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September 15, 2010



Thanks Clarice. That is an odd detail- looks like a butt panel was sewn on.

Dave (in MA)

I thought it looked like the material that outdoorsmen's survival blankets are made of, or the stuff they line those pouches meant for tranporting food.


It is unfortunate that they talked her into making obesity fighting her thang.

Dave (in MA)

The Delaware race caused Lurch to spring into action, soliciting funds from his mailing list in a letter urging contributions to "make sure we defeat the Tea Party extremists".

A Boston Herald article quotes Instapundit:

"I think the Tea Party couldn’t ask for any better publicity than to be denounced by a millionaire who dodges paying taxes on his yacht"

Dave (in MA)

Speaking of Moochelle, ***new thread***

Danube of Thought

Interesting datum from Barone:

Only 13 million Americans have voted in Democratic primaries held before September 1, according to Curtis Gans of the Center for the Study of the American Electorate. During the same period, 17 million voted in Republican primaries.

As Gans points out, that’s historic. Democratic primary turnout has been higher than Republican primary turnout in every off-year election since 1930.

The whole thing is here.


It is unfortunate that they talked her into making obesity fighting her thang.

Truer words, etc.

Fat bottom girls they make the rockin' wurl go roun'.

Obese, she ain't. Big, yeah.


Are you sure that zipper isn't really her tail curled up inside of there?


No, she isn't obese. She is quite normal, I think. But there is something hilarious about the woman who used government aircraft to go to NY on a fine-dining date night telling the restaurant association to serve apple slices as a side dish.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

LOL Maybee.

Jack is Back!


That is weird. Our directories just came out and there is a Feldman couple - the wife is named Clarice and their permanent address is NW DC (your vicinity). Where they have their place here is on the ocean but not built on yet.

My oldest son runs a charter fishing company out of Siesta Key in case you are looking for some action in the gulf other than working for BP when next down.


That's true, MayBee, but she's not the body type for "fashion forward" clothing, which only emphasizes her flaws (and we all have them except maybe Carla Bruni) and her eating habits tend toward hamburgers and ice cream nor broccoli spears on foam.


her eating habits tend toward hamburgers and ice cream

and white orphans from any state with a panhandle.

Seriously, if Michelle Obama ever offers you "cheese and crackers", RUN!


snort, bgates!

clarice- being a girl with a bit of a booty myself, I would loooove to have access to designers who would personally tailor their clothes to most flatter me. I don't understand why she doesn't let that happen. Her people dictate measurements to the designers, which seems bass-ackwards to me.


She has been very ill served by her staff, who do her no favors

Off to work, but a quick comment from Jim Geraghty tweet:

"Surprising bit from Rasmussen: Delaware "voters not affiliated with either major party prefer O’Donnell by eight points."


Of course Geraghty is surprised. He got into the O'Donnell food fight a few days ago and seems to have blinders on. Even if he doesn't like O'Donnell, the high turnout on Tuesday plus her margin of victory should have alerted his horserace/pollwatcher antennae that something was going on.

I'm not at all surprised by this poll.


Her people dictate measurements to the designers, which seems bass-ackwards to me.

It is, totally. It reinforces my belief that nobody can tell Michelle anything. Either they're all scared of her and keep their mouths shut, or they tell her the truth and she yells at them. Probably the former.


It appears that the DE GOP has updated their web site to feature Christine O'Donnell under "Our Candidates."

Looks like she's a heavy coffee drinker. I count three on the desk.


"I started to look at voter turnout in Alaska after reading a "Tea Party" story that stated it was "dismally low, at about 20 percent." Oddly, ABC showed it at "a measly 45.1 percent." Over at the Huffington Pose, they had it at "a turnout of 54.9%."

Very odd. The latest "Big Lie" ?


Am told the latest Primary polling was about 34% of Registered voters which is respectable. Things to consider about our voting numbers are that we are heavily military up here, and large chunks of them are deployed overseas, and we know how that Absentee Military Voting business is still broken. Second is that we have so many far flung small native communities out in the bush, that it is not unusual they don't vote much, since all we have are 2 senate seats and 1 House seat, most of which have been in the same family hands, (Stevens, Murkowski,Young) for on average 30 years.


The web site also says "102%" percent, which I take it to mean she's gotten to a million dollars in contributions, and a little more.

(insert Howard Dean Krakatoa "yeah" scream)


Whoops, pardon me. It's O'Donnell's own site that says 102%.

It still merits Krakatoa. :-)


Heck, all she has to do is pick out designers who do work she likes and invite them to the WH. They'd fit them properly and help her pull the stuff together to be the most flattering. Who wouldn't want that kind of publicity?

They'd also help her figure out how much she really needs..It's not as much as she apparently thinks.


JIB, I do own that property but do not plan to build on it. It is a gorgeous lot, isn't it?


P.S. JIB,If you send me your son's contact info at Clarice.feldman@ gmail.com I'll save it. I have no immediate fishing plans, but we do go out on occasion.


Don Surber--via BOTW
The Democratic Party is doing an oppo research dump . . . hoping something sticks because they know they are dealing with a woman who is potentially the hottest commodity in politics. She is an attractive, articulate conservative. . . .
I changed my mind. She will win in Delaware and zap resources from other states as Democrats go after her in a way they never would have attacked Mike Castle.
In 24 hours, I have switched from Castle to O'Donnell to really thinking she will prevail.
So I am back to Square One. A 54-46 Senate with Republicans picking up Arkansas, Delaware, Indiana, North Dakota and Pennsylvania.


I hope this proves too fashion forward even for MO.


http://www.nydailynews.com/lifestyle/fashion/galleries/simply_sheer/simply_sheer.html>Don't go here Michelle


My promblem with O'Donnell is not her politics, she is not too conservative for me, but I have doubts about her character. If it was just the lies about how many counties she won when she ran against Biden, or just the frivolous lawsuit against a conservative non profit, or just the fact that she was less than truthful about her educational background or just the fact that she did not pay her taxes in 2005 and they put a lien on her house or even just the fact that she used campaign funds to live on and did not pay the help ...or if it was just the quips about whether or not Castle was gay...it is all of these things together that make me wonder about the woman. I know a lot of people do not want to hear that, but if she has any chance of winning these kinds of things need to be dealt with or negated or something.

And I be honest, I was put off by some of the stuff some of her high profile supporters like Mark Levin had to say about anyone who did not feel comfortable with the woman. I also thought that Hannity and Rush were less than honest about Castle's record. The man is a typical New England Republican in a blue state. He won all those state wide elections by appealing to the constituents as a large group, not just the Republican base.

He did not vote for Obamacare or the Stimulus, even though Hannity originally said he voted for Obamacare and Rush said he voted for the stimulus. The man is not a big conservative or anything, but he is not as liberal as the Democrat who will probably win this seat.

As for Rove, he did not really say anything that was that awful. He is like the mean coach that tells you just what you have to do to win, he is not going to sugar coat the situation and pretend there is not a problem, even if that pisses people off.

I doubt if O'Donnell can win and to be honest, I think her greatest liability is her own past.


I doubt if O'Donnell can win and to be honest, I think her greatest liability is her own past.

I was clear that I did not want her to win the primary. But now that she has, I'm perfectly willing to wait and see if she can win the general. No need to determine that now.


Maybee, yes you are right. I agree, I was just talking about going forward and what obstacles she might face. The general election will include independents and democrats in a traditionally blue state. That does not mean it is impossible for her to win, anything is possible, but people who are ideologically attracted to her are not so concerned with some problems in her past..however, that will not be true in the next election. I am just saying that will be her greatest challenge. I think some conservatives think it is just about conservative vs. liberal, but when it comes to a general election character can matter. That means she has to deal with these issues.


A little too late, for that, I haven't seen anybody pummeled so viciously andunrelently since well two years ago. You would think Patterico was the fracking Huffington Post, Yes there'll be plenty of time, for her to answer whatever discrepancies there are in her credit report, and then what. Meanwhile
every moment of the day, there is another
WH or Congressional initiave, to rob of our freedom, our honor, (in some respects) and
with Berwick, our very lives. Those are the kind of things, that get Mark and the lion's
share of us, concerned. It was not a matter of if Castle would backstab us in this endeavor, only a question of when.


" I think her greatest liability is her own past."

That's what I think about Democrats. How does one convince anyone to vote for them with the baggage that just saying "I am a Democrat" brings? I thought that when John Kerry and other Democrats in the US were leading the charge for the North Vietnamese Communists and nothing since has changed my mind. Coons admitted he is a Marxist. Millions of people in numerous countries have died because of the actions of Marxists and yet there are still people in Delaware that planning on voting for him. It truly amazes me.


I don't think the WaPo has yet gotten around to tell its readers about the Eleanor Holmes Norton tape released by Breitbart. And she, a Yale law school grad and federal court clerk and her husband, also a lawyer, cheated on their taxes for years, and compare how many know that....


Ah, Pagar, you reminded me of the Winter Soldier investigation, where American servicemen in Vietnam, where I do recall, he's mentioned in passing that he served there, or that Kansas City meeting for VVAW, where some in the group, considered the assassination of recalcitrant US Senators on the war


(( even for one who had been a participant with three previous presidential hopefuls.))

((I don’t know about right now, because I have not been there in over a month. But I still hear things, and I know what it was like when I left. ))

((Maybe that is why Obama seems so detached – not so much the stress of the White House, but the stress of personal issues. I can certainly relate to that kind of situation.))

((I don’t see the Republicans offering up a candidate as powerful as Obama. I mean Sarah Palin? Really?))

Above are some clues to identity.

Sounds young. Sounds female - especially that last. I can just picture the eyeroll. Sounds like a breathless young female just eager to dish the dirt to Oprah.

The article is dated from last week.

Bailey McMoulthrop

As a Delawarean and as someone who has run for public office here, I can tell you that the state GOP was train wreck before and is in shambles now. It was a direct reflection of and a shill for Mike Castle and I hope the house gets cleaned out after the general election. Keep in mind that Coons was not primaried and has been sitting back watching Castle and the GOP hierarchy here slam O'Donnell for months. There is a lot of uncertainty about her tempermant and suitability for the Senate but there is no uncertainty about Coons. He is a tax and spend lib who Harry Reid described as his pet. The Tea Parties need to take over the state parties for any lasting change to take hold.


That's what I've come to discover, from my cursory examination of the situation, Copland, Clatworthy, Ting, no great stars


OH... there is a part two from the insider.

But I won’t be the last one from the current administration coming forward. After the midterms, there will be a number of us speaking about what is really going on in the Democrat Party,

Cue Flounder from Animal House



HO-LEE Shit...

What scares you more as president – Sarah Palin or Barack Obama? (Hands to head) Oh boy. What a choice! People would kill me for saying this – actually you know what, there are more and more of us Democrats saying what I am going to say in one form or another… Sarah Palin understands America more than Barack Obama. Yes, she has a minority of our far left who hates her, and some in our media are part of that group, but overall, she seems to get America. Americans aren’t a complicated people, and neither is Sarah Palin, so that probably works in her favor. But President Obama is just out of touch. He really doesn’t understand what America is. What it’s about. Or who it is. And that is a real problem for him – and the Democrat Party at this moment in its history.

Are you saying you would vote for Sarah Palin over Barack Obama? No, I don’t think I could do that. As much as I admire Palin’s ability to connect with the American people, I just can’t stand her politics. I am a pro-choice Democrat. I support unions. I support welfare programs. Sarah Palin understands America, but that doesn’t mean she understands the best parts of America. That being said, I think President Obama understands hardly any of America. That is probably a big reason he appears so lost these days.


Get behind O'Donell?
I am for it!!!!
Masterbation is the road to hell!?
Feel the flames!

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