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September 20, 2010


Burnt toast

That was in 2007. Imagine what she'll come up with this year



I figured they'd need some folks in the suburbs, even though the suburbs bore Obama. I like the idea about veganism. What if the mom has one of those crafty/sew-y/garden-y/organic food blogs to promote Michelle's No Fat Child's Behind program? And the dad runs the local spy-on-your-neighbor program to make sure everyone is following all the recycling regulations?


The Hill:

Health plans in at least four states have announced they're dropping children's coverage just days ahead of new rules created by the healthcare reform law, according to the liberal grassroots group Health Care for America Now (HCAN).

The new healthcare law forbids insurers from turning down children with pre-existing conditions starting Thursday, one of several reforms Democrats are eager to highlight this week as they try to build support for the law ahead of the mid-term elections. But news of insurers dropping their plans as a result of the new law has thrown a damper on that strategy and prompted fierce push-back from the administration's allies at HCAN.

The announcement could lead to higher costs for some parents who are buying separate coverage for themselves and their children at lower cost than the family coverage that's available to them.


If she's said "human brain cells" She'd have been clearer and clearly telling the truth, smart ass.


I'm there Stephanie but not the golfing part,

Can't wait to hear though.


Pious Bible expert Sally Quinn from the WaPo says that the Obamas going to church has meaning because it means we are still a country of “prejudice and bigotry.”

?????So Obama going to church means I am a bigot? His action "makes" me something? How can that be?...
His going to church should mean he wants to go to church...unless he is putting on a show. Apparently Sally thinks he was putting on a show.



I was raised on a dairy farm and there was absolutely no way we drank the milk from the cooler. We had one Jersey cow that we milked last and saved her milk. Mother made butter from the cream and we used her milk for cooking, etc. We did not drink it.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CC! Hope you had a wonderful day.


They all think he's putting on a show, Janet. But we're not allowed to think the same thing. To us they say: It's outrageous that you should question his ardent Christianness!

Only they are allowed to do that, because they support him.



I wish we had taken bets on how long before the Obamas paraded themselves to church. It was inevitable. And yes, they were putting on a show.

Captain Hate

Burnt Toast is just glad that Guam hasn't tipped over.


When I am in Europe I often eat raw milk cheese. It's very delicious and people are not dropping over from eating it. Perhaps the process of cheese making somehow kills the bad bacteria. And I do know there are farms in the Netherlands and perhaps elsewhere that are specially inspected to be sure the unpasturized milk used in the cheese making is free from harmful germs.

Jim Ryan

What the -!!

I haven't known the proprietor of WUWT to be an excitable sort, but this post is an exception. If the facts in this post are right, this is beyond outrageous. First they came for the Australian farmers....




I don't think Mackloserski can win. People have got to be mad that she didn't quit when she lost.

Jim Ryan

Jane, it's Miklishevsky.

Jim Ryan

Clarice, I'd eat Forme d'Ambert even knowing it meant it'd kill me within hours.

Danube of Thought

If God is truly just, He will allow me to bitch-slap Judy Miller before I am called to meet Him.

Captain Hate

I wonder if any of the trolls were in the Breitbart video. Btw, with a warrant out for Lindsey Lohan's arrest for having failed her first drug test (I honestly only know about that from the radio news) I'm sure we'll have a visit from her staunchest defender.

Captain Hate

Clarice, when I'm in France I'm down with the chevre.

DoT some people at AoS were really ridiculing her earlier. What is so annoying about her?


Well, my great-grandfather was an indian agent to several tribes, so I suppose my tastes permitted raw milk, which I dearly loved, cold from the cooler. Somewhere some biologist was claiming it was the taste of cow manure that made the difference. Could have been. Those were wild times in the wild west.


Not me. I hated the smell of raw milk. And since I had to help with the milking, it didn't take much for me to not want to drink the stuff raw. But if others want to, I have no objections.


Sue, I can understand hooking up the old Serge to a kicking cow can take the joy out of the product. My dad never drank milk. Not even from the market.


It was the smell. Especially after they had eaten bitterweeds. I drink milk everyday. Just not raw. We don't have a dairy anymore, so it is a moot point nowadays.


I just went over to Hot Air to see the Mackloserski ad and it has been taken down by the user.

It appears her name was spelled wrong at the end.

LOL, that makes my day!!!!!!!!

Ferdinand Frumunda

Are humans the only animal that drinks the milk of another animal? That can not be good for us. I'll stick to cheese made from human mother's milk (well, not my mother, that would be wrong).


I always thought Rousseau was full of it..so this story from Discovery News makes me feel vindicated somehow:

A massive deposit of mutilated and processed human remains has been found in the American Southwest. The remains and other artifacts at the site, Sacred Ridge in Colorado, indicate ethnic cleansing took place there in the early ninth century. The genocide likely occurred due to conflict between different Anasazi Ancestral Puebloan ethnic groups. Crushed leg bones, battered skulls and other mutilated human remains are likely all that's left of a Native American population destroyed by genocide that took place circa 800 A.D., suggests a new study... The entire assemblage comprises 14,882 human skeletal fragments, as well as the mutilated remains of dogs and other animals killed at the massacre site -- Sacred Ridge, southwest of Durango, Colo. Based on the archaeological findings, which include two-headed axes that tested positive for human blood, co-authors Jason Chuipka and James Potter believe the genocide occurred as a result of conflict between different Anasazi Ancestral Puebloan ethnic groups... The unearthed bones and artifacts indicate that when the violence took place, men, women and children were tortured, disemboweled, killed and often hacked to bits. In some cases, heads, hands and feet appear to have been removed as trophies for the killers. The attackers then removed belongings out of the structures and set the roofs on fire... The researchers ruled out other possible explanations, such as starvation cannibalism, traditional preparation of the deceased, and even individuals targeted for practicing witchcraft. Cannibalism, for example, usually involves bone marrow processing. Witch roundups tend to affect a relatively small number of victims. In this case, a large group of people was dispatched at one time.


If you think man in his natural state is wonderful thing YMMV.


If someone, somewhere drinks raw milk...does THAT action make me something? How can I escape being made into something by others actions? Help!!!


I married a dairyman - city girl, country boy - and used to help feed the calves (which, I though was nasty). Of, course I tried my hand at the milking machines (not able to even attempt the hand milking into a bucket without getting squeamish).

The husband had Holsteins and I did drink a small bit of raw milk out of the refrigerated storage tank. Thought it tasted pretty okay, but it was icy cold, which is always my requirement with any milk.

Since I am late to the thread - how did we get on the subject of raw milk, anyway?????

Rob Crawford

Are humans the only animal that drinks the milk of another animal?


That can not be good for us.

Why? It's food. It's food that doesn't require you to slaughter the source, and that can be preserved.



It probably cuts out the middle man and unions in particular. Just a guess on my part.

Rick Ballard

The damned Pueblo would have been fine had they just agreed to spread all that corn they stored around a little bit. Selfish bastards - they even tried to hide it up in the cliffs away from the peaceful hunter/gatherers who just wanted a little bigger slice of pie.


D'oh - I think I get it now! It has something to do with how to spell Murk-cows-ski, right?


It appears her name was spelled wrong at the end.

Get out!!!! LMAO!


Yeah, it must have been the victims fault, now that I think of it, Rick.



I've been here all along and have no idea. But it didn't stop me from jumping into the middle of it. ::grin::


Are humans the only animal that drinks the milk of another animal? That can not be good for us.

Humans are also the only animal that does calculus. I guess that can't be good for us either.


That's true, CC. The ad was ridiculous. It was to teach people how to write in her name and they misspelled it.


"If the facts in this post are right, this is beyond outrageous."

That is probably the worse I've seen but all the western world seems to be determined to get everyone out of the farming business. I don't have time to post links tonight but I'll put some up in the morning> The Obama Administration is working as hard as any of them.

Melinda Romanoff


Sorry, I'm still an omnivore, except for the goats' waltz through the onion patch and wrecking the milk for two weeks (and goat cheese for life).

I have nooo problem with what comes out of the cow, so long as it's delivered to the right place, per item. Nor, for that matter, an ewe.

And I've "worked 'em both".


Clarice: dang it, if I read right the stupid ad has already been removed? And, I missed it? sheesh - I always appreciate a really good laugh.

Danube of Thought

"Are humans the only animal that drinks the milk of another animal?"

Watch a pride of lions with a kill. Blood, milk, flesh, bone and sinew are all part of the scrumptious meal: no protein goes to waste. Ditto the hyena, the coyote, the wolf and the jackal.

And how about "here, kith kitty kitty" with a bowl of cream in hand?

Melinda Romanoff


If you feel up to playing precinct captain and "greet" your known voters on the way into the polling station, you might want to solicit some funds for "palm cards", and meet those voters with a "firm" handshake.

Which is how we do things locally.

Just a tip.

Melinda Romanoff

which is what a "ground game" is all about.

G'night all!



To each his own. Which is why I don't care if others want to drink it raw. Just don't make me. However, if it was all that was available, I'd probably hold my nose and drink it. I am addicted to milk. Or so my family tells me. As an aside, when I was a baby, they had to give me goat's milk. My grandfather bought a goat and milked it by hand. I don't remember it, but whatever allergy I might have had to cow's milk went away at some point.

Which is a perfect example as to why humans drink the milk of other animals. Without it, I would have starved and you guys would have not known my awesomeness. ::grin::

Hope your special day was very special C-Cal.

Night y'all.


DoT - that is why we admire you so; you cut to the chase . . . and the kill . . . and the meal that follows. All succinctly.

Thomas Collins
"The remains and other artifacts at the site, Sacred Ridge in Colorado, indicate ethnic cleansing took place there in the early ninth century. The genocide likely occurred due to conflict between different Anasazi Ancestral Puebloan ethnic groups."

Boosh's fault for invading Iraq.


Here is the video of Bristol Palin on "Dancing With The Stars Tonight"

Bristol Palin Cha Chas Her Way Into The Judges Heart

I thought this was a bone headed move when I first heard about it but now I think it was brilliant. She is adorable and has great legs. Bring it On Feminazi! Hey, Margaret Carlson, Maureen Dowd,and Joy Behar, make my day.


DoT, I'm still waiting to hear about Judy Miller....

Rick Ballard


Perhaps a proto-Carlos Castaneda ingested a quart or two of 'magic beans' and cast a vision requiring a touch of genocide because Boosh was going to invade Iraq. My bet is still on punishment of those Scrooge McPueblos for hoarding their surplus. The survivors built Mesa Verde for much the same reason that the Italians built San Gimignano. They weren't just looking for a nice view.


Golly - typepad ate my reply to Sue. I said, nighty night, Sue and that every day at JOM was a special day!

Ann: I have never watched Dancing with the Stars, so I, too, was not real thrilled about Bristol doing this. Thanks for the link. She did good. Mama Grizzly should be proud.

Burton Cooper

Miller's performance on the roundtable, today,
almost made me sympathize with Fitz for once,

JM Hanes


"When I am in Europe I often eat raw milk cheese. It's very delicious and people are not dropping over from eating it. Perhaps the process of cheese making somehow kills the bad bacteria."

It's not the processing per se, it requires scrupulously monitored sanitary conditions (starting with healthy animals, I believe) which minimizes potential contamination of the milk product at every stage. The odds of getting sick may be pretty high, but years ago we had an acquaintance who ended up with a chronic infection from eating raw cheeses in Europe. I think it may have been something like brucellosis, which carries a substantial risk of relapses, but whatever it was in her case, it was a serious long term condition. I think drier cheeses are safer, but caveat emptor.


Yes, jmh, I looked it up after I posted and noticed that it's not recommended for runny cheeses like brie but seems to be less problem with drier and blue cheeses. The big wheel of aged gouda I brought in w/o problem even though it was from raw milk was from a farm certified disease free.

Of course, Europeans are mad for traditional foods. I remeber a few years back there was a revolt in Italy when the EU banned a Sicilian cheese that has live worms in it.

And in France they had a fit when the EU demanded cheeses be kept refrigerated and enclosed in cases.


Burton, I nver watch tv. What is "the roundtable" and what did she say?

JM Hanes

*the odds of getting sick may be pretty low*


She said the Tea Parties were going to hurt REpublicans more than DEmocrats, even Krauthammer took exception to that, and he also liked Christine's rebuttal to the witchcraft line


JMH and others: All I can say is . . .

THANK GOD I was not living in ancient times, nor was I a relatively recent pioneer woman!

Without all the "modern" conveniences, what kind of awful live would I have endured? Try to imagine 100 years from now how barbaric and backward our present day lives will seem.

Dave (in MA)

Is Harry Reid a friend of Bob?



Operation Embarrass
< a href=http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_upshot/20100920/od_yblog_upshot/british-forces-attacked-post-holocaust-jewish-refugee-ships>Brits tried to bomb Jewish refugee boats after the war

Progressive Jihad
http://biggovernment.com/amarcus/2010/06/15/the-progressive-jihad-against-israel/>Obama's buddies aligned with Hamas


I see DoT is back to borrowing slurs from Hitler and Farrakhan. And what do these three mean by "gutter" religion? Does that adjective have any concrete meaning used that way, other than to demonstrate that the bigotry of the person who's using it is unabashed?


Operation Embarrass.
Brits tried to bomb Jewish refugee ships after the holocaust


CC, I've been thinking about the future, how it's really unimaginable. I told my 5 y.o. granddaughter we didn't have tv when I was little nor dvds nor cell phones and she looked at me in disbelief. I remember my grandfather's Model T for heaven's sake. And when women wore girdles and hose and gloves and hats and when we dressed up to go on airplane trips.
The only thing that we can do to prepare the young ones for what's before them is to educate them as well as we can and help them to develop strong minds and bodies and character because I know they are going to need that.


Maybe it means that it turns out so many people like these Hamas thugs--who are as awful to their own people as they are to others.

They have now terrorized their co-religionists in Gaza.

http://cifwatch.com/2010/09/20/hamas-posts-new-schalit-animated-clip-shows-schalit-with-two-masked-men-and-ends-with-the-sound-of-gunshots/>If it weren't hiding as a religion, it would be outlawed

Dave (in MA)

http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_upshot/20100920/od_yblog_upshot/british-forces-attacked-post-holocaust-jewish-refugee-ships>Clarice's link.

He was targeted, but that's just part of it.

Jim, The L!ink U!nder N!ame goes to Bishop Hill's blog, where the thread entitled 'Read' has a very interesting discussion among 'atomic hairdryer', 'jerry', and others. Many facets to the story of the Australian feedlot, but yes, green authoritarianism now happily allied to ancient feuding of the neighborly type.


That's an extraordinarily disturbing revelation, but it does fit the description
of perfidious Albion to a tee

Dave (in MA)

A former coworker/facebook friend left me a note that http://img684.imageshack.us/img684/8807/timmybucks.jpg>this was a violation of federal law. I informed him that I'd keep my eye out for the culprit.


way, way back in long ago, the Mongols exterminated anyone who got in their way and Tamerlane exterminated anyone who got in his way and the Aztecs exterminated anyone who got in their way and there was just a whole lot of 'sterminatin going on. The Anasazi, the Hohokams, the early Peruvian peoples etcetera, etcetera, etcetera all disappeared under suspicious circumstances.

Then one day, the light of Western Civ and 6# 7 oz Baby Jesus came along, and slowly but surely, the 'sterminatin slowed down, and slavery was abolished and then came the 40 hour work week and tuna salad sammiches and then somewhere along the way society lost it all again with those crazy Nazis and Bolshies, although the good Christian folk said beware of false gods.

And then came Derrida and Sartre and relativism and that schmuck Fanon and his buddy Foucault, who had no basis in the foundational wisdom of 5,000 years, to knock out the foundational ethical system with no basis except the eternal "no" and here we are again.

Funny how Hitchins rejects the hope of and posthumous lifeline of faith, but at least he's consistent.

As to the rest of us, we'd better work towards not only a new political dynamic based upon sound principles, but also the underlying ethical and moral structure that underpins such a society.

The former cannot exist without the latter much as Hitchens, Dawkins and their allies would like to think so.


Clarice: You will appreciate this in the morning:

Colonel West and Obama on Islam

The Impeach Obama Campaign website links to a video that was put together on September 11, 2010, in which President Barack Obama and Colonel Allen West comment on the nature of Islam. Obama states "We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith which has done so much over the centuries to shape the World, including in my own country." Listen to West's comments on the subject, and like me you'll be saying - why isn't that man president?
Outsourcing Philippines

Informative post! HOpe people will focus on positive things when debating to shorten the issue.



Hope you are right about Murkycowskull.

I know the onslaught against Miller is going to be extensive, as it will be aided and abetted for free by the ADN and the local TV channels. I don't know if they'll be for the Dem or for Lisa, but I am positive they will be against Miller.

I am certain that the Military folks are going to be pulling the lever for a decorated Iraq soldier (Miller) over somebody who got the job from their daddy. We have 2 big Airforce and 2 big Army bases up here, but a lot of those folks are on deployment. I need to find out if Alaska is one of those states that was given permission to not have to comply with the Law requiring deployed Military folks to get their ballots in a timely manner. Anybody off the top know the answer to that?

I seriously doubt the folks deployed are going to be doing a Write In for Lisa. Soylent, if you are up, do you think the troops over there even keep up with such stuff? My guess is they would simply look for a name on the Ballot and put their x next to Miller. Might be interesting to see what propaganda might be included possibly as flyers in the package sent to those guys.

That also gets me thinking again about the matter of that voter Fraud Private Investigator that the Murcowsh#t campaign had flown up here during the Primary who supposedly engaged in multiple violations during the counting process. As I recall, he was reportedly taking down info numbers in order to be able to challenge specific Absentee Ballots, all in order to hopefully find some flaw to disqualify them. I think any investigation of that got dropped once she was mathmatically eliminated from having a chance to catch up. But since they already demonstrated that they would do stuff like that just in the Primary, who knows what they might do for the real election. I think shame and personal integrity left her campaign a long time ago.

And it'll also be interesting to see if Lisa finally whips up the nerve to appear on the local Talk Shows. My guess is no, because those guys are so P.O'ed at her for stiffing them the first time, and now for doing this Write-In campaign, that they will be relentless and ruthless in going after her with demanding questions. Thats something I'd love to see.


WSJ's Taranto writes: ``Kristof draws a false and offensive equivalence between Islamic extremists and American "extremists."''

But Kristof doesn't draw any equivalence, let alone a false or offensive one.

Rather, Kristof suggests that there are extremists on both sides that can benefit from a more empathetic approach to understanding the world.

Taranto recycles the false dichotomy shat by bigots everywhere.

Psuedo-Islamic gangsters these days are indeed much worse than most contemporary American extremists. The Nazis, in their day, were worse than the Stalinists and, perhaps, the Maoists too, were worse than Russia's communist cadres. This in no way diminishes the evil of any of those, just as the more dangerous, active and all-consuming evil of psuedo-Islamic gangsters does nothing to mitigate the bigotry of Koran-burners and their ilk. They teach this in kindergarten, many children don't learn it and manage to live to adulthood thinking two wrongs make a right.
Children, and a lot of wingnuts, are essentialists to a fault. Essentialism facilitates the binary view that if I am evil, my enemy must be good and vice versa. This is Taranto's ideological basis and it is an arrogant insult to his readers' intelligence.
Kristof's apology is not addressed to the tiny minority of Islamic gangsters, but to the vast majority who have absolutely nothing to do with terrorism, and never will.


Wow, Just saw that Lisa ad. Suddenly I feel a whole lot better about Joe's chances. (And here I thought the Dem candidate was the lousy one:)

That was fast approaching jumping the shark material. Even better, it was probably put together by the new campaign manager, since she just "re-assigned" the previous guy to less strenuous duty. And to top it all off, I noticed this little nugget in the story that you guys might have missed:

“We all know that Washington, D.C., is far too partisan right now,” she said in an interview from Anchorage."

And was she supposed to be doing this interview from Anchorage?

Hell no. She was supposed to be in DC since the Senate was back in session and her job was to be there doing the peoples business. She took the week off.

"We all know that Washington, D.C., is far too partisan right now,” she said in an interview from Anchorage. “And I think when we allow the numbers to dominate over quality, I don’t think that that helps us.”


Dave (in MA)
Informative post! HOpe people will focus on positive things when debating to shorten the issue. Posted by: Outsourcing Philippines
Even the spammers have issues with Androol.
Nox Edge

The firing of NJ Transit worker is totally justified because he has done something which is a sin in the eyes of God. Nobody has any right to insult of defame someone's religion.



Enjoyed that link. Rashid Khalidi really is all over. He shows up in education as well through Bill Ayers and Linda Darling-Hammond.

I read yesterday that Sunday's church visit was to hear the Founder of "American Task Force on Palestine" speaking on Two State Solutions" and that Khalidi was on that Board as well.

Has anyone seen coverage of the substance of the rare church visit?



In 1997, Bill Ayers and his mentor, Maxine Greene, had Columbia's Teachers College Press launch a series of books on social justice teaching.

Bill Ayers was the editor with Greene and Khalidi serving on the editorial board. Khalidi was the Edward Said Prof of Arab Studies at Columbia.

Wasn't Said BO's prof?

Didn't Ayers help write Khalidi's book too?

LDH was a frequent contributor as she was a chaired prof of ed at Columbia at the time.

I feel so much better that US schoolchildren in K-12 will be evaluated now using subjective, open-ended measures based on LDH's philosophies.

That was $160 million of your tax dollars awarded to her consortium.

Social justice can be really just for certain advocates.

Captain Hate

Nothing illustrates the lack of gonads in the Repuke party more than the lack of a strong response to Murcowski thinking she owns the Senate seat. This was an incredibly easy chance to coopt the theme of the Tea Party yet the Duke brothers are completely blind to it. I've yet to see any sort of forceful response to this undemocratic sense of entitlement from the party itself. Even Rove on Sunday pointed out what a foolhardy move this is yet Steele and Cornyn haven't said a thing that I know about. They should be exposing all the companies that are supporting this brainless whore through lobbyists because if the light is aimed at these cockroaches they will scurry off into oblivion.

I saw Miller on FNS and he's a damn good candidate, the type the Repukes should be promoting if they took their heads out of their asses. Like I've said, this election is a real eye-opener in a lot of ways and one of the biggest ones is just how much rot there is in the Repub party. I swear they're barely preferable to the commiecrats and deserve a complete fumigation. This is like the McCain campaign part 2. These pukes need to be tarred and feathered at the very least although I'd prefer hanging from lamp posts.


Cornyn was on with Ingraham, yesterday, Capt, from a PW thread, and he really has yet to notice how the pitchforks are out for his and like. They have guessed wrong in every single instance, that I can recall


Amen Captain.

and what a great post Matt -
As to the rest of us, we'd better work towards not only a new political dynamic based upon sound principles, but also the underlying ethical and moral structure that underpins such a society.
We are being led by corrupt grifters because our society has produced & rewarded corrupt grifters. I am starved for honorable men that boldly champion honesty & goodness. It is the grifters that are bold. We've all been quiet too long.
and like rse pointed out...how can men like Ayers & Khalidi be involved with teaching our teachers?
Like C.S. Lewis wrote -
"We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful."

Here is an interesting post on that at Caffeinated Thoughts.


In keeping with the subject of the thread, fi you wondered why it took so long to uncover
the real motivation behind Rauf's project, that's not an accident


Here's the Ingraham interview I was referring to, in the LUN

hit and run

And when women wore girdles and hose and gloves and hats and when we dressed up to go on airplane trips.

Sitting out on the patio this past weekend with friends,somehow the topic of "girdles" came up. I immediately chimed in with ... Spanx! ... and everyone looked at me funny.

"How in the world do you know about Spanx?"

"It's a blog thing. You wouldn't understand."

"Oh. You and your blogging. We understand completely."

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

If God is truly just, He will allow me to bitch-slap Judy Miller before I am called to meet Him.

Me too Dot, me too. Who is paying her for all this ridiculous dribble anyway? Clarice she's been all over Fox lately talking about how the Tea Party is helping democrat candidates.


That was a great video. On MSNBC this AM they panned her performance pretty much inferring that the judges hated her. What else would you expect I guess.

hit and run

Regarding Lisa M's write in campaign in Alaska -- I am reliably informed that the spelling of her last name is M-I-L-L-E-R.

And that you should only write in her last name for the vote to count.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

I am reliably informed that the spelling of her last name is M-I-L-L-E-R.

I heard that too Hit!

How are you plans to come to the Sturbridge Tea Party coming along?


I second Janet's praise of your post last night. That's it in a nutshell. We praise the individual liberties and free market system that have made this country what it is, but without a society that can self regulate through a shared moral and ethical code all bets are off.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had an unusual form of praise for New York's junior senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, this morning at the fundraiser Mayor Bloomberg hosted for him at his townhouse - referring to her as "the hottest member" as she sat just a few feet away, according to three sources.

Anyone else think they are having an affair?

Captain Hate

On MSNBC this AM they panned her performance pretty much inferring that the judges hated her. What else would you expect I guess.

LOL at those loser turds commenting on a show on a network that get RATINGS. Maybe Bathtub Boy and Rocky should show 'em how it's done. That unfunny idiot Margaret Cho got run, right?

LUN for Haley Barbour gets it but I think he overstates the case for the dimwits in his party.

Captain Hate

get == gets

Btw, any Repuke in the Senate that votes for this DREAM garbage (looking right at you, McCain) should be drummed out of office,


What was that Captain, the velociraptor dance,
in yet another sense of 'unexpected' irony,
Lindsay 'VF's cover girl, failed her drug test, while the subject of their hitpiece, has had a very good run

Haley's always been pretty good on things, he
understands unlike Steele, not to frag the Front lines,

Rick Ballard

Ras shows Liza Minelski not doing too well. Maybe she should call Crist or Castle for some advice?


"Nobody has any right to insult of defame someone's religion"

This is America, of course we do.

Jack is Back!

Morning all.

Has anyone else run across a story about the Obama's church service on Sunday? I just read some email being passed around that at that particular service was a Arab-American Muslim who was the guest speaker for the homily and his topic was middle east peace and the creation of a palestinian state. Next week there is another pro-palestinian speaker at the same service. Is this on the up and up?

Rob Crawford

The firing of NJ Transit worker is totally justified because he has done something which is a sin in the eyes of God.

Yahweh doesn't give a rip if you burn a book of lies. Nor does Loki, Saturn, Ahura Mazda, Shiva, any of the Divine Emperors of any of the lines that were given that title, Sol Invictus, Coyote, Tezcatlipoca, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Nobody has any right to insult of defame someone's religion.

Sure I do. Everyone does. The degree, frequency, target, and location simply determines whether you're being rude or you're being provocative.

Sadly, though, some people have decided that the tolerance for free speech can only swing a particular way...

Submerge a crucifix in urine? Provocative!

Elephant dung on a painting of the Virgin Mary? Provocative!

Wipe your ass on pages of the Bible? You're an oppressed darling of the left and your frequent murderous outbursts are solely the faults of the bloodthirsty Jews!

Burn a Koran? HERETIC!!!!~!!!!!



rse above mentions that too. I googled around a bit, but couldn't find anything.


Nobody has any right to insult of defame someone's religion

Well, to paraphrase Marx (from his early days, before he went totally around the bend):

Religion must be the philosopher's first object of critique, becuase if religion is exempted from critisism, then all ideas will eventually assume the mantle of religion to avoid being critisized.

Captain Hate

I liked how DoT used Calypso Louie's phrase, speaking from the al-Ron Hubbard, bowtie wearing, minstrel show faction of the religion of pieces.

Rick Ballard

What is Gov. Manchin Hiding?

Shrewd move. It's sure to help his Senate campaign.

Danube of Thought

Minus 19 at Raz today.

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