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August 10, 2010



THere's no bias in the media, keep telling your self that, in the LUN

The DOJ report on judicial misdeeds may come out now that Ted Stevens is dead. "Mistakes" were made...
Nah, the new word will be "moot." As in "let the dead bury the dead."

So it not just us Americans


Wrong LUN it was to refer to the Post's shameful obituary

Frau Steingehirn

Larry Sabato on FN is stating that Alaskans supported Ted Stevens to the point of almost re-electing him "even if they thought he were corrupt." Sheesh! Perhaps his voters did NOT believe the carp being thrown at him.


From narciso's link: "One of the lessons that I grew up with was to always stay true to yourself and never let what somebody else says distract you from your goals," Obama said in an interview with Marie Claire magazine last year.

Apparently, one of those "somebody elses" Michelle chose to ignore growing up was her mother re the occasional need to iron her clothes or, now, to at least have someone else do it for you before presenting yourself to the King of Spain.


so it's back to square one, the problem of the toxic securities, the problem still unsolved as it ever was ...

Mighty Joe Young

"so it's back to square one, the problem of the toxic securities, the problem still unsolved as it ever was .."

The massive problem of Reaganomics is entrenched for many years to come. All his shit was never paid for. There's yer legacy.
Be proud, Regressives.

Now, Boner(sic) and fellow Republicans want to fix SS by raising retirement to age 70. Good solution to your Reagan Era raids on the Social Security,



So Biden becomes the short-tempered power-mad scheming harridan and Hillary becomes the bumbling buffoonish gaffe machine - how does that help?


Rick Ballard


Line 70. That shows a $485 billion roll off since the "crisis" began (about 18%). Some write offs, some refis and no evidence as to the quality of the MBS remaining. What was a five year problem two years ago is now a three year problem. Time will solve that particular problem but confidence will not be restored while BOzo continues to stink up the WH.


I haven't read anything that really identifies Romer's rationale for getting the hell out of Dodge. My own theory is that she came to a complete understanding of the futility of advising a turnip and called it a day.


The troll that calls itself "The Lion of Semantics" has dropped in from Assclownistan. Sorry to hear the troll called "The Lioness of Headaches" left you last year to start a fan club fro Shrek.

Frau Steingehirn

Incoming carp flinging flying ape Joe must be one of those who met DNC Kaine:
"I can tell you this. Everywhere I go, every last community I visit, there are energetic supporters of this president who are excited about what he is doing," Kaine said."


Your comment about Biden and Hillary switching jobs had me laughing out loud ! Especially the crazed harridan and gaffe machine remarks. I always get my laugh of the day on this blog. Thank you all for many years of good times!

Just another pedestrian

Shrek in a 'fro'? How stylish. As for Boris,
he just discovered there are hairstyles beyond the 'Butch'.


mighty joe young...what a pitiful monicker....go storm the ramparts with that one, knucklehead.....

by the way, the latest propaganda from AP is that all the poor nurses will be assaulted in the emergency rooms because of the cutbacks in public funding. That makes it "all the poor teachers", "all the poor firemen", "all the poor policemen", "all the poor nurses"....

Not a word about gold plated public pension funds, bureaucratic salaries, and their effect on the availability of funding. Like the IBM television ads said a few years ago "let's throw money at it" seems to be the only response from the Left.


"because of the cutbacks in public funding. That makes it "all the poor teachers", "all the poor firemen", "all the poor policemen", "all the poor nurses"...."

Don't forget all the poor Hedgefunders and the Wall Street Banks. They are suffering too


(( "all the poor teachers", "all the poor firemen", "all the poor policemen", "all the poor nurses"....))

while those who on average earn much less and have no pensions have to pay for it all

... seems a bit like serfdom


reported sounds from a swamp not far from Assclownistan ... to and fro ... in and out ... up and down ... o o o o o o o o o o o S H R E K ! ... no more headache


DoT confesses: ``The left likes to pretend that the insulting mosque involves an issue of religious liberty because that gives them an opportunity to preen.''
Indeed it could never be "preening" to argue that the mosque is an "insult." That's because that argument rather obviously compromises the moral principles of freedom of religion and presumed innocence. Conservatives are quick to dispatch with moral principles but then they whine like babies when liberals call them on it. Sorry, DoT, if you make the compromises, defend them and live with it, don't cry like a baby that your opponents are "preening."




Typhus pad has eaten 10 of my posts over the past few hours after first leading me to believe they'd been posted


Damn, Clarice. Looks like those pikes need to be sharpened on Typhuspad!

Bummer - what are we missing? You always have interesting stuff in comments.


Isn't it time for another Victory in Iraq thread? Fears of al–Qaida return in Iraq as US–backed fighters defect

American allies the Sons of Iraq being offered more money by al–Qaida to switch sides.

After seven years of American warfare, all those casualties and all that treasure, everyone in Iraq is getting ready for the next round. So what were we doing there?

It's all a good read, but here's the kicker:

The US government has granted visas to many Sons of Iraq members and claims that future applications to emigrate to the US from Sons of Iraq leaders would be well received. Both the Pentagon and White House have hailed the Sons of Iraq experience as a triumph during seven difficult years of war.

What a great concept! Resettle these mercenaries here--they'll never turn back into the terrorists they were before we bought them away from al Qaeda!


anduril. read my comments. LUN


Sorry matt, I don't go to untrusted web sites. Post your comments here.


You know how sometimes when you try to post a link, a box comes up and asks you to type in a code before your comment can be accepted? The problem is, the box doesn't actually come "up," since it's mostly below the bottom of the screen, and very easy to miss. So if you don't notice it, and you refresh the screen, thinking you posted a comment, the box disappears and things look normal. Only the comment was never posted.

That's my theory for a lot of the lost posts.

 Ann  Mongrel


Typhuspad must be as biased as the MSM. Posts only fiction; cancels the truth or the ones we want to read. *wink*

 Ann  Mongrel

I wasn't referring to Matt or Extraneus. :)


Matt, I believe you said everything well. Whatever America had accomplished in Iraq was undone in America on election Day 2008.

daddy the wanna' be heretic

"Suddenly, unexpectedly - in an airplane. Wasn't he a former WWII pilot?"

This is a bit on Ted Stevens military flying career from this much longer ">http://alaskadispatch.com/culture/books/161-from-mr-alaska-to-uncle-ted-how-stevens-became-alaskas-most-influential-leader"> link on how he became so influential in Alaska:

"When he graduated from high school in 1942, Stevens enrolled as an engineering student at Oregon State College. But democracy's fight (in the guise of the draft) came calling, so he enlisted in the army air corps. By March 1943 he was attending a corps flight school in Montana. In 1944 the rookie aviator received his wings and was ordered to the China theater, where he piloted cargo planes, a contribution to America's victory for which he subsequently was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and a medal from the Nationalist Chinese government."

And sorry on my earlier error. The plane was not a DC-3 but was a DeHavilland DHC-3 Otter> probably something like ">http://www.airplanemart.com/aircraft-history-and-specification/photo/lg/DeHavilland-DHC-3-Turbine-Otter_C-GHAR-Harbour-Air-Turbo-Prop-Floatplane-Vancouver-Seaplane-Base.jpg"> this.

 Ann  Mongrel


I think you are on to something. Can't tell you how many times, I almost missed the code box.


We've been in Iraq as long almost as long as the Brits were the first time, a precipitous withdrawal, will yield the same results they got between '25 and '29, that Major Glubb was
a witness to

daddy the wanna' be heretic

"Perhaps his voters did NOT believe the carp being thrown at him."

I'm with you Frau on your comment above about voters opinions of Ted Stevens. I think an awful lot of voters up here still believed he was innocent, even tho' the trial was moved to DC to ensure he would get an impartial trial and verdict. Not.

I was at his campaign headquarters in Anchorage on Fireweed street about an hour after the verdict came down and the folks inside the building I talked to were stunned, clearly believing in his innocence, and especially because they were familiar with the amazing A-frame shack he was supposed to have somehow spent an extra $250,000 on. Two News media guys were outside the front door grinning like cheshire cats. Bull@#$t from the word go if you ask me.


Whatever America had accomplished in Iraq was undone in America on election Day 2008.

A myth is born. Ideology as a replacement for gaining information and thinking. Pathetic. Conservatives used to think for themselves.


Extraneous, you seem to be saying that the mystery of the missing posts is attributable to stupidity. Makes sense to me. My posts ALWAYS go through.


Al Ghuardian wanted to believe that 'the war was lost' and worked to make it so, they hired
correspondents like the Journolist's Tomasky, and even Julia Stiles to facilitate this


We've been in Iraq as long almost as long as the Brits were the first time, a precipitous withdrawal, will yield the same results they got between '25 and '29, that Major Glubb was a witness to

And a non-precipitous withdrawal will lead to the slow motion debacle we're seeing now. That's hardly an argument for staying in Iraq for another 7 years, wasting lives, money and time, degrading our military.

Danube of Thought

Hard to know why this disgraced fool chooses to call anything I said about leftist preening a "confession."

But I am in any event heartened to learn that disapproval of the dwarf Bloomberg's preening over the mosque cuts across all lines of race, age, gender, political persuasion and sexual preference.

Nemo me impune lacessit.

 Ann  Mongrel


Ted Stevens and Charlie Rangel both had 40 year careers serving in our government. The comparison today is shocking.

In his farewell speech, Ted Stevens said: "I look forward and I still see the day when I can remove the cloud that currently surrounds me." DOJ stopped that from ever happening prior to his death last night.

Ted Stevens was indicted on seven counts for accepting $250,000 in gifts. Eric Holder dropped the indictment because of misconduct by federal prosecutors and never followed up on his duty to report the misconduct.

For two years, Charlie Rangel has only been investigated by the ridiculous house ethics probe for gifts well over $250,000 (I would guess it is the millions) and charged with 13 counts. He refuses to resign.

It is sickening.




In one of my eaten posts I did an LUN. Now if I do not remember to delete the LUN each time, the message ghost posts--that is, appears to have posted, but isn't there when I refresh the page.


Now I'll try it with a different LUN


Ann - excellent comparison posts between Cholly and Ted!

I see, A*****l has squatted in for the evening and is as rude as ever, so I am saying niters all - time for TV.


Hard to imagine gaining infomation from watching leftists surrender to anyone who opposes the US.


Is this the case or do I misread things:

As foreign willingness to buy Americana debt has slackened, today’s scheme raids the balance sheet of Fannie Mae to take the proceeds from expiring mortgage-backed securities to reinvest them in long-term Treasury securities. Never mind that Fannie Mae is deep into the pockets of the American taxpayer to the tune of $148 billion.



HARTFORD, Conn. – Former wrestling executive Linda McMahon has fended off a late challenge from former Congressman Rob Simmons to win the Republican endorsement for Connecticut's U.S. Senate seat.
McMahon on Tuesday defeated both Simmons and Weston financial expert Peter Schiff in the GOP primary.
Simmons had led the race back when U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd was still planning to seek re-election. He suspended his campaign in May after losing the party's endorsement to McMahon, then restarted his efforts in recent weeks with TV ads reminding voters his name was still on the ballot.

Captain Hate

Hard to know why this disgraced fool chooses to call anything I said about leftist preening a "confession."

Using the word "preening" or any of its conjugations, either by McGurn or you, seems to get an agitated response. I'm not sure if this is a case of 'you catch the most flak when you're over the target' or not, but something's causing a reaction.



Claire McCaskill gave MO voters the finger today. Says the Prop C vote was "mainly a symbolic gesture" and that we'll really like Obamacare.



I've never donated to any political candidate.


Whoever runs against Clair McCaskill will have the distinction of being the first.


Is this an emerging pattern in GovNannyism or just an artifact of perception?

Let's say the public endorses some service or institution (call it Foo) for some minority, X, who for whatever reason are unable to take advantage of what the main public can use. Some GovNanny branch then asserts that the public by endorsing Foo for X has implicitly "agreed" that Foo is good enough for everybody and everybody is entitled to Foo ... and whatever the majority public had set up for themselves is unfair and should be done away with.

The two examples so far are private health care and traditional marriage. Any others?


the day one sets an exit date is the day one loses militarily. The enemy in Iraq is patient and diabolical, and the violence is ratcheting up.

The sectarian violence is disgusting. The Ministry of the Interior was facilitating the Shiite death squads, while the government was also starving the Sunnis of any funds to rebuild.

The Americans were the honest brokers (not some of the allies, by the way). Now we are left with the dishonest brokers. The Iranians will have a field day while the Al Q'aedas will do their best to re-ignite civil war and heighten the regional Sunni - Shiite conflict.

The goal is Jihad, but the subtext is the destruction of non Wahabbist sects.

sorry you don't access non trusted web sites, since mine is on that well known web of virii wordpress.


At Exchange Club meeting yesterday our speaker was the director of Blue Cross/Blue Shield locally called Asuris explaining Zerocare.
Basically it came down to "it's going to cost you a whole bunch more money".
I was sitting at a table with a woman who is president of a solid small local bank--that survived the depression. Was watching her closely 'cause I knew she had been a Zero supporter from the git-go. She didn't look very pleased with what we were hearing.
When the speaker mentioned the phrase "employers need to consult their tax attorneys and/or accountants" a couple of times one could have heard a pin drop in the room.
During a pause a gentleman about two tables over clearly said--well we know what we have to do in November.


Typepad ate a post I think - HotAir has a good primary open thread. Right now the tight race is the GOP GA governor primary. Deal is the Newt/Huck candidate and Handel is the Palin "mama grizzly." It is very close. Fulton County still remains - the voting for today has been largely counted, but apparently there are tons of early votes left to count from Fulton, according to commenters.



That is very interesting. How many Zero supporters thought that somehow this was going to be good for their small- and medium-sized businesses? Haha you chumps, Obama hates you most of all.


Around here the early or mail-in ballots are counted first. But now the the whole state for the most part are mail-in ballots.
King County--Seattle area--is the exception.


Luke Russert better watch out or he'll find himself blacklisted.

It's almost like he's trying to commit an act of journalism by not covering for Dems.

 Ann  Mongrel


Thanks for the HotAir link. I want Handel to win so badly. We need to send a strong message to Newt and Huckster. Early votes might be the key.

I heard Laura Ingraham gave a nudge to Newt today on the Glenn Beck radio show. WTF. Anybody hear her?

Melinda Romanoff

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that the US occupation of Germany, and Japan, is completely ignored, when it comes to the noise from the America First team. No sirree, no nation building there at all.

And it's only quantitative easing, Take Two, if the Fed expands its Balance Sheet from where it is now.

It did not. This is particularly important to point out.

However, the injection of funds the Fed attempted to drive into the markets has been completely stolen by Congress through their "stimulus" efforts.

In my opinion, the Fed stood pat, today, and changed the language that will measure the Fed for years to come, and yes, I'm talking years.

The hard part is going to be to convince politicians that the money they were spending is already gone. That $400B still-to-be-spent stimulus is going to show up with relentless paid trolls to discourage turnout, and smothering ad campaigns, like the John Harwood info-mercial running every day on CNBC.

The saturation will just be relentless, so that when you see that name, when it's time to vote, it will be a knee jerk reaction to respond to the most run ad.

This will be a Chicago-style election, and you will be saturated.


Porch--I own a little of this bank's stock--just for aggravation's sake mostly--plus they have wonderful stockholder meetings with fabulous wine:-)


glasater, I gotcha. But I hope their wine is not flowing freely and happily on November 3. Just sayin.' ;)

Ann, I hope she wins, too. I'm refreshing that thread about every 20 seconds!

Danube of Thought

the day one sets an exit date is the day one loses militarily

Or as a friend once said, "a man who says he is going to retire in two years is retired."

Melinda Romanoff


If they do that for their shareholders, slip me a bit of their data, I want to see if it's for show, or gratitude. I'll point out a ten-to-one ratio that will clear some of the fog.

And that's it for me, again, late in, early out.

And mind the Fed news, it's really just steady as she goes, with a new recipe.

(Oh, and the running consensus, still to be proven, is that the Fed has split from the WH, which will be fun to watch, if true.)

Rick Ballard


You don't have it quite right. The taxpayer is on the hook to Fannie Mae for $148 billion in order to keep it from defaulting on its bonds. The Fed printed up some nice new BenjieBucks (about $2.1 trillion or so) and bought Fannie Mae bonds. As mortgages are paid off, the bonds are paid off (roll off). Uncle Ben crossed his heart (actually, his fingers) and promised that when the bonds were paid off he would burn the BenjieBucks in order to prevent inflation. The "rising economy" would allow him to do so. Unfortunately, the economy can't quite make it out of bed so Uncle Ben is going to use the now not so new BenjieBucks to buy Turbo Timmy Treasury Trash. He promises to burn the BenjieBucks as soon as the economy finally does get out of bed (which will occur some time after the Hyde Park Hillbillys stop stinking up the WH).

The GSE balance sheets are no worse for the transaction. They're bankrupt wards of the state and they will continue to be so, having entered Zombieland as Govmort - half-brother to Govmo.

The Fed just took another tiny step toward hyperinflation. Don't worry - the very best Ivy League and Wall Street minds are all as one that this is the path to follow. They all have the very best of intentions and each deserves to have his or her name eternally engraved on a very high heat resistant paving stone.


According to Gateway Pundit, GE's CEO order NBC reporters not to report negatively about Obama.

"we bring good things to light" --right?

Melinda Romanoff


I disagree, to a point. The same amount of created cash will be in flow, as there was when they bought the MBS carp that still, magically, performed. Rather than burn that cash, which would be a capital flow removal, or tightening, event, they stood pat on the amount of dollars in flow, and will buy 2's to 10's, the hot collateral.

There will be inflation, but the credit issues have to come first.

And they haven't. The curve will be ironed flat, first, and we're a long way from that happening.

This will not be pretty, nor automatic.

And I have to go.



It is Baker-Boyer Bank and the president and her husband own a small winery called l'ecole. So yes the wine in on the house so to speak:-)

Porch-it appears Handel could have some problems even with the outstanding ballots. Sarah must have helped with the voters going to the polls but that doesn't help with the early ballots.


--The Fed just took another tiny step toward hyperinflation.--

About time. Somebody has to get my timber out of the basement. Might as well be Uncle Ben. Wish I owned a rice farm too.

--Sorry matt, I don't go to untrusted web sites.--

Gee I've been there without the slightest harm to my primitive windows and the brave little linux toaster's afraid of catching a nasty old bug?


Gasparino Confirms Jeff Immelt Scolded CNBC Staff For Being Anti-Obama


Mel n Rick;

The Fed's action today was the last "all in" of the the monetary policy that has lasted the past 50 years since Bretton Woods from what I can tell.

The demand for dollars may play out irrationally, but the fact is that we are now debasing the currency wholesale. The Fed has no more bullets, and the global markets know this, as does George Soros.

The last time Soros saw an opportunity like this, he just about killed the Pound Sterling and made billions. My guess is that it's now our turn unless the Chinese decide to protect their investment.

The Chinese government is now trying to ratchet down the RE bubble, and are also pushing investments in hard gold. The action in silver is getting a bit crazy as well. Rare earths have my interest, but these and everything else except what you can eat go poof too if demand collapses. None of this bodes well for poorly supported currencies.

The interesting note is the huge position the Chinese have in dollars and treasuries specifically, and what happens if they start taking a hit.Their bankers are exquisitely competent, but we may be looking at Wave #2 of the perfect storm. there may be few if any hiding places.

This may be what is driving the loons in DC as they may already know the writing is on the wall. there simply is no money left for the BS now. The UK is about to gut the MoD to finance their social welfare programs, which, once the winds of history start blowing, will be a death knell. We are not far behind.

Rocks and shoals ahead.

Rick Ballard


I agree with Mel that this was not the opening shot of QE2 but I believe that it's a full bore warm up with hard sweat flowing and I agree with you that we're on a lee shore with the sound of surf booming off the rocks and the lead line bringing up shells.

Thank god Captain Alfred E. Neuman has his hand steady on the putter.


According to Gateway Pundit, GE's CEO order NBC reporters not to report negatively about Obama.

Argh. My dad worked for GE for 40 years, the last twenty under Welch. Back then, management policy wrt NBC was "hands off," for better or for worse. Things have certainly changed. Immelt is such a putz.


Yeah, it looks like Handel probably won't pull it off. Still, that's a pretty thin margin for Deal - you gotta figure the Palin endorsement brought Handel much closer than she would have been otherwise.


--Thank god Captain Alfred E. Neuman has his hand steady on the putter.--

I'm saving that one for future use, Rick.
Is there a royalty involved?

 Ann  Mongrel

Yo, namesake Kim, where are you?

Gore concedes on climate this year

Should I trust the foreign press or my anti-American press?

 Ann  Mongrel

Here is the Ingraham and Glenn Beck Audio I questioned before: Time Mark 7:50 for Newt

Not as bad as I reported. But, at 6:35 they both agree that Palin will not go for it in 2012.

I know a lot of you don't think Palin has the degree, pedigree, or the comfortable elitist language to get her nominated but what is your answer? Newt, Pawlenty, Mitt, Huckabee?

I say we go with the one person they are afraid of... a white, conservative, religious ( we are a christian nation), feminist that has a normal family, and loves America. What is wrong about that?

Depressing day, all around. Niters.

Frau Steingehirn

Chakra one up for the deniers, Albert.


“…Medicare is a tax for a service provided by the government…”

G-d forbid Medicare will be provided by the government, as it is in GB. So far, Medicare is PAID by the government, and provided by private and public entities not on government payroll.

BTW, Daddy, as a quiz, where the picture of aircraft you linked was taken?


LUN our sickening State Dept.-
"State Department officials on Monday confirmed Feisal Abdul Rauf, the Imam of the so-called Ground Zero Mosque, will soon be going on a trip of the Middle East and the U.S. government will be picking up the tab."

I don't even have the words....
(Glasater showed me the link)


Krauthammer on the aid workers killed in Afghanistan - LUN

"These [aid workers] were admirable, generous, humane people. They were killed because of their religion. We tend to overlook the fact that this, from the enemy’s perspective, is a war about religion. It’s not about Iraq or imperialism, it’s not about Palestine. It’s about the most extreme, nihilistic religious fanaticism which will destroy or kill anything it is able to."

Our State Dept & their buddy Imam Rauf were unavailable for comment.


A good post by AJ Srata on Obama feeling sorry for himself.

To this day, the MFM hasn't looked into Obama's sketchy background.


Here is a State Dept. "blast from the past" in Sept. 2009. LUN

"The Obama administration has notified Congress of the State Department’s intention to contribute $400,000 to foundations run by Muammar Qaddafi’s two children — $200,000 each for daughter Aisha and son Saif. Saif, you may recall, is the son who escorted the Lockerbie terrorist Abdel Baset al-Megrahi home to a hero’s welcome in Libya after President Obama sternly “warned“ Qaddafi that there was to be no hero’s welcome."


Title explains it mostly.
My family, my sister and mother especially, tend to do this.

Acai Optimum


At the time Andy McCarthy writes - "Just 40 months to go. God help us"



Well Laura's little tome, is a pale knockoff of what bgates and jim ryan, and hit come up with on a daily basis, they think Alinsky will
not toll for their favored candidate, well I assure you it does. Have they not been paying
attention, to the movement she has put into motion, well ask another rhetorical question.

But the results last night, the 'reality show' with the 'Jackwagon,' trying to diminish
her record, all that grates this morning.

Melinda Romanoff


I am worried about the full bore theft of elections that will be coming, as they panic.


I am worried about the full bore theft of elections that will be coming, as they panic.

I'm not as worried about the theft, as about the indifference to it. That's how we got Clair McCaskill. Now Gov, then Att Gen Nixon simply didn't look into all the allegations of voting improprieties. There were some precincts in St. Louis at 110% turnout.


Janet, IMO State Dept has made their message loud and clear. From your LUN:

He is a distinguished Muslim cleric,” said State Department Spokesman P.J. Crowley. “We do have a program whereby, through our Educational and Cultural Affairs Bureau here at the State Department, we send people from Muslim communities here in this country around the world to help people overseas understand our society and the role of religion within our society.”

Since the Muslim religion requires a complete role in every part of a society, including political; the message presented by the Muslims from this country is clear.
It is the same message as put out by Muslims everywhere. The only difference in their message is the degree to which they can control the population of each country.

These Muslims from America aren't reporting how wonderful America is. They are reporting how wonderful America would be if the Muslims controlled every thing, IMO. Amazingly, our State Dept sees nothing wrong in them delivering that message using our tax dollars.


crowley is dim even by the standards of former CAP alumni, in the administration, but even when he was in Clinton's employ at the Pentagon, he was clueless. Then again having read Kaplan's Arabists almost twenty years aogo, that's where I first became acquainted
with Freeman and the late Ambassador Horan, it doesn't strike me as terribly surprise, in Britain they call the clique of ex Foreign
Office drones, the Camel Club


This is the kind of sophistry, that 'our betters' practice re Islamic fundamentalism,
warning it comes from Molotov monthly, in the LUN

Captain Hate

My WSJ subscription will increase in value starting tomorrow as Thomas Frank announces he will no longer pollute the pages on a weekly basis in the LUN. As I've stated before, he was just as delusional as Alexander Cockburn but didn't write in nearly as entertaining a style; in that regard he was just as boringly witless as the decrepit Al Hunt. He states that he's only been writing a weekly column since the summer of '08; funny that it seems much excrutiatingly longer than that. As you can tell in his swan song, he hasn't learned a fucking thing in the past 2 years. I'm kind of intrigued about who the new token lefty nutjob will be; I'm pretty sure Bathtub Boy will need a new gig shortly but I'm sure his writing skills are as lacking as everything else in his pathetic life.

I wish Murdoch would also flush that turd Rove also, although I'm sure I'm pretty much alone here in that opinion...


Beware the “Bearish Rising Wedge”

My own private islando.

Hi Kim Mongrel; it's darkest before dawn and still the chakras chatter and crab.


I know a lot of you don't think Palin has the degree, pedigree, or the comfortable elitist language to get her nominated but what is your answer? Newt, Pawlenty, Mitt, Huckabee?

Christie. For now.

How crazy is that?

What's the matter with Thomas Frank? Why, Kansans vote their values, that's what.


I hear you Captain about Tiny Tim, one almost wishes that the likes of Al Hunt would fill the slot, well not really, but close enough. Britt could probably phone in the column there, if he wanted to, he is what Jennings
only pretended to be.


LUN Biometric vending machines.
"...allow a user to tie a credit card to their thumbprint" and "There are other innovations that are being tested outside of the United States, including machines that use retinal scans to identify and charge consumers for their purchases"

For any Bible readers out there...Mark of the Beast????

Revelation 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
Revelation 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
Revelation 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. (666)


Well true Kim, then there's no explanation fo Cutluthu spawn Sibelius is there


I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that the US occupation of Germany, and Japan, is completely ignored, when it comes to the noise from the America First team. No sirree, no nation building there at all.

A totally dumbass comment. It should take about 5 seconds reflection to realize the differences between the occupation of Iraq and the occupations of Germany and Japan.

Rob Crawford

No, Janet. Revelations is about the politics of the early Byzantine Empire. It's not prophecy.

Rob Crawford

It should take about 5 seconds reflection to realize the differences between the occupation of Iraq and the occupations of Germany and Japan.

And yet Mr. Prolix can't be bothered to give them.

FOAD, a*****l

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