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October 08, 2010


daddy the ADN's censored commenter of the month


Perhaps we could lend these scientists to California: ">http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2010/10/07/BAOF1FDMRV.DTL"> California grossly miscalculated pollution levels in a scientific analysis by 340 percent


Mel, nothing personal, but I voted for Southerland. Now it's a question whether my absentee ballot gets counted.



Obama will never let go of that bone.

See them cook diesel.  Estimate the calibre of their ammo.  It's L!inked U!nder N!ame.

@ lucia's blackboard near the end of the Age of Stupid thread are some cool pictures of oil thieves in the Niger Delta, including a marvelous picture of the King of Ob on his throne and his cell phone.

Melinda Romanoff


Perhaps a chance to put China up as the New And Improved Punching Bag, taking a page out of the Mubarak play book and blame China for all your ills, instead of Israel.

Now With More Cheerleaders!!

I can see the headline attempts now.

Justice for the People of the Delta.

It's the second link at Vinny Burgoo's 1:04 PM comment on 10/8/10.

daddy the ADN's censored commenter of the month

One Beluga, Two Beluga, Three Beluga, Four,
Five Beluga, Six Beluga, Seven Beluga, More,...

"Okay, Lets go say the numbers are declining so we can get further Government funding and keep our jobs."

"Great idea, because My Mother told me to pick the very easiest mark and Taxpayer you are it!"

In the name of Justice.  Er, or the Climate.  Or something.

One punching bag coming up, MR. As the Chinese Hegemon metastasizes, the immune system will send out warriors.

Melinda Romanoff


None taken.

The family has an association that traces back through Jamestown, through the debtor prisons of England, and back to Norman serfdom to a town of our name, which may, or may not, be the one you see with each post.

I hope your vote gets counted as well.

Are you stateside or "in the sandbox"?

daddy the ADN's censored commenter of the month

Did somebody say ">http://www.clubhousecancer.com/WindowsLiveWriter/ChineseCheerleaders11_thumb.jpg"> Chinese Cheerleaders?

Melinda Romanoff


The theft will come first.

Have you priced jade lately?




Can't disagree that Obama is dumb, but he's had alot of help along the way. I'm also not sure whether the economy would have had a "V-shaped" recovery given how impaired the banks, the housing market, and oil were at the time and are currently. His polices have sure hurt alot though.


That seems like a fight that Obama would lose. He might be scrounging up arms deals.

Melinda Romanoff


I can tell you didn't have the jaegerschnitzel.

You would have called me.


daddy the ADN's censored commenter of the month


Just saw those pictures you mentioned. Why they're almost more American than Palin.

Melinda Romanoff


The China punching bag would be for domestic purposes.

Like Austan was sent to the Canadians for NAFTA renegotiation terms that someone threw out as a bald pandering effort.

Shocking. (Gasp! Swoon!)

daddy the ADN's censored commenter of the month


According to Wiki, Dady is "Eduardo Fernando Pereira Gomes, aka Dady (born August 13, 1981 in Lisbon), a Cape Verdean-Portuguese footballer currently playing with Bucaspor in Turkey, as a striker."

Here's his ">http://www.clubbol.com/equipos/osasuna/fotos/img/grandes/dady-goleador.jpg"> pic, which, tho' lacking Chinese Cheerleaders, is a lot more American than Sarah Palin, plus from his physique I can tell he also didn't have the jaegerschnitzel:)

BTW, the company is making very serious noises about opening up a base in Cologne Germany, meaning if so momma and I and the Kinder's may be eating a whole lot of Koln jaegerschnitzel in future. Burp!



It would just be so nakedly political. He would he send over to China to say, "Yea, sorry, we didn't mean it."


oops...Who would he...

Melinda Romanoff

New Meme!!

Now all opposition ads, to Obama, come from "Mystery Funds"!

The new boogieman from that evil SCOTUS. Even if the producer is on the ad, it's "mysterious".

Axelrod parting gift alert!

Hows about: "AFL-CIO uses taxpayer dollars for Democratic Get-out-the-Vote activities!"

Wake me when that one comes out...

Melinda Romanoff

Daddy should have the "Hunter's Steak", not dady.

[did not ever think I needed to know that, but now I do. So there!]

The best Jaegerschnitzel I ever had was in St. Anton, a bit south, and east of Cologne. If you are game, and you end up there, I'll come to ski. I used to coach, so if you're up for a lesson, I think I can convince the spouse to do some European mountain examinations. The spouse will not do AK. However, the M-i-L will be in tow, which will be a distinct challenge.

Good luck in the deliberations, and read some Bruce Bauer in between.


It looks like Ike Skelton's in trouble in MO. If guys like him get bounced I think were in 70+ seat type territory.

Melinda Romanoff


There's Ike's troubles, and then there's John Tierney(D)'s troubles.

I would not want to be him. Got to go find out who his opponent is...

Melinda Romanoff

I see that would be Bill Hudak.

Some love and attention would be nice for him, don't you think?


Mel, In Fl panhandle, so technically stateside. Absentee ballot is had for the asking. Sorry I'm much too old for the sandbox.


So did Code Pink mount a coup within the VFW or what?
They used to be somewhat to the right of William Rusher.

daddy the ADN's censored commenter of the month

The only good Skelton's a Red Skelton.


Mel, John Tierney is endorsed by the VFW according to their list. Please take a moment to protest this.

You can find the State VFW-PAC Spokesperson.

I hope every JOMer does this.

Daddy, the story I hear is that only people who are already in office are considered. The chosen ones are because they have voted the way the VFW wanted them to a certain number of times. In other words, as I understand it, Lisa is not on the list because she did not vote the way the VFW wanted enough times. The problem appears to be that more and more, the VFW seems to want the same thing as the Democrats. IMO, there is no way in H_ll that a VFW member should vote for any currently serving Democrat and a good number of Republicans, such as Lisa and Mike Castle.


Well that currently got bluelited.

daddy the ADN's censored commenter of the month

Anybody else think that if ">http://www.nypost.com/p/entertainment/tv/cnn_courts_couric_tlS7ENQHOVX1c2wPwnmQBL"> Katie Couric goes to CNN that that'll solve all their problems?


"So did Code Pink mount a coup within the VFW or what?"
That is what a lot of us VFW members are trying to find out. Apparently, many of us were not paying attention,i.e. did not even realize that the VFW PAC was endorsing candidates in our name.

Every member of the public can help end this fiasco. Please take the time to look at the Spokesperson list and notify as many as you can that as a supporter of the US military you do not approve of their endorsements.

daddy the ADN's censored commenter of the month


Again thanks for the VFW links. Identifying myself as a retired Naval Officer I just e-mailed a very respectful letter to our Alaskan guy concerning the VFW-PAC's non-endorsement of Joe Miller, with polite but respectful questioning of why they were endorsing bgates listed nutballs:

Harry Reid
Barbra Boxer
Bobby Rush
Patty Murray
Sheila Jackson Lee
Henry Waxman
Alan Grayson
Jim Moran
Nancy Pelosi

If something comes back, I'll let you know.


Meh. Watching the Braves in the playoffs and have noticed that synchronized swimming is coming on at the bottom of the hour on the next channel down. It has to be more exciting than this.


Mel - Newgate or the Fleet?

I think my ancestors were all horse thieves in Ireland.

daddy the ADN's censored commenter of the month


Atlanta's back tied 4 to 4. Unless ours is tape delayed, it's getting pretty exciting. I hate the Braves, but my daughters say San Francisco's uniforms are so ugly I have to pull for you guys. Crud. Yesterday it was LOLing at Karl Marx. Tonight it's pulling for the Atlanta Braves. I'm scared to death what tomorrow might bring:0


It's not tape delayed. Just as I hit enter they scored.

Maybe they will strike out the side in the bottom of the inning and we'll have "free baseball" when I hit enter again?

Superstitious, Yes. Why do you ask? I have two baseball coaches (hubby and son). It's mandatory...


Spit! Wagner out.

Frau Kölle alaaf!

daddy, I'm counting on you to become the JOM expert on Koelsch. You're a natural. Remember, it's not Koelsch if it's not brewed in the city of Cologne.
"In 1985, the German government established an agreement with Köln brewers that Kölsch could not be legally brewed outside of the city. It is one of the very few beers in the world (Berliner Weisse is another) whose name is legally protected by a sort of appellation contrôllée as has been granted to some wines (Champagne, for example). ...Today, 17 breweries operate in Köln -- more than in any other city in the world." Prost!

St. Columbanus (b.612): "It is my design to die in the brew-house; let ale be placed to my mouth when I am expiring so that when the choir of angels come they may say: 'Be God propitious to this drinker.'"

daddy the ADN's censored commenter of the month

Woo Hoo!

Home Run by the less ugly guys!!!


One out!


Game over! Less ugly guys win! But Wagner's hurt, not good.

daddy the ADN's censored commenter of the month


By coincidence St Columbanus (if it's ">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Columbanus"> this guy and I think it is) is probably a distant relative.

We are Irish and have clan O'Neal blood in us. Columbanus (Colm Cille) was clan O'Neal, of the bunch that kidnapped young St Patrick 150 years earlier. I thought my guy was the guy who was mean to Nessie of Lock Nessie and banished that cute little sea-monster under the waves, but if instead he was off re-christianizing Barbarian Europe by pounding Kolsch in Koln with the angels, why then suddenly the whole story begins to make a whole lot more sense if you ask me.

Regardless, If I'm you're chosen apostle to the Bierhaus's of Cologne then I promise I will do my best to maintain the integrity demonstrated by my great great great great great great great couple more great's GrandUncle, and will remain loyal to the German purity brewing Laws of the Middle Ages etc, and will never again harass Nessy, only Big Foot, till Kingdom Come. Amen!

Go less ugly guys! Woo Hoo.

Sandy Daze

9 October 2010

This is the link to a Blackfive post which will provide the contact details for all VFW State Headquarters. VFW Post and district contact information was very easy to find via ggl. Emailed all (Post, district, State and current state for good measure) wrt the endorsement of LTC West's opponent. Received reply from:
Robin Thompson
Dept. of Florida VFW
543 NE Sanchez Ave.
Ocala, Florida 34470
Phone: (352) 622-5126
Fax: (352) 622-3869
which asked me to read an attached letter from the Florida VFW HQ to the VFW PAC (available at LUN).

Letter begins:
". . .I am writing to object to the manner in which the Veterans of Foreign Wars Political Action Committee made its endorsements for the United States Congress. . .
Second Para begins:
". . .the Committee has abandoned the previous years' process of "advise and consent" . . .
Third para begins:
"It is abundantly clear that the PAC has skewed this year's endorsements towards incumbents."
Final para begins:
"I am concerned the the selection process adopted by the PAC will have both lasting and negative consequences. . .
/S/ State Commander Pete Nicholsen

Take good care,

Jack is Back!

A former PAC manager's perspective on VFW:

A one time we used to give exclusively to only republicans. It was a company thing - we were for low taxes, less regulation, more labor productivity, etc. But Democrats controlled both houses and this was during Reagan. We had a big project getting underway in a very blue state and when we signed on to support the funding we had to come up against Democrat chairmen and district reps and state Senators. They wondered why we were showing up now and not before and didn't we think we needed to grease the wheel that was actually turning versus the one that was static?

So we changed our PAC philosophy and contribution cycle to a what we dubbed a win-win-win calculation: A Congressperson who represents the district in which one of our offices was located; A congressperson who was ranking majority or minority on committee with our interests; and, a congressperson in districts or states where we had projects or interests. That said we were always cognizant of political tides turning and watched the polls and stayed close to how our reps and Senators were doing.

The VFW PAC Managers are political pragmatists with too close ties through too many cocktail fundraisers, golf outings and $15K tables at dinners who can't see past the fog of election cycles. They got caught in that cycle and didn't have enough money to dole out to opponents or were too tied to their friends and bundlers. My read is that the VFW State and Local executives have nothing to do with the Federal PAC and are probably livid at what the PAC managers have done.

Looks like a case of competing values being subsidized.


I remember back when it was the year of the women and I was a sexist pig if I didn't vote for the liberal women running.

But now, if I vote for the women I am accused of supporting a whore, a witch and an unfaithful bitch.

I just can't catch a break.


Sandy Daze, Thank you! Stay safe over there!

JiB, That is a good summary of the VFW PAC mess, I suspect. Is there a link? I checked on your LUN but I don't see the connection to the VFW PAC.


JIB, In a nutshell that is a major problem in most big national organizations..Like the officers in Catch 22 they are working for the "corporation" at cross purposes with their actual mission.

Jack is Back!


I am the ex-PAC Manager. Horse's mouth. And we were a $250K election cycle sized PAC. I owned 3 tuxedos when I was in DC. One to wear, one in the cleaners and the other a spare kept in the office in case I couldn't make it home to change. You never knew when you'd need it. [checkbook was optional but always needed]. I was there for Reagan II and Bush I. A real eye-opener.


JiB, that's amazing, I had no idea we had someone who has actually been there. Would like to hear more.


Hope everything is wonderful today, Jane! I wish I could have made it but the numbers just didn't work. Can't wait to see pics!


Daddy- thanks for that. The one thing that scares me most about Brown winning the Governorship is that he is full speed ahead on environmental causes, science and economy be damned.


Seconding Porchlight regarding Jane's big event. Can't wait to see the pictures!

Charlie (Colorado)

Daddy- probably adjusting for inflation. 278 Belugas in 2005 is like 1,000 in today's Belugas.


Army of Davids

I do not think it is an exaggeration to say history is largely a history of inflation, usually inflations engineered by governments for the gain of governments.
Friedrich August von Hayek

USD = Pelosi Peso


if you use California math, there are 350% more Belugas. Problem solved.

daddy the ADN's censored commenter of the month

No reply yet to my letter last night to our VFW rep per Pagers link.

Jack is Back!


The VFW PAC kerfuffle is a national disgrace and the State and Local posts have to stop making payments into it until they decide to straighten it out. The American Legion doesn't have a PAC from memory. If you go an check the VFW PAC board I'll venture they include their Washington people especially their registered congressional lobbyist and that person is the one who makes up the cycle list - everyone else bobs their heads up and down.


JiB, do you think there is any chance we could get the Washington people to talk to those who seem to hold some of the ideals that many of us joined the service to protect.

As an example, Sen DeMint, who is my Senator, and one of the few that I believe should be in the Senate, is not on the VFW-PAC list of those who should be voted for. How can that be possible?


Pagar--I share your pain and concern over the VFW endorsements.
I know they endorsed Patty Murray here in our county because some years back she saved the VA hospital compound from being eliminated from our county and thus losing a bunch of local jobs.

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