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October 18, 2010


Jack is Back!

Instead of China, perhaps the good Professor can explain Texas. LUN

Cecil Turner

Is it too much to ask that rare earth be safe and legal?

Slightly OT, Peter Berkowitz has a nifty OpEd up (Why Liberals Don't Get the Tea Party Movement ):

Highly educated people say the darndest things, these days particularly about the tea party movement. Vast numbers of other highly educated people read and hear these dubious pronouncements, smile knowingly, and nod their heads in agreement. University educations and advanced degrees notwithstanding, they lack a basic understanding of the contours of American constitutional government.
Krugman features prominently (natch).


Who is this "Krugman" and why do we care?

Was he the one in the "Odd Couple?"

Captain Hate

Usually when "Krugan", "results" and "modest" are used in the same sentence, the order is different.

Rob Crawford

OT: Obama is scheduled to appear on an episode of "Mythbusters", removing that show from my list of must-sees.

Isn't there ANYPLACE we can go that's safe from his cult of personality? GD, what's next -- the FCC requiring every show close with his picture (one of him haloe'd by the O! logo, no doubt)?


Captain Hate

Not to mention "Krugman"

Captain Hate

Rob, does that mean he's providing his transcripts and long-form birth certificate?


"they lack a basic understanding of the contours of American constitutional government."

They view the Constitution as a minor stumbling block, a quaint document with some amusing but obsolete notions. Or perhaps like a work of abstract art on which they can project whatever meaning they like.


Does that mean he's a figment of our imagination, like after a bad round of kung pau chicken


"Rob, does that mean he's providing his transcripts and long-form birth certificate?"

Perhaps they'll administer an IQ test to put to rest rumors that he's not the historical genius his supporters have claimed...

Charlie (Colorado)

Obama is scheduled to appear on an episode of "Mythbusters",

So, they finally found something that Buster just won't do?

what's next -- the FCC requiring every show close with his picture (one of him haloe'd by the O! logo, no doubt)?

Let's not give him any ideas.

Rob Crawford

Other shows that will have a surprise appearance by POTUS:

"Dirty Jobs": Mike Rowe's nastiest job yet -- shoveling up all the BS left after a presidential speech!

"Mantracker": Mantracker faces his biggest challenge -- finding a non-socialist, pro-American mentor in the President's past.

"Survivor Man": Les Stroud is joined by the President for a very special task: survival on a golf course.

"Stargate: Universe": Using an alien artifact, POTUS takes over the commander's body and proceeds to royally tick off everyone on board. Series finale.

Do you gut it?

Why did the bad round of Kung Fao Chicken cross my mind?

Take one from Col. A and two from....

Oops, Kung Pao, or Kung Fowl, or Kung Foul.


Who is this "Krugman" and why do we care?

Think "Enron."


Well he is like B'aal the supercilious G'oauld
warlord, btw, they have really jumped the shark on that whole franchise

Thomas Collins

Did Krugman clear this column with Tommy "Let's Be More Like China" Freedman?

Next up: a Maureen Dowd column comparing China to a mean girl.

I suppose I should be happy that a NYT op-eder at least considers the impact of mining and manufacturing capabilities on US national security.


I believe the episode of Mythbusters referred to is on an incredible new material called Obamium.

It is found in a vacuum. It feeds on its own outgassing. It is extremely lightweight. It mirrors any materials with which it comes in contact reflecting, but not exhibiting those properties. It is usually found in close proximity to horse and cow manure.It is good for nothing.

Frau Dinkelbrot

Mythbusters: Why Archimedes and the death ray? I'd like to see Obama and the exploding toilet. Seriously, does anyone believe his being on the show will increase interest in math and science? Pfui!

Jack is Back!


did you know that Obama is a test tube baby? yep, he wasn't worth a f**k back then either.

JM Hanes

You guys are teh funny, today!

Mak'ala,ka, JiB.

Texas is just half of what John Steele Gordon calls a "A Natural Experiment in Political Economy." He observes that, "One of the reasons that political science is such an inexact discipline is the difficulty of experimentation." There are exceptions, however. In testing capitalism vs. communism, for example, he points out that the results of two naturally occurring experiments are clear, if you compare North & South Korea or East & West Germany.

For a test of liberal and conservative economic theory, he suggests that California and Texas appear to be a near perfect pairing for examination.

JM Hanes

That should have been liberal and conservative **political** theory, which is a broader canvas than "economic" theory as I referred to it above.


Well at least I came out ahead in one comparison. Unless we actually beat those evil Yankees. ::evil laughter::

Dave (in MA)

From JiB's link:
"According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 214,000 net new jobs were created in the United States from August 2009 to August 2010. Texas created 119,000 jobs during the same period."
The only MSM report of this that I've been able to find is, you guessed it, Fox News. For the rest of the MSM to report this we'd have to have Sarah Palin claim that Texas created 119,001 jobs so they could claim that Sarah Palin lied.

JM Hanes


I've thanked the Lord for Texas a lot more than once over the past two years!

JM Hanes

You're on a roll today, Dave!

Dave (in MA)

I hope I don't get butter on my pants.

(bonus points if you know where I stole that from)

Frau Dinkelbrot

OT - I received an email from the USPS saying that a package I sent (date given) had an incorrect address and I was to print the label and go to my post office. I had recently sent an overseas package to my nephew with the State Dept. I couldn't open the attachment and went to the post office. They knew of no such procedure. My son thought it was a virus ploy and sure enough, it was. The same thing is being done with FedEx. Too bad the real USPS didn't know about this. My carrier kept waiting for the package to show up. My nephew emailed today that the sweater I knit had arrived in Tblisi just in time for cooler weather.


In my spam filter (postini) those types of messages are marked as a virus.
Sure hope your computer didn't acquire one...



There's all sorts of these going around. Originally they were only for putative Banks or PayPal requesting updated information. Attached were .zip files containing viruses.

Then they moved on to FedEx, UPS and USPS. Then they started attaching html to hide the zip file containing the virus. I've even gotten them from the IRS, supposedly.

If you ever have any doubt, look at the headers of the email message and see that they really do trace back to the proper agency or organization. They never do if they are bogus. And in my experience, all of these sorts of email messages are bogus and carry a virus.


Clarice, love the Emory piece. Powerful ending. Sending it to all my lib lawyers. I don't practice, never have, but law school gave me a bunch of idiot friends who are just now beginning to see the light. 21 years of lib hell and for the first time they are voting Rep.I have hope.

JM Hanes

I also set the preferences for my email so that it will only load the images in messages when I manually instruct it to do so. Unlike text, images/logos etc. apparently load onto your computer from the emailer's server -- which means he automatically knows he's hit a live address.


Holly, I think she's such a great observer and writer. I am glad you enjoyed it and delighted to learn your friends are seeing the light, most of my old lib friends are not--or at least not admitting that to me.


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