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October 08, 2010



Goodness, Tom... you haven't watcher your WWE lately. The heels always win!

Danube of Thought

Six months or a year ago I'd have wondered what their thinking was. Now I just figure they have no idea what they're doing.

In fact, it's the only sensible thing to do.  Progress, Live it, Love it.

It's stealth Anti-Constitutionalism. If it can be shown that the Constitution is a suicide pact, voila, it's OK to ignore it.


It is hard to see why Holder thought this a good idea. I think he and Obama just got a bad attack of moral preening.


--It is hard to see why Holder thought this a good idea.--

1.It's the opposite of what Bush did.
2.It's stupid and Barry and Eric are nothing if not stupid.
3.They think it looks good to their real constituency, the rest of the world, especially our enemies.


incompetence? ideology? it really doesn't matter. The result is the same. A perversion of justice.

Perhaps we should elevate it from simply forcing Holder's resignation to criminal prosecution.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

The motto of this administration of BoZos:

Change -- even from what was working.

The military tribunal is a perfectly good forum for cases like this one and and there is plenty of Supreme Court precedent for the use of that forum. It has long been recognized in domestic and international law, and has been used by all countries from long before the American Revolution through the Civil War, two world wars, and up to Vietnam, the Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan. But nooooooo. none of this history and good sense means anything to the maroonish incumbents who are trying to lead us to a new and improved world order that only a small percentage of our polity wants.

We can't turn them out too soon.


Perhaps we should elevate it from simply forcing Holder's resignation to criminal prosecution.

Posted by: matt | October 08, 2010 at 11:48 AM

Show trials are a violation of the law of war. Since the judge has publicly stated that convict or aquit, the defendant will remain incarcerated, this would fit the definition of a show trial. I would say a prosectuion for conspiracy to commit a war crime is in order for Holder and the brain trust in the DoJ that proposed and approved this public prosecution in civil court.


Anyone watch the tv show The Good Wife where the attorneys on the show defended in a military tribunal?
I laughed through the whole episode...
It was just funny how Hollywood types interpret these things.

daddy the ADN's censored commenter of the month

I suppose the silver lining is that now any Jurist assigned to this trial can vote innocent. If they actually listened to the facts and voted guilty some flaming ACLU lawyer would have released the Jury's names and addresses and a Fatwa would have been placed on their heads and they would perennially fear for somebody from the Religion of Peace somewhere along the line popping up and murdering them and/or their loved ones.

Now Obama/Holder have removed that pressure from them. They are relieved from the responsibility of voting guilty and they can now vote not-guilty, knowing they have protected their families while still not allowing the perp to go free.

A bizarre new wrinkle in our US Constitutional and judicial system, but What the Hell, seems we get new wrinkles in our US Constitutional and Judicial system each and every day with this bunch. Samo, samo.



daddy the ADN's censored commenter of the month

Great article Clarice.


Thanks, daddy.


Yes, that was a good article Clarice, what we need is a alert system to let us know as soon as you put up a new piece anywhere. Your pieces always explain any subject so well. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks, Pagar.
Well, tomorrow my AT piece is up. bigfurhat at iOwnthe world has designed a logo for it.

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