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September 25, 2010



And that's there coverage.

B'lieve you mean "that there's coverage".

Sure is, too.

Buford Gooch

Next you're going to tell us you don't know the names of the staff members for the Ranking Member of every House subcommittee. Tom, you have to keep up.

And she made him sell the Jaguar!

Hah, they lost Joe's luggage.

JM Hanes

Jeez. "Shaggy-haired and dough-faced," "rumpled and pudgy."

Personally, I'm looking forward to the Times 400+ profiles of little known Congressmen.


With hard-driving journalism like that, not to mention the depth of its coverage of the great tree massacre, it's hard to believe that the Times is losing subsribers.

daddy the "Extremist"


When I first clicked on the top story TM linked, it opened and I saw the pic of the chubby white haired guy.

Now a minute later when I click the same link it's behind some firewall and I can't get to it.

Guess they don't care if I read it. If so, they're correct.

daddy the "Extremist"

Great link JimmyK,

Good down under laughs from Tim Blair.


I would love to know who cleans John Bohner's office. Also, I feels his hair stylist is too little known.


Boy Maybe, are you ever going to get it from bgates...

daddy the "Extremist"

This is interesting.

Have been notified that next week I get to transport an Alaskan bear to a midwestern Zoo. Don't know if it will be a Polar Bear, a Black or a Grizzly, nor what size, sex or age it will be. I simply received an e-mail advising me: ANIMAL SHIPMENT (BEAR)

It's got details of where and when, identifies the handlers, and describes the various implements you might imagine that would be of assistance to handlers in transporting a bear. I'm guessing it's probably an orphaned black bear as we have those turn up in our local zoo each summer as a result of momma getting shot, but from googling the destination Zoo I see they've lost a Polar Bear recently, so who knows.

Anyhow, if it turns out fun, I'll keep you advised . The daughters want pictures.


Boehner's Chief of Staff Barry Jackson sounds wonderful.

from the article - "Soon after Mr. Jackson took the job as chief of staff in January, he became the Republican point person for the seven-hour health care meeting that President Obama convened with Congressional leaders in February,..."

Wasn't that the famous "Denture Meeting"? The Republicans spoke like grownups & the Dems. whined & moaned. That meeting proved the Dems. had no idea what was in the bill...all they had was sob individual anecdotes.

Our country could use more Barry Jackson types. Hard workers that don't like the media - "Mr. Jackson is also press-shy. Friends and journalists say he seems almost physically uncomfortable around reporters."
Yep, sounds like a good guy to me.


Sounds smart to me. Those they would destroy the NYT reporters first cuddle up tp.

This week's CP/
http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/09/clarices_pieces_make_way_for_h.html>Make way for Hillary?

hit and run

This week's CP

Now that's the way to start a morning.

Great stuff. Better than coffee.


Please read JimmyK's link at 1:41....too funny. A stick named Pablo. Good Lord!

hit and run

Now a minute later when I click the same link it's behind some firewall and I can't get to it.


When I click on it,I get the registration/sign in page too.

But the title of the article is intriguing:

Boehner’s Top Aide Is Little Known

See how TM subtly wormed his way into that there headline? Genius.


a comment from the "A Stick Named Pablo" story - "These are all good trees, noble trees. As opposed to the feral trash that is sawn down daily for the print run of the New York Times."

Hah! Bitter clinger, redneck, flyover, Tea Party trees!


Thanks, hit, It's really last week's JOM in a nutshell.

hit and run

Is Reuben a racist for naming a brown stick Pablo? Or is the fact that he wants an hispanic name for his stick a sign of cultural inclusiveness?

It was fun though to read the article and do a little google on the tree from which his new best friend came. I now am in possession of the knowledge that I have a number of ash trees in the woods at the back of my lot.

Yay! I love those trees but never knew what they are.

I think I'll start naming them. Let's see,there's George,Malik and Michelle for starters...

Janet ...feral trash & proud of it!

You know Clarice, your observation concerning the Stewart/Colbert event is spot on - "Their effort is clearly to diminish the serious Americans who rallied there before them in opposition to the administration and its destruction of what they hold dear."

All the gatherings on the mall, & those 2 just have to mock Restoring Honor - about faith, hope, & charity, and Tea Parties - about limited government, lower taxes, & more freedom.
It is sad really...the mocking of honor, goodness, responsibility,...

Janet ...feral trash & proud of it!

Naming your tree Malik!...hahhaahahaha!!


Which is your biggest ash, Hit?

Cecil Turner

What's the point of this nonsense? He's a contrast with his boss, and Boehner's "Karl Rove." He's single, painfully shy, and cooks. They finish each others' sentences.

If I were a cynical a__hole (and I admit to leanings in that direction), I'd guess the Times was laying the groundwork for an expose to out a closeted gay aide to the prospective speaker. If so, they ought to be horsewhipped.

hit and run

Michelle is the widest. Malik is the shadiest. George is the tallest with the most integrity.

Jack is Back!

My Lord, for a publication that covers politics and Congress, you'd think they owned a copy of The Almanac of the Unelected. I once worked with a guy who edited the Almanac back in the mid-80's. He became our congressional lobbyist.

Whenever we had a postion to push on any issue we'd just look at that particular staffer on the committee's and the chair's congressional office and make a phone call to arrange a meeting.

OT: This is blockbuster news LUN. Why would the Pentagon and the Obama regime want to bring "Operation Able Danger" back into the news at the same time Iamanutjob is accusing 911 as being an inside job???

Janet ...feral trash & proud of it!

I've started A Stick Named Pablo photo album on Facebook...here is my first named stick.


JIB, curious fight between the Army and the CIA.


From the tree story!

" Like that Norway maple on 43rd. The backstabbing bitch. "

Leftists really must hate women.


Incidentally, that NY Times tree story was (I'm pretty sure) front page. With a picture. (Yes, Mrs. K insists on keeping our subscription to the dead tree (non-tragic) edition.)

My favorite Blair line was "Kind of ruins the whole 'kind, gentle trees' concept" (after the story mentions in passing how a woman was killed by a falling tree).

hit and run

http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/09/23/voter-fraud-houston-tea-party-truethevote-texas/>Houston, TX:

Two weeks ago the Harris County voter registrar took their work and the findings of his own investigation and handed them over to both the Texas secretary of state’s office and the Harris County district attorney.

Most of the findings focused on a group called Houston Votes, a voter registration group headed by Steve Caddle, who also works for the Service Employees International Union. Among the findings were that only 1,793 of the 25,000 registrations the group submitted appeared to be valid. The other registrations included one of a woman who registered six times in the same day; registrations of non-citizens; so many applications from one Houston Voters collector in one day that it was deemed to be beyond human capability; and 1,597 registrations that named the same person multiple times, often with different signatures.

SEIU and voting fraud? Unpossible.


The outcome of the efforts grew in importance the day after Vasquez made his announcement. On the morning of Aug. 27, a three-alarm fire destroyed almost all of Harris County’s voting machines, throwing the upcoming Nov. 2 election into turmoil. While the cause wasn’t determined, the $40 million blaze, according to press reports, means election officials will be focused on creating a whole new voting system in six weeks. Just how they do it will determine how vulnerable the process becomes.

This calls for Jimmy Carter to oversee the election.


20 months later, and the Obama Administration still hasn't paid these poor, brutally and grievously mistreated detainees?

PROMISES, PROMISES: US cannot document any payment to detainees for abuse at Abu Ghraib

Apparently there's enough internal radioactivity to keep it hot.

The Able Danger controversy disappeared quite unsatisfactorially several years ago. It was obvious that it was just too hot to handle.


Cecil, you left out that "he vacationed with his parents" and that he and Boehner have "a professional marriage." I think they're not only implying that the guy is gay, but that his paramour, by implication, is Boehner. Once again the NYT mentions Boehner's tan - this time it's "preternatural". Is being tanned a gay thing? That would explain the msm's fixation with Boehners's.


Ugly Dems reduced to sliming strategy.

NYT - Democratic candidates across the country are opening a fierce offensive of negative advertisements against Republicans, using lawsuits, tax filings, reports from the Better Business Bureau and even divorce proceedings to try to discredit their opponents and save their congressional majority.

Hi, Gang! I find situation normal with this space still on the cutting edge of conservative snark.


I liked the NYT tree story sans Blair's snark. Sometime when a thread is winding down and America has been saved from destruction, I'd love to trade "tree" stories. I bet everyone has a good one.


Crist's tan is no problem though.
Seems like just yesterday Kos and friends were charging Boehner with having an affair with a lobbyist of the female persuasion.


Dems probably focus grouped straight Boehner adultery, gay Boehner adultery, and both straight and ga Boehnery adultery, and "bi" Boehner got the most negative reaction.


You'd think with the tanning tax they'd be telling Boehner, "thank you for tanning."


Anyone following this American Thinker story?
"Strange Coziness with neo-Soviet Russia".

"how warmly Putin spoke about Obama. He even called him a like-minded fellow," Rahr said by telephone."

Looks scarier than falling trees!


Jane, the Boston Globe reports that Deval Patrick's republican challenger has pulled even with him in the polls!


You know, I drove down Continental Avenue in Forest Hills, Queens, the other day, and I was really shocked by the size of the fallen trees. There were crews cutting up fallen trees which were five feet in diameter. Granted that is not major news, but I still found it to be impressive.


Good morning. Another good Clarice's Pieces. Loved the Beavus and Butthead analogy, too.

I fully expect that if any significant numbers (and, I am not at all sure of that) show up for the Colbert-Stewart dueling rallies, that it will be quite the spectacle, with emphasis on spectacle. Just like Colbert's appearance before the congressional committee, most angry votes will only be more disgusted, more angry.


Headlines from Drudge...

TALKS ON THE BRINK: Uncertainty over Abbas-Clinton meeting...

...deadline looms

'Intensive' efforts...

Netanyahu will 'never give up Western Wall'...

How can people still fall for this b.s.?


The irony is both Shamanov, who has a reputation like Yermalov among the Chechens,
and Putin, are old school Neo Czarists, what
I've called 'Cossack nationalism'


Roger Simon makes a good point re Stuxnet:

Iranian computers are PCs operating on Windows 7. The minds behind Stuxnet apparently discovered four new vulnerabilities in the latest Windows operating system previously unknown to Microsoft, two of which have reportedly already been plugged. (Nuclear weapons controlled by Windows? Let’s not even go there.)

Is this perhaps the best reason for doing everything possible to deny Iran a nuclear weapons capability?


peter, that's a regular occurrence in DC where iant oaks line the streets. In every major storm they crash through houses and cars, and kill people. They tend to have very shallow roots for their size.

cc, I, too, think the mall rallies will prove insufficient for their design and will further enrage voters.

The globe is cooling, folks; for how long even the Bilderbergers don't know.

Ooh, you've got to read James Delingpole today about climate.

Jack is Back!

On my grandfathers property [that is now ours] he planted Norwegian maples that grew to over 45 feet in height and with massive trunks and branches. They lined the property down and beside the private road that served 3 keyhole properties. He named them, all 12 for the Nordic gods. We had to finally take down Hermod, Byggir and Elben due to age and storm damage. But Thor, Vidar, Odin, Nott, Lodur, Alfadir, Freyr and Sol remain upright, full of shade and strong as the Norwegian warriors of old.

In fact, I was thinking of registering Thor to run against Tim Bishop in the 1st Congressional District of NY but I am no longer a voter there and it would appear to be out of state influence.


2010 Beavis-Butthead rallies

Within hours of the announcement, 34,000 people pledged to attend the rally through its Facebook fanpage. Other rallies were planned overnight in American cities and cities outside the United States while the pledged number of attendees to the official Facebook event reached 69,000.[2][12] 12 hours after the announcement there were "tens of thousands" of respondents. Although organizers said in their application for a permit from the National Park Service that they hoped for an attendance at the combined event of about 25,000 people,[13] as of 14:30 EST September 20th, the Facebook pages for the dual rallies had over 100,000 people indicating they planned to attend, comparable to some estimates of the attendance at Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally.[11]
Captain Hate

Steny Hoyer on FNS feels that the Colbert testimony was embarrassing and a mistake. He parsed his words to indicate that the embarrassment should be felt by Colbert but you can tell that he knows his fellow idiots screwed up badly with this stunt.

Melinda Romanoff




Mouse With Human Brain May Live
O’Donnell ... just a bit ahead of her time.

Melinda Romanoff

Clarice's Pieces, for those who would like the link.

Off to read.


Thanks for watching Hoyer...so I don't have to, CH. Too much Dem spin for me.

Don't forget the Cheshire sunspots.

James Delingpole is linked at the right sidebar of Watts Up? I'll change my L!ink U!nder N!ame to Antnee's from the Bish's. Got to get you up to date on the moniker argot. Delingpole's comments are a scream, too.


Hi BobS! Good to see you.


Ext, How are they going to get all those oversized papier mache heads to fit in the spac?

Hat tip to Clarice Clausewitz for that one.

Hi Andy, yes, I enjoyed the 'Let's not go there' comment, too. I'm also enjoying the default assumption that the Israeli's have bombed Persia's industry by other, 21st Century, means.

I dunno.  That's why I love the slips so much.

So, did I mean 'Israeli's agents' or 'Israelis'?


What these NY Times stories share is a complete lack of proportion, in furtherance of an agenda, whether it's the animism in the tree story or going after Boehner. Before seeing Blair's fisk, what had struck me when I first saw the tree story was the mere passing mention of the woman who was killed amidst all the paeans to the trees.

Here's another example of the Times's moral depravity: Lives Intersect. Instead of reporting that a piece of human garbage killed a gifted 27-year-old with a promising future, the Times presents the story as though the tragedy is somehow symmetric. Needless to say, this is how they do their middle east reporting too.


Clarice is a wonderful Sunday AM tradition now. Great one as usual.

This thread has me loling.

Can I have dibbs on Andrew McCarthy? Read his great takedown of the GOPledge here. I put it all on one page for you.

Danube of Thought

Somehow Tim Blair has escaped my attention until now, which is too bad for me. That tree item was exquisite.

Captain Hate

To echo BobS (welcome back btw), thanks for reading anything in the Slimes so I don't have to jimmy. How such amoral, uncurious and morally rudderless under the ultimate cop out of being "nonjudgemental" entities ever achieved a forum to preach from marks a failing of what passes for our culture.

Melinda Romanoff

Thanks, Kim.


Blair is hilarious. I don't read him as much as I used to, because since he moved to the Daily Telegraph he's become more Australia-centric. Nothing wrong with that, but now I just check in once a week or so to find the occasional jewels.

Melinda Romanoff


Tim Blair ranks with Iowahawk.

Before he was hired to do it, his skewering had the touch of a fencing master upon the unaware. His victims would be dead, but still standing.

You should have seen his coverage of the Great Puppy Wars.


Sanity returns.


Caro, that McCarthy piece is great. The whole "pre-existing conditions" thing shows what a farce the incumbent Republicans are. Until they can take a principled, rational stand on this I have no confidence that they'll be anything but Democrat lite.

Danube of Thought

From RCP:

Approve 44.5

Disapprove 51.0

Spread -6.5

As far as I'm aware, the minus 6.5 is a record for the RCP Average.


If you enjoyed Delingpole, you'll probably like Booker who continues to point out the folly of the world's largest wind farce.

Cecil Turner

It's funny how much material in the subject article (esp. the "Karl Rove" quote) matches this earlier politico article from Jake Sherman. That one also emphasizes his culinary skills, but ends with this:

“He makes time for the womenfolk,” Matalin added. “He’s a good catch. He can do everything better than a woman around the house. He’s a great decorator.”


OT, I found this article amusing. LUN


Thanks, Caro..Now off to NRO.


If he is gay, Cecil, I hope Boehner has the spine to treat it the way Santorum did when the Dems outed his aide.
Disgusting the way they play, isn't it?

Danube of Thought

Disgusting the way they play, isn't it?

I have a sense that this time it isn't going to work for them, and might even blow up in their faces. This seems to be the most alert and highly-informed electorate in history, and they're really not in the mood for that shit anymore.


Speaking of well-informed electorates, here's the DemocalypseCare language relating to that 3.8% real estate tax:

The PPACA creates a new Code Section 1411, which will generally impose a 3.8 percent tax on the lesser of "net investment income" or the excess of modified adjusted gross income over a "threshold amount" (generally, $250,000 for taxpayers filing a joint return, $125,000 for married taxpayers filing a separate return and $200,000 in all other cases). Net investment income generally means the excess of (i) interest, dividends, annuities, royalties, rents, income from passive activities, income from trading financial instruments and commodities, and gain from the disposition of certain non-business property, over (ii) allowable deductions properly allocable to such income. In determining the amount of net investment income, special rules apply with respect to dispositions of equity interests in certain partnerships and S corporations, and to distributions from certain qualified plans. This additional tax applies to taxable years beginning after December 31, 2012.
Apparently this is a Medicare tax, for earners in the hated $250,000+ level, which applies to investment income above a capital gain threshold of $500,000.
As a simple example, if a couple with a combined income of over $250,000 per year decided to scale back by selling their large $2 million residence in favor of a smaller home, and they made a $750,000 profit on the sale, they would have to pay an additional 3.8% tax on $250,000 (i.e., the $750,000 profit minus the $500,000 capital gains threshold), for a total of $9,500.

((I have a sense that this time it isn't going to work for them, and might even blow up in their faces.))

It's fine to go along with progressive ideas as long as there is no personal risk involved; it's an altogether different matter when progressive ideas threaten to dissolve the contents of one's wallet.


#1 - I totally loved Beavis and Butthead. South Park is better (It is the absolute best presentation of libertine values on TV). King of the Hill makes my dad very happy.

#2 - At the end of the Stewart/Colbert comedy show, there should be an army of Tea partiers, or just solid citizens lined up with trash bags to clean up behind the kiddies (Bring cameras!!!!!!).

Cecil Turner

. . . and they're really not in the mood for that shit anymore.

I'd like to think not, but it looks like the Dems are betting they are. Lead item from drudge: NYT: DEMS DIG FOR DIRT ON RIVALS IN ELECTION SHOWDOWN...

Democratic candidates across the country are opening a fierce offensive of negative advertisements against Republicans, using lawsuits, tax filings, reports from the Better Business Bureau and even divorce proceedings to try to discredit their opponents and save their congressional majority.

Janet ...feral trash & proud of it!

You'd think with the tanning tax they'd be telling Boehner, "thank you for tanning."

Yep, the tanners, smokers, & lottery addicts are paying for America's schools! Heroes really...


I am a big fan of podcasts and my favorite is from Ricochet. This week features Lileks,Rob Long and Breitbart. AB talks about how demontrators at the rally against hate hurled the taunt that he was "gay!" Among other things.

is a good blog. You will find a surprising Pat Sajak there,among others.

Janet ...feral trash & proud of it!

Next time you see a tanned smoker remember to give em the thumbs up and tell em thanks.

Gerald Fitzpatrick

"Can I have dibbs on Andrew McCarthy?"

Sure, you can have sloppy seconds once Patrick Fitzgerald in done with him.

"If he [Jackson] is gay..."

Trust me, being older and single doesn't mean you're gay. It means it's tough getting chicks when you are shaggy-haired, dough-faced, rumpled and pudgy. Of course, I'm not sure it would any easier getting a dude (except in Barney Frank's case).


I see Kim referred to it already-- Tapper reporting Pentagon going to buy and burn Anthony Shaffer's memoirs.

Rob Crawford

Trust me, being older and single doesn't mean you're gay. It means it's tough getting chicks when you are shaggy-haired, dough-faced, rumpled and pudgy.

Sing it, brother!

Old Lurker

Didn't seem to hamper Ted Kennedy Rob.

Rob Crawford

Kennedy had immense wealth and no moral qualms about assault.


Within hours of the announcement, 34,000 people pledged to attend the rally through its Facebook fanpage.

Reminds me of Snakes on a Plane.

The film gained a considerable amount of attention before its release, forming large fan bases online and becoming an Internet phenomenon....Despite the immense Internet buzz, the film's gross revenue did not live up to expectations....Beginning in May 2006, episodes of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and its sister show The Colbert Report contained references to Snakes on a Plane's title, the catch phrase, and general premise. On August 15, 2006, Samuel L. Jackson guest featured on The Daily Show, opening with the film's catch phrase. Keith Olbermann featured stories about the film and Internet buzz several times on his MSNBC news program Countdown.

This October.
Fakes on a Plain.


This calls for Jimmy Carter to oversee the election.

Only if the ballot lists a dictator to be blessed.


"how warmly Putin spoke about Obama. He even called him a like-minded fellow," Rahr said by telephone."

Did Putin look into his eyes (a la Bush) and find himself (a la Obama)?


He parsed his words to indicate that the embarrassment should be felt by Colbert but you can tell that he knows his fellow idiots screwed up badly with this stunt.

Hoyer is a fool. Why should Colbert feel the embarrassment? He was the invited guest, for crying out loud.


26 September 2010

Ref Hit at 0832 and, "Houston, we have an election problem." After the Iraq elections in January, October and December 2005, I always wondered why those that might be interested in election integrity in the USA might not adopt some of the same processes in America that had been adopted in Iraq.

The "Purple Finger of Hope" or "Giving Terrorism the Finger" was a significant moment for Iraqis. Iraqqis proudly displayed their purple fingers and there was more than one non-Iraqis with painted fingers in solidarity.

A purple finger from permanent dye. Minimizes greatly the chance of voting twice, keeping honest people honest. Also, it identifies those that performed their civic duty from those that talked the talk.

Houston: this is for you, and for all Americans:

Take good care,


Sandy, great idea. I'd proudly wear the purple finger.

Rob Crawford

More ammunition for the "the press is going to play games with polls" prediction:

Why doubt the numbers? Because, as political consultant Mike Murphy pointed out last night on Twitter, the sample is absurd. Including leaners, the breakdown between Democrats, independents, and Republicans was … 55/9/35.



I saw that, too, Rob. The MFM will play the poll game hoping to drum up some enthusiasm on the left. It just ain't gonna work like it used to.


Great article Clarice. Bevis and Butthead Do Washington DC.

In re: the article, I wouldn't be surprised if the the Dems tried for innuendo regrading any Republican they can find, although the closet has been well emptied with their successes in the 06 and 08 cycles. It seems to tie into the other article liked at Drudge on the Dems dumping dossiers on Republican candidates. One thing that I'm not understanding from the go negative article at the Times is, if Dem candadites are trying to go negative and localize the race, why would it be front page in the NYT that the Dems are planning a national strategy to go negative on Republican candidates (or their associates if they have some sort of blemish or are not a cartoonish, snake-handling, religious zealot)? I've also liked their reporting on "shadowy outside groups" that seems to be a theme they are hoping to roll out soon.


I've been thinking about this move by Senate Republicans refusing to remove Loser Mruaapiweohski from the Energy committee and how that is supposed to help her against Joe Miller.

But, given all the bad things that daddy has been detailing for months about the Obama administration dealing setback after setback against development of energy production in Alaska, can't Miller claim with some justification that Mt028vnshyr4ytski has been entirely ineffective in her role on that committee. If having her there is so great, surely it should be great for Alaska, but isn't the evidence all in the other direction?


PD:Hoyer is a fool. Why should Colbert feel the embarrassment? He was the invited guest, for crying out loud.

He was invited, but he chose how to present himself (as a character, not a person) and what to say (I don't want Mexicans picking my tomatoes).

Fools all around.

hit and run

And didn't I read that Colbert's testimony deviated sharply from the written statement he had submitted...


I saw that, too, Rob. The MFM will play the poll game hoping to drum up some enthusiasm on the left. It just ain't gonna work like it used to.

Posted by: centralcal | September 26, 2010 at 01:31 PM

Actually, I think the goal is more to keep the money flowing into Dem campaings for as long as possible. Once it becomes clear that a race is getting out of reach, the money flow tends to stop both to the party in general and to the specific campaing in question. These polls are more about keeping hope alive by keeping the money rolling in.

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