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September 25, 2010




Well, Sylvia can be very persuasive, if you know what I mean (wink, wink).

But seriously, apologies, and I'll take a rain check on that. I too don't always drink beer, but I will have a Dos Equis with you.

Strawman Cometh

Yes, Hit, Salvo. It was gorgeous. You have to have a utilitarian 4wd to fully enjoy the OB. Mine and the fellow of concern's were in the shop, but it was a great week, nonetheless, for ALL the family.


The stuff you think of in the shower. Just now it occurred to me that Brad Thor's last novel did *not* include the usual description of Scot Harvath throwing the water all the way to cold at the end of taking a shower. Or did I miss it?


Once did Okrakoke in May. Just great. Never ever had an entire beach to myself before or since, but that place was really something.

Saw a little strip of beach with an electrical connection and a small dock for sale at the civilized end. Maybe 30 feet wide. $1M.

hit and run

You have to have a utilitarian 4wd to fully enjoy the OB

Heh. Ask hit and run jr about our trip to the OB. He will gladly relate to you the time we decided to go out onto the beach . . . and my 4WD didn't engage. Had to have a Jeep pull me out.


jimmyk,no hard feelings at all. If'n I thought I would be up your way (I AM NOT A STALKER, I SWEAR),I wouldn't give it another thought. But I really have made it a goal to meet as many JOMers as humanly possible,so I hate when there are opportunities missed.

Stay thirsty,my friend.




We know. Don't let this Sylvia nonsense rattle you. Just keep being the hit we know an love.

Strawman Cometh

Dunno BT or SH, but in the steamy Carolina summers I always throw my showers to cold at the end. Otherwise you'll break a sweat before you can get dressed. If I've been working outside, I start and finish on the cold.


Happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. peter!


Dr J, it must be Indian food night. I was just watching those Manjula videos on various kinds of Indian breads.

Next time you'r in town we'll have to do Indian.

Old Lurker

Wonderful, Peter. Sounds like you have a keeper.

Just don't drag her on an unwanted trek through the Costa Rican rainforests, serving her only barnd x beer...

Strawman Cometh

I've taken both my boys - different trips - out to Cape Lookout. Undeveloped island - many surprises - quail everywhere, to get out there you have to take a private ferry. And be prepared, your own water, etc.
With the younger we were, my subaru, he was 14 and got to drive on the beach. But still, big storm, 6 inches of water in the tent. Fortunatley, we had pre-evacuated the tent for the safety of the Sube from the lightning. But an exhausting trip.
With SC jr., we I took his S-10, which 4wd wouldn't engage. (The 90's GM 4wd systems are vacuum based and are the worst - after that trip I bought him a cabled 3rd party kit) Got it stuck and had it pulled out. Came in and out of 4wd throughout the weekend. Last time stuck we built a road out of a pallet of 2x12 conveniently nearby.
I can share many more beach camping disasters.

Old Lurker

"Next time you're in town we'll have to do Indian."

Me too. Me too!


Can I tell you my grey goose story from tonite?

I went to a republican fundraiser in a town 9 miles away that I had never been to before. It was at a run-down Irish pub. So I get there, park, get out and talk to some people I know, who are standing and talking with others about 2 feet from my car.

I go in an order a drink. (Grey goose, club soda, no fruit.) While I am waiting for the drink someone comes in and asks if I am driving a certain vehicle, which I am. He says I hit the car next to mine when I backed in.

Now I have a camera which shows me where I am backing, and I saw and heard nothing. The owner of the car is one of the people standing 2 feet from me as I park. He heard nothing either, but he is one pissed off dude.

So I go out and sure enough, my car is touching his car, in the back, on an angle. He demands I pull out so he can inspect the damage. (This is the grey goose part) I have to hand him my drink to hold while I disengage our cars.

We inspect the cars and there is not a scratch on his and a small scratch on mine.

I'm one lucky chick.

hit and run

Don't let this Sylvia nonsense rattle you

It doesn't. I just hope I don't play it up so much so as to bore or disgust the many JOMers I greatly respect and of whom I am very fond.

Because ever since sylvia's claim that I had invented PUK out of thin air -- for which she can [bleep bleep bleep bleep] -- I have not been willing to let her post here without giving her shit. It may be mean at times,playing on whatever mental instabilities she possesses . . . but,I won't let it pass.

If any have grown tired of my dalliances with sylvia,I hope you will SOB my indulgences with her,and excuse me for them.

[I'd hope no one would comment on this comment just to comment on this comment. I'm satisfied just giving sylvia shit without anyone feeling the need to comment. But do whatever you want,because you can rest assured,I will do the same.]

hit and run

Grey Goose: is there nothing it can't do?


Yes, you are, Jane. Something like that once happened to me, where this shrink (she gave me her card) insisted I hit her car in a lot. I pulled even with her car, we examined both--not a scratch on either car. She pondered whether there might be some hidden damage-- am not kidding about this hidden trauma shit. I had to rush off to get a visa for India before the Embassy closed or my trip would have to be cancelled. I suggested she call me if she found any hidden trauma.

OL, definitely.

Army of Davids

Congress does us no favors with protectionist threats towards China.


The philosophy of protectionism is a philosophy of war.
Ludwig von Mises

Strawman Cometh

I'll likely be in HP again sometime soon, would LUV to meet up.


Wow Jane, lucky you. I hope the rest of the evening went your way too.

hit and run

Strawman,you're on! Mondays and Fridays are bad for me for lunch -- any other weekday is usually good.

Evenings can be sticky with kids' activities -- but we can make it work.

It would be a pleasure....

hit and run


jomhitandrun @ gmail . com

Oh,and that goes for anyone . . . evah!


Happy Anniversary peter and Mrs. P. May you have many more to come!

Cool, Jane - I like the part where you ask the other fella to hold your drink!! Glad it was only kissing bumpers and nothing more.

Danube of Thought

Thought about you out there today, Matt. We're on J Avenue, two blocks from the boundary of the Naval Air Station, and we could hear all the engine noise. This was the hottest day of the year in Coronado, and it's supposed to be hotter tomorrow (90 degrees). Nice for watching the gridiron action from an indoor perch.


I hope the rest of the evening went your way too.

Indeed. More people to attend my tea party - including all the guys running for office in this wave election.

You know I can't believe I actually did this. What on earth was I thinking?



I thought the PUK thing was cruel.

Flap that yap yap.

Haha. Welcome to the Jungle.



Just so you know, I have dreams of meeting you for coffee in a dark cafe or the doorbell ringing and you standing there. (Then there was one about a desert island rendezvous frolicking in the surrounding waves and surf....but nevermind.)

Sylvia is bat shit crazy.


You know I can't believe I actually did this. What on earth was I thinking?

I think it's great! Let me know if you run into Sal Tabit, my college classmate who's running for the 17th Essex district. Here's his site. He's a good guy.


Next thing we know, Jane will be running againt J F Kerry, the Boston Ponce.

daddy the "Extremist"

"or... you email me when you're coming to NC and let me buy you a beer"

I would have Hit, but I was worried it was gonna' be Bud Light in a can. Rats. If only I'd known it was gonna' be Miller Lite in a can. Dos Eckies!


Happy Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Peter!

Jane: I think you are the only one surprised at what you have accomplished. We all knew about it years ago. :)

Btw, I have been trying to remember the first day I posted on JOM and I can't remember. It seems like yesterday but I bet it was at least six years ago, maybe more. Why does time fly so fast when you get older?

daddy the "Extremist"

"Next thing we know, Jane will be running againt J F Kerry"

That's what I want to see Jane.

From the comments at the Boston Herald story you linked at ">http://youtoocongress.com/"> YouTooCongress I think you Massachusetts folks are ready to toss that obnoxious elitist moron immediately, and I can't think of a better replacement than a sharp lady with your guts and wits and a wonderful gift of gab.

Plus you're Mark Steyn's favorite, and nobody really expects gals to know how to parallel park anyway:)


The night you're nominated, we can sail to the nominating site in Caro's boat, with a pirate flag flying on the mast and me in my Pirate Jenny get up, Jane.

Frau Clownerie

Tabit sounds like a great candidate!

daddy the "Extremist"

Thought this was worth commenting on.

Insty is linking ">http://seanbielat.com/"> this story where Barney Frank is reneging on his debate appearances, so his opponent is doing the debates solo. Barney's excuse, according to the story, is that Barney had to cancel because he is too busy doing his Congressmen duties for the voters.

Well thats the excuse Lisa Murcowpoop was using before the Primary when she said she was too busy to debate Miller---but now that she lost, suddenly she has zero Congress duties at all that require her to be in DC; being in DC only applied to all the other Repub Senators so they could caucus in some secret back room and vote to keep her in her Energy Seniority seat.

That being accomplished for her from long distance, she has told us she isn't even going back to Washington for the next 40 days except for some Ted Stevens memorial service, and all the rest of the time she'll be out here running around Alaska, doing nothing else but trying to smear Miller so as to get re-elected.

Strange how Congressional duties in DC conveniently fit whatever seems to be most convenient for the incumbent.

But perhaps I'm being sarcastic, and Barney's simply picking up the slack caused by Lisa's absence.


Pick any moniker you want for the ADN---"Dos Equis" sounds like a winner today, but really, just pick anything, ( except "Sylvia") and if nothing else, just keep clicking on the recommends in the comments. BTW, I am a lot more heartened today after seeing that Governor Parnell endorsed Miller, which I mentioned earlier.


The night you're nominated, we can sail to the nominating site in Caro's boat, with a pirate flag flying on the mast and me in my Pirate Jenny get up, Jane.

We will call Caro's boat the "Swift" Sail, pour tea bags, fake medals and Wendy's chili all over the "Isabele". I.am.so.there.!!!


Crist is dropping further and further behind Rubio, if that is any inspiration, daddy.

Melinda Romanoff


Clausewitz predates von Mises by a bit, but he would have read the works under the Habsburgs, my dear cousins.

Theory comes from interesting places, wouldn't you say?

JM Hanes

"it was a great week, nonetheless, for ALL the family."

How wonderful to hear that, Strawman!

Y'all do know that I live just down the road from hit, don't you? You'd have to be willing to drink my share of the beers though.


More on Stuxnet.

http://pajamasmedia.com/rogerlsimon/2010/09/25/cyber-war-on-iran-the-siemens-connection/>War by other means?

Melinda Romanoff

Too much Contact Cement, outside.


G'night all.

daddy the "Extremist"

Great news about Crist Clarice. That's very encouraging.

On the other hand, may I caution you guys about so freely publishing your Naan recipes? Potential danger lurks therein!

The BBC is reporting that an Indian "untouchable" woman, a woman below the caste system, has fed leftover Naan to a dog owned by a high caste Hindu (probably a Kshatriya, or a Vaishya, but I certainly hope not a Brahman.)

Regardless, the dog is now tainted and untouchable:

""I made some roti [Indian bread] and took it to my husband who works in a farm. After I had fed him, we had some leftovers which I gave to the dog," the Dalit woman, Sunita Jatav, said."

She said the owner of the dog, Amrutlal Kirari, saw her feeding him.

"He got very angry and said 'You've fed my dog, it has become an untouchable now'."

Mrs Jatav said Mr Kirari left the dog, a black mongrel called Sheru, tied to a pole outside her house.

On Monday, the village council met and decided that Sheru had been defiled and hence Mr Kirari should be paid 15,000 rupees as compensation, Mrs Jatav alleged."

Senior Police are now investigating the incident, which can be found ">http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-south-asia-11403486"> here.

All I'm saying is that if the owner had simply fed the dog Spam in the first place, Fido might well be on his way to Nirvana, even as we speak. Now he'll probably have to be reborn as a Democrat.

Captain Hate

Happy anniversary to peter and the missus

JM Hanes

This is hilarious. Kirsten Powers revisits candidate Obama, describing empathy back in 2008:

He defined it as “an inability to recognize ourselves in one another; to understand that we are our brother's keeper; we are our sister's keeper; that, in the words of Dr. King, we are all tied together in a single garment of destiny.”
Who but Obama could call it looking into someone else's eyes and recognizing ..... yourself?



It will be too hot for me tomorrow. With that kind of heat they'll be able to fry eggs.

Hell of a sight seeing the Vinson and the Reagan and a third carrier docked up. Got a bunch of scuttlebutt (non classified).

Tomorrow will be a day for moving the acu close to the television and watching the NFL in a cool dark cave-like environment.

It will remove the bad taste from last night's Australian Rules Football championship between St. Kilda's and Tipomeehat or some such.

The game truly borders on the insane. An oval pitch. two sets of goal posts at each end. A mix of volleyball, rugby, and kill the man with the ball with some water polo thrown in.Clotheslining seems to be the most popular play. "I dunno, mate. Why don't you knee 'im in the goolies this time".

The players all dress like Folsom Street nancy boys in sleeveless blouses and tight shorts, but they seem to have gotten rid of the men in the meatpacker's white coats and pork pie hats who signal the goals, which is done in the most confusing way possible.

The fans seem quite barmy as well, but otherwise harmless. What was interesting was reading The Australian, where they had a photo spread of the "everybody gets a prize" pregame bonhomie.....It was funny looking at the guys who want to gnaw on each others skulls being touchy feely.

The McDonald's logos on everything were classic. I'd like the McWallaby combo to go, make that super size with a diet Coke and throw in a 6 piece McDugong nuggets.

daddy the "Extremist"


I honestly don't believe he knows what the heck the word means.

It's a cooler, more sophisticated word to use around sophisticates than "Sympathy", so you toss out "Empathy."

He lost me at:

57 states
Orion (Oreee-on)
Liability Insurance to pay to fix his car

He's a nincompoop.

And how come Al Haig got bashed forever for saying "I'm in charge" after Reagan got shot, yet Biden's, "I'm second in Line to the President", got 30 seconds?


Clarice when you do Indian will you wear a sari?

I think saris are the most beautiful garment ever.


((Congress does us no favors with protectionist threats towards China.))

I wonder if it is a step toward the Soros' masterplan of relieving U.S. of reserve currency status.

((....[Soros] was asked by a gentleman from Fidelity Capital if it is time to move from the USD to a “basket” as the World Reserve Currency. ... Stating the obvious, Soros noted that having “a more neutral currency” (which may not be an exact quote) would be helpful in correcting the imbalances,[between China and the U.S.] which are largely due to the dollar being the International Reserve Currency. He agreed that a basket Reserve Currency would improve the market. )) LUN


Chubby, I think sais are beautiful, too, but not on Western women who always somehow look clumsy in them. I had mine (a gift) made into a dress and sometime later gave it away. I think I might still have a sari scarf around here somewhere though.

Cecil Turner


I admit the lure of the pun (whilst grabbing for my wallet), but methinks you missed the big headline here:

White House Tells The Truth !!!


Next thing we know, Jane will be running againt J F Kerry, the Boston Ponce.

Why the downgrade?

Speaking of arrivals at JOM - I'd not been here long, and it was sometime before the 2004 Presidential race (Is that possible) and someone posted a pix of lawn sign here that said "Jane for President". I'm pretty sure it wasn't about me, but it sure felt like it was a huge welcome for a relative newbie.

That's why people like Sylvia, Bubu and Anduril are so sad. They just don't know what they are missing.


Hello again, everyone!

JM: I wonder what Powers thinks of her "scary black man" slur now with Chris Coates testimony.

Apparently there's enough internal radioactivity to keep it hot.

c, I'm with Simons on Siemens. Persian missiles can reach Germany.

And Ahmadi-Nijad is immune to MADness.

Dang, clicked without enough Java in my vena cava.

Captain Hate

Chubby, I think sais are beautiful, too, but not on Western women who always somehow look clumsy in them.

When we were in Delhi for my older daughter's wedding, we spent part of one afternoon shopping for a sari for my younger daughter. Leaving aside the riot of colors to choose from, although she is slender I was wondering how she'd ultimately look. It turned out to be a moot point since the morning of the wedding all the women went to a beauty salon from which my daughter emerged looking quite different from anything she's ever looked like before but oddly very appropriate for the sari.


but oddly very appropriate for the sari

A beautiful woman looks beautiful even in a gunny sack.

(Imagines all the JOMettes in gunny sacks comparing favorably to the many Dem harridans.)


Sailing with the Pirate flag.

We are in. Definitely in.



...The McDonald's logos on everything were classic. I'd like the McWallaby combo to go, make that super size with a diet Coke and throw in a 6 piece McDugong nuggets.

The whole thing was so funny I read it twice. Appreciate the laugh.

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