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September 20, 2010



On Park 51 and special treatment for Islam under the 1st Am, I think Andy McCarthy's term of "preemptive capitulation" is accurate.

I also saw the NYT update on the Senate vote, they were emphasizing DADT, didn't mention the DREAM Act, and pointed out that it was unprecedented not to approve the annual Pentagon funding bill.

My favorite was that finding would be brought back up after the election when things were calmer.

Almost like a parody.


I am so tired of this carp. There are no laws that Democrats can break period. They are lawless:

Democrats Release Allen West's Social Security Number and His Wife’s Federal Employee Number.

hit and run

Lord Lindsey.He's yours, jmh

No,no,no. Lindsey's from Alvin Greene's state.

We don't have nuts like that running around here.

Instead,we've got fruits like John Edwards.

But we were smart enough to export him onto the national stage as quickly as possible in an effort to render him a laughingstock of fail. We're givers like that. You're welcome.


Put them all in jail Ann, starting with Eric Holder.

JM Hanes

For a Senate candidate in Alaska, I'd bet that getting booted as ranking member of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee would wreak a lot more havoc on Murky's prospects than losing sway on an Appropriations subcommittee.



But West won't apologize so what they did is not important. ::eyeroll::


oh, dear, Sylvia has turned up on the other thread. Things had been going so well today at JOM.


"I'm sure pofarmer can expand on the threat the EPA represents to American farmers"

There's not much to expand on. From dust regulations to carbon sequestrate to ridiculous engine emissions schemes, it all means one thing-your food costs are going up.

JM Hanes

Cheer up, ccal, it could be worse, IYKWIMAIKYD

Love those ::eyerolls:: Sue. I've missed 'em.


Thanks Pofarmer, I would remind every one that food costs are going up for 1 reason. That reason is: The left is running the largest scam ever. No good will come of it.

JM Hanes

This is a little something for anbody who decides they'd rather kick back over here for the duration.

Via Instapundit: What will the October surprise be? The offerings strike me as a little ponderous for what our Prez has dubbed the Silly Season. how about y'all?


Porch- the comment you made at 9:54 last night was so genius. I've been thinking about it since then.
(it was about The Bigs like Sally Quinn knowing that Obama was putting on a show by going to church, and being angry at us for daring to think he's putting on a show).


That unfunny idiot Margaret Cho

She didn't do half bad sitting in front of a keyboard smoking a cigarette in The Lost Room. Though I suppose that's not a very high bar.


Hey it was within a week....

Actually, the update to indicate that O'Donnell was the candidate occurred the day after the primary, or maybe the day after. Anyway, last week.

Here's the Vatican Bank story along with something I vaguely remembered from thirty years ago
From the article:

The late Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, an American prelate who headed the Vatican bank at the time, was charged as an accessory to fraudulent bankruptcy in the scandal.

He left a villa in Rome two hours before police arrived for the safety of the Vatican, an independent city-state. Italy's Constitutional Court eventually backed the Vatican in ruling that under Vatican-Italian treaties Marcinkus enjoyed immunity from Italian prosecution. Marcinkus long asserted his innocence and died in 2006.

I know that you will all be shocked shocked to learn that Marcinkus was from Chicago...

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Oh wow! I gotta look into this!

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