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September 03, 2010



Nite, Caro. I didn't feel right going to sleep before you did.


will I get something ... for winning a 650 comment post?

No. And you did not "win."

Melinda Romanoff


If I was there, I'd be on deck, in harness, to watch the lines.

The Tri might have been retied as well, and billed for the line, thank you very much. Their sails? Cut and strapped, and I bet your insurance might just cough for half the cost of replacement, for their stupidity.

I hope he dropped them entirely. I can't imagine someone being that lazy, owning a speed sail like that.

Be very safe. And if you feel you have to cast off to save her, go with her only if you know you can do it.

And I'm really praying hard now.

Melinda Romanoff


Everybody wins here, you just think it was you, and it wasn't.

PUK and I tried to post inanities to get through 1K while a major debate was going on, we did, but only after others caught on we were pushing.

We even win with the different flavors of "Betelgeuse" when they crawl out of the DU to "demoralize us".

So, no win, but you didn't lose either.

Melinda Romanoff


sweet dreams...

Melinda Romanoff

and for four in a row...

G'night all.


Thanks Mel, Goodnight to you too!

Melinda Romanoff


I think what I do and what you do need to overlap.

Might I contact you further?

E-mail tomorrow, perhaps?


--"No. And you did not "win.""--

I enjoyed the climb. Goodnight DrJ.


I'd love to hear from you Mel. You should still have my email address.



Glad to hear that the better half has been out and about. Please make sure she does not try to do too much too soon. It is embarrassing when the store calls your spouse and suggests that you need help walking the two blocks home. Surgery, anesthesia and worry are draining. But is does look like she is getting the best of care.



Am watching a replay of the days news on FOX.

They just spent a segment on the just announced threat to behead Wilders, but spent as least as much time on did the Cleric call for this beheading over recent anti-Islam comments, or perhaps we've jumped the gun and the Cleric issued that beheading threat sometime earlier.

It's not quite turned Monty Python, but when the topic shifts to dithering over which perceived offense prompted the Beheading threat as opposed to the horrendous primary fact that the Cleric issued a Beheading threat, we are fast approaching insanity.


Here's something to scratch your noggin' over:

Today's NYTimes has a story about Michelle Obama trying to figure out what to do next. Buried in the story is this line from reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg:

"Mrs. Obama is the most popular member of her husband’s administration."

That struck me as immediately laughable---yet then I started running the list of Administration folks thru' my head.:

Valerie Jarrett
Chu (he's a Nobel Prize winner)

I'll stop there since I don't want to skew it by including Bush era holdovers like Gates or Petraeus, and others nobody really knows about. But out of that bunch, I can't imagine that Mo's "the most popular member of her husband's administration', but it'd be damn tough to pick the least odious of that ratpack. I suspect I'd choose Chu, (he's a Nobel Prize winner) even though he couldn't understand how sticking a cap on the oil well at unbelievable PSI had to have vents for leaking in order to get the cap on and not totally rupture it, like any 3rd grader with a coke and fizzies should have known about.

So let me scratch Chu.( the Nobel Prize winner). But of the rest of those guys, who are each unintelligent, incompetent, or venally loathsome or smarmy in their own way, which would you think is "the most popular member of the Administration?"

If you don't mind simply sticking a name at the end of a comment tomorrow, if there's enough entries, I'll try to tally it up and let you know who's the least repulsive and most revolting of the bunch come Sunday morning, excepting Chu( did I tell you he's a Nobel Prize winner?)


The most popular member of the Obama administration - George Stephanopoulos?


And from over yonder...

The UK Telegraph, interviewing the head of the BBC, Mark Thompson, gives us this revelation: The">http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/tvandradio/bbc/7976318/BBC-was-biased-against-Thatcher-admits-Mark-Thompson.html">The BBC was "massively" biased... and journalists allowed their left-wing politics to set the corporation's agenda."

No. You don't say.
Knock me over with a feather.

But not to worry sez the BBC top-dog Thompson. Since the audit in 2007 which uncovered that lefty bias, the new generation of Beeb reporters are much more fair and open. Which is why P'UK and none of the rest of us perceived any bias from the BBC over the last few years regarding stuff like Climategate, George Bush, Iraq, Obama, Afghanistan, multi-culturism, the Lockerbie Bomber etc. Clears that up.

Of interest, this BBC head Thompson, was the same guy who last week publicly criticized Rupert Murdock and Sky News, warning that "Sky was on its way to becoming "the most dominant force in broadcast media in this country".

And a bonus question: Which international news Network has not had a single story via google or it's own internal search block mentioning this BBC Director Thompson admitting massive left wing bias at the BBC?

Hint--it's nickname is "the Beeb", and it's run by some guy named Mark Thompson.


Lol Janet!

Sad but true. G'nite.

Soylent Big Red


Got TWO care packages in today (Saturday). One from Clarice and hubby with carmel corn, the other from all the rest of you wonderful people.

Everything was great. I especially liked the music CDs. I am converting them over to put on the pod to take in to work. LOVE new music.

I have some guidance on future care packages, if you will allow me...

1. Nothing chocolate. Even M&Ms. I don't know how, but they melt. Hard candy is good. Popcorn is good. Gum seems to be ok so far.

2. I have plenty of batteries to get me through. Most of my stuff is rechargable, and the other things don't eat batteries very fast.

3. Fixed for lotion, bug juice and lip balm for now. Everybody sent me these things on their first package, so I have lots stockpiled.

Things I can use...

1. LOVED the music. Each of you could send me a disk with your faves on it, labeled for who sent it. Working at night, I need something to listen to to keep me from falling out.

2. I like getting emails. I don't really like the people I work with much, so it's nice to hear from people I DO like. Let me know what you're up to.

3. I think I have sussed out a way to get my cellphone to work here, but I don't want to call anyone directly (bad guys run intercepts in these parts, and I would just as soon NOT have my parents have to deal with THAT...). So, cheapy phone cards would be good in a couple of weeks when I get things running.

4. Could use a small, but LOUD alarm clock. I sleep through mine if I don't have it laying right next to my head. Of course I sleep through rocket attacks too sometimes...

Everything has been so great, and I can't adequately express my gratitude for your support. It really does brighten up my otherwise dreary existence here.


Today is a high, holy day where I come from. No, it's not Mohametanism, but still, let us all lift up our voices and give up a heartfelt"holy moly...man, woman and child!"

At least no knuckleheads from Boulder have tried to build a football stadium next to Misty's, even though they technically have the right to.

I'd rather have Musselmen.


">http://assets.sbnation.com/assets/25900/katierockwellcheer390_medium.jpg"> Good morning Soylent!

">http://rushthecourt.net/mag/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/texas-cheerleaders.jpg"> Good night Soylent!


Smooches, Soylent!


Good Morning Soylent! Hope your days go well.
Daddy, That list of names is just the tip of the iceburg that the Obama administration has created. People like Ron Sims from the the infamous 2004 Washington state ballot fraud, and thousands of others are up there writing rules and regs that no one ever sees until they are used to shut down individuals and businesses that the Obama Admin doesn't like.


Oh wow -how fun to wake up to Soylent. And thanks for the suggestions.

Now we just have to hear from Caro.

Good Morning everyone!

Melinda Romanoff

Ooooh, it's International Bacon Day.

Melinda Romanoff

Good morning Soylent!


Hey Soylent! Thanks for the lists...it is helpful. I am impressed by how quickly the pkgs make it over...less than a week.

Melinda Romanoff

I don't know whether anyone saw, yesterday, that Mr. Shakedown got his Escalade stolen and stripped while in Detroit promoting the "Green" job agenda.

Too rich.

Old Lurker

Morning all!

Hi Soy.

Blue Sky and light winds out of the west (bringing biting flies in from the moors) on Nantucket today meaning the storm is well north and gone. Truthfully, the mid August Nor'easter this year was a bigger deal.

As soon as Caro wakes up and logs in we will know it was nuthin.

Old Lurker

The AT Graph at LUN makes clearly the point I lamented yesterday as I re-read "Forgotten Man". My point was how successful the Progs have been in growing the size of government over the decades of 1900-2000.From this graph, if you add in the coming nationalization of health care to the sum of these three groups of spending, you see indeed how government approaches 50% of our total prductivity.


Thanks to all the JOMers for being the suppliers for Operation Airlift Soylent (sbw phrase!). What a wonderful group.

Melinda Romanoff

Last post for a while, so have some Howard Dean confirming the Socialist Agenda in "newspeak" in a video to the Party of European Socialists Congress, a year ago August.

Old Lurker

And tahnk you, Janet, for acting as Den Mother to make it happen.


Thanks to you Janet. Speaking of which we have to plan to meet next weekend.

Old Lurker

Bye Mel.

hit and run

Great to hear from you,Soylent.

hit and run

Thank you Janet.

hit and run

Waiting to hear from you,Caro.

hit and run


You educate me all the time...

(uh oh,hope this isn't a double post..then again the sentiments are worth posting twice)


Good morning.

Great to hear from Soylent and I echo the thanks to Janet for making the care packages possible for all of us.

Happy Birthday RSE!


Happy birthday, rse, which part of the list is that, hir


Morning, Soylent!

I'd rather have Musselmen.

OK. Here:

Captain Hate

Glad you liked the music, Soylent; there's plenty more where that came from. The big thanks should go to Janet for coordinating all of this.


Happy Birthday rse.

Danube of Thought

Minus 21 at Raz today. Forty-two percent overall.


Mrs. Obama is the most popular member of her husband’s administration.

I didn't even know she was a member of her husband's administration.

Out of that list, I'd have to say Teh Sherrif is the least worst. Getting upset at Biden for his part in the administration is like getting upset at a dog for peeing on a first-edition Gutenberg Bible - sure, he's probably dimly aware that he's doing something wrong, but he doesn't really get much more than that. And he's always so happy to see people, and play catch.

Who's a good Vice President? Huh? Good Joe!


Minus 21 at Raz today.

Gee, Oval Office speech and re-do didn't cut it?


Happy Birthday rse!

And a belated happy birthday to Frau!

Always great to hear from you, Soylent. I have a CD waiting to go over to you, if I can pry it out of my car player.


Haven't been able to catch up on the threads yet and don't know if this article has been posted.

Meeting Mr. Palin by Robert Stacy McCain at AmSpec. LUN

Heh, he jokes about not burning his source, but did Todd indicate that Sarah will run in 2012??


Brace yourselves, people, Beinart, was wrong about something, I know, shocker for me too, pg 7, in the LUN


Haooy Birthday rse.
-21 Bravo bravissimo! The sleeping people wake.

And for Ann,et al, a shredding of MO and her lap dog Robin Givhens:http://www.michellesmirror.com/2010/09/class-dont-leave-home-without-it.html

Danube of Thought

If you detest Peter Beinart you'll relish http://www.commentarymagazine.com/viewarticle.cfm/press-man--pundit--declined--15526.


That explains the kind of preening popinjay that Tina Brown hires


Clarice: Yeah, made my daily stop in at MOTUS's Mirror blog. You know, I can sort of understand where Robin Givhan is coming from. It doesn't matter what Michelle Antoinette is wearing. For Robin, it is all about skin color; not the cut or the color of the clothing, or the lack of fabric in strategic places, or the stretched too thin fabric in unstrategic places. Nope, nope, nope.


One of her insufferable style pieces, about the Consort's couturiers, a Mrs. Toledo, regretably a paesana (sic) alighted on my fishwrap, hilarity ensued

hit and run

I am now posting from the blackberry,having firmly planted my buttocks onto a lounge chair at the neighborhood pool. The kids are frollicking. Mrs hit and run and I are partaking of adult beverages.

We might be here a while.

What a beautiful day.

Danube of Thought

Here's my botched link on the Beinart thing.


I swear you can't make this up, who would would even try, $12.00 with all the other shenanigans around, in the LUN


Wxcellent posts Mel, Daddy, Soylent. I love you guys!!!!

Daddy, my vote for most popular member of the Obama admin is Hillary. and that ain't sayin' much.

Not one drop of rain here in the suburbs of Long Island, and no wind either. Earl was the meteorological equivalent of Obana's intellect.


Excellent link, DoT. A masterpiece.


Sullivan, Beinart, Obama--Marty Peretz has an unerring eye for talent,DoT.

Captain Hate

Don't forget Stephen Glass, Clarice; plus ManBearPig is one of Marty's best buds.


There was a time sometime in my high school days when the New Republic was readable, even
Kondracke wasn't totally treackly and cliche


I remembered Glass but forgot his name..and , yes, ManBearPig. I guess to be taken seriously as Marty is you need to have gone to Harvard, taught there, married great wealth and then supported a string of dumb, crooked self-promoters.

It might be unfair, but in my opinion truly honest people are never taken in by scoundrels.

hit and run

I like the cut of Ferguson's jib.

Danube of Thought

I assume ManBearPig is the sex poodle, right?

Grab another Margarita, hit.

Captain Hate

I'm not sure what the larger crime is: To write vivid lies like Glass and Jayson Blair or to write boring garbage that may be factually correct while completely missing the point like Thomas Frank or Al Hunt. Eh why sweat the details; off with all their heads.

Kondracke must've had a series of undiagnosed petite mals because quite clearly he's lost the sense he used to possess. Yes the New Republic used to be quite good before the children of the corn decided to reclaim the mantle of that commie bastard Henry Wallace.


which would you think is "the most popular member of the Administration?"


Danube of Thought

Well, well. This goes to show you how, with the aid of Google and YouTube, a man can go from clueless to cutting-edge hipness in a matter of minutes.

Captain Hate

I assume ManBearPig is the sex poodle, right?

Probably releasing a chakra as we converse.

Clarice, what is so eternally maddening about Marty is that he will drop an extremely perceptive essay from out of left field after conditioning us to expect poorly thought out partisan garbage. But you're right, of course; he has to be judged by all his output and in that regard he jumped the shark a long time ago.


Take Zakaria, please, his first work, right out of Princeton, was to put paint the NSC,as a Junta, because it had two many former military men, like North in it, he's gotten
progressively worse, at Newsweek and now, has
Luce screaming from the great beyond, at Time


Good for Blackwater, they were able to see through that sham investigation into Nisan Square and act accordingly,'clean toga' boy
wants to make us feel all concerned, and such


That article on Beinart was priceless Dot - as is Raz' latest. You are such a bearer of good news.


Checking in! Absolutely beautiful day on Cape Cod. That Earl was a real fizzle. Lots of work to prepare and now to take apart those anchors and extra lines. Be prepared is always good advice.

The owner of the blue tri is sleeping in. Figures.

I hope Jane and I can give Janet a hand in preparing a box for Soylent. Thanks for the hints, and don't feel like you shouldn't give specifics.


Ooooh, DoT! That Beinart piece was such a delicious smack down!


Yay Caro!

Happy birthday, rse!

Soylent!!!! You should write the care package was from all the other lovely JOM people (except for MayBee). I can take no credit, but I'm happy to see everybody spoiling wonderful you!


DoT, they left out the best clip of the sex poodle from that show - there's one where he puts on a cape, wears the Nobel as a medallion, and pretends to fly around the room.
This is good, too. I'm serial.


I am so glad your save the boat mission went well, Caro. Almost wish I were on deck with you this morning. I'm a wiz in the galley-I can cook in little space at all.


Thanks for that link DoT. I've considered Andrew Ferguson the most consistently satisfying read in American politics since those many years ago when he used to write for the American Spectator.


Geez Caro, it's about time!


--I'm a wiz in the galley--

I used to have a dog like that.


wiz, Ignatz, wiz. Not WHIZ! LOL!


Crikey, these people have lost their minds, if they had any in the first place, in the LUN


--which would you think is "the most popular member of the Administration?"--

The one that goes postal?
Gibbs would be my best guess, going off at 4 to 1.


Great news, Caro, it does seem whenever the media ask us to care so intently about an issue, they are almost invariably wrong

hit and run

79 degrees.

Global Warming has been vanquished after 10 days in the mid-90s.

Long live climate change.

Thomas Collins

See LUN for what I think is going to be a continuing trend, namely, Europeans exhorting Americans to man up and act like Americans. The Euros are beginning to realize, I suspect, that for them to have a chance of continuing to be a post-modern playland polity, America is going to have to remain the self-evident truths polity.

Old Lurker

Golly Iggy...just as I was getting over Mel's (11:40PM) banging two girls or whatever he meant, now your dog goes peeing in the kitchen? JOM is going to get X Rated!


Thanks for the birthday wishes. That was a lovely surprise after analyzing all the stawmen in Arne Duncan's sppech from Thursday.

I wonder when the Left will begin to realize that the nature of the strawmen tells you a lot about where they actually plan to head.

I'm off to get a smartphone and disprove my kids' hypothesis that I'm not equal to the technology.

Cheers on this lovely day!!

Captain Hate

I've considered Andrew Ferguson the most consistently satisfying read in American politics since those many years ago when he used to write for the American Spectator.

He's one of my favorite writers at the Weekly Standard which is really saying something. I still don't think Bill Kristol gets all the credit he deserves as a consistently intelligent voice for conservative principles; I even sense some distrust from a few commentors at AoS. I'm not sure what the cause of it is but strongly suspect that it's related to certain schools of thought of which Pat Buchanan is one of the more malignant examples.


Has anybody here been following the "beat whitey"night fiasco at the iowa state fair? Groups of black youfs were running around the fairgrounds beating up white kids. The spokesman for the DES moines pd was transferred today after saying "That the incident may have had racial overtones"

Sometimes it's hard not to despair.


From Daddy's Michelle Obama article:

“I’m having trouble pinning down where she falls on the spectrum between ceremonial and activist,” Ms. Gutin said. Others, like Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the University of Pennsylvania, see Mrs. Obama as “a very accomplished individual whose talents appear to be circumscribed.

That's an...interesting comment.

The whole article is pretty funny, as Daddy said. The First Lady is set up by the American people to do precisely as much or as little as she wants to do. There is absolutely no requirement for her, and any of her ceremonial "duties" can be pawned off on minions.

When it gets down to it, the WH simply is unsure whether they should use up some of her reported popularity on politics. I note that while the article talks about her popularity, they never give an actual poll number.

(and isn't it interesting that *now* we hear about aides telling her not to go to Spain. Now that it was a failure, we hear she stubbornly went anyway)


Yes, MayBee, that occurred to me, too. Aides don't do that when the numbers are going up..the ratlines are occupied with the bilge is risng and the boat going under.


According to this, Michelle's numbers went from 64% to 50% this summer.

And they are going to go down if she keeps trying to set policy, like the school lunch plan she is reported to be preparing.


I don't understand Flotus popularity any more than I understand why people praise her for her fashion. She seems completely unlikable and incompetent to me, and a very bad dresser.


Like her husband, I think she's grossly overestimated her brains and talent. That works as long as she keeps her mouth shut.So they steered her into trying to be the second Jackie..which given her lack of beauty and grace and background has proven laughable to all but sycophants like robin Givhan and the HuffPo rockettes. But she's chafing at the bit to do something more meaningful, and part of me (the evil part) wants to start a campaign to let Mo be MO.


Clarice- isn't it obvious? As obvious as the attempt now to push the girls front and center.


C'mon, MayBee and Jane, you know you want to be key members of the LetMO be MO movement.Which of us will write her first telling her to ignore those stupid handlers?

Captain Hate

What has Moochelle ever "accomplished"? She was able to game the system because of her husband's political position for a hospital to invent a high-paying job for her that was not continued after she left. What can she point to as a signature accomplishment in that or any other position that she may have held? I suspect Kathleen Hall Jamieson of the University of Pennsylvania has no concrete answer to that; rather she exemplifies the tired overarching non-specific statements that pass as wisdom in wacademia these days,

hit and run

Damn. Battery is gonna die.

Oh well.

Que sera sera. Vaya con Dios mis amigos.

I'll be checking in later. Stay tuned for one more celebration to celebrate celebrationally.



I nominate you Clarice - just because it would be such a fun read.

Rick Ballard


The delusions of the OPM addict who wrote that piece are amazing. His juxtaposition of the cartoonish

The settlers of the New World rejected everything, which included throwing out anything with a semblance of state authority. They fled Europe to find freedom. The sole shared goal of the settlers was to obtain individual freedom and live independently, which included the freedom to say what they wanted, believe what they wanted and write what they wanted. The state was seen as a way to facilitate this goal. The state should not interfere in people's lives, aside from securing freedom, peace and security. Economic prosperity was seen as the responsibility of the individual.
and the equally cartoonish
It's not just wealthy Republicans who are now accusing Barack Obama of betraying American ideals, although the conservative zealots of the Tea Party movement go too far in their criticism. They regard the Obama's administration approach to fighting the crisis as a treacherous attack by dark powers on the freedom of the United States. For them, Barack Obama is working on behalf of America's enemies.
bespeaks a shallowness of understanding regarding the essential protections of property and rights that are truly fundamental to the American system.

He needs to root a little harder for those conservative zealots rather than getting in sophistic digs. Otherwise, Germany will have to pick up the whole tab for eurosclerosis and his greatest fear will be realized.


Besos, hit.

In the NYT article Axelrod hints she won't be on the road campaigning as much as the WH had suggested earlier. HEH Where is it safe to send this half-literate, unattractive greedy marxist ?

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