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September 18, 2010



Thanks, JMH.


I see the Obama family attended church, for the first time since Easter, this morning.

I hate italics.


Oh, for the meet up, we gotta get this guy!


Looking at the stage, it's the one you never see, playing those licks.

Thats Bmoe (!) from over at Protein Wisdom.

He lives in Athens, and is like the nicest guy you'll ever meet.

And a rocker!


Woo Hoo! Italics free at last!

Please, no one use manual HTML for awhile. Firefox has a nifty toolbar to do it for you, mistake free.


It is the cancellation that makes her look shaky...if she had not promised to do it all, she would be fine.

Terrye, I enjoy your posts, but you're moving goalposts here. Were you generally supportive of O'Donnell and confident of her chances until she canceled her Sunday shows? I don't think you were, based on your HotAir comments. So it can't really be all about the cancellation.

Re: Rove, he should have disclosed his role in trying to elect Castle. It's not kosher for him to pretend at this point that he's just an honest analyst offering an opinion.


I see the Obama family attended church, for the first time since Easter, this morning.

Heh. You know the polls are looking bad if Michelle or Barry deign to bend their knees to an entity other than a foreign potentate.

Meanwhile I'm home with sick kids. I can't believe the Obamas will have gone to church today and I won't.


They've got to keep the daughters in the spotlight if they are going to sell that new book.


TM, some strange thing called t.pointroll.com is causing Firefox not to finish loading a page.

"Point Roll" is ostensibly a banner company, but the way I can't get a comment box in Firefox it might as well be called "Poin Troll" for defeating your blog.

The page works in Safari.


sbw: I am using Firefox and not having that problem (at least for the moment :))

Danube of Thought

How can the "Insider's" inbox be full after an anonymous interview?


Per FNC reporting this morning:

Murkowski blames Tea Party Express: Mudslinging, smear - a terrible, terrible campaign . . . lies.

Miller is a radical.


On our favorite topic of higher ed, AAC&U has a new report out (LUN) on how colleges and universities need to make sure that each student's course of study is preparing them to appreciate their personal and social responsibilities to themselves and others.

Fairly innocuous title though "Engaging Diverse Viewpoints".

Somehow I see that nationalization of the student loan program and the forgiveness options if you work for a nonprofit or the govt in a whole new light:

"Now, however, with a majority of Americans being guided toward higher education, we have an unparalleled opportunity to take education for mindful citizenship . . ."

Where's George Orwell when you need him?


Re: Dabbling in magic --

Magic is the assumption there are two kinds of knowledge, one based on learning from experience, and a different kind based on some supposed secret that if you repeat some incantation that nature will do your bidding.

Nature will do your bidding if you learn enough about her to follow her instruction. We call that science, which means there is only one kind of knowledge.


How can the "Insider's" inbox be full after an anonymous interview?

I wondered that too. I figured maybe he meant that the interview was being emailed all around between WH insiders and their contacts.

Although to be honest that is a charitable interpretation. I don't think the interviews are real, or at least, I don't think they took place in the way they've been transcribed for publication. I'm going with "fake but accurate."

It's PUMA propaganda.  Let's have some more.

I can't stand the officious 'stage directions' in the insider interview. I like Porch's 'Fake but accurate'.

JM Hanes


Reminds me of a card my mother-in-law once sent to her daughter:

Outside: How do we know it's Easter?
Inside: Because it's the first time we've been to church since Christmas!


You know higher ed officials need to spend time in the real world dealing with the consequences attendant on the private sector when they push a report that complains that

"since the 1970s education at all levels" has primarily been "about economic needs and individual or private benefits" and that this emphasis needs to be changed.

I would be tempted to simply yell "Hello in there" and chalk this up to absurdity but this is intended to be an influential report.

This is the same week that my daughter and a friend were proudly told by a Top 10 college recruited that the school had a "social honor code" that created an obligation for each student to confront anyone with a viewpoint they disagreed with.

"Social honor code" sounds like bad manners to me and her.


Assume the position.




Last night at the wedding reception got invited out to go on one of these ">http://superboat.com/2010/09/it’s-crystal-clear-super-boats-heading-to-crystal-coast-this-weekend/"> super powered speed boats thats in some big race down here today.

The driver says when they really get going flat out they can hit 140 miles an hour. He said after about 110 miles an hour they basically become an airfoil instead of a boat. Saw these up close and they are humongous.

They start at the Atlantic Beach bridge, whiz up to the old Civil War Fort, make a turn near where Blackbeard was supposedly murdered near Beaufort, then back to the bridge, and just do it over and over again. NASCAR on the water. Am learning how to speak southern all over again.


Correct me if I'm wrong but don't sailboat owners refer to powerboats as stinkpots?


The "worst possible Senate election nightmare" keeps shifting for the Dems. First it was fears that Rand Paul might get elected, or Marco Rubio, Sharon Angle, Carly Fiorina. Now, though, none of those victories would be a surprise, and the Dems hang their hopes on keeping Christine O'Donnell and Linda McMahon out of office. And O'Donnell has money pouring in and is only beginning to shine a light on her opponent, Harry Reid's pet. I think it's entirely possible that Republicans will sweep all of the "toss-up" Senate seats, and that election night will come to a heady close at around 2 AM, when Delaware is finally called and O'Donnell announces to supporters that she looks forward to being the Republicans 53d vote in the Senate.


I understand that Obama dabbled into economics


Rocco, you are so right.

But I try to keep an open mind.

Daddy, I was in Beaufort for a couple of weeks about a year and a half ago. I snagged a couple of days going out in the blue marlin fishing tournament that was going on. It was pretty thrilling.

I bet pilots would like those fast boats that really do fly. Enjoy! I think a lot of fast boats were developed for drug running though.

Captain Hate

I think it's entirely possible that Republicans will sweep all of the "toss-up" Senate seats, and that election night will come to a heady close at around 2 AM, when Delaware is finally called and O'Donnell announces to supporters that she looks forward to being the Republicans 53d vote in the Senate.

Maybe ABC news will dig up Peter Jennings rotted carcass with a sign "They had a temper tantrum and Hell is even worse than I imagined".

Melinda Romanoff


Gun and rum running.


About not showing up for the Sunday morning rape a republican shows...Yourish (cite at Insty) reports:

Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic drew this conclusion about the Tea Party candidates winning some Republican primaries over the establishment candidates:

The media is going to help the Democratic Party’s national messaging, which is that the GOP is a party full of Christine O’Donnells, a party that wants to take away your Social Security and your right to masturbate. Well, maybe not that last part, but then again, the implicit message of the party is that the GOP is about to elect a slate of hard social rightists to Congress.

When someone as widely-quoted as Ambinder is not even trying to hide the fact that the media is biased against Republicans, I think it’s time to stop pretending that the MSM is full of objective reporters writing unbiased articles.

If they’re still wondering why people are abandoning them in droves, simply send them a copy of this post. What do we really want? Honest, unbiased reporting with no hidden agenda. Failing that, we’ll take Fox News, which at least doesn’t have a liberal bias, and is, in many cases, the only network reporting objectively. Not that I think it’s truly “fair and balanced.” It leans right. Duh. But Fox is only one network. All the rest lean left. And they’re not even bothering to hide it anymore.

The media is not supposed to be the shill for the Democratic party. Someone might want to inform Marc Ambinder of that.

**She's in a local race. She does not need the national media. The national media are organized to kill her and the tea party. Let them talk to each other and the hand until they cut out the carp, I say.

No one watches them. They are biased. Why give them ammo. They are trying to do what they did to Angle and Palin--trap them up with negative reporting before they can organize their campaigns.

Terriye..I think you are foolish. In any event your strategies are proven losers.

Captain Hate

I usually agree with what Terrye says but not here and elsewhere on O'Donnell. Meanwhile the MFM sending Maher and the rest of their in-house catamites after her is just providing diversions from more important things, like the jugeared dunce completely bypassing the Senate on Elizabeth Warren.

JM Hanes


"Some lefty was on the Brett Bauer panel saying these tea party candididates were so extreme as to want to get rid of the Department of Education"

They say, "Extremist!" but they are thinking, "Heretic!" Everyone needs to put their faith in a higher power. For atheists, it's Science, for some it's Gov not God. Eliminating the Dept. of Edu, is simply inconceivable. It's not just an affront to the for-the-children mantra, it's an attack on the whole neo-liberal canon:

The public needs remedial help to make "informed choices." Voters who reject the whole idea of government subsidies are so bamboozled by the right, they can't even recognize their own best interests. Michelle Obama's job is to teach parents and restauranteurs about healthy lifestyles. Lectures are the new sermons; they are a positive, not a negative.

When the liberal elite look in their mirrors, they see themselves, first and foremost as educators. They didn't even blink when Barack told us, way back in Feb. 2008, that under an Obama administration, "every child in America" can look forward to "the best education this country has to offer from the day that child is born to the day that child graduates from college."

Emphasis, obviously, mine.


This witch thing or dumping the Sunday morning shows will not in the long run be O'Donnell's test. It will be her lawsuit and some apparently peculiar recent claims and whether she has misused campaign funds. I don't know enough about any of it to know whether any of it matters but she's going to have to be able to get past it some how because the MSM will talk about nothing else.
After reading the comments on the previous page I must confess the IE using imp in me is sore tempted to leave an italics tag open at the top of the page. ;P


How much do the Reps have to fear from a tea party which the left pundits say is ripping about the party? Obama et ux and wee wons finally crossed the street to attend church today.

Reading entrails.......

Army of Davids

The media seems very excited about the Comedy Channel Rally. CNN is hyping it every hour.

Jack is Back!


You can tell the Dems, liberals, left-wing pinkos and all the other assorted political trash that ties their soul to the New York Times are scared as hell and running for the bomb shelter of slander, lies and demonization. I give you front page Sunday Times above the fold expose on Sal Russo of the Tea Party.

Heavens, he is a former Republican political operative who is funneling money into the tea parties. No! I shrieked in horror as my hands trembled at the mere notion of those crazy bigots getting any help in making readable and symmetrical signs. When the Times does it usual dumpster diving audit of expenses they will find much to their chagrin that 40% of the funding of the tea parties goes to customizing hundreds of Zimmer Frames to allow unfettered mobility for the racist hordes.

And Nick Kristof is leading us in bowing before our coming masters of Islam with his unwarranted and unwelcome apology to Islam that Peter linked to above. But back to page one and the startling news that Mikey Bloomberg will lead a resurgent movement to take back the center and restore Gaia to its rightful place inside John McCain's closet. He has had it with the fad known as the Tea Party and says its time to for all smoke free, anti-frois gras Presbyterians to come to the aid of their local garden club and Odd Fellows fraternity. He only has time for moderates in both parties and is going to do a fun raiser for Meg Whitman since she is more moderate than that extreme moderate Jerry Brown. You think I jest, then what about him supporting Lincoln Chafee for Governor of Rhode Island and his fund raiser for the most moderate person in the Senate - Harry Reid. Harry is a Mormon you see and as such he doesn't drink, smoke or say crazy things like "this war is lost" or "if you're Hispanic you'd have to be crazy to vote republican". Mormon's are moderates unlike those crazy Hispanic catholics like Marco Rubio.

And that my friends, as Paul Harvey would say, is the news, good-day!

Cecil Turner

Terrye..I think you are foolish. In any event your strategies are proven losers.

A little strong, I think. And in any event the primary is over, and lamenting over might-have-beens is a waste of effort. Now the goal ought to be to come together to elect the best possible candidates amongst the nominees . . . a description that matches O'Donnell rather better than Coons, IMHO.

Army of Davids

O' Donnell is a no vote on Cap and Trade and a repeal vote on ObamaCare.

The rest is just noise IMO.



Marl Leven agrees with me that O'Donnell was shrewd to skip the Sunday morning rapeathons

Levin told his Facebook followers this was a good decision:

Christine O'Donnell is smart to bypass these shows and the O'Donnell-hating media. All they'll do is try to rip her with cherry-picked clips and the rest. They'll use Rove, Krauthammer, Weekly Standard, National Review, Powerline, Castle, etc., quotes against her. She owes them nothing. Her goal is to get elected. Now that she's raised nearly $2 million, she can tell the voters who she is and what she believes, rather than subjecting herself to the frenzy and bias of the media which clearly seek her personal destruction.


At this point popular tea party candidates need the press less than the press needs them, and the media deserves the back of the hand treatment. (Remember in the campaign how Obama kept them on a short string and those masochists adored it?)

Cecil Turner

It will be her lawsuit and some apparently peculiar recent claims and whether she has misused campaign funds.

Don't see why. The campaign funds thing was weak (per Kaus, she is allowed to pay herself a salary), the lawsuit is ho-hum. The real challenge is recapturing the narrative, and for that it is vastly unhelpful for supposed allies (i.e., Rove) to be giving her a list of things to "explain."

Captain Hate

CT, I've been willing to forget the primary since Wednesday morning. It's the squishes that keep whining about what a poor candidate O'Donnell is and giving fodder for the MFM rather than directing efforts to the future. Again, this has been a real eye opener for me.


Voinovich on Bolton was the eye opener for me--It was all I could manage to keep from running to the Hill and defenestrating him and his buddies.


MOTUS is on a tear about last night's Hispanic Caucus Dinner.

LUN is the link to "Our First Post Partisan, Post Racial President".

The comments have pictures of the church walk.

Captain Hate

Clarice, Bill Kristol was very upbeat on O'Donnell on FNS; he didn't walk back the two negative WS articles but stated that he believes she's still a viable candidate against some tool who embraced an ideology that has led to the deaths of over 100 million people.


--The real challenge is recapturing the narrative...--

That's what I mean Cecil. Every where she goes there will be some stooge shoving a mike in her face demanding she explain some lame-o issue that has nothing to do with the course of the country.
As much as I like Sarah she was only partially successful, during the campaign, of recapturing the narrative.
Some people have the gift of overcoming the MSM's campaign of imposing a narrative, Reagan being the master, and others don't. We'll see.

All I can say about Rove is, he's no Lee Atwater.

hit and run

After reading the comments on the previous page I must confess the IE using imp in me is sore tempted to leave an italics tag open at the top of the page.

As a result of your confession,the next time someone leaves an italics tag open inadvertently,I plan on putting 6 open italics tags in each of my subsequent comments just to keep IE users on par with the rest of the commenters here.

It's all about fairness. And equality. It is the age of Obama afterall.


Ditto, Captain, I guess I shouldn't have been that surprised, 'they just dialed it up to eleven' but the same reaction has been to every candidate on the Tea Party roster, it gets tiring, specially when they don't have anything constructive.

Rove, actually dropped out of college, as I recall, in order to pursue his vocation, he eventually did get his degree, you would think
they would cut a little slack.


Karl Rove is in it for the money. Period.

Don Draper

Geez, why would anyone want to skip an unbiased "news" program on CBS:

From GretaWire (LUN) -
"How did CBC's Face the Nation and host Bob Schieffer handle the Christine O'Donnell cancellation? Here it is:
(by the way, since I am traveling, I did not get a chance to see how my colleague Chris Wallace handled her cancellation with him)

From CBS’s Face The Nation and host Bob Schieffer

SCHIEFFER: Well, as many of you read in your morning paper, we expected to have Christine O'Donnell, the surprise winner of that Republican Senate primary up in Delaware, with us this morning. She called us or e-mailed us yesterday morning and told us that she was canceling, said she had scheduling conflicts and a lot of political things she needed to do in her home state and so she couldn't be here.
What we did not know at the time was that, Friday night, Bill Maher, the comedian, had circulated a video interview that she had done for his program back in 1999, I think it was, and it turned out the segment never aired. But he aired it Friday night, in which she said, of all things, that she had -- had once dabbled in witchcraft. I want to play that tape for you right now. Here it is.

SCHIEFFER: So there you are. Well, after we became aware of this, we e-mailed the campaign again and asked them if, in fact, was that the reason that she decided to cancel the appearance?
We got back an e-mail that said, "No, that is not the reason. We weren't aware that he had released this tape until yesterday afternoon."
As for dabbling in witchcraft, whatever that is, her campaign spokesman said "Campaigns about what she did as a teen is hardly a worry to her or the people of Delaware.""


Kristol's no dope.


--he believes she's still a viable candidate against some tool who embraced an ideology that has led to the deaths of over 100 million people--

Unfortunately CH, we live in a world where the MSM portrays being a 'bearded Marxist' as perhaps a bit naive but really evidence of good, sound character in one's youth.
Now of course if O'Donnell said she used to be a 'mustachioed Nazi' it's hard to say whether she would be more mercilessly crucified because she was a national socialist rather than an international one or for hiding that she waxes her upper lip, but crucified she would most surely be.
Oh for the world in which both Nazis and Marxists could be equally crucified.

JM Hanes


I wouldn't be surprised if Sarah Palin, herself, advised O'Donnell to cancel those media appearances. If nothing else, it's way too soon to face the lions in their dens, without some serious training exercises. There were plenty of dire predictions when Palin didn't fill out her term as AK governor too. How's that workin' out?

Pointed sound bites will stand O'Donnell in better stead for the moment. She needs to borrow Scott Brown's truck, hit every hill and dale in Delaware, and wait till she's no longer the political flavor of the day. Till then, she could exploit all that media attention with a simple Facebook page.... She needs to run against Coons, instead of Castle for awhile. If her numbers begin to tick up, there will be a lot more on the table for serious discussion than what, by then, will be stale gotcha questions on her biographical history.

Captain Hate

I feel embarrassed for once thinking that Schieffer was any different than the rest of the dishonest shills in the MFM. Again, this campaign has been a real eye opener and credibility lost is permanent. Does Schieffer really want to call O'Donnell and her campaign liars compared to the crock they bought on the jugeared dunce's temporary deafness when Jeremiah Wright went on his multiple delusional hate-filled rants? I hope they keep this crap up because I'm sure what I'm thinking is not confined to just here; and I want the MFM as destroyed as the Berlin Wall.


BEDEVERE: How do you know she is a ">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yp_l5ntikaU"> witch ?
VILLAGER #2: She looks like one.
BEDEVERE: Bring her forward.
WITCH: I'm not a witch. I'm not a witch.
BEDEVERE: But you are dressed as one.
WITCH: They dressed me up like this.
CROWD: No, we didn't -- no.
WITCH: And this isn't my nose, it's a false one.
VILLAGER #1: Well, we did do the nose.

Rove is not happy being a villager so he helps create witches for us to persecute.

Rick Ballard


Check your WWE script. Flipping forward to the last page will enhance everyone's ability to generate the boos and hisses necessary to allow the tattered remnant of the Dem center to cast their votes for the Tea Party endorsed candidate as a last gesture of disrespect for the awful, terrible Rep establishment.

My compliments and best wishes to O'Donnell. Her decision to refrain from appearing on the MFM Dem propaganda mills will not harm her chances in Delaware and breaks the 'build' on this last opportunity to 'personalize' the Tea Party. She has already accomplished a great deal just by breaking up Castle's fief in Delaware. Pruning dead wood to allow for new growth is hardly exciting but Castle's totally pathetic efforts wrt new registration over the past four years is possibly the clearest indication that he hit his expiration date some time ago.

Captain Hate

I agree JMH; if O'Donnell has made a mistake this week it's in not letting go of the primary race. I can kind of understand that in view of all the sour grapes from the previously mentioned dimwits but she's got to get beyond that.

Melinda Romanoff

Turban Durbin has slapped the DREAM Act onto a war appropriations bill. The vote is before the election.

They must need to manufacture some more voters to dilute the fraud they are planning.

Here's Chicago Tribune story on it.


Two, how about a dozen, sorry Kristol needs to own up that the WS has become the "Clean
Toga express" for most intents and purposes.
She should concentrate on Coons, looking at his web page, he styles himself a "Truman
Democrat' but Harry would have exorcised him,
on advice from Clark Clifford, at a moment's notice

Captain Hate

Rick it is almost like a WWE script (complete with Linda McMahon) with well defined heels and babyfaces and clueless referees that are in on the fix. Life imitating very bad art?


--I feel embarrassed for once thinking that Schieffer was any different than the rest of the dishonest shills in the MFM.--

He made a comment a few years back, which I have searched for a copy of in vain, in the same vein and fully as reprehensible as Peter Jenning's 'temper tantrum' diatribe.
He's just a slimy, beltway chump like the rest, if a little more grandfatherly.


"All I can say about Rove is, he's no Lee Atwater."

Ha, I was shouted down right here a few years back for making that exact claim. As I was informed, Rove is a better strategist than Atwater, who had the benefit of the world's greatest candidate for a client, while Rove had to struggle to make run-of-the-mill GW look good. That logic never made sense to me, as an extremely flawed candidate like John "Magic Hat" Kerry was allowed to come close enough in Ohio to raise possibilities of another "illegitimate president" electoral college disaster. I think time has shown Rove to be just another goofy talking head who has some campaign experience, no more interesting or astute than Carville or Shrum (I liked Rove better when he was the Dark Lord ostensibly sliming Joe Wilson covertly - alas, he doesn't appear to even have those skills). This O'Donnell incident reveals Rove to be a sore loser without any real ideological convictions, someone who would actively campaign against conservative interests and then lie about it afterwards. As for O'Donnell, of course she's smart to stay away from all the TV shows for a week or two, and the media antipathy to her currently includes dummies like O'Reilly. Heck, since she's got nothing to lose at this point she might as well be free-wheeling; while it's unseemly for a POTUS to call out a media opponent by name as Obama did on his second day in office re: Rush Limbaugh, I don't see why a scrappy underdog in a Senate race shouldn't include at least one jab at Bill "Brave 9/11 Hijackers" Maher in every stump speech.


the government has also now given us dishwashing detergent that doesn't clean.
JimmyK -
There is a great video of Ann McElhinney (her & husband made the film Mine Your Own Business)speaking at some conservative gathering...anyway, she says something like they had heard those crazy right wing Christians were in your bedroom, watch out for the right wingers. What they found out is that the leftist greenies were in every other room in your house!

Captain Hate

narc, I'm gonna have to take issue with you on the WS (we can't agree on *everything*); I find it to be my favorite weekly read. And no I don't necessarily agree with everything in it (they panned Mark Levin's "Liberty and Tyranny" for example).


--Ha, I was shouted down right here a few years back for making that exact claim.--

Not by me, hrtshpd. Atwater was one of a kind.

Besides everyone knows it is impossible for any regular commenter here to be shouted down because "we" are all mindless automatons who all engage in pitiful groupthink at all times.
How do I know this? A little turd told me.


"How do I know this? A little turd told me."

Well, as long as it wasn't Turd Blossom himself.


The media seems very excited about the Comedy Channel Rally. CNN is hyping it every hour.
Army of Davids,
That is SO true! They HAVE to mock the Restoring Honor Rally. It is in their make up. Can you even imagine feeling the need to mock a gathering that celebrated Faith, Hope, & Charity? The leftists are some sick puppies...


I know, Captain, but McCormick, Ham, and a few others have really been pushing the assault since before the primary,


I hooked into a Giant Pacific Blue Marlin on my honeymoon in Hawaii. I fought the fish for about 20 minutes before it sounded and broke the line. I think it was a faulty knot because the captain started yelling at the mate (his son) waving the broken line in his face. The captain estimated the fish at about 700 lbs. I'll never forget that fish tail dancing on top of the water!

The name of the boat was KONA KOKANE. When I asked he mate why the boat was named that way he told the owners were in jail for running drugs and he and his father were leasing it.

I know there's no love loss between the owners of stinkpots and sailboats.


I got a chuckle at NRO - they must have lost a few subscribers over their O'Donnell beatdowns, because they immediately posted a Santa Claus themed pop-in-your face on their pages asking you to subscribe to NRO for a Christmas present.

Santa Claus in mid-September! Very annoying, too as it interferes enormously with their page loading. Probably will cause them to lose on-line readers as well.

Captain Hate

NRO needs a squish cleaning as badly as the Repub party does.

Rocco there's nothing like having the hook set in a large fish. But 700 lbs? WOW.


700 pounds, what kind of fish, is that Rocco,


Can't read NRO anymore, even though I still like a few of the folks over there. The occasional VDH (Steyn is gone right? Or just on hiatus?) and that is it.

JM Hanes


"I think time has shown Rove to be just another goofy talking head who has some campaign experience, no more interesting or astute than Carville or Shrum"

The Dark Lord was always a lefty creation, although the right eventually fell hard for the mysterious Architect's "genius." Shrum, however, doesn't belong on anybody's go-to list. He's probably managed more losing campaigns than anyone else in the game. Rove, at least, indisputably pulled the 2004 election out of the hat, although the tea parties are clearly unfamiliar terrain. I look to Shrum for entertaining updates on conventional "reality based" wisdom.


Super Duper column this week. We're going to be running out of super-latives soon! It would be great if Am. Thinker had a permalink for "Clarice's Pieces" which could redirect folks to the latest installment. I usually rely on links from JOM, but a bookmarkable page might encourage a lot of repeat visits, and make you a regular stop for readers who wouldn't otherwise end up on AmThinker's homepage.


It is the cancellation that makes her look shaky...if she had not promised to do it all, she would be fine.

I agree. When I heard Marco Rubio did the same thing, I mailed a donation to his moderate mainstream opponent. And he sent back the nicest thank-you post card from the Haunted Mansion.


By the way, it's next to impossible to find a "news" story that covers that story as "GOP Audit Finds Crist Committed Fraud" instead of "Popular Incumbent Governor Blasts 'Sloppy' Audit, Demands Apology From Republican Party".


And I can't believe we're at the bottom of page three before I noticed:

That Old Black Magic

Why you got a problem with black magic?

JM Hanes


Re: NRO's Santa ads.

I discovered that if you scroll over the ad, you'll find a detached little bit of the selection just under the right hand corner of the ad. It's a "close" button, which you can't otherwise see. Even if you're essentially clicking blind, you can disappear the ad.

I'm sure the editorial crowd over there knows that annoying potential subscribers is doubleplus ungood, but apparently nobody at NRO actually reads NRO.

Rick Ballard

I just realized that, with Teddy gone a mouldering and Patrick's decision to spend more time with the eight headed insects crawling all over the padded walls of his room in the detox center, the new Congress will not be afflicted with the Kennedy Curse.

Or am I missing a lesser nitwit?


narciso...it was a Giant Pacific Blue Marlin

That's what the captain estimated the fish weighed. Since that was the one and only time I've been lucky enough to fish for them, I just took his word for it.

Unfortunately, the 50mm lens on my wife's camera made the fish look like it was a mile away.


I got news for the talking heads on the Sunday shows:


Why are they so intolerant of other peoples beliefs?

Obama and Bloomberg surely will speak out on the rights of witches?? won't they?

Anthony Natale, Jr

Go Clarice go. I love your passion & tone.Your blog article- American Thinker, 9/19, is another winner. Hey Ann "Calling Karl Rove" is right on.


Or am I missing a lesser nitwit?

I think you're right, Rick. There was a chance that Joseph Kennedy III would run for Delahunt's seat, but he thankfully did not. And with Ahnold and Maria vacating the governor's mansion in CA, even state government is free of the stench.


Thanks, Anthony!


How very kind, jmh. There is an archive listing on the front page and if you go there and click on my name you can find them all. I'd think it tooting my own horn to carry your suggestion to the editor but you could do it directly editoratamericanthinkerdotcom.


The hypocrisy is stunning. Total silence on Obama's former 20 year assocation with Jeremiah Wright but very loud yelling, far more than it warrants, about a few passing minor indiscretions by O'Donnell. I betcha witchcraft has no hold whatsoever on O'Donnell today, but black liberation theology still has a major hold on the president's brain. But shhhhhh! about that say the twits who are yelling loudest about O'Donnell.


I caught a 203lb yellowfin in Hawaii of Kauai on my honeymoon. Right there, right in the moments after I'd gotten it in the boat, he said it was 210lbs.

Those guys know what they're talking about.

And yeah, I wanted to brag that I did indeed land a 203lb yellowfin tuna!

Rick Ballard


Toss in Daley's refusal to run. It's all part of the same rotten (and rotting) nexus. Could there be a fight brewing among Kennedy heirs concerning trust money being devoted to political machines which no longer have much potential return on investment? Demographics are just as, if not more, important in politics as they are in economics and the future is not bright regarding the 'very young and very dumb' numbers necessary to pull off another Dean/Soros heist. 2008 was the apogee of that group's 'arc of history' and the downward trajectory will not change until beyond 2020.


((I spit on the clean toga allies who will never, ever stand with their allies when the wolves start biting.))

I have personal experience with that as well. Not only will they not stand with their allies, but they cozy and suck up to smiling political enemies who beneath the smiles are just waiting to stab them in the back. One good thing about these events is that it is showing who the worst enemies of conservatism really are, and it ain't the Dems.

Livingston and Penn.  Livingston and Penn.

Heh, Rick, maybe not 'til the globe warms up after the Eddy Minimum.

It was a honey of a moonlit day.

Heh, I once hauled in three little flatheads in a row, the last two on the previous one's guts. The next one snapped at me, snapped the line, and frightened us both home.

Jack is Back!

Just the mention of Lee Atwater brings the smell of the best barbeque ever in the Nations Capital (actually it was in Arlington) - Red, Hot and Blue. I was friends with Don Sundquist, from my days in Memphis before I moved back to the DC area. He and Atwater started the first one (they are now in a lot of locations).

Red, Hot and Blue was also the blues band Lee sang with - for a guy accused of overt-racism when he managed Floyd Spence's congressional campaign - he use to play with Percy Sledge and B.B. King. What a great guy - he used to lunch regularly at the Loyal Opposition on the House side and eat dinner at The Monocle on the Senate side. Whenever he recognized you he had time for a hello and hand shake. He was only 40 when he died of a brain tumor the size of a grapefruit.

Pangs of nostalgia.

OT: LUN is the Murkowski interview with Candy Crowley on CNN today. Merde comes to mind right away.



That's awesome and huge for a yellowfin. Now I want to try my luck with bluefin tuna. A few years back, I was fishing about 1 1/2 miles off Plum Island for stripers out of my modest 22' stinkpot and we were catching small bluefish. Well a huge bluefin tuna chased a bluefish we had hooked right to the boat. We were in 60' of water and couldn't believe a fish that large was so close to shore. A fishing report that week stated they were catching 750 lb'ers at the H-bouy not too far from where we were. Later I learned they used to catch them right from the beach in Cape Cod Bay. Had we hooked him, we didn't stand a chance with the light striper gear we were using. Hence the email I use here when posting, Thunnus73 (they have to be 73" to keep)


Clarice ..Re: Voinivich...just let me know, I'll be lookout or get-away driver.

Your CP was fabulous, again!!!

Old Lurker..belated congratulations to the beautiful daughter, Dr.Lurker..Big Smile :)


So should the newly-minted PhD go by DrL here instead of YL? Then we'll have DrL, DrF and DrJ. And DrK, but he doesn't go by it.

Man would that be confusing.


Neo: ((I understand that Obama dabbled into economics))



((Christine O'Donnell is smart to bypass these shows and the O'Donnell-hating media. All they'll do is try to rip her with cherry-picked clips and the rest. ))

It's the Internet equivalent of "Don't feed the trolls" which is always a smart.


Oh, I want me a piece of one of them bluefin! My best technician is from Long Island and apparently knows the guy who'll put me on top of them.

I caught that Yellowfin about a mile of the island, we pulled out of the harbor, turned right, caught a wahoo not a quarter mile of the bank, turned out to a buoy about 5 miles out, told me we'd get one right about where he said. When it hit, he freaked out because I was pounding budweisers and was too stupid to stop. It would go on a run, and I'd kill one. It was pretty stupid on my part, but I got it in to the amazement of the captain (I've done a little fishing, he just thought I was a typical drunken idiot). Helluva fish. I got a picture right behind me. Right now.


Although I like Karl Rove, I think the biggest put down of him was on Fox Sunday.

Rove has kept saying O'Donnel is down by 11 points...

Someone pointed out that Karl Rove's Bush campaign lost Deleware by 13 (2000) and 8 (2004) and McCain lost by 24 POINTS!

So even according to Karl, the know nothing, personally troubled, amatuer O'Donnell today is doing just as well as Bush's BRAIN did on election day!

JM Hanes

Clarice: "you could do it directly " Done!

JM Hanes

"I got a picture right behind me. Right now."

Of course you do, Donald.

DrJ: "Man would that be confusing."

What an elitist!


A 6 beer fish! Now that's funny.


((Rove, at least, indisputably pulled the 2004 election out of the hat, although the tea parties are clearly unfamiliar terrain. ))

A few threads back someone posted a link to Wretchard at the Belmont Club, and in the comments that followed Wretchard's post someone said words to the effect that the Democratic Party has been taken over by far left commies, the Republican Party has been taken over by classical Democrats (like Rove), and the Tea Party is trying to give the Republican Party back to true Republicans.

Rick Ballard


Adoption of the 1860 Republican Platform (with a few, very modest revisions) would be a step in the right direction.

I really like one page platforms - especially when the Copperheads have been passing 2,000 page bills.


What an elitist!

No, never! What, never? Hardly ever!

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