what caused her efforts to be forestalled?

Strawman Cometh

Hey daddy,
Sounds like your doing a good job on your heretic handle. Look upthread, Porch's Brices link is bracing.

Strawman Cometh

All I see is the Empire State Bldg refusing to light up for her 100th birthday and the city fighting with them to do it.

daddy the wanna' be heretic

Found it.

Mother Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity's plans did not include an elevator.

"RED TAPE: A Rule Is A Rule. Bureaucracies can be so bound by red tape that their rules impede the purpose of the organization. Some rules (or "correct procedures" in bureaucratic jargon) are enough to try the patience of a saint.

"In the Bronx, Mother Teresa spotted a structurally sound abandoned building and wanted to turn it into a homeless shelter. But she ran head on into a rule: The Building must have an elevator for homeless people with disabilities. Not having the funds for the elevator, Mother Teresa struggled to get permission to bypass this rule. Two frustrating years later, she gave up. The abandoned building is still rotting away. (Tobias 1995)"

Obviously this rule about elevators was not intended to stop Mother Teresa from ministering to the down and out. But Hey, rules is rules."

Don't recognize the source, but that up above comes from">http://books.google.com/books?id=852vjh_IwusC&pg=PA114&lpg=PA114&dq=no+elevators+mother+teresa&source=bl&ots=PHmQSzRjZZ&sig=UdTp1owJnirXWTfPD5R-AIEmx54&hl=en&ei=p0deTIX2NIf6swOEh6GqCw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=5&ved=0CCQQ6AEwBA#v=onepage&q=no%20elevators%20mother%20teresa&f=false"> this link, and I had a vague memory of it. Christopher Hitchin's I think was angry at her about it because the money for the project may have come from Charles Keating of "The Keating Five", and she supposedly wrote a letter asking for clemency for Keating, but I defer to narciso's amazing recall of this incident (if he has one) rather than my faulty memory.


((Yes the Royal Coupple much like with the Romanovs, were self absorbed, possibly negligent people risen to power too soon,
Pobestdenev, Nicholas's tutor, imparted the wrong lessons, but these folks are another
'cup of tea altogether'))

and yet, after long drawn out and unbelievably cruel treatment by the revolutionaries, both the king and queen deaths with quiet and noble dignity, like true bluebloods, while upstarts like Madame Pompadour made a cowardly, noisy and undignified display


both king and queen met their deaths

daddy the wanna' be heretic


Don't know that poster (Brice) but it was worth reading his previous posts on Sarah via Porch's link.

Up here Sarah Palin in my opinion is not viewed with near as much enthusiasm as she appears to be viewed in the Lower 48. That's a long story I've told before, but when she does get mention up here she continues to be bashed fairly hard by the Left (which means the TV stations up here and our handful of Newspapers) and also bashed by the segment of the Right (who monopolize Talk Radio and fiercely disagree with her AGIA Oil Pipeline scheme). Other than that, almost all recent reporting of Sarah is mainly tabloid stuff: the Levi/Bristol Soap Opera, Book-signings, the stalking Reporter next door, etc.---stuff that doesn't really personally effect Alaskans any more.

The Lower 48 is where she has been doing the substantial speeches and candidate nominating efforts that actually do get big press and have political significance. As a result, I believe Sarah is much more important down there, on a National stage, both to the Right which admires her and to the Left which despises her, than she is up here. It is interesting locally that she has endorsed Lisa Murkowski's challenger, but what really interests me is that she has, as far as I know, still not endorsed her replacement as Governor, Sean Parnell, the guy that seems intent on continuing her AGIA gas-line efforts. That, on the local scene, is what I find interesting lately up here about Sarah.


I've deleted Power Line from my "favorites" link list as they continue to aggravate me with their willingness to bend over backwards to give a democrat the benefit of the doubt, white lambasting a republican for similar, equal, or lesser behavior. If the Blogger is Paul, factor in Paul's dislike of Sarah Palin x10.

Anywho - knowing better, I happened to look at yesterday's postings that attempted to conflate the O's total lack of self-awareness with lack of experience. Give me an effen break.

I am of an age with the Obama's and reside in Chicago. I am not a politician, and I have never run for office. Even so, without the benefit of all this "experience" that the Power Line boys are excusing the O's for, I would have to say that MO's Spanish foray is very bad optics, and would not have selected these opportunities given the current economic environment (or as an advisor to the family would have strongly recommended against such actions).

I am so sick of the Power Line Boys who were so quick to back up MN's fairness in the Coleman/Franken recount efforts and just look at whom we ended up with. For anyone who pays attention to these things, their track record is deplorable. Their attempts to appear to be "fair" just calls their judgment into question.

Bleah - they make me so mad. Can you tell? :-)


In Fraser's biography, I seem to recall that the Royal Family was offered sanctuary in America, an offer they might have taken but they couldn't get out of France. Their one attempt to flee failed.


that was a great link Porchlight ... I concur with his take on Palin

interesting insight, that the Bushies are the force behind Romney


@ Danube of Thought :
" Darwin seems to avoid at all costs the question whether he believes the imam who is building this mosque is doing so for the purpose of giving offense. "

There is a difference between avoiding the question and considering it irrelevant. The people behind this mosque seem from all reports to not be my favorite sort of people. But when people I don't like (or particularly care about) try to make me mad, I tend to try to avoid giving them what they want. It seems this is an unpopular strategy in these parts.

@ Captain Hate :
" True, that's why I'm done responding to you, smegma boy. Go report back to the head-choppers and tell them you failed miserably to convince anybody to not oppose that abomination 2 blocks away from Ground Zero. "

Learn how to read, k thx. I am not trying to convince anyone to "not oppose" the "abomination." People can feel free to "oppose" whatever they want. It's still a free country.

I "oppose" people who assume that I sympathize with terrorists because I ask straightforward questions about where we draw the lines which seem so clear to you. It must be comforting to live in a such a pat world.

Maybe I should try it out.. ok.. anyone who disagrees with me about anything is an advance scout from the 37th Xegnatronic Galaxy! Especially you!



Ugh what a place to end the thread. I have no changed that.



I just saw your 12:51 - sheesh I lose again. But don't worry, Karl will be mine in November!


Hey, sorry Ann! I was just kidding, and was expecting something along the lines of a "Rawr!" in response. Like Rick said, "please keep showing us Moochelle Antoinette's 'aura of sophistication' as often as you wish."

Pretty please.


TheChicago Triune is speculating what a Blago loss would mean to Fitz' career..he made that awful and improper pre trial statement and then kept rather in the shadows.

Here's this week's CP:
http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/08/clarices_pieces_from_cordoba_t.html>From Cordoba to Marbella


Ann: We count on you (and a few others who are technically savvy) to keep these threads "illustrated." Keep on, keeping on, please.

As to Michelle Antoinette's maternity-like top, well that is a wonderful improvement. I am tired of seeing her overly exposed all the time - or clothes so tight, they leave nothing to the imagination.

Whomever on our side finally takes back the W.H. will be chewed up and spit out by the lefty media. Sarah is not alone in that fate. However, even though she is a woman, I suspect she would be the toughest at taking it and the most aggressive in fighting back. A quality I admire in her and Michelle Bachman.


What an ending Clarice - well done!

Can anyone remember another administration that lied quite so boldly? Obama says the sky is blue and sunny while a hurricane is pelting the country? And the media simply swoons.

narciso the harpoon

That is the thing, isn't it cc, Liz, and Bachman are the ones who fight, like Lincoln
said of Grant, of Graham, Specter, and the orange one, splunge


Ha ha..NYPost reports that there's a question about ownership of the mosque property

Not so fast.
The developers of the controversial mosque proposed near Ground Zero own only half the site where they want to construct the $100 million building, The Post has learned.
One of the two buildings on Park Place is owned by Con Edison, even though Soho Properties told officials and the public that it owns the entire parcel. And any potential sale by Con Ed faces a review by the state Public Service Commission.
“We never heard anything about Con Ed whatsoever,” said a stunned Julie Menin, the chairwoman of Community Board 1, which passed a May resolution supporting the mosque.

http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/half_baked_mosque_8ItuaW0WIByZa5xZ0rCmpJ#ixzz0w19mCWyV>A Question of Ownership


why do liberals love muslims

They don't. They don't care about Muslims. They care about the thin pseudo-concept of multi-culturalism that pivoted around Edward Said's "Orientalism" in 1978-a book that codified cultural relativism for them.

The crux of Said is that you, you liberal, can't judge me because I'm different. It's BS, but it was a word game liberal academics weren't schooled to answer.

Caught in a trap of their own making, they can find no way out.


Thanks, Jane. Without bgates to wrap it up I was stuck until Iowahawk came along.

narciso the harpoon

Great job, again Clarice, not as funny, except for Iowahawk but wonderfully absurd, miles ahead of Ingraham's effort, but that's par for the course


Great pieces Clarice. I left my comments there (awaiting moderation).

Jane, it is not merely that this administration lies boldly, but that the quantity of the lies are so vast and encompass almost every area of American life - political and apolitical.

What's more, in the movie when the curtain is drawn back and the Wizard is revealed to be nothing more than an old, albeit clever, magician - in Obamaland the curtain has been drawn to reveal a crowded space filled with the corrupt, the buffoons, and the totally inept. None are clever magicians at all. And the "magic" of the media to hide this picture from the public, itself has been revealed to be, as Ace put it, lies told by liars, reading from a script of lies.

The only persons "bamboozled" are the political class living in their plastic bubbles.

It is my fervent hope that come November many of these bubbles will be burst.

Captain Hate

What do you JOMers think about Mitch Daniels? I read an article in the Weekly Standard about a month ago in which he came off pretty well in how people regard him in Indiana. But now I'm watching him on FNS and he's not coming off that well imo. He seems very tentative and unsure in his answers; not that he isn't saying the right things but he's not doing it in a way that gives me any confidence in him as a national candidate. These aren't even snarky questions by Chris Wallace.


Jim Ryan's nemesis Tom Perriello D-VA is highlighted in the WaPo today. LUN

Karen Tumulty writes - "Catcalls about socialism and death panels have given way to substantive and pointed questions -- about the intricacies of the new health-care law and financial regulations, finding alternative energy sources, and that most perennial of Virginia problems, traffic."

Do ya figure Karen went to some of these townhall meetings, or is she just writing from Perriello's talking points? How many rural Virginians do you think asked about finding alternative energy sources?


All I've got on Mitch Daniels is an old quote, "If James Carville & Geraldo Rivera were both drowning, and you could only save one, would you read the paper or eat lunch?"


Thanks, guys.
Janet I love that. Are you sure that's a Christian thought? *wink*


"seems very tentative and unsure"

Perhaps the time for boldness is not too far in the future. I like white water canoeing but a rain/flood swollen river is just scary. The political climate is going to be like one or the other for a few years.

Jack is Back!

Mitch Daniels is an executive Paul Ryan. He ran Eli Lilly before W made him Director of OMB. He has run companies, think tanks and made payrolls. In other words, he is more experienced in governing (limited by the way) than anyone currently in Washington. But he is not a "personality" like a Palin or Romney.

I guy I would like to see start a renewed political career at the national level is Matt Blunt, the ex-Governor of Missouri and Roy Blunt's son. He is a dynamic conservative who left a surplus when he left in 2009. He is a graduate of the USNA (weigh in DoT), war vet and young.

Jack is Back!

::the guy:: UGH

daddy the wanna' be heretic

The Thing: "Bah, narciso's link about Doom don't work."

Johnny Storm (aka The Human Torch): "What ya' talkin' about ya' big lunkhead, it's just that you can't type."

Thing: "Shut up ya' punk. Wht da' heck wou;d you know?"

">http://marvelsmartass.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/thing4.jpg"> Torch: "That you got fat finger's Mister Ugly, and couldn't type narciso's link on a keyboard if you're life depended on it."

Thing: "Well eat this keyboard you li'l hothead", replies the Thing, hurling his PC at Johnny Storm's head."

Torch: "Why ya' big galoot!" answers Johnny , firing off a ball of flame that melts the PC in mid air, winding up on Reed's table of Scientific debris.

Sue Storm aka ">http://l.yimg.com/eb/ymv/us/img/hv/photo/movie_pix/twentieth_century_fox/fantastic_four/jessica_alba/fantastic3.jpg"> the Invisible Girl "Oh, boy's, please, please. Can't you both grow up?" she says exasperatedly.

Torch: "He started it Sis, the ham-fisted baboon."

Thing: "Baboon am I you little pip-squeaked matchstick", swatting Johnny's desk through the wall of the Baxter building and sending it plumeting toward the sidewalk below.

Reed Richard's aka Mister Fantastic: "Ben! Johnny! Stop it," hollers Reed, as he contorts his arms, through the hole in the building and races with his stretching arms to catch the falling desk before it slams into pedestrians below on Yancy Street.

Sue: "Ben, you could have hurt somebody with your hot headed behavior."

Thing: "My hot headed behavior. How about your jerkwad of a brudda's hot headed behavior!"

Torch" "Jerkwad! Flame on!" says Torch, sizzlin' Ben's couch to cinders," forcing Sue to erect a forcefield between Ben and Johnny.

Reed: "Now look what you've done!", observing his smoldering table of scientific remnants, "my finally tuned apparatus to track Doctor Doom is now completely melted, and all cause you 2 couldn't link to narciso's website!"

Thing: "It was his fault Reed and I'll break him in half if I get my hands on him."

Sue: "Reed help, my force field is weakening!!!"

Reed: I've got him Sue, (wrapping himself around Ben like a straight-jacket) "Just smother Johnny's flame with your force field!"

Meanwhile, from a distant location, a metal faced, green garbed "Narciso The Harpoon" ">http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2141/2177868395_72a82ac4b3_b.jpg"> (aka Doctor Doom) observes on a monitor the action splitting the Fantastic Four apart, all because they can't open his 01:04 Health Care Czar link at JOM. "Good", he chuckles, "My plan is working perfectly! "

Captain Hate

"If James Carville & Geraldo Rivera were both drowning, and you could only save one, would you read the paper or eat lunch?"

Even though I think Carville is a stain on political discussion, I'd probably save him to talk SEC football; and then toss him back in. There is nothing beneficial about Jerry Rivers stealing my oxygen.

Thanks for the comments on Mitch Daniels. Don't get me wrong; he along with lots of other people would be preferable to McDivot. I just don't see him being electable nationally; which is too bad but life isn't fair.


Wow, so much has been covered since my 06:30PM post suggesting that if more mosques are needed that it be built in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, since that seems to be the most intolerant place in the world.

All of Clarice's links are good but the one saying that the State Dept is not only sponsoring a Mid East tour for the Imam who wants to build a tribute to the Jihadist who destroyed the New York Buildings but has previously sponsored his travels is really scary. I wonder how much State Dept Money has been used to flaunt the building of this tribaute to a religion which kills Americans, allows no Christian buildings in lands controlled by Islam, etc, etc.

Now I see we are to provide Nuclear secrets to Vietnam. Then we have officials going to Japan to make sure they understand how mean we were to defeat them. What next, an apology to Castro for not allowing him to destroy us?


--There is a difference between avoiding the question and considering it irrelevant.--

It's clear you like to play on your home field where you only answer questions you've proposed but why not answer mine anyway? You might find your ideas challenged.
Is any mosque too provocative and is any location too close to ground zero? Should my hypothetical of a mosque celebrating Mohammad Atta in statuary built precisely upon the footprint of the WTC be allowed?
If your answer is yes then you are at least logically consistent, even if you reveal yourself to be not a libertarian, but an anarchist who would prevent our society from defending itself from those who wish to destroy it.
If your answer is no then we're only talking about where the line is drawn, right?

daddy the wanna' be heretic

Good Morning,

Had dog duty this morning, so just after 5 am filled a cup up with instant coffee, stuck a bacon dog treat in 1 pocket, a plastic blue bag to pick up poop in the other, and me and the baby new yellow Lab went out walking.

Hit the sewer, the Fire Hydrant, nibbled on the neighbor's morning newspapers littering their driveways etc, but then came across a humongous worm slithering across the road, easily 9 inches long and almost as thick as a number 2 pencil.

Now I know we have the ">http://www.orkin.com/images/termites/carpenter-ant_396x349.jpg"> largest ants on the continent Herculesius something or other, looking like 2 blueberry's walking in formation. And also that we have the little known ">http://www.alaska-in-pictures.com/data/media/1/ice-worm_1813.jpg"> Glacial Ice Worm comprising colonies of up to ">http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2002/01/0128_020128_iceworms.html"> 20 million critters. But just for your average ">http://www.leanandmighty.com/i//worm_photo.jpg"> run of the mill earthworms, anybody know if my 9 incher this morning was anything special, or just par for the course in Alaska:)

Oh, and what is it about a luke warm cup of instant coffee in one 1 hand, and a faint smell of fresh dog poop tied up in a plastic bag in the other, that at 5:30 on a damp morning in Alaska say's it's good to be alive? Hard to say really, but I love it.


I just don't see him being electable nationally; which is too bad but life isn't fair.

After Obama, I believe enough voters will look beyond charisma in 2012 and elect someone like Daniels. Whether Republicans are smart enough to nominate someone unpolarizing enough to win nationally is yet unknown, but I'm doubtful.


What do you JOMers think about Mitch Daniels?

I love him, and he's my current pick for the republican nomination. and I didn't think he did a bad job today - and I usually agree with your assessment.


then came across a humongous worm slithering across the road, easily 9 inches long and almost as thick as a number 2 pencil.

I know a 5 year old that would be in 7th heaven at that sight, and the ants would be nothing but icing on the cake.


"... nominate someone unpolarizing ..."

As long as the MSM gets to determine who is polarizing that will never happen. It's not that we let them do that ... we can't stop them.

Captain Hate

I didn't think he did a bad job today - and I usually agree with your assessment.

Hmmmm, I hope that most people agree with you because I think he's a good guy.


Never Again will I read one of these stories without wondering who our State Dept sided with.

"even the Twin Towers can't touch it"


There is some kind of giant worm they were touting in the news a few weeks ago. It was thought extinct until a scientist found one. Perhaps yours is a new sub-species. Alaskan King Worm? Kodiak Worm? Grizzle Worm?

Daddy, exposure to that solar tsunami seems to have had its effect on your train of thought at the very least. I am going to guess that you'll be the one on the spandex at the next JOM convention.


Victor Davis Hanson has a goodie today:
http://pajamasmedia.com/victordavishanson/a-rather-angry-america/>Liberal Arts dumbkopfs

daddy the wanna' be heretic

Well Matt,

Since we've lost Presidential Leadership in the Comic Book arena since the Nixon Administration">http://www.giantsizemarvel.com/2009/02/thing-tuesdays-ben-grimm-and-r.html"> ("I never should have listened to you Richard's despite what Tricia said") , somebody's got to don the spandex to save Manhattan.

I nominate TM.


Are you sure that's a Christian thought?

Hahahha I've been found out! My weakness is inappropriate/bawdy humor.

In church today the sermon was on loving your enemy. The pastor mentioned a bumper sticker that read, "Keep honking while I reload".
My first thought was...I wonder where I could get that bumper sticker? LOL...


IMO, a lot of the reason Mitch Daniels is not the best choice for nation wide office is tied to:
"Amendments such as this explain why Indiana has one of the worst funded teacher retirement funds in the United States."

One of the contributing factors was the failure of the Indiana retirements funds to fight harder, the Obama Administration effects to give the UAW everything instead of letting the bankruptcy court straighten out the Chrysler bankruptcy.
Standing up to tyranny is important in national leadership. If a governor can't stand up to tyranny from our national tyrants, how can they be expected to stand up to the tyrants of the world. We have Governors (such as Palin, Brewer and Christie) who have demonstrated they can stand up to Obama. We don't need to promote ones who have not demonstated that ability, IMO

narciso the harpoon

No, the LUN was about who they picked to play Carol Ferris,who becomes Star Sapphire in the new Green Lantern film, Blake Lively from Gossip Girl, since he was on the comics bandwagon.

About Daniels he seems like a nice guy, his most staunch supporters, not you Jane, are the ones I've found who won't give Sarah the time of day, I'm kind of puzzled why he woulduse, such a laden term like truce, when a change in focus, wouldn't have taise even one kerfluffle


Newsweek columnist says US funding mosque construction
Lee DeCovnick
Truth, even in the tightly controlled prison of the Obama media complex, occasionally bursts forth like a swordfish cavorting on the waves of a golden August afternoon.

Newsweek, the Washington Post's former progressive stepchild, published an op-ed by Fareed Zakaria, the in-house lapdog for the Administration, extolling the virtues of building the Ground Zero Mosque. A couple of sentences demand a great deal more explanation...



Daddy, Alaska may win when it comes to mega-mosquitoes and flies, but nine inches is an ordinary time-to-go-fishin' nightcrawler for us.


Andy McCarthy does another great job responding as to whether we are making too big a deal over the mosque and which group of Americans really does get it.



If anyone thinks they are going to be rewarded for helping the jihadist take over,
this American Thinker Article says differently.

"If Sharia law is implemented, then you can turn this country [Great Britain] into a haven of peace because once a thief's hand is cut off nobody is going to steal." Furthermore, "once just only once, if an adulterer is stoned nobody is going to commit this crime at all," and finally, "We want to offer it to the British society. If they accept it, it is for their good and if they don't accept it they'll need more and more prisons."

narciso the harpoon

This is some ridiculous pretensious garbage, in the same vein, in the LUN


Ignatz asks: ``Is any mosque too provocative and is any location too close to ground zero?''
Your question is of the "are you still beating your wife" variety because it includes the unsupported presumption that a mosque is provocative. NY has hundreds of mosques and very few, if any, have been involved in any provocations. America is a free country where freedom of religion is a given, so the peaceful assembly of the followers of a religion cannot be deemed a provocation.
I am an American and I am just as opposed to terrorism as anyone should be. I am opposed to any facility's use in support of terror, whether that facility is a mosque or a blog or the CIA headquarters building. If the mosque is shown to be supporting terror, it can easily be shut down under the law and with no offense to American values or human rights.

Ignatz asks: ``Should my hypothetical of a mosque celebrating Mohammad Atta in statuary built precisely upon the footprint of the WTC be allowed?''

No. And thanks for illustrating the point. While a monument to a known terrorist is nothing that could, would or should be allowed, a mosque with no link whatsoever to terrorism is perfectly acceptable.

Ignatz asks: If your answer is no then we're only talking about where the line is drawn, right?

Exactly. We wouldn't allow a statue of Timothy McVeigh across from the Federal building in Oklahoma City, but we'd all be perfectly comfortable with a Victory Chapel by the Church of Christ, or any other denomination, in that spot. I'm sure it's not difficult for you to understand, but it's obviously very hard for you to acknowledge, that the issue is terrorism, not religion.
Most Muslims and the leadership representing them are completely opposed to terrorism. But their stated opposition is not the final measure. That would be their action and, fortunately, the two coincide. Not only do the vast majority of Muslims say they're opposed to terrorism, the majority is also not involved in it and a very large number are actively involved in the fight against it.
The Manhattan mosque is against terrorism, not for it. It's sad that Ignatz is so desperately intellectually dishonest he is left to draw the hypothetical of a mosque honoring a terrorist when, in fact, the Manhattan mosque will have EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE, a memorial to the victims of 9/11

You want to draw the line to include organizations with no affiliation to terrorists. You want to make the Islamic faith a thought crime. Your assertion that the mosque is a provocation rests on the assumption that to believe in Allah is somehow to believe in terrorism, when every shred of data shows that most Muslims oppose terrorism. Drawing the line is simple: individuals and organizations that engage in or support terrorism are offensive. But a mosque that isn't involved in terrorism isn't anywhere near that line.


As if JOM regulars need schoolding when a poke in the eye is not a poke in the eye from the innumerate and spiteful bubu.


Frickin typepad, one more time.
Here are a couple of rare birds, moderate muslims disgreeing with everything you said bubu. They describe it as a "brazen", "lightning rod" of provocation.
I assume you will defer to their much better understanding of their religion and coreligionists than you.


Ignatz, Thanks again for demonstrating my point. The issue is not religion, it is terrorism. As you point out, yet again, Muslims are even stridently opposed to terrorism. The two Muslims you allude to are so opposed to terrorism, they have written books about it. Why are not these guys regulars on Fox News? When Muslims like this publish books, why do they get so little attention?
They say Islam teaches not to provoke members of other religions. Do you agree with them? Or are you so desperate for any shred of rationale you can find that you offer them as evidence for your argument, even though you totally disagree with their views on Islam?
They are obviously uninformed or misinformed about the mosque being planned in Manhattan. They write ``He could have proposed a memorial to the 9/11 dead with a denouncement of the doctrine of armed jihad, but he chose not to.'' But in fact, the mosque has planned EXACTLY THAT.
Sorry Ignatz, but you have no facts on your side, so you have to twist and slime your way...


Boris -- What makes you feel that I am poking you in the eye? Weird...


--Ignatz, Thanks again for demonstrating my point.--

Please do not use the term "intellectually dishonest" again. You are categorically incapable of admitting error. Your point was, and I quote;
"America is a free country where freedom of religion is a given, so the peaceful assembly of the followers of a religion cannot be deemed a provocation."
I cited an article in which two muslims deem the mosque itself as an obvious provocation and instead of doing the honorable thing and conceding the point you claim it supports yours.
You're just a lying little turd who doesn't even have the skills to lie well.


bubu's reading comprehension is actually below bubu's innumeracy since nobody accused bubu of poking anything


Ignatz: You misread my comment. Of course anyone can call the mosque a provocation, just like anyone can say the earth is flat. My point is rather that there is no logical way to call a mosque a provocation, unless that mosque has done something that is provocative. The fact that two Muslims, who have written books explicitly opposing radical Islam and explaining the scriptural and religious basis of their opposition, however, is a direct contradiction of your view that Islam is itself a provocation. Maybe you're not dishonest, just radically illogical.


As if JOM regulars need schoolding when logic is not logic from the illogical and spiteful bubu.


--is a direct contradiction of your view that Islam is itself a provocation--

The issue at hand is your claim that this mosque in particular is not a provocation.

--You misread my comment.--

There is no way to misread your comment.
Here's some more of it:

Your assertion that the mosque is a provocation rests on the assumption that to believe in Allah is somehow to believe in terrorism, when every shred of data shows that most Muslims oppose terrorism. Drawing the line is simple: individuals and organizations that engage in or support terrorism are offensive. But a mosque that isn't involved in terrorism isn't anywhere near that line.

You are clearly and explicitly claiming this mosque is not a provocation. The two muslims you claim as demonstrating your point are CONTRADICTING it by stating that it is obviously a brazen provocation.
Why do you insist on making yourself appear even more dishonest and foolish by not admitting the obvious even after it is incontrovertibly set before you? Are you utterly without shame or honor?

 Ann  Mongrel

If you missed Muslim Raheel Raza on O'Reilly tonight, watch this:

Muslim Raheel Raza speaks out against Ground Zero Mosque on O’Reilly

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