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September 18, 2010



But Sotomayor's membership in LaRaza is a youthful indescretion as is Kagan's college thesis.



Calling Karl Rove

Rob Crawford

Oh, boy. We're graced once more by lonewhacko.

Gonna tell us again that you *REALLY* know how to get things done? Despite the fact you're only known for raging against people who have had infinitely more effect than you?

Charlie (Colorado)

I sure hope by younger you meant back in your mid-30s.

Oh hell, younger than that. I dunno how old McDonnel is, but if I didn't date her -- which I didn't, and I missed Jane too, dammit -- I sure dated some girls who were at least as colorful.

Thomas Collins

What would a Wiccan flavored thread be without Elizabeth Montgomery bewitching us? See LUN.

Paul Watson

Like Christine O'Donnell, I dabbled in the occult in my senior year of high school, and even my first year of college. Like Christine O'Donnell, I became an evangelical Christian in my late twenties. It's called spreading your wings, experimenting, and then real life begins to slap you across the head and you grow up. Any questions?

Thomas Collins

Now that I think of it, a college classmate of mine is a prominent member of the Wiccan community. My memory is that she was one of the most normal, straightforward folks on campus. See LUN.

hit and run

Oh hell, younger than that. I dunno how old McDonnel is

Wait. What?

You think you may have dated the current Governor of Virginia?

Just kidding. O'Donnell's birthday is actually just 3 days after yours.

Well,her first birthday was 14 years (and 3 days) after your first one.


Michelle Malkin just posted this:
Bill Maher’s witch hunt — and the missing context for O’Donnell’s remarks

I wish you guys could see my house on Halloween, you would definitely think I go out of my way to scare the beejbus out of children. I am a little miffed at Ms. O'Donnell that she doesn't share in my delight.

Melinda Romanoff


It's so nice to know other people know Mr. Shakedown's story. It should be told more often, don't you think?

And you should hear about his d-i-l.


I have no patience with conservatives who buy this baloney. They are the same dumbbells who were persuaded on no evidence that Cong Foley was a pedophile and Hastert a knowing enabler.

On the one hand you have the biggest thieves and reprobates on earth and on the other complete stupids holding out their lollipops to be snatched away by the former ...time after time after time.

Good greif!



I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you. You gotta go see this: Fire From The Heartland The Awakening of the Conservative Woman

I thought of you and all the other JOM ladies. Wish we could all see it together.

cc: Thinking of you tonight. Hope all is well in the morning.

OL: Big Congratulations to your daughter and family.



My thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery for your granddaughter.

Melinda Romanoff


I can't put that trailer in front of a spouse who uses The Today Show, as a sole source of news for the day.

I'd be the featured substitute to Farrah Fawcet's Emmy subject.

Frau Zauber

TC, I'll see you your Elizabeth Montgomery and put up the muse who got me through adolescence: Spike Jones and That Old Black Magic.

Frau Zauber

Whoops! Here's the magic LUN.


Mel and Clarice:

I just finished watching the confab of the Right Nation. The Right Scoop has many of the speeches here: http://www.therightscoop.com

I am excited for the first time in my lifetime. :) The number of conservative women and black candidates this year is over the top.
Beck says it is "The end of the beginning" The hard work starts after November 2.

They can no longer call us names. We are taking names.


on the other hand, they are on the perfect mailing list for SCAM 'a fool and his money'
as the saying goes

Melinda Romanoff

And I bet everybody missed my Sydney Sheldon post referring to Endora at 10:57.

Sheesh, where is humor now-a-days.

Thomas Collins

Definitely check out Frau Zauber's great LUN!

Thomas Collins

And here's an Endora photo to go with Mel's post (see LUN).

Thomas Collins

Enough sorcery for this night. Good night all!



I am still trying to figure out who is Gomez(sp)?

I am also to young to know who Endura is, thought that was a rap group. (cough, cough, fingers crossed, eye of newt)


What a large and diverse tent those Tea Partiers have.


Ah the Washington Post, can always be counted on to bring the inane. in the LUN. Kids unless
they are very young, Ann,are jaded about much
of this stuff, but having seen some of the photobucket, you give it the college try


Bit late on one of the subthemes, but -

They told me the first quarter of chemical engineering grad school was just going to suck the life out of me, and sure enough I was really dragging by Thanksgiving break. There were a few days between then and finals week that I was sleeping 16 hours a day, which on top of 4 hours of class plus homework was difficult. The day of my last final I felt awful - sore throat was killing me. I went to the student health center hoping to get something for strep before I got on a plane and, of course, found out I had mono.

The good news is that after only a week resting at home over Christmas break I was energetic enough to exercise, by dribbling a basketball for a minute or so before taking a breather.

In late February I got a note from the health center saying they'd give me a medical excuse to get out of 2nd quarter finals based on my blood work from December. I get sleepy just remembering it. Good night.

Frau Zauber

Looked at your link, Ann. Lots of good stuff but the video of MA sixth graders visiting a mosque and receiving faulty facts about Islam was disturbing. Several students accepted the invitation to join in prayer. Try arranging a field trip to a LDS temple and see how far that goes.


She read Harry Potter?


[accidentally posted on previous thread]

So perhaps someone can help me. O'Donnell said in 1999 that she once "hung around with people who were doing [witchcraft]." Nancy Pelosi says that extending unemployment insurance creates jobs. Now which one is the whack job?

Ari Tai

Be good to see the entire interview, what came before and after.

Have we had any reporting at equivalent detail of Mr. O's life 20 years ago? Was he visible in the media (like Ms. O)?

Do we know why she was?

Melinda Romanoff

And I just spent eight minutes, ten seconds, watching the worst video recording of the best, modern big band I have seen in, at least twenty years.

And yes, I have the album. It's not often that an arranger, for a 20 piece big band, can hide the band, until he wants it to turn it up to eleven.

(this video doesn't do them justice.)

JM Hanes

Just read the last of the Insider columns, and it sounds to me like an interview with an OFA gopher ("contractor") type -- or maybe a guy from the mailroom with delusions of insider grandeur.

Melinda Romanoff


I'm thinkin' overactive lurker (fully equipped with a new imagination!!) might be a bit player in all of this, and somebody might be a bit over-sold on the action.

Melinda Romanoff

And it's too late for me.

G'night all!


That's what I figured too, JM, he (or she) doesn't seem jaded enough to be a Clintonite, but one of the 'hopey changey' brigade

Melinda Romanoff

oh, and a side note, if Obama even speaks within earshot of anybody here, TV or otherwise, laugh first. No comment, no nothing. If you see his face on TV, laugh.

No matter where you are, unless, of course, you're in a Chicago aldermanic hot spot and there are over 40 cops there to teach you "the right way to think".


I spit on the clean toga allies who will never, ever stand with their allies when the wolves start biting.

Go, Clarice! Love it.

FWIW, I work with a librarian who is a Wiccan. She is liberal to the core, lesbian, one of the most knowledgeable people in the organization and one of the kindest people I've ever worked with. So there, Bill Maher. I couldn't care less if Christine O'Donnell hung out with a few Stevie Nicks types in high school or whatever. So did I. Big deal.


centralcal, I'm so glad your granddaughter is finally getting good medical treatment. My girls just came down with strep. As I've had occasion to say many times in my life, thank God for Western medicine.



It's late and I am slow. I agree with you on the field trip to the mosque. Incredibly stupid but which of my links discussed that?


Maybe Axelrod is looking for his next gig but that insider piece just spells. I would guess that it is from the Clinton camp.

narciso: I can't even go near Lady Gag Me. Sadly, she has a pretty good voice but doesn't realize that to keep that up she needs Cher's Rolodex and Cher ain't sharing. I truly hate that the culture has turned women into victims. All our strengths have been turned into something rotten. That is another reason I love Palin. She gets it.



Thanks for that link. I really like the sound.


Excellent idea for Jane from a commenter at PW

In the mean time, lets just hope that all of us broom owners turn out on election day and sweep the Demorats the hell out of Congress.

- The tea partiers could use that as a symbol, brooms, that the Left in its infinite attack mindset has provided them. Botox Nan, the evil witch of the north against the “good witch” of the east, and all her broom owners across the nation. “The silent broom majority” so to speak.

rhymin simon

Remember Jerry Springer was Democratic Mayor of Cincinnati before he launched his show in which O'Donnell would have done wonders for his ratings. O'Donnell was apublicity hound and wanted attention her 15 minutes of fame .

It reminds me of the Salahs who love to crash a party but not if it only tea.


What is TRULY amazing is how much time the Democrats, the left, the left media and the Republican establishment are spending trashing someone that they already stated has no chance of winning.

If she has no chance of winning, why are you even covering her?,,,hmmmm?

No different then the massive media onslaught of Sarah Palin, because they FEARED her. Beacuase she was a strong, independent, self sufficient women who made her life WITHOUT Daddy government.


Some lefty was on the Brett Bauer panel saying these tea party candididates were so extreme as to want to get rid of the Department of Education since America ranked 22nd in some international education standard/test thingy.

It was quickly pointed out that those results showed WHY the DOE has failed so misrable. Since it was established, education has only gotten worse...coincidence?


On a side note..for those that want to dig into it....what is the deal between Bravo TV and the Obama White House.??

It appears from watching their Top Chef show that the whole Housewives of DC thing was completely staged for Bravo's ratings.

Bravo appears to have unlimited access to the Obama adminstration White House and departments.

They were also pushing his policy initiatives, and it was sad to see Top Chef appears to have gone with the affirmative action route and appoint their first African American winner - even though he clearly was an underdog to two better chefs.

After seeing Top Chef and Housewives of DC , its pretty clear that the Salihis, although despicable people, are seen much differently in light of the extensive connections that were ocurring at the time between Bravo and the Obama adminstration.


No different then the massive media onslaught of Sarah Palin, because they FEARED her. Beacuase she was a strong, independent, self sufficient women who made her life WITHOUT Daddy government.

And good looking. They hate that.


This is not going to help her. I heard she canceled her Sunday shows. I don't think O'Donnell's problem is any one issue, but if you put together the law suit and the financial problems and the accusations of stalking and phone bugging and now this, it makes her look unstable. Of course there are plenty of unstable people in the US Senate such as Franken and Boxer just to name two...but it still won't help with the overall electorate. I doubt if her base will care however, after all they are still miffed with Rove for being honest about her chances. They will just say it is another case of the ruling class picking on a strong conservative woman.

But then I think of that Tea Party guy Maes in Colorado who has been dumped by just about everyone, the GOP and the Tea Party because of some fiancial problems and lies about his resume. I wonder if people would have been more likely to overlook some of that if he had been a cute perky brunette instead of a homely middle aged white guy.

I still hope she can beat the bearded marxist in Delaware, but I think that maybe the ridicule and the suspicion engendered by her past will be too much. We will know soon enough.


I'm going to be honest.If O'Donnell has tapes out there of her using an Ouiji board and trying to manifest the spirit of Marx for advice and guidance, then I would be done.Obviously thats Coons job.

Fortunately O'Donnell seems to have grown up well, time for her to start hammering some common sense home.


And what do you know? More helpful advice from POLITICO.

Sarah Palin may run, but it’s not clear how

“I don't know how the machine works. I don't really know who they are up in that hierarchy in the GOP machine,” Palin told the Des Moines audience during her call for party unity and a “great awakening of America.”

But Palin was speaking to the machine. The traditional route to the presidency runs through the Iowa caucuses and victory in the caucuses begin with kowtowing to state Republican leaders in Des Moines, and then devolves to kowtowing to county leaders, town leaders, and precinct captains. The crowd was full of men and women with warm memories of a long line of Republican candidates who have made the journey here.

Sure, Ben. If she doesn't kowtow to town leaders and "precinct captains," there's no way she could beat Romney and Huckabee in Iowa.

He also found some Iowans who think she shouldn't run! After two straight years of the O'Donnell treatment. Wow.


catching up on the threads...

Congrats to Young Lurker! Well done!
Thank God for the correct diagnosis for Centralcal's granddaughter.
Just a big WOW for the coming together of the Sturbridge Tea Party!..."and fear spread in Leftyland the day Jane arose from her couch..."

It looks like cro magnon hater Courtland Milloy also hates lefty white "myopic little twits". The big news will someday be who Mr. Milloy doesn't hate.



Feeding frenzy? Listen I want the Republican to win, but the truth is that Christine O'Donnell is no Joe Miller. That is just a fact.

It is easy to blame someone like Rove for stating his honest opinion, it is easy to assume that all the criticism is just another case of a conservative woman being picked on...but Christine has some responsibility for the things she has said and done.

I am not saying she is a bad person. If I were in Delaware and I choose between her and Coons, I would rather see the Republican win.

However, it does not help her cause to dismiss all questions about her as unfair or to constantly paint her as a victim of the media or mean men who say cruel things...this is the US Senate we are talking about here and to be honest I think a lot of people feel like Obama sold them a bill of goods and now they are wondering who the hell is up there running things. They did not vet him and look how that ended up. She could win this year just because the Democrats are so toxic, but that does not mean that stuff like this with Maher won't hurt her with some folks. This was not that long ago.


You guys, esp gates, save my bacon again this weekhttp://www.americanthinker.com/2010/09/clarices_pieces_i_told_you_so.html> Voters rule


Bill Maher is gonna be the "Character Judge" for us now? Like Sharpton is our "Racial Judge"? When Imus said something un-PC he had to bow before Sharpton for forgiveness. Will future candidates have to pass the Bill Maher acceptability test....who voted him our "National Character Judge"?



All very relevant prior to the primary. Only she won that. You can call the DE Republicans dumb, unsophisticated, whatever, but that's over. Now it's a matter of either helping her win the Senate seat, or hurting her.

You say it's not helpful for her to have canceled Face the Nation. I think jumping into a pit of snakes would be smarter than going on Face the Nation.


You're point is noted, and dismissed Terrye, there is no Delaware GOP, outside of Castle's circle, So when someone like him, wants to sacrifice the nation's economy on the altar on cap n trade, when he wanted to do the same to the soldiers in Iraq, to the Bill of Rights, so that only Soros and the unions prevail, that was not a youthful indiscretion, she was the only alternative, the only one with the 'ganas' as the late Jaime Escalante used to say, now take your Eeyorism away, don't you please.


Legal Insurrection nails it with the Lombardi Rule:
http://legalinsurrection.blogspot.com/2010/09/memo-to-right-lombardi-rule-is-in.html>The Lombardi Rule


“The silent broom majority” so to speak.

That's funny.

Clarice screwed up the link (Again!) so here it is. Another great read!


..but Christine has some responsibility for the things she has said and done.

and that sentiment is fine, as long as it is applied to ALL candidates. It is hard for me to tolerate the picking apart of conservative candidates while every lefty grifter (President Obama)is given a free pass. The double standard is infuriating.


Good morning. Thanks all for the well wishes, but especially those who had Mono for sharing that they survived. lol.

Amazing, isn't it, how my Sunday morning always starts with a cup of great coffee and an even greater read over at Clarice's Pieces? You go girl!

Janet, you are right as usual! I mean, Bill Maher, for gawd's sake!


Thanks, Jane and CC. Now for MY coffee.


Thanks, Clarice, for the link to Legal Insurrection. He is just great!

Some of the blogs and pundits ought to watch out - the Tea Party broom can be used on them as easily as on the candidates.


That's what they ultimately fear, that they will be rendered irrelevant, I mean if "Meet
the Hacks" and 'Face the popinjayed news readers,' horrors, like Coddington Voorhis,
would say.

I think she should start with Greta, then work her way to Wallace, and then 'if needs
must' go on Meet the Press, and the other showa



All very relevant prior to the primary. Only she won that. You can call the DE Republicans dumb, unsophisticated, whatever, but that's over. Now it's a matter of either helping her win the Senate seat, or hurting her.

You say it's not helpful for her to have canceled Face the Nation. I think jumping into a pit of snakes would be smarter than going on Face the Nation.

Posted by: Extraneus | September 19, 2010 at 08:16 AM

If she can not face the people on Fox News Sunday or Face the Nation it will not give people confidence in her ability to deal with the problems she will have to face every day as a Senator. And I never said the Republicans in DE were dumb. As a matter of fact I don't think the American people are dumb even though I do not agree with their majority decision to make Barack Obama President of the United States.

The point is that we have someone like Rove here who has given literally millions of dollars to Tea Party candidates, in fact he has poured $2 million for Sharron Angle alone...and yet he is called a RINO and all sorts of stuff just for making what he considered to be an honest assessment.

I knew she would have trouble when I heard an audio of her interview with Dan Gaffney {who is not a liberal} and she said she won 2 out of 2 counties when she ran against Biden when in fact she did not win any. It was an unforced error..blaming Gaffney who did not make the comment will not change that. I just think that people want another Sarah Palin and they hoped Christine O'Donnell would be that person. I am just not so sure about that.

Cecil Turner

Christine O'Donnell dabbled in witchcraft?

Good grief. Does nobody bother reading these things? Even in the shortest quote, the context is perfectly clear:

I hung around people who were doing these things. I’m not making this stuff up. I know what they told me they do. [...]

One of my first dates with a witch was on a satanic altar, and I didn’t know it. I mean, there’s little blood there and stuff like that. … We went to a movie and then had a midnight picnic on a satanic altar. [emphasis added]

She went on a date and picnicked on what she later found out was a satanic altar, and uses this as an illustration of how creepy the folks involved are. And judging from how young she is in the clip, it couldn't've been long out of her teens. Where's the beef?

Powerline's reaction was ridiculously overwrought, and Anduril's is perfectly predictable for a DKos plant, but is there really a good reason to join them?


Clarice beat me to it.

The Legal Insurrection piece was great.

Important point that Angle had time to organize and put the silly press behind her.

Now I've retrieved the Bookworm's excellent analysis of this. LUN

I especially like how she talks about how being a lawyer paying attention to the effects of judicial activism caused her to evolve in her political thinking.

Wish more lawyers saw unbridled regulation as a threat to national prosperity and not just funding for a new car and tuition.


To be honest, O'Donnell should not have said she would go on those shows if she is going to cancel. It is the cancellation that makes her look shaky...if she had not promised to do it all, she would be fine.


Look. two years ago, we saw the media tear down through innuendo, omission, and deliberate fabrication, someone of matchless integrity, an 80% approval rating, a reputation for reform, a servant's heart,
and we see now that was deliberate from the getgo. Axelrod's astroturfers, the Journolist,
the Wasilla project, and of course, units of
the 'clean toga' brigade. It wasn't an accident that Obama's record was ignored

Melinda Romanoff

Clarice's Pieces, just another pick up, I couldn't get Clarice's link to work.

Melinda Romanoff


Cecil Turner

. . . . and yet he is called a RINO and all sorts of stuff just for making what he considered to be an honest assessment.

He's been making continuous negative comments about the Republican nominee just because the voters didn't pick his favorite choice. Promoting the GOP is supposed to be his raison d'etre and he's gone completely 'round the bend by his own standards. I'm not sure what the appropriate term is . . . but it sure ain't appropriate.

Melinda Romanoff

Thanks, Cecil, I don't have that one down yet.


You know what's strange DOT?

The entire concept of religion. No evidence as to divinity has ever been produced. Just take it on faith. Not me.

You know who's a nut? Larry Summers, and as a bonus, because he's Summer's boy, Tim Geithner. Thee is no way in hell, I'd let either one of these numbnuts balance my check book. I'd be $10,000,000.00 in debt before I knew it.

"Though she has dismissed it as an intellectual exercise, Hillary can expect to again be derided for what journalist Bob Woodward first reported as a "seance" with Eleanor Roosevelt. At the prompting of New Age guru Jean Houston, Hillary engaged in fantasy chats with Roosevelt and Mahatma Gandhi, two of the First Lady's heroes."

Hillary Clinton Held A Seance in the WH

Old Lurker

Her party ended too late for her to blog, but this morning YL caught up her reading of Saturday's thread and posted this, over there:

"...All- thanks for the heartfelt congratulations! I appreciate all of your support, and for giving OL something to do besides check up on my homework all the time.

Can't wait for Chicago politics.. hubby and i have been following "planet blago" closely and are ready for more entertainment from that silly city. not that obama is any laughing matter...

Sincerely, Dr. Lurker..."


Just read the second insider installment.

This person is a woman or crappy sports talk show host, or crappy sports coach.

"Man up". The lamest, least knowledgeable term in the american vocabulary (Or whatever I'm looking for there).

Captain Hate

Rove still doesn't get how much of a snotty prick he appeared to be on Tuesday but he's starting to come around on what's really going on. And to his credit on FNS he blasted Merdecowpie pretty effectively.


This witch hunt is absurd. Any conservatives who fall for it are fools.

Senators are sent to Washington to vote on things. So let's see a checklist of Coons vs. O'Donnell on the issues. How would these two vote on important things? That's what's relevant.

When's the first debate?


Ok since we need some posts to get us to the next page, I'll go completely off-topic.

Spent all day yesterday keeping the scorebook for our school's 7th-grade invitational volleyball tournament. Our girls took first place! And that's even though there are only 7 girls in the class, and two of them are brand new this year and had never played VB before.

WonderGirl is actually pretty darn good, especially at the net. DrF and I are still trying to figure out where THAT came from -- certainly not from any of us!


Very nice OL.

Congrats to Dr Lurker.

If we each post "I hate italics" we can get rid of them sooner and scroll through quickly.


I'm looking forward to the first debate when they ask Coons what his position is on masturbation.


On the previous page, Clarice linked to DOCTOR ZERO's must read at Hot Air (LUN). He mainly discusses the folly of BO playing The Palin Card, now that Boehner's bio is thwarting his Alinskying, but Insty has my favorite bit from DR Z:

"Let me put this bluntly: virtually no one in America gives a damn what Barack Obama says about anything at this point. What could be more predictable, and less interesting, than Obama’s opinion on any given subject? Who wants to contemplate the economic wisdom of a guy who looted the Treasury for a trillion dollars, with less benefit than we could have achieved by stuffing hundred dollar bills into random cereal boxes? Who’s excited to hear about the next plan to convert taxpayer dollars into Democrat campaign funds? Who’s hungry for another hour of tedious excuses about permanently broken markets and the titanic dead hand of George W. Bush? Who wants a lecture on ethical business practices from the titular head of the party that gave us Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters? What use is another hollow foreign-policy speech from a man who sees no global adversary to rival the menace of Arizona? Even Obama’s supporters don’t hear anything he says any more. There’s nothing left to hear."


Those of you in Florida or interested in what does work in K-12 education will appreciate this new Heritage Foundation report Closing the Achievement Gap:Learning from Florida's Reforms".

LUN is the link explaining what the reforms were that now have Florida's Black and Hispanic students outscoring the statewide averages for all students in many states.

Hope Rubio and Rick Scott both read thisexcellent report.



no italics




I hate italics!!!!!!

Can we get to the next page soon?

...and, ya know Terrye, Preview Is Your Friend!


I hate italics.


A commenter on the C.P. article posted on Lucianne, repeats the NYT' stupid editorial I made fun of and adds some interesting tsunami info:

"NYT "Republican leaders have to decide if they want the tiny fraction of furious voters who have showed up at the primary polls to steer them into the swamp for years ahead." That "tiny fraction" was a 32% turnout here in DE for the primary. That is the largest turnout since the 1920's in any of the states primaries."


Gene pools are mysterious things, cathyf. On never knows what's in there or what will come out of them.



I think you will like that bookworm post @ 9:09.

Do italics make anyone else feel dizzy?


When I'm that succinct, typepad apparently thinks I might be an automated poster.


Do italics make anyone else feel dizzy?

Yeah -- it's intensified by the weird effects of the bifocals I think.


My boat is named Italic. But in this case...


My boat is named Italic. But in this case...


Do italics make anyone else feel dizzy?

Yeah -- it's intensified by the weird effects of the bifocals I think.

That's interesting -- when the italics are in perma mode, the previous comment gets reinserted into the comment box when you hit refresh.

Yeah, I'm just rambling on to fill up the page...


caro -- is your boat's name painted on in a roman font?


I was just imitating Rick B. Honest. Imitation is the best flattery.


No, cathyf, in the dreaded i-style.

JM Hanes

I was going to put everything into a single post, when I finished catching up on the thread, but as a public service I'l break 'em up till we turn the page.

JM Hanes


"The tea partiers could use that as a symbol, brooms."

And after they've cleaned out the stables, they can hand the job off to the Baby Broomers.


Since we're trying to fill the page:

The NYT reports today that in addition to low-flow showerheads, toilets that you have to flush twice, cars that are tiny little deathtraps, the government has also now given us dishwashing detergent that doesn't clean.

Wasn't someone saying something about how liberals protect our freedoms while conservatives endanger them?


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