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September 03, 2010



What's not to like?

Unlike Protean Man Clinton who really did want everybody to love him, and did everything out of political expediency for personal gain, Barry O really is an Alinsky ideologue. He would rather bust out the country and lose in 2012 than work with a Repub Congress in order to restore economic growth, jobs and prosperity. That method and those 3 results are anathema to him.

I don't like that-- what about you TM?


AS far as I'm concerned we'd all be better off if Obama took a mistress which consumed all of his time.


The spoiled-brat American electorate

Mr. Robinson,

I'm sorry you see it this way, but you are wrong.

Most of the American electorate would get a big smile out that scene in the movie "Independence Day" where the aliens destroy the White House and the Capitol, but unfortunately the aliens are tardy so we are forced to work within the US electoral system with the poor candidates that we get offered. The last batch of officeholders were some of the worst (i.e. passing stuff without reading it, spending money like the world was going to end with the Mayan calendar, blaming everybody but themselves, etc.), so whether you like it of not, this is the best we can do.

Once again, I'm sorry you see it this way.

All the best, A bitter clinger

PS If you come across any space aliens, please direct them to DC. We could use a fresh start


Um, what's not to like is another 4 years of Obama--who is no Bill Clinton (welfare reform, free trade agreement, etc.).

Jack is Back!

No October surprise but a September one.

My bet is O is ready to dump Geithner and Summers. But who to replace them with and will a personnel change do anything positive as long as his stubborn reliance on socialist Keynesian economics are the play? Well, coupled with phony and meaningless tax cuts could distract the indies.

Something is in the works.

Thomas Collins

Re Robinson's op ed (discussed in Neo's 2:17 PM post): the effete elite appear to be especially dyspeptic about these mid-term elections. My recollection is that in 1996, they at least waited until after the elections to tut-tut at the unacceptable voting behavior of the typical bitter clingers.


who would he have left, jack? Reich? Kruggie? He's running out of Keynsians and Goldman Sacks (and yes I meant the spelling.

Thomas Collins

Whoops! I meant the 1994 midterm elections.


I am begging hit to add "turning our attention to jobs" to his "on the right path" chart.


Did you guy's see that ">http://weaselzippers.us/2010/09/03/funny-jesse-jacksons-gas-guzzling-cadillac-suv-stolen-and-stripped-while-in-detroit-ironic-he-was-there-promoting-green-jobs/"> Jesse Jackson’s Gas Guzzling Cadillac SUV was Stolen and Stripped While in Detroit. Ironic: He Was There Promoting “Green Jobs.”


He will appoint Bloomberg. In their spare time they can raise money for the Mosque.

Comanche Voter

Matt, didn't you really mean Goldman Sucks?

But no I don't care if Obama does or does not keep his zipper zipped in the Oval Office.

What I want him to do is keep his goldang preaching moralizing sneering condescending lip zipped!

The sound of silence from the Oval Office for about 2 years until he leaves office would be just about right.


I keep forgetting the Dems will have to proactively do something to keep all the taxcuts from expiring. This is going to be fascinating.

Paul Zrimsek

Why does it matter whether O can keep his pants zipped in the Oval Office? He's never there.


bgates, that 15 minute thingy was so hilarious, I thought you'd made it up ...until I went to the article. These people are CRAZY


Why does it matter whether O can keep his pants zipped in the Oval Office? He's never there.

LOL - How true


Gingrich and Dole were probably more responsible for Clinton's re-election than Clinton was. The Republican leaders had better go back and study those days, before they take to the cameras after November 2nd. And it goes without saying that we can't nominate another candidate like Dole in 2012.


David Brooks really can write absurd fiction.


That is absurd, Neo.

He thinks they'll keep Nancy on as minority leader? Pfeh.

Clarice - the Post is just doing the job Jon Stewart won't do. How sad is it that I think it's sad that that paper is less partisan than a tv show that stretches SNL's "Weekend Update" sketch into an hour every night?

Danube of Thought

Could some talented soul research the etymology of "jobs, jobs, jobs?" (Here's hoping "etymology" isn't the one about bugs.) First time I can recall hearing it was when James Baker was asked why it was necessary to go to war to liberate Kuwait. His answer, after a very brief pause, was "jobs, jobs, jobs."

In a very real sense he was right, but I doubt any of his listeners understood it, and it's aboout 50-50 whether he did.


TC, it is interesting that they seem to have conceded defeat already, whereas in 1994 they were apparently blindsided. Of course their reaction to defeat is the same whether pre- or post-election - it's the stupid, irresponsible, selfish voters throwing a tantrum.

They never say bad things about voters when their guys win, though it is virtually the same electorate as 2006 and 2008.


I can hear Obama now. Zip. Kiss these purple lips, baby.


O's going to replace Geithner and Summers with who? Fidel? Angela Davis? Bill Ayers? Mr. "Nobel" Kristoff? Jimmy Carter? Mr. 90% Tax Rubin? The dem's economic playbook is long on socialism but shallow on positive results.

Gabriel Sutherland

Is it possible for Larry Summers to have failed the Obama administration UP? Tank the economy so bad to hand the Congress to the GOP so the markets can return to their everlong love affair with DC gridlock.


Hi, Gabe! Missed you.


Really, the editors ought to run the copy past us before publishing and making even bigger fools of themselves.


Thats' a bug not a feature, with them. To think there are people who actually derive
their view of the world from the Times and
the Post, one almost pities them


I like that theory, Gabriel.

Captain Hate

Did you guy's see that Jesse Jackson’s Gas Guzzling Cadillac SUV was Stolen and Stripped While in Detroit. Ironic: He Was There Promoting “Green Jobs.”

I don't know what to laugh at more in this story: A. He only had his wheels stolen so was he sportin' some pimp rims on his ride B. That anything with the noun "job" would ever be associated with one of the vainest, most self-promoting SOB that ever fouled the earth C. That he or Vann Jones gets mentioned about "green" anything except the color of what they try to pull from their scams; seriously, which one of these geniuses has spent time in the Biosphere or any other seting of "earth science" D. That the good people of Deetroit are seeing the light of who's on their side after giving Kwame's mother the bum's rush E. If Jesse was spending the promised time to help raise his bastard daughter, this heinous act might not have occurred.

Captain Hate

seting == setting

hit and run

I am begging hit

I get that a lot.

But it means more coming from you.

http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100901/ap_on_go_pr_wh/us_us_iraq>Biden on Wednesday:

"I just hope we begin to focus more on job creation," Biden said

It's hard to disagree.

For Obama and Company to begin focusing on job creation would be a . . . NewD irection.


By 2000 the Republican majority in Congress had cut spending from 21% of GDP to 18.4% of GDP.

From 1995 to 2007 the size of U.S. debt as a percentage of GDP went down from 49.9% of GDP in 1995 to 36.9% of GDP in 2007.

Since Dems won control of Congress, debt as a percentage of GDP has skyrocketed to 62% of GDP.

bio mom

Do not forget that they promised to ...focus like a laser beam...on the economy.


I recently had the pleasure of canceling Robinson after one pointless, knee-jerk regurgitation of meaningless platitudes.


Good for you, sbw! Would that more editors decided what they wanted for an editorial voice, and simply get rid of those who do not fit. Keep the "impartiality" for the news section. Not the editorial page.

From 1995 to 2007 the size of U.S. debt as a percentage of GDP went down from 49.9% of GDP in 1995 to 36.9% of GDP in 2007.
Be a little careful about those statistics, though -- remember that riding up any bubble the feds are raking in serious revenue from their share of sellers' profits. Yeah, the housing bubble a little less since a certain amount of real estate profit is sheltered, and capital gains rates were lowered, but remember every time there is a transaction in a rising market the government is making money. There were some "flippers" who made serious money, and the government got a serious chunk of it.

Referring to Cathyf's comment--this came to me via an email message from a local real estate broker:

Under the New Health Care Bill - Did you know that= ALL REAL ESTATE Transactions will be SUBJECT to a 3.8% Sales Tax? The Bulk of THIS & Several Other New Taxes Won't kick in until 2013 (Presumably AFTER The Next Presidential Election ]. You can THANK Nancy, Harry and Barack And your Local Democrat Congressman THEY ALL= 100% Voted For this One. If you Sell your $400,000 home, there will be a $15,200 TAX This Bill is set to HURT the Retiring Generation who often Downsize their Homes. Does this stuff make your November and 2012 votes more important? YES =

Not the best formatting in the world but...
This is supposed to take effect in 2013.


Interesting. Public unions are pulling out all the stops in negative ads against Roy blunt. Last week it was the teachers Unions. The week Before that it was a state workers Union. And this week, it is yet another state workers Union. They seem to be cordinating their messages for effect. I can,t believe that this is proper.


"Did you know that= ALL REAL ESTATE Transactions will be SUBJECT to a 3.8% Sales Tax"

They need to come up with some new slogans.

Maybe something like "Democrats, working to make the downturn permanent"

I think it has a nice ring to it.


Actually, Dr. J, I don't mind having opposing opinions thoughtfully presented on the editorial page. It's simply very hard to find opposing ideas sensibly presented.

If you find a liberal columnist worth publishing, let me know and I'll consider it.


If you find a liberal columnist worth publishing, let me know and I'll consider it.

Don't hold your breath. Even the WSJ can't find a decent liberal to write a coherent column.


'a liberal columnist'

Caught Alan Colmes yesterday on Megan Kelly's FOX show, frantically and angrily trying to spin the new unemployment numbers as positive for O and America, and criticism as simply right wing bias.

Was painful to listen to him; like scraping fingernails across a chalk board. Even he can't possibly believe that stuff. Megan seemed to completely lose interest in his spittle dripping responses, and I got the impression she completely dismissed him about half way thru, and then just basically was watching the clock for the next bathroom/cigarette break.

If there is a Liberal argument out there worth making, I have no idea who from the usual suspects might make it. I think Conservative pundits like Prager or Krauthammer as an exercise could do a much better job than anyone I'm currently familiar with on the Left.


If, as seems likely, Obama can keep his pants zipped in the Oval Office...

He really has no choice. One hint of Tiger Woodsian antics and M'chelle would snap him like a dry twig.

Army of Davids

Michelle's buddy Harry Reid is 2 points ahead right now in the RCP average.

That guy needs to go down at all costs.

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Back in 1995 ?
It will be new Spilberg movie ? :-)
Guys from senate are really funny guys. isn't it ? :-)

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