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October 20, 2010


Captain Hate

Interesting factoid: if we used the same method that was used during the Great Depression to measure unemployment, unemployment would currently be at 22.5%

Link? Or cite the method if that's easier.

Nuthin' could be finah than rice and eggplant from the vinah.

Oil, onions, garlic, spices, pepper, tomatuh, rutabeggin' fo' mo'.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

"We heard GM's then-CEO Fritz Henderson claim..."

Maybe "claim" will be the left's newest redefined word.
Claiming the Volt would get 230 miles per gallon meant that Henderson wished it would.

Maybe claim = wish now?


For those of you who are interested in Mikayla:
"Mikayla’s tuition has been paid for the 2010-11 school year. If you would like to contribute to her tuition for the following year, you can send a payment to Billings Catholic Schools at P.O. Box 31158 , Billings , MT 59107 . Please specify with the payment that the funds are for Mikayla’s tuition. "

Jack is Back!

I dig pumpkins. They're groovy.

Funny you should mention that they are groovy. At our local Publix (Clarice will testify to their greatness:) they have pumpkins with the deepest grooves I have ever seen. We are trying to figure out how to carve them this year. We have a halloween extravaganza at school on Friday and my son wants to do a Pelosi face for his pumpkin. My problem is how to stretch her botoxed face on a pumpkin that looks like a rutted road?

hit and run

If you are a bit sloppy in disposing of your pumpkin in your outside garbage can this season, then look for a pumpkin plant on the ground next to the can next summer.

Heh. This summer hit and run jr was quite taken with watermelon. For about a week he collected every seed he came across. Then he decided he'd plant them -- being completely sure in his own mind that he would see the ...uh... fruits of his labor in a matter of weeks. He planted them just off the deck,and sure enough,in just a few weeks up sprand some ... green shoots. I wasn't sure whether to tell him then or let him figure it out later that those were weeds.

I decided to let him figure it out on his own.

Rick Ballard

"My problem is how to stretch her botoxed face on a pumpkin that looks like a rutted road?"

Spring for some spackle. It might take two coats - it did with her.


That's a very valid point on high taxes. The problem with Delaware is the truly pathetic job that the Castle dominated state party has done in outreach and registration. An O'Donnell win would require an extraordinarily low Dem turnout.


Fill in the grooves with spackle.
Next question....

hit and run

they have pumpkins with the deepest grooves I have ever seen

Undoubtedly a result of global warming.


Let's check out some of Barney Frank's work ...

Fannie and Freddie, the federally-controlled mortgage finance giants, will likely need at least another $73 billion and perhaps as much $215 billion from taxpayers in the next three years to meet their financial obligations, the Federal Housing Finance Agency said.

Old Lurker

Wonder how much lead can leach into pumpkins grown in that garden?

hit and run

Spring for some spackle.
Posted by: Rick Ballard | October 21, 2010 at 10:39 AM

Fill in the grooves with spackle.
Posted by: Clarice | October 21, 2010 at 10:39 AM

We have just unearthed the right wing Journolist.

Jack is Back!

Thanks tribe. Spackle - the new bacon:)

Captain Hate

Btw is it correct to include rhubarb with the "root vegetables"? Aren't the stalks above ground?


And Neo's 10:41 post is before FHA watches that Whalen video.


Someone is reporting on CNBC the "new" Fannie and Freddie mortgage bailout will be 350 billion.



Heck if I know. I've never grown them. They just sounded rooty.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

Well, if they are claiming it will be 350 billion it will probably be a trillion in reality. :(

Paysan Darts.

Yeah, we've had a few 'root barbs' flung around here this AM.


Aren't the stalks above ground?

Yup. Topped with often enormous leaves that one shouldn't eat. Our rhubarb usually grows to be about three feet tall.

Strawberry-rhubarb pie is a favorite here. We grow both.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

Here is a picture of MO near some rhubarb.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

It appears Helen Thomas has started a blog called Mrs. Rhubarb's Ramblings.

Captain Hate

Laura Ingraham has given up tomorrow's guest-hosting spot on O'Reilly and suggested that Juan Williams do it.

hit and run


A FOX News investigation of alleged voter fraud in Troy, N.Y. heats up. DNA samples from five Democratic members of the city council, city officials and political operatives have been collected as part of a special prosecutor's investigation which involves allegations that residents of a Troy housing project had Working Families Party absentee ballots forged in their names for the 2009 primary. The DNA will be compared to samples taken from envelopes of fraudulent absentee ballots. Fox confronts some of the public officials.

And investigation using DNA samples? Yike.


"hey, everybody get's a T shirt" should be the new motto of our Leftist overlords. Every time I see one of their crummy photo ops, such as Michelle trying to figure out which end of a rhubarb plant to keep, I just shake my head these days.

Mass printed signs, synchronized chanting...there people are about as honest, creative and subtle as a Bulgarian weight lifting championship.

by the way, Google, one Obama's big supporters in the last election, is said to pay 2.5% taxes using offshore gaming techniques. One more example of the Left's only remaining political philosophy; that the rules are for the little people.


NPR and PBS should both be defunded.

Separation of media and state!


Well, Miz Nancy, a tall ship has the wind in its sails.

You betcha. And with that, Happy Trafalgar Day to JOMers!


Clarice et al, FYI, I got the same note from the Billings Catholic schools, and wrote back to ask them what the yearly tuition was. Here's the answer:

"The yearly tuition ranges from $7650 to $2603 depending on income. I can’t give you Mikayla’s exact tuition level because we keep information in parents’ income confidential. If you would like to see the detail of our tuition schedule, it is available on the Billings Catholic Schools website under “About our System”, “Registration and Tuition”.

Fair trade.  Hah, what's fair about it?

Ack! The Provincial Rhubarb Lady only posted four times! Where'd that genius go?

Melinda Romanoff


I feel quite comfortable that the DNA will be tossed out on the fact that the offending DA doesn't have standing, if it were here in Chicago.

Jack is Back!

So,oho,so JOMOs: (that's"Warning" in JOMOs tribal language)

Especially those JOMOs who reside in the vicinity of the Gulf of Mexico, Richard could be on its way. LUN

Hmmm, a Hurricane bearing down on NOLA a few days before the election.

Jack is Back!

This LUN. Sorry!


Barney Frank 'overwhelmed' by the capitalist system


Per Geraghty, Obama is campaigning in Bridgeport, CT on Oct. 30th (the day of the big fake Stewart rally in DC, coincidentally).

Bridgeport? That a total Dem town. Crazy.

hit and run

Hmmm, a Hurricane bearing down on NOLA a few days before the election.

You Don't Tug on Superman's Cape... You Don't Spit into the Wind... You Don't Pull the Mask Off the Ol' Lone Ranger... And you Sure Don't Launch Political Attacks Against the Guy With a Hurricane Machine Right Before an Election.


Here it is, explained so that even JOMers can understand, from Charles Hugh Smith:

Here Are The Political Motives That Make Hyperinflation Inevitable

As the dollar has plummeted, discussions of hyperinflation proliferate. We should keep in mind that hyperinflation is always a political phenomenon, and only secondarily a financial one.

With the Fed's campaign to destroy the U.S. dollar now visible to all, the topic of hyperinflation inevitably arises. Hyperinflation is the endpoint of currency destruction, and with the "race to the bottom" in a "currency war" in the news, then it is a good time to discuss hyperinflation.

There has long been a lively debate underway on the Web as to whether hyperinflation is likely or unlikely. Rather than insert myself into a debate that needs no further voices, I will limit myself to three observations which I consider decisive.

1. Hyperinflation is intrinsically and necessarily a political process. The vast majority of the discussions and debates on hyperinflation seem to assume it is primarily a financial process which proceeds with some sort of inevitability once a tipping point has been reached.

Perhaps, but the policies which lead to that point of no return are political in nature. Currencies do not die of their own accord -- they must be actively destroyed by political decisions and policies.

Destroying a currency is not like falling off a cliff; gravity does not take hold until the very end. Rather, the currency must be pushed and manhandled all the way up a long steep incline to the cliff's edge and then shoved off.

At any point up to the final shove into oblivion, the political winds could change and the policy pressure that is destroying the currency would cease.

Currencies are destroyed as a political "unintended consequence" of saving the Status Quo from losing power. Rather than risk a decline in power, or an upheaval in the fiefdoms, Elites and State dependents which support the Status Quo, the Power Elites choose to debauch the currency as the "short-cut solution" to their inherently unsustainable financial woes.

Over the course of history, the usual cause of currency destruction is overindebtedness of the Central State/Monarchy/kleptocracy. Once the State/kleptocracy/Monarchy can no longer service its rising debts (usually incurred to finance war or expansion), then rather than cut expenses (which would deprive the fiefdoms, army, clergy, bread-and-circuses rabble, etc. of their share of the swag) then the status quo elects to print money to service the debts.

This works until the creditors demand gold or equivalent hard money. Then the status quo declares bankruptcy and the creditors get nothing. Usually there is a political revolution which overthrows the court, the nobility, or whatever other Elites led the nation into catastrophe.

For a modern-day equivalent, consider this example. If the Federal government were to announce that all the Social Security recipients receiving $2,000 a month would now get $200 a month, then a political firestorm would ignite.

Rather than risk overthrow, the government Elites debauch the currency so the $2,000 in today's money is soon only worth $200 in purchasing power. The government has de facto reduced the payment by 90% via destruction of its currency. But due to the stealth of this process, the citizenry are blind to the erosion. If you take 10% of their money away every year via debauching the currency, then in nine years they have lost 90% -- and all without any political fuss or risk to the status quo.

Once the populace loses faith in the currency, hyperinflation takes hold. That is the shove off the cliff -- the loss of faith in the currency. Once again that loss of faith is a profoundly political act.

There is nothing inevitable about hyperinflation. The political Status Quo can either choose or be pressured by mass uprisings to cease destroying the currency.

In the U.S., I consider such a political firestorm as increasingly likely going into 2013-2014. By 2014 I expect Congress to pass a law titled "The Federal Reserve Reformation Act" or equivalent, which basically restricts or eliminates the Fed's treasured independence.

The proximate reason for the congressional control over the Fed will be the widespread recognition that the Fed has failed the nation utterly and completely, and that their policies have acheived nothing but the debauchery of the nation's currency. That debauchery impoverishes every citizen, every enterprise and every agency of government.

I would welcome a political recognition of the Fed's failure and the resulting elimination of the Fed or at a minimum of its reconstitution as a true central bank rather than a rogue private institution with vast destructive powers beyond the reach of democracy or the citizenry.

2. There is a difference between credit and fiat money. In the usual hyperinflation scenarios (Zimbabwe, Argentina, et al.) the central government prints vast amounts of fiat money which is not backed by hard assets. Everyone loses faith in the currency and it becomes worthless. At that point the government falls and/or a new "hard" currency is issued which promptly deprives the holders of the "old money" of their wealth. That usually includes all common citizens, but not the Financial Elites, who manage to shift their wealth to other currencies or hard assets before the collapse.

Once the Elites' wealth is safely out of the country, then the government imposes capital controls.

While the U.S. has a fiat currency unbacked by anything but the promise of future payment of bonds, money is created by the instant creation of credit. Thus the Fed creates $1 trillion and buys toxic mortgage assets from the banks with the funds, and the toxic mortgages are booked as assets while the $1 trillion in credit is booked as a debt.

Now the problem with the hyperinflation scenario is that credit is immobile if people refuse to borrow it. The Fed could create $300 trillion in credit tomorrow but if nobody borrowed any of that credit money, then it cannot flow into the economy.

The Fed could buy every mortgage in the nation and make all sorts of other crazy purchases of assets, but it can't force people or enterprises to borrow and spend/invest money.

By lowering interest rates to zero and pushing liquidity, the Fed is debauching the dollar and thus reducing the purchasing power of everyone who holds dollars -- but this still doesn't inject money into the economy.

If the Fed bought every mortgage in the land, then we'd all be sending our mortgage payments to the Fed. The banks would have no toxic assets on their books, but that would not make anyone want to borrow more money from them.

In a nutshell, that is why quantitative easing is doomed to abject, total failure, except as a tool to destroy the nation's currency and thus its wealth.

The Fed's incompetence is so profound, so striking, so painfully obvious that we have to wonder just how willfully blind our political class must be.

3. The debauchery of the currency causes a reduction of purchasing power which mimics but is not the same as classic "inflation." In classic inflation, "too much money is chasing too few goods." With the Fed destroying our currency, then we pay more for commodities, and those higher prices then filter into every nook and cranny of the economy.

There is not "too much money chasing too few goods," there is a national currency being destroyed by political decisions made in the Fed and others in the nation's Financial Nobility.

To actually resolve the nation's financial crises would require a reduction or loss in political and financial power of the Elites as the chickens came home to roost. To avoid that reckoning, the Power Elites are choosing to debauch the dollar as a "short-cut" way of avoiding the political firestorm which would be ignited should the State's fiefdoms, Elites and dependents see their share of the swag reduced.

So the Power Elites in the Fed, Congress and other Central State fiefdoms would rather destroy the citizenry's currency and wealth rather than risk losing their own vast powers.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

I should have read this thread before posting on the last one about Juan Williams-- hours late and dollars short.

The think I have always liked about Juan is that he seems to try so hard to be open minded despite a thorough indoctrination in lefty notions of right and wrong.

In any event, according to Insty, Huckabee has gone on record calling for the defunding of NPR and PBS by the next congress. A worthy goal, ISTM.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

Bawney Frank and Keith Olberman -- what a pair.

Should I read it?

I don't get it, a.


When will NPR demand Obama's firing for his Sihk turban phobia?

Rhetorical, I know.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

So,oho,so JOMOs:


What does the second "O" stand for?


I defunded NPR a while ago.


Williams firing, Soros donation spark new calls to end NPR taxpayer subsidies

I admit I do enjoy the Tappet boyz...


I always liked Juan Williams. I think DoT said it here that he is a well mannered and tempered man. I'm sure he has other income but messing with somebody's living is not a small offense to me.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

So it was CAIR that demanded Williams firing

hit and run

http://www.nationalreview.com/media-blog/250519/npr-has-fired-juan-williams-greg-pollowitz>Greg Pollowitz at NRO:

And talking about the Fox News connection, I assume the issue of the George Soros donation to Media Matters, the Media Matters http://http//mediamatters.org/search/tag/juan_williams>crusade to get Juan Williams fired from NPR, and the George Soros http://bigjournalism.com/wthuston/2010/10/18/george-soros-millions-buying-political-reporters-for-npr/>$1.8 million donation to NPR for the express purpose of hiring political reporters just might get a little attention in the coming days.

But from whom,Greg?


This Soros NPR thing is gross.
Hope it wakes up Juan Williams.


ROFWL - what's our beloved Kim doing so early in the morning thinking about mashed potatoes, the weirdest vegetables and Indian spices? Is there a male version of being pregnant?

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