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October 09, 2010



But will they file an amicus brief with SCOTUS in support of same?


Didn't know that! Good post!!

Common Cents


Oh Steve, you shameless hussy!

daddy the ADN's censored commenter of the month

Well the reason legal immigrants aren't coming to Alaska is that today they sent out our Permanent Fund Dividend Checks and this year they only totaled $1,281 per resident. Cheap b@#$tards.

daddy the ADN's censored commenter of the month

Love this ADN story just out today:

">http://www.adn.com/2010/10/08/1491843/alaska-denizens-begin-to-spend.html"> Alaskans begin to spend their PFD checks

Somehow it snuck past their crack team of Editors without any words. All it is is a picture of some thug getting his Gramma's name tattooed on his elbow by some Tattoo Artist calling himself Matt Bagodonuts.

A perfect lesson in the idiocy of giving people free money.


Daddy - well, I'm sure the tattoo recipient will regret it when they are 80 if that gives you any comfort

daddy the ADN's censored commenter of the month


"Hello, Mark Lester, ADN photographer speaking."

"Hello, Mark, this is your boss, Editor of the Anchorage Daily News."

"Hey Boss what do 'ya want?' More dirt on Bristol Palin? Got my camera handy?"

"Nah, she got cleared on that rap about being underage at RumRunner's Bar. Nice pic's though. Turns out she was there legally with an adult chaperone, so we were wrong on that one, damn it all."

"So you gonna' retract. Boss?"

"Nah, no way. Some of that sleaze'll stick no matter what the Talk Radio guys say."

"So what do ya' want, more made up sleaze on Joe Miller?"

"Nah, we already got 13 hit pieces out on him already today, and still nobody's buying our paper and the ratings are in the toilet."

"So what do ya' want Boss?"

"Well Mark, why don't you take your camera and go out and find a wholesome story about folks spending their PFD checks. That's always some positive filler."

"Good idea Boss. I got just the idea in mind. Good wholesome folks like I hangout with, and you'll love the pics. I'll run 'em by you in the morning."

"Aw don't worry Mark, just go ahead and post them. I'm sure they'll be heartwarming just the way they are."

"OKay Boss. Will do." click.

"Hullo...East End Tattoo..."

"Hey, Bagadonut's, It's me Mark."

"Marks' not here man."

"No, it's me Mark. Got any customers?"

"Wha...Oh, yeah, got a wanna' be Rap Star in here who wants me to tattoo his granny on his elbow."

"Man, that sounds wholesome Bagadonuts. Mind if I drop buy and shoot some pix."

"Nah, c'mon down. You're not on Bristol patrol tonight."

"Nah, My Boss says he wants to clean up our act and do a wholesome story on PFD checks. And you say this Rapper wants granny on his elbow?---Man, that sure sounds wholesome to me. Is it PFD money?"

"Damn straight. And he says after he buys a Rap Microphone, he's gonna' come back for more Tat's on his back and chest."

"That's righteous Bagadonuts. Be their pronto."


Tomorrow morning;

ADN Editor: "">http://www.adn.com/2010/10/08/v-gallery/1491843/alaska-denizens-begin-to-spend.html"> WTF!...Oh Well, we're a McClatchy paper, so they'll probably love it."


Thoughts & prayers are with Jane & the mighty Sturbridge Tea Party today! Small government, less taxes, more freedom.....


Go Jane and fellow Tea Partiers!


Go Jane!

In nearby CT, Blumenthal's lawsuits have created jobs.


More idiocy from Sally Quinn of the WaPo. She claims Americans think Obama is Muslim because he is black & we don't even know what a Muslim is.
If there is a Republican "wave" it might be because with the internet & Fox news, more Americans are finally realizing what idiots the chattering class are. The elites call us names but we know more about topics than they do. Quinn telling me about religion,...Spitzer judging ANYONE else,...Barney Frank making finance law,...please, give me a break!

Jack is Back!

I wonder where the refugees in Hollywood go when an extreme war-mongering hitlerchimp republican wins a Senate seat or controls congress. Aren't they supposed to go to Canada? I know for a fact that Alec Baldwin never left the country when Bush was elected but decamped in the Hamptons, which is becoming less and less anything resembling the America I know and love. And where the hell would Michael Moore and Bill Maher go as refugees if we repeal ObamaCare? Cuba? Mexico? Lets hope they choose Ciudad Juarez in Mexico.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)


Sturbridge Tea party - Sturbridge Common - 12 noon -3:00

Come on down!

JOMers - I will be hovering around the bandstand.


I wanted to get Czar Paul's autograph!!
Is the weather good Jane? It is beautiful here in No. Virginia....hope it's the same there.


Hope you have a great Tea Party, Jane.
It's definitely a beautiful day down here, hope it is in Sturbridge.


Janet: I saw the Sally Quinn bit on BOR as it happened last night. Poor Sally - she has developed a facial tic that causes her to blink wierdly. The words coming out of her mouth seemed to correspond to the facial tic - they didn't make any sense.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

The weather is spectacular. WE had a really interesting glitch last nite which is hopefully solved and I will tell you about when it is over.


Go, Jane!

Sally always was a dumbbell...a well-connected Dumbbell who wrapped Bradley around her finger, but a nasty dumbbell just the same. Why the Post made her religion moderator is the mystery though. What did she hold over Donald Graham's head?


Well the next runner up is Lisa Miller, who did the cover piece on the Momma Grizzlys,
acting like so much like Diane Fossey

Captain Hate

Why the Post made her religion moderator is the mystery though. What did she hold over Donald Graham's head?

Well the Downtown Daily Worker never held religion in high regard, so what better way of showing that than putting an ignorant bint in a position of purported knowledge.

Go Jane. Taranto's Cross Country column in the dead tree WSJ mentions the Spindle City Tea Party so I expect a future mention of Sturbridge.


What did she hold over Donald Graham's head?

I'm always thinking blackmail...either that, or they must hire from their inner circle to keep their nefarious ways hidden and it is getting smaller.
"Okay, who can we hire that knows all our secrets about pushing our agenda? Sally? Well she'll have to do even if she doesn't know diddly-squat about religion because everyone else is busy. Any spouses, kids, or in-laws available?....keep checking cause Sally is an idiot."


I know the Clean Toga crowd, who's short swords always seem more focused more on
our own, than the opposition, has written
off Christine, but she did a credible interview with Greta, last night, who took her seriously as a candidate


U.S. Chamber of Commerce Punches Back

"If they didn't like this week, they're really going to hate the rest of October," said the Chamber insider.
Captain Hate

How does attacking the Chamber of Commerce produce more jobs?


Ambinder's profile of Donilon, is one for the ages, in it's cluelessness, Greeley is making quite a racket, up in the other realm

Melinda Romanoff

Have fun Jane, and I hope everyone brings their video cameras!

Danube of Thought

Minus 12 at Raz today.

Danube of Thought

Have a great time, Jane. And get us plenty of pics.

hit and run

Jane is my heroine!


Hope everything is wonderful today, Jane! I wish I could have made it but the numbers just didn't work. Can't wait to see pics!


Good luck, Jane!


Ambinder writes what the White House tells him to write.

Oh the shearing the Masters of Climate have given us.  I shiver.

So, one of the tour guides at Old Sturbridge told the story of making a sweater for her boyfriend in the auld way, using the resources of the site. She helped raise the sheep, shear them, wash, comb and spin the wool before knitting the intended end. And then she said she kept the sweater because no man was worth that much work.

Danube of Thought

Nice tidbit from Nate Silver in the NY Times:

Cook Political, for instance, in a break from its usual convention of not classifying seats held by incumbents as worse than toss-ups, this week decided to classify 10 seats currently held by Democratic incumbents, including the seat held by Alan Grayson in Florida’s 8th Congressional District, as leaning toward the Republicans.

What with Rassmussen, DoT, they seem to be bungee jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge with the swings


I'm earnestly requesting your assistance.
From what I'm hearing from other VFW members, the VFW PAC people are not responding. Please if you care about the US, the US military members/ex members/retirees and their families:

Drudge reports Obama's new security chief clashed with military. Sec of Defense Gates said in 2010 that the new advisor would be a disaster. No one is objecting.
The Democrats can't even do the one thing they are required to do--submit a budget.
Meanwhile, the VFW is endorsing some of the worst of the politicans.

Call the VFW at 1-202-544-5868. Email them at: vfwpac@vfw.org.

Here's their endorsement list and here is the state leaders that need to hear from you.

Please do it for Soylent and every US military member in harms way today, tommorrow and evermore.

We have to get new leader ship into Congress.

Left hanging out to dry.

Tell 'em that clear beach doesn't mean it's time to collect sea shells.


So obama is getting a slight "bounce" on RAS after attacking that evil Chamber of Commerce? Who knew that hardware store and floral shop owners would so rouse the proletariat?

Really now, there is hardly a more innocuous, blandly patriotic, hard working and placidly "Middle Middle class" group than the CoC. These are the sort of people that put together fireworks displays for the 4th of July or sponsor the the buffet for the Stnior Prom. What will they tilt against next, The Rotary Club or the Shiners? (I do hear that the latter bunch does have some "foreign influence" of some sort--I mean, just look at those getups.)

Seriously, international tranzis in the Democrat Party, who obviously are on the take of foreign money, trying to convince the rest of us that an organization like the CoC is a conduit for foreign money and influence is quite beyond the pale. What would they have us believe, that dry cleaners in Hamburg are out to stealthily influence our elections?

For a second or two one literally freezes in disbelief when one hears such nonsense. One cannot believe one's eyes or ears. And, no doubt, they will convene a "committee" to "investigate" all those dastardly florists and gas station owners out there plotting against our very way of life. Goodness, they are hiding in plain sight, the devious SOBs. Truly the Democrats despise this nation. If we ever required more evidence that these "people" are a nothing more than gang of thugs and Bolsheviks then this would be it.

It is particularly galling coming from Obama: the very serious (and potentially criminal) lapses in is public fund raising infrastructure during his campaign are profoundly suspicious in this regard--it would seem to point to foreign contributions as he primary reason behind said lapses--and this is merely on the level of small internet contributions. What came in through the back door, well, we can only speculate about this.

The arrogance is as nauseating and it is blinding.

What contempt they have for the rest of us. What contempt they have for the law.

Army of Davids

Wonder how many years it takes to get back to the Pre-Pelosi/Reid 4.4% unemployment?

Charlie (Colorado)

Hey, y'all -- got a new piece up at Right Network on appropriate treatment of the Ruling Class.

Rick Ballard

At the current rate of .02% improvement per year, it will take 12 years. Unfortunately, the current 9.6% rate understates the problem by about 30%, so better make it 16-17 years.


I was going to say 12 years before I saw Rick's post.

With a little Republican help on budget and rolling back the suffocating regulations, we might get it down to around 8 years or so with some luck. In other words, these damn socialists have screwed it up pretty damn good.

Come on November 3rd.

Army of Davids

I do not think it is an exaggeration to say history is largely a history of inflation, usually inflations engineered by governments for the gain of governments.
Friedrich August von Hayek

USD = Pelosi Peso

Frau Ernst

Victory in Sturbridge, Jane!

Thanks, pagar, for the information. Where would we learn of this matter if not from you?

Frau Ernst

Thanks for a much-needed laugh, Charlie. Looking at the probable election outcome in CA, I need it. It's getting hard to find enough daily chuckles. I did find Klaven on Culture: "Election Guide to the Economy."

Rick Ballard


Tighten the border along with cutting idiotic regs and the time could be cut to under four years. This decade has the lowest rate of growth in the working age cohort in history. There really aren't enough entrants to cover the retirement of Boomers.

The current unemployment rate is due solely to the uncertainty and mistrust created and maintained by Bozoan incompetence. Blow out the Bozoans and watch what happens.


Just saw a tweet from Tammy Bruce saying the Tucson tea party is huge. Hope Jane is having an equally good turnout at hers!

I know she will have some great stories to tell us.

Old Lurker

Rick can't do his usual accurate calculation until you tell him what assumption to make about the unfettered crossing of our borders. Since the question was phrased assuming current leadership, then I would say it will last until the weighted average of all employment within walking (or bootlegging) distance of our southern border reaches equilibrium. Then you can make the division.

Perhaps we should speak in generations and not years?

Captain Hate

Good stuff ChaCo but if, through some unconscionable confluence of event, I find myself in the presence of any of the people you entitled, I might have to deviate slightly.


Venceremos, Jane!!! Take it to the man!!!

Daddy, it sounds like they'll be ordering from the top shelf at Humpy's tonight and that the Alaska State Police are gonna be busy peeling First Peoples and Second Peoples and Third Peoples off of the highways.Be careful out there....

just to keep it in perspective, not far from here is Little Saigon, and we have @ 350 - 400,000 Vietnamese here in So Cal., most of whom would have rather stayed in their homeland at some point.

No slur on the great state of Arizona and congratulations on hosting all of these people, but we gots better restaurants. Just try finding good Pho in Tucson.

Off to commune with dead white guys at the Getty Villa with the kids.

Frau Schuh-ins-Gesicht

Hear, hear, Capt. I have an itchy "shoe finger."

Charlie (Colorado)

Glad to hear you liked it. I dno't often attempt purposeful humor like that, I was a little concerned.


Frau Ernst, Clarice was the one that kindly alerted us to the problem. Sandy Daze, over in Iraq has it up as well as on the (Black)Man Overboard thread. Both of us linking to Mr. Wolf's article over at Blackfive.net.

Having given the matter a lot of thought in the last 24 hours, I am convinced that the It is Time to Take Back/Defend Your VFWtheme is closer to my position.

The VFW is different because of the requirement that to be a member one must have served in a combat zone. The one most important benefit that the VFW renders, IMO, is to provide a presence at funeral services for deceased vets.Since I worked as an at need counselor for years and with the VFW have attended hundreds of services. Most times the only people there to show that a nation is greatful for the military service of the deceased are the VFW honor guards. It is especially pleasing to have a grandson or granddaughter come up and say "Thanks for being here for Grandpa/Grandma, their military service was an important part of their lives and we're glad some
remembered to honor that service".

Please read the comments at the LUN if you have time. They are useful.


Just try finding good Pho in Tucson.

It's true. Ask anybody in Arizona about it and they'll say, "Pho? Eh...Nix."


Charlie, that piece was good!

Old Lurker

That was really funny, Chaco.


And the Klavan piece, was vintage, the sequel with the Zombie Reid and Pelosi was choice

Captain Hate

I hope Jane and the rest of the JOMers are having as excellent weather as we are in NE Ahia. Mrs H and I have had a great day. Plus tomorrow is our annual trip to Albion, PA for the St Lawrence annual beef roast where doubtlessly I'll run into some people from Jim Rhoade's (iirc) home town of Erie.

Since we're commenting on ChaCo's humor, I think I'll go for some additional laughs by lurking at Penn State sites and watch the meltdown.



daddy the ADN's censored commenter of the month


As of 11:30 local time I have not received a reply from the VFW contact I got from your Link last night for Alaska. I wrote a very respectful letter and identified myself as a retired US Naval Officer.

Will keep up on this till I get an answer.


Btw, daddy I noticed in the Miner, that Lisa
was also late in filing her disclosure report, I mean that should count for something, I know I'm being rhetorical

daddy the ADN's censored commenter of the month

Excellent Charlie.

And excellent Clarice on Ghaliani as well. ">http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/ag-holder-loses-gamble-on-terror-trial/"> Holder Loses Gamble on Terror Trial


Thanks Daddy!
O/T---This Zero Hedge article says more bracing may be necessary before the Republicans wave.

Janet Tavakoli On The "Biggest Fraud In The History Of Capital Markets".

""We predict that within a week, all banks will halt every foreclosure currently in process. Within a month, all foreclosures executed within the past 2-3 years will be retried, and millions of existing home sales will be put in jeopardy.""

Hard to believe how little is being said about this.

daddy the ADN's censored commenter of the month

Bite your Tongue Narciso,

Filing properly only applies to Joe Miller.

As background, Miller says he did not receive the filing package from the Fed's and he says they have confirmed that they neglected to send the filing package to him, though all the other candidates did get them. Somehow that never makes the ADN. It makes sense to me that Miller, as a rookie candidate, would not know the requirements, nor would his campaign manager Desoto who happened to be his West Point Roommate. They haven't done this before. All that said, Lisa has been banging on him continually, yet the interesting point is that the reason her corrupt Kenai land deal blew up was that when she filled out the disclosure form some years back, she left blank the value of the Kenai property. That caused people to look at it closely. That's when she then said she did not know it's value. When that came out all the realtors in Kenai called Bull#$%t, and the whole thing was examined and it was discovered she was buying a piece of property in a sweetheart deal from a lobbyist for $150,000 less than appraised and market value. She tried to fight back but tapes had her husband admitting in a radio interview that it was a great deal, a great piece of property, and that Lisa had told him before the document signing that this whole thing might raise questions and come back to bite them, but they decided to sign it and deal with any problems if they came up later. She eventually canceled the deal under massive pressure, but remained all pissy about it.

Also, she had to redo her tax returns multiple times, in one case for an extra $60,000 worth of income one year.

Tis a real shame this stuff is only reported via talk radio and never via the ADN. I know this, but I can't properly provide any links to you guys because they don't exist. That helps her and hurts Joe Miller.


Hard to believe how little is being said about this.

The WSJ has a front page article today (LUN). It mostly confirms my sense that this an October populist attack on banks by the likes of Fannie & Freddie to keep deadbeats in their homes rather than get new owners who can actually afford them.


Incidentally, if the attack on mortgage-issuing banks continues, what do you think the likely result will be? It will be much harder and more costly to get a mortgage, even if you're genuinely qualified. That should do wonders for the recovery.

daddy the ADN's censored commenter of the month

Wow Narciso,

Look at what the ADN allowed to be posted today:

">http://community.adn.com/adn/node/153545"> Lisa’s Kenai Land Deal Was Even Shadier Than What It Appeared

Maybe they're becoming ashamed of themselves over there. Ya' think? Nah. Cause try this experiment.

Go to the home page of the ADN. ">http://www.adn.com/"> here.

Now see if you can find that negative Murkowskeee story unless you know it exists. Answer: You can't find it. The only way I found it was by going to Fagan's Blog, The Alaskan Standard, and seeing it cross posted there. Otherwise it'd never have seen the light of day. Samo samo.

Caaaaaaaay, roooooooooo!

Rick Ballard


The WSJ piece isn't exactly a model of clarity and it doesn't address Tavakoli's issues regarding fraud committed by mortgage originators who were feeding the Wall Street bucket shops which peddled the 'solid gold, CDS insured' MBS garbage. I agree with you wrt Fannie and Freddie playing "get a free house" for the reparations crowd but I'd sure like to see a piece delineating rather than obfuscating the issues involved.


I don't know if this has been posted before, but my sister sent me the following email with a link (LUN) to a "fly over" at the rally on 8/28/10. It's a beautiful site to see.

"Glenn Beck had been trying for weeks to get a military fly-over with fighter jets to start the RESTORING HONOR event on 8-28-10, but the White House blocked it saying it was 'restricted airspace'. The rally started at 10:00 am, but at precisely 9:59am, God sent a fly-over that could not have been better."

Link at LUN


" if the attack on mortgage-issuing banks continues, what do you think the likely result will be?"

If the result is what it should be, than people will be able to pick up a piece of mortgage/security related piece of paper and it will mean some thing because the creators of those papers will realize they have to do things right because if they create phony documents they are going to jail, instead of getting rich through fraud.

We need to get this nation back to the point where if someone is using a social security number it is theirs. If someone hands you a Drivers license it is their drivers license because they qualified for it, instead of buying it off the street.

We need to get info from the government that is true not made up BS that will be "unexpectedly" adjusted later.

We need to get climate info that comes about thru true science not made up garbage to enrich Gore and his fellow Democrats and forces our entire nation into bankruptcy.

Probably won't get it all but getting the rule of law back in to mortgage/security paperwork would be a good start.

AJ Lynch

Jason DeParle, the NYT reporter, is married to Nancy Deparle who is a bigshot lib and works in the White House.

Old Lurker

Kinda seems overwhelming, doesn't it Pagar?


One thing about the rule of law and mortgage lending is that the Feds have heaped mountains of pointless and burdensome paperwork requirements on banks (at the same time as not allowing them to use certain kinds of information that might help them screen out bad risks). If you really want the letter of the law followed, it will be much more expensive to get a mortgage, even more so if you can suspend foreclosure over technical violations. These laws come from the same clowns that have given us HCR and Dodd-Frank, 2000+ page bills that no one can understand. If we want rule of law we need laws that can be understood and that make sense.


Back to Federalist 62, huh?

It will be of little avail to the people, that the laws are made by men of their own choice, if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood; if they be repealed or revised before they are promulgated, or undergo such incessant changes that no man, who knows what the law is to-day, can guess what it will be to-morrow. Law is defined to be a rule of action; but how can that be a rule, which is little known, and less fixed?
Melinda Romanoff


Property law is one of the bedrock pinciples the founders had in mind.

I think Anthony Mozillo on a stand, followed by every peon the took short cuts at that "company", would make an excellent start.

Old Lurker

True that Mel.

Then along came Kelo and Chrysler Bonds...

Danube of Thought

Those ol' boys were pretty smart back then, weren't the Ext?

Those who relish reading about the coming wave should go here.


Jane's Czar for the Tea Party said he thought there were about 200 at the rally! Can't wait to hear how it all went....

Captain Hate

Kelo was so bad on so many levels that I'm still stunned by the casuistry of the majority opinion. With those kind of decisions the Constitution and Bill of Rights are pretty much worthless.


It's a wonder the authors of that decision don't hang their head in shame, Capt, it not
only contravenes property rights, but for a very mercenary purpose


Wonder what mischief future courts will do as a result, considering what Wickard v. Filburn has already wrought.

Man I'd love to see that one overturned via a health care repudiation.

Old Lurker

I think it led directly to trashing bond holder rights in Detroit. Once the dam is broken, etc.

Now the mother lode has been reached whereby we are about to give houses away to deadbeats for free. (no offense, Pagar)


In the LUN, excerpts from Greta's interview with Christine, last night


Thanks for the link, narciso. I thought she came off well.

Rick Ballard

Carville notes that the President's primary campaign message is based upon drinking the bong water. Just another B+ effort from the smartest man in the phone booth (when he's alone in it, that is).


Barbara: Wow! Great "fly over" video. I love Americans, they really get it!


Narciso: I saw the Greta interview with Christine this morning while having my coffee.

I think she came off well - and I would vote for her any day over her opponent.


Daddy, I'm surprised at you!

I went to the ADN front page. See the big story on the top left, "Federal Court Issues Statement on Miller's Hiring of Wife"? (The statement turns out to be that hiring relatives was common practice before Miller got there and he cleared it with his seniors at the courthouse, but obviously you couldn't fit "Court Confirms Miller's Account" in the limited space they had.) Anyway, ignore that story. But off to the right there's a link labeled "blogs". Hover over that and you see 2 columns. The right one is labeled "recent entries". See the 3rd one down, right under "Cagefighting AK"? It's a story about the 9th Circuit confirming some legal detail about how Alaska courts work. But over that entry is the name of the blog it comes from, "AK Voices: Kevin Clarkson". Well, if you click on his name, you go to his blog, and the story you linked is the 3rd entry.

Simple as that.

Incidentally, once you get there, you can click "recommend" on top. My recommendation was the 5th. Bet we could double that in short order.



The music you sent was absolutely spectacular. It was so rousing. There were about 200 people there which was a real disappointment, I was hoping for 5 times that.

Tom Bowler AND Susan, TC and DSG were all there. The best speaker ways the doctor who TOm got. But we had some other goon ones too.
I'm exhausted and half in the bag, but so greatful for the people around me.

I really love tea partiers. They are the best people on the planet.


True bgates, but that's just like the warehouse where they put the Ark of the Covenant, I mean who would fail to find that


hiring relatives was common practice before Miller got there and he cleared it with his seniors at the courthouse

Reminds me of Paul Wolfowitz getting the shaft at the World Bank after going through all the proper procedures before allowing his lady friend to get a promotion. The corruptocrats at the WB still jumped on it to get him fired.


Jane: Congrats. You and your fellow tea partiers did well!

Time to vote!


Great job Jane! Thanks for all you do each day in helping to save our country.


Ditto, Jane. Great job.

Can I order a T-shirt with that logo Caro made for it?


Click, click, click, click.

bgates, it's up to seven recommends.




--How does attacking the Chamber of Commerce produce more jobs?--

You forget CH, that the WH is all about creating AND saving jobs. I suspect they think attacking the CoC might save theirs.


Looking at the obvious tilt, the Anchorage Daily News is a McClatchy newspaper, who do you suppose from McClatchy went to work on Lisa's staff and/or who on Lisa's staff joined the newsroom of the ADN?

Daddy? Bueller? Anyone?


Oh, great job Jane! I really regret not coming. I thought about you guys all day. 200 is good...every Tea Party event, no matter the size, sets the stage for more Americans to be brave & speak up. It is like we've all been cowered by the PC elites & name callers for too long. Well it is our turn to speak up. I love doers & God bless you for stepping up.
Yeah, I'm with Extraneus on the T-shirts too...I'll buy up extras for family & friends if you had them made.
Anyway, great job...


That's conceivable, sbw, except one of the reporters, Bolstad, got her start down here,
and she was clueless at the local level

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