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October 27, 2010


Joan of Argghh!

Please oh pretty please can we get a mashup of Obama as the Bed Intruder?

My world would be complete.

"Cuz they rapin' ev'body out here."


Great MO link. So, she wasn't a good test-taker? She didn't get good SAT grades? (Do we know what they were, per chance?) How'd she get into Princeton?

Can everyone else's kids go to Princeton now?


From here wiki entry:

Michelle was inspired to follow her brother to Princeton University;[3] he graduated in 1983. At Princeton, she challenged the teaching methodology for French because she felt that it should be more conversational.[17] As part of her requirements for graduation, she wrote a thesis entitled "Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community."[18][19] "I remember being shocked," she says, "by college students who drove BMWs. I didn't even know parents who drove BMWs."
Do we happen to know how her parents paid for Princeton? This year's tuition and fees are $52,180.
Show me the draft card.

Well, Mr. Amon said he registered for the draft.


WASHINGTON (AP)Less than halfway through his first term, President Barack Obama has appointed more openly gay officials than any other president in history.

But how many “closeted gays” has Obama appointed ?

Show me a list.


Do we happen to know how her parents paid for Princeton?

It was all loans .. which she and Barack moaned about on the campaign trail in 2008


Didn't the Hillster make a similar claim, IIRC, about considering joining the Marines?


So this was the silly meme, being brought forth by that crazy Moveon is there any
other ?, person Valle, 'many Bothans died to bring us this information' in the LUN


Wrong LUN, the former was the appropriate response, she's kin of the Cockburns so it explains a great deal


President Barack Obama has appointed more openly gay officials than any other president in history.

More openly gay officials than Martin van Buren? Wow.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

Baltimore hands out first trans-fat citation.

The Dems are always big on law & order when it comes to collecting money from the little guy. Illegals, paying taxes, hiring prostitutes, stealing from the Nat'l archives, voter fraud, drowning secretaries, perjury,...not so much.


It's good to know there's no serious crime to worry about over there, like the one that made
the city, synonymous with homicide


How'd she get into Princeton?

Can everyone else's kids go to Princeton now?

Posted by: Extraneus | October 27, 2010 at 07:58 AM

Her brother was a star basketball player there, and he threatened to walk off the team if they didn't admit her.


Good Steve Sailer post today:


Robert Wright explains the roots of American Islamophobia in the New York Times. See, we just don't have enough exposure to Muslims.

The good news is that bridging does seem to work across religious divides. Putnam and Campbell did surveys with the same pool of people over consecutive years and found, for example, that gaining evangelical friends leads to a warmer assessment of evangelicals (by seven degrees on a “feeling thermometer” per friend gained, if you must know).

And what about Muslims? Did Christians warm to Islam as they got to know Muslims — and did Muslims return the favor?

That’s the bad news. The population of Muslims is so small, and so concentrated in distinct regions, that there weren’t enough such encounters to yield statistically significant data. And, as Putnam and Campbell note, this is a recipe for prejudice.

So, in Europe, where there are many millions of Muslims, they must be much more popular than they are here in America. Right, Mr. Wright?

My general impression from comparing areas that are home to Muslims and nonMuslims is that Islam seems to contribute to a chip on the shoulder attitude on the Muslim side. Armenians are pretty friendly, but Chechens, well, I'm glad a lot of Chechens hasn't started moving into my neighborhood ... yet.

Western tourists prefer Bali, the Hindu island in Indonesia to the many Muslim Islands.

Are there other examples of this tendency?

Jack is Back!

The depths of depravity humans sink is breathtaking. And the African-American community wonders why their children do not get the quality education all kids deserve and why so many of them are in prison and not enjoying the fruits of labor and pursuit of happiness. If you can make it through the full video then you may be eligible to be a guard at Abu-Ghraib prison.

OT: According to the WH press office her name is spelled Michele - one L not two:)


M K Bhadrakumar:

NATO invites Russia to join Afghan fray

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) officials have revealed their proposal with Moscow regarding a vastly stepped up Russian involvement in the Afghan war is in the final stages of negotiation and they are hopeful of formal agreement being reached at the alliance's two-day summit in Lisbon from November 19.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has announced his acceptance of the NATO invitation to attend the Lisbon summit, where he also scheduled to have a two-hour meeting with United States President Barack Obama. Aside Afghanistan, Medvedev's agenda includes Iran, a Russian proposal on a European security architecture and NATO's offer to cooperate with Russia on its missile defense system (which it is linking up with the US's).

Afghanistan promises to be the biggest vector of Russia-NATO cooperation to date. It doesn't come as surprise. A sort of romance was in the air though Moscow kept coyly disputing. Like in the Charles Dickens novel David Copperfield, we knew "Barkis is willing". Barkis fell for small things - Clara Peggotty making "apple parsties" or that she "does all the cooking" - but the smart Russian diplomats will drive a hard bargain with NATO before a nuptial knot is tied.

The Russian ingenuity aims at making cooperation with the NATO a lucrative business deal as much as a political embrace.

However, the timing is significant. NATO hopes to tango with Russia in Lisbon within a few hours of settling into a long-term partnership with Kabul under a status of forces agreement with the Afghan government that peers into the post-war era. In short, NATO is joining hands with Russia even as it consolidates military presence in Central Asia - an incredible turn to the great game.

But stranger things have happened. Moscow seems increasingly confident of the reset with the US. The big question is how Afghan President Hamid Karzai and a host of others - Iranians, Central Asians (especially Uzbeks), Chinese and the Afghans (especially Pashtuns) - view an emergent NATO-Russia condominium.


More so, as the Russian military personnel will be coming in at a time when non-Pashtun groups have begun secretly arming themselves fearing a Taliban takeover in Kabul.

The Taliban will take serious note of any form of Russian military involvement in the war and that can have serious implications for the Taliban's future cooperation with Central Asian militant groups. The Taliban viewed as something within acceptable threshold that Russia provided NATO with air and land supply and transit arrangements. But the threshold of the Taliban's tolerance may change, especially if the nascent peace talks fail to take off and the accent falls on the resistance.

Third, suffice to say that regional powers like China, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan will be curious about Russia joining hands with NATO bilaterally, sidestepping the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) or the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. In effect, the kaleidoscope of collective security in Central Asia undergoes an ominous tilt. NATO still views the CSTO and SCO disdainfully.

On balance, NATO and the US are net gainers. The timing is perfect. NATO ensures that Moscow acquiesces in its long-term military presence in the region. NATO has multiple motives. With the specter of defeat staring at it, NATO has nothing to lose. These are days when the alliance and the US in particular feel lonely when the dusk falls - and it's good to have company of friends who have moved about in the dark in the Hindu Kush. In any case, Moscow has been bending over backward to be helpful.
It is useful to keep Russia engaged instead of ignoring it lest it acted as a "spoiler". Moscow still wields influence over non-Pashtun groups opposed to reconciliation with the Taliban. Also, Pakistan no more objects to Russia's entry. Moscow made serious overtures to Islamabad to reach a modus vivendi over Afghanistan and it is paying dividends.

In practical terms, the northern supply route via Russian territory is a great boon for NATO with insurgents having stepped up attacks on the two routes running through Pakistan.

But the geopolitics of NATO-Russia tie-up isolates China and Iran. Conceivably, the US is pursuing this tie-up as a matter of regional policy. According to NATO officials, a separate agreement on limited Russian cooperation with NATO's European missile defense plans is also in prospect at the Lisbon summit, which is a symbolic demonstration of a security matrix struggling to be born. It seems the reset process with Russia that Washington mooted modestly as a course correction from the George W Bush era is beginning to impact on the geopolitical chessboard.

Danube of Thought

Minus 18 at Raz today.

Army of Davids

Solutions...bottom up

Not top down.

the president in a word....incompetent.


This is just for daddy, should he check in to this comment thread today. About that Madcow interview with Joe Miller:

She teased the interview for her entire program (taped in Alaska), and then, at the end, finally showed it. And it was…well, pretty uneventful. She also called it “very strange,” since Maddow and Miller walked (and at one point, rode down an escalator) the entire time she peppered him with questions, with Miller eventually reaching his SUV and riding off with a thumbs up.
T Maguire

OT: According to the WH press office her name is spelled Michele - one L not two:)

Hmm - she was "Michele" on this "Let's Move" fact sheet, but officially she is "Michelle".

Meanwhile, I am trying to imagine the conversation that nearly drove young Barry to despair:

Barry: "Boo hoo. Some mean kids told me I'll never be president because I'm black. Boo hoo."

Sympathetic Older Woman ("Symp"): "There, there. Maybe you could be Vice President. After all, you're half white."

Barry" "Like Joe Biden?"

Symp: "I said half white, not half wit."

Well, maybe...

Rick Ballard

I would have bet on his despair arising from being rejected for membership in the Young Pioneers or being unable to get to Cuba for at least one sugar cane harvest.

Oh well, I suppose it's as difficult a question as discerning whether brains, beauty or accomplishment was most responsible for Michelle's success.

hit and run

Meanwhile, I am trying to imagine the conversation that nearly drove young Barry to despair:

Barry: "Boo hoo. Some mean kids told me I'll never be president because I'm black. Boo hoo."

Perhaps. But in story telling form it go more like http://www.nationalreview.com/campaign-spot/10082/reading-i-dreams-my-father-i-part-three>this:

The room fell quiet, and people turned ... expecting a fight. Instead, [I] stood up, walked over to the [mean kids], smiled, and proceeded to lecture [them] about the folly of bigotry, the promise of the American dream, and the universal rights of man. “[These kids] felt so bad when Barack was finished,” Gramps would say. “that [they]reached into [their] pockets and gave Barack a hundred dollars on the spot. Paid for all our drinks and puu-puus for the rest of the night – and your dad’s rent for the rest of the month.


Actually I'm surprised he didn't hitch a ride with Reverend Wright's yearly powwows in Tripoli, the World Antizionist Liberation Alliance or somesuch


At Princeton, she challenged the teaching methodology for French because she felt that it should be more conversational.

In other words, like all students, she thought she knew more than the instructor. Yawn.

Dave (in MA)

I wonder what kind of jokes and taunting bothered Jughead so much?

Danube of Thought

Lovely: "Crowd Exits as Clinton Drones"

CHICAGO (WLS) - Former President Bill Clinton’s ‘get out the vote’ rally for Democrats at a downtown Chicago hotel was the most unenthusiastic WLS veteran political reporter Bill Cameron has ever witnessed.

Clinton was an hour late for the Tuesday afternoon rally at the Palmer House and droned on for another hour, sending dozens of the few hundred Democrats in attendance for the exits.

“Well, all we’re really asking for is two more years, that’s a total of four, to get us out of the hole and get us into the future. That’s half as much time as you gave them to dig the hole. Seems fair to us,” Clinton said.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--On a related note, if you don't like the "N-word" (even in the context of a rap song--

How about especially in the context of a rap song?
Leaving aside the fact that rap is the most gawdawful racket ever devised, there is something particularly repulsive about black people embracing the most vile slur around in the furtherance of a culture even more destructive of black families and black advancement than Jim Crow was.

Rick Ballard

Rothenberg's Towel Toss

He provides some good tips for determining wave height on election night. He also provides a few names in advance for the 'This Time You've Got Me' Democrat 2010 Election Memorial.


I don't get it, they've convinced themselves,
'they can own the word,' no the word owns them, pretense at irony notwithstanding

When the color of your skin discounts the content of your character.

Nope, term of endearment, 'guh.

Captain Hate

Hats off to the good people of Massillon, Ohio for refusing to let the red-nosed predator co-opt the big football game with Canton McKinley for a stump speech for Ted Strickland. In addition to Slick's incredibly rude and white trashist habit, quoted by DoT, of being late, the last thing Massillon needs is an upsurge in sexual impositions on teenagers.


"“Well, all we’re really asking for is two more years"

Two more minutes is far too long.


Two *very* Left Dems that I've known for more than 20 years live in the Chicago suburbs. They told me last week in a phone call that they've decided that Obama is "ineffectual" and will not vote for him again. They are also not voting for most Dems in state races but for Green Party or skipping the race.

They claim they would vote for "reasonable" Republicans but didn't define reasonable.

I suspect living in the 'burbs and now having daughters aged 9 and 2 might have something to do with noticing Obama's wild lack of ability.

I feel his pain, I mean I learn his yearn.

Yeah, and in two more years, watch him yearn for eight more.


Please oh pretty please can we get a mashup of Obama as the Bed Intruder?

Surely one must already be out there?

"We gonna find you, we gonna find you..."



I also know a super lefty in Chicago that is campaigning for Rich Whit(n)ey (the Green candidate in the governor's race). Barry turns everyone off eventually, even people who were long resigned to the corruption of IL Dems.


I wonder what kind of jokes and taunting bothered Jughead so much?

Hey Barry, your ears look like MoDo's!!!!


having daughters aged 9 and 2 might have something to do with noticing Obama's wild lack of ability

Obviously he's going to suffer in comparison to benchmarks like that.

White man keeps raising the bar....


"Well, all we’re really asking for is two more years"

Just one more time, baby. Please.


What? Two more years? What then? Hillary runs. Get it. He's really asking that Barry have only two more years. Baby, baby. Check's in the mail or something like that.

hit and run

We can't afford four more minutes of the same failed policies of the last four years of Democratic majorities in Congress.

Yippie do da day.

Four More Yee-Hars.


Mildly OT, but too funny.

h/t Maggie's Farm


Ding Ding Ding..

we have a comment winner from Extraneus, Bill Clinton's "Just one more time ,baby. Please." Outstanding snark.... because it's so close to the truth.


Rick, do you hink the losing graphs from Rohenberg are correct?



Danube of Thought

Hah! Ireland's largest bookie has now paid off all those who bet the GOP would take the house. He says no other outcome is now possible.


Consider committing suicide normal.... dabble in witchcraft absolutely crazy....

Jim Ryan

First your dad abandons you, then you feel depressed, then you contemplate suicide, then you fill the hole with resentment, and finally you take your resentments out on your society. The mild cases take the form of "the jerk." The severe cases take the form of the megalomaniacal tyrant.

Rick Ballard


The 'what to watch for' grafs are OK but I'll be watching for turnout reports from FL-17, FL-23 and FL-2 to begin the evening. NC-2, NC-7, NC-8 and especially NC-11 turnout reports will also be interesting.

I really do believe that the "surprise" of the election is going to be the antipathy of Latinos towards Obama, fully expressed in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada. He's blown the Dem coalition apart and he (and the Democrat Party) are going to be left with AFSCME/SEIU thugs and dimwitted progs as the residue.


Maybe Monday night we ought to put together a primer for those who want to get some sleep Tues night,

I'm definitely moving into the 70-80 on the house.



"When it comes to typos and spelling, everyone makes mistakes... even the White House.

In a White House press release sent Tuesday evening, there's a misspelling, and it's a big one: The first lady's first name.

"Michele and I are deeply saddened by the loss of life, injuries, and damage that have occurred as a result of the recent earthquake and tsunami in West Sumatra," reads the release.

Of course, the first lady's first name is spelled "Michelle," with two "l"'s."

TM 1-WH web 0


So can the next president fire the whole whitehouse.gov team, or is she stuck with these lefty activists?


Michele Bachmann=one L,two Ns.

HA,she is in their heads.

Dave (in MA)

http://www.wftv.com/news/25536806/detail.html>Daytona Beach Commissioner arrested on charges of absentee ballot election fraud
Let's play Which party is that, shall we?


Good catch, caro!

Janet the tea-vangelist!

Maybe we should email the MO misspelling to that "something fishy" email address?
[email protected]

I know it was set up for health care, but why waste the STASI when you're got em?


Terribly OT but also terribly important to read:

Bill Gross Calls Fed "Most Brazen" Of All Ponzi Schemes, Says 30 Year Bond Market Is Ending, Compares US Economy To Black Hole
Please read this article. When Bill Gross of PIMCO is alarmed--we all should be frightened.


everyone makes mistakes... even the White House.

Everyone has some degree of political bias...even the press.

Bad news out of Alaska, as it's been revealed that this one time when Joe Miller bought a Snickers bar at a vending machine, and it got stuck, and he shook the machine to get his Snickers bar, he also shook loose a Twix. And then he took the Snickers and the Twix.

I also heard something about how Letsget Morepowerski doesn't believe the Constitution places any limits on Congressional power, but that's the kind of inside-baseball story voters tend to ignore. I really think Twixgate will have legs.



Thanks much for watching Rachel Maddow. Bless you for subjecting yourself to that.

I owe you big time and will buy the beers whenever.

Dave (in MA)

I heard a rumor that he isn't even a miller.
He went into the service, got his degree and went right into the legal profession. I bet he's never even been to a mill.

Danube of Thought

RCP has a must-read analysis of the Boxer-Fiorina polls.



That's not all. I heard that they didn't even make Twix bars back when this was supposed to have happened, so Miller's telling at least two lies here if not more. Maddow's interviewing the guy who filled the vending machines tonight on her show, so we'll see.

Frau Steingehirn

Keeping pointing out what's really important, bgates. Letsget Morepowerski (AK-$$$$) should be sentenced to watching - over and over and over- the videos of her debate performance. Not fit, indeed.

East Bay Jay

What to watch on Nov 2nd?

Forget turnout counts or exit polls. How about watching the stable of MSNBC hosts go through the denial-anger-acceptance arc at least twice in a single night? I'm looking for tears from pretty much everyone and if there were ever a night where Pat Buchanan was set up to get punched by Mike Barnicle this is it. Crazy Larry is likely to take a poke at pretty much anybody, maybe Mika, maybe Halperin, maybe whomever happens to be sitting next to him (would it be wrong to hope that it's Sam Donaldson, with Cokie Roberts a close second?). And who can leave before Chrissie's wrap up, placing the election in historical context (it's like the re-establishment of slavery and prohibition......in the midst of both the Civil War and World War II)?

Danube of Thought

Intrade now has 60+ at 53.6.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--When Bill Gross of PIMCO is alarmed--we all should be frightened.--

Or alternately, he is pumping and/or dumping.


"Most Brazen" of all Ponzi schemes"

Even more brazen than MERS? Wow, now THAT is brazen!

Or are they all part of the same Ponzi scheme? Seems quite likely.

It seems to me that the Social Security scheme is the biggest Ponzi scheme one could do, but then the Democrats come up with bigger and bigger ones.

Dave (in MA)

Am I reading this correctly?

The Globe claims to http://www.boston.com/news/politics/articles/2010/10/27/patricks_stand_on_income_tax_not_as_simple_as_baker_asserts/?p1=News_links>refudiate Charlie Baker's claim that Deval Patrick wants to impose a progressive state income tax by citing a clip recorded by a Globe reporter in which Deval said he wants to impose a progressive state income tax. HUH!?

Where's Jane?


daddy, honey - sorry, I didn't make the sacrifice of watching Madcow. However, I was remiss in not putting a link in my comment (just forgot) - the story was from Mediaite.


Consider committing suicide normal.... dabble in witchcraft absolutely crazy....

Consider committing suicide normal.... as a high schooler knew someone who dabbled in witchcraft absolutely crazy....



Re: Madcow and Miller. Think about it--The lefty press is working overtime to try and ensure the re-election of an incumbent member of the Republican machine in a state which the Democrats have always written off as a lost cause. Tells you all you need to know about Lisa Moocowsky, and the level of desperation of the Libs.


Just saw the View clip of Joy Behar calling Sharron Angle a Bitch and saying she is going to hell.

Perfect justice would have been to see Barbara Walters up and walking out of the set, ala Joy Behar. Instead she just laughed.


No sweat CC,

You're still worth a couple beers:)



Perchance are you a Skittles fan?


Surely one must already be out there?

Not completely sure what "bed intruder" refers to, but there's this from the same blogger who brought us the MO link in TM's post. Warning: this is in even more questionable taste than the MO picture, though the quotes below are pretty humorous.


Well Angle raised 137 K out of it, and then she sent Behar flowers, typical of all mean
girls, right.

It's like with Obamacare, Dave, it's a negative attack to repeat their own words back at them

Rick Ballard

His main message never changes - "Send us your money cuz PIMCO wins no matter which way the frog jumps."

That's been true much more often than not but he's not exactly a prince among thieves. The Panic in OPM Park is sure producing a great deal of incoherence and Bill's missive fits right in.

Captain Hate

Perfect justice would have been to see Barbara Walters up and walking out of the set, ala Joy Behar. Instead she just laughed.

Perfect justice? From that frumpy giwnlf with a speech defect that any degree of professionalism would dictate that she correct instead of admittedly banging her way to what she attained? No, perfect justice would've been for the set to explode.


woo hoo, daddy!

From NRO's the Corner comes this:

"An Alaska judge today granted a temporary restraining order that would stop state elections officials from distributing the names of write-in candidates at the polls, dealing a major setback to the write-in effort of Sen. Lisa Murkowski."


((Well Angle raised 137 K out of it, and then she sent Behar flowers, typical of all mean
girls, right.))

I just love this kind of response to the lib inanity,narc.


Forgot - LUN - for judges ruling and more.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

Great news CC.


Yay, CC.

Excellent news!

">http://www.adn.com/2010/10/27/1521270/judge-blocks-distribution-of-write.html"> "The state Division of Elections had argued that it drew up the list because it anticipated an unusual number of questions about Sen. Lisa Murkowski's write-in bid."

Right there the State admitted they were doing it for Lisa. Period.

"The order is a blow for Sen. Lisa Murkowsi's write-in campaign, which had joined the state Division of Elections in fighting efforts to do away with the list."

In other words, "Please help me cheat."


"Letsget Morepowerski" Best name yet!



I did love bgates' "Lineona Mirrorski" as well.

hit and run

Perchance are you a Skittles fan?


I have nothing against skittles,mind you. As long as they're not in my mouth.

Captain Hate

O/T If you like seeing Tom Friedman ridiculed in an entertaining manner, read the LUN


Darn it, I just wrote a long comment on the Bed Intruder that got eaten. Apologies if it shows up later. I'll try again..


First watch the news clip here.

Then watch the song by Auto-Tune The News here.

That gives you the basics. Now imagine a silly internet/pop culture phenom arising from it.

I do think Dodson is awesome and the song is super catchy, though.




It was a hint.

hit and run


WASHINGTON – The White House is disputing speculation that President Barack Obama is avoiding an Indian temple so he won't have to wear a head covering that could fan misconceptions he's a Muslim.

Ben Rhodes, a White House deputy national security adviser, says a stop at India's Golden Temple didn't end up fitting into the schedule for Obama's four-country Asia trip that starts next week.

White House advance teams visited the Sikh temple, a popular tourist stop in India. When it didn't end up on the schedule, rumors surfaced that Obama wanted to avoid being seen with a head covering connected with a non-Christian religion.

When asked Wednesday if that theory was wrong, Rhodes said that it was.

See,it was all just rumors and speculation,fueled by . . . one of those right wing extremist sites known as . . . the New York Times:

But the United States has ruled out a Golden Temple visit, according to an American official involved in planning.

Hmmmm. Close call on this particular kerfuffle . . . trust the WH or trust the Times?

But in the larger picture,the WH is now telling us not to trust what's reported in the Times -- that its reporting is based on rumor and speculation.

It's not every day I agree with the Obama White House. But today is that day!

hit and run

http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/20/world/asia/20india.html>Fixed link to the Times on Obama and the temple.


Had any of you guys seen this?

">http://www.latoyaegwuekwe.com/geographyofarecession.html"> The Geography Of A Recession

Old Lurker

Sorry, Hit. My computer was hardwired at great expense to avoid any and all links to the Times.


Rats. Bad link. Try ">http://www.latoyaegwuekwe.com/geographyofarecession.html"> this.


Excellent, hit...

Captain Hate

Wow, daddy; that map turns dark quickly.


I put this on Jane's YouToo blog.

Rick Ballard

The Roadmap for America's Future site appears to have been updated and streamlined a bit. I wonder what Chairman Ryan intends to bring to the floor as a first measure.

Probably this year's budget if the Dead Ducks don't pass it.


This is hilarious. Michael Bennett campaign specifies questions for radio interviews.

Also posted on his campaign's facebook page, but currently...

This content is currently unavailable

The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.


FLOTUS watchers here and around the blog have seen Michelle's dresses get ever tighter. Pretty soon they will just be spray painted on! Looks like Dr. Jill is following the trend too.

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