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August 21, 2010



I'm glad she did this but he's still stuck on stupid. She says 9/11 was caused by men who "called themselves Moslem"--They WERE Moslem,dummy!


Well we see why our public diplomacy effort in the middle east, never went anywhere, apparently you can't mention Wahhabism, Salafism or related concepts


Ok, I know it is way too early to go off topic like this, but you have to read this to believe it:

http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/244390/judge-somali-pirates-who-fired-u-s-navy-are-not-really-pirates-andy-mccarthy>Judge: Somali Pirates Who Fired on U.S. Navy Are Not Really Pirates

Next time just try them aboard the ship that captures them, hang 'em, and be done with it.


Hmmmm... for some reason the link did not take:

http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/244390/judge-somali-pirates-who-fired-u-s-navy-are-not-really-pirates-andy-mccarthy>Judge: Somali Pirates Who Fired on U.S. Navy Are Not Really Pirates

Jack is Back!

Bush? You mean the ex-CINC? That guy? I guess the Obama-adorators didn't see the movie.

Carol Herman

Ya know, it's much more interesting that a license to pray inside, has been granted to the "boarded up" Burlington Coat Factory building. So, that today two rooms were filled with assorted players.

Now, how did they know? Was it possible muslem men were in the neighbrohood, buying smut (and dildos), at the local porn-emporiums; when they kept passing these empty buildings? Somebody thought up the idea of "going for the license" to open. In an otherwise rundown neighborhood. And, you bet! Cash will be flowing in now from around the world.

Politicians, aren't exactly clueless. They run the agencies that give out licenses. And, you can probably fill these forms out in any number of languages.

Can't open a beer joint, though. Who'd want to have a restaurant at that location, anyway? Of course, getting a CAB into this location? 5 times a day. No longer difficult.


Dogs and cats living together is nothing more than a clear reference to the miscegination of Obama's parents and is hatefully racist. Moreover, you will cause even more mideval prophet types to want to blow up cities you've never been in.


Sharif Don't Like It. Once again, I can't post to the Clash doing Rock the Casbah, but it is still amusing. "By order of the prophet . . ."


From Tom's linked article:

I stood in the Oval Office just two days after those horrific attacks as President George W. Bush spoke by telephone with New York Gov. George Pataki and New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. [snip] "Our nation must be mindful that there are thousands of Arab Americans who live in New York City, who love their flag just as much as the three of us do, and we must be mindful that as we seek to win the war that we treat Arab Americans and Muslims with the respect they deserve," the president said.

Seriously? I know she does PR for a living. But she really kills her credibility if she expects me to believe that Bush II ever said "Our nation must be mindful that..." in an unscripted private conversation. Twice. Especially on 9/13. The guy had his great points, but vocabulary, grammar, and overall sentence structure were not among them.

Danube of Thought

Perhaps this will help us all come together.

Comanche Voter

When Mo Do writes that "it's time for Bush to weigh in on the subject" a couple of thoughts come to mind. The first is that Dubya is perfectly entitled to tell Mo Do to go commit an unnatural act on herself. The second is who gives a pile of monkey poo what Mo Do thinks? I could go on from there, but I've sorta established the parameters.




Rock the Casbah



At least she actually said " Muslim". DOD released their report on Ft. Hood and called the terrorist action "workplace violence".

Frau Steingehirn

How about a warning, JiB? That was seven minutes of crying while smiling.

Whoever said the black holes of the WTC will still be around after the Victory Mosque is built named the real shame of our country.

Tim K.

President Bush to the American Public:

Do you miss me yet?




she really kills her credibility if she expects me to believe that Bush II ever said "Our nation must be mindful that..." in an unscripted private conversation

How did Bush sound in his unscripted private conversations with you, Walter?

Captain Hate

she really kills her credibility if she expects me to believe that Bush II ever said "Our nation must be mindful that..." in an unscripted private conversation. Twice. Especially on 9/13. The guy had his great points, but vocabulary, grammar, and overall sentence structure were not among them.

Just because it's unscripted doesn't mean that he didn't rehearse the points that he wanted to get across. And what you quoted doesn't sound particularly erudite to me; in fact repeating the "We must be mindful" could be considered a negative quality in a scripted speech.

Frau Steingehirn

You're my favorite, bgates! (Of course, I heart Dubya and Capt.Hate a lot, too.)

Captain Hate

Frau, I don't mind playing second fiddle to bgates, particularly if I'm there with GWB.

Thomas Collins


So Jane, what do you think about this Stopa guy? See LUN.


Good point Walter.

And, TM, "libs can return to their regularly-scheduled Bush-bashing." What about conservatives? Can we all heave a big sigh of relief that Bush didn't say something typically stupid about the "religion of peace?" Not that it wouldn't have been excused here.


((How did Bush sound in his unscripted private conversations with you, Walter?))

oh my land that was a good funny...lolololol


Yes, and GWB's ROP pussy-footing around was the biggest mistake of his presidency.

We may yet get WW3 out of all of this nonsenses. Hundreds f millions could yet die. The West could be pushed aside.

Really, what do people think, that American;s were going to start hanging Muslims from lamp-posts? Frankly W was being a tab condescending here, though no doubt his comments were more a sop to the Marxists, or at least an attempt to forestall them (and good luck with that one).

Nonetheless, Bush was not pushing some sort of Muslim victimolgy or some sort of American version of the tranzi's Islamization of the EU.

It has been conflict for centuries. Islam will not "integrate" with the West. Either they cease to be Muslims or the West ceases to be the West.

Melting pot? Crucible is more like it.


Well I don't imagine Bush would have put it that way, either, but the fact that they keep making this same stupid point in order to keep the rubes from getting too pissed off at Muslims is really starting to piss me off.

Terry Gain

I'm glad she did this but he's still stuck on stupid. She says 9/11 was caused by men who "called themselves Moslem"--They WERE Moslem,dummy!Posted by: Clarice | August 21, 2010 at 02:16 PM

Not just Moslems, but faithful to the Koran.

It is very hard to fight this enemy if we can't name them. Harder yet, if we can't name them without inflaming the Muslim world. But the Bush administration was rhetorically pathetic with their ROP nonsense. The longer we put off having a frank conversation with Muslims, the worse it's going to be.

Unfortunately I think the choice is Islamophobia (not in the technical sense) or self-delusion about Islam.


I still say the simple solution to this is to let them have the mosque, even help them build it, as long as they agree to have 24/7 webcams inside. There aren't any secrets in religion, right? They should have all the prayer sessions they want. Let's see how they do it. Maybe Imam Faisal will convert some viewers with his messages of peace; spare the rod, spoil the wives, etc.

They shouldn't have any objection to this. The ladies are covered up at the pool, and maybe we'll see some great basketball games, too. Let the sun shine on all 15 floors. That's always the best thing when people are suspicious of each other.


Take a gander at the NYC zoning handbook. All we are saying, is give peace a chance:

(b) City Planning Commission

The City Planning Commission must approve the location of certain uses which would generate heavy traffic or raise other planning issues within the surrounding area. For example, the City Planning Commission may permit.

Transfer of unused air rights from zoning lots containing landmark sites to adjacent properties;

Modification of bulk distribution requirements for commercial development extending into more than one block;

Floor area bonuses for certain public amenities.
The City Planning Commission must make certain that the particular facility will fit properly into the neighborhood. It may also impose appropriate safeguards to protect the neighborhood. A special permit can be granted by the Commission only after public notice and hearing.

Special permits may be given for a limited term of years, and may be extended for additional periods. An application for a special permit must include a site plan and such other information as may be required by the City Planning Commission. The Commission may grant the special permit, subject to appropriate conditions, only after referral to other appropriate city agencies for written comments and after a required public hearing. A special permit may be granted only if the Commission can make the general and specific findings set forth in the Zoning Resolution. Approvals by the Commission of special permits are subject to the City Council review in cases where the community board disapproves and the Borough President twice recommends disapproval, or where the City Council itself votes to consider the matter.



Reading upbeat articles about the curious indigenous customs of authentic ethic brown people and their authentic, mysterious, exotic religious beliefs makes New York Times readers feel good about themselves in an abstract way, unlike those upsetting articles about terrifying armies of white American Jesus terrorists.

It's good to know that the reason we're talking about this is "Obama's near-addiction to the teachable moment".


Here is the video again from Ms. Underestimated.
How dare a group of Muslims even ask to build a mosque anywhere near Ground Zero.
The answer should have been 'hell no'. It could easily have been stopped with a historic or landmark designation....cities do that all the time. It is an easy non-specific reason to stop any building.
Every New Yorker on those committees that voted okay for this mosque should be replaced.


From the article linked to by Extraneous' link:

Ramadan, in some ways, seems perfectly designed for teenagers’ summer sleeping habits. Since the fast began, both Jay and his friend from the court, Sandin Hoxha, who is also 14, have stayed up until the early hours of the morning so they could sleep through many of the hours of want. Jay is still awake when his family rises to eat before sunrise. He plays video games and watches “Three’s Company” reruns until about 6 a.m., then sleeps until 3 p.m., by which time the evening break-fast banquet is in sight.

Even when it is not Ramadan, many teenagers here would not emerge from their homes until the late afternoon, anyway. At that time the young men congregate at the park and the young women walk up and down Fresh Pond Road, some in shorts, some in long sleeves and jeans, in deference to the holiday or year-round family policy about Muslim modesty.

No contradiction there. Avoid temptation posed by lack of modesty by staying indoors and watching reruns of a T & A show.


My teeth are still clenched over that, Janet.

So Jane, what do you think about this Stopa guy? See LUN.

I like what I read. I think he has a primary challenger tho. I just hope he raises McGovern's ties with the FALn terrorists.


OT, what does this all mean from DownUnder, in the LUN


For Captain Hate, only. (Don't want to risk offending anyone's sensibilities, and I'm not worried about his.)


End of an era

If you clicked the link, just try to tell me that goofy whistling isn't going through your head now.


"As an American who is Jewish by faith, I’ve never been offended by crosses. It’s actually to the contrary. This is a Christian country, and I’m glad. As long as it remains so, I’m pretty sure I’ll be free to practice my religion. I view attacks on crosses and Christians in America as an attack on me and my Jewish religious observances.

"That’s why it offends me when I read about court rulings like the one handed down by the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, this week, claiming that 14 crosses erected along Utah roads to commemorate fallen state Utah Highway Patrol troopers are “unconstitutional.” Read the full opinion here. (For the record, the three judges who issued the opinion were all appointed by Republicans–Harris L. Hartz is a George W. Bush Judge, and David M. Ebel and Deanell Reece Tacha are Ronald Reagan appointed judges. Tacha was on the George W. Bush short list for a Supreme Court nomination.)

"The late troopers were all Christian (11 of them Mormon, and the LDS doesn’t use a cross, so this isn’t about the symbol), and the crosses were paid for with PRIVATE money. Putting crosses on highways and at road sites where someone was killed, particularly in a vehicular accident, is a common, touching practice in America . . . for now. And there is nothing wrong with it. Yet, the court, on Wednesday, claimed that the crosses convey a “state preference” for Chrisianity. Absurd. PUH-LEEZE."

Captain Hate

No way that offends my sensitivities but given the write-up at AoS I was expecting something by Girl Talk. Speaking of music, I'm down to the last mix burn to put together for our buddy Soylent and I'm torn between one of Western Swing (featuring almost exclusively Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys' Tiffany Transcripts but also a Big Sandy and the Fly-Rite Boys thrown in) or Girl Talk's "Feed the Animals". Any suggestions either way (and this just concerns this shipment of mixes to go out Monday; I can send the other subsequently) particularly if the prospective recipient weighs in, before tomorrow night will guide my choice.


I know that PD. as a big space and astronomy buff, that caught me by surprise this morning

Congratulation, JM, for your daughter's wedding btw


"Oooo, oooo, ooooooo!"


Johnny Gimble - Right or Wrong

Johnny Gimble - Fiddlin' Around

Chet Atkins & Suzy Bogguss - After You've Gone

Elana James - Texas Swing at the Persian Terrace

George Strait - Ace In The Hole

George Strait - Amarillo By Morning

Asleep At The Wheel - Way Down Texas Way

Frau Steingehirn

Is that JMH's daughter, you mention, narciso? Congratulations, indeed, to the happy couple and (tired?) parents.

Immer wie heute, glueckliche Leute." May the couple be as happy always as they are today.


Here is a great older video of 3 converted Muslims talking about Muslims in America. One is Walid Shoebat. I don't know what we are gonna do if we cannot truthfully talk about the teachings of Islam.


Kenya says Zeituni Amnesty based on lies.

"Many of President Obama’s relatives live peacefully in Kenya, including his grandmother, who is a celebrity here."

So I guess we were lied to. Old Aunt Zeituni wouldn't have been persecuted in Kenya.
Our nation is broken.

daddy the wanna' be heretic

Well, that explains it.

So thats why you guys up in Massachusetts keep electing the Kennedy's and the Kerry's and the Barney Franks---there actually is something in the water.

Headline from Drudge: ">http://www.bostonherald.com/track/inside_track/view/20100820will_bacteria_count_beach_barack_obama/srvc=home&position=2"> NO SWIMMING: Martha's Vineyard waters contaminated with fecal bacteria...


daddy, what about this Mead Treadwell character for Lt. Governor you have up there,
that's kind of a Hobson's choice between him,
An AGW supporter, Ramras, and Burke, pick your

daddy the wanna' be heretic


I pulled the lever for Treadwell. Burke is basically a freak show with zero chance and not very bright, and a sexual assault charge in his background to boot.

Ramras I can't support because of his miserable performance on a candidate interview on Talk Radio. Was afraid to answer straightforward, easy questions the other guy had no problem answering. Struck me as simply another backbone lacking squish politician, and more of the same sort that we're trying to clean out of government.

Pretty much that left Treadwell. He decently answered AGW charges on Fagan's show, at least enough to show me he's better than the other 2. I liked that when his wife died he raised 3 young kids all by himself (He jokes that they did a good job raising him), and all 3 of them (now teens) have been on air in his commercials and all speak decently and come across as decent kids. So thats how I unenthusiastically decided amongst those 3.


try some Blasters/Dave Alvin and Dwight Yoakam in that mix, Captain. Some Louis Jordan is not too far astray and Asleep at the Wheel are a natural. Willie has a few songs that rock that way. "Blue Skies" is a favorite and very appropriate to Soylent's current status.


Good one bg! I still think the phrase belonged to Ms. Hughes, but I like the reminder that she's not the only one who falls victim to pomposity.

JM Hanes

Thanks narciso and Frau! We're almost there -- they walk down the aisle next Saturday -- when we'll all be happier. The logistics of a "simple wedding" in the mountains are not exactly simple! In the meantime, I've been having the most entertaining email exchanges with the groom's father, while his mother and I spent a weekend getting to know each other on her home turf. She's one of the few people I know who think wandering around an historic landscaped cemetery is all kinds of fun!

My working mantra is: If it's not done by Thursday, it ain't gettin' done, because at some point you've got to just take a deep breath and start enjoying yourself, don't you? Of course, I've made a lot of New Year's resolutions in my life, too.

daddy the wanna' be heretic


This just up. Bill Allen, the guy who lied thru his teeth to convict Ted Stevens, and who wore a wire for the corrupt FBI trying to incriminate Stevens, has just had ">http://www.adn.com/2010/08/20/1418211/feds-wont-prosecute-allen-on-sex.html"> charges against him dropped for multiple counts of sexual child abuse.

Apparently there is no forthcoming good explanation from the DOJ of why the charges were dropped, so Lisa Murkowski has just sent off a letter to Eric Holder questioning ">http://www.adn.com/2010/08/21/1419169/murkowski-questions-bill-allen.html"> why Allen is not being prosecuted.

I'm with Lisa on this one. Why the heck is the guy who's dead center of the greatest fraudulent prosecution this State ever saw, getting a pass from the Department of Justice? To this non-Lawyer it doesn't make sense.


I would say unbelievable, daddy, but there is no such criteria under these circumstances, these b@#$@%%*, drove Stevens out of the Senate on manufactured evidence from an 'untrustworthy' witness

Frau Steingehirn

daddy, that criminal will be out soon and able to stalk other young women. Dirty old men seem to gravitate to the Democrats. One even became President. (Shame on Billy Graham for excusing Bent Willie and blaming the women who were attracted to his virility! It was just too much to withstand.

daddy the wanna' be heretic

It is sickening isn't it Narciso and Frau.

Hope our legal guys take a look at it. Perhaps there's something I'm missing and they can explain it better. I do recall reading something discussing how Allen's active participation with the FBI Teams sting of Stevens was supposedly earning him browny points with the FBI to lessen his culpability for this Sexual Child Abuse charge. I sure hope this isn't part of that or part of shielding the Stevens FBI hit squad from having their names dragged out again and light being finally thrown on all that.

This just seems to me to be very convenient for all the bad guys in the Stevens miscarriage of justice and I think it stinks.


Amazing, daddy.

JMH because my father was too ill to travel and because the kids wanted(a) my parents to be at the wedding, and (b) receptions on both coasts afterwards for their other family members and friends, I rented a yacht near my parents home, transported all the immediate family, cake,flowers rabbi, wedding canopy materials photog to it, constructed the canopy the night before with the help of a weld from one of the staff who also prepared lovely lunch for all. It was very soon after 9/11 and planes were still being regularly delayed making it unclear whether our few invited guests and the kids, the bride's mother and brother could make it..i was a nervous wreck and look like the charwoman although everything went off swimmingly..it wasn't until the last of the three events--the reception in Malibu where I had very little responsibility that I was relaxed enough to look human again--but i wouldn't trade a bit of it.

Your Thur rule sounds nice...heh

 Ann  Mongrel

She's one of the few people I know who think wandering around an historic landscaped cemetery is all kinds of fun!

I love to it, too! Especially, old and spooky ones.

Nice to see you JMH.

You are blessed if you like the groom and both of his parents. :)

daddy the wanna' be heretic

irony 1 |ˈīrənē; ˈiərnē|
noun ( pl. -nies)

• a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.

Last week the Prez goes down to the horribly polluted Gulf and swims in the petroleum dirtied waters of the worlds biggest Oil spill.

Then he goes to Martha's Vinyard for vacation, but can't go swimming because the water is full of poop:)

Maybe all those Lib's up at MV are finally taking Cheryl Crowe's advice, forgoing the toilet paper, and saving ol' GAIA one dump at a time. ">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PmMFaVzbzc"> Remember this?


It's like than Alanis Morissette song, which is more observational than strickly ironic,
and as annoying as Bobby McFerrin

Antnee's got a thread.

Keep Looking Up.

Sure thin' Safari.

Wow, a cook who welds. Nice. Martin Johnson got a berth on the Snark with Jack London claiming he was a cook. When Jack and the rest of the crew figured out he couldn't cook, he told them that was the position advertised for and he wanted to go. He ended up taking the photographs and handling the cameras. This was well before he met Osa. He met her touring with the pictures from the voyage.


It's no surprise when stupidity results in unwitting candor. Like when squaredance says: ``Either they cease to be Muslims or the West ceases to be the West.''

At least squaredance, in his ignorance and/or denial of centuries of history, arrives at the logical conclusion of the Campaign of Hate against Muslims.
Most others here are smart enough to avoid drawing logical conclusions about their definitions of Islam and too dishonest to acknowledge that their narrow, wildly inaccurate interpretations of the Koran are a prescription for endless war.
The idea that containing terrorism requires eliminating Islam as a faith is indeed at odds with history and common sense. More important, it's diametrically oppose to U.S. purported motives in invading and occupying Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is a sad irony indeed that the views of the anti-Muslim bigots conform so consistently with the anti-American view of our role in the Middle East.

Bin Laden and his supporters, and indeed many neutral parties, claim -- against virtually all evidence -- that the U.S. aims to destroy Islam and is invading its countries with that goal in mind. The only evidence to support that view are the sad, ignorant, bigoted fantasies of Americans like squaredance and, indeed, of those who support his genocidal agenda, but are smart enough not to admit it in public.

daddy the wanna' be heretic


Wonder if ">http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/08/21/1786354/congressional-candidate-robbed.html"> this candidate is now going to start incorporating Law and Order rhetoric in her campaign.


I see the Utah BS story about the memorial for the troopers was brought up.

Boy, What does that badge represent?

Who to sue now?

Ralph L

Let the sun shine on all 15 floors.
Someone needs to keep an eye on the boys' locker room.


Interesting article over at American Thinker about Jim Wallis...the go-to "Christian" for opinions in the MSM. His organization is Soros funded.
Once these guys cease to believe the Bible, and no longer believe that Jesus is the Christ...then it's time to quit referring to them as Christian. Jim Wallis is a Wallisian - he has picked items from the smorgasbord of religion/spirituality that suit his personal beliefs. Like Rev. Wright too. These men & their beliefs are political. They mention the name of Jesus, and sprinkle their speeches with religious jargon, but they are all about politics. Their hope is not in Almighty God, but in some uber-controlling, elite led government entity that will create utopia here on earth.

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OT (and not about acai berries)- I meant to link this WaPo Style section article yesterday.
Is Boycott Arizona a winning message? History suggests that the odds are favorable.

It reads like a paid advert for boycotting Arizona. I guess we all have to obey Rage Against the Machine, Shakira, Kanye West, and Lady Gaga....they are big experts on..um...well, something. They sing and wear weird clothes anyway, so just obey them.


Hey, I was only kidding about that 7:01 being for CH only. Just a really catchy song with some profanity.


a comment from the article -

"Three cheers for Arizona! Boycott the WAPO!"


Here is a bit of news on Shirley Sherrod (from the AP & in the WaPo politics digest blips)

"Sherrod spoke Saturday in Alabama at an event hosted by the Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund. The nonprofit group helps family farms in the South, especially black-owned farms."


"...especially black-owned farms."

Yeah, no racism there. Move along...


It's no surprise when stupidity results in unwitting candor. Like when squaredance says: ``Either they cease to be Muslims or the West ceases to be the West.''

At least squaredance, in his ignorance and/or denial of centuries of history, arrives at the logical conclusion of the Campaign of Hate against Muslims.

Plenty of Muslims say the same thing about the West, indeed about any non-Muslim culture.

Perhaps they are not real Muslims in your view.


Oh I really wish we could go to the next page...

Jack is Back!

Boy, I can't wait for the obligatory Sunday Paul Krugman takedown by TM today. He has set himself up in a hair-trigger dunk tank where verbal marshmallows will make him look like Rocky Marciano used him for sparring practice.

But in case you can't wait - Social Security is safe and sound and making boocoo billions and billions waiting for the next generation of producers, moochers, and grabbers to start spending it wildly as the great stimulus it was mean't to be by Mr. Ponzi, its architect.


Clarice's Pieces today is once again superb!


Great job, again, Clarice, I think Sargeant is just waiting to provide new material for you, meanwhile, 'back at the ranch' Ebert
'bless his heart,' tees up for an audition, in the LUN


The WaPo also has an article today in the Metro section about there not being enough funding for Muslim clerics in the Virginia prison system! LUN
Remember when they wrote an article on not enough funding for Christian or Jewish ministry?...yeah, I don't remember either.

The only negative foreign aide article I've read was on churches doing mission trips.
High school kids go to Cuba & it is rah! rah! Send $ to Arafat & his cronies is a good investment. Have our State Dept. fund an Imans travels...no problem. But high schoolers going on short term mission trips to paint schools & work in orphanages is a big waste of $.


Thanks, Jane, and Daddy, thanks for your comment there. I meant to include the Salmon AK jihadis (even your proposed dialogue between them) but I couldn't easily weave it in.


Ah yes, "the Alaskan Jihadi groundhog day", as Dave Barry would say a great name for a band, was a classic worthy of bgates


One of the comments at Clarice's Pieces points out - "Park 51, hmmmmm. Park spelled backwards is kr__? And now Ca-ca is floating around the president's vacation site?"

Captain Hate

Fat Egbert isn't even a good film critic any more; when Gene Siskel died so did the brains and talent of that team.


Janet, I loved that comment from amerigal1 at Clarice's Pieces, too.

Clarice's column is great - per usual - and humorously done. The commenters seem to appreciate that.

From now on we should all refer to the GZM as kraP51.


daddy, I forwarded your post on Allen to AT late last night because I was too tired to blog it and they have run it. I think (pure supposition) DoJ dropped it because it was so interwoven in with the Stevens case and the skullduggery there.Surely DoJ didn't do anything because this was something to hang over allen's head to force him to testify the way they wanted but the same investigators and atyts who forced the dept to overturn the conviction may well have been involved in a way which doomed any case against him.


and related to my 5:57 post on Jim Wallis -
A commenter pointed out that another go-to "Christian", Richard Cizik, that is popular with the MSM is now a fellow for the Soros Open Society Institute. Cizik was big on pushing AGW.


At the coffee shop this morning, a guy came in wearing a t-shirt that said, "LIVE SIMPLY" with a graphic showing tire treads morphing into hiking boot footprints. The idea being, I suppose, that we should walk rather than drive.

And how did he arrive at the coffee shop? In his car.


Speaking of bridges, I can see how both Karen Hughes and Clarice have points.

Clarice says the attackers were Muslims, and no doubt they believed they were. Karen carves a place out of Islam for moderate Muslims, but, so far, too few have attempted to reclaim Islam from the zealots.

So, stand up, modern Muslims, to clarify for us whether Clarice or Karen will become the more correct.


sbw, the trouble is that each group will claim the other is illegitimate.

Captain Hate

Juan Williams is being a bigger fool than usual on FNS. And whoever thought that Blago going on the show and answering questions from Chris Wallace is a complete idiot.

I'm still not sure what the right reading of his trial is. He seems dirty as hell yet surely he was just the tip of the iceberg. On the other hand Fitz embodies everything that's wrong with how the pursuit of justice has come to be practiced. Can we just send them all to the chair?


I have a question, that has been bugging me for quite awhile now.

As you all know I live in the central valley of California. For several years I worked with a young hydrologist from Pakistan - sent to this country by his family for education, got his phd, went back home married a Pakistani girl, brought her here and started a family. They were practicing Muslims and found only 2 Mosques within decent traveling distances. One of which is located in the city - Fresno - where I now live. The fact that there is a Mosque here and has been for many years, would indicate at least a modest Muslim population.

Prior to the events of 9/11 I wouldn't have been able to pick out a Muslim on the street if my life depended on it. We have a huge Indian population and you can often pick them out if they are Sikhs and wear turbans (the men) and many Indian women still favor their beautiful saris. Lots of Mexicans everywhere. So "olive" skin is just everywhere.

However, only in about the last 3 or 4 years have I noticed an increase of women wearing the hijab. They are all "youngish" - from teens to thirty-somethings. Why only recently? One would think the "kosher" Muslim women would have been wearing the hijab all along, would they not?

I am beginning to wonder if those doing so now are doing it for "religious" reasons or more for making a statement.

Anybody noticed this phenomenon in areas where they live?

JM Hanes


"their narrow, wildly inaccurate interpretations of the Koran"

Without endorsing squaredance's world view, I have to ask how, precisely, you purport to know the difference between accurate and inaccurate interpretations? Especially when even Muslims disagree about the fundamentals of Islam. Your own Koranic credentials are doubtless no better than anyone else's here.

You specialize in arguing from lack of evidence, yourself, of course. You think conservatives are all Timothy McVeigh wannabes who should be interned in camps by Homeland Security, but you're just smart enough not to admit it in public. You fantasize about humiliating ways to punish conservatives for their heinous thought crimes, you're just smart enough to pretend you only want them to look in the mirror. You think it's a shame the Feds can't just disappear them Argentine style, but you're too dishonest to admit you think only liberals deserve Constitutional protections. If you weren't such a hypocrite, you'd admit that your sweeping generalizations about conservatives represent precisely the kind of thinking you decry ad infinitum. This is really fun!

I don't dispute the existence of anti-muslim factions, but I'd be fascinated to hear you argue that Sharia is compatible with western legal canons.


Clarice, fantastic piece. Well played. It seems our President gets himself in the worst trouble when he thinks he has things locked up. His presser saying that he was in charge of the oil spill when he thought erroneously they had the top kill all set to go, and a dinner surrounded by his fawning Moslems. Reminds me of the Robert Hunter lyric: "When life looks like East Street, there is danger at your door."

Captain Hate

cc, I think what you're noticing is not dissimilar to young people being a significant part of evangelical Christianity. They've being taught all sorts of relativism garbage in schools and popular culture, like terrorists are comparable to Revolutionary war participants, when what they're looking for are simple boundaries between right and wrong. When they're not getting them they will seek them out in whatever setting they feel is a welcoming one.

Also what you previously observed was the behavior of people who wanted to assimilate because they believed in the principles of the country and how they were practiced.

Captain Hate

being == been


Clarice, well done.


Check these pics out, cc. They compare women at Cairo University, Egypt, between the years 1959, 1978, 1995 and 2004.

This veil-wearing is a very recent phenomenon.


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However, only in about the last 3 or 4 years have I noticed an increase of women wearing the hijab. They are all "youngish" - from teens to thirty-somethings.

CC - when I was in Philly last year for my nieces wedding, I noticed the same thing. Mr Left commented that for kids - "teens to thirty-somethings", it is all the rage to cover one's face. I guess it is this years tattoo or nose ring. I'm pretty sure the bulk of them were not middle eastern


Boy JMH, it is very nice to have you back - at least pre-wedding.


Jane: so far I haven't seen any "face" coverings or burqua-like attire - only the tight scarf allowing only the woman's face to be exposed.

I know, that young people love new "trends" and the more far out the better. However, every girl/woman I have seen in my city wearing the hijab has been quite middle eastern looking. It doesn't seem to have caught on with the others - unlike tattoos and piercings and wearing mostly black (tight and skimpy) clothing.

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