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September 13, 2010



"they're bold-faced evidence of ignorance. Ignorance of a kind that is very scary given his office."

DoT and Clarice,

Wish I could link to some of the Dennis Miller Show but you have to be a member. Again today Dennis went on a brilliant segment simply stating that Barack Obama is not very bright. Miller is calling it now like he see's it on a regular basis on National Radio and it's great to hear.

I don't get that from Rush or Hannity or Prager, who still seem to tiptoe around that potential racial mine field of calling Obama flat out ignorant, but I think Dennis Miller, with his great quick wit, marvelous vocabulary, and obvious appreciation of intelligence, is at the point where his Bulls#$t detector has long since gone off, and he's now calling a spade a spade. It is refreshing to hear him unapologetically make the observation that Obama is a dolt, and give witty and perceptive reasons for why Obama is a dolt.



((The left, Islam and 3rd world socialism share a multiverse worldview that shuns coherence for narrative.))

the uniting thread behind the appearance of lack of coherence is that all of the above are totalitarian in nature

Captain Hate

daddy, Tammy Bruce regularly refers to BOzo as "that dumb bastard in the White House". Coming from a woman, that must really leave a mark.


It may be a mistake to assign totalitarianism as a cause rather than an effect. The social justice version of "fairness" requires a high degree of statist control ... but advocates of democratic nanny statism won't see themselves as seeking totalitarianism.

It would be better IMO to discredit the worldview directly than "predict" it always leads to ruin. That argument is vulnerable to an endless sequence of new attampts based on better intentions.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

It's primary day! If you are in MA don't forget to write in James McKenna 28 Miles St. Millbury for Atty General. We can get rid of that Marsha Marsha once and for all!


Is it entirely out of order for a fellow to mention the exquisite joy derived from watching the vulgar, bombastic New York Jets get their faces rubbed in ordure on national television by the visiting Ravens?


I think it makes good sense politically for people to be discussing things like this Kenyan anti-colonial thing. Even if it's not quite perfect, more and more people will find some facet of the various alien-Obama explanations to hang onto, and that's not a bad thing.


Rush focuses on the inexperience and incompetence of Obama, he is agitated by the vision of a community organizer, and he has
remarked on the many public mistatements, for Miller who had been willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt, the probation period is over


On Obama's foreign "feel"...I recently read a JM Hanes comment that I had copied about Obama's speech at a Tribal Nations Conference.

From the article - "I know what it means to feel ignored and forgotten, and what it means to struggle," he said."
and, "You were told your lands, your religion, your cultures, your languages were not yours to keep," he said."

His tenor is so often "Us vs Them"...with "Them" being America.


Here is JM Hanes comment from Nov. 2009.

Poor persecuted Barack Black Eagle...prep school, Occidental, Columbia, Harvard,...


The leftist propaganda promoters at the Hill want you to know that "Obama tries to connect. Judging by the comments he is not doing so.

Should be an interesting day. Jane, wishing you great success on your write-in campaign.


Was flipping channels last night and, passing through CNN on the way to baseball, a clip was being shown of Ellen DeGeneres giving Lady Gaga a vegetable bikini. The announcer went on to explain that similar edible items had included, with image displayed, a bacon bra...

At which point the clip abruptly ended as the director hit the wrong button returning viewers to a half shot of Wolf Blitzer staring at what must have been bacon on his monitor.

No way to recover. He babbled that viewers could see the entire piece later...

I didn't wait around, uninterested in bacon bras or Wolf staring at them.

Do people actually watch CNN or is it only in airports where people don't have channel clickers.


only where people don't have channel clickers.


MSNBC's Luke Russert did a very enlightening piece about John Boehner's upbringing, which wonderfully contrasts him with the now-feigning "feeling your pain" elitist Obama.


While I can see some overlap with the "anti-colonialist" view, I have found it strange that the first African-American President seems to have little special feelings for the Black community.

Black unemployment looks roughly the same, as do so many other measurements. LBJ did more for the Black community than Barack Obama apparently has, unless I'm just not seeing it.

The Black community must be perplexed, but since they have been waiting for "one of their own" to occupy the Oval Office for so long, they are used to waiting.


So Krauthammer has gotten all hot and bothered over Palin and Demint's support of
O'Donnell, but not so much about Castle's
actual record.


Allah somehow think the establishment actually
does the get out the vote in elections, not the base


Obama had to be made into a member of the "black community"...that's why he moved to Chicago, joined Wright's church, & did community organizing. Before that his only in was skin color. Wasn't there a lot of resentment in Chicago from the entrenched politicos? Why did Jesse Jackson resent him so much?
He was an outsider even to the "black community" (if there is such a monolith). IMO he is the chosen Manchurian candidate by the elite radical leftists...chosen because of his skin color. His whole jive talk mode is so phony....for heaven sake, he grew up in Indonesia & Hawaii.

Captain Hate

narc, I'm really getting upset and how Ace and his crew of co-squishes are banging their monkeys over a useless RINO like Castle, who could be counted on as much as the two Maine harridans. I really don't understand why they're placing all their credibility in such a leaky vessel. Ace gets pretty testy when posters accuse him of trying to curry the favor of the Repuke insiders, which usually means the planes are over the target when they're catching so much flak. His default position is *always* to initially side with the squishes over conservatives; he did that with Murky before she put all her cards on the table.


In case anyone wants to listen to what's being discussed on conservative talk radio around the country: LUN

I believe it's CH who often recommends Dennis Miller. Any lesser knowns y'all recommend? Tara Servatius on in Charlotte 3-6 p.m. is excellent. Others?


Why I vote liberal:
I vote for liberals primarily because I think they are better safeguards of fundamental liberties. In my lifetime, conservatives have far more often tried to play on fear and emotionalism to start wars. Those wars have put the nation in financial straits and the conservative answer to those straits has been to blame the greedy poor and their advocates, rather than accept responsibility for the expensive, ill-planned, ill-conceived wars that are the first cause of America’s economic shortcomings. Those economic shortcomings have fed into conservative fear-mongering by facilitating the scapegoating of ethnic and religious minorities, such as blacks, latinos and muslims. This, in turn, feeds straight back into the conservative curtailment of fundamental freedoms by spreading paranoia among white males in particular, who spend much of their time and effort declaring themselves a put-upon minority…
Typically liberals, like your run-of-the-mill Democrat, participate in the conservative hurley burley of scapegoating, war-mongering and white identity demagoguery, but they do not originate it. Many liberals I know either refuse to support Democrats, or do so with their noses held, for that reason.
I do not vote for liberals because I resent the rich or because I think everyone should be made equal economically by law. Nor do I believe that government alone can solve the economic and social problems we face. I’m neither a pacifist, nor a war-monger. I believe that state violence must be strictly limited to cases of urgent self-defense. “Nation-building (destroying is more like the track record), “police actions,” helping friends and so on are not cases of urgent self-defense and, therefore, don’t warrant military action. Again, Democrats have historically participated in non-defense uses of state violence, but at least since the end of the Vietnam war, they have been far less likely to use support for war as a political device.
One should always be clear and open about what it would take to convince them of the folly of their own ways. I write the above with that in mind. I want to be clear about what it would take to convince me to abandon contemporary American liberalism. All the “conservative” arguments I see he are against a liberalism I don’t recognize and don’t even begin to address the problems I have with conservative politicians and their historical record in America.


A last word ..
Pastor Terry Jones appearance on MSNBC ...

Brzezinski: We've really been debating whether or not to do this. ... yada yada yada ... So Jon Meacham just has a quick message for you, sir. Jon?
Meacham: Pastor, I just wanted to--this is Jon Meacham. I just wanted to suggest that Jesus said ... yada yada yada ... in the name of New Testament theology.
Brzezinski: All right, well said, Jon Meacham, and Pastor Terry Jones, we appeal to you to listen to that. And we don't really need to hear anything else, so thanks.
... that Pastor Terry Jones is some speaker. LOL
This is what MSNBC passes for journalism ?

My five year old granddaughter is more focused and tough than he is.
Sorry, Clarice, that goes beyond the pale. 95% of the world's population is less focused and less tough than The Wolverine!

I vote for liberals primarily because I think they are better safeguards of fundamental liberties.

Hahahahahaha...excuse me while I go pry the recycle monitor off my garbage bin!


You can Patterico, and Powerline, to that line up, against 'the full power' of Riehl
RS McCain, Hannity, Rush, yes the Death Star
metaphor is intended. They would have more credibility, if they hadn't tried the same hat trick against Rubio, Toomey, Paul, Perry to a lesser degree, Miller, I'm sure I;m missing a few

Captain Hate

anduril Junior with an obvious cut and paste from a talking points directive.

I believe it's CH who often recommends Dennis Miller.

Deb I like Dennis Miller but don't think I've reocmmended him; that's probably daddy.


Fundamental liberties like freedom of speech? Justice Breyer seems to think burning Korans - in the internet age and faced with the probability that irate Muslims might stampede and cause injury - passes the "shouting fire in a crowded theater" test....and shouldn't be allowed.


You're right..sorry CH.


"I vote for liberals primarily because I think they are better safeguards of fundamental liberties."

50 million plus children are dead because liberals find them inconvenient and someone thinks liberals safeguard fundamental liberties. I don't believe there exists a liberty that liberals haven't trampled on.



You must either be under 30 or have slept through the entire 1990s.

It was Bill Clinton who fought two hot wars, and one long 'cool war' of attrition without ever getting congressinal approval to put Americna service members in harms way.

It was also Bill Clinton that overthrough the Hatian government by threat of force and then made Haiti an American nationa building experiment.

It was also under Bill Clinton that basic civil rights, such as owning a gun, were bared to public housing residents, the FBU files of every member of the previous administration were collected and perused by the White House.

It was also under Bill Clinton that co-operation between the U.S. intel community and the DOJ/FBI was severly restricted in the name of "civil liberties, while the primary focus of the FBI's domestic terrorism efforts were turned to building files on the president's political opponents in the abortion debate.

And it was Bill Clinton that transformed Extrodinary Rendition from a case by case event requiring direct approval from the President, to a routine proceedure handled completely by the CIA.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

Here's one of those "freedoms" Bubu votes for:

MORE ON THE SEBELIUS THREAT: OBAMACARE AND THE RULE OF LAW. “Never before in the history of our republican form of government has an administration threatened to extinguish individual firms for merely communicating with their customers. But such are the dictatorial powers Obamacare grants to Secretary Sebelius. . . . Secretary Sebelius’ Hugo Chavezesque threats against the health insurance industry demonstrate why the fight to repeal Obamacare is also the fight for the soul of our country.”

"Constitution Day (or Citizenship Day) is an American federal observance that recognizes the ratification of the United States Constitution and those who have become U.S. citizens. It is observed on September 17, the day the U.S. Constitutional Convention signed the Constitution in 1787. The U.S. Constitution was signed by thirty-nine brave men who changed the course of history."

In honor of those brave men and the fact that “Citizenship” and the Constitution are celebrated the same day, I will be burning Constitutions on Friday.

While it is not nearly as offensive as burning a Koran it may catch the attention of the national media.

If, however, a prominent member of the conservative radio establishment wishes to meet with me to discuss citizenship as a Presidential qualification I may not light the burn pile. I would also be willing to meet with a constitutional scholar like John Eastman, on the airwaves, to go over this topic.

I hope no one sees this as a threat. It is merely an olive branch in an effort to bridge a gap and let the healing began. Plus, it worked for the other crazy guy.

Captain Hate

Don't worry dhimmi Breyer; they'll cut your head off last.

With the help of US taxpayers' dollars, the three, together with other Palestinian officials, are sending their "peace" messages to the Israelis in English. The campaign, according to Palestinians, is being funded by the US Agency for International Development [USAID].

The campaign targets only the Israeli public. No similar messages are being sent to the Palestinians despite promises that they would.


BB, on my other computer you have been Narcisolated, but not on this one, so let me observe that your post offers too much material to fisk on someone else's bandwidth.

Cutting to the chase, you don't know the difference between a platitude used to hook a gullible fish and a principle. You took what politicians say, not what they do, hook, line, and sinker.

Please ask yourself the difference between a platitude an a principle.


Went to vote today. New York's Election Board website told me that if I had registered by August 24 with a particular party, then I would be eligible to vote in that particular party's primary. So I did register by August 23rd. Went to the polling place today only to discover that I am still registered with my old party, so I voted in that primary. Doesn't exactly give you a confidence level that the system is working properly. Somehow I think that if ACORN had registered a bunch of illegals on the last day of eligibility, that they would have all voted.
The other thing of note is that New York State has now switched to paper ballots which are then electronically scanned, despite the fact that there was nothing wrong with the old mechanical voting machines. Probably easier to manipulate.

Rob Crawford

Guys, don't forget the liberties to:

o Defend yourself.

o Keep what you earn from your own labor.

o Follow a religion that doesn't threaten violence at every turn and doesn't hold up Marx as the Prophet.


--I hope no one sees this as a threat. It is merely an olive branch in an effort to bridge a gap and let the healing began. Plus, it worked for the other crazy guy.--


Captain Hate

I don't know if I mentioned it at the time but I was heartened when I voted last week that I had to provide identification at the polling place. Please don't tell Steadman Shabazz Holder because I'd hate for the poll workers to have a US prosecutor on their ass for preserving the integrity of elections.


From the article:

But Obama also sought to connect with his hosts by nothing that he and Michelle Obama, along with their two girls, were living a life very similar to the Fairfax family’s not too long ago.

“Michelle and I always laugh about it when people talk about us — I think they forget that we were basically living the same lives as John and Nicole, just — it wasn’t that long ago,” Obama said. “It was, like, six, seven years ago.”

Seven years ago, the Obamas had an adjusted gross income of $238,000.


Morning, all. I am scared to go over to HotAir which has erupted in comment wars over the Delaware race.

The flames of which have been stoked happily by Allahpundit, of course.

Rob Crawford

Oh, thanks, peter! You reminded me of another fundamental liberty the left does nothing about: the vote. Oh, they shriek like howler monkeys on speed about "access to the ballot box", but they don't give a rip about making sure your vote isn't canceled out by someone with no legal right to vote, multiple votes, and "coached" votes.



And had Rezco "help" them buy a million+ home. I hope he brings out his sob stories about student loans and how hard it was to write his book.

Danube of Thought

Florida federal judge will hear the govt's motion to dismiss the Obamacare suit today. The guy is a classmate of mine.


Rob C, I think those are some of the liberties the liberals are doing their best to take away from every American.


Peter -- New York State has now switched to paper ballots which are then electronically scanned, despite the fact that there was nothing wrong with the old mechanical voting machines. Probably easier to manipulate.

No, it was to comply with the 2001 federal hanging chad laws.

Danube of Thought

I'm hoping the judge will protect the individual liberty of the citizens of those eighteen states to buy or not buy health insurance as they see fit.

And then maybe we can address the liberty to buy incandescent light bulbs if we want them, or old-fashioned large-volume toilet tanks.

Captain Hate

Porch, Allahpuke is pretty good at attracting traffic to Foul Air; other than that he's a useless little beta-twat quisling who gets nervous when MegaMac starts bragging about all her gay friends.

Danube of Thought

Here's Rich Lowry on the O'Donnell candidacy. I agree with Lowry wholeheartedly, and with Krauthammer, who invoked the Buckley prescription: vote for the most conservative candidate who is capable of winning.


Thanks, Cathyf..you may be right about Miss "I totally LOVE Judo".


Yeah, Rich. I'm pretty sure President Obama would qualify 2003 Obama as a "Millionaire".


Yeah, Rich. I'm pretty sure President Obama would qualify 2003 Obama as a "Millionaire".


Does this Castle fellow have any good instincts, not that I've seen, in the LUN

Dave (in MA)

Jane, I'm thinking of pulling a D-bagger ballot and voting for the SEIU pinko commie over Lynchie, mainly for my own amusement.


The Ethics of Liberty

"Furthermore, couching the analysis in terns of a “right to free speech” instead of property rights leads to confusion and the weakening of the very concept of rights. The most famous example is Justice Holmes’s contention that no one has the right to shout “Fire” falsely in a crowded theater, and therefore that the right to freedom of speech cannot be absolute, but must be weakened and tempered by considerations of “public policy.”3 And yet, if we analyze the problem in terms of property rights we will see that no weakening of the absoluteness of rights is necessary.4"


Thanks, Cap'n. I knew you'd cheer me up. :)


One of the most revolting instances of people
hogging their unearned 16th minute is Al Sharpton, along with too many that have given
him credibility, so in the sixth level of Hell you have Newt appearing on Sharpton's ??? show


--I am scared to go over to HotAir which has erupted in comment wars over the Delaware race--

So let's bring it over here then. :)
Gotta go to work now but I'll leave these questions behind;
O'Donnell or Castle?
Is it better to win with a loser like Castle or lose with the pure of heart?(assuming O'Donnell would lose and she does apparently poll 20+ points worse against the Dem)
DoT has tossed his two cents into the ring. Anyone else?

Captain Hate

No narc, Castle is pure garbage; the type of crap the state Repuke country clubbers keep expecting people to hold their noses and vote for. They all need to be hanging from lamp-posts.

Danube of Thought

Castle has only two things in his favor: if nominated, he will win; and he will caucus with the Republicans. It is conceivable that his win in November, or O'Donnell's defeat, will determine whether the Senate Majority Leader and every single committee chairman next January are Democrats or Republicans.


O'Donnell doesn't have it. I really want that seat.

Army of Davids

Kenyan blah, blah, blah.

That's all well and good.

Just repeal ObamaCare, Get Main Street back in the game and create jobs.

That's what people care about.


We spent over $800k of stimulus funds to teach African men to wash their penises after sex.


The Inside Scoop On Why A Double-Dip Is (or Is Not) Just Ahead



Dunno whether to post this or not, but----my wife is going hyper Catholic, I'm not Catholic. She hasn't read a book that isn't religious in nature for months. This all started with a problem at Easter, and it's been simmering, but now, it seems, she's escalating it again. I'm about ready to do an intervention and hide all the books.


-- We spent over $800k ...

As a friend's father advised his son... just because it points doesn't mean you have to follow it.

Ramesh Ponnuru

Tom's criticism of me is gentle and sympathetic, but it's still wrong. D'Souza characterizes Obama's individual policy stances as strange and explicable only in terms of anti-colonialism; his claim (at least in this article) is not that individual policy stances might have simpler explanations but that the pattern is strange.


Ditto Maybee and DoT


I want the seat, too. But Castle is so, so awful. He is far to the left of your average RINO. He had an ACU rating of 28 in 2008 (before he had to tack right for the primary - his 2009 rating is over 50). That's well under the ratings for several Dems in the same year.

I don't think he can be trusted for a minute. I wouldn't even be surprised if he jumped to the Dems.


You will not get what you want, his instincts
are against that, which is what occasioned the challenge in the first place

Dave (in MA)
We spent over $800k of stimulus funds to teach African men to wash their penises after sex.
Makes about as much sense as including student loans in the Obamacare bill.
Captain Hate

Castle is the embodiment of everything that's wrong with the snotty pricks in positions of responsibility in the Repub party; the people that have given me garbage like McCain and Voinovich to vote for and put turncoats like Scozzafava up for election. Maybe O'Donnell is a nut but I hope she's an "enough with this crap" candidate to keep a careerist like Castle from pulling a Spector.

The Delaware Repub party has obviously not learned a damn thing from the tea partiers and frankly don't deserve to have their obtuseness rewarded.


Since I do not understand how any American can vote for a Democrat I support O'Donnell. IMO, it would be a mistake for the Republicans to take the Senate in 2010. As long as the Obama Administration exists, there is no hope of turning the economy around before 2012. It will get worse. The Democrats will use that to claim that they should be given an another chance at fixing the economy in the 2012 election.

My thought is that it is better to take the House and almost (but not quite) regain control of the Senate. Should that happen, it is more important than ever that the Republicans stand firm against RINOs who vote with the Democrats time after time.

Jim Miller

Castle, for those who impose these ideological tests, is an almost perfect example of a "half a loaf". The National Journal rated him 46 percent liberal, 54 conservative in their composite rating for the session ending in 2008.

If he is nominated, he will probably win. (He won in 2008, a very Democratic year, 61-38.)

He will vote with conservatives, judging by his previous record, about half the time. He might provide the crucial 51st vote to give Republicans the majority in the Senate.

If O'Donnell is nominated, she will lose. The Democrat who is running for Biden's seat will vote conservative about 5 percent of the time.

Those who understand the logic of preferring a half a loaf to none will have no trouble figuring out which candidate to support.

(Those who see political contests principally as an opportunity to express their feelings -- regardless of the consequences to the nation -- will also find their decisions easy.)

Rick Ballard

"O'Donnell doesn't have it. I really want that seat."


Precisely. If O'Donnell wins then Leahy is more likely to retain Chairmanship of Judiciary. I prefer Sessions.


Those kids who wrote Obamacare believing they'd be exempt from its provisions are seeing a new dawn

The Hill
Democratic congressional aides aiming for a big payday from K Street have seen their value plummet with their party’s declining fortunes, according to corporate headhunters and lobbyists.

Less than two years ago, after President Obama’s coattails increased already-large Democratic majorities in Congress, Democratic congressional leadership aides could demand premium salaries from K Street firms. Lobbying salaries offered to Democratic staffers leaving Congress for K Street about a year ago ranged from $250,000 to $500,000.

It’s difficult to say how much those salaries have dropped now that the party appears poised to lose seats in the House and Senate, and possibly their majorities, in November. But corporate headhunters say Democratic salaries have probably peaked, and that they could go down further with a GOP victory in the fall.


Newt is no historian or he would have know the Luo were not a part of the Mau Mau rebellion in Kenya. That's why I say Newt - a slimy idiot with a PHD


Republicans are going off the deep end again... we need a thord party.


So then, Obama lied about what his grandfather
did, possibly, but McCarthy in Grand Jihad doesn't think so. Mike the answer you're looking for is yes, about Alito in the LUN

Danube of Thought

Some polling info re O'Donnell and Castle.

There are varying schools of thought about what should motivate our votes, but I subscribe to the one that says go with a candidate who can win.


I'd have to really hold my nose to vote forCastle. Mark Levin reminds that Castle voted for Bush's impeachment.

Captain Hate

RDB: Preaching to the congregation on Neut who should permanently STFU. Nice blog; thanks for the link.


we need a thord party

Might catch on with MN scandinavians.


Pining for the Thjords.

Danube of Thought

The cry for a third party is a death knell for any conservative legislative agenda.

GOP up nine in Raz's current generic congressional ballot.


Well it was one of these phony resolution that died in committee, the problem is this is the same congress that was investigatin ML Baseball, but couldn't find time to provision
the troops, for the surge, or even come up with a budget, within the time allowed.

JM Hanes

I have to wonder about how many of the folks up in arms over Mike Castle actually know all that much about O'Donnell herself. I'm no fan of "centrists" like the Evil Twins from Maine (although Collins manages the occasional redeeming feature), but even Jay Cost says O'Donnell is unelectable in Delaware. Conservatives may say they are fed up with compromising, but how, precisely, does that square with sending a Democrat to the Senate?

Republicans have a slim chance of regaining a Senate majority, and if Castle ended up being that 51st seat he'd be worth his weight in gold: He would give Republicans control of all the committees and the agenda, and the rules. Should Republicans actually take back control of both houses, they could dismantle a hugh chunk of the Obama program, if not by actual repeal, by defunding the immense bureaucracy in the offing, before it is ensconced and rescinding the regulatory powers granted to thugs like Sibelius. Are conservatives really willing to preempt even the possibility of such a rollback by guaranteeing a Republican loss in Delaware?

People grouse about having heard this argument ad infinitum, but it's never mattered more than it does right now. This time, we will clearly have a more conservative Congress regardless of whether or not it includes Castle. A Republican majority would empower them too. Even short of a majority, Castle would represent one less seat we would have to fight for in 2012.

I just don't see the upside of nominating O'Donnell to lose, and of sending a Democrat to Washington in preference to a RINO. It seems like a bizarre, if not suicidal, message, both politically and ideologically, for conservatives to be sending. The choice seems pretty clear in this race.


Those who see political contests principally as an opportunity to express their feelings -- regardless of the consequences to the nation -- will also find their decisions easy.

I find that rather facile, Jim. I do not view elections as an opportunity to express my feelings. I want to win, too. But sometimes supporting someone just because he has an R by his name is a bridge too far.

Castle was one of two Republicans to vote for the DISCLOSE Act. This is not a guy we want in a lifetime Senate sinecure. Yes, he's 71, but he could last another 20 years.

Also, he would be seated immediately in the lame duck Congress. He voted for Cap and Trade and might do so again.

Anyway, maybe you are right. I don't find this an easy decision.

Captain Hate

I agree with DoT that a third party is a poison for conservatives. Much better to clean out the Augean stables of the Repub party which is sadly overdue. Who knows; maybe if the commiecrats lose by enough they might even try to appeal to conservatives.


I subscribe to the one that says go with a candidate who can win.

I do, too, 98 percent of the time. This might be one of the 2 percent times.

JM Hanes

Ramesh Ponnuru:

Thank you responding to Tom's post here!. I would suggest that you also send him an email, because I get the impression that he reads his threads somewhat sporadically, as time allows.


Normally, I'd be on DoT and Jmh's side, but I am impressed by this argument of Prof Jacobson's:

assuming Castle is a RINO yet significantly more likely to win in a general election, what to do?

I say, vote for the candidate you prefer, and let the electoral chips fall where they may. That is so now more than ever.

The argument is that a Castle election may be the difference between Republican control of the Senate or not, assuming the tsunami happens. So what? So long as Republicans control the House (the much more likely scenario), further legislation implementing the Obama agenda is DOA with or without the Senate.

If the electoral tide is strong enough for Republicans to carry the House, the Democratic majority in the Senate -- at best for Democrats -- will be reduced to 51-53. There is no huge advantage to Republican majority rule by one vote in the Senate, if the cost of that razor thin rule is that Mike Castle (assuming he is a RINO) is the deciding vote.

Majority rule in the Senate would allow the House and Senate to pass Republican legislation, but with an Obama veto pen in hand, until there is a Republican President we are playing damage control, trying to stop the bleeding caused by Obamacare and other Democratic legislation. Affirmatively implementing policy will have to await the 2012 election regardless.

Majority control in the Senate will have importance in the judicial nomination process, but what is the chance Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Lindsey Graham, and Mike Castle all would vote against anyone but the most extreme Obama nominee?

Whether Republicans are up a vote, or down a vote or two, in the Senate will not alter the course of history -- so long as the House goes Republican.

In short, the House is the key in the 2010 election. In the Senate, a marginal one vote majority (assuming all cards fall into place in a perfect storm) is not of such importance that you should vote for someone you do not want in the Senate.

Vote for the person you think is best for the job.

Rick Ballard

"it seems like a bizarre, if not suicidal, message, both politically and ideologically"

Not to mention rather Mobyish. This election is a flight from the economy killing Death Progs - not a stampede to conservatism. Thinking that Delaware will surge towards conservatism requires more imagination than I possess. I'm not sure that control of the Senate will be a plus for the Reps but I do not foresee Obama repeating Clinton's triangulation to "success" in '96 on the basis of his ability to compromise.

Captain Hate

how, precisely, does that square with sending a Democrat to the Senate?

Arlen Specter, James Webb, Pete McCloskey, Michael Forbes, Carolyn McCarthy...


Thinking that Delaware will surge towards conservatism requires more imagination than I possess.

Perhaps, Rick, but one doesn't have to think that to take the anti-Castle position.

Sometimes it is about keeping someone out of a position of power. Castle would be massively courted by the Dems and thus more powerful as a RINO in the Senate than Coons would be as a Dem. And his voting record is to the left of Collins, Snowe, and Specter (when he was GOP).

Like I said, I don't pretend this is easy. Two bad choices. Then again, I'm not a DE voter so I don't have to pull the lever.


He voted for this 'helpful' piece of legislation as well, in the LUN

Danube of Thought

It's an age-old game theory problem, Clarice, and there is no correct answer. I think a Senate majority is extremely important, even if it includes a Castle, if only for what it stops a Dem senate from doing even if the GOP does nothing. Think of all the show-trial hearings that can be avoided just by the GOP chairing all the committees.


Better to not have a pretend majority in the Senate that can do nothing than be the minority where the majority members have to fear for their lives if they continue to follow Obama.Send the "winners" pics of Reid and Pelosi every damned day.


I am a "lose with the pure of heart?" person. Otherwise it seems we are always inching toward the left.
If the truth compromises all the time, then when the "shit hits the fan", there is nowhere to come back to.

Pofarmer - --my wife is going hyper Catholic, I'm not Catholic. She hasn't read a book that isn't religious in nature for months.
I am not Catholic, but my husband could have written the same thing (replacing Christian with Catholic) when I first came back to Christ. Does her "hyperness" have to do with the religious ritual or the relationship with God?

Jim Miller

Clarice - Please look at the Power Line posts on this race. And the Weekly Standard articles on O'Donnell.


Yes, DoT..It's quite a dilemma. It's not a borderline case where the vote is just for ideological purity. Castle is indistinguishable from the now far left opposition party IMO and he has shown himself to be an unreliable vote on key economic and security issues which are of most concern to me.

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