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August 25, 2010


Melinda Romanoff


I believe Barone already said this was going to be Jacksonian.

I'll try and dig it up, and I might be mistaken, or misremembering the post.


Latest AP headline: "Republican Civil War benefits Dems"
In what universe is this real?

I think they are curling into the fetal position and these headlines are like so many binkies and blankies. Some Dems, like Carville and probably Dean, woke up awhile back and are trying to sound the alarm. But for the rest, it's just too difficult to face reality.


prayers for you and Mrs.Mel--hope all is well. sorry I didn't post before now, hyster-sisters answers many questions about recovery...if it helps, I felt so much better after my surgery, the recuperation was breezy.

better news...looks like BO will be back to stay in your environs in about 27 months! you and mrs.mel can always move to Texas :)



I just meant I was waiting for him to chime in on Tuesday's results - perhaps he already has?

I think I heard that he was projecting upwards of 60 seats in the House. Can that be right? I was traveling so I'm not sure. I bet he'd say 80 in a candid moment, if he hasn't already.

hit and run

Posted by: glenda | August 25, 2010 at 10:05 PM

Hi Glenda...Can't wait for Friday!


Latest AP headline: "Republican Civil War benefits Dems"

All righty then. Republican turnout in some states 1/3 higher than Democrat turnout is so obviously a good omen for the Dim's-------or something.


So much for the athletic beer hostess.

Sorry Daddy.


Melinda Romanoff


I am sooo glad to see your tag here! Thank you for the hopeful words. She had a small set back today, but it is still only day 2. Lots of sleep, though, and that really helped.

I left a message on your cell a while back, and e-mailed. I was worried. I will follow up again.


My consolation about Florida, beside West and Bondi winning their respective nominations is
that Scott was able to eke out a win, after 50 million dollars, and the kind of ad rotation that made one's eyes bleed


Glenda! We missed you! Glad you are back.


Mel and Mrs.Mel -You are both in my prayers. I always enjoy your comments.


I have reported for duty at our local Victory headquarters to help elect Portman as senator and Kasich as governor of Ohio. Now that i am retired I have more time to volunteer to help the republicans win in Ohio. Now if only we can get Kucinich out.

Melinda Romanoff

Many thanks, maryrose.


Once again the Brits have a sex scandal that makes our seem rinky dink..

From The Sun:

"His body lay undiscovered for TWO WEEKS after he was killed and his remains stuffed into a suitcase in his bath.

Cops found women's clothing that would fit him at his Pimlico flat in central London, a short distance from MI6's HQ beside the Thames.

Keen cyclist and brilliant former student Mr Williams was on secondment to MI6 from GCHQ, the intelligence eavesdropping base.

Police are also working on the theory that intelligence expert Mr Williams may have been killed by a foreign spy.

Spook agencies in some countries target British operatives by using good-looking agents to seduce them into giving up secrets.

And Mr Williams, 31 - found murdered at his central London home - was known to meet men in the capital's gay mecca of Vauxhall Cross and Soho in the West End."

Top that, Val and Joe.


Thanks, CC and mel..some days are diamonds..some days are stones...:)

oh, hit.....you are my favorite!!!


Glad you are better, glenda!


Latest AP headline: "Republican Civil War benefits Dems"
In what universe is this real?

Strictly speaking, the headline is true -- a Republican civil war would benefit the Dems. The only thing missing is the civil war.

We could make ham and eggs if we had some ham ... and eggs.

Melinda Romanoff


A certain excessive BOLD poster appears to be a youper.



Republican Civil War Benefits Dems

Bet the AP used the same headline in 1861.

Melinda Romanoff

And I fade.

G'night all.




With "friends" like these... LUN

It would be nice if these folks would learn a little about history re the constitution before they go spouting off.

The tea-partiers are schooling him in the comments, though.


"Wasting no time with a potential Republican upset in what had been a previously ungettable U.S. Senate seat, national Democrats on Wednesday made their move in Alaska."

">http://www.adn.com/2010/08/25/1425075/democratic-party-looking-to-brand.html"> "By mid-afternoon the day after the election, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee had labeled Miller in an e-mail blast as a "dangerous enemy to middle-class Alaskans."

They never miss an opportunity to slime decent Americans do they.


Your links above to stories saying Lisa Murkowski is investigating ways to stay in the Race by swapping Parties just really struck me.

If those stories actually have a factual basis, then if by any chance she actually now does pick up enough absentee votes to defeat Joe Miller how does she then expect Alaskan Republican Voters to vote? By looking at Party Swapping alternatives, she has told us that she does not care about the opinion of Alaskan Republicans. Instead, she simply cares about being re-elected. Nothing else.

So if she does somehow legitimately beat Miller, she has now put Alaskan Republicans in the horrible position of either having to vote for a RINO who we now know absolutely doesn't give a damn about our electoral opinion, or of having to vote for another Democrat to join that creep Begich in DC to represent Alaska. Either that or waste our vote on some Libertarian candidate that nobody ever heard of. Disgusting.

I am glad that we have now seen the true face of Lisa Murkowski. I hope to the highest Heavens that she continues to lose to Joe Miller, as otherwise she has put me and Alaska in a truly awful position. Thanks for letting us get to know you Lisa. You suck.


I'm not so sure Sarah Palin will be embarrassed, I rather think it will be CNN and other pundits. The race will be very close.

Dave (in MA)
So, let us guess WHO the guy is? Per Politico:

The alleged assailant, Michael Enright, is — according to his Facebook profile and the website of the left-leaning media organization Intersections International — a student at the School of Visual Arts and a volunteer for Intersections, which recently produced a statement of support for the Park51 project, and is funded by the mainstream, liberal Collegiate Church of New York.
Oh dangit! The lefty media will have to stop covering this incident now!

But Chuckie reflexively blamed "the bigotry and hatred continuously pouring out of Fox News, right wing websites, and talk radio".


Fox News anchors and guests are vilifying Saudi prince and financier Alwaleed bin Talal as a financial backer of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, Manhattan mosque guy.
Raising the question d'etre about Fox: shameful ignorance, or shameless evil? Alwaleed bin Talal owns about $5 billion worth of Fox News' parent. Are they not aware, or so inured to lying they just can't be embarrassed?


ain't it pathetic how volunteer statist slaves think? ...it's "ignorant" and "evil" to speak anything except the thoughts of those who own you, or even partially own you; it's "ignorant" and "evil" to be anything except a ventriloquist's dummy


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But Chuckie reflexively blamed "the bigotry and hatred continuously pouring out of Fox News, right wing websites, and talk radio".

Funnier still is the fact that the assailant supported the building of the Victory Mosque and the Muslim victim opposed it.


American Thinker(& NRO)have had some articles on the Soros funding of the go-to "evangelical Christian" Jim Wallis. I also learned that the Soros Open Society Institute has hired another go-to "Christian", Richard Cizik as a Fellow. Now Glasater pointed me to an interesting video that pointed out Catholics United & Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good are both also funded by Soros.

What an interesting in-depth expose this would make if we had any type of legitimate news media. Wallis & Cizik are the 2 "Christians" that get published in the op-ed section of the WaPo. It is their books that get reviewed in the WaPo....out of the thousands of Christian books published. Now, the next time I read "...many Catholic groups oppose" or "...many Catholic groups support", I will have to see just which Catholic groups they are talking about.

Sara (Pal2Pal)


I am so sick of lefties continuing the canard about the Bush deficits. Deficits were going down steadily until the Dems took over Congress and became astronomical under Obama.


Stupid question alert: I want to start a Sturbridge Tea party page on Facebook, but I cannot for the life of me, find the "group" tab. Can anyone help an old broad?


Do you have a link to that image, Sara? I'm just wondering who created it, for future reference.


This makes the fourth crazy lefty, Bedell, Stack, Bishop, and now Enright, who has lost
his composure, of course they will leave that part of 'the narrative' out. doubleplusungood.

Had Fagen, been more diligent, months ago, he would have known what we 'were aware of yesterday' the surge for Miller would have been larger, but they at the Alaskan Standard can't let that get in the 'two minute hate' for Sarah.



Try this link:


I also got there by going to my profile, clicking on my Groups on the LH side, and then clicking Group Help.

It wasn't remotely intuitive though.



While zonking out caught the podcast of the first 2 hours of yesterdays Fagan show. Really enjoyed that.

Have to dash now, but if am sober in a couple hours will try to ad something intelligent to the conversation. I do have to say that I really do believe that with the complete "in the Tank" acquiescence of the ADN and our local "notice nothing and offend nobody" TV media, they have unwittingly empowered Fagan to a phenomenal degree.

I really despise the guy about 30 percent of the time, but make no mistake, he honest to goodness wields influential power to sway voters. Almost all legitimate and informative discussions and interviews of the candidates this season happened on his Talk Show. The ADN and everybody else were completely out to lunch. Thats why I continually comment and link to him, while still wanting to strangle the boy about half the time. 6 Carlsburg Lagers talking! G'morning JOMer's

Captain Hate

The troll gives the perfect argument for state-owned media that can't criticize the state.

Wait. What?


I found the help Porch, it refers me to the "group tab" which I cannot find.


Hmm...I had trouble too but maybe this will work?

To access the Groups application, use the bookmark in the Applications menu at the bottom left of the page. If you do not see a Groups bookmark in the menu, type "Groups" in the search box at the top of the page and follow the link that appears.

I also saw a +Create Group button at the top right of my list of groups. I clicked that and it took me here:

Group Creation Page


Porch, I believe that is a Randall Hoven chart from American Thinker.


Porch - I followed your link and did it! Thank you. And now, just to be annoying I invited everyone in my facebook list to join.


Thanks, Clarice - I'll find it and bookmark it.

Yay Jane! Going to join right now.

Sara (Pal2Pal)


Chart: Sources: CBO and U.S. Statistical Abstract


2nd attempt ...

Iraq: The War That Broke Us -- Not



Thanks Sara and Boris. I suspect this will be very useful in future arguments discussions.


Clarice wrote, "One of the reasons I find it hard to discuss politics with those who still rely solely on conventional media sources, is they are so information deprived we inhabit different universes.

Excellent observation and too true. I never really thought of it from this perspective before.

I often find myself up against a Sarah Palin hater. They have nothing but pure venom for Palin. I ask them, "Why do you hate Sarah Palin?" I have not received one semi-reasonable answer yet. They hate her and don't even know why. They just know the MSM doesn't like her so there must be something not to like.

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