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September 08, 2010



Was he born stupid, or did he grow into it.

LTC John

I hope that there is some follow up with the "reverend" when the inevitable deaths and property damage pile up when the riots step off somewhere in the world.

I wonder what part of the New Testament this joker feels is being fulfilled?


I thought one of the commandments opposed such idolatry as Rev. Jones is practicing, so sure is he that his thoughts are the word of God.

Captain Hate

If the death cult posing as a religion didn't riot over this, it would be about something else.


"One could at least imagine a dialogue in which either side could be persuaded of the wisdom of the other's course."

There were probably some who said that about this Placetoo.

Now they are saying:

""We have to be very careful in the face of such radical pressures," said Khairani Arifin, an activist for Acehnese women's rights. "Aceh could look like Pakistan one day," she warned"

Change "Aceh" to read America and we have what is happening in this country under Obama.

From Atlas Shrugs.

hit and run

I didn't know what to make of this whole story . . . until now

http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100908/ap_en_ot/as_people_jolie_quran_burning;_ylt=AhjjLJwC0pixG9_8.ITAssWs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTFrdDd0bnZ1BHBvcwMxNjYEc2VjA2FjY29yZGlvbl9lbnRlcnRhaW5tZW50BHNsawNhbmdlbGluYWpvbGk->Angelina Jolie condemns planned Quran burning

Good to know!

But,to channel Janet for a moment,what does Ashton Kucher think?

Charlie (Colorado)

Hit, don't discount Angelina so quickly. She's more quiet about it than her Dad, but she's One of Us.

Strawman Cometh

Just google "angelina jolie" and "Bush" and you'll see what Charlie's talking about.

Rob Crawford

But keep safe surf on.


Ha ha ha ha ha!

hit and run

Jolie's swell and all,but I no more considered her politics in what I was saying than I did Kucher's.

I just recoil at this need to get Hollywood celebrities to weigh in on matters like this.

Afterall,what we really need is to hear from some professional athletes. Has anyone gotten a statement from Tiger yet?


Would that the world could generate as much outrage and condemnation over Christians being harrassed, intimidated tortured, tossed in prison and/or executed for the crime of owning a bible in so many countries governed by the Religion of Peace and its delightful Koran.
Or for that matter a little outrage on behalf of other recipients of the loving attentions of the RoP like Jews, Hindhus, Zoroastrians, Buddhists, atheists or pretty much anyone who refuses coerced conversion.


Jesus didn't antagonize people into converting. The only thing I can think of offhand that was really confrontational in his life was when he threw the money changers out of the temple. YMMV.

This doofus is not helping the cause of America, or Christianity, or normality. He even gives Florida a bad name. I hope he changes his mind.

Captain Hate

To the surprise of nobody, MessNBC is giving total live coverage to this.


Right on, Ignatz. I for one am sick and tired of Americans having to walk on frickin' tippy-toe with regard to the so-called Religion of Peace.

Burn a Koran = rioting and murderous rage.

Don't burn a Koran = rioting and murderous rage.

Day ending in "Y" = rioting and murderous rage.

daddy 8 my eyes

Don't burn korans, use them as toilet paper.



Taranto's analysis holds vis a vis GZM supporters Bloomie, Barry and Holder. This Jones moron is more overtly obnoxious and hateful than our GZM Iman friends (I would personally argue that the Iman's financial backers are just as hateful as Jones), BUT Bloomie/Barry/Holder as 1st Amendment absolutists claim opponents shouldn't say anything in objection to the free exercise of GZM 1st Amendment rights -- if it passes zoning muster, NO DEBATE. So Bloomie/Barry/Holder, shut up about Jones, and leave the criticizing to those of us who dare criticize GZM as crude and disrespectful. Or is Islam different? Hmmm... ? maybe Blomie/Barry/Holder are not 1st Amendment absolutists, maybe they assume muslims will react violently to criticsm? are they cynical bigots or realists?


Marty, despite some bad calls in the past, is what passes for sanity, at the New REpublic


I think the guy should burn the Koran. We need to start getting radicals used to this kind of upset. The more it happens, the more used to it they will get, the more in the end it will save lives if it happens later.


The pastor is clearly a nut case who wants to inflame people, but I also think that some television reporters are also trying to inflame people. Pitiful.

Jane (woof woof)

Would that the world could generate as much outrage and condemnation over Christians being harrassed, intimidated tortured, tossed in prison and/or executed for the crime of owning a bible in so many countries governed by the Religion of Peace and its delightful Koran.

That was my first thought. Isn't this sort of double standard the goal of radical Islamics?

BTW the Hartford CT city counsel is now starting its meetings with a Muslim prayer. America is a melting pot, so I want the Muslims to start to commit to melting in with the rest of us. That doesn't do it for me.

Ignatz, have you given any thought to how Obama's narcissism is going to play out with this loss. I've never "won" with the narcissist in my family, she just ups the ante and increases the pain when things don't go her way. I cannot imagine Obama moving to the middle - and I expect more and more comments like the dog one going forward. It all makes me very nervous.


Soooooo, why not confront the savages? Let the moderates in their midst soothe the savage beast, so to speak. I say, aggrieve them all you want, day and night, morning and noon, till they get over it. Continual mollycoddling accomplishes nothing.


No bridges can be built with Moslems--they all believe in the Koran. What more to say?


No, one brand of stupidity, in the LUN, does not sanction another

Captain Hate

Not that I'm happy with the concept of a "hate crime" but Jews are overwhelmingly, and Christians slightly, more likely to be the victims of one than Muslims. I realize the MFM is almost completely illiterate when it comes to statistics, but could their stated concerns and coverage be any more obtuse?


Here's more from the learned scholar at Al Azhar, which slipped the attention of folks

martin j smith

This Pastor is either a nut job or an Actor hired by George Soros. But what i really think is being ignored is why this Noby Nut Job or Actor is getting Quite so much attention except that he is a "useful idiot" of the Left. That is why I am not so sure of the reality in this chapter. The real motivation I sense is adesire to quell dissent.

Edward Brownlee from BHC AZ

If I burned New testaments, bibles, Bokks of mormon, or copies of Dianetics the ONLY response would be to burn pictures of Maddy O'Harah (I'm an atheist). But these Moslem fools really do believe the ink on paper is the real word of gawd hisownself.
He's burning paper! Why do we need to tiptoe around the delusions fostered by a stone-age religion and its Arab-tribalist leaders?
I won't mind if pics of maddy are burned, you won't mind if I flush a bible down the toilet (in fact, if you're a plumber, you'd probably like the income from unclogging the toilet), so why are we bent out of shape to appease these Islamic fools?

Rick Ballard


Why does his master's decision to let President BOwser off his leash make you nervous? He has already gutted the center of the Democrat Party to the point where they're putting Blue Dogs to the bayonet. I hope he really does try and "fire up" that 23% 19% of the electorate so brain dead that they are still willing to identify themselves as progs. He's just going to further alienate what little remains of the center in the party.


I've been waiting a long time for Moderate Islam to address 9/11. Never, in a million years, would I have guessed their answer would be a victory mosque named Cordoba, on the graves of those murdered. Moderate my ass!


Another difference is that some idiot burning a Koran is a one-time event. We'll be stuck with this monument to the 9/11 terrorists for decades if not centuries.

And of course, there will be no riots and beheadings over the provocation by Muslims.


You already have the answer for that, Captn, what they feel is more important than the facts,


Wait just one minute!!! You have ascribed good INTENT to the mosque building (named btw the Cordoba House!?! site of Muslim desctruction of Christianity) .. a stretch for sure...and thus it somehow lends credence to the project. In the same breath, you have already denounced the intent of the pastor - as the MSM has - by describing the act as "trying to incite". NO!! He is burning the books to send a message to The Extremists that THEIR koranversion is NOT acceptable or tolerable to Christians. He has been very clear about his intent and where his message is directed.

It is brilliant to hear the arguments for/against and see the indoctrination of AMericans by the MSM take hold.


I believe they burned a bunch of Bibles over in Afghanistan. Give them away, send them back,...no, had to be burned.
Crickets from the media.

and Jane mentioned Hartford Conn.. They didn't open their meetings with prayer AT ALL, but now they're gonna invite an imam to lead them in prayer to allah.

Terry Jones is a kook...so why is the media giving him a platform?

Captain Hate

President BOwser

Well done, Rick; he keeps feeding us lines...

Jack is Back!

The problem is that 9/11 this year is a saturday and in Gainesville that means only one damn thing - Gator Football (warts and all this year). No one there will pay any attention except the MFM that will flock there to take pictures, videos, and run with the story like Hearst did with the sinking of the Maine. He gets his 15 minutes of fame, the Muzzies go ape shit and the world returns to the same insanity of appeasement while some Rabbi tries to enter Rosh Hashanah peacefully blowing on his shofar and a Priest hears confession (reconciliation) for the aspirant's following day peaceful taking of the eucharist. All this will take place while the left begin to rub their hands, shun the religious but accept the intolerance of Islam.


Burning a Koran (as ill-advised an act as it may be) does not say that one hates Muslims; it says that one hates Islam. I do not see Rev. Jones as a hater or bigot simply because he intends to burn Korans. If Muslims cannot make the distinction between having their ideas disparaged and their existence disparaged, so be it. I for one (and I expect tens of millions of my fellow Christians as well) would be delighted if every Muslim in the world today disavowed Islam and converted to Christianity. This easily proves that the disagreement extends only to the doctrines of Islam, not the persons of the Muslims themselves. (To be fair, I would think that the vast majority of Muslims would say the same thing about Christians - in reverse of course.)

Millions of Muslims worldwide see any disparagement of their religion as hate speech. This is a ridiculous idea, and they should be called out on it (but not by burning Korans). Should Christians hang atheists in effigy or otherwise violently protest when they call God a sky fairy or mock Christianity in other ways? Should they claim "hate speech" when this is done, or should they recognize that such expression is simply an exercise of atheists' freedom of speech and see it as a valid (albeit offensive) questioning of Christian ideas?

I give Rev. Jones high marks for being willing to state unequivocally that Islam is utterly inconsistent with Christian principles. That being said, I fail to understand what practical outcome he hopes to achieve through this completely futile and inflammatory (no pun intended) gesture, and I would urge him to find some other way to express his disdain for Islamic doctrine.


Burning a Koran (as ill-advised an act as it may be) does not say that one hates Muslims; it says that one hates Islam.

I'm in this group.


I would submit that Catholicism made overtures to Islam hundreds of years ago.

Rosary--prayer beads.

Nun's habits--covering for women.


Gosh, didn't everyone refuse to raise an eyebrow when the NYTs printed state secrets that were dangerous to our troops?????????

NYTs and that whole crowd can go to hell.

Jane (woof woof)

Why does his master's decision to let President BOwser off his leash make you nervous?

Because narcissists don't lose. He will bomb something.


This guy has a tiny church, and burning Korans is a dumb idea.

I have no idea how he has gotten so much attention for himself, except to prove to we Americans that we are terribly bigoted. That's why we are told things like Maj Hassan was suffering PTSD via his patients, and the time square bomber was motivated by financial strain. Because we might do something hateful, like this kook in Florida is doing.


--Ignatz, have you given any thought to how Obama's narcissism is going to play out with this loss.--

Jane if he truly has NPD then he will probably double down in very devious and underhanded ways. As you say they seldom compromise, they almost always escalate, they never take the blame and they always paint themselves as the noble victim.
If he only has an overly large ego and is just an idealogical jerk, rather than a disordered personality then who knows what he'll pull. The test will come if he has to deal with a new congress. I'm convinced Clinton is a classic case of NPD but he's also far more clever than Barry and so saved face and himself by triangulating, even if by so doing he tossed the rest of the Dems under the proverbial bus. Barry seems too rigid for that. Not that he minds tossing anyone under the bus, only that he isn't smart enough to know how to subsume his ideaology while preserving face. We'll see.
The other alternative is a psychotic break if things get too overwhelming. They're not pretty.
Gotta get to work now.

Jane (woof woof)

Read this: The man out to topple Barney Frank

Jane (woof woof)

Well I'd root for the psychotic break but I don't see it happening. As I said, I'm afraid he will bomb something - Clinton did and (patting myself on the back) I predicted it the very morning it happened.

hit and run

The problem is that 9/11 this year is a saturday and in Gainesville that means only one damn thing - Gator Football

There you go. Add Tim Tebow to the list of people we simply must hear from on this.


As I said, I'm afraid he will bomb something


Rick Ballard

"Because narcissists don't lose."

Sure they do, Jane. They just don't admit it and they shift the blame to someone else. President BOwser may well start lashing out even more blindly and stupidly. Why should we fear that? Attack Chihuahua's aren't much of a threat and the electorate is going to pull even those tiny fangs in November.

We just need to make damned sure that everyone we know votes - and volunteer for duty as election observers and judges. There will be plenty of crimes committed on election day but I don't believe it will stem the tide.

The Dems are bayoneting Blue Dogs in order to preserve Blue Hell fiefs.

Jane (woof woof)

From your lips Rick...

I R A Darth Aggie

We have to get past the concept of the moderate Muslim. There is no such beast. This so-called moderate is merely a Muslim who hasn't read the Quran, closely or at all.

As noted in these comments, the Quran is treated as the literal words of Allah. Those words call for the death or oppression of the infidel, the Jew, and the apostate. If you believe the first statement, how can you moderate the second?

Perhaps instead of buring the Quran, we should encourage these so-called moderates to read it. Then they can either reject the message, or embrace it fully.


Don't burn korans, use them as toilet paper.

IIRC a college student in NYC did this. 2 counts of malicious mischief. (It has been a while and I don't recall the details and don't feel like looking them up).


Normally I'd agree with you, but this Saturday the Gators are playing USF (yea, that school).

Has anyone looked up the 990's for Dove World? I find it odd that a minor clut would have gotten national attention so quickly. Looking at the UF student paper seems that they only have stories going back a few years (a billboard; shirts; investigation into its tax exempt status; a few city council meetings; its event with Westboro) but thy've been around for a while.


"we would be untrue to the best part of ourselves and who we are as Americans if we said no to burning a Koran in upper Florida."

"We would betray our values and play into our enemies' hands if we were to treat Muslim books differently than any other books. In fact, to cave to popular sentiment would be to hand a victory to the terrorists, and we should not stand for that."

-- Michael Bloomberg, being consistent


Extraneous nails it about Bloomie and consistency.

Then again, when did a corporate jet liberal ever have to be consistent.

Larry L

It's about time America stood up to the radical Muslims. Where was the outcry when the Muslims cheered 9/11 and burn the American flag.

Charlie (Colorado)

But keep safe surf on.



It is all so odd...the left has become a self appointed champion of one religion - Islam.




Who are you to tell me I can find no positive message in burning a Koran?

Toss a TV, "Mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"

Who are you to tell me only muslims can be provoked by burning a Koran?

Don't donate to unindicted co-conspirators with the Holyland Foundation.

Mixed messages are not the symptom but the cause of the 1st Amendment, and the only cure is more. Deal with it.

Charlie (Colorado)

How about now?

JM Hanes



It's off in IE as of 2:00PM.

Bill in AZ sez it's time for Zero to resign

As I said, I'm afraid he will bomb something


Tell that pussy to bring it already...


I think the comparison with the ground zero mosque (and thank you for not calling it park 51) is completely fair. You note the mixed message of the mosque and the stated intention as being noble, but then appropriately offer the caveat of 'if you take the imam seriously'. Well, yes that is a HUGE if and one would have to be a fool to do so, in my opinion.

Consider the location and the fact that a myriad of options have been presented, including state funding. All were dismissed.

Consider the polling data which clearly shows that, even if this was some sort of bridge building, the American public considers it a slap in the face and that in reality it will be a provocation.

Consider the location again. The site of a triumph in the name of Islam over the great satan. Building mosques on important sites symbolizes the conquering of that land to a large portion of the muslim community.

Consider the date of the grand opening. The 10 year anniversary of the attack. You can't make this stuff up.

This is obvioulsy a provocation, but it is more than that. It is to spit in the face of the dead and those who lost loved ones to murder. It is a taunt and a mocking gesture that shows the world America is a pansy, panty-waist, paper tiger. It is to show america is weak and to rally the troops of islam to attack and conquer in overt or insidious ways.

Burning the koran may be 'stupid' or a provocation. But you know what else it is? It's an invitation to everyone around the world to say we will not suffer the suppression of free speech because of threats or intimidation. Is it over the top? You bet. But like Everyone Draw Mohammad Day, there is a larger point to be made. If everyone stands up to the brutal violence supported against those who dare 'insult' islam, then there will be too many to stifle. We can't keep rolling over because don't kid yourself, the end game here is Sharia.


It is all so odd...the left has become a self appointed champion of one religion - Islam.

Not so odd in the sense that the left embraces totalitarian systems.


It would be awesome if obama closed his campaign speech by getting down on his knees and whipping out a q'u'r'a'n and can of lighter fluid Hendrix style.


Since the Pastor is apparently intent on burning the Koran, this then becomes a valuable opportunity for domestic adherents of the Religion Of Peace to demonstrate that they can live in a tolerant secular society as peaceful members of that tolerant secular society.

Let the nonviolent protests begin.


The pastor is certifiable, that much is certain, in the LUN


Generally speaking, burning books is not an overly good idea and the reaction to the Qur'an burning will be predictable. However, if he wants to do it let him go ahead. Any resultant violence will be perpetrated by Muslims and will be entirely their responsibility.

It's odd what Muslims find offensive is it not? Say anything critical about their religion or prophet even if it is something they know to be true (e.g. Mohammed being a paedophile) and they scream "off with their heads!" I don't about you, but I find stoning people to death, amputating limbs and genitally mutilating girls to be more offensive than burning some book. For some reason though, doctrinaire Muslims disagree and would sooner maim, mutilate and kill than see a book burn. A certain lack of perspective methinks.

Christine Tasin is the latest person to incur the hate of the Mohammedans in France for organising a series of anti-Islamisation demonstrations last Saturday. A Facebook fatwa has been issued calling for her to be subject to the Islamic punishment for blasphemy (i.e. beheading). Her 'crime': demanding that France stays true to its secular values. She's received two death threats in 24 hours. The police are taking things seriously, but Tasin remains unfazed. So come on, what's more offensive: burning a heap of books or passing a death sentence on someone because they hold a different opinion? Why have the media been completely silent about the Tasin case? See here for further information: http://durotrigan.blogspot.com/2010/09/christine-tasin-receives-facebook-fatwa.html

Carl VanOsdel

It does not matter what you say or do, you will offend some one. in some parts of the world,Islam, according to the Qur'an, says that if you become a christian you must die, if you are a homosexual, you must die, if you are an infidel, (anything other them Islamic) you must die. So, are we to take a stand for nothing? in fear that we may offend? Or should we all just give in and become Muslims? When do we, as Americans, say enough is enough? We must take a stand, or the only ones, (Islam) at this time that are willing to take a stand will win.


This is a great idea and I am sick and tired of conservatives preaching against it. This sort of thing exposes the Islamofascists for what they are.

Bring on the gasoline and conservative, shut the hell up, now!

amar saleem

forgive them al mighty Allah for they do not know what they are doing .brothers and sisters do not provoke the non believers by rebelling, it only makes them stronger at abusing our nation. punishment will come from allah only he will punish them for carrying out these acts and deeds


""We would betray our values and play into our enemies' hands if we were to treat Muslim books differently than any other books"

"officials approached the group and after seeing information about the organization and its ideals criticizing Barack Obama’s economic policy. Ms. Ford-Morris was visibly disturbed by the material presented, published by the Heritage Foundation, criticizing President Obama’s administration. College officials then called the campus Police to assure the group left campus.

This is insane!


The MFM likes the ecumenical coming together to denounce the 'q'u'ra'n'' burning...they weren't so enthusiastic when an ecumenical group of Jews, Christians, & Muslims got together to denounce abortion.

and after years, and years, and YEARS of Christian bashing, I'm having a hard time getting worked up over this. Suck it up. Perhaps this pastor & the artists that created piss Christ & the Virgin Mary with elephant dung can get together to compare notes & have a party. Edgy & thought provoking should be how this 'q'u'ra'n'' burning is described. Highlight it in the Style section.


True, Janet, in the end this numbskull is going to do it anyways, maybe they can send
John Legend to write it up, or Jonathan Capehart


I'm with you, Janet.

I do hate to think of soldiers' lives being put at risk. Of course they are at risk anyway due to the nature of their mission.

Bottom line, if we solemnly swear to never ever do anything to anger Muslims, or innocents will be killed, then they have us where they want us.

Cliched but true.

Melinda Romanoff


There's a reason that Drew Fark has a "Florida" tag for the news stories generated from there.

Dave (in MA)

I think my Moby detector just went off.

Melinda Romanoff

[Drew CURTIS" Fark]




I don't seem to remember any outrage from the usual suspects back in 1990 when this was about to happen:

Fired Up Over Bible Burning;N.Y.'s Artpark Snuffs Out Controversial Performance

Article from:The Washington Post Article date:August 15, 1990 Author:Judd Tully

In a bizarre episode in the explosive arena of artistic expression, an arts festival in a state park at Lewiston, N.Y., canceled the Sept. 1 "Machine Performance" by Survival Research Laboratories after organizers learned the group planned to incinerate Bibles onstage.

"It's being billed on the West Coast as a Bible burning," said Artpark President David P. Midland, "and this is not the performance we contracted for. We do not condone the burning of the Bible or, in fact, any book. This is an abhorrent act, even if it is symbolic. ... While Artpark does not shy away from controversy, this is not what we expected."

Maybe the Rev should say it is perfomance art...


If a woman is married to a wife-beater who beats her if she dresses in a way he finds provocative, AND she dresses that way and THEN he beats her, THEN can he tell the COPS it was her fault!?!?



He can argue she incited him all he wants.

He can say "I WARNED HER!" but it doesn't matter.

He's at fault.

So it is with the ill-advised koran-burning scheduled form 9/11.

Maybe he should no more burn the koran than the wife in my scenario above wear a tight sweater or a short skirt, but NEVERTHELESS it is his right to do so as much as it is hers to wear what she DAMN pleases.

The Taliban kill and maim women for learning to read or going without the hijab or burqa.

That is bad and wrong.

And it is bad and wrong for muslims to threaten violence or carry it out against a CARTOONIST who draws a picture of Mohammed, and it is wrong for them to threaten or carry our violence against ANYONE who burns a koran.

I'd like to see & hear ONE imam - especially Rauf, and a leading Saudi or Egyptian imam or Jordanian imam - condemn those who threaten violent retribution against the USA or our troops opr ANYONE for the impending koran burning.

I won't hold my breath.

They won't move the GZ mosque and they won't consistently or vociferously condemn the Taliban or other violent muslims.

They haven't sufficiently since 9/11.

If they had SUFFICIENTLY, then people would NOT object to the GZ mosque.

The fact is that the most extreme and violent muslims - like Bin Laden and the Taliban and so on - they are the ones MOST emulating Mohamed who was himself a violent terrorist.

The sooner we accept that islam at it's core is what the so-called "extremists" say it is the better for us and so-called moderates.

The so-called extremists have killed more of their fellow muslims than we have. More than Israelis have.

They have killed more Hindus and Buddhists than Jews or Christians.

And they have killed more people since Mohamed's time than any other ideology in all of human history; (though 20th C socialism is a close second!).

The sooner we recognize the enemy, the sooner shall defeat those who effort to foment evil, violence, darkness and human liberty.

If we appease those who wish to install a totalitarian regime over us, then they shall win.

It's that simple.

Giving into the muslim threats is appeasement.

Whether we like it or not.

I don't like the koran-burning scheduled for 9/11:

9/11 - and the Cartoon Crisis - were ample proof of his point for me.

But we can no more blame him for what violence is sure to follow than blame the wife who is beaten by her husband.

Maybe she dares to wear a short skirt and a tight sweater this one time just to incite one last beating that will bring the COPS and release her?

If so, then who are we to blame her?

Especially if we have left her previous calls and complaints unheeded.

Barry Dauphin

Both acts (GZM and BtK) are legal, and both are deeply unwise. But one of them is permanent, and the other is transitory.

Barry Dauphin

Just google "angelina jolie" and "Bush" and you'll see what Charlie's talking about.

When I did, I came across this: Angelina Jolie Slams Bush That's being real quiet about it.


We're through the looking glass here, people,
isn't this a 'coals to Newcastle" type endeavor in the LUN


".Both acts (GZM and BtK) are legal, and both are deeply unwise. But one of them is permanent, and the other is transitory."

So, explain the deeply unwise comment.

Barry Dauphin

What's to explain?

Melinda Romanoff

BtK can also be interrupted by a "good thinking citizens" who interrupt the burning with Class "C" fire extinguishers.

Better PR.

Just my thought of nullification.

Kathy Kattenburg

Tom, good for you. It's not often we agree, but you are spot on with this post.

Ellie Light

Now why is this offensive if the courts have found extremists can disrupt the burials of our servicemen?

Why is it in bad taste if our museums feature pictures of Christ in buckets filled with urine?

Finally why is it offensive if the US Army burns Bibles in Afghanistan?

Burn away. Let me know when I can say a prayer in front of the Lincoln Memorial and not get threatened by the Park Police.

Abri Theart

Abri Theart This guy is crazy!, insensitive and misunderstand the Biblical mandate!
You cannot think that all Muslims are terrorists or support Al-Qaeda. See the reseach that has been done of a billion of Muslim worldwide by John L. Esposito,
Who Speaks For Islam?: What a Billion Muslims Really Think. http://astore.amazon.com/gollsb...log-20/detail/1595620176.
Values are higher than dogma and the Bible commands: "Live in peace with everyone" 2 Cor 13:11.


What's to explain?

Posted by: Barry Dauphin | September 08, 2010 at 10:38 PM"

Don't be a wuss Barry.


Well, here's an interesting predicament---">http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/barackobama/7991123/Muslim-world-pressures-Obama-to-stop-Koran-burning.html"> Indonesia is asking president Barack Hussein Obama to stop the Florida Church from burning the Koran.

So what's his speech going to be?

1) They have the Constitutional right to burn the Koran just like the Mosque Builders, so they should go ahead and burn it.

2) They have the Constitutional right to burn the Koran but should refrain from offending people unlike the Ground Zero Mosque builders who should build it regardless.

3) That's above my paygrade as President and a former Constitutional Law Professor.

This may actually get more interesting.


You are wrong about the intent of the Imam. His intent does not matter.

It is the sensitivity of the rest of us that matter. Just as in the case of the Koran.

Dr Anthony

what are about the Christians in Muslim countries they are also abused. who stands for them .see what they do to their own kind with Stone them self to death blow them self up in Pakistan, Afghanistan , Iraq. we understand we christian want to go to Heaven in a Easy way .so its time the Luke warm Christians become Islam. AT LEAST WE KNOW WOLVES IN SHEEP CLOTH. JESUS HAS SAID HE IS THE WAY NO OTHER WAY. WE dont listen to the American politician because they are not Christians. If you could fight for your faith them dont compromise become a Muslim .Make Osama the brother of Obama as the President of America

Benedictine Oblate.

Jane (woof woof)

Did anyone else see Biden on Colbert last night. He actually thanked George Bush. I was blown away.


This act of burning the Quran is senseless. It wont hurt or offend us Muslims in any way. It will not achieve anything. It just goes to show how idiotic and immature this 'pastor' Terry Jones is. And all the people who are following him.
Every religion will have a few bad people in it, it does not mean by the act of a few, should mean all of us and it should not mean the religion. Just because we are MUSLIM. Burn every copy of the Quran, millions of muslims have it in their hearts, memorized with love and respect.


"millions of muslims have it in their hearts, memorized with love and respect."

That's a different problem.


hahaha yeaahh. they can like, publish it within hours or what?!

Carl VanOsdel

Concerning my previous post, I do not advocate the burning of a Qur'an. I do however believe that we as Americans need to stop turning a blind eye to things that have been allowed to go on in our country, and to take a personal stand for what we believe. I apologize for any misunderstandings that I may have contributed to.


The more we discuss this, the more it gets popularity and muslims will be hurt more. Please avoid publicizing this evil act. Nip the evil in the bud.


"The more we discuss this, the more it gets popularity and muslims will be hurt more. Please avoid publicizing this evil act. Nip the evil in the bud."

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Suck it up.

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