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September 29, 2010



I miss Peter more today than I have for awhile.

George Ditter

Well in the cup half-full department, the thing most US police departments have trained for and are equipped (somewhat) to deal with is a Mumbai style shoot out attack. The US, of course, has had one such at Ft. Hood where we demonstrated that the softest target of all is a base that is home to an Armored Division.


As the day unfolds we will see whether the usual suspects on the left that howl about this the way they howled for years about Bush.

Russ Feingold was usually first in line to howl about this stuff when Bush was in office.

Now he's first in line to suck Obama's ...

But he's Mr. Independent Politician, don'tch'a know. So his campaign ads would have us believe.

It's that ignorant PD in Detroit we have to educate.

Excellent point, GD. Note that the ones trained, the police, were the effective ones. Note that the ones unarmed were the vulnerable. Of course, I'm not telling you anything.


On net, a terrorist threat or attack would probably help Barack, but not Nancy or Harry.

Unfortunately, the threat of an attack would probably have the opposite effect, since most people (even Margaret Carlson) wouldn't trust Obama to fix a flat tire.


Well I would not put it past the Democrats to try something around this--at the very least a little electioneering.

Of course, in 2006 they were screaming "Were is Bin Laden!", "The Iraq war has made us less safe" and "The Chimps cowboy diplomacy has opened us up do danger and ridicule1!", but no of course it will be "It is a dangerous world, let's keep on track".

Seriously, if the electorate is so moronic as to buy this nonsense after all we have been through the last decade, there is no hope.

Let us hope that the Democrats are not so desperate, immoral and out of control as to actually force a terrorist attack to happen so they might have a new "Oct. Surprise". I would not put it past them. They did , after all, claim that that is what BushHitler was up too.

Always watch what Leftist claim of their enemies: these are most often projections of their own plots and stratagems.


Doesn't this sort of threat make everyone long for Bush. Obama is a wimp. And a liar.


With politicians, especially Barry O, you look at what they do, not what they say. And you have to dig to find out what they really do. Anti-terrorism? Barry O is on it, he is doing virtually evertything W did, and amped up the drone bombings in Pakistan. That tells you Barry O is terrified of a successful mass terrorist attack in the US. Yes it would temporaily build him up with a rally round the flag response by the people (rightfully so) but after a few weeks, it would reinforce the voters view that Barry O is a hapless Muppet. Look at what he does, kill the terrorist SOB as much as possible before they get here.


This will punctuate his feckless attitude toward Islamic extremist


Always watch what Leftist claim of their enemies: these are most often projections of their own plots and stratagems.

Amen! That is SO true.

Captain Hate

NK, Il Douche would fill his pants if there was a successful terrorist attack. We've already seen that when one gets averted through no reason other than incompetence of the would-be perps, he and his minions act like disconnected idiots. There's no way that the clown who voted "Present" could do anything that wouldn't be compared very unfavorably to Bush's reactions to 9/11.


Captain-- I agree, IF a successful attack occured it would be the End of the road for Barry O. The dumb luck failures of the Christmas Detroit Airport bomber, the Time Square bomber, etc bailed Barry O out, agreed. If one occurs, the left-wing morons in the Admin would humiliate themselves and ruin Barry O, agreed. BUT-- the reality is that Barry O is self-aware enough to know this,that's why he is doing what he can to prevent a mass attack. He is killing the SOBs in Pakistan and Yemen the same way W did, and eavedropping on US and European messages the same way W did. Those are facts; hey I'll take anything good Barry O does.

Captain Hate

I agree with your latter points, NK; hell, there was an op-ed in the WSJ about how he's launched more leak prosecutions than all his predecessors combined. I'll take that no matter what the motivation provided it's being done for the actual security of the country. The problem is if he turns it against political enemies. As it is it must be causing his lib boosters to drink and consume more controlled substances than usual. And hate themselves for being such idiots.


Caught just a little of Glenn Beck's tv show yesterday and his concern for Zero is one that I've had in the back of my mind--and that is he will be undone by the left much like Lyndon Johnson was.

Dave (in MA)

Change the color-coded man-caused disaster alert level to a slightly different shade of beige.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

I just spoke with a friend who I sometimes do work for. He is a small business owner. Bright guy with a family and small child. Nothing going on has impacted his world in a way he identifies. He attributes the fluctuation in business to normal stuff, had no idea what the Tea party stands for, and says: "I don't care what the government does. So the chinese take over, I like Lo Mein". (He brought up the Chinese so clearly that is what is resonating with him.

He's the second such person I've talked to recently. Now I have no doubt if he actually knew what was going on he would be out there - but he doesn't have time and he has chosen not to get involved. As with everyone in MA he will vote democrat.

What will it take?



Roger that. One disagreement, Barry O's Lib boosters care NOT about him wasting AQ in Pakistan and snooping on them in the US and Europe, they killed W about that stuff strictly for politics. the Lefty Lib boosters care only about one thing, getting political power and using it to line their pockets with everyone else's money. If Barry O apes W's anti - terrorism , it's fine for them as long as keeps sending the stimulus and Medicaid dollars their way. Possibly one exception-- Sullivan. he believed the Barry O stuff so he's crying a river. Cheers.


He doesn't sound like a voter. Why does he vote?

Rob Crawford

Well in the cup half-full department, the thing most US police departments have trained for and are equipped (somewhat) to deal with is a Mumbai style shoot out attack.

Depending on the location, the people are, as well.


--"What will it take?"--

Tax his small business directly. If he has to spread his wealth he may change his tune.

What does his business provide?


Jane, will Obamacare force him to provide health insurance to his employees? If so, it may take that long for him to wake up.

John Bibb

Possibly we need a 20 color scheme to "fine tune" the terrorist attack color levels. Lots of fuschia, teal, champagne, adobe, etc.colors could be used.
Or maybe a digital one / zero scheme. Green for cases where the system "worked" and the Butt Bomb fails to go off--high fives for all.
And Charcoal Black when the terrorist nuke goes off in a city near you. Those "man caused disasters" can really hurt.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

He's an arbitration/mediation service. Top Notch.


I'm concerned that JUST Obama will become the scapegoat for all the liberal rot that has been ongoing for generations.


--Officials in Europe, US on High Alert for Commando-Style Raids After Capture of Suspected German Terrorist--

Explains and puts Barry's "we can absorb a terrorist attack" comment in a new light doesn't it?

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

Jane, will Obamacare force him to provide health insurance to his employees? If so, it may take that long for him to wake up.

No employees - we are all independent contractors. I just find it so weird.


"Absorb" is such a great way to describe a horrible thing if you want to confuse people.

We are able to just absorb a terrorist attack. All those people jumping out of buildings are just sponges really when you think about it. Hell, they should get the Shamwow guy to sell this.

Mixing metaphors, you know, this country is sorta like a Shamwow and a terrorist attack is like a Slurpee and here were are Driving into this Ditch while drinking our slurpees but we have plenty of shamwows to clean up the mess. That's us, Democrats, we are the shamwows.


It's that ignorant PD in Detroit we have to educate.

Wow! Feeling the LOVE...

Captain Hate

O/T: Dennis Miller responding to a *shockingly* titled Village Voice article "Has White America Lost its Mind": "I only disagree with his white half".


Here's a good article on public employee unions and the harm they cause at National Affairs.
It's fairly long but perceptive.


Absorb? Absorb? Like all those people absorbing radiation from a dirty bomb? Like all those people absorbing biologicals from a dirty bomb? Like all those people absorbing chemical poisoning from a dirty bomb? Like all those people absorbing molten lead from hails of gunfire? Like all those people absorbing white-hot shrapnel from explosives?


So, the current Administration comes out with "Credible But Not Specific" Threat of New Terrorist Attack. It sounds like they are trying to "hedge their bets/cover their A$$" in the event that an attack does happen right before the November Elections.

My Take: An attack occurs on US Home Soil and is "successful" - watch the current administration flunkies be swept out of office by an even bigger wave than currently expected. People are already pissed off...

Maybe the Kindergartners have found that they don't know how to run the playground and want the grown-ups to come back to "help"?


"Has White America Lost its Mind":

This guy, Tim Wise, is a big name on the university circuit pushing white privilege & the same type of "something is wrong with white people" nonsense.
Here is Discover the Networks on him.

The left is just insane with white guilt. My college friend that I had to disconnect from was all into Tim Wise & white guilt. There really is some sickness on the left. Maybe since they've erased God from their lives they've got to explain sin & guilty feeling with something...so they choose white guilt. "I am inherently bad because I am white...someone punish me" It is really sick.


I'm surprised Obama didn't mention this last night in Madison:

New Census Bureau shows that poverty is up and household income is down in Madison and Dane County - the income drop is more than twice the national rate.


New Census Bureau *data*

Rob Crawford

The left is just insane with white guilt.

"Something is wrong with white people" and "white people are all crazy" isn't "white guilt". It's racism.

Captain Hate

Maybe since they've erased God from their lives they've got to explain sin & guilty feeling with something...so they choose white guilt. "I am inherently bad because I am white...someone punish me" It is really sick.

I've got an answer to their problem: Jonestown 2. Drink the koolaid, bitchezz and everything goes away. Well except having their assholes shredded for eternity by Satan that they don't believe in. Or Allah that they kind of believe in.

ARC: Brian

Am I the only one that thought of Casablanca:

Major Strasser: Are you one of those people who cannot imagine the Germans in their beloved Paris?

Rick: It's not particularly my beloved Paris.

Heinz: Can you imagine us in London?

Rick: When you get there, ask me!

Captain Renault: Hmmh! Diplomatist!

Major Strasser: How about New York?

Rick: Well there are certain sections of New York, Major, that I wouldn't advise you to try to invade.


You're right Rob. When I saw Captain's reference to that Village Voice article it just brought to mind some guy my friend kept mentioning...which made me look up Tim Wise. I don't know anything about the author of the VV article.

Rob Crawford

They're all racists, Janet.

Or maybe they just hate all of humanity. Or they're just so god-awful stupid they can't connect their actions to the ample lessons of history.


To me, the white guilt is really self-loathing based on a fear of inconsequential and sterility when they are faced with the vaunting accomplishments of past ages and generations of this great civilization.

We have inherited a great and noble civlization, supreme in its accomplishments. A great many of us have more than our grandparents could ever dream of, yet we have in great measure not earned this legacy, added much to it nor properly husbanded what we have received.

Many boomers, if not more educated than their forebears, at least in terms of solid intellectual skill, were more exposed to that great culture, its works and it great men in their school years than were their forebears. It is a burden apon them.

They cannot contribute to that level of excellence. In fact, they cannot contribute to the nation even at the level of the common man of the WW2 years. Such great things the West has created, and such great things the nation has done up until their generation--what is their work?

Not to get mired in psycho-babble, but these people are so intimidated by the weight of the attainments of the past that they have regress into a sort of narcissist mania, sometimes adolescent and sometimes infantile, in order to deflect their own doubts about themselves and to blunt their self-loathing.

Narcissism is based on a false self that replaces a real self where that real self cannot be comfortable dealt with. Thus they must mock and deconstruct the past so that they might hold it in contempt. It is not so much "white guilt" which drives them insane as it is "self-guilt" projected onto Western Civilization, its project and history, its works and its people.

In fact, the only parts of their "white guilt" that has any reality at all are first, the vast accomplishment and attainments of Western Civilization, and second, the paucity of the contribution of these "guilty white lbs".

All the rest is projection, cant, fiction and rationalization.

And yet to believe what they do--that they are the superiors in this nation--they face a contradiction so severe as warp all reason and mind, corrode the psyche and corrupt the soul: How can they be so superior to such a superior civlization and yet have contributed so little, in fact cause so much damage?

Thus the so-called "white-guilt".

Our great mistake was humoring all these years. It is not that white guilt has driven them insane, but their insanity has driven them to "white guilt". It is just an outward projection of internal moral, intellectual and spiritual chaos, insanity and self-hatred.

You have it backwards.

As I have said before, one struggles in history to find a generation given such gifts and yet so gullible, so self-deceived and, above all, so destructive to a Civilization as this one. I fear that the West may not have the time to recover from them.


It is just an outward projection of internal moral, intellectual and spiritual chaos,

Like teenagers rebelling against their parents. Their whole lives & privilege are from their parents being responsible, yet they mock responsibility & morality.

(Another) Barbara

Well said, squaredance.


Here's a good read: Why the US doesn't talk to Iran. The author makes a number of good points, but overall his case is marred by his implausible notion that a "military-industrial complex" directs our foreign policy. Still, worth a read for his presentation of an Iranian viewpoint.

daddy the "Extremist"

Watching Cavuto,

He just had on an economics guy who said the answer to our problems is we have to continue Government spending, we just have to spend it more responsibly. More Govt spending will cause more jobs and get us back on track, so lets spend more, just wiser.

Reminded me of the Lisa links I did last night wherein she says "I don't think that the American taxpayer is concerned so much about how much we spend so long as we do it responsibly."

These people are crazy. Clean the swamp.

daddy the "Extremist"

Meg Whitman on Cavuto answering questions immediately.

She says these charges are a lie. She is saying this is a Political gimick led by Gloria Alred. Says' its simply politics as usual. Says her maid, Nicky, was a great person, is still a great person, and said they went through an employment agency to get her. Meg says after 9 years she came in and admitted she was illegal after which Meg said sorry, you have to go, we can't break the Law, and that's the last time she ever worked for her. Says Nicky is being used by Alred for political purposes.

Meg is doing great, coming right on out and upfront and Meg says she has all the Documentation from the Employment Agency when they hired her which shows her as a Legal alien. No fear at all.

I think she is doing great on this. I think this will boost her popularity. Somebody please post this when it appears.


daddy, I posted about this earlier on the media thread-good for Meg.. Keep your documents candidates! And I, too, think this hurts Brown. Alred as you recall tried something similar against Schwartzenegger and pulled the lawsuit right afte he won.

daddy the "Extremist"

Somebody please post this **Cavuto video** when it appears.

Sorry about leaving that out.

And if you missed this Lisa soundbite from last night, let me post a slightly better link ">http://www.thealaskastandard.com/content/lisa-murkowski-admits-shes-no-different-other-big-government-republicans"> Here

Lisa starts at 20 seconds, but starts off saying this "We want smaller Government, but boy I sure want more highways, and more stuff, whatever the stuff is."

Stossel says, "This is 67 pages of...I'd call it pork., going to Alaska"

Immediately Lisa answers: "Oh, you need to come up. You would realize it's not pork it's all necessity..."

And then it gets worse. You can actually see in her face and manner what a fun time she has reveling in her position of being able to spend us into oblivion. Frightening.



Catty WaPo piece from Dana Milbank on Valerie Jarrett, who isn't exactly the most popular gal in the WH it seems.

Rather telling bit in the second graf:

The capital is abuzz this week over who would be the new White House chief of staff if Rahm Emanuel goes home to Chicago to pursue his mayoral dream.

While that's an interesting question (the likely answer, at least on an interim basis, is longtime Hill staffer Pete Rouse, now a White House adviser), it doesn't tell you where the real power would be in the West Wing. It would reside upstairs from the Oval Office, in the second-floor quarters of Valerie Jarrett.

Is he saying she's more powerful than Obama?

daddy the "Extremist"

Thanks Clarice,

I am impressed with Meg Whitman for coming back immediately on the attack. Go for the throat Meg!

And having read yours I agree. I think this will make folks sick of Gloria Alred sick of her all over again. It's hard to say who I loathe more---Alred or Nancy Grace.


in response to the suggestion that US police forces have trained for and are equiped for this sort of attack I would say ... Don't think so ...
The police are trained to contain then negotiate, then when all else fails go in ...
an attack like this in a Mall would be done long before local police would be on scene with sufficient manpower and weapons ...
I'm sure there are plenty of individual cops that would try and take the fight to them if they were first on scene but given the likelyhood that they would be outgunned it would only be luck that would thwart any such attack ...
I am fairly certain that any such attack would most likely not be attempted in conceal carry states ...


A radical idea from Robert Wright in the NYT:

A One-to-Two-State Solution

This week’s bad news from the West Bank — the resumption of settlement construction after a 10-month moratorium, just as a new round of peace talks had gotten underway — didn’t much dampen optimism among seasoned Middle East watchers.

That’s because there wasn’t much optimism to dampen. For the past few years, more and more people who follow these things have been saying that the perennial goal of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks — a two-state solution — will never be reached in any event.

These experts fall into two camps.

The more upbeat, while pessimistic about a two-state solution, hold out hope for a “one-state solution”: Israel gains uncontested possession of the West Bank and Gaza but gives Palestinians who live there the vote, and Israel evolves from a Jewish state into a stable and peaceful secular state.

People in the other camp — the pure, 100-percent pessimists — say that even if such a thing could work, even if a democracy with about as many Arabs as Jews could function, it isn’t going to happen; most Israelis would never admit a large and growing Arab population to the electorate.

For a peace deal to happen, Israel’s centrists need to get jarred out of their indifference.

But there’s a third possibility that nobody ever talks about. Pursuing a one-state solution could actually lead to a two-state solution. Instead of following the current road map to a Palestinian state, maybe we can get there by detour.

One key to working up enthusiasm for this detour is to get clear on the nature of the roadblock.

It’s common to say that Israel’s intransigence on the settlements issue reflects the growing strength of the right, especially the religious fundamentalists who do much of the settling. But at least as big a problem as the zeal of the radicals is the apathy of the moderates.

A recent Time magazine cover story — “Why Israel Doesn’t Care About Peace” — explained why many Israelis just don’t think a peace deal is all that important: they’ve already got peace. Ever since Israel built its security wall, they’ve been safe from suicide bombers, and homemade rockets from Gaza can’t reach them. They’re prosperous to boot. What’s not to like?

So long as this attitude prevails, the far right will have veto power over policy in the occupied territory. For a peace deal to happen, Israel’s centrists need to get jarred out of their indifference. Someone needs to scare these people.

There’s a way for Palestinians to do that — and not the usual way, with bombs and rockets. Quite the opposite.

If Palestinians want to strike fear into the hearts of Israelis they should (a) give up on violence as a tool of persuasion; (b) give up on the current round of negotiations; and (c) start holding demonstrations in which they ask for only one thing: the right to vote. Their argument would be simple: They live under Israeli rule, and Israel is a democracy, so why aren’t they part of it?


daddy, there's a CNN/Time poll that says Miller and Lisa are tied//I assume they are sampling adults, have rigged the questions and are polling far more Dems than Reps.

daddy the "Extremist"


That's frightening, but that's also why I've been playing Cassandra up here. Each and every day it's another attack ad on TV and the ADN and the Alaska Dispatch about how Joe is extreme or didn't pay an extra 45 dollars for a fishing license back in 1994 that he legally wasn't required to pay but lets slam him anyhow.

And on the other side? Nothing. Lisa is wonderful and so nice and her seniority so important and the Native corps want her and don't even mention that he dad gave her the seat initially or the Kenai land deal given to her for $100,000 less than the appraised value, etc.

It's simply dishonest all the way around. The only saving grace is Talk Radio, and her supporters there are saying that Joe's ads are too angry and inflammatory. I'm not trying to scare you guys, but am trying to give you my honest appraisal of what I see up here. Please continue visiting the comments at the ADN, if only to recommend the better comments. Can't hurt, may help. But man, the more I keep hearing these Lisa soundbites, the more dangerous I realize she is for our country. Seriously, watch that Stossel one up above---it's sickening.

Anyhow---off to work now. Should I use the stun gun, the tranquilizer dart, or ">http://www.neatorama.com/2010/09/23/woman-fights-off-bear-with-zucchini/"> the zucchini?

daddy the "Extremist"

1 last OT,

You guys had mentioned you found it odd that the bad Prosecutors in the Stevens case were off continuing to do their stuff as if nothing wrong had happened at all.

A recent story in the ADN about it linked to this TPM story:

Don't know much about that website, but thought this part interesting when talking about the Steven's Prosecutor who just killed himself:

"But Marsh was bothered by the fact that William Welch III and Brenda Morris, two other prosecutors who were also under investigation, were allowed to continue prosecuting cases. Morris popped up in a corruption case in Alabama, while Welch is stationed in the U.S. Attorney's office for the District of Massachusetts and has a role in the prosecution of some high-profile leak cases.

"When the shit hit the fan -- regardless of what happened or who was at fault -- in a high profile case like this, the mistakes go higher up the chain," the friend told TPMMuckraker.

"It seems odd that if four people are under investigation for possible criminal wrongdoing, two would be taken out of litigation, and two would continue on working on high profile matters," the friend said. "That raised questions with Nick."

">http://tpmmuckraker.talkingpointsmemo.com/2010/09/stevens_prosecutor_felt_hung_out_to_dry_during_misconduct_investigation.php"> Link.


From a commenter at Ace's:

Whitman got more documentation for employment for a maid than we got from Obama for his employment as President.





I could not find the Cavuto interview, but I did find this ">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTt5yOL45BM&feature=fvst"> video of the republican leaders and how they pick candidates like Meg.

I had no idea.


Anyone watching Dinesh D'Souza on Beck


That was some video of Mukowski, daddy.


Porch- my suspicious mind believes that Jarrett's family helped get Barack to University of Chicago, perhaps with daddy Ayers.
Supposedly, Jarrett met Barack when she was interviewing Michelle for a political position. She became a confidant very quickly, if that's true. She even helped counsel Barack about going to Bali to get his book finished.

I think Jarrett is his mommy figure.

Melinda Romanoff


She's another minder, like Rahm.


She even helped counsel Barack about going to Bali to get his book finished.

Wow, she talked President Dilligence into screwing around on a tropical island for six months not doing the work he had already been paid for? Smooth talker, there.


Boehner surprise: Dems barely get votes to adjourn after floor speech

House Democrats on Wednesday barely won a 210-209 vote to adjourn the House without extending the Bush tax cuts.

Thirty-nine House Democrats voted against adjournment after Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) urged opposition to the motion in a floor speech that said it would be irresponsible for Congress to leave without providing certainty on the tax issue. Dozens of Democrats in tough races voted against adjourning.


From Porchlight's favorite go to blog...New Zeal on the Jarrett Obama connection


He attributes the fluctuation in business to normal stuff, had no idea what the Tea party stands for, and says: "I don't care what the government does.

Remember, that is the attitude of about 65% of America.

Most people do not vote...


Thanks, Rocco.
I think the other interesting tie is Valerie Jarrett's mother to UC and Chicago education projects, something Daddy Ayers was very involved in. It has been reported (TM has investigated it) that Ayers and Obama worked together on an education initiative before Obama went to Harvard law.


Do we need new literacy tests for voter registration? How will the dead fare?


"He's an arbitration/mediation service. Top Notch."

Oh. An amoral opportunist.

Captain Hate

Ext, I'm really interested in that item which was the topic of a thread at AoS. At least one of the donks that the DNCC is pouring money into his campaign in Ohio (John Boccieri, a real POS) with scummy ads against his opponent (tbh they're some of the better, as in not vomit producing, donk ads I've seen although they may all be packs of lies) voted for adjourning so I'm not sure WTF is going on with that.

What should really be interesting in Ohio is the state attorney general race since there was a major indictment by the Feds against Cuyahoga county commissioner Jimmy Dimora (a 400+ pound goomba who you know is mobbed up just by initial appearances) prior to which nobody acted like anything hinky was going on. The current guy isn't an obvious crook but I don't think there's any way he doesn't get swept in November by claiming he didn't know anything.


MayBee, I have it on good authority that the Univ of Chic law school did not want to hire Obama as a lecturer and some strings were pulled to get him that job. Also that he was dreadful at it and the professors were besides themselves when he was (incorrectly) described as a constitutional law professor there.


Also from New Zeal...9-28-10

Terror Suspects were Active in Obama's Socialist "New Party"

The New Party folded in 1998 after its voting tactics were ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. The FBI is now undertaking what has become a high-profile investigation of former members of the organization. Was Barack Obama a member? Undoubtedly. Will the FBI investigate him? What do you think?

Reminded me of the Lisa links I did last night wherein she says "I don't think that the American taxpayer is concerned so much about how much we spend so long as we do it responsibly."

Well, sure. That's exactly what we tell our teenagers when we hand them our credit card for a night of shopping. Run up the bill all you want, just don't buy dumb stuff.

What's that? You don't give your teenager the credit card? Yeah, me, either.


--I have it on good authority that the Univ of Chic law school did not want to hire Obama as a lecturer--

Unfortunately 52% of the American people did.
The LIC, Lecturer in Chief. Hell to the chief.


These are the same people who did the Murkowski poll, four years ago, in the LUN


Well, you Alaskans here, are the people up there really that stupid?

This changes my notion of the state.

In this context just what does "too extreme" actually mean? I had thought that this slander only worked in the metroplexes.

I find this bizarre and saddening. The choice could not be more obvious. Are you fellow Alaskans so taken in by media manipulation.'

We had thought better of you in the lower 48--indeed, we look at you as one of the few pockets of the old America left.

Chilling indeed. Say it ain't so.


second-floor quarters of Valerie Jarrett.

Does she live in the whitehouse?

Anyone watching Dinesh D'Souza on Beck

Rocco, I was floored. I thought it was an incredible interview and it goes on tomorrow.


Completely O/T - been busy at work and not even sure what subjects you all are discussing, but I heard a great story from my boss today.

We were talking about Gloria Allred's latest stunt and how notorious she is. He says a couple of years ago he was attending a baseball game in the LA area. Gloria came into the stadium and was headed for her seat and the crowd all started booing at her. He said he has never seen anything like it before or since.


Dick Morris: Obliterating a generation

Now the field of battle will increasingly shift. The marginal Democrats — the freshmen and sophomores — are mostly gone. The seats of Southern conservative Democrats largely already lost. Now the combat shifts to the previously safe seats occupied by many in the House leadership, including, perhaps, the seats of Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (Md.) and Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank (Mass.).

This new attack will force the Democrats to spend their resources defending their base and make it even easier to pick off marginal members. And while Republican resources shift to the previously solidly Democratic districts, eager donors anxious to develop relationships with the new Republican majority will fill their shoes.


That last were the people behind the Politico poll, not the CNN but their track record is spotty


Oh, those wacky Tea Partiers, trafficking in conspiracies again.

There is a wonderful conspiracy theory propagated by Tea Partiers that has been making the rounds in the financial markets for the past several months. In a desperate attempt to salvage the November election, president Obama has ordered Fed governor Ben Bernanke to flood the system with $2 trillion of liquidity.

He doesn't bother to actually name any Tea Partiers who are making this claim, of course. I've heard this, but not from people I'd consider Tea Partiers.


There really aren't even a pretense to standards anymore, in the LUN



Yep...can't wait for tomorrow's show. I was surprised Beck didn't know who Edward Said was and his influence on Obama


Janet--"Like teenagers rebelling against their parents."

I have always thought the same thing, even when I was a teenager. I thought rebelling against one's parents was childish, unrealistic and the height of ingratitude. Contemporary Liberalism seems to have the same impulse--including the idea that one's parents (country) has failed to live up to some unattainable standard of perfection and therefore have (has) cast shame upon the children, which must be cast out. (But they should keep paying for the food, car and school and come through when the chips are down, of course).


Actually, Edward Said probably wasn't as bad as the people who misinterpreted him.

Of course, the misinterpretation has damaged u repeatedly for more than 30 years.


damaged us ...

I Won

You know how those dishonest Republicans wrecked the car the last time we gave them the keys? Ended up in the ditch with Halliburton and WMD and Tom Foley.

Well, I am making it the top priority of my reelection campaign to have all driving on the left side of the road. That's change. Teabaggers will say No. That's all they know how to do. They say No. But it worked for Samoa. I'm willing to take ideas from anywhere.

Captain Hate

I was surprised Beck didn't know who Edward Said was

Possibly from having been a major soak, there are some gaping holes in the range of things you'd think Beck would know. Sometimes they can lead to unintentional hilarity, such as when he was mocking Bathtub Boy for his typically histrionic comparison of some recent event to the Dreyfus Affair (it was such a tortured simile that I can't even remember what Moo U's finest's object of reference was) and Beck thought he was referring to Richard Dreyfus. The outraged sputtering that must've caused the academically insecure gasbag only added to the already high hilarity.


WTF the senate polls blow. We will not take the senate.


Narciso, If you think that 07:59 story is bad,
look at this court ordered BS in California.
Yours is just one individual. There may be thousands in California.


--You know how those dishonest Republicans wrecked the car the last time we gave them the keys?--

Unless Congress is a potted plant on the order of Brendan Sullivan, this line of argument seems rather stupid.
If Congressional voting in 2010 amounts to handing the keys to the Repubs then the keys to the car were handed to the Dems not in Jan 2009, but in Jan 2007. If the Repubs will be driving the car if they obtain Congressional majorities with an opposition president then the Dems were driving the car in 2008 when we went into the ditch in the first place, no?


Rocco's post at 7pm reminds us:

"The New Party folded in 1998 after its voting tactics were ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court."


Obama was a member of this group at the time,
and the nation elected him as president knowing this? That defies all logic.



You may have no use for Beck, and I generally only see him as background music, but this interview made me sit up straight.


clarice- --I have it on good authority that the Univ of Chic law school did not want to hire Obama as a lecturer--

I can believe that. Giving him an office to write his own memoirs while not requiring him to publish for the University doesn't scream "We want everyone to know you are a part of our law school" or "We are hiring you for your scholarly legal brain"



Take a look at the transcript from Obama's Madison speech.

Bill in AZ sez it's time for Zero to resign

"Dems were driving the car in 2008 when we went into the ditch in the first place, no?"

Because the dems were driving a govmo electric, they have been uselessly spinning wheels ever since they slid into the pothole.
Reps would have been driving a big-ass 4WD pickup with winch, and had we even noticed the ditch, 4WD and the winch would have solved the problem.


Well he was teaching Alinsky power
relationships in that class that Cantor excerpted in her profile, back in July 2008


I suppose I could watch TMZ instead! I have some problems with Beck myself, he loses me when he starts preaching. But other than him and Trevor Loudon, no one else that I can think of is hammering his socialist ties. For that I'm grateful.


A picture of the guy that wrote the Village Voice article - White America Has Lost It's Mind

Here is more info on him...NPR, Saturday Night Live,...


But other than him and Trevor Loudon, no one else that I can think of is hammering his socialist ties.

Amen to that...My Mom takes notes when she watches his show (79 yrs old). She knows more about Obama than most MFM "reporters", thanks to Beck. I say God bless him...

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