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September 03, 2010


Danube of Thought

I anticipate a new torrent of preening.

Frau Sowienoch

Jack D from Shanghai commented:
This is not denying the building of a mosque in Manhattan since I understand that there are over 100 in Manhattan alone.
This is about opening a wound not yet healed for many in the Manhattan and greater New York area.
We are dealing with emotions tied to a collective memory that is still a nightmare to many who were covered with the dust and ashes from the Twin Towers not so long ago.
The dust and ashes may have been washed away but only time and consideration will heal the hidden wounds of the people so gravely effected.
Don't judge the people of New York for their feelings. Judge the developer for his lack of consideration for the unique nature of the situation. Shame on him for his stubborn pride and lack of compassion for his fellow men.

Of course, Jack was belittled for not supporting the mosque "and show the world what our values are." Find the 'preener' in this picture.

Thomas Collins

My favorite sentence from the editorial is this:

"Building it would be a gesture to Muslim-Americans who, of course, live here, pray here and died here, along with so many of their fellow Americans, on that awful September morning. But it’s all of us who will benefit."

Even the Sulzberger interests concede that GZM is at best a "gesture" (not a surprising concession given the sketchy state of the project finances and the fact that this was originally a condo development project). By the way, speaking of gestures, has the NY Times written an editorial excoriating the governmental officials who appear to be giving the "finger" gesture to the Greek Orthodox Church project (which would replace a house of worship that actually existed in the Ground Zero area before the 9/11 attack).

Elroy Jetson

The New York Times is still in business? Did they get a federal bailout while I slept?


Another Religion o' Peace update:

Muslim">http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20100903/wl_nm/us_dutch_wilders">Muslim cleric calls for beheading of Dutch politician.


No, it was a Mexican bailout.

Matthew Crandall

If the leadership behind this mosque "community center" wanted to show their civic mindedness, they should offer free life-time memberships to Hirsi Ali and Salman Rushdie. Right, bubu?

Matthew Crandall

Oops wait, Hirsi and Salman's lifetimes might be dramatically shortened if they hung out with too many practitioners of the religion of peace.


Concerning Wilder's, (linked above), the Dutch politician that the Muslim cleric wants beheaded:

"he has been in the news for plans to speak out against a planned mosque in New York City on September 11, the ninth anniversary of the attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people."

Should make things interesting in your town TM.

"(Wilders) views have also made him extremely popular with a segment of the country uneasy about the Netherlands' commitment to multiculturalism."

Can't wait for Mayor Bloomberg and our unbiased Press to jump in on this thing.


You got your preener right here.

Hooray, another Utah senator will soon be toast.

Earl update.
I'm waiting. Two short rain storms and otherwise it is still calm on the water. It is pretty uncomfortably hot and muggy and difficult to have everything open to the air in case of a sudden start to the real rain. I am at a dock with two big anchors going in both directions up and down stream coming from my stern.

We are most threatened by other boats nearby which are not being tended properly. Especially a blue trimaran across the river that has no anchors out and the sails still on the rigging.

Thanks for your concern,Ann and Porch.


Oh, my. Oh, my, my, my.

I just downloaded the epub version of Arabian Nights that Barnes and Noble is making available for free this week and loaded it into Nook running on my iPad.

While scrolling through it, what do I come across but the words "Jewish," "Christian," and ... "Musselman." (The History of the Little Hunchback)

I'm so scandalized I don't know what to do.

Thomas Collins

Daddy, I think "beheading" is a metaphorical Sufi term that means "change your thoughts from material things to a higher level of beingness." Certainly members of the Religion of Peace don't mean literal headchopping.

Captain Hate

Is Pinch's strange sympathy for the plight of the rock worshipers a reaction to his lowlife family ignoring and under-reporting of what was happening to the Jews in Germany prior to WW2 or a further manifestation of the Shitberger family values?

Thomas Collins

At least it wasn't "Mohammedan," PD.


I know! I'll set my iPad on fire. That will teach it to display that naughty word.

Rick Ballard

"Certainly members of the Religion of Peace don't mean literal headchopping."

Absolutely true, TC. Headchopping only occurs when the scimitar wielder misses his mark on the neck. The muslim sects which prefer sawing to chopping avoid this problem entirely. One must seek to be precise in these matters. The difference between those who prefer sheep to goats runs along much the same lines and the one hump versus two hump dispute wrt camels is best left entirely unexamined.


Thanks Caro,

So Orrin Hatch is now backing the GMZ Mosque. Obviously it must be a good idea.

Wonder if the Australian Muslim Cleric, Feiz Muhammad, who wants to behead Wilder's, has collected any funds for the Ground Zero Mosque? Am sure our media will get right on investigating that.

Anyhow, this makes me think that we need a JOM contest this Friday evening. Best lyrics for your version of Rodger's and Hart's classic: ">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYPoEGAttB8&feature=related"> "BeWitched, BeHeaded and BeWildered."


or Mahometan


Perhaps one of our better-memoried commenters, if not TM himself, can remember the specifics -

in 2002-2003 (I think) there was a Islamophobic Hate Crime alleged against America due to somebody dropping a soda bottle on a block where there was a mosque - but the person who dropped the soda bottle didn't know that there was a mosque on the block.

Yet it was classified a terrorist incident.



I started referring to the GZM
as the GZDFM - Ground Zero Debris Field Mosque.

It staves off the whole "2 blocks ... Burlington Coat Factory" counterargument ... for a bit



I believe it was this label from a ">http://www.pickledpolitics.com/archives/35"> Burger King Ice Cream Cone that sparked that particular jihad, but I won't swear to it as I'm not an expert on all the fast food packaging that might promote fatwah's from the Religion o' Peace.


Taranto does a lovely job with this. I think its a Pinch death wish-- means to offend anyone in NYC still not offended by the NYT.After all, he got the rest of the country to flee--now there's just a patch in upper Manhattan to be dealt with.



Get a license number.

Danube of Thought

My favorite part of the editorial:

New Yorkers, like other Americans, have a way to go. We stand with the poll's minority: the 27 percent who say the mosque should be built in Lower Manhattan because moving it would compromise American values.

Aren't we fortunate to have that 27% who comprise our moral superiors around to school us about how we should really feel? Perhaps it's time someone quoted Cromwell to Pinch: "I beseech you in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken."

And maybe Pinch and his insufferable editorial board might want to inquire of the huge majority who oppose this thing as to their understanding of American values. But no, enunciating those values is what we have the New York Times for, and the rest of us should all shut up, listen and learn.

Kevin B

There couldn't be any Saudi money helping to prop up the NYT, could there?

Nah, that's an unworthy thought. It's like suggesting that the good mayor of New York is so heavily invested in the Gulf states that he has to support the mosque.

Oh well, as the bard nearly said:

"Alas New York."


I think it's hilarious that Gamal and Rauf, two obvious grifters with a long, easy to find history, hoodwinked the entire self styled opinion elite.


the 27 percent who say the mosque should be built in Lower Manhattan because moving it would compromise American values.

Let's say this thing was always going to be built in Brooklyn, and then in fact did get built in Brooklyn.
Would there be a hole in our hearts, a missing piece in our American values?
Would people walk around saying, "You know what would have been great? If someone had thought to build that 2 blocks from Ground Zero."? I'm guessing no.

To people who want it built near GZ, why is it so vital it be there?

Melinda Romanoff


Stay safe, but if you have a chance, and the drift is just right, don the oilskins and adjust that Tri's sheets with a hatchet. Mind you, clean the cleats of the debris for the next customer.

Otherwise the dock'll get trashed too.

The harbormaster might even appreciate the help. Who knows?

 Ann  Mongrel

The Tea Party has an official song:

Never Gonna Stand For This by Teachenor Clark

Terrific video and pictures of Tea Party rallies too

h/t Michael Ledeen NRO


Is a torrent of preening now to take on the same nature as a murder of crows? I vote for it.

Captain Hate

I think it's hilarious that Gamal and Rauf, two obvious grifters with a long, easy to find history, hoodwinked the entire self styled opinion elite.

I'm sure these pampered, one might say preening, effete jackasses are used to getting a car service delivering them to the executive entrance; away from all the hoi-poiloi and riff-raff where the bunko artists would liberate their ill-gotten disposable income within a matter of minutes.


Ann, the video is wonderful!...You have shown me so many great patriot music videos. Thanks!!


Just watched it too.

Will pass it on.


I'm off topic again, but I've been tracking in my head when the fall of Barack Obama started in earnest. It seems to me the oil spill coalesced most of the country against him. Before that people were concerned, but they hadn't decided he was an utter failure.

I think that is interesting because arguably Katrina did the same thing to Bush.

Does anyone see it differently?


MayBee, I want it built. In fact, I'm going to start raising money to put a fountain in front, with a statue of Osama bin Laden peeing on a small Jewish child and wiping his ass with an American flag. I doubt I can get the health inspectors to approve actual feces on the flag, so instead a flag will be smeared with dirt each day and then inserted after the previous day's flag is consumed with fire shooting out the ass of the Osama bin Laden statue as the muzzein announces afternoon prayers.

Talk is cheap. Obviously anyone who doesn't stand and cheer at this idea is a hopeless bigot, but I don't think anyone can claim to be any better who doesn't write a sizable check for this monument to what's best about America.

I'll also be approaching the State Department to demand funding to fly representatives from Hamas and al Qaeda to the site. Until we have government funding for foreigners to advocate the violent overthrow of the government inside the United States, our pretense to valuing freedom of speech is contemptible hypocrisy.

And if you think any of this is not the best thing you've ever heard in your life outside the Holy Qu'ran, you're probably the kind of waste of flesh that hosts a tv show on Fox News at 3 in the morning.




Stock price seven and change......and they don't own an online college to mask the earnings.

Captain Hate

Jane, you might be right in that the momentum really began to pick up, but that was a strange one to get a handle on, mainly because of how the MFM reported it. They wanted so badly to make Ear Leader into some sort of conquering hero, particularly in contrast to the cartoon figure they created of Bush regarding Katrina, but it didn't happen. They had the eeeeeeeevil BP to use as a default villain but people noticed quickly the double standard that was being employed and they had no control over it,

But for me the point where Toonces started losing it badly was the Cambridge police acting stupidly comment. I still don't think the dumb bastard understands just how badly he screwed up because he was just in his "community organizer" role in which garbage like that always got a pass from the MFM. That was an eye-opening moment for a lot of people that had voted for him hoping he was as good as the campaign bullshit promised; nothing has happened subsequently to bring them back in the fold,


bgates, we need to get yu your own show.


The Cambridge cop was such a class act compared to our ungenerous, arrogant President, wasn't he? And who do you think 67% of the people in this country identified with..the asshole or the decent working stiff? Remember this was just a few months after the Joe the Plumber fiasco.


From a post at Tappers

TAPPER: Do you think diversity on an economic team is important. In other words, is it not as good if everybody on an economic team is a white man?

ROMER: I think it’s certainly important, you know, to have ideological diversity.

It suddenly dawned on me why I'm so annoyed by the "overwhelmingly white = racist" meme employed by so many against Beck's dealio and the Tea Party.

Look right there- regarding diversity, race and ideology are used interchangeably. Meaning, it is assumed not-white people have a different point of view than white people. That's diversity.

Now, you would never be upset that people all of one ideology are meeting at an event designed around that ideology. And you can't be upset that the ideology of "white people" doesn't match the ideology of "black people" if you assume that black people by definition have a different viewpoint than white people.

It seems to me you either have to say putting non-white people on a task force is meaningful because they will have a different opinion.
Or you have to admit your desire for "diversity" is just about color, and not opinion.

Sorry if that makes no sense.


OMG!--re Caro's link. I'm down here in southern Utah, so grateful Bennett's on his way out the door, and now Hatch thinks the Victory Mosque should be built on Ground Zero? How could he possibly equate building Mormon churches with Rauf & company's deceptive mission? I don't share Hatch's faith, but I hope those that do, don't also share his total lack of clarity about the proposed mosque.

Rick Ballard

"Does anyone see it differently?"


This might be the wrong crowd to ask. All I've seen from Obama is continuous confirmation of my opinion of him from the beginning - an incompetent liar without a single accomplishment that isn't owed almost entirely to AA. It might be fun for you to push Dick on the subject of when he discovered that Obama really is Chicago gutter trash.

Bgates could run up a "Was it when..." list for you that might pop a few veins into view on Dick's forehead.


--ROMER: I think it’s certainly important, you know, to have ideological diversity.--

Yeah, Barry's team spans the spectrum from the Bolsheviks all the way to the Mensheviks.


MayBee, as usual, it makes perfect sense.


This might be the wrong crowd to ask. All I've seen from Obama is continuous confirmation of my opinion of him from the beginning


Well I know but the rest of the country wasn't quite as fixated as us. People pretty much forgave him for the Gates fiasco and everything else until he fell off the cliff. We went from democrats v republicans to crash and burn pretty quickly when it started.


I'm really glad you are back posting.


Thanks Jane! I was afraid I'd come back to a you-less JOM. Good to see you today. xoxo


Before that people were concerned, but they hadn't decided he was an utter failure.

I felt the concern spiked when Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. It was so absurd that I think people started waking up from the hype.

Captain Hate

Jane I think it's impressive that Dick has soured on McDivot. Was that because of your prodding or has the state gradually come to its senses with the election of Scott Brown? Or has the Kennedy curse been mercifully lifted?

Rick Ballard


Looking at the Rasmussen Trend and reading from the bottom in the Strongly Disapprove column, I see inflection points in March '09, July '09, December '09 and June '10. They aren't super strong inflections but they may tie to specific gaffes. My steel colander memory isn't up to the task of tying specific idiocies to specific dates.


Hey, keep that thing out of Brooklyn.
Are you insane.

Put it Jersey City, or better yet, in Yonkers or somewhere in Westchester.

I know, put it right next to MOMA in midtown.


If you didn't watch the video Ann linked, go watch it! Now!


Maybee,Jane and I were talking about what will happen when the newly elected black Republicans try to join the CBC.

Tell me if this gets boring. There is still not much wind to speak of and the rain stopped hours ago. A few of us went out to dinner at the Lobster Trap where they are already set up on generator power.

Mel, I wish I had a hatchet. Maybe the cordless drill will work if I can get close enough.


"Let's be very honest about what this is about.
"It's not about taxes.
"They have no idea about what the Boston Tea Party was about."
"That's right."
"They don't know their history at all.
"This is nothing but a bunch of tea-bagging rednecks."
Comedienne - Janeane Garofalo
She gets funnier and funnier the more she talks.


Or has the Kennedy curse been mercifully lifted?

Well, the offshore wind farm did just pass its next regulatory hurdle. I imagine Teddy not being around to NIMBY it was a plus to that effort.


When did Obama go off the cliff? Dunno, but what's interesting from the responses you all have had to the question is the vast number of incidents to choose from. The biggest challenge seems to be to narrow the pool of candidate events.

And he is leader of the free world? Really? Whoa.


BP announced they are opening an oil drilling rig next to Sea World.

I mean they have every right to do it...right?


Maybee, not a chance they are getting rid of me.

Capn' Dick, didn't vote for Obama altho I think that had more to do with something more colorful than policy. For the first year it was all about the "if he doesn't turn it around he won't get re-elected" cliche, and now he is more concerned. He gets his news from ABC and the Globe so weekly I come armed with stuff he has never heard of, and then a few days later after I've mentioned it, it shows up on his news - typical internet v MSM stuff. But I think he generally believes me at this point.

I think he can't quite figure out why he is a democrat. But I will say this for him, he gets along with both sides very well. Caro and I were lamenting that it is very hard for us to hang around with liberals these days, but Dick is much more mature in that regard.

The waves are kicking up in Nantucket Caro, they say they will get to you around 11 or so.

Rick, it would be interesting to reflect on what happened then. July '09 was Gates I think, and June was probably the oil spill. december must have been health care - I don't know about March 09.


Caro, I'm not the least bit bored about your adventure.


"When did Obama go off the cliff? ""

The point is Obama hasn't changed at all....the media simply covered for him and his con worked to get him elected, but those who realized he was a con prior to the election knew this was coming.

He was and is a anti-American, Social Justice radical who sympathizes with Socialists, Communists, etc.

Danube of Thought

outside the Holy Qu'ran

Get on board, bgates. Don't you know that the more apostrophes you use, the more sensitive you are to Islam? That should read, "Q'u'ra'n." (I know, I've got two consecutive letters there without an apostrophe, but there's a limit to how deferential we English-speakers can be.)


I think he can't quite figure out why he is a democrat.

Must be the only democrat in existence not defined by identity politics.


Keep the updates coming Caro. I love dramatic weather although I don't think I would like to be on a boat as a hurricane wanders by - close or not.



I'm quite confident you have a hatchet somewhere. Or you could just make one - now where did you leave that hook?


Hey, Caro--The Lobster Trap is the best! But if the hurricane isn't going to be a dud, (and I'm thinking and hoping it is) I'm surprised they are open. Not the best place in a big wind. Take care.



To answer your earlier question, I think the first significant bump was the Cambridge police remark. But the real slide began after the Christmas Day bomber. I was actually surprised by the hit he took - it was big and it was sustained. I don't think he's really recovered since then - it's been a steady slide.


It's good that you're all well, Caro, Jane, TC, OL, usually we are worrying in this neck of the woods about storms.

I've never met Dick, but he sounds like the sensible old school Democrat which one encounters a lot around down here. This GZ
Mosque think is done, like the Norwegian Blue,
it's going nowhere fast, just another example
of Bloomberg and the administration 'acting


OL--Re: Hatch and the GZM.
Just ask Jane and TC, they'll tell you all about the Mormon-affiliated terrorist attacks on the most cherished landmarks in Belmont, MA killing thousands. (for some reason it didn't get much publicity outside the greater Belmont area) The locals were obviously not motivated by religious bigotry in opposing the Mormon temple that Hatch speaks of. No, it was respect for the dead, a sense of decency regarding a sacred place.
That they couldn't see their way clear to show just how tolerant liberal-Americans can be when confronted with outrageous provocation in the guise of religious freedom is a shame, but shouldn't set a precedent for opposing a huge victory mosgue at ground zero by The Religion of Peace.
No wonder Orrin is confused.

Jim Ryan

If they don't rebuild the WTC just as it was, they should put Gaudi's never-constructed skyscraper there. Pure strength.


the Christmas Day bomber

Ahhhh I forgot about him.


Whatever you do, Caro, skip the Geraldo bit (clinging horizontally to a pole to show us the strength of the wind).

Old Lurker

Thanks Narciso.


"When did Obama go off the cliff?"

Bill Ayers, during the first go round at Columbia?


Yes he was sent by two of those quarrelsome young lads, freed from Gitmo. Al Shehri and
Al Harbi, mentored by that other great scholarly moderate Aulaqi, but more importantly the sense of utter denial revealed
in the administration's response made it plain, that they aren't even ready for Red Eye


Hi all! I have been packing all day and shopping for nibblies before the family vacation on the Pacific coast.

To any of you on the Atlantic coast still worried about Earl, prayers are with you.

I don't know when, exactly, BOzo began to slide with the idiots who voted for him, but I can say with some certainty that he finally LOST many of his media constituency with his first Oval Office address. They were completely blindsided by his ineptitude.

Anyway, it doesn't really matter, does it? For each of his acolytes there is probably a notable moment when he revealed himself to be totally incompetent. We, who always thought he was, can only roll our eyes and wonder at what took so long.

Captain Hate

Sorry Jane; I guess I had your broadcast partner pegged incorrectly in whom he voted for.

Good point Porch; the mishandling of the would be Christmas bomber let the nation know that just dumb luck was on our side. Plus it has the added bonus of Steadman Shabazz Holder being involved along with Butch "my voice causes impotence" Napolitano.


The problem is Captain, their learning curve is still less than zero, as the Times Square bomber proved, someone who flies in from Pakistan, having abandoned his home, almost
a year earlier, who had some of his emails flagged for suspicious behavior


--Anyway, it doesn't really matter, does it?--

No it doesn't cc. What's important is keeping the skids greased in front of him until he squirts right out of the West Wing, not when he first started sliding.

Captain Hate

Yep narc; it was failure on top of failure that led nobody to have any confidence in the crew of dopes.


The owner of the blue trimaran returned and brought his barking dog. I think we are the only souls on boats in the area.

The rain is coming now, but still not much wind. I am watching the weather radar and see that OL is in the red area while I am still in the yellow.

I went through a real hurricane at anchor. It was Lily,in 1996 I think. At anchor the wind is always on the bow and I was able to keep the main hatch open to see out. Now I am all boarded in and seeing what is going on is difficult. So far I am vertical and not even rocking.

Jane,you mean I have to wait another hour for the action to begin?

Annoying Old Guy


"Mahometan" - I live near a town named "Mahomet", named after the founder of Islam. Can I call people who live there "Mahometans"? Or is the very existence of the town an offense?


"I think it's hilarious that Gamal and Rauf, two obvious grifters with a long, easy to find history, hoodwinked the entire self styled opinion elite."

I found it more "as expected". As far as I can tell, our "elites" like to be taken by grifters. Hence Bonfire of the Vanities. Or Obama.

Obama Ex Oficio


Jane,you mean I have to wait another hour for the action to begin?

Sorry bout that. Perhaps a glass of wine might help.


"Mahometan" - I live near a town named "Mahomet", named after the founder of Islam. Can I call people who live there "Mahometans"? Or is the very existence of the town an offense?

Is this the one in Illinois?

I suppose if you find a Sunday School picnic there, you might have found some of the famed "moderate Mohammedans"


I made a mistake on that last radar map. OL was in the GREEN. Martha's Vineyard was red. Now I see OL is getting into the yellow and I have some red headed my way.

The is more enlightening than staring out into the black night.


caro, I think it's super cool that you're weathering this on a boat. You must really love that boat.


Bozo began to slide the minute he opened his mouth on inaugural day--just steady rushing ripples spanning out from an immense and monstrous bullfrog tossed in the pond

First and straightway, lovers of poetry where hit smack in the ear (Oh that ghastly parody of poet and her doggerel), then the waves when ever outward striking one group after another.

Really it was just one flap after another, some within hours of the other. The MSM kept covering them up almost as fast as they came so it is all a jumble, and they messed around with polls to hide the disillusionment and contempt. They still try this but there are now more holes than buckets in that lifeboat.

The first major national shocker, however, was the very first apology tour tour into the the heartland of the Mohammedan (talk about preening). This upstaged the tantrums of the sage of Harvard's Black Studies department. Most Americans, after all, have no idea what "Black Studies" are in the first place. They do understand dishonor however. In any case, it is confusing because the two are really only within two weeks of each other. One is whipsawed between two outrages in lees than a fortnight.

This is really the key to it: it is less about one thing than it is a case of the average citizen get time to actually get his jaw shut again long enough to think about it all.

One hopes that somewhere out there the GOP is preparing ads that will force us to return to each outrage one by one.

In terms of ability to shock alone, Obama has inextricably changed America political life forever.


Square! Please no talk about holes in lifeboats tonight.


No I don't think so, in a dozen years, or so, there will be another figure, who will be touted as the great Democratic hope. Carter was the first post partisan they tried to sell us, his successor, Clinton was a failed one term governor, at the time of the former's political demise, Obama was an unknown state legislator, who had been beaten at the community organizing game by Bobby Rush, in his first run for high office, as the year 2000 ushered to a close. So some schlub two years from now will be their next big hope, then.

Two years ago, today, someone took the stage, in Minneapolis, and laid out what we would be facing, she dissected like her very
field dressed moose, the pretense behind the One, and the media's "Technicolor Dream
Coat". For this she was trashed unmercifully
and without scruples, but that doesn't change the facts.

 Ann  Mongrel


We not only have mama grizzlies on our side, we have true grit women. Can you make a video campaign ad while you are waiting for the storm. We could take it and compare it to Jimmy Carter's canoe trip with the killer swamp rabbit.



Kidding aside, you are my hero tonight! Please keep safe and report back when you can.


The perfect contrast, in the LUN


Ann,I did see a coyote on the river bank. But we will have to fake it cause it is just black outside. Jane was right though. The wind is picking up. I don't think it will get to 40mph so we lucked out. If that blue tri gets loose and hits me --THAT will be the subject of a video.

 Ann  Mongrel


Believe me, if that blue tri gets loose and hits you... you will have the best lawyers to take care of you at JOM!

Hang on Caro. Keep reporting so we know you are okay.

Melinda Romanoff


Too late now, but I would have thought stepping the mast might have been a pre-emptive strike.

Right after cleaning your neighbor's cleats, of course.

Just worried for you, and the banging both girls are going to take.

Many prayers at you, and your girl.

 Ann  Mongrel


Did you see where CNN is reporting that Sarah Palin has never hunted in her life?

CNN Gusess Whos Never Gone Hunting? Sarah Palin!

Here is another:
Does Sarah Palin Really Hunt?

So telling, isn't it?

Modern women that believe in something bigger than themselves, know how to handle a gun or a boat in a storm, have conservative values, believe in capitalism, life and the constitution, and don't depend on the government for their existence are the enemy.

We have come a long way narciso and the fight has just begun.


Thanks,Mel,she's a good one. And I try my best.


Is that just LOL, or LMAO, then again i'll answer the way Gibson would say "CNN, never
heard of it, better check the cables"


She ought to offer to take Chrissie and Anderson on a hunting trip with her.


Mel, will I get something more than a fumblebutt award for winning a 650 comment post?


Well,I think I will try to get some sleep. We seem to be in a green patch here, and I think OL and Nantucket are pretty much out of it now. It wasn't as bad as predicted. No putting on the diving mask to go out and check the chafe on the lines.That is a good thing. Thanks for hanging in there with me, all.

Strawman Cometh

"the banging both girls are going to take."


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