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October 28, 2010



I am so proud of you for your successful coup against the alaska Supreme Court. Thanks for all your updates. This race is one I have watched very carefully.

Captain Hate

maryrose: Some of the idiots at AoS (including the proprietor) who've been running COD down have come around (ibid) although there remain some naysayers who deserve to be rhetorically smacked around hard. The misogyny of the Gawker story has even been condemned by the Village freakin' Voice. Tammy Bruce is now railing against the idiots of the left using "bitch" and "whore" against conservative women go the point that the NOW nags even feel compelled to condemn it (indicating they've been feeling a monetary backlash). Win or lose; one thing is clear: Rove must be completely marginalized and tossed in the dustbin of history. Levin calls him the Joe Biden of Repubs. Let him park his fat ass on the "Morning Joe" show with the rest of the fake conservatives.

What do you make of the recent tightening of the Strickland/Kasich race? I think it's all garbage; I don't see any way the Twitch can win in the current economic climate he ushered in. I will be more disappointed in Ohio than ever (even including voting for Celeste) if Kasich loses.


I don't think even the 'power of Jennifer Brunner,' can save Strickland, like Fisher in 2002, get ready for a total screaming jag from
one of his staffers, that as a classic moment.

Jim Ryan

An Angle victory is the grand prize, but can you imagine the symbolic power of an O'Donnell victory! Sweet gal, the lawyer from next door, guts of steel and level head, takes the prize right from under the noses of a hundred and one dweebs of all stripes. Good night nurse! You'd have a lot of incorrigible tea partiers Wednesday morning, me included. There is very little more admirable in this life than the man who won't be rankled by a torrent of vitriol dumped on his person by a thousand trolls but will persistently stay focused on what is right.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

I'm pulling for Sean Bielat against Barney Frank. Bielat is a wonderful candidate & from what I've seen, he has run a great campaign.


", but can you imagine the symbolic power of an O'Donnell victory"

Especially if it were one of the first wins announced election night! What do you think the effect would be on the West?

Captain Hate

narc I think Brunner's pretty chastened after getting spanked in the primary against Fisher.


Go daddy go! Nice job. You're going to have to train that pup to sniff out the CNN reporters if you keep up the subversion...heh


Thanks everybody and glad you all got to get that same grass roots sense of fun and excitement at sticking it to Lisa and our corrupt judges. It really was fun.

Listening now to the podcast of Fagan from yesterday, it's in hour 2 when he starts really getting excited, especially toward the end. Took a while to get him to catch on, but about half way through the second hour, after he has the sheet in his hands, then he starts getting whipped up and realizes he is sitting on a wave of popular anger at what our Judges just did to our Election process. By hour 3 he is rolling.

Anyhow, all I can say is is that if I hadn't done it, following Hit's post, I would have been ashamed of myself for as Jane says, sitting on the couch and doing nothing. This was simple to do and you guys would have loved to have had the opportunity to participate as well.

Go O'Donnell and Joe Miller!


Okay, forgive me, I missed it - blame it on the flu. Did you start operation chaos in Alaska Daddy?

How cool is that?

Thomas Collins

My big prizes would be:

1. Whitman over Brown (not because it would be unexpected, but because I don't want Mr. Faux-Transcendence in the news for another 4 years).

2. Fiorina over Boxer (once again, this wouldn't be a big surprise; however, the thought of Babs going back to "ma'am" instead of Senator Boxer makes would make the Cabernet go down nicely on Election Night).

3. Angle over Reid (I'm just wild about Harry being retired).

4. O'Donnell over Coons (I think both Dems and all too many GOPers should be ashamed of themselves about the way they have treated O'Donnell; if elected, O'Donnell would raise the level of class in the Senate).

5. Caprio over Chafee for RI Gov. (although Caprio is a Dem and has issues, I don't want to read about Trust Fund Linc (running as an independent this year) and his pontificating over the next 4 years-the GOP candidate I don't think has much of a chance in this election).

6. O'Leary over Garlick (this is a Mass. State House race; my son worked for O'Leary, and I think O'Leary will make a great Rep).

7. Corrigan over Kucinich (OH-10) (I'm sure Dennis the Menace will run for something again even if he loses, but it would be nice to see a prominent prog go down).

8. Bielat over Frank (MA-4) (this one is only eighth on my list because I don't want to get my hopes up too high; I'm worried that enough of the uber guilty rich in Newton will combine with the Dem born, bred and dead crowd to sneak Barney in again).

9. Rubio over Crist (although he has been classy in public, I hope Meek told Clinton to shove it when Clinton pressured Meek to drop out).

10. Hurt over Perriello (VA-5) (no stealing this one, Tom).

And of course, all of these would pale in significance to daddy's late charging write-in campaign securing him an Alaska Senate seat!!!


Jane, good to see a post from you! I hope you are starting to feel better.

Rick Ballard


I'd like to start the evening by listening to a gracious victory speech by Col. West. The coverage could be interspersed with cuts to scenes of Klein throwing chairs, Grayson punching his campaign manager and Crist breaking down in sobs. Then I'd like to listen to Rubio's victory speech, followed by a few others in North Carolina and Virginia, concluding with Harm graciously refraining from calling the loser in his race a proglodyte punk.

That would make a fine aperitif prior to beginning the next six or seven courses.


Thanks Mary, I reappeared yesterday. I think this is the sickest I have ever been - which freaked me out.

hit and run

Okay, forgive me, I missed it - blame it on the flu. Did you start operation chaos in Alaska Daddy?

Daddy set the whole thing on fire.

It's on this thread (page 2) with Daddy's report.

Or http://thevimh.blogspot.com/2010/10/anatomy-of-write-in-chaos-in-alaskan.html>start here for the backstory.

Captain Hate

I'm sure Dennis the Menace will run for something again even if he loses, but it would be nice to see a prominent prog go down

The diminutive perv will never work for a living; I'm guessing he'll live off his beard's trust fund or whatever jack she has until she sees the light like his previous two wives did. There was a period of time when the voter's wisely tossed him (I think that's when Martin Hoke beat him) when his declared income was like $2k for at least one year.


WOW WOW WOW Hit, the things you miss around here. Congrats to both of you.

GO DADDY! (can I be on your staff?)


Hey, Now Shephard Smith is about to talk about Daddy'a coup - he just teased it on Fox.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

Kucinich has been divorced twice huh? Have his divorce records ever been released?....Why do we never see Dem. divorce records?

Janet the tea-vangelist!

Jane, Extraneus posted a link to the Fagan radio show & you can hear daddy calling in. It is great. 8:39am this thread pg. 2.

Captain Hate

Janet, there are at least 2 former Mrs Kucinich. As part of the terms of the divorces, the exes are not allowed to discuss him or what it was like being married to the weirdo to any members of the media or write books about it. I would think the nags would be all over that but, well, he's a prog....

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--“It’s absurd. We’ve lost our minds,” Kerry said. “We’re in a period of know-nothingism in the country, where truth and science and facts don’t weigh in. It’s all short-order, lowest common denominator, cheap-seat politics.”--

For once John Effin Kerry is correct, however he shouldn't worry as we intend to toss the know-nothings out next Tuesday.


Everytime JFK opens his mind these word ring in my ears,
"Oh would some power the giftie gie us, ....'



Am at a coffee store with an awful rent-a-computer that is slow as molasses.

The Dan Fagan Radio Show on KFQD 750 Anchorage has been pulled off the air today. If you know that already sorry to repeat as I have not the time to read any comments. Pup is in the car eating chapter 11.

At 2 PM the show did not come on and it was CBS News nonsense. I called the regular number about 2:10 PM (907)5223-0750.

After 10 rings some guy answered and immediately said "No, Dan Fagan has not been fired. He will return Monday" then hung up.

Recalled, got the same guy (decent fellow but I had never heard his voice). This time I got to ask him is this a direct result of Dan's Show yesterday? He answered Yes. I said this was going to be big news as yesterdays Show events had gone national and I was going to post about it in the Blogs. He said that teams of rival Lawyers were fighting it out currently so that Dan was off the air but expected backm on the air on MOnday.

Dan Fagan's Blog is the Alaska Standard, but when I click on there right now I get no updates at all about him not being on the show. Here's the link: http://www.thealaskastandard.com/

Thelefty blog The Alaska Standard has noting on it. Thiscomputer is so bad I can't yet get the ADN.

Anyhow, will send this and then try to read up and see if you already know this.

Once again I am angty. Now when I call the 522-0750 number nobody will answer. I plan on driving in a minute to the studio to see what I can find out down there.

I hop that at 4 PM, when KBYR 700 has their Conservative Host on Glen Biegel, that he addresses this and hopefully thay Fagan shows up,. unless he has been ordered to shut up by his bosses due to Lisa's Lawyers. (My supposition). Anyhow, please pass the word to Riehl or anyone else capable of m,aking a stink if you think a stink about this deserves bing made.
And if Pup has eaten the exciting chapter about Capotain Cook in 1788 or sending First Officer Bligh to Fire Island to check out the place (the same Island where the Eco-guys want to build the 26 Wind Turbines) then the s#$t is going to hit the fan betwixt me and Pupdog!!!


Speak of vote fraud, shouldn't we start treating it more seriously, and perhaps prosecute the large scale conspiracy types under sedition/treason laws (I know, they're "out of fashion") since what they really represent is an attempt to subvert the Constitution.

Captain Hate

Yes Ralph; the wrist slap treatment it receives only encourages it.


Holy cow - the plot thickens. I can't wait to see what Shep says about it.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

I sent an email to Dan Riehl & linked daddy's post...

Janet the tea-vangelist!

Riehl has a post up now.

Alaska Radio Station Pulls Pro Miller Host After Murkowski Legal Threat

hit and run

Good job Janet. Just sent Dan an email too -- but after seeing yours and after he put the post up.


OMG. I am spitting fire! If Lisa Mudcowski somehow wins this thing, then every red blooded conservative should spend every minute of every day hounding her ass out of the Senate. This cannot stand. This will not stand. What a b*tch.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

Here is Big Government's post on Operation Chaos.

From the article - "The overall list of candidates for Alaska’s Senate seat stands at approximately 180 names, though some number of those have been denied, mostly for missing the application deadline. In honor of Big Government Editor Michael Flynn, Big Government has opted to officially endorse Republican Robert A. Flynn as a namesake candidate."


I'd say that is a spectacular choice!


Absolutely, spectacular, Jane.

Did you see that LeNa's spokesperson is named Whackowski or some such! LMAO. Maybe some of those poor, illiterate indigenous Alaskans will write his/her name in! snort.


How is wearing a bracelet or pin with Leasta Mulkowski on it not the same thing as wearing a shirt with Joe Miller's name on it?


She's been their Senator for eight years, how do they possibly get away with 'informing' the voters of her name

Janet the tea-vangelist!

How is wearing a bracelet or pin with Leasta Mulkowski on it not the same thing as wearing a shirt with Joe Miller's name on it?

Great point Sue!!!! I thought you couldn't even wear a Gadsden flag shirt or pin????

Janet the tea-vangelist!

Maybe merckicksky supporters should have her name printed on a burqa & wear THAT to vote...nobody would dare stop them.


Wow, I'm just catching up with this thread. First, that is wild about Fagan's show.

Second, our daddy has just been endorsed by Big Government!

We should really repost some of these links to the most recent thread...

Should I take Kaplan's LSAT?

Gagging Fagan is another lawsuit right there.

hit and run

Second, our daddy has just been endorsed by Big Government!

NO NO NO! He wuzzn't. That's not at all what the what they what the ......

Mrs Daddy,if you're reading this -- everyone else has it all wrong.

I'm telling you. It's all on big mistake. It's a common name and everyone here is just over-exuberant.

I'm serious.

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