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September 25, 2010


Off to walk the dog...Later.


I'll come runnin!

Off to walk the dog...Later.


I'll come runnin!

Army of Davids

Congress does us no favor threatening protectionist measures against China.


The philosophy of protectionism is a philosophy of war.
Ludwig von Mises

daddy the "Extremist"

Thanks Captain Hate for doing that.

Very sorry to put you to so much trouble, but I must say I do love it when you're angry and on a rant, so maybe something good will come of it. Nobody does it better!

Clarice, thanks for the Podheritz link.

The only gripe I have with him is that he says Colbert "was screamingly funny." I found the whole thing completely humorless. Perhaps it's because I listen to the funny stuff here or to Dennis Miller, but man, that whole bit was excessively lame.

Just for comparison, last week Dennis, simply in an aside, was mentioning how he had walked in to use the bathroom, and somehow a palm frond from some plant had fallen into the toilet, and by how it got wet or whatever, it somehow had for an instant startled and frightened him.

30 seconds later Joan from Burbank or whatever calls up.

Dennis: "Hi Joan, this is Dennis Miller, what's up in Burbank?"

Joan: "Dennis, with fronds like that you don't need enema's."

That was hilarious. Everybody was dying laughing.
On the other hand, what Colbert did, IMHO, was stale by even 7th Grade Standards.

Captain Hate

You're welcome daddy; it's part of my Tarhole outreach program which, if there is any justice in the world, should put me on the short list for the Nobel committee to consider for next year's honors; if this year's recipient is any gauge of qualifications.

I don't find Colbert's brand of humor funny at all. As I've stressed before, humor is subjective; I know my elder Hatette watches him semi-regularly which doesn't make me feel overly proud of the job I did in raising her. It was probably that year at Bard College.....

daddy the "Extremist"


It's interesting to me listening to that now, seated on a couch with a cold beer, how Pelosi said "I think it's great" at the end, pretty softly.

When I was hiking, dog and I were way up a beautiful ridgeline, visibility unlimited, working pretty hard, and that "I think it's great" comment immediately struck me like a cannon shot. Strange how my brain remembered that. I suppose it was partly that I was working hard, was already angry listening to Levin's previous comments and sound-clips, and that when Pelosi said it it really struck me and stood out for me as the height of dismissive outrageousness.

Again thanks for posting that.

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