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September 03, 2010



Happy birthday RSE!!! May the NSF bugs not bite!

Melinda Romanoff

Just finished making gazpacho, my recipe, thank you.

I used most of the tomatoes, so I'm going to have to load up again if I'm going to make The Two Fat Ladies' Tomato Summer Pudding. This would be my idea of a heavenly dessert. Perhaps, it needs a a diving board.


--now your dog goes peeing in the kitchen? JOM is going to get X Rated!--

There once was a dog from Nantucket.....


Dear First Lady.

There are hints that Congress, worried about its re-election prospects, will block the further theft re-allocation of food stamp funds to your signature, important program of bringing healthier, locally grown food to high school cafeterias where overpaid SEIU kitchen workers can turn it into better, more nutritious food for our children so they won't have fat behinds like yours.

Get out there and speak, up, girl. Stand up for your well-considered and important program. No more ice cream and french fries and burgers like you are always eating for those kids.Let them eat arugula!

Your friend and great admirer ,Jane Woodworth
(Do you want my tax ID # for future audit purposes?)

Thomas Collins

Rick, I agree that the author of the Der Spiegel piece substitutes prog trust cues for analysis (where would progs be without Tea Party members to mischaracterize). I think the author goes about as far as a postmodern prog can go in recognizing the bankruptcy of Obama's approach.

By the way, speaking of bankruptcy, I wonder whether you and other JOMers tuned in to the financial world have talked to local bankers about the so-called financial reform law, which supposedly was going to rein in the big banks. The local bankers I have been speaking with are really concerned that the primary impact of this bill is going to be to force bank consolidation, because the regulatory regime is going to be too much for the locals to cope with. Can you imagine if Bush had supported legislation favoring big banks (many of which are essentially welfare clients of the Feds). The Krugman and Frank yells would have been deafening.


Mmm , Mel. We're almost finished with my gazpacho and I think I'll use some of the remaining tomatoes for the Julia Childs tomato quiche I'm so crazy about..And then I've some wonderful mozzarella to make salads with the rest..The end of summer is so delicious.

Did I mention this year's delectable white peaches?

Melinda Romanoff


Not to sound too much like Homer Simpson, but,

Mmmmmmm, donuts.

Ever have 'em in oatmeal with honey?


No, but I bet there'd be a whole lot less trash at school cafeterias if they served that.(As a kid I liked slightly stale ones toasted and buttered.)

Danube of Thought

The Euros are beginning to realize, I suspect, that for them to have a chance of continuing to be a post-modern playland polity, America is going to have to remain the self-evident truths polity.


Frau Jungfrau

Happy, happy birthday, rse and fellow Virgo. Don't pay attention to anyone who maintains we are the prisses of the zodiac.

When will we see the video of caro's harbor vigil? It was really good to hear from her this morning. I remember her cool, polite dismembering last year of Sen. Hatch's young flak-catcher who reluctantly confessed he was from "southern Utah" ... (Palm Springs). hah!
Rounding out his dismal PR performance, the VIP aide made the mistake of rolling his eyes as we left the office. Jean noticed and went back in and torched the place verbally. I believe she even put it in writing later.



I'm waiting for Canada to beg us to repeal Obamacare so that we can continue to serve as the relief valve for their socialized health system.


Happy Birthday rse!!!!

Hey Frau, I've been painting my daughter's room, now that she's off to college, so you'll have a nice place to stay for the next Tea Party. I'm working my little Luddite fingers to the bone just to please you...when ya coming?


Clarice, your Dear First Lady letter may have cost me a keyboard. Great stuff.

I like the "Let Mo be Mo" strategy. But let's apply it to her husband too. We need to let him know that he's really a great asset to the campaigns of Democrat Senators, Congressmen, and governors, and needs to get out there and stump for them. And he doesn't need the silly teleprompter.

Mark Folkestad

JimmyK, when I crossed the border from Blaine, WA three weeks ago, on my way to SE Alaska, the green young border officer accused me of wanting to settle illegally in Canada to mooch off their generous welfare and fabulous health care. He was totally disinterested in seeing my tickets for the Alaska ferry and for my return to Minnesota, my two grand in cash and seven grand-backed debit cards or my health insurance card. Try not to bust your gut laughing.

JM Hanes

Princess JMH and her husband (!) are now honeymooning on a beach in Brazil somewhere, after the wedding of their dreams -- notwithstanding a "full service" wedding caterer cum manager who seemed bizarrely determined to cut the bride and her mother out of the decision making loop! Time and time again, I have been astonished about just how unprofessional putative professionals can be, but never mind all that.

I have never seen my daughter looking more beautiful, or happier; the ceremony the newlyweds designed was simple, personal and affecting, and the sentiments expressed by the love of her life were everything a mother could hope for. The new in-laws got along spectacularly well, and in addition to the sense of a shared adventure, coming together in an isolated spot seemed to intensify the warmth of family and friends. For the first time in my experience, what seemed like the entire room at the reception rose to their feet and headed onto the dance floor the minute the band started playing -- even the bride and groom's octogenarian grandmothers!

Alas, the only thing missing was a sufficient disaster to serve as the basis of stories that could be passed around for decades.


Good idea, jimmy--you're in charge of that one.


Leon does prove Clarice's point, again and again, in the LUN. Honestly shouldn't there
be some facts in an opinion piece

JM Hanes

I sort of dived in without prelude, didn't I? But then the thread appears to have drifted somewhat already of its own accord. At the risk of seeming almost further O/T, and once again weighing just as others move on:

"[New York] has become a place like few others in this country, where the world rubs shoulders on subways, stoops and sidewalks, where gruff tolerance prevails and understanding thrives."

Except at the New York Times, of course. Tolerating strangers in public spaces strikes me as a pretty low bar. When it comes to rubbing shoulders in their own living rooms, New York may be one of the most self-segregating cities in America -- economically, ideologically, professionally, ethnically.....

"Sixty-seven percent thought the mosque planners should find 'a less controversial location.'”

Talk about defining brutishness down! Especially given the rather remarkable fact that 79% reported no negative feelings toward Muslims because of 9/11.

I sure wish we had a mole inside the Times, because I would really like to know who writes these incoherent editorials.


It sounds lovely JM Hanes! Disaster stories are overrated anyway...this "I have never seen my daughter looking more beautiful, or happier; the ceremony the newlyweds designed was simple, personal and affecting, and the sentiments expressed by the love of her life were everything a mother could hope for." sounds better!


JMH--what a wonderful report. It sounds beautiful and the idea of stuffing the caterer and tying her to the service cart sounds a droll and creative touch.



You put me in mind of a sort of sandwich that we used to enjoy all summer long when we were kids called Pane al pomodoro. You chop fresh tomatoes (preferably from your garden) into a bowl. Be sure to keep all that lovely juice. Add a little minced garlic and lots of chopped fresh basil. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt to taste.

Take a loaf of very fresh French or Italian bread, cut in half lenthwise, scoop out the soft doughy part and set aside. Fill the cavity with the tomato mixture, replace the soft doughy part and top with the other half of the bread. Slice into sections and enjoy a little bit of heaven.




Speaking of Michelle:

"The winners of the childhood obesity infographic design contest sponsored by GOOD and First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! initiative are in, and the overall winner calls out Sony's PlayStation as a major milestone on its timeline of childhood obesity (together with Coke, Pepsi, mall food courts, fructose and high sugar tariffs, TV, McDonald's, and other fast food). Somewhat ironically, the First Lady's other anti-childhood obesity efforts include a $60,000 video game contest."
hit and run

Oh,what a great report,JMH. Love love love Princess JMH,though I've never met her.

Blessings on her and her new husband.


genius, clarice. Send that letter!

OPM addict. I am loving that, Rick.

What can she point to as a signature accomplishment in that or any other position that she may have held?

Honestly? Keeping Axelrod employed between campaigns. Together, they came up with the scheme of kicking poor people out of UC's emergency room.


JMH! Lovely!
As time goes on, I'm sure you will be able to concoct enough disaster stories to keep everyone entertained. Made-up memories are often the most amusing.


Wow, PD.

I really don't think the First Lady of the United States should be any part of calling a brand name product responsible for obesity.

Besides, gaming is HUGE in Korea and Japan, and the kids are pretty darn slender. Pretty tacky to blame a Japanese company for our kid's problems.


How dumb does Lindsey think people are, rhetorical question, I know, in the LUN


Ha! Someone on the Sony Playstation = obesity thread asked if reading books also causes obesity. Snort.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Nothing like a daughter's successful wedding, JMH. May her marriage be happy and fulfilling.


"see Mrs. Obama as “a very accomplished individual whose talents appear to be circumscribed.” "

I thought her college thesis would have put an end to that line of thought.


you're in charge of that one

Dear President Obama,
I know you have been hearing that you are unpopular, that congressional candidate may be wary of your coming to their districts to campaign for them. Don't believe a word of it! This is just Fox News propaganda. If the Democrats are to keep control of Congress you must make it a point to visit the battleground districts and states.

And by all means, leave the teleprompter behind. You are at your best when you speak off the cuff and impromptu. And for your own image, it is especially important to get out there and show your athletic prowess, whether on the golf course, or a bicycle (don't forget that helmet!). Be a man of the people--those mom jeans really show you at your best.

Finally, stick to your guns. Those who disagree with you are racists, and you should let them know it. Most likely they didn't go to Ivy League schools, and you must remind them that you are better educated, smarter, and more worldly than they are.

Your most loyal supporter.


LOL Clarice - that was startling!

There once was a dog from Nantucket.....

While in Nantucket I saw a T-shirt that said:

"I am that man from Nantucket".

It was great.


JMH - how fun fun fun. And Congrats to the mother of the bride.

Frau, on our journey Caro and I were discussing that incident with Hatch's staff and how they laughed at us, and how we will soon be laughing at them. In fact we may go back on Saturday and tell them.

Are you coming this weekend?

On a sad note, I am wearing white, for the last time this year. (No it's labor day guys, not virginity)


Jane, just give up your tax ID #m and that letter is on its way..Jimmy, I take it your fine missive is already in the printer.

In my experience, jane, the more arrogant people are in this city, the more they know(a) they are frauds and(b) that the people they are dismissive of are better informed.

Melinda Romanoff


When I'm talking donuts, I meant these kind of donuts.

You can't have enough napkins. I bet they'd do very nicely in JMH's type of ground.



May your daughter and husband (!) have a long, happy and fruitful life together.

Sounds like it was a wonderful event, in spite of the "professionals."


"...and torched the place verbally."

Great line Frau.


Mel, when it comes to peaches..I like them all, but my favorites are ripe white peaches, ice cold from the fridge and sliced..plain..nothing on them..maybe a nice fruit liqueur or chilled rasteau if I'm in Provence where you can get that. Otherwise, no accompaniments.


Drudge says the NYT is going to run a story saying the Dems are planning a "firewall" to save the House.

hat would that be? Tying the Obamas to the stake, surrounding them will all extent copies of last years' ill considered legislation and burning it all?

Captain Hate

Congrats on a successful wedding JMH, despite the best efforts of the wedding manager; when our oldest got married the manager was extremely helpful and solicitous of our input. Don't know how it would've happened otherwise.

narc, the success of the Tea Party is assured if Lady Lindsey is making noises about wanting to play, to which the answer should be "Take a hike".


my favorites are ripe white peaches

Mine too. Our very young tree actually gave us six or seven very tasty pieces this year. Wonderful!


which would you think is "the most popular member of the Administration?"






You put me in mind of a sort of sandwich..."

I always thought of Melinda as more of a slice of deep dish Chicago Pizza.


"How dumb does Lindsey think people are"


I thought "hmmm, whats Lohan done now since getting out of jail?"

---the running into the baby stroller with the SUV?
---more drugs with Paris?
---decided to have the front gates of ">http://www.elvispresleyrunandwalk.com/images/site_images/elvis_graceland.jpg"> Elvis's Graceland tatto'd on her ass just above her crack?

And then I click on your link and see you were talking about the stupid Lindsey.

My mistake.


Sounds like you're good and rested, daddy..and full of it today.

Melinda Romanoff


Those are white peaches, just an heirloom varietal, very short season, and they do magificently near you.


Thin crust, extra sauce, slightly well done.

Captain Hate

decided to have the front gates of Elvis's Graceland tatto'd on her ass just above her crack?

I hate to admit it but I clicked on that link to see if that crackheaded idiot had added the worst tramp stamp ever.


--I like them all, but my favorites are ripe white peaches, ice cold from the fridge and sliced..plain..nothing on them.--

I prefer mine from right off the tree on a sunny day, just like tomotoes right off the vine at ambient temp.
Best peach I ever had was a yellow cling off a barely living old tree on a family ranch on a warm afternoon. Can still remember it running down my forearm it was so juicy.

JM Hanes

Many thanks for all the lovely best wishes!


I would dearly love to join you up to Washington again, but I'm afraid I'm pretty well exhausted. I came down with a vicious summer cold immediately after the wedding, natch, and a long fight with a camper which should never have been rented out, didn't help. I finally gave up and headed home, when I zapped myself on an electric fence designed to discourage considerably larger animals -- for the second time, after I thought I'd turned it off. I don't think there's an "Adventures Up North" blog in my future. :-)

JM Hanes

Captain Hate:


Do you know the derivation of that nickname? I've been meaning to ask for ages.


You deserve a rest. I'll be away for this one--but come November the party's on here!




You put me in mind of a sort of sandwich..."

I always thought of Melinda as more of a slice of deep dish Chicago Pizza.
daddy -


I meant her comment re: gazpacho. My apologies to Melinda!



Meant to say thanks for your Hitler/Tarheel Youtube link the other day. That was wonderful.

E-mailed to my whole clan with rave reviews. Many, many thanks for that.

And I imagine you caught this the other day from Instapundit, which probably planted the seed in my mind: Top">http://mag.rankmytattoos.com/top-twenty-worst-tramp-stamp-tattoos.html">Top Twenty Worst Tramp Stamp Tattoos.

(Safe for work, but yuck!)



The South Park take on algore.

Captain Hate


I'm glad you liked the Hitler/Hole Youtube; I think whoever did the scripting for it hit on all the right points to describe this upcoming season. Being in Cleveland, I'm familiar with some of Botch Davis's pressers where he will remark on how 5 plays led to a 30+ point defeat.

I saw that link @ AoS a couple days ago but didn't click it at the time. Imo tramp stamp is a very accurate moniker; not that I'm judgemental or anything...

hit and run

There are lives well lived, and then there are lives well lived.

And then there is the life lived by our dear friend Bad.

Sue Donovan.

Today would have been her 51st birthday.

I can still hear her laugh. Her joy. Her shear delight in seeing the good, the fun, the hope, in every situation, in every person. Her way of making those around her laugh as well. Her way of breathing life in those who did not face death quite like she did on a daily basis.

She lived her life like she would live forever.

And though her life on this earth was cut inexplicably short, I know that she will.

Happy Birthday Bad.

Thank you for a life worth not only remembering, but emulating.


Beautiful, Hit. xoxoxo




Mel, my husband brought some doughnut peaches from a nearby orchard and they were very ripe and good, but I bought a flat of large white peaches from California this week and they were even better--ambrosia actually.


Great job Hit.

Thanks so much. Am so very glad you took the initiative and went to see her. Great lady.

Melinda Romanoff

Thanks, hit, I needed that.

hit and run

Melinda,I haven't adequately expressed my thoughts and prayers for Mrs. Mel. She's a saint for putting up with you,of course -- but you're certainly earning your own sainthood in taking care of her. All my best to her.

Captain Hate

Thanks hit; for reminding us of bad on this day.


--Today would have been her 51st birthday.--

Hit, today is still her 51st birthday, just in a different and better place.
Happy birthday, bad!


Oh Bad,

How we miss you. Happy birthday our wonderful friend.


Happy Birthday, Bad!


Oh,hit,thanks for the beautiful tribute to our beautiful bad. I hope she knows how much we miss her.


JHM,sounds like a wonderful time. Especially that you love the groom.

We will miss you in DC.

Clarice, having your wizardry in the galley would be the icing on the cake.


Nest time we'll have to arrange that.



 Ann  Mongrel

I might have to bookmark this thread.

Happy Birthday, rse

Obama -21

A shredding of MO (thanks Clarice)

Caro is safe. Thank goodness.

Operation Airlift Soylent has been a success (thanks Janet)

Soylent ♥ Keep safe and God Bless you!

JMH is back. Woot! The wedding sounds lovely.

and today is bad's birthday:

Happy Birthday, dear friend. We miss you


Hit, thanks for covering for my poor calendar skills. And JMH, thanks for adding a bit more sunshine to Bad's birthday filling us in about Princess.



I'll contribute to a card (or whatever) to Frank, her husband of so many years.

Up for it?

Pure Hoodia

It is not a mosque, it is a cultural center. It is not near enough to be visible from ground zero. It is just people trying to create a controversy out of nothing.

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