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September 29, 2010


We are cooling, folks; even kimbots know.

All I know is what
I read on the blogs and write.
See with my own eyes.

Don't answer that; it's a joke, Son.

Ed's pretty sharp, but why is he blind to the effect of the Swifties on the public's perception of media bias. Doesn't he know anything about them?



Just finished reading the new NOAA report on its education program and priorities.

You should take a look at it.

Felt like I was reading an indoctrination program straight out of the Soviet.

Army of Davids

Politicians on both sides of the isle are eager to blame the Chinese for our problems.

Smoot Hawley type protectionism is a stupid path that will cost still more jobs.

It's the stupid economic policies, stupid.

Oh the times they be a hard rain gonna fall.

Think how bad it would be if we hadn't had ClimateGate and CopenChaos. Chaco's got a nice series going over at PJM.


LUN is the link to NOAA report with a Capitol Hill hearing scheduled for Oct 6.

Two primary goals:

1) Advance the environmental literacy of the nation and influence stewardship behaviors.

2) Promote a Diverse workforce in oceanic, coastal, Great Lakes, atmospheric, and climate sciences.

How fortuitous national science standards are now being drafted.

How good to have a national media compliant in fostering ignorance and misinformation.

And for nuttin'.  CO2 has a climatic effect, but we can't find it yet.

AoD, Jeffrey Folks, in the AT article referenced in the other thread, points out that China is now leasing tar sands in Alberta, and, with many other nations, now nailing down fossil fuel leases all over the world. Us, we're throttling our domestic energy industry.

I think I'm gonna have to read it.

Chaco's series is in the Washington Examiner, too. He's got part 3 of the series up today, all about Big Green.


I like the hart Ed uses which shows the tipping point was Rathergate.


Bet China doesn't think the Number 1 priority of federal ed spending is to foster diversity.

Bet China doesn't see math and science as subjects that need to be redesigned to be inclusive for all minorities, both genders, and despite real learning differences.


Priority #1 defeating all liberals holding office anywhere.

Priority #2 driving MFM to bankruptcy.

daddy the "Extremist"


I really enjoyed your links to Steve McIntyre getting the nod as 1 of the 50 people on the planet who matter.

I think the best write up of that is by James Delingpole at the UK Telegraph, since he goes after the reviewer who dumps on Steve by basically saying that the truth he has brought to the Climate Debate might be negative.

Anyhow, here's that ">http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100055793/steve-mcintyre-total-bloody-hero/"> Delingpole story which is worth a read if anyone hasn't sen it yet.

Frau Argwohn

Bet China doesn't see math and science as subjects that need to be redesigned to be inclusive for all minorities, both genders, and despite real learning differences.

You forgot the *real* aim of all education in all subjects: Social Justice (trademark - Billy the Bomber Ayers)

The one he wrote about the Queen seeking low income energy assistance for her palace was a keeper.

Yeah, Daddy, Delingpole is a gas. The comment stream at the New Statesman was amazing, something like 50-1 in favor of Steve, at a leftist rag.


Gloria Alred, probably working with the Brown campaign, charges that Med Whitman abused her former maid. Unfortunately for her, Meg kept meticulous notes which showed that she paid the woman $23/hr wages after the woman had lied to Meg and the employment agency, claiming she was a lawful permanent resident and providing as proof (which it thn as) a social security card and driver's license. Meg said that 9 years later when she found out about the fraud, she fired the woman.

I predict this will hurt Brown, not Whitman.
I hope it means we won't have to see the odious Alred any more.

daddy the "Extremist"


That snotty Science reviewer reminded me of something from the Darwin debates of 1860. Don't want to open up that can of worms, but there's a famous contemporaneous comment by the Bishop of Worchester's wife about it: "Descended from monkeys? Let us hope that it is not true. But if it is true, let us hope that it not become widely known."

What I find funny about this is that this is now the Brit Scientific Community doing the "Oh my Gawd, lets hope Steve McCintyre's fact are not true. But if they are true, lets hope nobody finds out about them."

It's the exact reversal of the situation, and that the Scientific community over there doesn't see that is what kills me.

The climate science community, though, has mostly circled wagons.

Science communities are catching on; ClimateGate revealed how everyone had been fooled.


For all practical purposes the so called media is really just leftist propaganda readers. Calling them media members is a insult to the few that really attempt to inform the public with just the facts.

Forty one members revolted and demanded changes.

Just yesterday, the Royal Society outlined its new declaration on climate and it finds much more uncertainty than previously. L!ink U!nder N!ame for Antnee's blog with a thread and comments.

Google Livingston and Penn if you haven't yet.

It's 43 members. The RS still says that there is 'strong evidence' that Man has raised the temperatures, but the blogs are all gleefully crying 'Show us the strong evidence'.


Great News, Kim!

Here's a view of the EU Referendum on "on being prepared".

"Many journalists like to think of themselves as writing the "first draft of history". But more often, their work is an intellectual cul-de-sac, so wrong and so misinformed that it provides only markers as to the fact that something happened - the actual facts having to be gleaned from other sources"

When they pry my cold dead fingers from my torch.

Pretty ugly, pagar. Europe's starting to burn and we're next.

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