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September 18, 2010



I still prefer the 1961 Yankees. They had real players and real nicknames, like "Moose."

Jack is Back!

Was this a real home run or a fake home run? Hard to tell anymore with the Yanks.

I hear Jeter is scheduled to sit in for BHO sometime in the fall.



The Texas Rangers showed the Rays how its done. If they were not paying attention, that is not my fault. Bring on October!

Danube of Thought

Clete Boyer at third. Tony Kubek at short. Bobby Richardson at second. Moose at first. Berra behind the plate. The Mick in center. Maris in right.

Who was in left field? Tom Tresh?  (I know Tresh was at short later.)

Guess I'll go to Google and spoil the fun...


Today," he proclaimed, "our literary curriculum is under attack by educational reformers who ... are planning to abolish the cultural tradition on which the West's sense of its unity and identity is founded. They propose, in the name of multi-culturalism, feminism and political correctness, to replace such patriarchal and racist texts as Homer, the Bible, Plato, Dante, Shakespeare, Goethe and Flaubert with works that will presumably direct the eyes of the young forward to the new world of universal sister- and brotherhood."

While he acknowledged the dangers of allowing a cultural tradition to become ossified, that was no reason to reject it altogether. The correct approach was to develop it to embrace new insights and new visions of the human condition. "Renewal," he said, "in the words of one of the great innovators, Igor Stravinsky, 'is only fruitful when it goes hand in hand with tradition'."

Professor Bernard Knox in defense of the Classics

Danube of Thought

Hell. Berra was in left field by this time; Elston Howard was behind the plate.

Cecil Turner

All very much "inside baseball" if you ask me.


Lol, Cecil, meanwhile, Cuomo looks to acting more like his father every day, in the LUN


Wrong LUN, just call him Acorn, NY

hit and run

The Texas Rangers clubhouse:


Jim DeMint on Fox and a 10-point buck.


Captain Hate

If libs understood the classics they wouldn't come off as much as the poorly educated idiots that they currently do. Speaking of which, is another generation of New Yorkers about to get fooled by the loathsome Cuomo crime family.

Danube of Thought

Excellent reading. A "super-rich" U. of Chicago law prof (a little over $250K) explains to his former neighbor Barack why he can't afford to fund the expansion of government.

Rob Crawford

DoT -- the comments to that post are chilling. Too many people think they're entitled to the labor (and life) of others.


Th NY State GOP had to depend on Spada and Monserrate, to secure their majority early in the year, this is why Paladino beat Lazio like
Ron Wood's drum set, It's ironic because Cuomo is like a minor league 'Zelig of disaster' setting forth some of the conditions
for the current crisis, when he was at HUD.
Hilarity ensued when McCain wanted him for
some cabinet post in one of the debates,

hit and run

And yes, I am bitterly aware of the recent reminder that that is not exactly the same.



“We gave him a shower. It was more like a half-shower. And we didn't even use the real stuff. We used—what's that non-alcoholic beer—O'Doul's. We used that.”
- 2B Ian Kinsler, on the celebratory beer dousing the club gave OF Jeff Francoeur for the walk-off hit-by-pitch he took from New York's Mariano Rivera on Sept 11.


Captain Hate

because Cuomo is like a minor league 'Zelig of disaster' setting forth some of the conditions for the current crisis, when he was at HUD.

A lib friend of mine who has to deal with HUD as part of her work considers Cuomo to be the antichrist.

Danube of Thought

You've probably seen this, but it doesn't get old. Marines welcoming W, followed by Marines welcoming Barry.

The jarheads know...


Is A-Rod still dating Madonna? Maybe Jeter should give her a call!



gotta love the understatement at the end, and i like that word "tougher," too:

The country's 15 biggest public pension systems have an average expected return of 7.8%, and only a handful recently have changed or are reconsidering those return assumptions, according to a survey of those funds by The Wall Street Journal.

Corporate pension plans in many cases have been cutting expectations more quickly than public plans, but often they were starting from more-optimistic assumptions. Pension plans at companies in the Standard & Poor's 500 stock index have trimmed expected returns by one-half of a percentage point over the past five years, but their average return assumption is also 8%, according to the Analyst's Accounting Observer, a research firm.

The rosy expectations persist despite the fact that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is back near the 10000 level it first breached in 1999. The 10-year Treasury note is yielding less than 3%, and inflation is running at only about 1%, making it tougher for plans to hit their return targets.

Return assumptions can affect the size of so-called funding gaps—the amounts by which future liabilities to retirees exceed current pension assets. That's because government plans use the return rates to calculate how much money they need to meet their future obligations to retirees. When there are funding gaps, plans have to get more contributions from either employers or employees.

The concern is that the reluctance to plan for smaller gains will understate the scale of the potential time bomb facing America's government and corporate pension plans.

"It's unrealistic," John Bogle, founder of mutual fund giant Vanguard, says of the return assumptions in place at most pension plans.


I loved "Game of the Day" on Saturday and "Game of the Week" on Sunday with Dizzy Dean excitedly conjugating that the runner "had slud in there safely." Most of the games were the Yankees and that's how I became a fan far from the field. Later, I did business in baseball with someone others described as "the most limited of the Yankee's limited partners." It ended poorly.

Here's the latest racism from the left: Bill Maher on Friday said Barack Obama's problem is "he's only half black." He'd be a better president "if he was fully black."

There once was a theory that mullatoes, like donkeys, were sterile. Maybe Maher is working off a derivative of that canard. What on God's earth is "fully black?"


A-Rod has moved on to Cameron Diaz via Kate Hudson.

He is so gross, he makes me think less of every woman he dates.


Camey and I are tight. At least on my part.


Here's a book I haven't read: The Transparent Cabal: The Neoconservative Agenda, War in the Middle East, and the National Interest of Israel. Some comments from a review of the book make it look interesting. What I find striking is the Marxist perspective of Neocon thinking:

History is full of examples of a determined minority prevailing over a more passive majority. A case in point is the neoconservative effort to bring the United States into war with Iraq largely for the protection of Israel. Despite the dubious reasons the neoconservatives advanced — Iraq has WMDs, ties to al-Qaeda — they managed to overcome the resistance of the military, the State Department and CIA partly by infiltrating them for their own ends. As the book title suggests, much of this was done in the open, a transparent cabal.

The cabal is described in convincing detail by author Stephen Sniegoski, who, somewhat retiring, lets the neoconservatives tell much of it in their own words — and what words! full of the passion of their endeavor: "Creative destruction is our middle name:" "precise military action against Hezbollah and Syria for as long as it takes without regard to mindless blather about proportionality;" "There is no middle way for Americans. It is victory or the holocaust;" "Could World War Two have been won by Britain and the United States if the two countries did not have it in them to firebomb Dresden and nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki — the willingness to inflict mass casualties on civilians?" Like Gaza? we might ask.

The neoconservatives, to be sure, had significant help from the top. President Bush, not well versed in foreign affairs; Vice President Cheney, basically a neoconservative himself; and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, who wanted to try out his new concept of a sleek, swift high tech attack, which fitted nicely with neocon plans. Much of the media was also supportive, like the New York Times. Columnist Tom Friedman wrote: "The war is the most important, liberal, revolutionary democracy-building project since the Marshall Plan." Poor George Marshall, who, as they say, must be rolling over in his grave.

But if the neoconservatives knew what they wanted, they were less sure of the consequences, indifferent really. That point was made by General Anthony Zinni observing the neoconservative reaction to the chaos in Iraq following the war: "Maybe some strong man emerges, it fractures, and there really is a Kurdish state. Who cares? There’s some bloodshed and it’s messy. Who cares? I mean we’ve taken out Saddam. We’ve asserted our strength in the Middle East. We’ve changed the dynamic, and we’re not putting any pressure on Israel."

To avoid a global takeover by what he calls "Islamofascism," former Commentary magazine editor Norman Podhoretz urges war with Iran, no matter what the outcome: "There would be a vast increase in the price of oil with catastrophic consequences for every country of the world. The worldwide outcry against the inevitable civilian casualties would make the anti-Americanism of today look like a love fest." Still, the war would be worth it.

Sniegoski gives almost equal time to neoconservative opponents, called "realists," who argue that stability is paramount for the Middle East, while neoconservatives want to destabilize it as fast as possible. Their aim is to fracture the countries of the region into harmless statelets of no danger to Israel. Given the results of the war in Iraq, the realists would seem to have the better of the argument. But why didn’t they act on it at the time? They seemed to be strangely diffident, apparently lacking the conviction of the neoconservatives. Even much respected Secretary of State Colin Powell, who called them "crazies," eventually gave in and helped bring on the war with his speech to the UN.

The realists have another chance to rise to the occasion since the neoconservatives are now gunning for war with Iran, invoking the same fantasies they did with Iraq — the threat of nuclear destruction by a nation that doesn’t have nuclear weapons, while indeed Israel has an estimated 200 to 300 such weaponry.

No diplomacy for the neoconservatives. War is the only answer. Before the Iraq war began on specious grounds, Saddam Hussein tried to get talks started with the United States, and so has Iran — to no avail. Once demonized, always demonized. For all the tragic mistakes they have made, neoconservatives continue to exert influence.

Is there perhaps an alternative way of looking at the threats, real or perceived, that Israel faces? Are the neoconservatives so certain their policies may not be ultimately harmful to Israel as well as to the United States? Fragmented or failed states are vulnerable to the very terrorists the neoconservatives claim to fear.

Contemporary Mexico is a perfect example. A weak central government has lost control of the murderous criminal cartels that have established their own fiefdoms — a state within a state. They thrive on smuggling illicit drugs and human beings to the United States and receive weaponry in return that allows them to keep on killing. Wouldn’t it make more sense to deal with existing centrally controlled regimes, however critical of Israel, than take the chance of a terrorist-ridden region?

This deserves debate, but there isn’t any because the major media have ignored Sniegoski’s book. It’s scrupulously written with careful attention to detail. Its drawback? It can bring charges of anti-Semitism because it deals critically with a largely though not exclusively Jewish group. But Sniegoski is at pains to distinguish the neoconservatives from the greater Jewish community that is generally more averse to war than other Americans. So why not some reviews and a debate? It’s only democratic.


Camey and I are tight. At least on my part.

heh. IRL she is one of those giant head people. Or I should say giant face. Her face is much bigger than her body.


MayBee, you are expecting common sense in an atmosphere so rarified that people only think they have common sense.

Scuba divers and pilots are trained to watch for the symptoms, but not celebrities or journalists.


Maher's last brilliant move, was to suggest the drag the electorate to Obamacare,'because they are stupid'. They need more advice like that


Here's a book I haven't read, so I'll clip and paste it here. LOL


Good to see the Yankees' spirits lifted after such disheartening series against the Tampa Bay Rays and a previous one against Texas, and a previous one against Bawlimore. Some hits with runners on base would really help. So would antiaging serum for Jeter and Posada.


Am at a wedding in a little tiny town on the Outer Banks of NC.


It looked extremely cloudy for the RINO 9 that day
The scored stood 0 to 3 with 1 election left to play
And then when Bennett died in Primary and then Castle did the same
A sickly silence fell upon the RINO's of the game

A straggling few got up to go in deep despair. The rest
Clung to that hope which springs eternal in their miserly self important breast;
They thought, if only LIsa could get but a re-whack at that -
We'd put up hate filled attack ads, now, with Murkowsky at the re-bat.

Then Rove let drive a hate filled rant, to the wonderment of all,
And then Frum and the much despised EJ Dionne threw more s#$t against the wall;
And when the dust had lifted, and voters saw what had occurred,
There was Specter switching parties and Crist a-hugging third.

Then from 5,000 MFMer's throats there rose a lusty yell;
It rumbled through the punditry, it rattled in the dell;
It spewed forth from the Wapo and their editorial moonbats,
For Lisa, mighty Murkowsky, was re-advancing to the bat.

There was haughtiness in Lisa's manner as she stepped into her place;
An excessive pride in Lisa's bearing and condescension on Lisa's face.
And when, responding to the sycophants, she lightly doffed her hat,
No pollwatcher of the voters could doubt 'twas Lisa at the re-bat.

Ten thousand eyes were on her as she slimed Joe Miller with dirt;
Five thousand tongues applauded when more lies she continued to blirt.
Then while the "Highjacked Electorate" saw on her shoulder that huge chip,
Defiance gleamed in Lisa's eye, a sneer curled Lisa's lip.

And now the voters preferences came hurtling through the air,
And Lisa stood a-watching it in haughty grandeur there.
Close by this "Public Servant" the vote unheeded sped-
"That ain't my style," said Lisa. "Strike one," the voters said.

From the back benches, black with liberals, there went up a muffled roar,
Like the bleating of elitists on an unconstitutional distant shore.
"Kill him! Kill the voters!" shouted pundits 'round the land;
And its likely they'd "Al Franken" them had not Lisa raised her hand.

With a smile of un-Christian derision great Lisa's visage shone;
She mocked the rising tumult; she bade the campaign go on;
She flipped the bird to the voters, and once more the ballots flew;
But Lisa still ignored it, and the voters said, "Strike two."

"Fraud!" cried the maddened beltway insiders, and echo answered fraud;
But one scornful look from Lisa and that audience was awed.
They saw her face grow stern and cold, they saw her muscles strain,
And they knew that Lisa wouldn't lose that election again.

The sneer is gone from Lisa's lip, her teeth are clenched in hate;
She pounds with cruel violence her privilege upon the plate.
And now the voters hold the ball, and now they let it go,
And now the air is shattered by the force of Lisa's blow.

Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;
The band is playing in Wasilla, and somewhere hearts are light,
And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout;
But there is no joy in RINOville - mighty Lisa has struck out.


IRL she is one of those giant head people.

I always thought a giant head was a requirement for newsreaders on TV.


How is it that Weisberg went to Yale and Oxford, and still has not a lick of sense


Too many people think they're entitled to the labor (and life) of others.

It used to be that Democrats felt entitled to force another human being into slavery based solely on skin color, but lately they've started claiming that skin color doesn't matter to them.

Captain Hate

daddy, the best moniker for Leeza I saw on AoS last night was Merdecowstink. She sounds a little more French and less Polish that way, don't ya think?

Cecil Turner

There was Specter switching parties and Crist a-hugging third.

Beautiful, Daddy. (But still, for some reason, reminiscent of baseball.)

Okay, I can't resist trying my hand at a verse:

O somewhere in the great land, midnight sun is shining bright,
And Lisa's daddy's henchmen hope the tunnel ends in light;
But crawling to the Indy's and the lobbyists is lame,
Cuz "write-in" is a forlorn hope . . . no one can spell her name.

Danube of Thought

What is "IRL?"


So, I installed PCLinuxOS (Enlightenment 17 Desktop, somewhat light) on a "live" flash drive.

Booting from the hard drive with openSUSE 11.3 fully installed (i.e., I use KDE, a very full desktop environment, but I also have Gnome, XFce, openbox, LXDE fully installed) takes me 33 seconds to get to the login screen and maybe 5-7 seconds more after login to a usable desktop.

Booting from the flash drive, PCLinuxOS spent about 30-35 seconds checking out the hardware but within about 1 minute 15 seconds I was at the E17 desktop (which is much lighter than KDE, but quite slick). The USB is definitely faster than a CD, and once booted the system runs the same as what I'd expect running from the hard drive. I'm using Firefox to post this.

In terms of what applications are available, the "live" version is a bit skimpy compared to the full install. You have Firefox and you can get OpenOffice as well--there's a menu entry to just click on for that. Still, it gives you a pretty good idea of what it's about.


Sounds good Captain,

Missed it all due to wedding stuff until I woke up this morning and just saw a headline. I expected it.

I expect you guys tore her up in the threads yesterday, but I have read nothing and don't know if its going over like a lead balloon or with Lisa enthusiasm. But whichever way it's going, please, if you stop by the ADN and the comments are going crazy in favor of Lisa, please chip in your 2 bits. Can't hurt, may help.

Off to the wedding.

hit and run

Am at a wedding in a little tiny town on the Outer Banks of NC.

Wait. What?

Rob Crawford

What is "IRL?"

Either Ireland or "In Real Life".


Bravo, Daddy. Loved the ending! ha.


You're right, DoT, that video doesn't get old. It even makes me feel a little sorry for Barry to see the contrast. Well, not really.

hit and run

I'm just saying,when Walter went to the Outer Banks and then stiffed me on getting together . . . at least he called.

But then Walter carries himself with the poise and confidence of a seasoned athlete.

Jack is Back!

So, this morning I got up and turned on the SAECO Vienna Plus coffemaker with the .5 Kg Douwe Egbert import quality Whole Bean Gold Label coffee beans. The model number 23Xyl brew unit had been cleaned in tepid H2O prior to installing it back in the controller.

Removing my 8oz, kiln fired Heat resistant coffee cup (I also have a StyroFoam, No. 2 Dixie PaperCup, and a BMW anodized Aluminum Car Fit Thermal Safe Travel Unit). I used a modest amount of 2% DHA Omega 3 enhanced milk and a 2oz. measure of Splenda sugar substitute.

Stirring with a No.3 Silver Overlay SS Tea Spoon I was able to transform the muddy liquid to one of a more mocha sheen in less than 35 seconds. During this time I installed 2, fork opened slices of Whole Wheat Thomas's English Muffins in my ProLine Model Kitchen Aid toaster. All "nooks and crannies" full visible as they turned crisp in under 2 minutes time. Did I mention that the milk was cold and fresh thanks to my installing a Viking Super-Fridge Max Cold Chill Unit?

In terms of what options were available I had a Moisture Controlled Crisper full of Organic Raspberries (Framboises) and Strawberries (Aardbei) to go with the irresistible 8oz. of Organic Cascadian Farms Crunchy Oats in a kiln fired French scalloped bowl.

If you want the same experience I suggest you use recycled shopping bags and go to your nearest Radio Shack, I mean Publix.


--There once was a theory that mullatoes, like donkeys, were sterile.--

Actually it is mules that are sterile, MarkO.

--Here's a book I haven't read, so I'll clip and paste it here. LOL--

Speaking of stubborn asses.....

Cecil Turner

So, this morning I got up . . .

Ooh, that's just mean. (So I guess that means you're a neocon Jew-lover, eh?)


So maybe she is a flake? Between Marxists and witches, it should make for an interesting campaign. From Powerline:

Christine O'Donnell's Career, RIP

Christine O'Donnell's campaign went off the rails today when Bill Maher announced that he has previously-unseen clips of O'Donnell from the late 1990s when she appeared several times on his show. In one clip, she says that she once "dabbled into witchcraft."

I dabbled into witchcraft -- I never joined a coven. But I did, I did. ... I dabbled into witchcraft. I hung around people who were doing these things. I'm not making this stuff up. I know what they told me they do. [...]

One of my first dates with a witch was on a satanic altar, and I didn't know it. I mean, there's little blood there and stuff like that. ... We went to a movie and then had a midnight picnic on a satanic altar.

Good grief. Maher says there is a lot more where that came from. Not coincidentally, I'm sure, O'Donnell's staff today canceled her scheduled appearances on Fox News Sunday and Face the Nation tomorrow. It seems apparent that O'Donnell was not properly vetted as a candidate and that she will be more the butt of jokes for the next six weeks than a serious candidate. This is not what the conservative movement needs.


He must be, Cecil. It's one of those never fail tell tale signs.


Ann Althouse exposes Maher's smears of O

Now let me see..would I be more inclined to vote for a conservtive who as a kid once went out with a guy who was into witchcraft or a Marxist who is Reid's "pet"? Gosh, that's a tough one. Maybe Cecil can help me out.

Jack is Back!

Mazel Tov, Cecil. Guilty as charged and proud to say Happy Yom Kippur to all my Jewish friends. And by the way, Anduril, you don't have to read that book since it sounds as much a reliable source of information as The Daily Mail was back in the 1930's.

Cecil Turner

Uh, I'll take the non-Marxist. She also has a good handle on the fact that class warfare is a two-way street. Gotta love "ruling-class elites."

Spell, spook and scandal.

Poor Coons.


And it's clear she's wised up to the media.She just cancelled a scheduled appearance on Face the Nation. Why give them an opportunity to dump all over her. In fact all conservatives should refuse to appear on any show where they are sure not to get unbiased treatment.

Enough of this carp.


Yes Powerline, were good on the Rathergate anf generally national security issues, but they have been 'unhelpful' on more than one occasion, and the Standard has not performed
admirably in this either


DoT- In real life. Although I'm sure she'd have a big noggin in Ireland, too.



I suck. Just in and out quick. Am in Beatty and Beaufort. Arrived 6 am, got the rent a car, drive 200 iles, and start eating oysters and drinking Bud Lite in cans. Yuck! My Gawd this place is uncivilized. And not a bear poop within a hunnert miles!

Captain, OT but to me very funny.

My niece is getting married, so her Dad, my brother, just turned off the first quarter of he Carolina game to hustle down to the Church for the prelim last practice walk through and then to give his only daughter away.

And on such a momentous day, what was on his mind?

TarHeel football.

I was riding shotgun in his pick-up as we bounced along his potholed, dirt road for a mile to the 2 lane potholed highway leading out of Beatty to the metropolis of Beaufort. He punched on the radio and couldn't find the game. Punch, punch, punch, punch, punch. G@#$ D#$$-it! Such a string of southern profanity I never heard in my life. Simply amazing. Funniest thing on record. He was furiously stabbing at the punch buttons screaming bloody murder. Then he grabbed the cel-phone and called a cousin, and the first 5 words no joke were shouted curse angry words,"G@#$ D@#$ etc, afterwhich he asked "What the He## station was the D#$% Carolina game on?, and you could hear the cousin screaming back in more southern drenched lingo that "Those Rotten Sons of B^%tches had blocked the G#$% D%$# broadcast from the F$%^&ing radio," and on and on, and now brother John was driving angry and I was laughing so hard I couldn't stand it.

Is that how we look to the outside world? Holy crap. Hope for his sake they have ESPN at the reception. Am at a coffee shop with WiFi. Have to go to the Church now for the real thing. Do you think I ought to whisper in his ear that the Heels lost:)



In fact all conservatives should refuse to appear on any show where they are sure not to get unbiased treatment.

Damn right.


Ya gotta hand it to Anduril, the law of averages and regression towards the means argue that you cant be wrong every single time if you just guess on the outcome. So it is quite astonishing to have such an intact totally against the grain record. Even my little niece guess which hand the candy is in once in awhile...


I wouldn't recommend it daddy


20 plus year ago ( eye roll )

your record Anduril wilts when we travel back to last week...

Old Lurker

Proud Papa Warning.

Young Lurker successfully defended her thesis and earned her PhD in Neuroscience from Georgetown last night. So DrJ and the others here who helped me tell her to stop JOMing and start writing can relax now.

Her new husband left the Marines this month and started B-School at Kellogg, and YL begins a Post Doc gig at Northwestern Med School Monday.

That means Mel and you others will have to be ready for our visits to Chichago!

Now...Party Time!

PS. Can any dads here tell me when the allowance stops and I get my Visa Card back?



With the female version of that model, it will be when they put you in the ground. Better luck usually with the male version, and once you kick them off the couch and turn off the WiFi for Halo tournaments, they find gainful employment and the Visa can be turned off.


This is the same body that includes Franken, another longtime talk show denizen, they have
the nerve to look down on her


Congrats to Young Lurker and all of the Lurkers! Wow - quite amazing.


Heartiest congratulations, OL!!!! Did you enjoy her defense (in spite of not understanding a word of it)?

My guess is that you'll get the VISA card back when hubby gets his degree. Then they will get *real* *jobs* and only seek things like help with the mortgage downpayment.

I'd make it contingent on a grandkid.


Congratulations to YL!


I was remiss in not extending my congrats to YL. So CONGRATULATIONS YL!!!

Old Lurker

Your advice was spot on DrJ. We loved it! Cap'n Hate will attest to the angst of watching one's daughter dance on stage, worrying about a fall...and I confess there was a bit of that breath holding on my part...but it went fine.

Her boss from the lab you know at UC-Irvine flew in for the event, and he joined the faculty in the post defense grilling in the back room (while we waited with the bubbly).

hit and run

That is so awesome OL.

YL is my favorite.


hit and run

Hope the wedding goes very well,Daddy. Sorry to have missed you this time.

I chose not to watch the Carolina game -- went with Arkansas v Georgia instead.

And now mrs hit and run has just commandeered the remote.


Thomas Collins

Congrats to OL, YL and the whole L family. Perhaps with YL's specialty, she can tell me why I only remember the grudges! :-))


Congratulations OL and YL! How wonderful.

Clarice: O'Donnell also cancelled her appearance on Fox News Sunday. Apparently she had campaign events she was scheduled for at the same time in DE. WaPo is kindly (go figure) attributing it to her unexpected win and lack of sufficient staff to keep up with her suddenly increased appearance demands.


Oh, and she definitely will want to avoid any interview with Katie Couric, who is already foaming at the mouth hoping to add another Palin-like notch to her belt.


Young Lurker successfully defended her thesis and earned her PhD in Neuroscience from Georgetown last night.

WOW WOW WOW - how wonderful and fun for all of you. Congrats all around!


Congratulations to YL - what an accomplishment!

Added "bonus" for YL and Hubby - now they can watch Chicago politics up close as the Mayoral games heat up.


Mules? Hell, I know that. What's wrong with me? Talking mules. They'll take away my FFA jacket.

Old Lurker

So true, Flodigarry. Having grown up in DC, it is high time for YL to see how politics is played in the big leagues! There are so many squishes here these days, seeing hardball closeup will be good for her.

Captain Hate

She just cancelled a scheduled appearance on Face the Nation.

Suck it Schieffer, CBS and MFM.

Daddy, Tarhole football??? With a significant portion of the team suspended and Botch Davis is the head coach? NFW!

OL, you're on your own with the titanium card. And congrats YL.

Don Draper

O'Donnell should say she had to cancel the TV appearances because she is working on a big announcement scheduled for Sunday night. Then on Sunday night she should roll out a new logo. Maybe something incorporating her name like a D surrounded by an O.


Excellent, Don!




Some of the folks at Ace, are earning their 'moron' label, and not in a good way

Danube of Thought

I'm still guided by the Buckley rule. Doesn't break my heart to see a guy like Castle get routed, but come on...


Congrats to all the Lurkers, esp. OL who can now live of the fat of the land.


OL, all the best to you and Mrs.L and YL and her hubby. What a marvelous accomplishment... for all of you.


--I was remiss in not extending my congrats to YL. So CONGRATULATIONS YL!!!

Posted by: DrJ --

Shouldn't that now be DrYL? :)


Doesn't the LA Times like Michelle anymore?


Seems to me that's a parenting job well done! Congrats OL.

Maher's a jerk and Will Rogers proved it.

I heard Rogers tell Imus this joke one morning on his show

Two liberals are walking down the street when they happen upon a man badly beaten and laying face down in a pool of blood.

One liberal turns to the other and says, This is just horrible, we've got to find the guy who did this.

The other liberal responds, yes we do because he needs help.


Shouldn't that now be DrYL? :)

Only if you are as snotty as I am. And that is MrDrProfJ to you. :)

Rob Crawford

Some of the folks at Ace, are earning their 'moron' label, and not in a good way


"Dabbled into witchcraft" == "my Muslim faith"

If one is of any weight, both are.

If this crap -- said on a stupid cable comedy show -- is supposedly disqualifying, then shouldn't it be horrific that Coons admitted his allegiance to the philosophy that murdered hundreds of millions in the last century? And more the horrifying that he took to this belief after we all knew the death toll of his beloved Marxism?

O'Donnel shouldn't give any interviews outside of her state. She's running for state-wide, not national office. She doesn't owe the jackals any blood.


Congratulations Dr.Young Lurker.

OMG...O'Donnell appeared on the Maher show...OMG...more than a decade ago...circular firing squad...knives in the back!!!1!1!! Good grief, the GOP is going to trust Maher and do the Dems work for them. Again.


How stupid is that, Rich? Honestly, I plan on spraying carp on all those white togas.

JM Hanes

O'Donnell should go for a shakedown cruise with Greta.

I finally ran across the O'Donnell masturbation clip that has liberals falling all over themselves, so to speak. I don't know if there is more to the clip than the bit I saw, but I thought it was pretty charming. It shows a bright, lovely, inexperienced, teenage (?) girl who is doing little more than talking idealistically about saving yourself for your loved one.


I gather Palin doesn't want to gum up the works by appearing in Delaware herself, but I have no doubt that she's giving O'Donnell emotional as well as political support. Braving the onslaught alone, as a single woman, has got to be especially hard.

I don't really agree with Jeri Thompson when she suggests that opposition to O'Donnell is sexist in character. I think what is sexist is commentary, by both men and women, that treats (conservative) women candidates like fair game for relentlessly invasive, indiscriminate vivisection -- perhaps because they are presumed to be more vulnerable to personal humiliation, or perhaps because women generally are also the the subject of considerably more prurient interest than men?

Anything that can be remotely tied to sexuality, of course, is like political catnip. The candidate can be ridiculed for fundamentalist family values, or tarred as a hypocrite for not toeing the putative fundamentalist values line. That's what allows even someone like Margaret Carlson to treat a teenage O'Donnell's thoughts on masturbation like a bona fide a political issue. That's my idea of horrifying. I really suspect that if O'Donnell were a man, the whole subject wouldn't be worth more than a weekend or two of snickering.

Republican men are not the sexists. I just hope we've reached the point where the general public, not just O'Donnell supporters, are as sick of sophomoric innuendo and gratuitous nastiness as I am.

Sorry for the rant. I'm sure I'm already singing to the choir.

Frau Tabak

We hoi polloi can pick up a cup of BK Joe, JiB, and enjoy Douwe Egbert coffee while we maybe Janet hand-forms a Douwe Egbert nicotine-delivering tobacco item.


I'm kinda fond of sophomoric innuendo, myself. It's just that being for masturbation seems the easier basis for it.

Frau Tabak

Congratulations, indeed, YL -- and the family tree from which you fell. Perhaps we will now get to hear more from the Young One.

hit and run

But is Coons master of his domain?

Captain Hate

Sorry for the rant. I'm sure I'm already singing to the choir.

Yes but you presented it well; it's bad enough when the "other side" does it but when what I thought was "our side" starts spouting the same type of garbage, it makes you question who you're associating with. I've really had my eyes opened by some of the losers @ AoS bitterly clinging to a worthless POS like Castle, about whom I wouldn't say a damn thing if he'd won the primary. I guess I can't take people seriously that think winning a flame war is more important than standing up for principles.

Frau Tabak

OT - This one's for daddy. The Vatican has an astronomer. Via Insty.

Frau Tabak

OT - Same topic but this time for narciso. A SF reading astronomer for Benedict XVI:

Speaking ahead of a talk at the British Science Festival in Birmingham tomorrow, he (Consolmagno) said that the traditional definition of a soul was to have intelligence, free will, freedom to love and freedom to make decisions. "Any entity – no matter how many tentacles it has – has a soul." Would he baptise an alien? "Only if they asked."

Consolmagno, who became interested in science through reading science fiction, said that the Vatican was well aware of the latest goings-on in scientific research. "You'd be surprised," he said.


I'm not sure I remember exactly as what struck me as sexist by the republicans, but I think it was that they seemed so willing to undermine women in a way they never would to a man.

I think I'm over it now.

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