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September 19, 2010



Stick with something the jug eared idiot could understand.

Doe Re Me...


From the Jerusalem Post

But Shaik Ubaid of the Islamic Leadership Council of Metropolitan New York, one of the groups organizing the gathering, said he has a growing sense that some American Muslims who initially had trepidation are now throwing their support behind the plan.

"Once it became a rallying cry for extremists, we had no choice but to stand with Feisal (Abdul) Rauf," he said, referring to the New York City imam who has been leading the drive for the center.

More on Shaik Ubaid

"Yeah, too bad"! I said to the ugly triumvirate of neo-conservatives, evangelical fundamentalists and militant Zionists that rules my country's foreign policy today. Too bad that, your desperate and last ditch effort to make America turn against its Muslim citizens and to cow the Muslims into a cowardly silence on Palestine had finally failed. Now, in this war of public opinion, the tide will finally change.

How to make friends and influence people...call us extremists


Nite all


The major seventh does not lead to another chord. At least that is how it was explained to me and how it feels. It has the same notes as a minor 6th which the Beatles used at the end of many songs. So, see. It must be true.

What do you play. I play woodwinds and guitar.

Melinda Romanoff


Basie Band playing Freddie Green's Corner Pocket.

Or Shorty Rogers' version of Greensleeves.

You might just be able to swing your jug ears around those two.

So to speak.

Melinda Romanoff

And with that,

G'night all.


Obama is just not that smart and really poorly educated. He misses the objective case and commits the awful uneducated error of hyperubanization by saying things like "Between you and I."

Mark O - Thank you for bringing that up. The use of the subjective case after a preposition is my personal pet peeve.



I was a very good orchestral trumpet player back in the day, though I did the usual rock, jazz and blues excursions. Now I am a mediocre classical pianist.

A major seventh would be C and B natural, whereas a minor sixth would be C and A flat (or G sharp). How are these the same?


Boy are they not even nearly the same. I screwed up. C 6 is what I'm thinking and it is the same as Am7. The Beatles ended with 6ths not major sevenths. Major 7ths started many of the Fleetwoods 50's hits, like Tragedy. Maybe my poor recolection of jazz substitution chords is taking over what is left of my not rational mind.

Talk more tomorrow. I very much enjoyed something other than the usual stuff. Thanks.


Thanks for the link to the Crowley interview with Murcowsky.

And also thanks PD for the comment above about the losing Wisconsin Politician immediately getting behind his winning opponent.

Tons of calls and comments in Alaska after the election were encouraging Lisa to respect the will of the voters and support Miller, and then simply wait a few years and then challenge Mark Begich in the next election. That was a no-brainer, and folks thought she'd clean his clock come next election.

That she didn't do that was pretty stunning but sadly, after just a few days of watching her, I was pretty positive she was going to do this write in thing. What a classless, craven act.

And what also burns me up is that she was offered a hundred opportunities to debate Miller, both in person or long distance, and to make her positions perfectly clear. All the regular Talk guys I monitor kept saying they were trying to get her on the air in almost any format that she wanted, but that she simply refused to participate at all. So it all boiled down to Miller simply laying out Lisa's record, Lisa refusing to explain that record, and a single orchestrated debate that basically protected Lisa from having to deal with any of Miller's criticisms.

So when Lisa says this was the Tea Party Express sliming her, she's lying. This wasn't outside money influencing folks. This was Miller talking to Alaskans daily via town halls and Talk Radio, and Lisa hiding from the voters. The blame for losing this election was Lisa Murcowsky's. Nobody else's.

I'm with Captain Hate. This has really been an eye-opener and I hope she is ignominiously buried politicly forever.


C 6 is what I'm thinking and it is the same as Am7.

That's right. I still find major sevenths to be pretty jarring. Seconds are fine, though.

I very much enjoyed something other than the usual stuff. Thanks.

Same here!

Army of Davids

I'm looking forward to the Comedy Channel rally. Maybe a media "moderate" like Bloomberg will show up.

I see he is putting money into Reid's campaign.

Just another sign he has no clue what is going on in the flyover states. Where the healthcare terrorists live.


While I'm on a musical theme, I'd like to raise the plight of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. They and the city are in a funding spat, and it sure looks like the DSO will fold. It is one of the country's great orchestras, and while I understand the plight of the city, it will undo what has taken a century to build.

I do have a personal stake in this, as a long-time friend, a brilliant oboe player in her own right, is married to a DSO member.

Teachout has a column on it in today's WSJ, if anyone is interested. I think it is only in the dead tree edition.


for an incredible movie adventure, go see "The Concert" if you can find it.

In Russian and French with subtitles, it is about a disgraced, washed up Russian orchestra conductor and his madcap adventure to perform Tchaikovskii's Concerto for Violin and Orchestra under an alias in Paris.

It is hysterically funny, poignant, beautiful, insightful, stereotypical, and is the kind of movie audiences should lap up. And probably a few thousand Americans will pay attention.


Colin Powell disqualifies himself from ever running for office as a Republican (and possibly as Democrat).
Colin Powell: Illegal Immigrants Fix My House


--"The use of the subjective case after a preposition is my personal pet peeve."--

And, as always, never use a preposition to end a sentence with.


And I see that Lisa has ">http://community.adn.com/adn/node/153216"> just changed her campaign manager, which again tells you that the blame for her loss lies not with some external hijacking Tea Party extremists, but instead it lies with herself.

FWIW, the guy she just replaced, Bitney, is the guy who personally called up that Private Investigator who flew on up for the Absentee Ballot count. That investigator was the guy who reportedly entered the Absentee Ballot counting rooms with disallowed Blackberries and notebooks, and who against the rules supposedly started texting, making calls, and scribbling privileged Ballot info in notebooks. When that story hit the fan he left the State ASAP, the Murcowsky campaign said there was nothing to see here folks so move along, and as far as I know no reporter anywhere ever asked this voter fraud investigator to explain why he was engaging in activities that are prohibited in order to prevent voter fraud.


Colin Powell disqualifies himself from ever running for office as a Republican

He did that when he endorsed Obama.

(and possibly as Democrat)

He did that when he oversaw an American victory in a war.


Donald, I left an invite for Bmoe and any others at Jeff's to join us in the OD Quote of the Day thread. If you see him over there follow up if you will, please. I also left an invite to play golf that day if anyone is so inclined.


Colin Powell critical of President Obama

“The American people feel that too many programs have come down. There are so many rocks in our knapsack now that we’re having trouble carrying it.”


“I understand the importance of all of that,” Powell said, referring to Obama’s signature legislative accomplishments. “But as far as the American people are concerned, the main attack is employment.”


Captain Hate

Thanks for pointing out the obvious Colin; now STFU and try not to curry favor with anybody by stabbing your latest suckup hero in the back. Nobody likes a traitor.


This morning MSNBC is all abuzz with a Bloomberg run for president on the ~can't we all just get along~ platform. Apparently he has $3B to help in that effort.

And in fact the entire message at MSNBC is that everyone should just stop shouting and be nice to Obama even if they disagree with him. I'd love to see a tape of that plea during the last administration.

It's all anti- tea party stuff. They don't get it. And I figure as long as they don't get it, they can't beat it. So I'm happy about that.


Buyer's remorse, eh, Powell?


Good Morning!
If you haven't seen it already, a good place to start is Chris Coons Harassed Me Due to My Political Activism.

I am convinced that the way to improve O'Donnell's chances are to point out the evil in Chris Coons.

"A key point I want to make is that Coons, a rich boy with a law degree and a Master’s in Ethics from Yale Divinity School, is actually a much nastier, more manipulative, more dangerous, more special-interest-serving person than his thuggish predecessor Tom Gordon."

Inside the great investment houses on Wall Street, business has taken a surprising turn — downward.

Even after taxpayer bailouts restored bankers’ profits and pay, the great Wall Street money machine is decelerating. Big financial institutions, including commercial banks, are still making a lot of money. But given unease in the financial markets and the economy, brokerages and investment banks are not making nearly as much as their executives, employees and investors had hoped.

After an unusually sharp slowdown in trading this summer, analysts are rethinking their profit forecasts for 2010.

This is more than a flop for "Recovery Summer."

hit and run

Let's try and catch her before she heads off for work this morning (though if life were fair,she would not be heading off to work on this of all mornings):



Happy Birthday centralcal! Enjoy! I hope your friends and family treat you like a queen today. :)


Happy Birthday, cc!

That Drudge-headlined NYT piece is a good one. You can almost feel the beads of sweat dripping down the Media's/Democrats' faces.

Obama Aides Weigh Bid to Tie the G.O.P. to the Tea Party

At the Democratic National Committee, aides already have started work on a database to link the most controversial statements of the Tea Party-backed candidates to possible Republican presidential aspirants.

The database will point out, for example, that Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney are supporting the Republican candidate for Senate in Nevada, Sharron Angle, who once said that victims of rape should make “what was really a lemon situation into lemonade,” and Ms. O’Donnell, who has said that having women in the service academies “cripples the readiness of our defense.”



Happy birthday, CC, so after huffing into a paper bag, for a day or so, Scott comes to a reality check

Old Lurker

HB, CC!!!!


Have a great day,cc!


Good morning! Thanks all - it will be a happy birthday today. I am so thankful that I don't have as many as MayBee, because I would be in triple digits if I did! lol.


Happy Birthday CC!

Here's a present-Steyn is back and excellent as always.




Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

Happy Birthday Centralcal - and Maybee too!

(and many more)


Another present cc-

this IBD story that Boxer's environmental extremism may cost her the election.

Deciding margin-CA's Central Valley.


The water stuff is just an outrage.

Nice irony, centralcal has a birthday and Central California has a rebirth of political power.


Hey, thank you rse. Two great gifts. I will humbly note to Jane and Clarice that it was really thoughtful of Mark Steyn to reappear on my birthday! I hope that Senator Ma'am and Costa and Cardoza are toast cactus in November! Prickly and isolated in a dry desert.

Melinda Romanoff

Happy Birthday C-cal!

Mark Folkestad

Not that it will make a bit of difference, but I just sent an e-mail off to Murkowski's campaign expressing my disgust at her dog-in-the-manger immaturity and vowing to thwart any future attempt she might make to get back into power. I identified myself as a hardened veteran activist, which includes stints as a College Republican chapter chairman, precinct chairman and long-term member of my county's party executive board. Grrrrr!


This line is vintage Steyn, well the whole thing, as Glenn says;

Two thoughts: First, any young woman (as she then was) willing to go on MTV, before a live audience, and attack masturbation certainly doesn't want for courage. As to her alleged dabbling with "witchcraft", so what? Several readers suggest Ms O'Donnell use Sinatra's "Witchcraft" as her campaign theme song. No, no, no. She should use the theme from "Bewitched": All she had to do was twitch her nose, and Mike Castle vanished. If it's a choice between Elizabeth Montgomery and Democrats cackling as they toss another trillion dollars into their bubbling cauldron, it's no contest.


Happy Birthday and may you have many more, centralcal!

Roger Sterling

"Obama Aides Weigh Bid to Tie the G.O.P. to the Tea Party"

The Tea Party could run a counter ad with just a mix of regular people flashing on the screen saying "I am the Tea Party". No politicians. No celebrities...well, expect maybe end it with Rick Santelli.

Rob Crawford

Question: What should O'Donnell wear for Halloween?

I think a witch costume, just to rub their noses in it.

Mr B

"Question: What should O'Donnell wear for Halloween?"

Or maybe dress as Karl Marx and wear a Chris Coons nametag.

Burton Cooper

Is this all they got, well in point of fact, it is,

Captain Hate

Laura Ingraham ran a clip from one of the non-Fox Sunday morning gabfests where Tom Ross, the head of the Delaware Vichy Repub party, was on badmouthing Christine O'Donnell. WTF happened to the party supporting the primary winner? I'm glad these bloated quislings are being smoked out; it should guarantee we never have to endure the stench of a McCain type presidential candidacy ever again.

Maybe we can produce a trade surplus by killing all the RINOs and selling their horns to people that believe their horns are natural boner pills.

Happy birthday CC

Danube of Thought

Minus 19 at Raz today.

Rob Crawford

Maybe we can produce a trade surplus by killing all the RINOs and selling their horns to people that believe their horns are natural boner pills.

Of course, they'll serve their human horn jerked.

("It's used to it! Woooo!!!")


Happy Birthday centralcal! We love ya!!!


I like the idea of "operation Samantha Stevens" going on over at Hillbuzz.

The analysis that they are creating positive results from "Christine O'Donnell witch" searches is interesting as is the comparison to how they prevented the Scott Brown Cosmo layout from being a trap waiting to be sprung to an asset.


Happy birthday, C-Cal. Hope your day is as beautiful as you are.


what was really a lemon situation into lemonade

Context: an eight word sentence fragment from somebody the NYT hates

Out of context: a two and a half minute video clip from somebody whose opponents the NYT hates


Thanks again, all. Now I am off to work (although, I don't intend to work to hard. snort!)


((... and Lisa hiding from the voters.))

Daddy, she took the voters for granted. Nothing is more despicable than that. Being a whiney, sore loser comes close though.

Old Lurker

Two stories that caught my eye this morning were:

UK considers requiring all paychecks for all workers to be sent to the UK-IRS which would deduct what they want and transfer the balance to the worker by direct deposit.

WSJ hosts pro & con debate on why conficatory death taxes are for the greater good.



Thanks for doing the ADN comment circuit and firing off missives to Lisa.

A good question I would like to see put to Lisa on National TV would be the following:

"Senator Murcowsky lets reverse the situation for a moment. Imagine that you had won the Alaska Primary instead of Joe Miller. Imagine that Joe Miller had promised to respect the will of the Electorate just like you promised to do in your single debate. And now imagine that Joe Miller, unlike all the losing Tea Party supported candidates across the nation who bowed out gracefully after losing, decided to instead call the election a smear, brought in millions of dollars in out of State political money to personally attack you, and started a Write-In campaign.

Would you respect that decision?
Would you admire that decision?
Would you believe him when he said he was doing this for the will of the voters of Alaska?
Or would you view his actions as disrespectful, dishonest, disgusting, and entirely self serving?

Rob Crawford

UK considers requiring all paychecks for all workers to be sent to the UK-IRS which would deduct what they want and transfer the balance to the worker by direct deposit.



Happy birthday to my favorite CentralCalifornian!


Rob, you can get the link at Drudge.

Dave (in MA)

NYT: "Inside the great investment houses on Wall Street, business has taken ahttp://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/20/business/20wall.html?_r=1> surprising turn — downward."

Thomas Collins



Here's OL's link: ">http://www.cnbc.com/id/39265847"> UK Proposes All Paychecks Go to the State First.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

Laura Ingraham ran a clip from one of the non-Fox Sunday morning gabfests where Tom Ross, the head of the Delaware Vichy Repub party, was on badmouthing Christine O'Donnell.

Actually I think that could help O'Donnell more than hurt her. If nothing else, everyone has had it with all the inside stuff.


Happy Birthday CentralCal! Don't let the numbers bite!

Danube of Thought

From Raz:

Sixty-one percent (61%) of Likely U.S. Voters now at least somewhat favor repeal of the new national health care law, including 50% who Strongly Favor it. That's up eight points from a week ago and the highest level of opposition measured since late May.

That NYT piece linked by extraneus has the feel of a DNC press release. I suspect the "reporters" just uncritically anduril the release as if it's a piece of journalism.

That said, I can't imagine this strategy of linking potential presidential candidates to out-of-context sentence fragments made by someone else will really work, so I'm happy to have the Democrats expend a lot of resources on that.


Why the heck even bother with Primaries anymore: ">http://www.adn.com/2010/09/19/1462317/murkowski-write-in-plan-encourages.html"> Murkowski's write-in plan encourages two others.

Captain Hate

Why is Colin Powell allowed to knowingly employ illegal aliens? Isn't that a crime?

JM Hanes

Roger Sterling:

"I am the Tea Party"

Absolutely brilliant.

Rob Crawford

Well, Brits, it's your choice: are you property of the state, or free people?

And, folks -- how far are we from that level of presumption from our government?

Burton Cooper

I don't what was crazier, the proposal or the milquetoast response from the opponents, hell
no, you don't take my money and give me back
a pittance

Cecil Turner

I think a witch costume, just to rub their noses in it.

With an oversized broom.

Jack is Back!


The problem in the UK is HM Customs & Revenue have admitted that over 1.5 million Brits owe something like 10 million quid in taxes mistakenly paid back to them. They have a similar withholding plan that we do - its called PAYE (pay as you earn) and the formulas were wrong screwing up the people who thought they overpaid and were given refunds. It is even worse than expected and there seems to be much more taxes that should have been collected. You add this to the Coalitions plan to cut services, benefits, pay and other public by as much as 25%. So, this being the UK, the unions are planning massive civil disobedience but it has been revealed that 9K people on the public payroll make more than the Prime Minister. Also, there are 38K who earn more than 100K quid a year as well as a finding that public employees earn more than 74 quid a week than private employees. In other words, they have the same problem there we have here. In fact, in one of the most historical ironies ever, they have a Tea Party movement well underway in the UK. Who said you couldn't sell coal to Newcastle:)



how about we go up to the Sacramento River and break open a couple of water gates? Heck of a way to celebrate.

all the best!

Captain Hate

Dear God; the pictures of Muffer on Drudge with her hair pulled back make it look like Halloween has come early. *shudder*

Rick Ballard


I'd like to ask Tom Ross why, since 2004, the Delaware Republicans managed to increase party registration by a whopping 1,286 voters while the Soros Dems had to settle for a meager 51,739.

Castle and his cronies were killing the Republican Party in Delaware. They may not be as big of parasites as the Murkowski group in Alaska but it's not for lack of trying.


WSJ hosts pro & con debate on why confiscatory death taxes are for the greater good.

Aahh . . . who gets to define the greater good?


Mark Davis is replaying Reagan's 1964 address at the republican convention. Man, he was good.


cool idea, Matt. If only . . .

C.H. - What in gawd's name is Hillary doing to her hair? We can sure see what she is NOT doing - ha!

I see the DNC has sent out a mailer with Col. West's social security number in it. Is that legal?

Old Lurker

sbw: who do ya think?

Rob: "And, folks -- how far are we from that level of presumption from our government?"

Rob. Closer than you think, I fear. Recall that the health care bill had that burdensome requirement for, essentially, 1099's on all payments by all people to all people. OK s/t $600 limits today intil they get the structure in place... Treasury has asked for and gotten prettyn comprehensive rights to "see" all sorts of transactions. Wait till we see what's in the Fin Regulation regs when they get written.

Bottom line is I think they know all about Italy et al and intend to have the money tracking plumbing in place before the frogs realize they are being cooked.

Burton Cooper

That's what I've come to figure out from my cursory look at the situation, Rick, I mean those are pitiful numbers

Danube of Thought

I'll never forget that address. I had just barely come to grips with the fact that Goldwater was going to lose, and lose big, but I thought "this guy really connects," and somehow I felt generally optimistic. Guess that's one I got right.


And, folks -- how far are we from that level of presumption from our government?

Posted by: Rob Crawford | September 20, 2010 at 11:18 AM

Well, given that it is already a crime in this country to under withhold from your paycheck or fail to pay quarterly estimated taxes on non-payroll income, we are already there (and have been for a while).

I remember when people used to zero out their witholdinding and pay all their taxes at the end of the year. Of course, when that kind of behavior is legal, people remember that they are paying taxes, rather than feel like they are getting an annual bonus from Uncle Sugar every year. Can't have that happening now can we.

Old Lurker

Did a set a new record for typos in one post? Clarice excepted, of course, because she plays in another division.

Army of Davids

Bloomberg gives money to Harry Reid.

Does he have any idea how this will be seen?

Oh...well...if MSNBC is happy.

Old Lurker

Wow typos in typos...more coffee please...


Top is re-tweeting Markos (Daily Kos):

markos New PPP results for dkos, will post tomorrow -- Feingold down by double digits, MASSIVE intensity gap. W/o gap, it'd be tied race.

essentially, 1099's on all payments by all people to all people.

I'd phrase it as "all parties to all other parties." As I understand it, one even has to send 1099s to companies with which one does more than $600 of business. So I would, for example, have to send a 1099 to Roche, Thermofisher, Sigma, and a whole host of other vendors.

I'm set up for it, but to whom exactly would these 1099s be sent? Would I have to get their EINs too?


That Hillary hair photo is pretty funny. She's using one of those dime store clips..which is fine, but kinda weird for a formal meeting. I've been using them while I paint my daughter's room. Maybe she's going for the Walmart vote?



If you want to send them a 1099, then yes, you need their EINs.

Rick Ballard

"those are pitiful numbers"

Much worse than pitiful, Burton. A registration increase of 1,286 during a period when total registration increased by 70,762 is (IMO) clear evidence of subversion. Castle was going to be a placeholder for Beau Biden - one term and out.

The registration edge and absence of an actual state Republican Party is why every pundit moved the race to "out of reach" status. A lot of Democrats (20%+) are going to have to cross in order for O'Donnell to win.


--Clarice excepted, of course, because she plays in another division--

Sorry OL, but she's not in another division.
She's in the bigs and you're still stuck in the minors.

Burton Cooper

"Good news Everybody," the REcession is over,
how they say that with a straight face is beyond me


Happy Birthday Ccal!!

Anyone watching CNBC's townhall with Zero?

Cecil Turner

Wow, here's a beauty of a blunder shaping up: Obama Aides Weigh Bid to Tie the G.O.P. to the Tea Party. Unfortunately, cooler heads are prevailing:

The party’s House and Senate campaign committees are resistant, not wanting to do anything that smacks of nationalizing the midterm elections when high unemployment and the drop in Mr. Obama’s popularity have made the climate so hostile to Democrats.
Er, better make that have prevailed. Rats! Still, I think we can count on 'em to do something stupid . . . just not that particular brand of stupidity.

Rob Crawford

Withholding is one thing -- government getting first cut at your paycheck is another. Sure, you're forced to send the government some portion of your paycheck, but the rest goes to you. In this new scheme, employers are essentially paying the government for the use of their chattel, the employee, with the government deciding how much (if anything) to pass along.


Ah, Summer of Recovery.

During Friday's session, the API estimated that August U.S. gasoline demand was down 0.8% from year ago levels. That coupled with weak U.S. Consumer Sentiment data seemed to pressure November RBOB lower throughout the session. However, this morning outside markets seem to foster a slight pro-risk taking sentiment that was apparently helped by a jump in global equity markets and a slumping U.S. Dollar overnight. The Commitments of Traders Futures and Options report as of September 14th for gasoline (RBOB) showed non-commercial traders were net long 32,179 contracts, an increase of 9,375. Non-commercial and nonreportable traders combined held a net long position of 29,479 contracts. This represents an increase of 12,188 contracts in the net long position held by these traders. Prices fell an extra $0.05 since that report window, and that suggests that the latest data could be overstated.




They are planning to do teach-ins for Obamacare. That ought to help.


I've got it on. The first question seemed like a set up from someone he knows. And good grief, Harlow. Could they have found someone less in the tank? What about Santelli, Kudlow?

"Got us in the mess in the first place..."

"Worst recession since the Great Depression..."

And the cost of college and student loans...

Pretty standard script. And it is false that this is the worst recession-the double dip in the 50's and the one in the early 80's were worse. Obama is going to do his level best to make it worse than the 80's though.

Another fan asking a question. Reignite my generation and "do something" about student loans? Was there even a question?


--I'd phrase it as "all parties to all other parties." As I understand it, one even has to send 1099s to companies with which one does more than $600 of business.--

What is seldom pointed out is that this 1099 rule amounts essentially to an extension of current rules to corporations.
The unincorporated are already required, and have been for years, to send 1099's to anyone they have paid more than $600 to, but corporations were exempt.
What is also seldom pointed out is the compliance rate is already quite low depsite there being fines for not sending them out.
The IRS barely concerns themselves with them now. I went through a very extensive audit of my 1999 return in 2002-2003. In house exam, letters back and forth, trial date set for tax court, visits to the appeals division. I won and even got a refund for the year of $900, but not once through the entire process did a single IRS employee question me or even mention 1099s.
When they get swamped with tens of millions more of them they won't be able to buy enough computers to keep track of them.
Their only real use is to flag somebody who reports different amounts than is described on a 1099 independently supplied to the IRS. The 'false positive' rates on these flags is astronomical.

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