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August 14, 2010



I say Gore stays.

Danube of Thought

Ask a stupid question, you get a bunch of stupid answers.


Geraghty says, some of these names strike me as ludicrously small time for the scale of this list. His suggested replacements for the worst Americans in the nation's history? Bernie Madoff and Ken Lay.

The whole exercise suggests the bloggers and Geraghty could stand to learn more history, and gain more perspective.

Buford Gooch

Perhaps asking political bloggers to name the worst Americans could be expected to garner mostly political names? Perhaps that was the unspoken, but intended, result?


Let me tell you all the reasons I hate best of/worst of lists:


I was going to say that Geraghty's suggestions are actually worse than an already pretty terrible list, but someone, essentially, beat me to it.

daddy the wanna' be heretic

You want a list?

I'll give you a stinking ">"> list.




I'm switching to Magic Jack.


I'll give you a stinking list.

From looking at the pix, it seems the primary effect is to cause them to expose their nether regions!

daddy the wanna' be heretic

"it seems the primary effect is to cause them to expose their nether regions!"


Perhaps I am mistaken but is there another reason to give your cat booze?

Jack is Back!

What's the criteria?

How can you have Benedict Arnold but not Pinch Sulzberg?

And where the hell is Walter Duranty? I guess he is as forgettable as Keith Olberman, eh?

It is not always people but more and more institutions, like MoveOn.Org, The NY Times, MSNBC, ACORN, etc. that do more to contaminate the soul of this country. Those that promote the poisonous secular humanist progressive agenda and never pass on an opportunity to remind us how stupid we are and uninformed since we don't live in either Boston or New York and haven't graduated from Harvard.

They are like the guy and his family who had just lost their house to foreclosure and we let stay in our house while we went to Europe this summer. Just keep the house maintained and you can stay here until you find a new place. We get back and all he tells me is how he found everything wrong with the house - even replanting plants to his own symmetrical order. Finally, I asked him if he found anything right about the house.


Noam Chomsky deserves a special place of infamy for his mass mesmerism of college kids

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