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September 16, 2010



D of T-

thanks for the link. Is the interview authentic? who knows? but, boy to me it sounds exactly like our boy barry. a spoiled brat incompetent... a muppet.

Pepe Le Pew

"CBS News in Paris says authors of the Bruni book who stand by the "it's hell" quote attributed to Mrs. Obama, but won't disclose source."
about 2 hours ago
Mark Knoller
White House Correspondent, Radio
CBS News

For being so successful, Barack Obama is incredibly thin-skinned. He takes everything very personally.

Jaw of Glass, Feet of Clay. And they're just now vetting this punk?


Maybe she should faint during one of his speeches. That always seems to get his attention.

Danube of Thought

More insider dish:

I mean, we were all led to believe that this guy was some kind of intellectual giant, right? Ivy League and all that. Well, that is not what I saw. Barack Obama doesn’t have a whole lot of intellectual curiosity. When he is off script, he is what I call a real “slow talker”. Lots of ummms, and lots of time in between answers where you can almost see the little wheel in his head turning very slowly. I am not going to say the president is a dumb man, because he is not, but yeah, there was a definite letdown when you actually hear him talking without the script.

lyle is cracking me up. I hope the GOP never loses lyle. Not lyle!!


Ah, the "White House insiders" make an appearance.


For posterity, everybody go back and screencap all the "Praise Obama!" hagiography you can find from 2008-early 2009. Don't just bookmark it, screencap it. It's all going to get scrubbed in the next year or so and your liberal friends will pretend none of it ever happened.


Obama loved to campaign. He clearly didn’t like the work of being President though....Obama the tireless, hard working candidate became a very tepid personality to us.

OMG, you guys!

I'm a White House insider! I've been saying this for years!

(Who hasn't?)

Frau Parodie

"To Kaine, the perfect synergy can be found in targeting candidates for their views on core economic issues — for example, Sharron Angle’s doubts about the future of Social Security."
The loony woman must think the system will crash and burn in the near future.

Jane, Ace or a henchperson must have been lurking. Janet was firstest. That logo was seared, seared in her wild days-memory.


Ed Driscoll reminds us:

Earlier this month, Tom Maguire wrote, rather presciently in retrospect, that Mrs. Obama is “one unscripted comment away from telling the Great Unwashed what she really thinks about the rest of us:”

The only suspense is whether her gaffes will be swept under the rug (not that rug!) by the attending press. I am betting she will be ratted out — if her aides can turn on her, the press can.

Thomas Collins

Sounds as if the Establishment is worried that Christine O'Donnell might be a loose cannon in the Senate. Can't have that. Can't have the Cosmos's Greatest Deliberative Body populated with folks who might, say, compare the US military's treatment of prisoners to the treatment received by prisoners in Nazi prison camps, Pol Pot's prison camps, or Soviet gulags. Oh, wait . . . . Never mind (see LUN).

Frau Parodie

Who was Barry's "non-African American" live-in girlfriend in Chicago before he went to Harvard? That woman did not make it into any book. Is she still alive and on the run?


"To Kaine, the perfect synergy can be found in targeting candidates for their views on core economic issues

SInce he thinks the Dems score high on balancing the budget, I'm thinking "core economic issues" are not one of his core strengths.


--"For posterity, everybody go back and screencap all the "Praise Obama!" hagiography...It's all going to get scrubbed..."--

The first rule of ">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdIjCWwNiH0"> Faint Club is: There is no Faint Club.

I wonder how they feel now.

Thomas Collins

Can't have Senators with a less than perfect record in handling their financial affairs. Otherwise, the Cosmos's Greatest Deliberative Body might be faced with Senators (i) taking lobbyist money from those with an interest in a federal investigation, and (ii) interfering in that investigation. Oh, wait . . . . Never mind.

"The Keating Five scandal from 1989 implicated five senators in another corruption probe. Democrats Dennis DeConcini of Arizona, Donald Riegle of Michigan, John Glenn of Ohio and Alan Cranston of California, and Republican John McCain of Arizona, were accused of strong-arming federal officials to back off their investigation of Charles Keating, former chairman of the Lincoln Savings and Loan association. In exchange, the senators reportedly received close to $1.3 million in campaign contributions.

The Senate Ethics Committee concluded that Glenn and McCain's involvement in the scheme was minimal and dropped the charges against them. In August 1991, the committee ruled that the other three senators had acted improperly in interfering with the Federal Home Loan Banking Board's investigation."

Well, those were mostly Dems, so it must be a rabid right wing site that would publish ridiculous reports like this. Rabid right wing organs such as PBS (see LUN).


lyle is cracking me up. I hope the GOP never loses lyle. Not lyle!!


The Howard Baker comment is still making me giggle. Y'all are on fire today.

Danube of Thought

Catholic rioters go on rampage over offensive poster; dozens slain.

Melinda Romanoff


Quit distractin' me!


Not to be missed--Taranto's Best of the Web:

Islamic Affirmative Action
Why America is rejecting the liberal left's response to 9/11.

Can Christine O'Donnell Win?


boy to me it sounds exactly like our boy barry

Ya know, most of us here long ago came to every single conclusion in that tell-all. And Centralcal, I doubt very much Michelle is dressing for O. The sad part is it looks like he will run again.

At least now we know how to make him crazy. Perhaps he will implode.


Another good one from Mark McHugh and Business Insider:

The Great Housing Bamboozle: How The Numbers Show Home Ownership Is A Terrible Investment

Without question, the best way to make people love you politically is to throw Tootsie rolls into the crowd. In lieu of sugary treats, making an impassioned plea for education is a close second. No one wants to see their kid grow up to be a potato head, right?

Today we’ll be exploring the mathematics behind the US housing market over the last thirty years to determine how smart we really want our kids to be. If you can successfully complete (or at least understand) the accompanying quiz you’ll have a more thorough understanding of economic realities than every Ivy League professor (including Nobel Laureates) active in government and mainstream media.

Question #1 – Joe and Mary Twelvepack, an average American couple, buy the average American home in 1980. They pay the average American price ($76,400) and take out the average American mortgage. 29 years later, they sell the home to another couple for the 2009 average American price of $270,900. How much did they profit from the sale (assume the mortgage has been paid in full)?

A: If you said $194,500 ride the pony, big guy.

Author’s note: If you only aspire to be as intelligent as Uncle Sam wants you to be, STOP HERE.

Question #2 – According to the BLS, cumulative inflation from 1980 to 2009 was 160.36%. a)What is the simple inflation adjusted value of the house? b)How much of the Twelvepack’s profit was the result of inflation and c)how much was their profit after inflation?

a) $198,915.04 ($76,400 * 2.6036)
b) $122,515.04 ($198,915.04 – 76,400)
c) $ 71,984.96 ($270,900 – $198,915.04)

C’mon, chin-up buckaroo. The Twelvepacks still made money. Beating inflation is the name of the game, right?

Well, there is one other factor we should probably consider: The effect interest rates had on the value of the Twelvepack’s “investment”. After all, re-fiing the house at ever lower interest rates is how they paid for Mary’s boob job, Joe’s rehab, that boat in the driveway, and the kids’ braces. God knows it wasn’t their ability to earn more.

Question #3 –The average 1980 mortgage was 14.005% APR (13.74% w/ 1.8 pts.) and the couple that bought it, the Fourpacks, got 5.1015% APR (5.04% w/ 0.7 pts plus cool cash from Uncle Sam) Their 30-year fixed mortgage payments are $1471.10. a)How big of a mortgage would that payment get if interest rates were the same as in 1980? b)How much of the Twelvepack’s “profit” can be directly attributed to the change in interest rates?

a) $124,206
b) $146,694 ($270,900 – $124,206)

Question #4 –So there you have it. 74% of the Twelvepack’s gain can be attributed to the 9% drop in interest rate. When you strip out the interest rate effect, the house underperformed inflation by more than 60% over 30 years (and that’s excluding all other costs associated with the American dream), which of course means this wasn’t actually an investment at all. How many Americans understand this?

A: Not many.

Somehow the mathematical realities of the US housing market have completely escaped the education-loving American public as they continue to assume that the next thirty years will yield results similar to the last thirty. Utterly freaking impossible. We can’t drop mortgage interest rates 9% again (currently 4.4%), but we should expect houses to continue to underperform inflation.

Despite our perception, the earth turns. That’s what makes day and night, and that’s why it seems like the sun travels through our sky. It took human beings more than 2,000 years to fully embrace that truth. Teaching your children that houses are good investments (‘cuz look how it worked out for you) and they’re lucky to have such low mortgage interest rates is about as enlightened as sacrificing them to Moloch so the Sun will continue to rise.

Right now, the powers that be are bazooka-ing tootsie rolls into the crowd at an unprecedented rate. So if your child asks you, “Who’s gonna pay for all this?” maybe you should just say, “Shut-up and eat your paint chips, kid.”

JM Hanes

"He takes everything very personally."

There's good news everywhere, isn't there?

Just catching up with Tim Kaines' game changing announcement, and the laughs just keep on coming:

[T]he purpose of the relaunch, as someone familiar with the plans noted, is to provide the organization with a new identity that de-emphasized the image of a national committee (which, itself, conjures up visions of old men sitting around a conference room table).
Because nothing says decentralization like commissioning a new logo.

Lo, how the mighty have fallen:

In three successful statewide elections, Charlie Crist's name was at the top of the ballot. But as a nonpartisan candidate for the Senate, he shows up ninth in a field of 10 candidates, sandwiched between Rick Tyler and Lewis Jerome Armstrong.

This has turned out to be a really fine day!

Ric Locke

centralcal: And going off for a week in Spain over his birthday is...?



Michelle, and hell,
These are words that go together well,
My Michelle.

Michelle, know well,
Français pensent que vous êtes un monstre,
Vous êtes un monstre.

Well, you're awful, you're awful, you're awful,
That's all there is to say.
Until you go away,
I'll say some of many words I know
that you don't understand.

Michelle, know well,
Français pensent que vous êtes un monstre,
Vous êtes un monstre.

I need to, I need to, I need to,
I need to make you see
Just how mean you seem.
And until I do I'm hoping you
Stay off my tv screen.

I can't stand you.

Well, I want you, I want you, I want you,
I want you gone right now.
I´ll get to you somehow.
And until I do, I'm telling you,
Not that you'd understand:

Michelle, go to hell,
Français pensent que vous êtes un monstre,
et nous sommes d'accord.


Because nothing says decentralization like commissioning a new logo.

Nothing says "we are not a bunch of men sitting around a conference table. We're Decentralized" like a round circle with a D trapped in the center.

Rick Ballard

"The sad part is it looks like he will run again."


He couldn't fill a JC rec center in Ohio last week and Blumenthal is making him wear a bag on his head in Connecticut today. I'd bet on long afternoons spent watching 'Highlights of the '08 Campaign' rather than an itch to hear crowds screaming "Where are the jobs you promised, loser!".


First of all, being a Southerner, I have ALWAYS recyled bows and gifts bags--it's just something we do.Call it cheap, thrifty or whatever. Now for Michelle--I think Barack has no love for her nor she him. He is such an ego-driven person that there is no room in his life to think of anyone else. I think he hates doing the things required of a president and LOVES "being out on the trail." As to whether or not he will run again, rest assured he will!

Jim Ryan

The new logo is pretty bad. B+ in a second-year graphic design course.


The insider might as well have told us that while Barrack's been playacting, neglecting his presidential duties and being angry and suspicious, Pelosi has been our acting president, since January, 2009.

Hmmm, come to think of it..


No one needed the "insider" to tell us Barry is a f***off. He decided he wanted to make history and picked universal health care as his project. Then he paid no attention whatsoever to what his people in Congress were doing.All he wanted was an act covering health care. He left this significant matter n the hands of Pelosi and Reid, two utterly corrupt nincompoops, and even when every poll and the historic Tea Party march on Washington occurred he pressed them to make every deal, ever threat to get it passedl
I didn't care for Lyndon or Clinton but I cannot imagine them paying so little attention to this "signature" legislation.

Thomas Collins

Oh, so it's distraction you want, Mel. Try the LUN.


**when every poll TOLD HIM THE VOTERS HATED IT and the historic Tea Party march on Washington occurred he pressed them to make every deal, everY threat to get it passed**


Ric Locke - I admit you have a good point. So she's just a trashy dresser, not trying to appeal to her distant hubby? Well, she is at the vulnerable age and is dressing to appeal to someone (something).

Wonder where his wedding band really is? Did he throw it in a temper tantrum and possibly lose it?


the Post is reporting that the Obama marriage is in trouble because of Michelle's frustration with the job. It is also known by White House insiders that the First Lady has been making life difficult for everyone around her, especially the president, because he has frustrated her dreams of going to clown school.

This is the only logical explanation for the outlandish outfits and strange behavior.

She also confided in Mme Bruni, who in a Gallic fit of pique declared that there can only be 'un Chaplin". Thus the deep freezer relationship.

I just thought you should know the down low....

JM Hanes

OK, so here's my idea for an ad. The new Dem logo would make a perfect branding iron (although I'd want a slightly stronger hint of Obama).

So you show the hood of a GM car, and wham, the sizzling OD rebrands it. Wall St. sign -- Wham. Mom & Pop laundromat. Mom & Pop's house. Your doctor.... Your paycheck! Wham!

You could spin off a rubber stamp version starring the New Improved Democratic Bureaucrats....


didn't Jayne Mansfield invent radar, TC? or was it the push up bra?

I remember well the day she passed away. Tragic....especially to the newly pubescent.....


You know the day before he gave his so called presser there was a pic of MO and BO deplaning. You could see his wedding band very clearly and it appeared to be a plain gold band. He also didn't wear his watch at the presser.I'd not conjure up a vision of a fight..I think he was so distracted at being off the golf course/campaign trail and afraid there'd be an unscripted moment he forgot to wear them.or, just as likely, it was another one of his --someone's fainted is there a medic in the audience--distractions.

I don't care if he and MO are happy or hate each other frankly. I want him out of there. and her with him.


Jayne's daughter plays Oliva on Law & Order SIU. Clearly peroxide and plastic surgery are not in the DNA



Great link. Wonder if the "insider" is Greg Craig (he's representing GS now so it could be a bit of message sending)? I'd hate to be at the spin doctor meeting when the article comes up. Anyway.

And a great thread. Is bgates really bunkerbuster?


I was thinking how much Clarice has to choose from for her weekend Pieces. I mean, holy cow, this week has been loaded with pickings. And then I go to Politico and I see this:

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) called the nomination of Christine O’Donnell and other tea party favorites “an implosion” in the Republican party and says he feels “very comfortable” about the chances of Democratic candidates running against them.

“What we are witnessing is sort of an implosion taking place within the Republican party,” he told reporters Thursday. “When these nominees get compared and contrasted with our nominees, I’m very comfortable that we have got the kind of candidates the American people will look favorably upon come November 2nd.”

Lawdy, lawdy, Everyone is a comedian this week!


Sure he is Rich.Pass it on.


The insider might be Desiree Rogers.


HA! It'll be our secret.


I think it is a completely delicious article. Our vision of a petty petulant AA guy who simply isn't that smart were right on the money.


In case anyone missed it, Dinesh D'Souza seems to have really struck a nerve.

Go Dinesh.


Here's the transition team. The article says the Insider was on the team and had worked on three previous teams.
http://change.gov/learn/obama_biden_transition_agency_review_teams>Find the snitch


It is an embarrassment of riches this week, cc.



The Axelturfing crew ought to be by any minute with the latest talking points. Can't wait.

And to go OT for a minute, was watching CNBC earlier today and saw that a new democrat (or old because I missed it) was that the "Tea Party agenda" would somehow cause a recession because of budget cuts and it wasn't serious because there is no mention of Social Security. Rick Santelli bailed out the segment with his interesting point that the "Tea Party" movement is redefining the center in American politics. Hadn't thought of it that way before.


Matt, I think you're thinking of Hedy Lamarr, fantastically gorgeous movie star and holder of U.S. Patent 2,292,387 for a frequency-hopping device that was supposed to make it harder to stop radar-guided torpedoes.


In case anyone hasn't seen the PowerPoint where White House Science Advisor John Holdren changed "Global Climate Change" to "Global Climate Disruption," here it is, complete with misleading trends, wrecked houses, etc.


Extraneus: I just finished reading your link.

Good grief, even more humor!

Columbia Journalism Review this week called the D'Souza article "a fact-twisting, error-laden piece of paranoia" and "the worst kind of smear journalism--a singularly disgusting work."

Hyperbole, much????


WAS right on the money. Sheesh


Maybe Michelle got her hands on Mohamobama's blackberry ala Tiger Woods? Between Michelle's revelation that she's in hell and his missing wedding band, I can't get Ring of Fire out of my head.


Dinesh D'Souza has drawn a torrent of criticism with a Forbes cover story that accuses President Obama of adopting "the cause of anti-colonialism" from his Kenyan father.

Given Obama's personality, wanna bet he is now wondering if what D'Souza said about him is true. He will have to think on it, when he is not watching ESPN.


Thank goodness it is a long list Clarice. That will keep Obama fuming for weeks.


Wait Nancy is mailing in a late minute entry, in the LUN

JM Hanes


An interesting twist on the Obama/Bruni story via The Corner. Turns out it wasn't the French Gov't who responded:

NBC’s Mark Knoller reports the First Lady’s office has not responded to requests for comment on the quote, but that a spokesman for the U.S. embassy in Paris issued a statement to the effect that Mrs. Obama “never said” the words attributed to her in the book.

The spokesman also said “Mrs. Bruni-Sarkozy distances herself completely from the contents of the book.”

Sounds more like she doesn't want to comment on the quote either, to me. "To the effect that" is surely an old diplomatic warhorse.

Mike Huggins

OMG! Things are tough all over, just like back in the awful 80s!


RichatUF--"Tea Party" movement is redefining the center in American politics.

Rich, today's editorial ended: The fourth constituency [affected is] the media, where pundits who claim party extremes are growing more powerful at the expense of the center overlook that it is the national parties that represent extreme party politics and the disenfranchised have decided to create a new American center that just might hold.


bgates, that's Hedley!

JM Hanes


Haven't actually watched the Pelosi video yet -- I was laughing too hard! It's a force! It's a force!

Danube of Thought

I doubt Greg Craig would give an interview of that kind, but I have no idea who it might be.

The very first signal I got that something was terribly wrong was the original stimulus package. If Obama really believed in the Keynesian model, he could have turned that project over to the brilliant Lawrence Summers, and could have put together a package that was actually stimulative (it says here). Instead he handed it to Pelosi and there was never a hint of any White House input whatsoever. What emerged was custom-made for ridicule and failure.

And remember how he said the bill needed to be on his desk by Friday, and when it arrived he went off to Chicago for the weekend without signing it? Signs that look like omens...


I never get to watch Glenn Beck because I am at work during his show. I get off early on Friday and sometimes see it on that day.

Glynnis over at Mediaite specializes in columns on Beck. Today's was fun - especially Glenn's riff on dividing up the pie!

Get Off Your Ass and Bake Some Pie

(The video is 15 minutes)


He watches ESPN constantly and he can't name one Chicago White Sock? I bet he's really watching Hanna Barbera cartoons.

Danube of Thought

At last! Somebody has introduced legislation to repeal the ban on incandescent light bulbs. I hope there's a big fight over this; the thing is the perfect symbol of the shower-adjusting bastards who are intruding so offensively into our lives these days.

Mike Huggins

Extraneous - Thanks for the link. I wonder what Holdren means by this part of his PowerPoint:

"Integrating human dimensions -- economics, management, governance, behavior, and equity"

My take: Crank up the metaphorical "Horst Wessel Lied."


Who DoT? That is great news!


I like the chart on the bottom of p15, because it's almost exactly like the one I imagine whenever I buy a new stock.


It's at Powerline, Janet.


Here is a link.

"Reps. Joe Barton, Marsha Blackburn and Michael Burgess"

"Fortunately, we were already working on legislation to repeal the ban. Today we’ve introduced H.R. 6144,..."


Thanks DrJ

Captain Hate

I mentioned over at AoS when the subject was the commiecrat's exciting new symbol that will lead them to victory in November, that even though I criticize Michael Steele a *lot* I have to give thanks that he's not Tim Kaine who, as somebody responded, has all the stupidity *plus* really bad hair.

LUN for the final word on Delaware from T. Coddington van Voorhees VII


If the Republicans were smart, and they are not, they should fly off the handle about now with Obama's tax breaks for the rich meme'

Boehner should come and say, you know Mr. President the main difference between us and you is we want tax breaks for everyone, including the rich- BECAUSE THEY KEEP THEIR OWN MONEY.

What we object to is your policy of:

Bailouts for the rich, and
Stimulus for the rich, and
Subsidies for the rich, and
State dinners for the rich, and
Vacations with the rich, and
White House ceremonies for the rich, and

So let's agree, we let people keep their own money, and you stop giving the rich OUR money!


Al-Qaeda on Capitol Hill and in a 6th grade Wellesley MA elementary school field trip. From Breitbart


Love it Pops!


Pops, you absolutely need to get a direct line to Boehner.


Pops - You are so right!

Thanks all for the info on the light bulb. God I hope it passes.


He's not that smart and he's a liar [don't those things tend to go together anyway?]

He doesn't look or act like a guy who craves intimacy or even sex. He seems so cold and removed and distant. Everything is theoretical to him. He's not a real boy.


Who was Barry's "non-African American" live-in girlfriend in Chicago before he went to Harvard? That woman did not make it into any book. Is she still alive and on the run?
Frau, I thought the girlfriend was from his time at Columbia. (possibly Ayers girlfriend Diana Oughton?)

Yes, I am aware of Mr. Scott Brown in Massachusetts, but as I have noted before, that particular electoral fluke can be readily explained by Brown's erotic appeal to his state's famously nymphomaniacal womenfolk.

That's T. Coddington talking...

Captain Hate

possibly Ayers girlfriend Diana Oughton

Wasn't she the one who was blown up when the Weathertards were building bombs? "Hey, this bomb making is kind of boring; why don't you fire up a bowl for the revolution?" D'OH!

Danube of Thought

My bad--forgot to link to the light bulb thing. Thanks DrJ.



I think Diana Oughton was killed in that Greenwich Village explosion in 1970. Obama was born in 1961.

Captain Hate

T. Coddington's heard about Jane?


JM Hanes

Incandescent light bulbs. Wham!


Yeah, ya'll are right. I knew she was killed...I just meant Ayers writing for Obama & the girlfriend story was based on Oughton.

JM Hanes

In addition to money and GOTV support, here's something else that Ed Gillespie and other experienced hands are doing:

This morning, the Republican State Leadership Committee released its second report on the “REDistricting MAjority Project” (REDMAP). Led by former Republican National Committee chairman Ed Gillespie, the committee is supporting Republican candidates for state legislatures across the country with the hope of influencing 2011’s redistricting efforts in the GOP’s favor.
I trust no one underestimates the importance of redistricting, but perhaps it's something that those now confining their political contributions to individual candidates and campaigns (largely for seats in Washington) may not have thought much about.


JMH: You are so right about the importance of redistricting. Here in California it has been the ruination of our state. We cannot vote the wierdos, nuts, scumbags out. It is a crazy quilt that ensures their continued infestation of our legislature.


That wouldn't surprise me a bit


Slowly but surely, the 'rest of the story surfaces' in the LUN

Danube of Thought

Incandescent light bulbs. Wham!

Certifiable lunatic Sam Yorty ran for mayor of L.A. on nothing more than a promise to eliminate the requirement that the citizens separate their garbage into wet, burnable and bottles for three separate pickups. He won and held the office for twelve years.


That catsuit is even worse than I thought:


Thin Skinned and Skin Tight


Wow, repealing the ban on incandescent light bulbs! Ding Ding Ding--a winner!

Iowahawk was fabulous..thanks for that tip, too.

And jmh, I too hastily read the story and missed that the denial was from the U.S. Embassy..HEH..


Could that grimace on her face be stretched any more taut? Looks like the mouth on an amateur ventriloquist... "just fuck off."

Bet the fingernails are digging into his hands, too.

BTW, my take on the insider in the WH is that it is a woman. The pattern of speaking seems more feminine that masculine. Of course in this WH...


IS his ring back from being repaired?


T. Coddington's heard about Jane?

That's so sweet Capn'.

Rocco, that video is nothing short of stunning.


From narciso 09:18 link, you can move to another link that gives a whole lot of reasons Mr. Coon should not be in Washington.
Judging by the story, a lot of people in Delaware would be better today if Mr Coons had never been in government period.

"his answer was to raise taxes by 25%."

Read the story and you will work hard to make sure Mr Coons is kept far from your tax money.


Firss time I an recall seeing a camel toe in a dress.


You should know, this comes from someone who was strongly for Castle, int the ACe threads, but did it reasonably unlike some who have lost their 'cotton picking minds' over it.
I think we need a new category of O'Donnell
Derangement Syndrome, which has spread like
the T-4 virus, in Resident Evil

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