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October 29, 2010


Charlie (Colorado)

Does anyone understand why they have fighters escort a plane suspected of having explosives in the cargo?

Is it just to have someone to say "whoops! It blew up!"


The plane to JFK had fighter jet military escort. What is the purpose, value-added of a military escort?

hit and run

the "Keep Fear Alive" theme was meant as a joke. Who's laughing now?

Who? Colbert for one,who kept "in character" for his now infamous Congressional testimony,will keep laughing. Because some number of people will continue to take his comedy as some serious political something or other.


According to a Gateway Pundit post, Obama is going to help the Yeman terrorists find jobs and then everyone will live happily ever after.


Captain Hate

Does anyone understand why they have fighters escort a plane suspected of having explosives in the cargo?

I'm guessing to quickly ID an area over which it explodes so they can possibly bring a hazmat crew in.

Jack is Back!


The second movie "Remembering PeterUK and Bad" is at the LUN. A few gltiches everyone will be able to process - software is real sensitive to what you write. Peter Bocking died sometime a few days back and he was born on the 31st of October.

I am thinking about the next movie being about how daddy saved the world by getting 5 thousand Alaskans to sign up as write in candidates for the Senate election. Lets pray that it works and the movie can be more reality than fiction.


I'm waiting on the meme that the terrorists want republicans elected, or something.


I do so hope fear doesn't hold down the size of the weekend rally...

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--Does anyone understand why they have fighters escort a plane suspected of having explosives in the cargo?

Is it just to have someone to say "whoops! It blew up!"--

If it goes off but doesn't down the plane the flyboys can eyeball landing gear and other systems to make sure they're operational, or not.


Great job, Jack.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

Jack is Back! Very good...those little movies are so clever. Sarah Palin & Larry King discussing the JOMO tribe...and a nice tribute to PUK & bad. Thank you!


When last the Giants won the world series, we had a President who had changed his name in childhood, spent years at Columbia, and ended his predecessor's unpopular war, but was unable to prevent his party relinquishing a House majority it would not regain for 40 years.


Another great show JiB! I've got my granddaughters hooked on them. They loved the first one.


JIB, that is marvelous! I will try to find UK's friends and email the link to them. Clarice


JiB: It is kinda weird, but also wonderful!

Memories . . . may they never die.

Jack is Back!

Hey, doing my part. Can't stay up and chew the rag all night and feel missing the best parts when I get up an sign in.

My little contribution to a great site and real people.

Remember the old Cal Tech football cheer:

Impede them, impede them. Never relinquish the line!


Still on a terrible slow computer. Please see my recent post about Fagan and the yanking of his show off the air today backm on the Window thread.
Seems the matter is still causing problems and arguments with our Suporeme's. Here is a link to the ADN:

I am now off to the radio Station to see what I can find out. Sorry I have read none of anybody else's posts and this current computer is awful, so if I am saying stuff you all already know about my apologies.Dog in the car is going to be furious. He will probably bite me.

Have not yet gone to the website of KFQD750 in ANC. It might be KQED750, sorry, can't remember right this second. Anyhow, That may answer some questions. Later.


You would think that after defending Bill Clinton sodomizing an intern with a cigar and getting BJs in the oval office, the liberals would be a little embarrassed about claiming prior sexual piucadillos are some disqualifier for office.

You would think they would see it as an extra qualification.

Thomas Collins

That was wonderful, JiB.


The plane to JFK had fighter jet military escort. What is the purpose, value-added of a military escort?

My guess is they wanted to make sure the airliner stayed on it's assigned route to JFK and did not become a manned missile like 9-11.

Retired Air Traffic Controller



That was spectacular.

I feel like there is so much more to say about Bad.

Jack is Back!


Only Janet responded to my appeal for qoutes, information, ideas etc. She gave me her facebook page and that's all I had. I didn't know her as well as the rest of you. But I do remember she was suffering with a smile.

Does anyone know why I can't post on the other threads? I wanted to put the LUN for the movie on all the other recent threads but it won't allow me. Weird.


This says AK SC list ruling due today. Did it happen?


I feel like there is so much more to say about Bad.

Me too. She was one happy warrior.

not your fault jib. we dedn't have a page like hit's for her


shoulder surgery today, typing lefty. if i comment further, pls excuse.


daddy: I read your comments on the other thread and left my comment. It is outrageous that Fagan was taken off the air by LeNa JaBrowski's fellow travelers.

Where is Ann? Where is Janet? Gals, my hair is now on fire, big time!!!!!

JiB: If you didn't know Bad, then you couldn't possibly do her justice. I think we all understand how difficult it would be to memoralize someone we really hadn't interacted with. You did fine with what the info you had.

Really, all you had to say re: bad is:

Obama sucks!

Jack is Back!

Her picture on her facebook page gave me the limited inspiration I had. Kind of person you know, what to know and have known. The kind you remember vividly even only in passing.

Two great artistes of the word! May their souls rest in peace.


this is the pic

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

I miss bad, too. She sent me some awfully sweet emails when we were talking about cancer and life.
Imagine how hard it is for her family and how much they miss her.

Bush League

As to keeping fear alive just one harmless
little expression;

"Mushroom clouds"
Condy Rice.

Nuff said

Bush League

"all you had to say re: bad is:

Obama sucks!"

OK. Nuff said.

Jack is Back!


Thanks. Now you know what I mean.

Bummer news out of Alaska. Backtracking by a supreme court. If they cannot win legitamtely they will steal it. That is why we have to be able to elect (not by affirmation or rejection - the yes or no retention process) our State Justices. We have the same problem in Florida. They get appointed, not elected, and all you can do is either say yes or no as to their retention. And who, as a working person, comes to vote once every 2 years, has any idea how one justice or the other is voting on critical issues. No body. That is outrageous and its stacked against the public by the same people who don't want tort reform and want to allow rigged elections.

/Soap Box go home:)


"BIG SIS: Expect Extensive Pat-Downs To Become The Norm... "

The Muhammadans are clearly winning. How much will be enough?


Isn't she just darling? Exactly like I had imagined her.

JiB, thank you so much. That was wonderful.

For months I've been kicking myself because I had meant to send her a book I thought she might enjoy, but I didn't get to it in time. It is James Thurber's The 13 Clocks. If you know it and are familiar with bad's great kindness and sense of humor and cleverness with words, you'll understand the inspiration. (The original Marc Simont drawings are wonderful, too.)

It sits on my shelf in my office at work and I see it and think of bad almost every day.


what do pat-downs have to do with cargo planes? isnt that the new threat?



I did a post about her when she died titled "She's not sad, she's bad" as I talked her into changing her name. TM linked it in his tribute post. I don't know how to find it tho.

She was one of the most inspirational people...

Ex, I hope you are okay

Jack is Back!


If we can find the Bad stuff I'll do a rememberance of her in a special episode of the good souls that have departed but remain.

Sitting outside in Florida darkness. No moon. Lots of wind. Coming out of the northeast. My son is sitting next to me on his chaise eating ice cream. He just did trick or treat on our street area and then did a hayride at Hammock Beach, then stopped by the Hammock Wine and Cheese Shop to pick up some extras. Special night with family. You know it is getting to Holiday time - pangs of nostalgia!

Danube of Thought

I think the doctrine since 9/11 or earlier has been that the escorts can be ordered to shoot the plane down if the president decides that it has reached a point where it is likely to have a large civilian target as its objective. Not an easy determination to make, but that's the reason for them.


Hit can find it JIB, but only if you tell me what the second "O" in JOMO stands for.


http://alaskadispatch.com/blogs/political-animal/7331-talk-radio-host-off-the-air-after-rallying-listeners-to-run-for-senate>Operation Jomo Murkenyatta



Here is Tom's thread about Bad. I think this should be a good start.

She left us on March 15, 2010.

Bad News and Sad News


Jane, I found a link to your tribute on another March thread but the link didn't work. I'll keep looking.

Jim Ryan

Clarice, is that the right link?

I did notice this in it:

Murkowski campaign spokesman Steve Wackowski said they didn't have anything to do with it.

Um, right. Wackowski. Got it.


Jane's tribute to Bad is not in YouToo's archives on line. It jumps from March 9 2010 to March 22.

Will never forget fellow Texan Sue's writing about Bad where she talks about the Blue Bonnets of their state. That was a very touching statement to our gal Bad.



Have you read your kids the james Thurber book about the spoiled princess who wants the moon?

Since I'm a bit off direct topic I might as well say if you have kids, grandkids, or favorite little people, find Bill Peets' books in your library and read them all.


I think so, Jim--It suggests Fagan's in trouble because of daddy's call and Fagan's response.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

Here is the Big Government article I linked on the other thread about Operation Chaos.

From the article - “I think it shows the desperation of Miller’s supporters. Quite frankly, I think it’s pretty sad,” he said. “For someone who is dyslexic or needs assistance, it’s dissappointing … but we’re not shocked. ”

The Murkowski camp is distributing wristbands, cards, and buttons with the candidate’s name to assist write-in voters."

Sue asked how Libby Mercowstrip voters could wear that stuff to go vote? Thought political t-shirts & pins were forbidden. No Gadsden flags ya know.

Jim Ryan

It is an ineluctable mechanism of natural justice that the mere existence of good men and of the pleasure they take in sharing their virtues with one another drives the wicked to the unspeakable torment of abject envy.


I know I just looked and can't find the link either. That makes no sense.

Jim Ryan

Oh! I see. That was daddy.

JM Hanes


"According to a Gateway Pundit post, Obama is going to help the Yeman terrorists find jobs and then everyone will live happily ever after."

It gets worse. Just when I think nothing could surprise me any more, President Human Rights strikes again (emphasis mine):

On Monday, the Obama administration waived sections of a law meant to prevent the recruitment of child soldiers in Africa, paving the way for new military cooperation with four countries with poor human rights records -- despite their use of underage troops.

"I hereby determine that it is in the national interest of the United States to waive the application to Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, and Yemen of the prohibition in section 404(a) of the [Child Service Prevention Act]," President Obama wrote in a memorandum to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

There's more at the link.


bad's ashes were scattered over the bluebonnets. I will never see a bluebonnet again without thinking of her.

Jim Ryan

Dollars to donuts John Stewart's rally will be about the size of a small junior high school's field trip to DC and will be remembered as the epitome of a failed rally for years.


Someone suggested that a bunch of conservatives in NY show up for the free bus ride to DC and then spend the day sightseeing. I think NY was where Arianna offered to provide the buses for the trip.

Jim Ryan

Ruh roh. Sounds like Crist is not a well man.

Jim Ryan

Tee hee.



No, I don't know that one! I'll look for it. My kids aren't quite old enough, but I'm saving up ones I love for them.

I love Bill Peet. He lived near the town where we lived in CT, and was a great favorite with all the kids at the children's library when I worked there in high school. I love Capyboppy the Capybara! His illustrations are incredible. Thanks for the reminder!


How many do you think will show up at the Stewart rally? I say around 100K.

Melinda Romanoff

Off subject, and only in FULL skeptical Chicago mode-

With the full force of the government's checkbook, we may well have seen the October Surprise on screen today. UPS is a heavily unionised shop (Teamsters, here at least) and the Chicago Synagogue angle, from Yemen, would be a stretch.

Because if anyone knew the area at all, the Synagogue attack would be better served in Skokie, Niles, or Highland Park.

And a Hyde Parker wouldn't know that.

Upon reflection, it just seems a bit too convenient an angle.

Please let me be wrong.

But I just can't shake the thought.


Just sitting down start the Alaska update, but from the couch looking out at sunset I see that Mt Redoubt has a beautiful plume currently silhouetted against the sky, so let me post that webcam shot quick before it disappears. ">http://www.avo.alaska.edu/webcam/Redoubt_-_DFR.php"> Link.

Jim Ryan

25K, Porch, or I'm a monkey's uncle.

Jim Ryan

How does this terrorism help establishment politicians, Mel?

Melinda Romanoff

Makes incumbents look good and real decisive-like.

[Psst-Like Bush.]

Jim Ryan

Hey, Mel, speaking of jazz, the clarinetist I play with these days started out as a pro in... wait for it...1931 in whore houses and dance halls. He says musicians got paid well in those days, thanks to the mob and unions.

He's so old now, he just puts the instrument to his lips and blows without thinking and the tunes come out.


Holy Carp and Good Grief! I can't keep up tonight with all the news.

GO Daddy, Hit and JOM.

"...in FULL skeptical Chicago mode-

With the full force of the government's checkbook, we may well have seen the October Surprise on screen today."


I wouldn't be surprised, and isn't that a sad commentary on our times. All I know is that I never saw Obama move so quickly to get on TV to address a "crisis". The plane had just landed minutes before, and Obama jumped in front of the cameras to look presidential. I didn't work.

OT - really, What is wrong with Obama's teeth? He whistles when he pronounces words with the letter "s" in them. It annoys the hell out of me.

Jim Ryan

I'm listening to Levin. He notes that there are no liberal Republicans running in any race.

Good. This country is not polarized enough. Faster, please.


That would be perfectly awesome, JimRyan.

How do you think they'll try to make it look like more? Send around aerial pics of other rallies and pretend it's this one?

I hope some of our folks are there to take pics of the mess they leave afterwards. :)

JM Hanes


"Hit can find it JIB, but only if you tell me what the second "O" in JOMO stands for"

Everybody must have been assuming that someone else had answered that question foryou! JiB made up the name for us after Obama's tribalism speech.

Were you here when we were incorporated as a cult with our own pantheon of divinities (Clarice being Goddess in Chief, natch)? We have now succeeded ourselves as Tribe JOMO, of St. Jane's Island, of course, with a third world language of our very own. The Dictionary, to date, includes:

So,oho,so JOMOs....Look out everybody!
Ra,yaai,naia...........Don't mess with Texas!

JSpeak may appear to be an explosive language, but JOMOs as a group are known for their remarkably speedy refresh rate after heated exchanges amongst themselves.

Melinda Romanoff

And Hyde Park would be on that specific list.




If memory serves correctly - Highland Park a city of 35,000, donated somewhere around $1 million dollars to the Obama campaign.


To kill rich, slavish, ultra-liberal Jews in Highland Park for the sake of the election is beyond grotesque or monstrous.

Words fail.



Janet the tea-vangelist!

This was narciso's post on the other thread, & I thought it was an excellent point about Lifta Millonfry - "She's been their Senator for eight years, how do they possibly get away with 'informing' the voters of her name"

What a circus.



Barry is snake-like in every way, including his hiss.

This morning Laura Ingraham was pointing out Michelle's pronunciation of "shtrong" and "shtressed." I'd never noticed it before but it is totally obvious when someone points it out.

JM Hanes


"What is wrong with Obama's teeth? "

I don't know, but the way Michelle pronounces "st" words like shtruggles, drives me nuts.


Terrible news. I did not know Bad had left us. I have been so busy I only peruse the JOM front page lately.

She was an inspiration. I always enjoyed reading her comments, as I do most of the rest of you.

I'm sitting in Bangladesh at the moment feeling the loss of a friend I never met. It's a strange world...


Mel, I think the addy was on the pkgs. Things are crazy enough..thank you.

If Yemen were wiped off the earth would anyone actually know? It'sn effin pile of sand.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

Ann, your wonderful algore Halloween candle got a repost on the "A Picture's Worth A Thousand..." thread.



That explains it. He's a low-down, slimy, sneaky snake.

JM Hanes

Funny convergence Porch! It's bothered me since the first time I heard it on the campaign trail in '08. I'd comment on the demographics of it, but then I'd be a racist.

Melinda Romanoff


Eubie Blake covers some of the history of that era. He, and some of Satcmo's interviews, really add the color to the times, especially the circumstances that drove Louis out of Chicago and on to NY. Wild times.

Try to make sure you can work a live mike near him with a foot trigger, just for those stories.

The memories will be worth getting transcribed, and bound.

Jim Ryan

Thank you, Barbara! I had begun to wonder what the hell is wrong with everyone else for not noticing.

I think Zero does this on purpose. A technique of the manipulator is to irritate the audience subtly but with seeming innocence, so that the audience grows resentful and then feels ashamed of its resentment ("after all, he can't help his little ticks, how vindictive of me to resent them"). Then, the audience makes amends by being more receptive to what the speaker is saying.

That's Zero. He is nothing more than a manipulative tyrant. He lacks the vicious intrepidity of the classical tyrants of yore and anyway would have no means of implementing such heavy handedness in the USA. His particular breed of tyrannical personality is perfectly suited to this situation. Unfortunately for him, however, he is incompetent in any endeavor other than manipulative techniques and the American people, other than those on the left with IQ's so low they don't notice the incompetence, are too smart to be fooled by him for more than a year, tops.

He's finished. All that is left is the whistle. Under pressure from 70% of the American people he will sign the repeal of his own Obamacare.

"I don't know, but the way Michelle pronounces "st" words like shtruggles, drives me nuts."

Me, too, JM! It's an affectation that I've heard people use in the past. It's so silly.


More chaos:

Mystery: Why Are So Many Political Operatives Moving To South Carolina After November 3rd

Mel: I think Napolitano's "The system worked" blew that chance. (Btw, thanks for the tornado warning ♥)

Porchlight and JMH: LOL :)

Jim Ryan

Porch, I'm full of predictions tonight. I also predict a clean Mall. The 25K who will show up are Stewart types (not the pierced numbskull left.) They don't litter.

Jim Ryan

Will do, Mel. I try to glean as much from him as I can. He is 95.

"He's finished. All that is left is the whistle. Under pressure from 70% of the American people he will sign the repeal of his own Obamacare."


What a mental picture! Obama's presidenshy ends in defeat, and all that's left is an eerie whistle down Pennsylvania Ave.

Melinda Romanoff


Things that come on planes, can go on planes too.

I said I was in full Chicago skeptical.

That means everything has meaning.

I KNOW these people, some personally, and what they will do for an election.

I'll ask you a simple question. Why has ALL of Rahm's realistic competition for mayor quit?

He has the Chicago equivalent of Hoover's files, if not Hoover's actual files.

I'm silly that way. Forgive me.

Jim Ryan

This one goes out to the ladies.

Jim Ryan

That is a weird link, Ann.


Barry, I am so sorry that you learned about it this way and hope you are otherwise well.

I expect MO's Sht..s are not an affectation but the result of her extreme overbite. try saying struggles with your lower lip an inch from your nose.

I can't remember much about the South Carolina primaries except some vague recollection of charges of racism so I can't help HillBuzz figure out what's going on.

JM Hanes


"It's a strange world..."

It is, isn't it? It often feels as though someone has just wandered off for a bit, and will be back next week, or next month sometime -- the same way you dropped back in to comment today. People here seem no less real to me for not having met them in the "outside" world. It's a meeting of minds in a pretty literal way, and it's a compelling thing.

Jim Ryan

Mel, what happens to anyone who primaries Rahm? No more career in Chicago? Isn't there a fish as big as he?

JM Hanes

Jim Ryan:

Are Snowe and Collins going to feel like old warhorses, or what?

Melinda Romanoff


He'll have fifteen different challengers. All in it for themselves, with two or three altruists thrown in.

He's gotten the ballot cleared of any real competition and only the minor wannabes are left.

You only get that to happen, willingly, by viable candidates, unless you have the goods on them.

That's how it works here.

Melinda Romanoff


PETN makes me feel better that it really might be al-Awaiki.

My Emily Letilla moment awaits.

"Nevermind". And my apologies to all.

(I've been up too long.)

Sooo, G'night all.


From Wiki:

"Throughout the South Carolina campaign, most pundits had predicted Barack Obama the winner, primarily because of the state's large African-American population. For this reason, Obama was shown to be significantly ahead of his two rivals, John Edwards, who carried the state in 2004, and Hillary Clinton, whose husband was popular in the African-American community. In early polls taken in the weeks leading up to the primary, Clinton had a double-digit lead over both Edwards and Obama (see poll averages above).

During a majority of the final campaigning, the attacks between the Clinton campaign and the Obama campaign highly intensified by the candidates as well as the media coverage. Barack Obama began to attack former President Bill Clinton for his comments which were taken as racist. These comments are considered by analyst and historians alike as the turning point of the South Carolina primary and ultimately the cause of Clinton's loss of support from the black community.

Despite the increasing tensions between the Clinton and Obama camps, Obama continued to widely lead in the polls (despite a surge by Edwards). Into the final days of the campaign in South Carolina, it became apparent that Obama would win by a rather wide margin. The final tally had Obama winning by 28.9% over his closest rival, Hillary Clinton."


Mel, it;s natural at this point to wonder about the impact of a terror threat on an election, but terrorism has not been an issue in this midterm. If it has any impact it'll remind people that they refer Republicans when their necks are on the line.

JM Hanes

Now that we've crossed child soldiers off the list of things Obama loses sleep over, betcha can't guess what does keep him up at night. China, Germany, India & Brazil. No kidding! That's straight from the hissing horse's mouth.

Jim Ryan

JMH, speaking of unreality and Snowe and polarization, as I said, the country needs to be more polarized than it is. We need people like Snowe and other muddle to be forced to choose between reality and delusion. The muddle need to be bombarded with stark choices. We're not there yet, but we've come a long way in two years, thanks to patriots making the argument and to the car finally starting to hit the brick wall before the public's eyes. Some of the muddle are choosing reality this fall. The rest need to choose it in the next cycle or two. We need to get to a point where there is a small, fringe party of leftists, a conservative big-tent GOP, and nothing in the vast void between. After that, the Democratic Party, having been destroyed by flight of its adherents, will need to be replaced.

Not only is Zero finished, the Democratic Party is now terminal. Either it dies or it kills its host, anyway.

Jim Ryan

Oh, JMH, your link:

What keeps me up at night is China, Germany, India, Brazil -- they're moving. They make decisions, we're going to pursue clean energy, and the next thing you know they've cornered half the clean energy market; we're going to develop high-speed rail in the span of five years -- suddenly they've got high-speed rail lines going; we're going to promote exports, here's what we're going to do -- boom, they get going.
You can't make that stuff up! The guy's an insufferable geek on top of everything else!


Thanks, Janet and Hit. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Jim Ryan:

The mean girls have Joy Behar and NOW so scared they are backing down:
Can You Believe This? Now (YES, NOW!!) Coming To Christine Odennells Defense

Just Don't Tell Anyone Until Nov. 3rd!


Now we know what the DUDE was referring to:

He suggested that his administration did so much that ‘we have done things that some folks don’t even know about.’

Trying to lift the mood, Stewart responded with: ‘What have you done that we don’t know about? Are you planning a surprise party for us, filled with jobs and health care?’

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